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The Bluhman
Player: @Bluhman
"The nation will look back on us one day. They will understand why we had done this, and that's comfort enough for me." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: All-Range DPS (DEX/Vindicator/Warden)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alfred Grant
Known Aliases: Bluhman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Base of Operations: Roosevelt City, New Jersey
Relatives: Father: Harry Grant

Mother: Tara Grant

Age: 68
Height: 6'1
Weight: 183 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Always wearing purple
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 30
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Public Agent
Education: Police Academy Training and College Degree
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Firearms and Melee combat expertise, Civil security and negotiations skill
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Dual 9mm's, 500 model magnum, Grappling hook, Car
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Bluhman is a special agent who has been working independently of the US government for years. Despite the independence, he places a strong value on protection of citizens and is agreed by many Americans to be a hero. He recently has become the primary security chief of Roosevelt City.


Early Life

Alfred Grant grew up to a high-class family in the bay area. Having grown up in a time of civil unrest in the US, Alfred became concerned about the conduct of the US government and became determined to work towards becoming an agent in an attempt to restore trust and integrity to the operations of the CIA and FBI. Grant did well in school and graduated from Hastings College of Law, immediately moving on to become a police officer; a job Grant stuck with until he was 30.

Grant's time as an officer was flaky at best. Grant never filled ticket quotas on account for those being ticketed having perfectly good reasons for some of their actions. As an enforcer, it wasn't Grant's job to determine what was wrong or right; that's what the court did. When Grant went to apply to the FBI, he was turned down because of his reluctance to carry out orders. The same went for the CIA. After a discussion with his colleagues about the nature of the government bureaus, Grant decided to strike out and work as a public agent.


As an agent, Grant essentially worked alongside police forces of different states and cities, and soon the black hat and suit became a US icon. His big break-for-fame was thwarting the efforts of The Cobalt Cavalier; a European super-villain who planned to use warhead reserves in Russia to bomb the US and place blame on the Russian government in the mid 1970's.

Working alongside members of the E-Team, A superhero team consisting of members from Western European countries, Grant found himself in the hands of fighters with much more expertise or power than his own. To make up for this, Grant struck out and hired Rick Selphen, an engineer and technician who crafted most of Grant's most elaborate gadgets.

It was certainly a good thing that the E-Team had decided to bring Grant along, because the Cobalt Cavalier had prepared to take down all the members of the team. Avalon's premonitions were disrupted by the Cavalier's satellites which interfered with the hero's thought process and magic, forcing him to retreat. Scout had been pre-emtpively hunted down by Cavalier and was incapacitated by the villain, forcing her to stay behind. The Gourmand faced a similar fate, having been given food poisoning. This left only Grant and the E-Team's leader at the time, Deadbolt.

Cavalier had certainly set up a novel plan for Deadbolt as well. On their way to the Siberian tundra, Deadbolt and Grant had come across Cavalier robbing a bank in East Germany to supposedly fund his schemes. The pair initiated action immediately to corner the cavalier, but he was too quick for the duo to catch. Heading out a rotating door, Deadbolt gave chase and ended up getting his cape stuck. Mercilessly taunting the now trapped hero, Cavalier goaded Deadbolt to unleashing an electric discharge, which ended up lighting his entire outfit on fire, killing the hero painfully. The Cobalt Cavalier had dealt the coup-De-grace against the E-Team with this maneuver and proceeded to leave Grant to clean up the mess.

Grant certainly wasn't one to give up, however, and Cavalier never expected to have the simple agent catch up to him. What he expected even less was Grant to land a bullet in his knee during his speech detailing his intentions. With the Cavalier incapacitated right in his own base, Grant called up Russian officials to imprison the villain. The nuclear threat of the European villain had been stopped; Grant's efforts instantly became global news.

With the members of the E-Team without a proper leader, the group soon dissolved. Grant was contacted by Dr. Voltsz to volunteer to take place as a consultant for the E-Team's remaining members for advice in the following years, to which he accepted. Grant became close friends to all members of the team, but began losing contact with his colleagues around the time of his arrival to Roosevelt City.

From this point forward, Grant's access to various gadgets for stealth and combat, courtesy of Dr. Selphen, elevated him to superhero status in the US. Grant was now able to confront some of the more strident organized crime branches in the US thanks to his upgrades.

Roosevelt City

The biggest challenge that Grant ever faced (and is still facing) was that of Roosevelt City. Upon hearing its founding as a center for advanced research and technological entrepreneurship, Grant took a vacation with Selphen to see how the city was.

Turns out the vacation was anything but. Upon arrival, The Albion Gang took notice of Grant and proceeded to relentlessly hunt down the public defender and his assistant. Not letting his guard down for a second, Grant took matters into his own hands to fight off the threat and apply for a position as security chief in the city. However, Dr. Selphen was much more timid about the endeavor and instead applied to become a professor at Roosevelt University. Without access to the tools that Selphen had developed, Grant was left with only his standard-issue weaponry.

For 5 years, Grant served as security chief in Roosevelt City, looking over both the operation of the Roosevelt City Police Department and the Association of Unusual Beings; the super-powered branch of the city's security force. The operations were proving to be unsuccessful at most times and no clear progress was being made against the criminal efforts in the city. To make matters worse, various criminal groups who recognized the public agent began setting prices and bounties for taking down the hero, eventually leading to most groups attempting to kill him on sight. Despite the setbacks, Grant was slowly planning up a scheme to change the way he and the rest of his police and defense force would handle crime.

The Alpha Force

Grant planned up a concept for a super team local to this city. To fight against the unusual challenges the advanced technology and strong networks the criminals of Roosevelt City used, he would need the best heroes to fight them off in an organized manner. The fight to curb crime was becoming an outright war, and he'd need to get a war room.

Thus, Grant commissioned construction of an underground base for which he would be able to station an elite force of heroes; The Alpha Force. Well armed with security facilities and living quarters, the base could contain up to 11 personnel. For years, however, the base sat dormant. None of the members of the AUB were particularly stand-out in their abilities and those few that were potential candidates for their prowess usually went on to become vagrants or villains due to their abuse of such powers. If Grant was to get the Alpha Force up and rolling, he'd need somebody specialized for the task; someone with enough potential to show power, but none of the complications of experience or history. Grant got a lucky break, however, when he found Chisoku. Taking him up as his protege, Grant and Chisoku became the foundation of the Alpha Force super team.

Now as the leader of the team, the group has grown considerably from their humble beginnings as a heroic duo. Grant, now codename Bluhman, has progressed from being an active gunner on the field to the Alpha Force's strategic consultant. Though by far one of the weakest members of the team in terms of power, he is essential to the force's effective actions and is certainly capable of picking up the slack when the other members are incapacitated.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■□
C - ■■■■■
E - ■■■□□
A - ■■■■□
N - ■■□□□
Grant is extremely altruistic, taking many efforts to go out of his way to support his co-workers. This might be due in part of Grant's cerebral tendencies, however. Grant tends to plan his actions far in advance, and has a knack for being able to see everything as part of the larger picture. Perhaps Grant simply realizes that if he does not earn the respect and trust of his units, then his goals as the security chief will be undermined. Taking this to an even more extreme context, is Grant's goal to successfully run the Alpha Force an effort to garner the respect and admiration of the city's populous? When it comes down to it, everything that motivates and drives Grant to do what he does is his undying belief that he can restore integrity to the federal government through his hard work.

Grant is also highly pragmatic, while also being prone to strong affect. Nothing infuriates him more than when a plan does not go well, or if there is some circumstance he cannot properly explain or understand. Though only human and capable of mistakes, he understands a need to reflect on them to get a feel for what went wrong, and to also move past them with the learned knowledge. To all innocents accidentally caught in his line of fire, he makes conscious efforts to reconcile to the families he had disrupted.

Combat Attributes

Though not superhuman, Bluhman has enough experience to take on many difficult situations.
Bluhman's physical capabilities are not paramount to his fighting style. This is not to say he is weak, however. For his age, he's active and fit enough to keep a good pace going for a while.

His main claim to fame is his technique with Akimbo Pistols. Wielding dual 9mm's, his accuracy with the weapons allows him to handily take on challenges from enemies that don't expect the man to land a bullet square between the eyes at 40 feet. That's not to say that Bluhman's aim is supernatural. In fact, he only rarely gets off lucky shots that strike the critical spot. In situations where a 9mm is not enough, he does carry around a single, higher caliber magnum for scoring a breaching shot on targets that would otherwise be bulletproof.

Getting around is no problem for the Bluhman. In normal circumstances, he uses his Car to get around; a black sportscar, which can freely switch between convertible and closed-hood modes, and has measures that allow him to instantly start up the car if he needs a quick getaway. Since the Millennium City motorway is usually extremely congested due to mysterious traffic forces, Bluhman prefers to use his Grappling Hook to get around. While extended use does put a bit of strain on his arm and it usually isn't as fast as simply driving somewhere, the hook certainly gets him to the scene on time.

Bluhman is not afraid to use new tools or strategies when fighting against enemies. Bluhman has been known to use machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles in certain circumstances, and he's always ready with a trap if the situation allows. If worse comes to worse, he can contact the other members of his team to give him backup. In any case, the risks Bluhman poses to himself on the battlefield are high, and due to his pivotal position as a security chief, he usually doesn't work on the field anymore.

Some other crap

Oldest known look of this guy.
  • 7th 40. Has consistently been munitions, though not always pistol-centric.
  • Chronologically the absolute oldest character, first designed around 2005. Only explicitly became superhero-related around the time Chisoku was created, however.
  • Alternate Musical themes:
    • (old) HONK.png