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The Draugur
Player: @Bluhman
"Valhalla, take us." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS (DEX/Vindicator/Brawler)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Oleg Odensholm
Known Aliases: The Draugur
Gender: Male
Species: Skeletal undead/Draugr
Ethnicity: Norse Caucasian
Place of Birth: Flateyri, Iceland
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Unknown
Age: ~1100
Height: 6'4
Weight: 107 lbs
Eyes: Glowing red/violet points
Hair: Wispy, white
Complexion: Bone?
Physical Build: Skeletal, broad-shouldered, tall
Physical Features: None.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 16
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Fighter/Hero
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Ghost blade manifestation, Reconstruction, Ghost summoning, Teleportation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Ancient armor
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Draugur is an undead hero who hails from Northern Europe. Having been dead for over a millennium, he has only recently risen from his grave, and currently attempts to seek acceptance into the mythical halls of Valhalla for his heroic deeds.


Distant Past

During his life, Draugur was a proud and skilled warrior by the name of Oleg Odensholm. A youth of intense competitiveness with his peers, combined with his naturally superior height and vigor, lead him to become the captain of his own party of explorers and hunters. Over the years, Oleg joined viking raiding parties to help conquer the english lands to the south, repeatedly warding off all potential challengers with his impressive skills with his blade. By the time he had reached his 50s, he had become one of the most famed viking warriors in the northern region. By this time, however, he had advanced well beyond his years to be fit for battle, and used his influence to gather a party of able-bodied men and women to aid in his voyages north to the fabled Greenland, in order to create a new settlement.

Oleg, naturally, took charge of his settlement as the leader, and the crew that had accompanied him followed suit. There was no doubt that Oleg commanded a great deal of respect from his subordinates, but his long history as a mighty warrior had also garnered him plenty of enemies. One night, the mighty warrior was briefly roused from his sleep, only to be dealt a fatal backstab by an assassin. No doubt an act of vengeance, this act of petty murder had cursed Oleg to be doomed to death outside of battle - as Norse tradition declared, only those who had fallen honorably in battle, fighting to the very end, would be spared the opportunity to ascend to Asgard. Instead, Oleg's spirit was doomed to be banished to Nifilheim, the realm of mists.

After some investigation, Oleg's settlement managed to out the infiltrator that had murdered the brave warrior in cold blood, executing him in retribution. Following this, the remaining villagers commemorated Oleg's efforts he had accomplished over the years, and a burial mound was soon built for him in the hillsides of the settlement. Oleg's body and his possessions were sent to sea upon a blazing ship, to follow him into the afterlife and possibly aid him in his greatest time of need. Beyond Oleg's involvement and lifespan, little is known of his village's fate.


Draugur in Millennium City shortly after his arrival; before he reclaimed his armor.

Come 1995, and marine scientists from the University of New England had managed to uncover the presence of Oleg's ship, after coming across several injured marine animals coming from a centralized area. When they managed to send an underwater search crew to see what was precisely down there, they found the charred remains of his ship, complete with remnants of the armor and relics he had been sent to sea with. The recovered relics were soon shipped to the natural history museum of Millennium City, but no body was found.

On Oleg's end, his last thousand years had been spent struggling to fight his way out of Nifilheim and reunite his spirit with his body. For centuries, Oleg conspired to make his escape from the cursed realm, conscripting an army of other souls brave and true enough to help him achieve his goals. Finally, after his lengthy trek and his continuous battle with the elements, he had managed to find a gateway back into the realm of life.

Of course, reuniting a strong spirit with a decayed, waterlogged body most certainly does not result in a living being. Oleg's revival lead to his reincarnation as a Draugur, stuck at the bottom of the sea by his ship. With little more than a few spare rags that had managed to survive the years he had laid at the bottom of the ocean, Draugur set out west to try and find familiar land. He encountered many strange creatures at the sea's bottom, all of which he fought off using his ghostly blade.

By October 1997, Draugur had managed to emerge on the shores of Boston. Crawling out of the sea as a skeletal shamble clad in rags, the locals were immediately terrified by this development and reported the incident to law enforcement. Draugur did little more than summon forth his ghostly blade and army of vengeful spirits to ward off the policemen. From that point onward, Draugur had firmly confirmed himself as a supervillain in the modern world.

Continuously, patrol and superheroes in the New England area would attempt to take down the Draugur, but they would all be deftly dealt with with ghostly blade. Draugur had had hundreds of years to perfect his fighting style; these mere mortals were nothing compared to the frost giants and other monsters he had to deal with in the past. Even if all his actions were retaliatory in nature, he soon began to pick up more and more infamy, and was soon noticed by the Champions.

No different than the rest, the Champions were driven back by the sheer number of undead ghost soldiers that Draugur commanded. Deciding that they would need a more strategic way to take down the Draugur and his army, they soon realized that they had his arms and armor within their clutches at the natural history museum. Perhaps they could use these items to lure or otherwise trap the deadly skeletal warrior.

A week of planning later, and the Champions had managed to draft up a trap: Witchcraft had managed to obtain contact with Odin, ruler of Asgard, and informed him of the Draugur, the threat he posed, and how he wished to gain acceptance into his realm by fighting in battle. In light of this, Odin decided to aid the Champions by imbuing Draugur's confiscated armor with a curse that would sever his ties to the realm of Hel, preventing him from summoning forth undead warriors. All that was left to do was get Draugur lured into the trap.

Rise to Heroism

Not that it took particularly much effort to do so, since Draugur's army had long been on the heels of the Champions. Even if his army had overpowered them, they were still the best fight he had had in eons, and so logically concluded he would find stronger foes to face to the northwest. A month later, and Draugur's army had set foot in Millennium City for the first time. Without a word, Draugur sent his troops to flood the streets of the city, endangering thousands of civilians. All the heroes of the city were called to arms to fight off the legion, effectively bringing a temporary stalemate to the invasion.

As the Champions had planned, the undead troops were able to easily find the armor inside the museum, and promptly brought it back to Draugur. In his eyes, this was his big moment of revival; reuniting himself with his old armaments from life, prepared to undertake his violent pilgrimage to ascend to the halls of Asgard. Ordering his minions, he had them equip his old chestplate, helm, bracers, and boots upon him - only to have the entirety of his force instantly disintegrate.

The curse that Odin had placed on Draugur's armor not only prevented him from summoning spirits of the dead, but also allowed Odin to directly contact Draugur. Directly following the fall of his force, Draugur was ready to face death in valorous combat against a thousand warriors, only for Odin to inform him that he had been forsaken from Valhalla for his atrocity against the people of earth. Having aligned himself with other deceased spirits that had fallen unhonorably, there would be little way Draugur would be able to join at Odin's side in Valhalla. Knowing this, and not wanting to return to Nifilheim, Draugur quickly went into hiding from the heroes on the lookout for him.

During the following weeks, Draugur began bargaining with Odin for some sort of terms on which he could try and help him at Ragnarok, meanwhile honing his own ability to fight. His separation from Hel's forces had significantly weakened Draugur, barely strong enough to move his bones, but now at least he could ask for some mercy from Asgard. Soon, Odin changed his mind, permitting Draugur to lend his aid - only if he could prove himself worthy of the title of hero.

Thus, Draugur began his work towards this feat, starting by turning himself in to the MCPD to face justice. Draugur accepted community service as his punishment, tasked with keeping Millennium City clean (both literally and figuratively) for 15 years. Having only recently escaped his sentence, he has now turned his efforts to working globally, fighting with his ancient armor and ghostly blade as zealously as ever.

Detailed Information


O - ■□□□□
C - ■■■■□
E - ■■■■■
A - ■■■□□
N - ■■□□□
Draugur, despite having been dead for thousands of years, still remains as zealous and lively as he was when still mortal. Having faced death once, and knowing that it can be fought against, he fears little and is always willing to face enemies in combat. Not only is he zealous and confident in his abilities, but he is also an impressive orator, capable of efficiently commanding armies and communicating with his soldiers - largely a reason why he was able to rally a force of undead roughly 1000 strong when he was still a villain.

Draugur's shortcomings include his tendency to overestimate his personal combat ability and his rigidity. Indeed, Draugur's mannerisms and language hearken back to much older times, and he is often baffled by technological advances. It might be an artifact of not actually having a physical brain, but Draugur indeed finds it quite difficult to form completely novel skills since having become skeletal.

Combat Specifications

Draugur's weapon of choice is a blade composed of spectral energy.
Being nothing more than a skeleton has its perks and drawbacks. For starters, Draugur's surprisingly powerful for a person composed of no muscle tissue at all, being able to lift around 122 pounds. Again, not much for a general human, and having nothing but exposed bone means that he is also prone to easily breaking and splintering on hard blunt contact. On the flipside, his bones are rather resistant to cutting implements, and his general physiology also renders him immune to cold, poison, electricity, and other nonphysical forces.

Draugur's main ability is his Ghost Blade, a spectral manifestation of a heavy blade that Draugur uses with one hand. Because of its weightlessness, Draugur can easily swing it around with great speed and finesse. The dark energies that make up his blade also make the massless weapon capable of doing grievous damage to living beings. The blade also serves as a conduit to Draugur's spirit energy, allowing him to sap life force from enemies and use it to reconstruct his skeletal form if it has sustained any damage.

Only through some extended bargaining with the Aesir of Asgard, Draugur has regained some of his ability to Summon Ghosts. These spectral soldiers are skilled in melee combat, much like their general, and also have a direct connection to the Draugur, allowing him to absorb life energy through them as well. He is allowed to summon only 6 of these fighters, and they can only persist for 20 second intervals.

Draugur's only real equipment is his Ancient Armor - Having been used by Draugur in life, the armor now serves to protect the warrior's exposed bones, serving to make him a bit more sturdy. This armor, having been cursed by Odin, also allows him to directly contact the Aesir, giving him guidance and advice on how to gain the favor of Asgard and become a hero.

Draugur's spectral magics enable him to teleport distances of up to 5 miles away. However, he cannot use this ability to bring any of his soldiers along. Back in his villain days, he often had to travel by foot due to this.


  • Originally was a stealth character, using Shadow Form and the Stealth Toggle to maintain complete invisibility in instances.
  • Draugurs are indeed actual norse mythological beings and are not in fact exclusive to Skyrim. [1]
  • This probably is the (canonically) oldest character in this collection - roughly 100-200 years older than The Secretary.