Lady Anubis

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Lady Anubis
Player: @Bluhman
"Death isn't what you should fear. Not right now." HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Control (EGO/Guardian/Vindicator)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Hara Mazone
Known Aliases: Lady Anubis
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: African-American
Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York
Base of Operations: Roosevelt City, New Jersey
Relatives: Mother: Sylvia Mazone

Father: Marcus Mazone

Brother: Marth Mazone

Age: 24
Height: Human Form: 5'7 ft

Anubis Form: 7'0 ft

Weight: Human Form: 130 lbs

Anubis Form: 400 lbs

Eyes: Brown/Glowing Blue
Hair: Black/None
Complexion: Black, Smooth, Leathery
Physical Build: Human: Slim

Anubis: Lean, Sleek

Physical Features: Omnipresent Ankh symbol on back, persistent bracelet on left arm.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown to public.
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Anthropology Graduate Student
Education: Roosevelt University BA in North African Archeology
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Soul manipulation, supernatural strength, speed, and healing, short-ranged teleportation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mark of Inpuses III, in form of Bracelet and Glyph
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Lady Anubis is a hero from Roosevelt City, though is currently based in Millennium City. She, along with Chisoku, is a member of the Alpha Force superteam, though she was one of the latest members to join their ranks.


Early Life

Hara Mazone was born to a working-class family in Buffalo; father Marcus Mazone, a diner cook, and Sylvia Mazone, a house painter. Hara also had an older brother, Marth, who was somewhat abrasive towards his sister, but also served as a commendable role model. Hara's parents decided they would make financial sacrifices for their children, using what little they had to send Hara and Marth to an uptown Buffalo school district. Hara flourished under the circumstances, and grew to respect studies in civilization and history.

Despite initially applying to Roosevelt University, she was wait-listed, and had to spend her first year in a community college. After re-applying for a transfer and displaying her impressive collegiate GPA, the university let her in. She graduated in 3 years with a BA in Anthropology, and decided to continue her studies as a graduate student at the university.


Hara Mazone, showing ankh markings and bracelet.
Mazone's primary zone of research is North-African anthropology and archeology, studying the dynasties of the Nile kingdoms and keeping up on literature of the field. Mazone's particular field of expertise proved to be Hieroglyphic interpretation and analysis of relics. It seemed natural that the RU anthropology professor, Drieder Douglass, would take someone with Mazone's skills along on one of the most anticipated excavations. Drieder and his team would be responsible for exploring and clearing the site of the Tomb of Inpuses III.

Drieder and his team had some insight to the history behind this mysterious figure. Inpuses III was what could probably be best described as a priest of Anubis, though many folktales found in nearby tombs signified that they saw him more as a god figure. Inpuses' cult also had links to the Egyptian deity of sorcery, Thoth. Folklore has said that the cult had been repeatedly ostracized by surrounding settlements due to their rituals involving revival of the dead, but no concrete evidence for such things existed.

In any case, Drieder was not one to believe superstition. Upon arrival, the excavation began smoothly, with the thick sands that had entirely filled the structure all but removed. The team then began to proceed to examining the catacombs, Mazone recording the hieroglyphics within the tomb for later translation. The contents of the tomb included a large amassing of urns and sarcophagi, many of which were shipped back to the Roosevelt City museum. After 2 weeks of hard work, the tomb was cleared, and Hara had double-checked her notes to make sure she had every piece of information down.

Hara finally began to translate the Hieroglyphics after she had gotten back to her loft back in the US. partway through inscription, however, she began experiencing severe headaches and cold sweats. In some feverish vision, she envisioned leaping between tall cliffs as an elderly male voice informed her of duties to 'rebuild the vessel and reunite me'. When she came back to her senses, she was inside the museum, wearing nothing but a torn tapestry and a golden bracer that had appeared on her left arm. She also found herself nearby two dead, horrified-looking security guards. The bodies were only found long after Hara left the museum, and no evidence was directly linked to her. Though she had managed to evade a legal ordeal, she knew there was something wrong with herself.


A golden ankh marking is always present on her back.
For a month, the headaches and blackouts persisted, and Hara kept awakening in unusual locations around the city. It was undoubtably linked to the Hieroglyphics she was attempting to translate, but where did this bracelet come from? No matter what she tried, she was unable to remove the bracelet, and the piece seemed to be directly locked into her skin. Doctors were of no help, and even Drieder was beginning to have his doubts, as he began noticing more and more people going missing.

One night, Hara awoke, fully conscious, to find herself being spoken to by the same elderly voice:

The decisive time is now, young one. My ability to control your will is weakening, and I must rely on your help to achieve my ends. I see that I am within an entirely different era; perhaps even a different reality, so I must introduce myself and make the circumstances clear. I am Inpuses III, or what is left of him. My soul was stored long ago within the hieroglyphs within my tomb, along with a spell to imbue the reader with the powers of our guardian deity: Anubis. The purpose of this; reunite me with my body. You must siphon soul energy until you are aglow with necrotic energy, reassemble my body, and use every last drop of your blessing to bring me back to this realm. If you cannot accomplish this task, then my essence will dissipate, and the void it creates will slowly consume your soul as well.

Hara's thoughts were hers, but the body was thoroughly unfamiliar. Now a towering, black beast with glowing eyes, Hara was terrified; not only of what she had become, but also of what was being asked of her. Where would she get 'necrotic energy'? Did this mean she would have to become a murderer? Is that why the killings around Roosevelt City have been accelerating as of late?

Inpuses made the suggestion to head to a 'gathering of desecrated deceased' and harvest souls from there. What Hara found out that night was the ease with which she was able to use dark energies to perform all sorts of feats, such as throw projectiles, summon ghostly figures, and even change the shape of her form to a degree. On the flipside, Hara found it exuberantly hard for her form to properly absorb souls. It would require intensive training to allow her form to let this energy in.

A rare shot of Hara absorbing souls from graves.
For nights, Hara spent hours in the graveyard, attempting to coax out the souls of deceased and capture them. Even harder than directly siphoning souls into her form was the rituals required to drag the souls out from their graves, which entailed anything ranging from digging up the graves and defacing them, to using a shrill shriek to drive them out. No doubt, this sort of activity drew attention from law enforcement. Immediately upon discovering that a supernatural dark creature was calling up the dead, the RCPD patrolmen called for the Alpha Force.


3 months into her soul gathering, Hara was filled to her peak capacity. An aura of spirits followed her form, and she had essentially transcended to a new state; the form of Anubis was now a direct conduit to the realm of the dead. This gave Hara near infinite reserves of energy to draw from, which would be perfect for the tasks ahead.

Alpha Force and the AUB were well on to Hara's scheme, however. As she prepared to head to the museum, the force launched an ambush, attempting to pin down Hara for arrest. The new circumstances made it impossible for her to be subdued, however, as she could simply teleport away from the brawl. Hara silently ran for the museum, the Alpha Force hot on her trail as they realized where she had gone.

She was at the museum, where Inpuses III's body lay dormant in the most ornate tomb sarcophagus. There simply wasn't enough time; Hara needed to assemble Inpuses' organs within his mummified body correctly, then conduit soul energy directly into the mummy. She barely managed to pull of the task, having attempted 3 times before getting it correct. The Alpha Force and AUB burst into the museum just too late to stop Hara.

Inpuses rose from the sarcophagus in a sight Hara would never forget. Surrounded by whirlwinds, rending the ornate decoration of the museum to dust and shattering glass exhibits, Inpuses' revival spread a cascade of destruction throughout the halls. Those with unsteady footing were knocked down and tumbled through the whirl by shear force. Hara knew in her gut she had made the wrong decision. All she could do now is bow to this omnipotent figure she had revived, and hope he was merciful.

As the winds died down, Inpuses reassured his faithful servant. His ambitions were not as powerful as he made them seem at first, as he understood that, in order to make his cult make a comeback, he would have to learn the new ways of Egypt and adapt to the changed era. Never had he hoped to wreak havoc upon those who did not ally with him; he would simply live and let live. A philosophy that works quite well when you know you can never really die.

Inpuses had acknowledged that Hara had become better in handling the powers of the Anubis Guardian better than most. Especially in terms of access to the nether, she was able to tap into deep reserves that no other avatar had managed to truly grasp. Inpuses strongly encouraged Hara to not only keep the form, but to find some way to put it to good use. With his final words, he began to make preparations to return to Egypt, kindly requesting returning of his belongings to his tomb, and preparing to use his own magic to bring the rest of his colleagues back.

Meanwhile, Hara had been taken in by the Alpha Force for interrogation about the ordeal. Acknowledging that she had made no intentional killings and had practically been forced into doing this task, she was let off easy. Following further negotiations, Hara was added to the Alpha Force under the title of Lady Anubis.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■■
C - ■■□□□
E - ■■■■□
A - ■■■□□
N - ■■■□□
Normally, Hara is very outgoing and considerate. She has sort of empathy with quiet types; probably why she got along so well with Akira Stone during her undergraduate years. The only people she really dislikes are those who predispose her based on race and gender. In any other case, she sees people who don't share her viewpoints in a respectful light.

As Lady Anubis, however, Hara is quite reclusive. She is still ashamed of the form she takes when transforming, despite encouragement she has gotten from other people about its powers (and look, from Chisoku, but I don't think she entirely considers this a good thing). Because of these attitudes, she can get monosyllabic or even irrational when working in this form.

She usually is not afraid to try out new things and develop hobbies. Because of this, she has become a decent flutist and archer. She also managed to pick up on some of Akira's interest while they were together, including foreign films and video gaming.

Combat Specifications

If the towering god-figure wasn't enough, here's her flunkies from beyond the grave.
Hara's human form does not have any special powers, but at any time, she can use her bracelet to consciously transform into her avatar form. As Lady Anubis, she gains immense physical power and speed; she can lift 1023 pounds, runs at 26 mph and can leap 30 feet.

Her body has very unusual physical properties. To the touch, it is leathery, but hard; somewhat like a tough hide. Despite this, she can still move freely, and can even temporarily reshape her body by using her powers. Some maneuvers she has developed have included forming shields on her arm, extending her hands into long tendrils, and even causing sharp, long spines to erupt on her body. Another unusual nuance is her immunity to psionics; the Avatar itself does not have any mental properties. Instead, Hara appears to be controlling it from some unknown plane of existence by sheer will. This probably explains why Inpuses III was also able to control the avatar.

Her most potent abilities all involve the direct manipulation of souls. She can summon up armies of shadowy minions to fight at her side, fire concentrated projectiles of dark energies, and even create rifts that can temporarily engulf enemies in a sea of deadly spirits. She can keep using these powers near constantly, but her most powerful abilities can cause her to suffer some damage. Though she can easily heal most injuries through concentration or absorption, she needs to be very careful in fast-paced combat.

Her weakest aspects include her inability to apply intense power in a pinch, and discrete physical limitations. Her true potential only emerges after the threat of battle has gone on for a certain period of time and Lady Anubis has had enough time to focus herself. Though imposing and capable of melee combat, she has not had any formal training in hand-to-hand and is usually aversive towards it. Another factor is that, though her form is tough, it is not invincible, and can easily be harmed if enough is thrown at it.


First known look of Lady Anubis. Most noteworthy include that bushy foxtail and how the color between her glowing highlights and base jewelry color were swapped between gold and teal.
  • Lady Anubis has gone through the most diverse build changes, having used builds based around pure darkness, bestial supernatural, and fire. The current build resides as a darkness/sorcery mix.
  • She was 2nd to reach 40 in the roster, and the first character made completely within Champions.
  • Alternate Musical Themes:
    • HONK.png