Michael Sanders

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Michael Sanders
Player: @Bluhman
"Will it blend? Hell if I care, now hold still." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: "Berserker" DPS (STR/Warden/Sentry)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Michael Sanders
Known Aliases: 'The Axe-Murderer of St. George'
Gender: Male
Species: Undead Human
Ethnicity: Canadian Caucasian
Place of Birth: St. George, Canada
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Wife: Anna Sanders (Deceased)

Daughter: Tina Sanders (Deceased)

Age: 46 (Died 31)
Height: 6'5
Weight: 282 lbs
Eyes: Mahogany in life, now none
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pallid white; sickly, perforated
Physical Build: Heavy, Barrel-Chested
Physical Features: Exposed bone on arms, omnipresent cursed mask
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: 'Uhh, hello?'
Years Active: 15
Citizenship: Canadian Citizen
Occupation: Logger
Education: Primary School
Marital Status: Widower
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, feels no pain, immortality, intimidation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Necrullitic Mask, Heavy 'curse-steel' axe
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Michael Sanders is a hero with a controversial history of killings in the Canadian state. Having been on the run from law enforcement for an extended period of time and having had several run-ins with the champions themselves, Sanders has repeatedly displayed his supernatural abilities and proven his near-unstoppability.


Life and Death

Michael Sanders' childhood in St. George was wholly unfulfilling; His mother had died giving birth to her son, leaving him to his nervous and over-occupied father to raise him alone. Sanders never got good grades, and had repeatedly been suspended from school various times during his education. Sanders' main claim to fame was his amazing physical strength, which ended up getting him expelled when he had badly maimed 3 other students. Sanders never managed to get a proper shot at college.

When Sanders was only 24 years old, his father passed away by way of ulcer complications. His father, though nervous, had been holding on to a well-paying job as an online stockbroker. The sudden death of the parent left Sanders to hold his home for 2 years before the tax bureau evicted him.

Sanders in life, waking up to go to work.
Perhaps Sanders' only joy in his life was his wife, Anna, who he had married at the age of 28. Anna, a barmaid at a tavern that Sanders' frequented, grew to fawn over his tales of combat and overcoming the challenges that life had thrown at him. After being fired from her job, Anna decided to join Sanders in searching for a new home, and eventually, were able to settle in a small cabin on the outskirts of St. George. Sanders was able to make a bare-bones living simply on performing physical labor for his neighbors.

Three year after their marriage, Sanders and Anna had a child, Tina. This introduced a whole new set of problems for Sanders and his family, as now his efforts alone would not be enough to feed all the members of the house. The family was also unable to afford proper baby supplies for their child, or any manner of educational measures. Yet, Sanders needed to do something.

To attempt to get hold of more supplies, Sanders did what he did best; physical assault. Taking an axe and shotgun, he went to the butchers to get enough meat to feed his family for months. Despite his best efforts to stay hidden, his entry wasn't exactly subtle, and soon the law enforcement was sent after him. Sanders was shot down on his run back to his family, only 31 years old. His wife and child, who were never informed of his death and were without access to firewood or food, ended up dying from hypothermia waiting for him to return.


Searching the Canadian country for potential servants, Necrull came across Sanders' hometown of St. George. Sanders had been buried in an unmarked grave nearby his cabin, and though Necrull had no idea who was the subject within the grave, he could feel the intense fear and rage that eminated from the dormant soul of the grave. To revive this corpse, however, he decided to use a particularly potent method; by crafting a Necrullitic Mask out of amorphous metal from the Qliphothic realm. Filling it with necromatic energy, a deceased body could be filled with vitality. If the spirit of the body was violent enough, the resulting undead would be near unstoppable.

And so Sanders was reborn as the Axe-Murderer of St. George. Everything he had experienced at his last shootout resonated through his mind again and again; he needed to find a weapon, quickly, and cut down any goddamn police officer or person who got in his way! Finding his family apparently missing from the cabin, he concluded that the village's law enforcement had taken his family hostage, and would need to fight to get them back. Taking his largest axe from his toolshed, Sanders embarked on his rescue mission.

Sanders sowed a wave of destruction throughout the countryside. Any person who was in his path or otherwise managed to distract him was swiftly dealt with with an axe to the head. In truth, Sanders had little idea where he was going; only working on pure instinct to search every police-like building he found for his child and wife. The body-count was quickly rising, and soon the Champions themselves took notice.

Regaining sanity

Witchcraft's magic was able to determine the zombie killer's intentions, and she proceeded to find and interview any officials that had been involved in the Sanders' robbery case. From the few officers she could find (most had gone into hiding in response to Sanders' actions), she had found out information about Sanders' family, and that the police had taken no formal action to rescue or find Sanders' relatives. She deduced, then, that Michael's relatives would still be inside his cabin. Upon checking, the Champions were indeed able to find the long-decomposed remains of Michael's family hiding inside a cupboard, most likely trying to stay warm in the bitter Canadian winter.

Soon, Witchcraft had devised a plan to lure Sanders back to his home and show him the remains of his family, showing that his reasoning for fighting has been flawed and that he could end his mission. Kinetik was chosen to be the prime decoy that would lure Sanders' after him. It only took a few personal jabs to have Sanders' set his sights on the red speedster and the two were soon on a chase through the Canadian hills.

As Sanders entered the cabin, he beheld the two skeletons sitting within his bedcloth cupboard. Just from their location and the way the larger figure held on tightly to the smaller, he knew instantly who they were and realized that his quest to save his family had ended in failure. What Witchcraft had not anticipated, however, was the fortitude of Sanders' spirit. Usually, when a vengeful spirit accomplishes its task, it departs from the world of the living. In Sanders' case, the spirit remained tightly bound to the body, largely by way of the mask. All attempts of the champions to try and remove the mask were in vain, as Sanders would not allow it. For all intents and purposes, Sanders was alive again, and basically would never die again.

Having directly witnessed the presence of heroes and realizing the own power that had been granted to him, Sanders decided to make a new living in America. Travelling to Millennium City, he signed up to become one of the cities' many defenders in exchange for salary. Though still homeless and often fairly reckless with his tasks, Sanders has managed to make a living despite his pitiful income, spending most of the time partying at Club Caprice and drinking copious amounts of booze. In the end, it doesn't really matter to him. All he wants to do is have a good time, and if killing criminals means more money for drinks, then he's as happy as he'll ever be.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■□□
C - ■□□□□
E - ■■■■■
A - ■■□□□
N - ■□□□□
Sanders' is extremely extroverted and impulsive. Having a tendency to blurt out about subjects he knows almost nothing about, a tendency to get into trivial arguments, and a general desire to make a big impact on everyone around him, Sanders is a very abrasive fellow to be around. On the other hand, he's generally very fun to be around, and doesn't easily pick up on when he's being mocked or lead into logical fallacies. Just be careful not to make him angry, as he can get belligerent if he doesn't have his way.

Sanders' favorite past time is drinking and karaoke. Considering that he now wears a mask that prominently obscures his mouth, he's admittedly horrible at both. However, Sanders' undead status means that he can never become inebriated, which is a good thing, considering his base personality is already rowdy and unaware enough to pass as drunk anyway.

Sanders' has little mind for ethics or laws. Almost anyone he's designated to fight ends up dead or horribly disfigured by his axe. Despite all this, he does missions assigned to him to the best of his ability and understanding. This is usually super-rudimentary, and many times he completes the missions while ignoring glaring details. Despite all of this, he rarely goes out of his way to harm civilians or innocents nowadays.

Combat Specifications

If he's angry, he'll chop you to the ground until you're dead. And then he'll keep chopping.

The Necrullitic Mask gives the wearer not only the ability to defy death, but effectively prevents the wearer from ever dying. This does not mean that the wearer is impervious to damage, however, and on Sanders, this certainly shows with his ravaged flesh and exposed bone. So long as he can keep functioning muscles tethered to his skeleton, Sanders can remain moving effectively.

The mask also seems to immensely boost the wearer's physical capacities. Sanders' strength is paramount to his capability of lifting his giant 'Cursed-Steel' axe, which, in truth, is simply a custom-made hobby battleaxe with no magical properties. Its shear mass makes it a very effective weapon in the powerful hands of Sanders. Since he is easily capable of carrying a load of 4 tons, the 212 pound axe is featherweight in comparison. The enhanced strength in Sanders body also makes it possible for him to leap 152 feet into the air, as well as quickly lunge into battle swinging.

Sanders feels absolutely no pain from any kind of assault. His unrelenting movements through enemy waves of gunfire, electricity, fire, and other assaults serve to make the image of an unrelenting corpse with a metal face-mask all the more intimidating. To put it simply, Sanders' psychological impact is another excellent attribute to his combat advantages.

Sanders technically still has a mind, and so can be affected by Psionc assault. In fact, his decomposed brain and bizarre psyche cause him to be more susceptible to Psionic influence and control, making it his key weakness on the field of battle. Any other energy that might effect humans, such as electricity and toxins, have little to no effect on Sanders' dead body.

Some OOC thing

This is how he looked back in the days Heavy Weapons didn't exist.
  • Sanders is the 6th 40 in Bluhman's repertoire. Prior to Heavy Weapon's conception, he was a strange Might/Munitions blend, and also a user of Single-Blade at one point.
  • Sanders is pretty liberally based off of both the Friday the 13th slasher films and, by extension, the Splatterhouse video game series.
  • Alternate Musical Themes:
    • HONK.png (Warning, kind of loud.)