Ray Tracie

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Ray Tracie
Player: @Bluhman
"Oh, I'm sorry, who's the 'little girl' here who spent 9 years kidnapped and was forced to learn computer science?" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Pets/Ranged Damage Backup (DEX/Commander/Overseer)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Karen Tracy
Known Aliases: Ray Tracie
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Place of Birth: Warren, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Father: Bill Tracy

Mother: Trisha Tracy

Age: 29
Height: 5'10
Weight: 148 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Semi-Tanned
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: Always wears some sort of cybernetics
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 11
Citizenship: US Citizen, Multifarian-Canada Immigrant
Occupation: Resistance-Force Hacker
Education: High School Graduate & Training from Dr. Stroessen
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Hacking mastery
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Techno-Communications array, portable munitions bots and security bots, Sonic cannon, USB-Cable hacker, Power-gauntlets, Jetpack
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Ray Tracie is a technologically-based hero hailing from the alternate dimension of Multifaria. Despite rumors of Tracie coming directly from the alternate dimension, she has repeatedly indicated that she is of our world. In any case, the influence of the alternate dimension has greatly changed her; both in capabilities and her attitudes.


Early Life in Detroit

Karen Tracy before going to Multifaria.
Karen Tracy was born to mother Trisha Gomez and father Bill Tracy in Warren. Tracy's school life back at home was fairly standard, but she did end up going to the university at Millennium City (well after the city was rebuilt). Her first day in the city was very disorienting for the newcomer, due to the city's horrendously sub-par public transit system. Making a series of bus rides to what she thought was the campus grounds on the outskirts of the city, she ended up deep in downtown at the foot of Harmon Labs. When she began consulting her smartphone and asking around the area for directions to the university, it was already 5:00 PM and close to closing time. However, a well-intentioned scientist, Brigg Chin, decided to try and help her out by using the still-experimental Harmon Labs Teleportal.

Since the initial public unveiling of the Teleportal, the device had undergone some revisions by the scientists. However, this was only the second time the portal had been activated. Activating the device, Dr. Chin had forgotten to check some of the coordinate variables and ended up making an unstable portal to Multifaria. This portal, which Tracy had been standing in front of, was causing decompression, rapidly sucking in matter. By the time Chin was able to disable the portal, Karen had been sucked away into the other world. Chin immediately got to work feverishly trying to figure out the error and attempted to create a portal that could bring Karen back. He spent a whole night at work on his task.

Time in Multifaria

Meanwhile, Karen had been warped in to the Multifarian counterpart to Toronto. Compared to the metropolitan stature of Earth's Toronto, the Multifarian land was largely desolate on the surface, pocked with craters and empty buildings. The northern country, run by a military regime lead by The Minister, had fought off a civil war, waged by its oppressed citizens. Having occurred centuries ago, the people of Canada have scraped by for several generations, leaving a populous that is underfed, with minimal resources, and largely primitive. Most of the children of those who had fought in the rebellion were oblivious to their circumstances. Only one of them, Dr. Jakob Ray Stroessen, had managed to survive, despite his aging. Stroessen was an electrical-engineering supergenius, to say the least, and was responsible for creating a counterportal that would retrieve a possible heir to his lab beneath the ruins.

Stroessen had counted on his heir not having prior knowledge, and had prepared a computer program to train Karen. As Karen arrived in his lab, Stroessen gave some of his last words on his worlds circumstances and his directions on how to initiate his program. Karen was in no way interested in helping the dying old man with saving his world, but she wasn't given much of a choice; the portal back was locked out and would only activate if Karen had the expertise to hack the portal's program. Even if she did not want to help, she would still be forced to learn Dr. Stroessen's craft.

Stroessen's program locked Karen in a cryotube for 8 years, advancing her age as she honed her mind using the tube's programming. Only after she had mastered all the techniques the program had in its confines would it unlock and let Karen free. Having now consigned herself to help the Canadian people, she immediately got to work assembling an army of remote-controlled robots, designed for spreading radio messages, distributing resources, and direct combat. Through her efforts, Karen had used her machinery to train an army of 8,000 strong within 2 years. Equipping herself with a sonic-wave pistol and specialized armor and communications arrays, she set off north to Quebec to face down The Minister and his servants.

The Rebellion was in fact a bittersweet success. All the citizens she had managed to train up ended up dying one way or another to Minister's forces. His fortress, a technological dome of advanced security turrets and systems, was more than a match for the human army that Karen had built up over her years. Despite the setback, Karen did not give up. She had learned her technological techniques for a specialized reason, and she was not about to let them all go to waste. Soon, she was singlehandedly making her way through The Minister's base, using her hacking abilities to disable turrets and reprogram sentry-drones to work on her side. By the time she had arrived at The Minister's doorstep, a force of roughly 1,200 robots was following behind Karen, ready to seek and destroy for her.

Even that wasn't necessary, because as she used her communication array, she was soon able to find a wireless address to communicate with Minister's cybernetic limbs, allowing her to control them and force Minister to defeat himself. With that, she had done exactly what Dr. Stroessen had demanded her to do.

Leaving behind a wasteland with no living leader and a populous of emaciated, uneducated citizens, Tracy got to work hacking the portal to get herself back to Earth.


Tracie emerging from Multifaria alongside her Energy Mech.
Though Karen had been stuck in Multifaria for 10 years, she was able to get back to Millennium City the very next day, right as Dr. Chin had managed to get the portal up and running again. The hip, young girl that had been sucked into the portal the night before emerged as a decorated techno-warrior, armed with a sonic-pistol and followed by an entourage of high-tech robots. Dr. Chin, taken aback by the unfamilar sight, asked the warrior for her name. By now, the memory of her mentor had been so engrained in her mind that she knew that she was no longer simple Karen. From then on, she has been known only as Ray Tracie.

Tracie, now without much need for an education, decided to get to work immediately as hero to make a living. Around the Millennium City network, she's usually the first one heroes go to when they need computer systems hacked into.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■□
C - ■■■■□
E - ■□□□□
A - ■■□□□
N - ■■■■■
Since her time in Multifaria, Tracie has become exceedingly disciplined and organized. In public appearances, she's very official and stoic. Isolation from other people to really talk to, however, seems to have made her slightly phobic to direct human conversation. She usually is much more comfortable chatting with people one-on-one over secured networks, usually where she's quite informal and much more relaxed.

Most of this eccentricity is possibly due to fears about being tracked by some sort of remnant of the regime she helped bring down. Others have also suggested it might be due to guilt over leaving behind the Multifarian populous in such a sorry state. Perhaps it might even just be the trauma of 8 years of solitary confinement and schooling. In any case, she seems to put a huge amount of effort to making a good impression in the open, and only lets a select few know about her much more outgoing side.

She reportedly never removes some of her cybernetic equipment; both in online conferences and in public, she apparently never removes a keypad-bracelet she wears on her left arm. There's also rumors that she never removes her visor, either, but this has been disproved several times by people who have communicated with her.


Confidant With... BarbIcon.pngMegaIcon.pngKualIcon.pngBlueIcon.pngDigsIcon.png

Friendly Toward... BluhIcon.pngVoltIcon.pngIdatIcon.pngMontIcon.pngBapiIcon.pngXenoIcon.pngGulcIcon.pngZeppIcon.png

Acquainted With... ChisIcon.pngLANIcon.pngIsteIcon.pngTrimIcon.pngCohaIcon.pngStarIcon.pngDrauIcon.pngTiraIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... SeagIcon.pngSandIcon.pngMarkIcon.pngMRJIcon.pngApopIcon.pngPalaIcon.pngAylaIcon.png

Foes With... CarmIcon.pngTrolIcon.pngJudgIcon.png

Grudge Against...

Combat Specifications

Tracie is well-equipped for non-conventional combat at range, thanks to her mechanical backup.
Physically, Ray Tracie is just a human with no powers. However, she carries around a huge number of gadgets that make her quite formidable in combat.

Her headgear is a Techno-Communications array; a headset which displays a specialized HUD that allows the user to keep track of various linked machines and send commands to them. The headset has zooming capabilities, enabling Tracie to get a closer look at targets or circuits. The headset also includes headphones, which enhance her hearing capabilities, especially for noises that have higher or lower frequencies than normal human hearing range. The headset is also key to protecting her ears from very loud noise, and will automatically buffer noises that exceed a certain decibel limit.

Her main method of direct attack is her Sonic Cannon; a weapon which throws out powerful pulses of sound. The cannon has modes for both constant waves (which can build up and cause positive interference if adjusted at the proper frequency) and concentrated noise-pulses, creating powerful waves of force.

A powerful utility that Tracie uses are her Power Gauntlets. These metallic gloves boost the strength of the wearer to superhuman levels, enabling them to lift 480 pounds easily. They're also useful for stopping natural tremors, enabling users of the gloves to make extremely precise movements, can generate electrical impulses that can shock nearby enemies, have built-in wrist-interfaces for controlling machines, and (of course) pack an extremely potent punch.

Using her hacking expertise, Tracie can amass large forces of controlled robots to do her bidding in battle. However, there are a few robot designs that she keeps alongside her for almost all her operations. Munition-Bots provide primary backup with their machine guns and siege-mode capabilities, while Security Bots can serve as effective scouts for Tracie by sending visual feedback to the user. The Energy Mech is a heavy robot that follows Tracie on difficult missions, and serves as a stalwart companion thanks to his heavy armor and immense strength.

Tracie travels by using her Jetpack, which can propel her through the air at a speed of up to 92 miles per hour.


Ray Tracie's extremely ugly beta design.