Dr. Voltsz

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Dr. Voltsz
Player: @Bluhman
"There is no impetus that I have that you lack. We must face this together." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Mook Destruction (EGO/Avenger/Vindicator)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Diana Holst
Known Aliases: Dr. Voltsz
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: German Caucasian
Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
Base of Operations: Roosevelt City, New Jersey
Relatives: Brother: Sigmund Holst

Uncle: Dr. Gustav Grimm

Age: 42
Height: 5'6
Weight: 161 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pale White
Physical Build: Chubby, Stout
Physical Features: Distinctive nose, wears glasses
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 28
Citizenship: German citizen
Occupation: Bake-store owner
Education: Doctorate in particle and electrical engineering
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Voltaic Capacitor Armor, Guard Drones, TransitDisc
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Dr. Voltsz is a German-born scientist and engineer of electrical weaponry. She has become the de-facto leader of the E-Team, a European organization of superheroes, due to the death of the teams old leader. She hasn't been very active on the field until recently.


Early Life

Diana Holst was born to a long line of clockmakers in Munich. Diana, even as a young child, was very ambitious, and enjoyed crafting automatons in her father's workshop. As a highly conservative family, Holst's parents planned to keep her mostly back at home and train her to become a good housewife, while her brother, Sigmund Holst, was sent off to Berlin to become apprentice to Gustav Grimm, his uncle and a highly-respected electric engineer. This was something Diana simply could not stand; her brother was out there, exploring the world and learning new techniques, while she was doomed to get married and live a life fulfilling the desires of some other man!

Fate would have it that Sigmund would be hit by a car on his way to see Dr. Grimm. The car hit-and-run the boy at high speed, shattering his pelvic bone and killing him. The Holsts were devastated, having lost their precious son. Grimm, seemingly unfazed by the freak accident, suggested that the Holsts send Diana over to become his new protege. Diana's mother was mortified at such a request, but the father said he would agree if Diana thought it was a good idea. Needless to say, Diana was flown north to Berlin to visit the scientist.

Dr. Grimm was easily able to recommend accepting Diana into his university, due to her reasonably impressive performance in Primary and Secondary School. Grimm himself was a designer of power-converters for facilities such as nuclear and wind power plants. Under his wing in the university, Diana soon became a skilled designer of all sorts of electrical gadgets, combining most of Grimm's techniques with some of the creativity she had gained from her father's clock workshop.


Icelandic Hero and leader of the E-Team, Deadbolt
In the mid-70's, a wave of super-crime was spreading across Europe. Villains such as The Cobalt Cavalier schemed to incite warfare between the East and West via conspiracy, while the mysterious agenda of The Prince of Corpses and his appropriate zombie army did not ease any people. Radical changes inspired Iceland-born talkshow host, Halldor Sigurd, to take action. Having heard of some of Dr. Holst's developments, he commissioned her to create a special power-armor that would allow him to fight back the new European threats. Holst ended up creating the outfit and armor that transformed Sigurd into Deadbolt.

Deadbolt went out of his way to various other Western European countries to see who else he could find to join him. Finding allies within France with Scout, and in England with both Avalon and The Gourmand, the group then known as the E-Team was formed. Making visible advancements across the continent, the group became internationally famous. Dr. Holst's contribution remained mostly in the dark; all she was was a minor consultant to the Icelandic champion.

Things turned sour when The Cobalt Cavalier was able to figure out the weaknesses of the teams' members, and made a move to launch Russian nukes in Siberia. Putting all but Deadbolt out of commission, E-Team was forced to rely on American agent Bluhman for help. With Deadbolt and Bluhman on their way to hunt down the Cavalier, they had been lead into a trap. Cavalier made an attempt to rob a bank in Moscow, but managed to get Deadbolt caught within a rotating door. One violent discharge later, and Deadbolt was engulfed in flames, while Cavalier escaped to the east. Though the aid of Bluhman was enough to put the villain down, the E-Team became all but dissolved after the incident.

Reunion in Roosevelt City

Dr. Voltsz contacting old colleagues
For a couple of decades, Holst continued to work quietly. She eventually decided to move to Roosevelt City to attempt to get a spot as a researcher at the university, but was turned down after her credentials were deemed 'faulty' by the officials. Holst ended up staying anyway, setting up a bakery. As far as she was concerned, she had ended up in the spot she had feared most; alone and with a boring job.

The humble bakery soon became a pipeline for criminal communications. Holst's ties with the couriers who came in daily to threaten her and take deliveries were strenuous at best, but she grew to become used to the traffic. She also dared not fight back; none of her work or technology from the university had been carried over to her new home in the Americas, and without any weapons, Holst was just an unimposing lady. What eventually drove Holst to act was the receiving of an encrypted letter from the Ayus, who up until this point, were an underground cyborg operation that had little to no contact with Holst. Considering the visit to be an attempt to recruit her, she wondered why she had been sent an encrypted letter. Holst instantly got to work trying to decode the message.

What resulted was a troubling realization: Word had gotten out in the criminal circuit that a singularity bomb had been planted in the foundation of the city, and the gangs were being warned to leave within 2 years. When the bomb went off, a miniature black-hole would be formed in the city, consuming the matter in the location and completely destroying any remnant of the city or the land around it. Not only this, but the bomb also had some more serious implications about the stability of reality. Holst decided now was the time to act.

Holst never revealed her involvement with the E-Team or her knowledge of the bomb publicly; the Crime-ring knew that she was the only possible person who would squeal about such a matter. Calling up her old colleagues from the team, she asked all the members to show up and help her figure out the mysteries of the bomb. With Avalon's funding, Holst was able to get a base set up on the industrial outskirts of the city, where she could access technological tools to construct new gadgets. Thus, constructing a new, lighter alternative to the Voltaic armor she had designed for Deadbolt, Dr. Diana Holst became known by those few who saw her as Dr. Voltsz. The new E-Team would proceed to work underground, sometimes with and sometimes against the AUB and Alpha Force, to find out more about the criminal organizations of the city and their motives for this grievous act of terrorism.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■□
C - ■■■■■
E - ■□□□□
A - ■■□□□
N - ■■■■■
Holst is an unabashed introvert. By nature, she is nervous and aversive towards negative experiences, but also inquisitive. This makes here overly-cautious; a factor which contributes to most of her plans working correctly.

Her quiet facet she gives to most of her close friends belies a fierce edge that she shows when cornered or threatened, appearing to become all but psychotic when she can see the possibility for death. Thanks to her deep planning, however, it rarely gets to such a situation where she goes into such a state.

Her favorite past-times include playing Dungeons and Dragons, and online roleplaying. She says it gives her a way to express herself in ways she believes she'd never be capable of in real-life. When asked in a skype-call what this online activity entailed, she chose to remain silent about the matter.

Combat Attributes

Though not that tough in melee range, Dr. Voltsz's bolts usually tear through attackers before they get near enough.
Dr. Voltsz's claim to fame is her Voltaic Armor. Immensely tailored down from the version that Deadbolt used, it provides less protection, but still is capable of generating the same degree of power. Not only this, but the power supply of this armor is based on multiple factors, including heat, solar light, and even partially the users' natural electric pulses. Not only can the user tightly control how much energy they use in an electrical discharge, but they can almost virtually never run out of power.

Voltsz's backup comes in the form of Guard Drones. These small machines serve to cover Voltsz's back in combat, being installed with forcefield generators which shield Voltsz from most harm. Not only this, but they also serve as effective anchors for Voltsz's charges, allowing her to build up energy on a drone until it can release a deadly shock to anyone in range. Though not harmed by electrical energy, the drones can easily be batted out of the air with physical contact and dismantled, leaving Voltsz mostly defenseless.

When travelling, Voltsz chooses to use the TransitDisc; a personal flying machine that locks onto the users' feet. The disc is capable of travelling at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, but suffers from its loose control. Voltsz has gotten quite adept at using the disc's momentum and traction to her advantage in aerial combat.

Voltsz is physically unfit. She can only jog for a minute or two before becoming winded, and can't lift over 100 pounds. The implications of this is that she is extremely bad at fighting off enemies in melee range, and can easily be knocked out with a couple of solid punches. However, she has prepared many measures to prevent such a situation from happening.


Oldest known look of Dr. Voltsz
  • 8th 40. Voltsz has been very consistently an Electric-type character.
  • Voltsz has designed very large mechs in her line of work. The mechs, however, are usually bound to an underground rail-system that runs between her lab and bakery, as well as throughout other underground areas in the city.
  • Alternate Musical themes:
    • HONK.png