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Player: @Bluhman
"I've got the TPS report right here, and it says NO MERCY." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS/Kamikaze (STR/Warden/Vindicator)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Larry Davis
Known Aliases: Tirade
Gender: Male
Species: 1/32nd Werewolf
Ethnicity: American Caucasian
Place of Birth: Charlottesville, Virginia
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Mother: Charlotte Kolbrogga Davis

Father: Marth Davis

3 siblings

Age: 30
Height: 6'3
Weight: 204 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pale white
Physical Build: Muscular, top-heavy
Physical Features: Flushed face, prominent veins, sharp claws when angry.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: IT staff
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Boosted strength and endurance, Claws, Ignore pain, Rage
Equipment and Paraphernalia
The Kolbrogga Cuirass
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Tirade is a rather unusual, partially-cursed hero. Being born 1/32nd werewolf and prone to violent fits of destruction, he has only recently been able to control his rage using an enchanted suit of armor.


The curse of the Kolbrogga

Larry Davis in Millennium City
Larry Davis, by all means, considered himself a completely average guy with an ordinary family. Granted, his mother is quite a bit more self-assured and initiative than her husband, but Larry has always dismissed that as just her personal character.

Of course, Larry's mother, Charlotte Kolbrogga, actually hails from a long line of lycanthropic blood, starting with the middle-Germanic count of Kolbrogga. The count of the 1800s was pure werewolf, having been directly afflicted with lycanthropy during his battles in Prussia. When Kolbrogga realized that he had been afflicted, however, he embraced this bestial gift and began a clan that worshipped the lycanthropic blood. In order to manifest his power in its purest form, and yet still maintain his human conscience, he had commissioned artisan silversmiths and tinsmiths to smelt him a special suit of armor that could let him control his bestial tendencies. Soon, a chestplate and helm were forged, and using magic he had learned from older generation werewolf slayers, managed to enchant the equipment with a modified lycanthropy-curing spell. Thus, the Kolbrogga Cuirass was created. The count wore his armor as a symbol of pride, using the helmet as a practical and fitting crown in the heat of battle. His superior tactics, strength, and natural weaponry made him a feared beast in battle.

As a result, the house of Kolbrogga soon grew to be extremely successful. Count Kolbrogga soon began courting, and married a pure human bride, expecting to pass down the superior blood of the werewolf to his children. Soon, his children were raised; half-lycanthropes who manifested with great independence and a natural vigor. The bloodline of the Kolbrogga continued smoothly with each following generation.

However, it is not natural for lycanthropic genetics to work in such a way. Instead, it was mainly residual magic from the Kolbrogga Cuirass that had allowed the children to be born with such natural boons to their health and yet not succumb to the normal symptoms of lycanthropy. As each generation passed, the physical traits of the Kolbrogga werewolves began to subside, yet the feral tendencies began to surface with each passing generation.

This brings us to Larry Davis once again: a 5th generation Kolbrogga werewolf, and the first to feel the true bite of lycanthropic blood.


Davis had always been a fairly quiet and timid person. This personality had repeatedly been imposed on him, as he was often picked on at other kids at his school while he was growing up. In elementary, it was simply because he was a myopic scrawny bookworm, but as he got into junior high and high school, rumors began to spread around about "Ms." Davis. Despite the pressure that his peers were giving him, Davis remained quiet and continued focusing on his work, eventually going on to gain a bachelors degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. After an arduous job search in an attempt to get a position as a video game designer, he settled on a less ambitious job as a webmaster at the WCOC news station in Millennium City.

Even well after his graduation from college, he was still being relentlessly bothered from all angles; his boss often didn't see eye to eye with his coding methods, and often assigned him jobs with entirely unreasonable deadlines. At the same time, his co-workers in the server department were often unsupportive of Davis' projects, often offering little constructive advice. Nobody else in the workplace really understood him; the studio crew and newscasters simply didn't see what kind of pressure was being put on Mr. Davis.

Some of Davis' co-workers thought that he could do with a bit of lightening up, especially considering how seriously he was taking his work. What better way to do this than play a harmless little prank? One night, 2 of the workers at WCOC decided to sneak him a gift in an elaborate ruse: First, Davis would attempt to start up his car, only to find that one of his fuel lines was missing. He'd then go to the trunk, where a note was left alongside keys to a new sportscar. After he had taken the key and unlocked his new car, the workers would come out of hiding and congratulate him on the support he had given the WCOC channel.

Davis' last rampage in the WCOC building.
This would have worked perfectly well, had the workers not underestimated Davis' initial reaction to his car not working. Instead of rationally attempting to see what was up with his motor, he kept attempting to start the engine. After 2 minutes of futile twisting, he twisted the key in the starter so hard that the key itself snapped. Davis then exited the vehicle, lifted it up over his head, then smashed it into a nearby warehouse. After beholding this carnage, the co-workers decided to leave as quietly and quickly as possible. Davis made his way home through West Side, brutally smashing any gang member or hooligan who gave him a strange look.

The next morning, Davis came into work by bus, less angry thanks to the time that had passed since last night, but still plenty peeved. On the other end of things, the co-workers who had set up Davis' gift soon gathered the courage to attempt to apologize to him and tell him about the sportscar. Unfortunately, since the key to said car was stuck in the trunk of a now-flattened coupe, this was not necessarily good news. Once again, Davis blew his fuse. He was quite quickly able to get his hand on the two, managing to knock one unconscious by slamming them repeatedly against a filing cabinet, and throwing the other through the window of the conference room. The entirety of the station was emptied as people realized what was causing the ruckus. All that was left inside now was a very, very angry IT worker.

Even with the advent of this crazed madman who had managed to grievously harm two of his co-workers, nobody thought to call any heroes to the scene. Eventually, Davis' screams of rage died down, and the workers made their way back in without a word. All Davis did was quietly show his way out the door. He knew he couldn't come back here; there was plenty of time for him to have realized that.


Larry was in a tight pickle here; there had been plenty of instances in the past where he had gotten angry over time, but this was the first occurrence of such a violent snap. He had gone to some therapy meetings in the past, all of which had revealed nothing of such a possible violent streak within him. At this point, Larry could think of only one person he could turn to in this situation: His mother.

Hearing his story, Charlotte faintly remembered something pertaining to her family. Something her grandfather had told her when she was very young. In any case, not wanting to see her son keep getting fired from his jobs, or wanting to see him get in trouble with authorities, she lent a hand by doing a bit of research on the topic.

Charlotte soon found out about the history of the Kolbrogga family, learning of her great, great grandfather's lycanthropic affliction and how he had managed to keep it in check using an enchanted suit of armor. Of course, Charlotte could find nothing on how to repeat the development of such an enchantment, or how to exactly craft another Kolbrogga Cuirass, but she did know where the ancient cuirass was being kept: Millennium City Occult Museum, on the edge of City Center.

Larry was nowhere near rich enough to afford the cuirass, nor was he particularly skilled at cat-burglary. All he had was the right mindset: He needed that cuirass, and if he didn't get his hands on it, he would keep transforming into an enraged monster whenever anything stressful came up. Anything that stood in the way of his goal only served to make him more and more livid, and after several nights of deliberation, Larry charged straight into the museum and broke the Kolbrogga Cuirass exhibit, taking the armor for himself. Larry then fled to an unknown hiding spot. Several days passed as the MCPD launched a city-wide scan for any whereabouts of Larry Davis, guilty of grand theft and unarmed assault of several security guards.

Larry had in fact fled by swimming across the Detroit river into Windsor, Ontario. With his crime not exactly well publicized, thanks to a certain news station still trying to recover from 2 employee injuries, Larry was free to don the armor of his ancestors without having to worry about any interference. Instantly, the feral strength of the lycanthrope flowed into his body, imbuing him with constant strength that he had previously only been able to tap into while enraged. At the same time, he felt more focused, his mind altering itself and replacing the worries and insecurities that Larry had once fretted over with confidence and bravery. Tirade was born.

After tapping into the strength of the Kolbrogga Cuirass, Tirade made his way back over the border and revealed himself to the people of Millennium City, knowing they would perhaps be more accepting of him if he at least appeared to be fighting for the good guys. To this day, Tirade continues to fight bravely and boldly against villains (and sometimes people who just annoy him too much). Nobody has made the connection between Larry Davis and his alter ego, given that no one exactly remembers how the Kolbrogga Armor looks. Regardless, Tirade has not taken off the armor or helmet since donning it.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■□
C - ■■■■■
E - ■■■■■
A - ■□□□□
N - ■□□□□
Tirade's personality is an unusual mix of his old self, and his new, bombastic persona. On one hand, Tirade pays little heed to potential hardships or threats, confident in his ability to overcome whatever challenges he might face. To compound this, Tirade is also very driven and serious in his efforts; when he commits himself to a task, he will get it done, even if it might be potentially insurmountable. His intense work ethic seems to be a leftover from the more timid persona of Larry Davis, as does his natural intelligence and his developed problem solving skills. To top this all off, Tirade is also extremely extroverted and energetic, and always enjoys helpful company from his brothers in arms.

On the flipside, Tirade is also quite uncompromising. Despite using an armor that serves to limit his anger, he still strikes many people as perpetually angry or at least perpetually shouting. At best, communicating with him can be somewhat uncomfortable due to his lack of willingness to listen to the input of other heroes.


Confidant With...

Friendly Toward... ChisIcon.pngLANIcon.pngTrimIcon.pngSandIcon.pngBapiIcon.pngAylaIcon.pngSecrIcon.png

Acquainted With... IsteIcon.pngSeagIcon.pngBluhIcon.pngMarkIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... TracIcon.pngBlueIcon.png

Foes With... MRJIcon.pngCarmIcon.pngTrolIcon.pngDrauIcon.pngBlupIcon.png

Grudge Against... XenoIcon.pngJudgIcon.png

Combat Specifications

Tirade's strength and claws can easily cut steel.

Tirade's body is confirmably flesh and bone. Though he ignores pain and tries his best to bounce back from grievous damage, he can still be very easily damaged and taken down with a couple of solid blows. It's a wonder he's still up and fighting to this day given this; even if his stature is fragile, he has incredible fighting spirit, and makes sure to make his foes pay while he's still able to strike.

And what a spirit that is! Tirade's super strength and endurance have maximal capacities that most scientists and observers still do not know the limits of. Even if he is not that durable, he has incredible agility, and knows how to put his claws to best use, combining the incredible strength in his arms with precise slashes and swipes of his hands.

Key to his fighting style is that he becomes even more powerful when enraged. This rage contributes to his seemingly infinite reserves of strength; he was once seen lifting the corner of an entire office building in order to stop a basement bombing. His rage also makes him more enduring, capable of maintaining combat for up to a day without rest, and also contributing to his ability to just shrug off weaker strikes from his foes.

His only piece of equipment is The Kolbrogga Cuirass. Despite it's name, it consists of shoulderpads, helmet, and bracers. The shoulderpads and bracers provide excellent blocking surfaces for Tirade, especially given his skill in precisely positioning them to block attacks. His helmet has more offense-oriented purposes, as he uses this as a powerful goring weapon whenever he does a headbutt.

Tirade's strength enables him to run up to 23 miles per hour, and jump up to 12 feet into the air. He can use this impressive speed to further enhance his striking power, ramming and knocking down foes several times larger than himself.

Details, Details, blahblahlblha

  • Despite having superstats in Strength, Constitution, and Recovery, he pretty much pours all his stats into pure strength, which makes him hit ridiculously hard. Seriously, 1500-2000 damage taps should not be happening at level 30.
  • The idea for a character with funky genetics came from a friend I played D&D with; one of her characters was basically a human with a really low charisma score. The gimmick was that said character was in fact 1/32nd elf, and would relentlessly try and make this amazingly unique trait evident to all NPCs she met in character.
  • His original costume and appearance is that of the "Angry Larry Davis" model seen in the WCOC screenshot.