Mister Troll

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Mister Troll
Player: @Bluhman
"What, were you expecting prince charming? Knock off." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: All-range brawler (STR/Guardian/Warden)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Warton Gribble
Known Aliases: Mr. Troll
Gender: Male
Species: Troll
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Mother: Fistula Gribble

Father: Ulmad Gribble (Deceased)

Age: 342 (Young Adult)
Height: 6'6
Weight: 299 lbs
Eyes: Red with yellow sclera
Hair: White
Complexion: Pea green
Physical Build: Lanky, tall, musclebound
Physical Features: Heavily wrinkled and pitted skin
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Full-time hero, Bridge bandit
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced strength, regeneration, combat expertise in boxing and chains
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Iron boat chain
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Mister Troll is a rather incidental hero around the Millennium City metropolis. Having made his first move towards heroism by fighting and defeating a loose manimal in City Center Park, he decided to pursue the career further and still fights alongside the city's other heroes to this day.


Early Life - Before America

Fistula Gribble; Mister Troll's doting and slightly needy mother.
Warton Gribble was originally born to great trolls Ulmad and Fistula in the outskirts of Glasgow. Normally, Trolls are not that active, and can live for hundreds of years before getting 'old'. Thus, the Gribbles lived peacefully for quite some time, taking residence in a dug-out cave beneath a bridge over a small creek.

By the time Warton was a 'teenager' (roughly 250 years old), his parents were entering their twilight years; Ulmad mostly becoming senile after a full millennia of work attempting to scare and rob people who crossed his bridge, and Fistula still barking away at her husband and child to get real work. Soon, Warton decided to make a move to try and up their income - they would move to the largest bridge in the city, the Glasgow Bridge itself. With a much higher volume of traffic running through that bridge, Warton and Ulmad would certainly have a much easier time racking in the loot from hysterical civilians, right?

Well, that was what they thought at first. In fact, that was what many other Trolls in Scotland had thought at the time, and as it turned out, there was a veritable commune of thousands of trolls dwelling below the bridge. None of them dared emerge on the surface to try and make a move, however, for a variety of reasons. True, they needed to earn a living and get their hands on cash, but it was a faux-pas to make their presence known to anyone except a few people at a time. Scaring a person witless was not an option, since the sheer volume of bystanders would guarantee that at least one person gets in a good look at a troll. Thus, the trolls of the Glasgow Bridge had resorted to using less traditional methods, instead simply crawling and scavenging through the crowded city and doing precision strikes to get their food and money.

Warton was quick to pick up on this new behavior. He soon was leading his own gang of trolls, which would regularly put on cloaks to disguise their trollish appearance to humans. The tactic of Warton's gang was to go to bars and rouse drunken patrons to fight them outside in back alleys by slinging insults at them. Invariably, these patrons would get ganged up on by the full gang, and were left without a single belonging by morning. Even if these patrons knew what had really happened, nobody would believe them. Warton was certainly getting by, and his mother couldn't be prouder of his efforts to keep Trollish civilization running.

But Ulmad, still not entirely coherent, was not pleased with his son's resort to petty thievery and assault. One night, he decided he would show his son how to really conduct a bridge robbery, and attacked a lady and her husband crossing the street by carriage. Their cries for help easily resonated through the dark streets, and soon the police constables had pinned down the troll, beating him savagely. Soon, Warton had caught wind of this occurence, and he and his gang rushed back to the bridge. His posse was reluctant, but Warton himself held nothing back, throwing his cloak away and taking the constables on with bare knuckle. A massacre ensued, as the other members leapt to Warton's defense, and soon the constables were driven back. Warton's attempts to resuscitate his father afterwards were in vain.

But now the commune's fears had been all but realized; the presence of trolls beneath the Glasgow Bridge was national news all across the United Kingdom, and panic began to rise. Many trolls not wanting to move from their home, they decided the best course of action would be to exile Warton and his mother for his rash actions. The two sailed west down the River Clyde to the sea, Warton picking up an old boat chain from the docks of Largs before setting off across the Atlantic. By the time Warton had grown to maturity, he had reached the United States. That whole time, he did not hear the end of his mother's lamenting for her husband and her constant nagging about Warton's failure to hide.

Arriving in the US in the 1970s, the trolls of Glasgow had mostly been a forgotten incident, and the creatures had returned to their status as folklore. When the Gribbles sailed into Daytona Beach, Florida, the locals had simply excused their appearance as a side-effect of prolonged sun exposure. Still, people weren't really willing to ask whether the Gribbles really were monsters or not, given that their already imposing, nearly 7-foot tall figures dissuaded most people easily. Warton and his mother made their way to a travel agent, in order to find a place where they could fit in by asking how to get to "the weirdest city possible." Said travel agent directed them towards Detroit, Michigan, to which the Gribbles agreed to travel to by plane. There, Warton and Fistula finally settled down under a quiet, small bridge in a park nearby city center.

A hero?

Troll coming out from under his bridge.
Ever since his father's death, Warton promised to stick his neck out for nobody. He continued to work largely in the shadows, only emerging from the bridge with a proper disguise. Even despite his promise, he still was very much responsible for keeping his home and his mother safe.

His home was quite badly rattled in the Battle of Detroit. In fact, the entirety of his park home had been torn to shreds by Destroyer's robots, and he and his mother were forced to keep mobile during the crisis. Fistula spent most of her time staking out bridges further and further from the chaos, while Warton largely took advantage of the bedlam, picking up loose change, furniture, and belongings where he could in the chaos. Soon, the Gribbles had set up a cache of valuables in a cove downriver from Detroit. It was here they lived until 1994, well after the Battle of Detroit had ceased.

Warton had then decided to trek back upstream, hoping he would be able to get more supplies and loot from the spoils of the city. Indeed, he was fortunate that most of the city was mostly in chaotic shambles, but now something else had caught his eye: A new bridge had been set up in the City Center park. Finally, the Gribbles could move back to their old home and work as proper trolls again!

Packing their belongings up, they paddled their way back upstream and furnished their new cave under the bridge yet again. For nearly 2 decades, they continued business as usual, robbing passer-bys around the city whenever anyone came near their bridge. Since Warton had now gotten wise that things that happen in this city are rarely normal, he began to go back to his old style of robbery; shock and awe.

It was one morning in Spring 2008 that Warton began to hear screams outside. Startled, he rushed outside expecting to see another cataclysmic battle involving giant robots and death lasers, but then discovered it was just some stupid Bear Manimal loose in the park. Warton, a bit more reckless than usual, probably due to sleep deprivation, trudged out from the waters beneath the bridge and laid the bear to rest with a couple of slugs, and went back beneath the bridge to go back to sleep. The news of how the manimal had been subdued by the mysterious green man from the bridge went city-wide, and the green man, now known colloquially as Mister Troll, became a hero in the city's eyes.

Initially, Warton had shrugged-off and even rejected the fame, still continuing to attempt his shock-and-awe attacks. Instead of screaming and dropping their purses, however, people began to recognize him as a defender. Terror made way for adoration and interest, and while he was certainly more popular, Warton had scarcely an idea of what to do with such status.

The fame soon got to his head, and he decided to part ways with his mother. He began to go out and fight against villain groups, and soon was drawing in considerable funds from his work. 4 years later, and Warton now lives in a Penthouse Apartment, still bashing down so-called evildoers just as zealously as ever.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■□□
C - ■□□□□
E - ■■■□□
A - ■□□□□
N - ■■□□□
Mr. Troll is a survivalist and miser above all else. When he was younger, he would have gladly gone out of his way to give help to anyone that seemed to need it. Now, thanks to his experiences, he will gladly help anyone only if he gets help back. The only reason he continues to work as a hero is because he gets paid for it. Many people still see him as quite reliable, and certainly competent, but he truthfully has no real loyalty for humans or the city.

Troll's natural talents include his skill at playing lute and his ability to think of witty insults. Something of a hobby, he really loves nothing more than to get on someones' nerves, preferably to lead them into a verbal (or physical) battle they cannot win. In fact, the only thing Troll likes nearly as much as money is winning, but ironically, Troll doesn't take his losses hard. He will do all he can to downplay the significance of his shortcomings, or to turn a defeat into a subtle victory or necessary precaution. Overall, Troll strikes many people as abrasive, unrefined, carefree, and unmotivated at most times.


Confidant With...

Friendly Toward... TrimIcon.pngSandIcon.pngApopIcon.png

Acquainted With... BluhIcon.pngQlifIcon.pngMarkIcon.pngImpaIcon.pngAylaIcon.pngDrauIcon.pngBlupIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... LANIcon.pngScouIcon.pngMegaIcon.pngSecrIcon.pngTiraIcon.png

Foes With... SeagIcon.png IdatIcon.pngAvalIcon.pngCohaIcon.pngGourIcon.png TracIcon.pngStarIcon.pngMRJIcon.pngPalaIcon.pngBlueIcon.pngTorrIcon.png

Grudge Against... ChisIcon.pngIsteIcon.pngBarbIcon.pngFlstIcon.pngDigsIcon.png

Combat Specifications

Mister Troll's chains draw enemies in to his fists - which are the main things which do the breaking.
Mr. Troll, as well as trolls in general, are quite physically gifted. Mr. Troll can haul up to 3 tons, has got a very strong and healthy respiratory system, has impressive motor skills that enable him to jump out of danger in a pinch, and has extremely strong legs to match his upper body strength, capable of letting him jump up to 94 feet into the air. His running speed isn't too impressive, but his leaps can send him flying at speeds of 26 miles per hour. Finally, he is capable of rapid regeneration, growing skin and even severed limbs if given enough time. The only way to really kill Troll is to use fire on him, which can cauterize his flesh and prevent it from properly regrowing.

Troll's big boon is that he's also a learned fighter along with his great strength. He knows how to box, capable of both good weaves and feints to fake-out and dupe enemies, and solid smashes and uppercuts that can send enemies flying and shattering their bones. He also carries around a dock chain, and knows how to use it. Aside from wrapping the chain around his hand as a makeshift knuckleduster, he can also fling it around to hit enemies all around him, and even use a quick flick to wrap up and draw in targets.


Troll's beta appearance; would originally have been a Specialist-like build and a half-demon thing. Boring, typical stuff, you know.
  • Originally was pure Infernal to test out the new set's mechanics. Quarterlife is still the character who fits that descrptor best, so Troll changed to a mix between infernal and might.
  • Currently the oldest (still living) male character, out-aging Orlaskathut by 200 years or so.