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Player: @Bluhman
"Hope you can swim!" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS (EGO/Avenger/Vindicator?)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gelneix Vadur
Known Aliases: Torrent, Bleak Blaster
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant Lemurian
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Lemuria, South Asia
Base of Operations: Santa Cruz, California
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 29
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Yellow, dull glow
Hair: Dark blue
Complexion: Light blue, black tattoos
Physical Build: Slender, Lean
Physical Features: Long fins on back and arms, finned tail, webbed hands
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 7
Citizenship: Lemurian Citizen
Occupation: Lemurian Scout, Lifeguard
Education: Lemurian training
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Wind and current manipulation, superior swimming skills, flight, EMP generation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
UNTIL combat suit and wetsuit
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Torrent is a Lemurian scout and superhero. Having gained powers from his transformation back into an amphibious form, Torrent has had rather close involvement with the Bleak Ones, having narrowly escaped their servitude.



Gelneix Vadur was born in the undersea colony of Lemuria. Living in glass domes to protect the citizens from the water outside, the colony was loyal to King Arvad, the currently just ruler of the colonies. Currently stuck in a civil war to take control of the mighty Mandragalore, Gelneix had conscripted himself to become a scout for Arvad's force to retake the weapon.

Around the time Gelneix became 20, one of the glass domes of his colony was breached by the Bleak Lemurians; Lemurians who had become loyal to the ancient gods. Hundreds had been captured by the bleak ones, and were quickly being reverted to their amphibious, reptilian forms. The elders of the civilization could advise no rational course of action; they had been squarely routed by their enemies by this maneuver. However, to Gelneix, it was one thing to attempt to take a strategic weapon, but this act of direct attrition against his home was unforgivable. Rallying a force of several other scouts who had trained and lived alongside him, Gelneix prepared to set off deep into the Caliginous depths to take the battle straight to the Bleak ones. Despite the best intentions of their superiors, the scout force was able to steal away one of the Lemurian submarines and made their way down.

To say the least, the scout's invasion didn't end well. Their submarine was easily disabled by the deft hands of the amphibian warriors, and the helpless scouts inside were taken custody. After several days of waiting, the scouts were taken in to talk to Apothia, one of the Bleak Minion's leaders, and were struck a deal. Recognizing that, though the scouts were quite foolhardy, they were also young, well-bodied, and full of potential. They were given the choice to either have Andrith's curse removed from them, causing their bodies to refashion to the submarine environment and their minds to become feral, or drown in the deep ocean. All of the scouts, save for Gelneix, agreed.

Gelneix Vadur, swimming in remnants of his Scout gear.
The ten scouts were all thrown into the deep sea, as Bleak minions began their rituals to twist their prisoners. Gelneix, his body largely unable to operate properly under the immense pressure of the deep sea, wasn't able to flee. Meanwhile, his cohorts were painfully struck with magic, undoing Andrith's curse as their bodies quickly adapted to the aquatic locale. Apparently, some remnant of the refashioned scouts' humanity remained, because they then proceeded to use some of their newfound Bleak power to partially transform Gelneix into an aquatic form. Some amazing balance of magic had enabled Gelneix to assume his current form; both human, and pure Lemurian.

Suddenly realizing he was still alive and able to breathe underwater, the Bleak Minions and new Lemurian Loyalists began to take notice of his inability to heed commands from the Bleak Ones. Without a word, they proceeded to open fire on Gelneix, only for him to use his adapted body to rocket straight out of the depths. The exceedingly quick change of pressure did cause some damage to Gelneix's body, but he was otherwise able to make it back to his domed home unharmed.

Knowing that he probably wouldn't be treated with the most hospitality until he explained himself, he reported immediately back to his superiors to tell them what had happened, telling them why one of their scouts had become a half-transformed monster, why nine other ones were now missing in action, and why one of their submarines had been destroyed. Understandably, his superiors were not exactly happy with this, and Gelneix was exiled.

Open Seas

Despite being exiled, Gelneix continued to keep a base close by his old home. Against his general's orders, he continued to fight for control of the Mandragalore, now utilizing more of his close-combat tactics instead of his vehicular combat techniques. Over time, he began to learn that he could control parts of his body, including extruding long, rigid fins from his arms, which would enable him to control fluids around him. Gelneix took full advantage of this, creating immense fluid forces that were able to sweep enemy forces right out of the way. Around Lemuria, Gelneix began getting reputation as a renegade war hero for their cause.

Soon, Gelneix met up with Amphibian, the Aquatic superhero from Vibora Bay. Especially impressed by his ability to manipulate the very waters his enemies swam in, Amphibian made an offer with Gelneix to team up. Gelneix, who had always been fascinated by humans and how they had managed to gain superiority in the world, saw a great learning opportunity from teaming up with a human and agreed. Amphibian deemed Gelneix under the superhero alias of Torrent, and Amphibian agreed that he'd later take the young fighter to see his hometown some day. First, though, they had a civil war to deal with.

Torrent's work with Amphibian went well for 3 years before Amphibian began to suffer from immense headaches, becoming increasingly belligerent and even lashing out at Torrent's allies. Even after all the service he had done for his people as a refashioned Lemurian, Torrent was still eyed with suspicion by the colony officials, and this change of pace was crossing the line. Torrent and Amphibian had now become enemies of the Lemurian empire. Though Amphibian was mysteriously getting stronger and stronger over time, the sheer volume of soldiers the duo were facing was enough to rout them. In the chaos, Torrent and Amphibian were forced to flee east into the Pacific Ocean. For several more years, the two continued their aquatic trek further east, helping whatever people they could on the way.

Thanks to little prior knowledge of the duo or their history, they did fairly well while skirting the southern edges of China and Korea. As they continued north, their powers continued to grow more and more. By the time Torrent had managed to reach the east coast of Japan, he was strong enough to divert tsunamis using his powers, and gained considerable fame as a hero for his efforts. For some years, Torrent made his base in Fukushima, while Amphibian continued to make frequent rounds between there and America's west coast, checking back on Torrent to make sure he was doing alright.

By the time Torrent was 28, Amphibian had received news that his hometown was under attack. He also neglected to tell Torrent anything of this, seeing as how he had left in the middle of the night. Unceremoniously, the partnership between the two ended. Though they'd never meet again, Torrent was determined to follow in his mentor's steps, and, likewise, headed east until arriving at America.

Santa Cruz

Though Torrent can use his powers in the air, he does require some degree of moisture to keep his body from becoming too adapted to dry land.
Torrent's first contact with America was off the coast of Santa Cruz, where a surfer had been caught off-guard by a powerful wave. Having learned plenty from his time working with Amphibian, Torrent easily used his powers to ease the surfer back to sturdy land. Though not exactly a looker by human standards, he had certainly made a good first impression.

Even with his first heroic action, Torrent still wasn't quite satisfied. He was still looking for Amphibian, who has mysteriously abandoned him. In any case, the increasingly frequent reports of highly-turbulent weather over Vibora Bay wasn't making him feel any more at ease.

Regardless, Torrent has now made his permanent home in Santa Cruz, where he works as one of the most effective lifeguards in the state. He frequents both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, where his superpowers are put to a bit more rigorous use. Despite showing his best face for his public appearances, he still is troubled by his involvement with Amphibian. A year after his first appearance in Santa Cruz, Torrent was able to contact Amphibian, who mysteriously had no recollection of ever meeting him. Still, he is mostly attempting to get over this by making new partnerships with heroes in the Southern Californian region.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■■
C - ■■■□□
E - ■■■■□
A - ■■□□□
N - ■■■■□
Torrent could probably be best described as high-strung. Standing somewhere between nervous energy and strong spirits, Torrent definitely has no lack of enthusiasm for adventure, but at the same time can be quite unnerved by unexpected developments. Still, he does the best he can to both reassure himself and others that things will turn out for the best. He makes a conscious effort to show himself as a charismatic optimist, but that's quite far from his true nature. He can be a bit quick to make a snarky jab at others, but he has shown time and time again that he has good intentions and always has valid concerns about his own work.

Despite his Lemurian heritage, he is something of a "Humophile". Probably largely by proximity to the locales and people he has met, Torrent has taken surfing up as a hobby (and is unnaturally good at it as well.) His favorite foods include sushi and nabeyaki, and he is surprisingly well-versed in English (probably thanks to Amphibian) and in surf lingo. If anything, this seems to pretty much be a product of utter rejection of his origins. Considering that his own people exiled him (twice) it's probably somewhat reasonable.

Combat Specifications

Not only can Torrent generate fluid currents, but he can also generate his own electric currents!
Physically, his modifications from the Bleak Ones haven't boosted his physical capabilities that much beyond human levels. Still, he's able to lift around 225 pounds and is a quite deft hand-to-hand combattant. He also has the ability to breathe underwater naturally, and can swim through fluids at a speed of 96 miles per hour. This ability extends through any fluid, essentially enabling him to also fly.

Torrent's physiology also includes arm fins, which he can retract and extend at will. Extended, he can use his arms to generate extremely strong currents inside fluids (once again, any fluid at all.) This gives him a huge combat advantage, allowing him to push around and damage enemies with force in almost any setting (save a vacuum, but that introduces a whole new set of problems. Namely breathing.) His mastery of this skill is immense, as he can use it to create whirling currents that rip and twist at enemies, or apply powerful linear pushes to create buffer space.

Finally, Torrent can generate EMPs from the surface of his skin, allowing him to create electrical arcs between him and his enemies. His fluid manipulation works great for crowd control, but it's his electrical powers that enable him to really get the drop on dedicated targets.

Torrent's skin is scaly, and somewhat tough. However, it really isn't enough to truly protect him from grievous harm. He is generally slightly resistant to electrical charges and acids, but he can easily be damaged by anything that would normally damage a human.


Torrent's UNTIL jumpsuit.
Torrent, before he became Aquaman's crazy cousin.
  • Originally wasn't aquatic at all; his original look is what I could best describe as a "golden age raincoat".
  • He's really goddamn short. When originally creating this page, I accidentally over-estimated his height by half a foot.
  • SPOILER of da day: If you read into this, you'll probably realize that he's actually the reason Amphibian's a bleak one in the Vibora Bay crisis, due to residual Qliphotohfucktohtohic energy seeping into him. Nice job breaking him, Torrent.