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2015 Blue FreedomJuicerKahiDragoonTurncoatSimon SixkillerSaxon Security SolutionsDreamweaver
Genesis LeagueVictorPunchlineVertigoExtractorRiot SquadElementoCavalierLa Mariposa
Captain TurboGalactigalDust-OffSnowflakeStrathmore IndustriesBlack ArcEagle EyeThe 54
Bunni B.O.T.TidalwaveSunbirdFoxhound (Graham Buckner)HalcyonRedcoatSuckerpunch
AlbatrossBloodlineMr. MillenniumPsirusGroundswellTrinity (Kathryn Turner)Silver Squirrel
MyriadCicadaSchematicShivastraSilverbladeShardBeastlordBlue Hour
2016 to be determined

We at PRIMUS Database wish to continually recognize the hard work and creativity of our contributors-- it's thanks to you that this compendium of heroes and villains (and everything in between) has continued to grow!
After feedback we received last year regarding the old system we had in place for featuring community articles, it was decided to update how we do things.

About Featured Article of the Week

Featured Article of the Week (AotW) will be run completely by the moderators of PRIMUS Database, and will be updated each Monday. Mods will take turns each week selecting a random article from the website's contents. Provided that the page feels like a complete work (regardless of length, composition or design), the selected article will then be linked on the front page of the wiki-- along with the creator's username and/or in-game @handle, and a short excerpt from the page.
Keep in mind that AotW is separate from the previous Page of the Month feature system: anyone who may have been nominated/featured through PotM is fair game here.