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Genesis League
Heroic Tales #12 - The Summoning!

VIPER agents summon a strange demon on a rooftop and Specter goes missing.

Leader(s): Osprey
Base of Operations: Penthouse Suite - Genesis Towers
Concept: Anti-Viper Vigilantes
Founded: January 2010
Website: Click Here
Let there be justice!


Genesis League is a medium RP super group for the Champions Online universe. It is founded on the concept of collaborative role play.

Our primary plot hook is that we are a collection of heroes focused on the destruction of a terrorist group known as VIPER.

The adventures and stories of our group will be documented here.


If you are interested in joining Genesis League contact @ChaosRed in-game.

We also have a fledgling Guild Portal site, that will expand in the months ahead. The link to the site is here: League Guild Portal

The full address of the Guild Portal Site is:


Genesis League is a legion of super heroes dedicated to the eradication of a terrorist group known as VIPER.

Genesis League believes VIPER is mankind's greatest threat to freedom and prosperity.

The group is led by a young, relatively obscure super hero named Osprey

Officially, the group is just a security division of a large corporation owned by Herman Bloom, (a rich and eccentric philanthropist). However, the true intentions of the Genesis League is to act as a vigilante group to defeat VIPER and wipe them off the face of the Earth.



On January 10, 2010, Herman Bloom sets up a security division for a company called Genesis Corporation. He names the organization after the biblical allusions in the Book of Genesis, which tell of a serpent robbing mankind's chance for paradise.

He appoints a superhero known Osprey as the Chief Security officer of the organization. He also keeps the accounts and financial assets of the company on an offshore account in Nassau. Officially, the division is meant to provide security to the Genesis Corporation, but secretly Osprey's orders are to establish a basic headquarters in Millennium City and find superheroes and other operatives willing to defeat VIPER once and for all.

In return for their service, the Genesis Corporation will finance the hero's living quarters and any research and technology they might need to complete the mission.

Osprey establishes "Genesis League" and slowly assembles various recruits together. Although the league lacks experience and power, they have already raised the eyebrows of various important agents and organizations.

Genesis League operates openly in Millennium City, but many law enforcement officials worry that their respect for due-process in the law might be lacking. Others secretly applaud the organization for having the courage to do "what is right" and not get bogged down by red tape to get the job done.


This section highlights the current and most active members of the group.


Osprey is the leader of Genesis League and the agent that Herman Bloom trusts most.


Cyberknight Canis is an alien with links to the Canis Lupus species here on Earth. He is vicious in combat, even lethal at times.


Ranger is a teenage girl with a keen intellect that she hides behind a tough, irreverent personality. She has a uniquely crafted bow that she takes into battle and never shows any fear.


This fresh recruit joined Genesis League to enhance his investigations of a mysterious scientist known as Doctor Vasska.


Abony Negative is a friend of Ranger's. She plays in Ranger's band as is also blessed with a unique blend of ice and dark powers. She helped rescued Steel Chimera in Issue 8.


Sky Viper is the latest addition to the group. He's a bio-mechanical creation made by VIPER but then reprogrammed with new artificial intelligence by PRIMUS. He now fights to destroy VIPER once and for all.


Sarrik arrived at Genesis League headquarters after the laboratory he was created in, was raided in Issue #6 of Heroic Tales.


Fusion is an alien whose body was permanently merged with the molten rock of his destroyed homeworld. He is a specialist in genetics and chemistry.


This section highlights non-player characters and support staff of the group. It also highlights player characters that are not officially with the group but have made guest appearances with Genesis League in previous issues.


EVE-2 is a holographic life form, fed by an evolving artificial intelligence program at the core of the Genesis Secured Network (G.S.N.). She aids Genesis League by managing their computer networks and also by monitoring communications both inside and outside of the G.S.N.


Slink is a destitute and homeless manimal that lives in Millennium City. He has super-enhanced senses and psionic powers and this makes him an excellent informer from the streets. Slink often has valuable "gossip" for Genesis League all of which he is willing to sell - for a price.


The following are characters tied to Genesis League in some form or another, but are neither a villain or an ally to their cause. Each of them have plagued Genesis League at times, but also help them if their self-interest happens to coincide with the league's...


Steel Chimera is a highly efficient fighter, with a deep vendetta against VIPER. He has several versions of his cybernetic suit that he adapts to suit his environment. He recently started a group of independents called EXODUS that seeks to complete Genesis League's missions, only with a lot more violence and a lot more vigilante-style tactics.


Six is a character steeped in lore and history. He was until recently an unwilling agent of VIPER and was converted to work for Genesis League by Lightning Bug. He has recently left the group and seems to be allying himself with the nation of Jormun.


Heat Screech is a former VIPER agent. Heat Screech was bribed into betraying VIPER and for a while found himself a complete pariah within VIPER ranks. Later however, he betrayed Genesis League and uncovered a new Draysha-Bloom factory. However when Lord Venom stole the factory back, he helped Genesis League repair Osprey's suit just in time to save his life. It is unknown what his next move will be.


The following characters have retired from Genesis League or on hiatus and are not currently active.


Red Leo was a fresh recruit, and was under immediate suspicion by Mongoose for being a VIPER double-agent. Red Leo was later redeemed in later issues, but has since retired from the group.


Although still officially with the group, Lightning Bug is on sabbatical to take care of his ailing father in British Columbia.


Psi Lash is a powerful psionic that recently lost a friend and comrade in battle to VIPER.


Lady Steel likes to hit things first and then ask questions later. She is capable of lifting a pickup truck without a drop of sweat.


Eclipse Agilo is a werewolf of brutal force and limited intellect, but he also harbors a few dark secrets. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Mongoose is a tough, "no-nonsense" agent that seems to prefer action over words. He quit the group in disgust shortly after the Dark Breed incident (Heroic Tales #1 and #2). He showed up briefly in Issue 13, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.


Genesis League's work is dangerous and unfortunately there are casualties. This section lists all the heroes that have fallen in the name of justice and freedom...


TITAN X was an engineer that was double-crossed by VIPER. He stole an early prototype of the VIPER X armor and is attempting a career as a superhero. He was killed by a VIPER assassin named Lady Vasska in Issue 15.


Herman Bloom was the sole financier of Genesis League. He was a rich and mysterious philanthropist, with a keen scientific mind but a mysterious past. He was revealed to be immortal, through some ancient demonic ritual performed by VIPER centuries ago. However, Lord Venom found a way to reverse the effects of the condition and Herman Bloom died in Issue 18.




Genesis League documents its RP into "issues", usually created and assembled every two weeks as a summary of the main RP/story points.

The current issue section highlights the current story featured in the group. We encourage all members to take a "turn" at driving the story for a particular issue so that our role play is as inclusive as possible. Previous issues will then transition into another section and provide a living issue-by-issue history of the group, (much like real comics are like).

Issue 19


The issue begins with EVE-2 returning to duty (after finally being rebooted and repaired). She announces that the forces of Jormnun, (a newly independent rogue nation controlled by VIPER in Somalia), have broken into a book shop that specializes in magic. They are apparently ransacking the place, madly looking for a specific book.

[Ikmachek] and Quantum Wave run to investigate and find a new villain by the name of 2-Bit has orchestrated the break-in and had just the located the book he was commanded to steal by Chancellor Brom. The book apparently deals with transmutation magic, and apparently, focuses on making illusions real. The book contends that its power source derives from the Qliphotic Plane.

[Ikmachek] and 2-Bit have a skirmish, 2-Bit gets away. They return to Genesis League HQ however with a clue: a small piece of a bat wing, purple in color.

As Specter attempts to decipher the details of the clue with his "Emeralds of Highbury" bracelets, Quantum Wave receives a critical call. The trap he has laid for the assassin that killed Titan X has been set!

Quantum Wave announces that Vasska was madly in love with her father (Branco Vasska). However, there is a rumor she is not the real daughter of Branco. This rumor infuriates her. Quantum Wave manages to communicate through back channels that the *real* father of Zita Vasska was set to appear on the docks this evening. This wasn't true, but Quantum Wave had hoped the ploy would lure Zita out of hiding and apparently it had.

Abony Negative, still recovering from her wounds from Issue 8 of Heroic Tales, insists on going with them to enact revenge for the loss of her friend, Titan X. However, Quantum Wave refuses the request, saying Abony Negative is still too wounded and still too emotional about the subject and may foil the whole plan.

So the rest of Genesis League depart for the trap, but Abony Negative asks to speak with Quantum Wave in private. She then paralyzes Quantum Wave in an ice sheath and runs to meet the rest of Genesis League to confront the assassin, Zita Vasska.

When Abony Negative arrives, she immediately starts to duel Zita Vasska and [Ikmachek] and Specter are forced to deal with Vasska's henchmen during the fight.

The battle is titanic, as both Abony Negative and Zita seem evenly matched. At one point in the fight, Abony Negative manages to knock off Zita's mask, revealing that she was the same person who claimed to be Bethany Miller in previous issues! She explains, that as Bethany Miller, she was able to manipulate PRIMUS and Genesis League into doing her bidding, including apparently, rescuing her father from scientific rivals in Issue 14 and Issue 16.

The news infuriates Abony Negative, (anger makes Abony stronger), and she eventually defeats Zita Vasska in her outrage. Zita is dispatched to prison immediately and Genesis League enjoy a brief triumph.

How will Branco Vasska react to the defeat of her alleged daughter? Is Abony Negative stable enough for active duty? What was the meaning of the bat-wing clue at the book store and what plans does Chancellor Brom have for that book 2-Bit stole?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Abony Negative, Specter, [Ikmachek], Quantum Wave, , EVE-2, Lady Vasska (Villain), 2-Bit (Villain)


The back issues section documents previous issues of Genesis League. They essentially document the RP that took place at the time the issue was made. This section therefore forms a living and incremental history of the group and is always a reflection of where the RP takes us.

Issue 18


This issue is a double-sized collector's edition and featured 8 additional alternate covers:


This is a special double-sized issue with 10 alternate covers for collectors.

This issue begins with Ranger realizing that Osprey has only days left to live.

The solution is to find the real schematics to the armor that keeps Oz alive, the current plans on the Genesis computer network are intentionally botched, so that only Herman Bloom can use them. Alas, Bloom refused to help Osprey in (Heroic Tales #10).

Eddie (aka Heat Screech), who was captured by Six (in Heroic Tales #10), claims he can get a copy of the schematics of Lord Venom's armor. He knows where it is stored and the armor is similar enough that it can be used to save Osprey's suit. He promises to return with the schematics if he is set free.

Knowing there is no way to guarantee that Eddie actually returns, Ranger agrees to the plan anyway.

Once released, Eddie also reveals he knows the transporter codes to activate the teleporter pad (captured in Heroic Tales #10), that can take Genesis League directly into Jormun, the new independent rogue nation created by Lord Venom. The teleporter pad is the only way into the region, as the borders are sealed and all air-traffic is shot down.

Eddie then leaves promising to return with the schematics for Osprey's armor. Meanwhile, with the teleporter pad active, Genesis League travels to Jormun to see if they can confront Lord Venom directly.

Genesis League come up against a massive VIPER force, many of them laced heavily with Draysha-Bloom drugs and fighting at a much higher capacity than before. In particular, the newest recruits such as Quantum Wave and Specter struggle in the fight and a more-experienced Sarrik and Ranger get frustrated during the battle.

Eventually, the League work their way to the main Draysha-Bloom factory (that had debuted in Genesis League #17). Here they find VIPER-X guarding the final entrance to the main drug storage tanks. Genesis League conduct a massive battle with VIPER-X only barely beating him and leaving Specter unconscious in the process.

Once the League are through to the final chamber, they are greeted by Lord Venom and Zitamira Vasska (the assassin that killed TITAN X in issue 15). In addition, a captured and restrained Agilo is immersed in a massive tank of Draysha-Bloom.

Lord Venom releases a toxin that Vasska and Venom are already vaccinated against that paralyzes Genesis League. Luckily, Ranger is quick-thinking enough to pull out her scuba mask to receive a fresh air supply before the toxin takes effect. Annoyed at Ranger's quick-thinking, Lord Venom orders Vasska to destroy Ranger.

Ranger and Vasska battle with Ranger easily handling the assassin. Lord Venom is unimpressed and begins to question Vasska's abilities. Just as Ranger leans over to remove Vasska's mask however, Lady Vasska has one last karate kick in her left to dislodge Ranger's scuba mask. This leaves Ranger unconcious and sleeping while a limping, defeated Lady Vasska leaves the chamber, threatening Lord Venom to "continue the payments anyway".

Out of nowhere, Daemon Wing appears. She offers Lord Venom an alliance and claims she has a gift for ppLord Venom]] that is "quite valuable". But, Lord Venom sees no reason to ally with Daemon Wing at all. Venom sees himself only a few steps away from world domination with his massive supply of Draysha-Bloom and an entire country of his own to command and build an army with.

Instead, Lord Venom release Eclipse Agilo from his holding tank and an enraged Agilo, marinated in Draysha proceeds to tear Daemon Wing apart. A dying Daemon Wing then cackles and says she will hide the gift she had for Venom, "in some place he'll never find", and she then claims it is time for her "to return home, my real home", and then vanishes.

Herman Bloom then materializes from the astral plane. He had been held prisoner by the dead spirit of EVE (since Heroic Tales #10), and realizes he must redeem himself and take better care of the League. He arrives claiming he can destroy Lord Venom, since he knows the precise mechanics of the armor he wears.

But Venom surprises Bloom immediately. He claims that he was so fascinated with Bloom's DNA, not because he wanted the Librus Blasphemare so badly (that was just a device to help solidify an independent movement for the rise of his new nation) and not because he wanted to clone Bloom's DNA into an army. No, he had been studying Bloom's DNA so much, so he could learn how to destroy it - forever. He claims his axe is laced with a poison that can harm Bloom's meta-phyisical metabolism and proceeds to cut him apart.

With Bloom dying and in pain, Venom then initiates a vibrating tachyon-shield that degenerates Bloom's DNA. Genesis League stands paralyzed in horror as Bloom ages within seconds, until he is nothing but dust. Obliterated. Forever.

With all of Genesis League defeated and Bloom dead, Lord Venom howls in victory. Noone can stop his plans now! It is at this precise moment that Sky Viper enters with Eddie where they reveal they have a special surprise for Lord Venom:

It's Osprey!

With the schematics given to Sky Viper, he is able to not only restore Osprey quickly, but actually improve the suit's capabilities.

Osprey reminds Lord Venom, that it was his lack of faith that is his undoing - and his selfish attitude that stopped him from full victory. Oz then reveals that Sky Viper had implanted a virus on the Draysha-Bloom (back in Issue #17) and that Sky will now activate the virus, ruining the entire stockpile of super-soldier serum Venom had crafted.

Lord Venom and Osprey fight, but Oz's power is too great and Venom is soon overwhelmed and defeated. As Osprey decides whether Lord Venom should live or die, Sky Viper vaporizes him with a Gigabolt.

Osprey thanks his friends for their faith and patience, which in the end yielded a great victory for Genesis League!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Quantum Wave, Sarrik, Ranger, Sky Viper, Eclipse Agilo, Heat Screech, Herman Bloom, Osprey, Specter, Lord Venom (Villain), Lady Vasska (Villain), Daemon Wing (Villain)

Issue 17


A mysterious alien named Fusion arrives at Genesis Towers and seeks asylum within Genesis League. Osprey grants the request, sensing great power within the new arrival. Quantum Wave then arrives suggesting there is confusion about Doctor Camus, (the scientist that was allegedly kidnapped and transformed into a cerebral entity - issue 16).

Apparently, according to police reports, Camus was never transformed at all, but kidnapped by a street gang and detained for no reason and then simply released. The question as to who Genesis League rescued with Abigail Hanes is now unclear.

Monstro suggests the group infiltrate the underground lair of the Purple Gang and interrogate Kevin Poe, the gang's leader. Monstro, Fusion, Quantum Wave, Sky Viper and Ranger all agree to the plan. They quickly descend into a secret sewer and confront Poe. When he refuses to cooperate, Monstro knocks him out. Quantum suggests he be questioned by police and stays behind until the police arrive.

As the league discuss their next move, Heat Screech walks in, (after being absent for months). He announces that he knows the precise location of Lord Venom - and that Venom is working on a Draysha factory to build an army of super-soldiers for the VIPER civil war, (Drayha is a powerful narcotic that greatly increases strength and aggression). He claims Venom's power within VIPER is growing and should he win the Civil War - he will have full command of VIPER!

Osprey agrees to check out the Draysha factory and so Fusion, Ranger, Sky Viper, Heat Screech and Osprey proceed to western Somalia, along the banks of the Giusha River where the factory is located. There they battle Lord Venom's skinks working at the factory. They appear to be producing mass quantities of a Draysha hybrid that is blended with traces of the tainted DNA of Bloom (extracted in the Immortal Army saga - Issue #5 of Heroic Tales).

Osprey confronts Lord Venom at the factory's central control room, but after a brief skirmish, he flees the scene and unleashes a gigantic Skink-Clone infused with his Draysha-Bloom hybrid solution. The Skink-Clone clobbers Osprey, who manages to stay alive while Sky Viper, Fusion and Ranger take the clone out.

After they battle, the league downloads data from the factory where they discover there's an additional prisoner underneath the floor of the control room. They initiate the escape sequence and emerging from the prison cell under the floor arrives Eclipse Agilo!

Agilo, (who had also been missing for months), is in a violent, unstable state. As soon as Agilo appears, Heat Screech hides and then sneaks away.

Osprey insists the rest of the group not harm Agilo - and instead Osprey attempts to knock Agilo unconscious. But the power of the Draysha-Bloom in Agilo's veins is too strong and Osprey is torn apart. Just as Osprey's vital systems fail, the factory begins a self-destruct sequence. Genesis League flees the scene with Osprey in their arms, running to the GenStar to fly back home.

As they leave the factory however the self-destruct sequence stops - and the factory stays intact. Both Agilo and Heat Screech are missing.

At home, Osprey's medical condition is critical. Sky Viper manages to stabilize him, but with Osprey's armor so badly damaged the best he can for Osprey is a deep comatose state. Still, even in this condition, Osprey's health is deteriorating.

Without the suit, Osprey will die!

Heat Screech then comes over the VidScreen at Genesis League headquarters and mocks the group for handing him a new Draysha factory to command. He claims he will now fund the VIPER Civil War with Draysha to which ever side produces the highest bidder.

Where is Eclipse Agilo? Will he ever recover from the Draysha-Bloom in his veins? Who will Heat Screech sell his massive supply of Draysha-Bloom to? Who can save Osprey? What happens if Lord Venom wins the Civil War? Who or what did Genesis League really rescue with Abigail Hanes?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Quantum Wave, Monstro, Ranger, Sky Viper, Eclipse Agilo, Heat Screech, Fusion, Kevin Poe (Villain), Lord Venom (Villain)

Issue 16


Quantum Wave reveals that either Bethany Miller or Abigail Hanes are secretly the VIPER assassin that killed Titan X, (note both Bethany and Abigal were featured in the Issue 14 of Genesis League).

Quantum Wave goes on to explain that Abigail has solicited the help of Genesis League again. Even though they know the situation could be a trap and that Abigail could be a murderer, the group decides to investigate to see what they can learn about the two suspects.

When they arrive, Abigail explains that a compatriot of hers named Doctor Camus has been captured. They soon learn that Camus' intellect has been extracted and transmuted into a massive cerebral entity. Genesis League fight the guards of this horrific experiment, but the cerebral entity escapes. Genesis League are highly suspicious of the entire circumstance, particularly Sarrik who detects through his psychic abilities that Abigail is hiding something.

Bethany Miller than commandeers the group to investigate a super-solider program at a newly discovered VIPER laboratory.

Monstro refuses to cooperate at first, after he is appalled by Miller's lack of empathy or remorse over the death of Titan X (in issue 15). Ranger calms Monstro down and explains that by staying close to Miller and Hanes they can learn which one is the assassin and bring them to justice.

After Monstro reluctantly agrees to help, they investigate the Super-Soldier lab, where they are once again confronted by Electric Eel (who had escaped his imprisonment in issue 14). They defeat him, but Miller insists that the VIPER commander in the lab be fought by her alone. [Ikmachek] forgets this wish however and finishes the commander off. This infuriates Bethany who goes on a tirade about how unprofessional Genesis League is. The entire incident is so bizarre that Genesis League members conclude that Bethany must be hiding something.

The next day Quantum Wave reveals that Doctor Camus had apparently not been subjected to experimentation at all, but was simply captured by a lowly street gang in Millennium City. He was found, unharmed and apparently oblivious to any "intellect extraction". This puts Abigail's cover story in severe doubt and leaves both suspects shrouded in mystery.

Who is the killer? Why did Bethany insist on fighting the commander alone? What was the purpose and identity of the "intellect entity" Abigail Hanes wanted freed?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Quantum Wave, Monstro, Sarrik, [Ikkses], Ranger, Bethany Miller, Abigail Hanes, Electric Eel (Villain)

Issue 15


Miss Zitamira Vasska plants a large neutron bomb just near the edge of Steelhead and surrounds the bomb with a powerful electricity shield to ensure it detonates.

Titan X believes he can defuse the bomb, (because he was a weapons engineer during his time as a slave for VIPER). However, he uses up most of the power cells in his suit of armor getting past the electricity shield.

Meanwhile, Miss Zitamira Vasska battles Abony Negative and defeats her, nearly killing her.

Titan X manages to defuse the bomb in time, only to find Abony Negative near death and his own power nearly depleted. He attempts to fight Miss Vasska anyway and is badly beaten by her. He has a massive heart attack during the fight, his heart stops and he falls to the ground.

While Miss Vasska is celebrating, Abony Negative manages to regain consciousness and is able to fire one last negative ion array. Abony was so angry from her defeat that the blast knocks Vasska down ( Abony's powers accelerate and grow as she gets angry). Delighted over defeating Titan X and seeing Abony's anger rising, Vasska decides to flee the scene.

Abony summons Osprey to the scene and then rushes to Titan X but is unable to revive him. When Osprey arrives, he announces it is too late for Titan X and he has died.

A stunned and angry Abony Negative hunts the Canadian arctic to find Miss Vasska. She is unable to find her, but does find a strange beacon at the top of a large mountain peak on Baffin Island.

When she investigates, Lord Venom himself appears before her! At the same time, a PRIMUS agent known as Golden Girl (who was apparently following Abony) appears as well.

Venom does not wish to fight Abony Negative, but instead tries to make a deal. Venom claims Abony could become more powerful than any other member in Genesis League under his tutelage and that Abony does not yet understand the full capabilities of her power. He then also claims that he can bring Titan X back from the dead, but only if Abony can perform a favor for him.

When Abony asks what the favor is, Lord Venom refuses to say other than "no living person will be harmed" by the favor.

Later that night, Abony returns to the same spot and is able to activate the beacon again to summon Lord Venom. When she says she will consider his deal, Lord Venom divulges that the "favor" is to ask Abony to read a simple poem entitled "The Cremation of Sam McGee" at Titan X's funeral. That's all he wants and in return Titan X X will return from the dead.

Abony tentatively agrees and leaves. She becomes very unsure of the decision and remains baffled by Lord Venom's strange request.

Why does Lord Venom want a poem read at Titan X's funeral? How much will Lord Venom be able to manipulate Abony Negative? Will Titan X really return from the dead as Lord Venom promised? Where is Miss Vasska and when will she strike next?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: EVE-2, Titan X, Abony Negative, Quantum Wave, Osprey, Golden Girl, Lord Venom (Villain), Miss Vasska (Villain)

Issue 14


At Abony's insistence, Titan X is given another chance despite his failure in Issue 13. Back on duty, Titan X finds surveillance devices capturing scans of various mutants in a highly radioactive area of the Arizona desert.

When he removes the hard drive to the surveillance device, a mysterious agent of VIPER shows and demands it back. The mysterious agent has shapely legs and a sharp wit and she battles Titan X for the hard drive. Titan X manages to fend her off, but not without taking serious damage to his armor.

He later learns the woman he fought was Miss Vasska, the daughter of a notorious evil scientist: Dr. Branco Vasska. They also learn that a superhero named Quantum Wave has been investigating Vasska. Abony Negative and Titan X eventually meet this hero and Abony offers him a position with Genesis League.

Abony and Titan X are then dispatched to the Canadian Arctic. Here, a Primus affiliate, (by the name of Bethany Merrill), asks their help to find a missing agent. The missing agent, (named Abigail Hanes), was investigating the highly toxic waste being produced by VIPER near a frozen river.

Titan X and Abony find Abigail Hanes, where she claims that VIPER has set up a facility to poison and mutate the whole area. The facility is hiding underneath the ice in the water.

Titan X and Abony don special suits to work underwater. Accompanied by Abigail Hanes they access the underwater facility through a secret entrance. There they find numerous VIPER agents in full scuba gear and underwater weaponry prepared to defend their hideout, and there is a large battle underwater.

The learn the whole facility was being masterminded by a super-villain named Electric Eel. They defeat Electric Eel and return Abigail Hanes back to Primus unharmed.

Who is the mysterious Miss Vasska? And what of her father, the evil scientist being investigated by Quantum Wave? Will Quantum Wave stay with the team? Has Titan X proved his worth to EVE-2 and the rest of Genesis League?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: EVE-2, Titan X, Abony Negative, Quantum Wave, Abigail Hanes, Bethany Merrill, Miss Vasska (Villain), Electric Eel (Villain)

Issue 13



Osprey hires two new recruits to join Genesis League.

The first is Abony Negative, a good friend of Ranger's and someone who had helped Genesis League defeat Teleios in Issue 8. The second is a new recruit named Titan X, a former engineer turned super-hero when his DNA began to mutate to optimize his usage of some VIPER armor that he stole.

The two are set on a low-level mission to stop a Neutronium smuggling ring out in the desert. It is here both Abony and Titan X run into more than they bargain for as an entire platoon is guarding the smuggling operation. In the battle that ensues, Titan X falls and Abony Negative is left with the unpleasant task of rescuing him before VIPER take him prisoner.

In the end, Abony performs spectacularly well, getting Titan X to safety and then smashing the remains of the smuggling ring all by herself.

Osprey commends Abony for her performance but realizes Titan X may require more training before he's read for field combat again.

Are there even more recruits coming to Genesis League? Is Abony ready to join the "big" team as they struggle with the next plot of Lord Venom? Will Titan X be able to make it on the team?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Herman Bloom, Titan X, Abony Negative, EVE-2

Issue 12


With the escape of Lord Venom (issue 11) and the continuing issues of poor leadership at Genesis League, Daemon Wing decides the time is right to strike.

Daemon Wing breaks into a prestigious museum looking for an ancient artifact that allegedly enhances the power and human dreams. Daemon Wing had already perfected the ability to invade the dreams of Ranger, tormenting her with horrible visions and nightmares. One can only guess how dangerous she could become if the artifact’s powers were real, and she could enhance the terror and realism of the dreams she invades.

Luckily, Genesis League is alerted to Daemon Wing’s break-in of the museum and is immediately dispatched to prevent the theft. However a small battalion of undead shaman and warriors are also at the scene, willingly serving Daemon Wing as their Queen. This prevents Genesis League from reaching Daemon Wing on time who escapes with the powerful “Dream Catcher” artifact.

Genesis League is once again defeated and more questions about Osprey’s leadership emerge. Meanwhile Ranger is losing sleep, worried that her dreams may be invaded again.

What are Daemon Wing's plans for the Dream Catcher? How much longer will Osprey's poor leadership be tolerated? Is Ranger in peril?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Herman Bloom, Mongoose, Heat Screech, Six, Rook, Ranger, Daemon Wing (Villain).

Issue 11


Lord Venom is dying!

He had reactivated the droid factory in Issue 10 in order to discover a cure for his degenerating DNA, (which threatens to destroy him and all his minion clones called Skinks).

Upon hearing the news that Lord Venom is dying, Osprey urges Herman Bloom to help him but Bloom refuses. Osprey discovers his new suit now emits a powerful poison. The poison is empowering but also the reason why Osprey can't sleep. Osprey also realizes it is this poison that has caused Lord Venom's DNA to degenerate, in fact Herman Bloom had augmented the suit with this feature for the exact purpose of killing Lord Venom.

Osprey confronts Herman Bloom and this time uses extortion threatening to reveal a deadly secret about Herman Bloom if he does not help save Lord Venom's life.

Bloom agrees, releasing Genesis League to Osprey entirely under the terms of the extortion. He warns Osprey however that his mercy on Lord Venom will bring great evil and that weakness when fighting VIPER agents is folly.

Osprey ignores the warning and gets to work immediately to save Lord Venom. He realizes the antidote to the poison could be produced in a suit similar to his own and this could save Lord Venom. They attempt the experiment on one of Lord Venom's captured minions, named Chopper. Build 40.140 of the suit accomplishes the goal and is quickly shipped to Lord Venom - saving his life.

However, the Skink's DNA is all linked to Lord Venom's source DNA. Their instructions for replication and function all come from Venom. So by saving Lord Venom (and strengthening him) Osprey has saved and strengthened Venom's entire Skink force.

The newly revitalized force assaults the prison that hold Lord Venom in an attempt to break him out. Genesis League is summoned to the emergency and battle a large Skink force and also defeat two super-villains who are release (Green Dragon and Vengeance). Alas they arrive to Lord Venom's cell too late and he escapes, mocking Osprey for his pitiful empathy that has now empowered him once again.

The prison is secured via hard work and fierce battle by Genesis League, but Lord Venom is now free to commit more evil. Several prison guards are badly injured in the chaos as well, all due to Osprey's misjudgment. The whole scene is embarrassing enough that Mongoose quits the group, blaming Osprey's ineffective leadership. Lightning Bug also leaves, although not permanently, he heads home to British Columbia to take care of his ailing father.

At the end of the issue Osprey finds Genesis League significantly weaker and Lord Venom stronger.

What did Osprey blackmail Herman Bloom with? What effect will the poison in Osprey's suit have on him? How will Lord Venom strike next? Is Genesis League dying?

Found out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Herman Bloom, Mongoose, Eclipse Agilo, Rook, Ranger, Lord Venom (Villain), Chopper (Villain), Green Dragon (Villain), Vengeance (Villain)

Issue 10


Osprey's soul is repaired via a secret and elaborate ceremony performed by Herman Bloom and a mysterious friend. Osprey's suit is replaced, although Osprey complains about a lack of sleep since the new suit was developed. This sets in motion two stories for this special double-sized issue:

The first story involves a new, eclectic villain named Scrib. He exerts mind-control over Eclipse Agilo and sends him on a rampage throughout Millennium City. He then seeks to test Genesis League's intellectual fortitude with a serious of riddles. After some difficulty, they solve Scrib's riddles and he reveals the location of Agilo. Mongoose quickly subdues Scrib and then Eclipse Agilo is pacified with his favorite teddy-bear to end his rampage.

After Eclipse Agilo is safe, Osprey asks Sky Viper if he would like to investigate an abandoned factory built by Dr. Destroyer during the "Battle of Detroit". Osprey believes interesting and unique parts can be found for Sky Viper to build security drones for Genesis League's headquarters at EDEN.

Others in the group decide to tag along and it is not long before Genesis League realizes that the factory isn't abandoned at all, but wholly operational! The league fight their way through a litany of super Destroyer-Droids, shutting down key components of the factory to stop production of the evil robots.

At the end of the factory, they stumble upon a massive droid called the Mega-Destroyer! The robot proceeds to give Genesis League the fight of its life and after a colossal war, the league finds themselves victorious.

As they stumble out of the factory, they find evidence the old factory had been reactivated by none other than Lord Venom and the factory apparently remained active in his absence when he was captured in Issue 9.

Why did Lord Venom activate an old factory of Dr. Destroyer's? If Dr. Destroyer is still alive, why did he allow this to happen? Are the two arch-villains working together? Will Osprey's suit continue to give him sleeping problems? Is Eclipse Agilo okay from the mind-control he suffered? And what was the purpose of the Mega-Destroyer?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Red Leo, Mongoose, Eclipse Agilo, Sky Viper, Rook, Heat Screech, Six, Mega-Destroyer (Villain), Scrib (Villain)

Issue 9


It is a time of volatile change in Genesis League.

When it is clear Steel Chimera's attitude about Genesis League hasn't changed, Osprey asks him to leave. New members are invited to join Genesis League as Rook and Sky Viper. Meanwhile, Lady Steel and Psi Lash also to leave the team.

Ranger has been having strange dreams ever since she was poisoned by a mutated asp back in issue 8. A strange demoness named Desdemona (aka Daemon Wing) keeps appearing in her dreams. She chastises Ranger with crazy threats and nonsensical statements. Osprey begins to realize that VIPER has connections to the occult.

To help forget about the dreams, Ranger decides to have a big concert for her famous rock band: Bad Eye. When she's handing out tickets to the concert to the other members of Genesis League, Desdemona appears before them, jealous of Ranger's fame and success. Desdemona decides to capture Ranger's soul and take her place at the big concert.

However, when Desdemona launches the soul jar at Ranger, Osprey jumps in front of it to protect her and is captured by the device instead.

Desdemona is unable to use Osprey's suit so she decides to sell Osprey's captured body to Lord Venom. Venom takes Osprey's suit immediately for technical analysis, but leaves Osprey's body to be tortured by an agent known as Mechaniste. Their idea is to soften Osprey up with torture and then revert his mind to serve VIPER using the techniques learned in Project Awakening.

Genesis League trace Osprey's location and infiltrate the VIPER facility to rescue Osprey.

Along the way, they meet a curious manimal named Slink who helps them infiltrate the base with an access code and even helps them fight their way to Mechaniste's evil laboratory.

After some furious battles, Genesis League winds up defeating Mechaniste and recover Osprey's body and his soul jar. However they also learn that Osprey's suit is missing and presumably in the hands of Lord Venom.

Sky Viper and Herman Bloom are attempting to reconstruct a new suit for Osprey, while he heals in the medical bay.

Meanwhile, Desdemona and Lord Venom are still at large.

Can Genesis League rebuild Osprey's memory-metal suit? Is Osprey's soul intact? What will Lord Venom do with Steel Chimera and Osprey's technology combined? How will the new members Rook, Sky Viper and Othersider fit in? And will Ranger continue to have her dreams invaded from the poison she ingested in Issue 8?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Red Leo, EVE-2, Eclipse Agilo, Sky Viper, Ranger, Slink, Lord Venom (Villain), Desdemona (Villain)

Issue 8


Genesis League discovers a "cure" for the "psychic bomb", by analyzing Qu'laar technology. The group receives wide accolades for this success and even make the front page of the Millennium Free Press for saving the city from peril.

The front page news infuriates Lord Venom. So, he decides to unleash his next plot. He takes his top agent, (a member of a new VIPER cell called Abaddon) and unleashes him on Project Greenskin. The agent, named Krait slays 17 scientists indiscriminately. Lord Venom then issues a distress call from the facility and aims it right at Genesis League headquarters. Genesis League take the bait and arrive to find Lord Venom gloating over the bodies of the dead scientists and holding a venomous snake in his hands. He then announces the assassin behind the crime and Krait smashes through a window to confront, Mongoose, Steel Chimera and Ranger.

During the tumultuous battle, Ranger is bitten by the venomous snake. She falls to the ground, dying. Meanwhile the battle with Krait is so stressful, that Steel Chimera reverts to Dark Breed form, (a highly unstable and dangerous manifestation of Chimera's persona). Krait leaves the battle shortly after Dark Breed manifests and Steel Chimera disappears. Osprey arrives to the scene late, but manages to save Ranger with some radical anti-toxin named Aloysius. However, Ranger is bed-ridden and still has lingering affects from the venom which will be revealed in future issues.

Steel Chimera goes missing for days and a concerned Genesis League attempt to find him. A character by the name of Tyson Titanium contacts Genesis League with a report that Steel Chimera was kidnapped by the mad scientist Teleios and taken to a distant tower in the Arctic. Genesis League dispatch immediately to investigate the situation. They take with them a friend of Ranger's by the name of Abony Negative, (a super-hero with unique powers that also happens to play in Ranger's band).

Genesis League infiltrates Teleios' tower and learns quickly that he had indeed captured Steel Chimera in Dark Breed form to learn his secrets and exploit his technology. It is also learned that Teleios plans to sell his findings to Abaddon and Lord Venom. Genesis League battles all the strange genetic creations of Teleios until they reach the top of the tower. There, they fight a brain the size of a small truck that can emit powerful psychic blasts and operate an intricate defense system. Teleios calls the brain his "ultimate weapon". After a long and arduous battle (where Osprey is knocked unconscious) Genesis League defeats the "ultimate weapon" and discover a limp, near-death Steel Chimera.

They take Steel Chimera back to base, where they learn he has had all his data removed and stolen. As a result, Steel Chimera is close to death. Luckily, Tyson Titanium had a compressed backup of all his data on a high-density optical drive. EVE-2 is able to decompress the data and store it on her servers and a full restoration of Steel Chimera's database is uploaded into his systems. This now makes Steel Chimera totally reliant on EVE-2 to survive. A grateful Steel Chimera seems shocked that Genesis League would save him, (given how he had reacted during the virus "crisis" in issues 5 and 6). He heads to the medical bay for rest, recuperating next to Ranger.

Is Steel Chimera having a change of heart about the motives of Genesis League? Will Ranger be okay? How will Genesis League deal with the powerful assassin known as Krait? What will Lord Venom do with all of Steel Chimera's data?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Mongoose, Red Leo, Lightning Bug, EVE-2, Eclipse Agilo, Steel Chimera, Ranger, Titanium, Abony Negative, Lord Venom (Villain), Krait (Villain), Teleios (Villain)

Issue 7


As issue 7 begins, Herman Bloom appears for the first time. He informs Genesis League he created a "fake" computer virus and solicited Osprey's help to make it look like Genesis League was having a legitimate crisis. As the sole financier of Genesis League, Herman Bloom justified the deception, claiming he had to test his new "assets". Bloom walked away saying many members of Genesis League let him down during the "crisis".

Osprey is released from prison and he convinces Genesis League to keep the "cover" story of the virus going, to see if VIPER can be lured into a trap. It is his hope VIPER will attempt to attack the base, thinking Genesis League is without their leader and their security is compromised.

However, instead of attacking Genesis League, VIPER detonates a small "psychic" bomb in a coffee shop called Java Bean on the west side of Millennium City. They then plant evidence that the bomb was set by Genesis League, in an attempt to frame them. The bomb made front page news of the Millennium Free Press. The police suspect Herman Bloom and Genesis League and to help clear their name Osprey reveals to the M.C.P.D. that the virus was never real and the security systems were never compromised at all.

Heat Screech, (a former smuggler for VIPER) claims he knows where the parts for the "psychic" bomb are stored. He says that the bomb's components were being smuggled into Millennium City right at the time Heat Screech left VIPER. He leads Genesis League to the smuggler's lair - and there Ranger, Lightning Bug, Heat Screech, Mongoose and Osprey battle a full VIPER contingent. The entire facility is well-armed and clearly protecting something valuable. As they progress further, they learn the facility has missiles similar to the ones they captured in issue 6, in addition to substances and machines to make more "psychic" bombs. In particular, a small sect of VIPER known as Project Judas appears to be leading the scheme.

Genesis League dismantles the facility and alerts M.C.P.D. to its presence. The evidence is sufficient to clear Genesis League's name in any wrong doing, but also exposes that VIPER maybe trying to fire these psychic bombs all over the world using missiles!

In the bomb facility was a holodisk which they take back to EDEN. When the holodisk plays, the hologram of a strange super-villain threatens Genesis League, claiming his "Psionic Detonators" will soon be unleashed all over the world - making the entire globe a willing slave to his demands!

Later, EVE-2 identifies the super-villain as Lord Venom, but has little data on him or Project Judas. EVE-2 is able to deduce that psychic bomb used alien technology and the data uncovered by Lightning Bug, talks a great deal about the "Hive Mind".

This prompts Heat Screech to reveal that a few months ago, VIPER had discovered a UFO! He claims, VIPER had uncovered all kinds of Qulaar technology at the crash site. The fact the Qulaar use psychic links to enforce all commands from the hive, jives perfectly with the data found by Lightning Bug.

So, Osprey, Lightning Bug, Steel Chimera, Mongoose, Red Leo and Lady Steel travel to Area 51 to investigate. There, they battle massive insect aliens and also uncover all kinds of technical data from the crashed UFO and return with it to EDEN Base.

Upon preliminary analysis, it looks like Lord Venom had indeed exploited the Qulaar technology to build the Psionic Detonators.

Will Genesis League stop the Psionic Detonators on time? Who is Lord Venom? Who or what is Project Judas?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Mongoose, Lady Steel, Red Leo, Lightning Bug, EVE-2, Heat Screech, Steel Chimera, Ranger, Lord Venom (Villain).

Issue 6


The issue begins with Genesis League receiving intelligence of a secret bunker deep in the Arctic on the northern tip of Baffin Island. A VIPER nest is apparently collecting crates of high-tech equipment and Genesis League is worried the computer virus they contracted in issue 5 is intended to go global. They are also concerned that their financier and CEO, Herman Bloom has gone missing for a week.

Red Leo, Ranger, Steel Chimera and Osprey travel to the Arctic bunker to investigate. Genesis League smashes the operation, and defeats all the VIPER agents in the bunker. Alas, along the way Osprey is badly hurt and his suit goes offline, leaving him in a state of paralysis.

Ranger knows the best thing to do in this situation is to remove the AORTA chip on his suit and then take Osprey back to base, where the AORTA chip can be repaired by EVE-2.

However, when they get back to base EVE-2 discovers a massive virus on the AORTA chip. Indeed, the viral activity on the chip is through the roof and because it is constantly seeking to propagate, it is clear that Osprey was the original author of the virus contracted in issue 5! Once more, the transaction logs on the chip clearly show he was the one who infected the disk!

Now revealed as a traitor, Osprey is questioned by the other members of the group. Six punches Osprey in his weakened state and nearly kills him, until cooler heads prevail - and eventually Osprey admits he sabotaged the group. Stunned and in disbelief, the members of Genesis League all act differently. Some panic, some threaten to quit, some decide to leave, while others prepare to defend the base worried VIPER will attack Eden while it is in a compromised state. EVE-2 meanwhile removes Osprey's access to the network entirely.

Only Ranger doesn't believe what she sees, and claims defiantly that she remains loyal to Osprey. When Steel Chimera chides her for this, she pulls rank on him and orders Osprey be taken to a secure cell with only life functions on his suit brought back online. This leaves Osprey paralyzed and locked in a cell, cut off from his network.

Is VIPER going to take advantage of the weakened security at Eden? What will become of Osprey? Will Ranger be imprisoned too for staying loyal to Osprey? How and why did Osprey infect the network with a virus? Is he really working for VIPER??

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Mongoose, Six, Red Leo, Lightning Bug, EVE-2, Heat Screech, Steel Chimera, Ranger.

Issue 5


A new member joins Genesis League, by the name of Red Leo. Immediately the super-paranoid Mongoose suspects him of being a double-agent, secretly working for VIPER. Osprey, (who sees the good side in all living creatures), thinks the suspicions are ridiculous.

However, later when Red Leo presents a set of blueprints on a computer disk, that he claims he captured from Redstone's laboratory, Lightning Bug reports that a vicious computer virus is attached to the disk. The virus spreads through a wireless protocol and the damage of the virus has still not been assessed.

Suspicions rise that Red Leo intentionally handed Genesis League an infected disk. He is brought in for questioning, while the holographic life form EVE-2 compiles a psychological analysis of Red Leo's testimony in secret. It appears Red Leo is telling the truth, that he had no knowledge of the virus. On top of that, Red Leo demonstrates nominal computer skills and doesn't seem to possess the elegant computer programming necessary to develop such a virus.

Mongoose, Osprey, Six and Red Leo decide to infiltrate a VIPER base to see if they can infect the VIPER computer systems with their own virus. To do this, they willingly let themselves get captured so that they can be taken to the security cells. From there, they hatch a brilliant escape plan, and defeat the evil mutated Professor in charge of the base (who had been experimenting with DNA gene-splicing technology).

They then ask Red Leo to install the virus onto the VIPER system. He suddenly demonstrates far more computer skills than he initially let on, but the virus fails to penetrate the outer-node of the VIPER network. Once more, suddenly Lightning Bug begins to report that his super-suit is manifesting strange bugs in the software and he has to shut his suit down.

The virus has apparently infected Lightning Bug - and possibly the entire Genesis League base!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, Mongoose, Six, Red Leo, Lightning Bug, EVE-2

Issue 4


In this special double-sized issue, VIPER schemes to mentally enslave Millennium City. Genesis League uncovers a VIPER nest and learns of this insidious plot.

They trace the centerpiece of the plan to a public square and there they meet a legendary super-villain by the name of VIPER-X.

Agilo, Osprey, Ranger and two new members Psi Lash and Mongoose) fight VIPER-X but are unable to defeat him.

While the scheme is sabotaged by Genesis League, their defeat at the hands of the legendary VIPER-X has Genesis League realizing they still have far to go to defeat VIPER entirely.

Realizing the group needs an edge, Osprey frames a powerful VIPER agent named Heat Screech, forcing the agent to come to Genesis League for sanctuary. Osprey takes the dangerous agent in, limiting his security access and using his knowledge to help thwart a VIPER plot out in the Arizona Desert.

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Psi Lash, Osprey, Ranger, Mongoose, Heat Screech, Eclipse Agilo, Lightning Bug

Issue 3


A new member to Genesis League named Steel Chimera fights alongside Osprey to help some scientists horribly mutated by experiments performed by VIPER.

After VIPER's plot is foiled, Steel Chimera reveals his parents are likely captured by VIPER but he has no leads as to their whereabouts. Osprey asks Eclipse Agilo and Galactica to join them as they proceed to prowl the streets searching for clues as to where Steel Chimera's could have been taken.

Their search leads them to the Red Banner Cult, and though the search is fruitless Steel Chimera notes that one of the agents of the cult, named Iron, seemed familiar. Indeed, he confesses he has had premonitions about them before.

Is this a clue that helps lead to the rescue of his parents?

Stay tuned!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Steel Chimera, Osprey, Eclipse Agilo, Galactica

Issue 2


ISSUE 2 - THE ALBERTA BARGAIN The RCMP is overwhelmed by a VIPER plot, schemed by the evil Electric Eel in northern Alberta. Desperate for help, they contact Osprey, who informs the RCMP he is now a member of Genesis League.

While dubious of the league's connection to Herman Bloom, Justiciar still allows Osprey to help.

Osprey is overwhelmed at first by VIPER and trapped into a large energy containment field. The conclusion of this issue takes place in issue 4 of Osprey. At the end of the story arc however, Osprey is victorious and a cooperative (but somewhat secretive) agreement is made between Justiciar and Genesis League.

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Herman Bloom, Osprey, Justiciar, Electric Eel (Villain)

Issue 1


ISSUE 1 - IN THE BEGINNING The first issue provides the details of Herman Bloom, his rise to power as an entrepreneur and his strange and unexplained obsession with VIPER's destruction. By the end of the issue he creates "Genesis League" as a "security division" of GenCorp, a large financial transaction management firm.

There is a cross over story at the end of Issue 1, with the fourth issue of the Osprey.

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Herman Bloom, Osprey, Nama (Villain), Viperia (Villain)



Heroic Tales is similar to old comic titles like "Adventure Comics" or "Marvel Tales" and can feature any group or hero in the spotlight. In game, it often represents our weekly Friday night events.

It is listed apart from the main Genesis League comic which generally represents our weekly Sunday event.

Issue 12


The nation of Jormun continue to be obsessed with occult powers and this has Osprey concerned.

He contacts Isaac Shepherd, a private investigator of some renown who has a special interest in the occult. After a brief exchange of letters, the two finally meet at Genesis League HQ and Isaac agrees to join the team to investigate their concerns.

Specter then contacts Genesis League via his GenLink to announce that he's stumbled upon a suspicious pawn shop on the west side. He claims the shop is right next to a massive weapons store and that the shop has heavy security and several people are seen going into the building, all of whom had credentials checked before they were allowed in.

Ranger convinces Specter to investigate the store on his own. Shortly afterward, Specter gets back on his GenLink to announce he was badly wounded as he attempted to infiltrate the pawn shop. When Genesis League arrive to help him, Specter says he saw a massive map inside the pawn shop and he believes a strange ceremony is going on at the top of the rooftop at midnight. He also believes the pawn shop held a VIPER cell and that VIPER were cooperating with an unruly Asian street gang in Millennium City.

Isaac, Ranger and Colby decide to investigate the rooftop with Specter. They are harassed by street gang members along the way, that appear to be guarding the rooftop. When they reach the top, there they find a massive demon that had been summoned through some kind of ceremony.

Suddenly, Specter disappears without a trace and the remaining three members are left to fight the demon on their own. Ranger deals the killing blow to the demon with some specialized arrows she was gifted by the nation of Lemuria (she had helped that nation earlier with some security problems).

Isaac takes photos of the rooftop, when in the distance a strange figure appears in the sky and is gone. The group heads back to HQ to make sense of it all. When Osprey looks at Isaac's photos, he notices the strange figure in the sky and attempts to enhance the photo. The figure has a cape and appears to be flying. Osprey resolves to have EVE-2 analyze the photographs for identification.

Right then, Specter arrives, apparently safe and unharmed. He has none of the wounds he suffered in his fight at the pawn shop - and worse - remembers nothing about the pawn shop, the demon summoning or the entire evening. He claims he was 'off duty' all night, but that he had lost his GenLink earlier that day. He claims he was not involved in any Genesis League activity at all, but was instead at a night club, trying to impress the ladies with his costume.

What really happened to Specter? Who has Specter's GenLink? What was the purpose of the summoned demon? Who was the mysterious figure with the cape flying away from the scene? Why is the nation of Jormun so obsessed with the occult lately?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Ranger, Osprey, Specter, Colby, Isaac Shepherd


Issue 11


The episode begins with Specter being the only hero guarding Genesis League HQ. Osprey meanwhile has gone to the Bahamas, to sort out Herman Bloom's will. After the death of Bloom it is revealed he left his entire fortune to a computer program named EVE-2. Needless to say the legal implications of this are challenging and for now, while the will is being interpreted, Genesis League is without funding.

Steel Chimera and Mongoose arrive to demand that the EXODUS PROJECT get their funding. All Specter has to offer is the last 2 million in Osprey's private account, that he was given access to in case of emergency. Steel Chimera takes the funds and leaves.

Specter then finds a strange totem that seems to be attuned to Sarrik]]. Spectercommunes with the totem and learns that Sarrik is in trouble. Curious to see where this will lead, Mongoose agrees to pilot the GenStar to Area 51, where Sarrik is allegedly being held against his will.

When they arrive, they find Sarrik, bound by mystical energy, while Six performs an ancient ritual to return his power back to the snake gods from whence it came.

Specter, still largely untrained and unsure, attempts to challenge Six, but is quickly defeated by Six's blades and is left to die.

Mongoose becomes concerned what Six might learn during the ritual about his own secret past, challenges Six. An epic battle between the two begins, with Six emerging as the victor, but only after a very close fight.

Just when Six believes he is free to complete the ceremony, Sarrik's voice is taken over by a foreign and mysterious source. He breaks free from the mystical binding and commands Six to cease the ceremony. The voice contends to be an aspect of the serpent gods, but not an aspect of Nama himself. It explains that Sarrik was allowed to steal the power, because the aspect has "important" plans for Sarrik - and it commands Six to no longer harm him.

Six both religious and superstitious, agrees to the bidding of the aspect and leaves. Sarrik's aspect then restores life to Specter. Mongoose recovers on his own.

Meanwhile, Ranger arrives at the scene and screams at Specter for doing such a poor job, with the money, with the mission and with his efforts against Six. Specter realizes he has a long way to go to make it as a super hero.

Sarrik's aspect then release control over Sarrik and he confesses he remembers nothing of the incident what so over.

Who control's Sarrik? Will Six continue to obsess over Sarrik's origin? What will Genesis League do without funding? Will Specter ever learn how to act properly as a super-hero? What secret was Mongoose trying to hide by fighting Six?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Sarrik, Six, Specter, Mongoose, Steel Chimera, Ranger

Issue 10


Osprey is in a coma and Sarrik contacts Herman Bloom, (who is hiding in the astral plane) and demands the schematics on Osprey's suit so that he can be saved.

Not only does Herman Bloom refuse to help, he suggests that when Osprey dies that he wants Steel Chimera put in charge of Genesis League. Sky Viper makes it clear that because Lord Venom's armor is similar to Osprey's that if they could capture it, Osprey could be saved.

At that point, Six arrives unannounced, having captured Heat Screech (aka Eddie) and lays him on the floor of the headquarters knocked out and defeated. Six then begins to hail Sarrik as a holy patron of the ancient snake gods, (it was revealed in Heroic Tales #9 that Sarrik stole part of his power from the great snake god himself). He then leaves, promising to restore Sarrik to his "rightful destiny". Six makes it clear that Lord Venom has taken over the Draysha-Bloom facility in Genesis League #17.

Ranger announces that the news wires are full of a large VIPER gathering on the border of Kenya and Somalia, close to the area where the VIPER civil war in being fought. Since the Somalia borders are all closed and air traffic is banned in the area, Ranger believes heading to this facility might allow Genesis League to get into Somalia to defeat Lord Venom.

Steel Chimera arrives and demands to come along, claiming that since Osprey's coma means he's effectively dead, he now runs Genesis League.

So Genesis League head to the Kenyan border, flying just on the other side of the air-travel ban. There they find a strange ceremony taking place with an entire legion of Lord Venom's best troops guarding the place. There is a massive fight as Genesis League rescue several UN diplomats that were captured and forced into the ceremony.

The fighting is sloppy, as a distracted and overwhelmed Ranger can't seem to organize the group. Genesis League manage to rescue the diplomats, but do not perform well at all.

The ceremony at the border completes and it is announced that the UN diplomats were forced to sign documents that recognized the land around Lord Venom's laboratory as a wholly independent nation. The new nation named Jormun, is not only independent, it declares Lord Venom as supreme leader and Sarrik as one of the gods that it worships.

With the Draysha-Bloom factory at full capacity - and with a newly independent nation at Lord Venom's command, the civil war in VIPER is turning in Venom's favor!

Upon return to HQ, Sarrik summons Herman Bloom one more time and this time traps him in the astral plane forever, by having the living spirit of EVE-2 contain him there until he "proved his worth".

The issue ends with a young protege of Herman Bloom's named Specter showing up and asking for asylum as Genesis League HQ.

Will Lord Venom gain complete control of VIPER? How will Sarrik deal with the fact, that Six and others consider him to be part of an evil, vicious god? Can Osprey be saved? Will Steel Chimera take over Genesis League? Is Herman Bloom trapped forever? Who or what is the "living spirit of EVE-2"??

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Sarrik, Ranger, [Ikkses], Monstro, Steel Chimera, Six, Herman Bloom, Steel Chimera, Sky Viper, Specter

Issue 9


As Sarrik reviews previous mission logs, he realizes a large VIPER base at the Arctic Circle is strangely familiar. Eager for clues about his past, (for he has no idea where he comes from or how he came to be), he decides to attack the base and requests the aid of Genesis League.

Monstro, Ranger and [Ikmachek] agree to help him infiltrate the base.

The group are met with heavy VIPER resistance and massive battles ensue, but they manage to get inside the facility. Once inside, they fight their way through to the core laboratory. It is here that they run into Steel Chimera who is surprised to see Genesis League and appears to be at the base for an entirely different reason. He chastises Genesis League and arrogantly strides alongside the group. He also refuses to explain why he is in the VIPER base.

When Genesis League reach the high-security zone of the VIPER base, the pathway is blocked and a key is necessary to proceed. Steel Chimera demands the key and threatens the group if he does not receive it. Steel Chimera and the rest of the group nearly come to blows, until Ranger calms the group down. She knows Steel Chimera is both dangerous and unstable.

Sarrik, angry and bitter at Steel Chimera's arrogance reluctantly agrees and opens access to the high-security zone. There they defeat a sinister VIPER agent and download a large volume of data on the experiments at the facility. Steel Chimera leaves, saying nothing, but leaving behind a calling card that only has an address listed on it.

When back at HQ, Sarrik analyzes the data and to his utter shock, realizes that he had been human at one time but at some point in his life was actually part of the honor guard for the great Snake Gods of VIPER! On top of that, according to the data, he managed to steal a small portion of the Snake God's great power, (which is what transformed him into his current form). This also explains VIPER found him so fascinating and why they captured him and experimented on him at the laboratory.

Did Sarrik really steal a small portion of the great Snake God's power? Can Sarrik handle the fact he once served the most vicious and evil entity in the known universe? What was Steel Chimera doing in the VIPER base?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Sarrik, Ranger, [Ikkses], Monstro, Steel Chimera

Issue 8


At the start of the issue, Abony begins to recite the poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee" at the eulogy for Titan X.

She does this because Lord Venom promised her if she read the poem out loud, that he would bring Titan X back from the dead (the promise is made in issue 16 of Genesis League).

As she reads the poem, EVE-2 begins to act strangely and after she completes the first stanza she goes offline entirely, leaving Genesis League headquarters blacked out and without power!

Osprey fumbles for the emergency override and gets the power back on, but announces that without EVE-2 the entire base is at minimal security settings. Osprey hypothesizes that the poem was a secret command sequence, programmed by Herman Bloom to shut EVE-2 down in an emergency. There is likely another command sequence to get her back online, but it is only known by Herman Bloom who has gone missing since the famous "Immortal Army" episode in issue 5 of Heroic Tales.

Genesis League decides to search Herman Bloom's mansion in Nassau, Bahamas for clues. Before they depart however, Slink shows up sniffing around for information after rumors circulated that there was a power outage at the Genesis Towers. Unfortunately, a careless member of the group (named [Ikmachek]) reveals that the entire building is at minimum security. Slink disappears content that he has obtained valuable information to sell.

When Genesis League arrive at Bloom's mansion they head to the library and notice that several maps of Slovakia are scattered all over the room, with handwritten notes and even a swastika drawn around one of the towns.

The handwriting appears to be Bloom's and it is likely he was studying the maps just before he vanished. Just as Genesis League are about to leave however, Lord Venom appears, cackling and gloating over the misfortune of the group. He also reveals that Abony Negative had recited the poem, based on his wishes. He then notes however, that she had clearly not read the whole poem and so he is no longer bound by their agreement. He paralyzes the entire group with his venomous breath, but Abony Negative is spared.

Now isolated one-on-one, Lord Venom duels with Abony Negative, easily defeating her and leaving her with deep burns all of her face from his venomous flames. He claims that she is too valuable to his plans to destroy her utterly, but since she disobeyed him he must punish her. So he cuts off her right hand with his battle axe and then vanishes.

Abony Negative is then rushed to a medical facility, where Abony Negative is fighting life and death. The burns on her face leave deep scars, but eventually she starts to stabilize in the medical incubator and Sky Viper is able to engineer a genetic hand for her that should be fitted within a few days.

It is at that moment that the Genesis Towers are attacked and Monstro reports that an entire legion of VIPER's best troops have begun to assault the building. Monstro, Cyberknight Canis with new members Gray Tiger and [Ikkses] rush to defend the building while Osprey and Sky Viper stay behind to save Abony Negative's life in the medical lab.

As the assault is repelled Desdemona is revealed to be leading the attack. She has an epic battle with Cyberknight Canis and Canis manages to defeat her. But while she is lying on the ground defeated, she announces that "you can't destroy what isn't real" and then vanishes with a cackle.

Later, Osprey and Sky Viper stablize Abony Negative and Sky Viper manages to get the GSN at Genesis Towers back to medium security settings by manipulating the central computer system. He announces however that EVE-2 is in a deteriorating state and that Herman Bloom must be found for the security systems to become fully operational again.

Where is Herman Bloom hiding? Will Abony Negative fall victim to Lord Venom again? Will Genesis League be attacked with their compromised security?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Osprey, EVE-2, Abony Negative, Cyberknight Canis, Sky Viper, [Ikkses], Gray Tiger, Monstro, Slink, Lord Venom (Villain), Desdemona (Villain)

Issue 7


After the death of Titan X (Issue 15 of Genesis League), Osprey announces that the parents of Titan X do not want any superheroes at the funeral. He also states that Titan’s body will be cremated later that evening. He asks Abony Negative to say a few words as a private eulogy to the group but Abony is tentative. She hints she has done a terrible thing and seems very afraid to say anything at all.

Osprey dismisses her worry, but just as Abony is about to go up to the podium to speak, EVE-2 announces that there is trouble at the Stronghold Prison in Millennium City. Apparently, the prisoners had vicious nightmares all evening and at exactly midnight a horde of undead spirits began to haunt the prison!

Osprey asks Ranger and Sarrik to join him in the investigation. When they arrive, Slink shows up to tell Genesis League that Lord Venom and VIPER are in the midst of a civil war, with many of the VIPER clans loyal to Lord Venom, but the majority of VIPER against him. He also says that Desdemona has been invading the dreams of the prisoners and has been brainwashing them into loyal servitude. Indeed, this was precisely the reason she chose to get captured (Heroic Tales - Issue 4), so she could recruit loyal followers to her cause.

When Genesis League enter the prison, a full scale riot has broken out – with many of the inmates now free, including the nefarious Green Dragon. They battle that super-villain and defeat him, binding him up. They then proceed to find Desdemona herself. They are too late to reach her before she escapes, but Osprey manages to throw a tracer on her back so they can track her movement.

Ranger is worried Desdemona will take over her mind and agrees to go back to HQ, while Sarrik and Osprey chase down Desdemona.

They track her to the top of a rooftop and there Desdemona reveals that Lord Venom has a bounty on his head. She also states that she is far more powerful than Lord Venom and will kill him for the bounty reward. She then claims that Abony Negative is a traitor to Genesis League, (an accusation that Osprey refuses to believe).

Desdemona then attempts to take over the mind of Sarrik. She fails to take control over him, but does manage to knock him out briefly with a psionic attack. She then duels Osprey.

Osprey is on the ropes – and nearly defeated before he releases on last Concussive Blast, just as Desdemona is at the edge of the building. The blow knocks Desdemona back and before she can ready her wings to fly – she drops 30 stories onto the ground. Shortly after her body hits the concrete however, her body mysteriously disappears.

Is Desdemona still alive? Are many criminals and super-villains joining her cause? Is Abony Negative really a traitor? What will become of the civil war between Lord Venom and VIPER?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING:Osprey, EVE-2, Ranger, Sarrik, Abony Negative, Slink, Green Dragon (Villain), Desdemona (Villain)

Issue 6


After the revelations about Herman Bloom in Issue 5 of Heroic Tales, Genesis League is left wondering where to turn next.

Osprey suggests an all-out assault on VIPER as the next move. This is backed by EVE-2 when she confirms a significant percentage of VIPER resources are now turned towards finding Herman Bloom and obtaining a pure sample of his immortal DNA. This has left several large VIPER nests open to attack. Despite the decision, EVE-2 is noticeably unnerved by Herman Bloom's disappearance.

Cyberknight Canis, Ranger, Osprey agree to assault various VIPER bases around the world. They are joined by a recruit from the Blackwatch Defenders by the name of J-EL.

The rampage creates significant damage over the world and over 100 VIPER agents are apprehended and transported to a high-security prison in Arizona. This is when J-EL decides to take his leave, reporting back the progress to the Blackwatch Defenders.

The rest of the group get a tip from one of the confiscated pieces of equipment from the rampage. It seems Lord Venom has begun digging in various archeological sites, apparently related to his search for Herman Bloom. The particular dig in Arizona is featured at an alien crash site in Area 51. When they investigate, they find several of Lord Venom's Skink minions digging around the remains of an alien ship. They defeat the minions and just as the last one falls, a holographic message from Herman Bloom appears with a biblical quote:

"Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment."

When the message is relayed to EVE-2, she immediately calms down and informs Genesis League that this is Herman Bloom's way of informing the team that he is not only safe, but he is actually winning the chase. That the 'appearance' that Bloom is on the run is false, in fact Bloom is setting Lord Venom up for a trap.

In lieu of this new data, Genesis League agree to investigate one more VIPER facility, a strange laboratory in Monster Island, that was allegedly conducting top-secret experiments. Their concern was the lab may have been used to conduct more Bloom cloning.

When they arrive, they find the lab is well-guarded. The project it supported was apparently to construct a strange creature known as Sarrik. They destroy the facility but when they return to HQ, they meet Sarrik himself. They listen to his story and his earnest desire to seek revenge on VIPER for the experiments conducted on him. So they grant him low-level access to Genesis League facilities and agree to recruit him as a low-security member of the team.

Why is Herman Bloom confident he is winning? Why is Lord Venom conducting archeological digs in strange places? Will Sarrik stay with Genesis League?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Ranger, Cyberknight Canis, Sarrik, Herman Bloom, J-EL, Skinks (Villain), Lord Venom (Villain),

Issue 5


In this special double-sized issue, Genesis League learns the shocking revelation that Herman Bloom is apparently immortal. This is revealed when Slink snitches the latest gossip on the street, that Lord Venom is bartering with several super-villains that he apparently owns the secrets to immortal life.

Herman Bloom confirms that Lord Venom has likely found traces of his DNA on the Build 40.140 suit that Osprey gave Venom to keep him alive. (Issue 11 of Genesis League). He then reveals to the league that he is over 500 years old and can never die.

Slink sells the location of Lord Venom's latest laboratory in the Andes mountains and they jet immediately to investigate and defeat Lord Venom once and for all. Osprey concedes the possibility that the league may need to actually kill Lord Venom. This revelation disturbs Fire Ant and he refuses to cooperate.

In the Andes Mountains, they mysteriously run into Mongoose who had been investigating Lord Venom's scheme on his own. He agrees to work with the league and joins Ranger, Osprey and new recruit Cyberknight Canis on the mission.

Inside the lab, the League learns that the DNA clones of Bloom are tainted with the DNA of an unknown man, apparently of African descent.

They defeat the clones and a minion of Lord Venom's known as Lethality, but not before Venom escapes.

EVE-2 takes a sample of the clones, and confirms that the DNA used was a hybrid of Herman Bloom's DNA and a mysterious friend of his, (that he often collaborated with to build and test new technology).

Herman Bloom appears via the VidNet and refuses to reveal the identity of his African friend, but notes that if Lord Venom obtained a pure sample of his DNA, Venom could forge an immortal army of clones and rule the world.

At that moment, Herman Bloom's mansion is attacked and the transmission is cut off. Genesis League investigate the mansion immediately and find the entire mansion and its staff under assault by Lord Venom's Skinks. It is also infested with several super-villains co-operating with Lord Venom to build the Immortal Army.

The League defeat the Super-Villains including Brain-Drain and Gargoyle, before they finally confront Lord Venom himself. Venom skirmishes briefly with the League but then activates a encrypted teleporter pad and vanishes. EVE-2 reveals that a bio-scan that Herman Bloom was no longer in the mansion and managed to escape before Lord Venom could find him.

She then reveals that Herman Bloom is now missing and has turned off his GenLink.

How is Herman Bloom immortal? Why has he turned off his GenLink and vanished? Where is Lord Venom now? What other mysteries are there embedded in the enigmatic Herman Bloom?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Ranger, Fire Ant, Mongoose, Cyberknight Canis, Herman Bloom, Slink, Lethality (Villian), Skinks (Villain), Brain-Drain (Villain), Gargoyle (Villain), Lord Venom (Villain)

Issue 4


EVE-2 is alerted to the capture of some scientists in northern Canada and believes she has located the VIPER nest responsible for the kidnapping. Ranger and Osprey are set to investigate, when the famous super-hero known as Fire Ant decides to come along.

Genesis League finds the VIPER largely abandoned and lightly guarded and the three scientists are easily rescued. It is learned the scientists are all psychologists and that many more had been kidnapped and taken to a mysterious and unknown location.

EVE-2 then reports that a horde of Skinks (clone minions of Lord Venom) are protecting four large truck trailers deep in the seedy alleyways of Millennium City. When Osprey, Ranger and Fire Ant show up to investigate the Skinks immediately attack. The attack is fearsome, but after a long and hard-fought battle, the Skinks are defeated. Strangely however, the trailers they were guarding are all empty. Apparently, the entire set-up was just a distraction.

EVE-2 signals she knows why Genesis League was distracted. Her temporal scans revealed a large anomaly had formed earlier in the evening. The scan seem to suggest that Daemon Wing (aka Desdemona) has returned to the Prime Material plane (Earth). Genesis League tracks her down and confronts her. A battle ensues where Daemon Wing is easily defeated.

Daemon Wing is taken to a secured prison cell in what appears as a triumphant victory for Genesis League.

However, Osprey wonders why Daemon Wing was so easy to defeat. He also notes that the other missing psychologists are still kidnapped at an unknown location. He also wonders what became of the Dream Catcher artifact that Daemon Wing stole earlier in the month (Issue 3 of Heroic Tales).

Why was Daemon Wing so easy to capture? Why did VIPER kidnap dozens of the world's leading psychologists? What became of the Dream Catcher artifact? Will Fire Ant join Genesis League again in the future?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Ranger, Fire Ant, Skinks (Villain), Daemon Wing (Villain)


Osprey goes on a sabbatical in Eastern Africa to learn more about VIPER's historical roots. He's returns, with his relationship with Herman Bloom seemingly repaired and back on good terms.

The league was less active during Osprey's absence but not entirely dormant, as VIPER activity seemed to also be going through a strange lull.

In this issue Desdemona (Ranger's nemesis) tries to broadcast her dream-control powers over a television network a few nights ago, (in issue 13 of Genesis League she had stolen a "Dream Catcher" artifact which enhanced her powers to control dreams). Osprey and Ranger attempt to stop her, but are once-again too late She completes her broadcast and all of Millennium City had strange, frightful nightmares about snakes that very night.

Strangely though, the nightmares apparently have no real ill-effects other than scaring a few people.

Television stations in the city are under increased security.

But questions remain...what was the purpose of Desdemona's trick? Was it just a test? Is there a more sinister purpose for the Dream Catcher artifact she stole from a Millennium City a few months ago? Was she under the orders of Lord Venom (still escaped and apparently in hiding), or it is just Desdemona being random and weird?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Ranger, Daemon Wing (Villain)


A holodisk arrives at EDEN showing evidence that a nefarious and ancient sorcerer known as Dark Bishop has usurped complete control of Dark Breed.

In order to find him, they solicit the help of Tyson Titanium to locate a bizarre worm-like creature known as Slur who likely knows of Steel Chimera's whereabouts. Tyson leads Osprey, Heat Screech and Red Leo to a grubby tunnel in Millennium City inhabited by strange worm-like monsters. Deep in that tunnel, they find Slur who mocks them because he has rigged the tunnel with bombs to destroy them. At that moment, Dark Bishop kills Slur via a synaptic dagger delivered via with his vast telepathic powers. The heroes then rush to leave the tunnel before it explodes, leaving Slur's body behind in the rubble.

Finally, a hero known as Rook is able to track Steel Chimera down by tracing the psychic residue of Dark Bishop's telepathic transmissions. Steel Chimera is found awaiting commands from Dark Bishop in an obscure section of Millennium City's west side. Right away, Rook is attacked by Dark Bishop's psionic power and falls helpless to the ground. Meanwhile, Steel Chimera, attacks Mongoose and Red Leo. Osprey tends to the fallen Rook while madly contacting EVE-2 on directions on how to stop the vicious Dark Breed form of Steel Chimera from destroying the city.

EVE-2 believes blinding Steel Chimera will help him break free of Dark Bishop's control. So, Heat Screech establishes a massive smokescreen to obscure Steel Chimera's vision, while Red Leo delivers a vital blow on his optic visor.

Now blinded, Steel Chimera breaks free of the psychic control of Dark Bishop, but still has no control over his body. Mongoose isolates Steel Chimera via a stasis beam, until EVE-2 can report that a sharp nervous shock to Steel Chimera's system might reclaim his control over his own body. Mongoose reluctantly delivers a lethal laser beam to the precise location EVE-2 specifies. The situation is tense as even the slightest error would probably kill Steel Chimera.

Mongoose's precise shot saves the day and Steel Chimera shuts down allowing the heroes to take him back to EDEN and let him come out his Dark Breed form. Dark Bishop's scheme is thwarted but he vows revenge. Rook is also brought back to HQ for medical treatment and is reported in stable condition.

Osprey reports that Herman Bloom has a proposition for Steel Chimera when he is stabilized, but when Chimera awakens he claims he has more important things to do and leaves.

With Steel Chimera's life saved by Genesis League for the second time, will he finally have a change of heart? What was so important that Steel Chimera had to leave so suddenly? Will Dark Bishop return? Is Slur really dead? Did Tyson Titanium lead Genesis League to the worm tunnel knowing it was rigged with lethal bombs?

Find out next issue!

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Heat Screech, Rook, Mongoose, Red Leo, Dark Bishop (Villain), Slur (Villain), Steel Chimera (Villain)


Lord Venom unleashes a plot by utilizing the database that drives Steel Chimera, (that Lord Venom obtained in issue 8). He builds a secret lab in Norway and begins to develop a Steel Chimera clone in Dark Breed form.

Lucky for Genesis League, a highly perceptive rat named Slink learns of Lord Venom's new laboratory and Genesis League is able to infiltrate the lab to investigate.

A massive battle ensues as Genesis League take over the laboratory and find high-density data drives containing thousands of copies of Steel Chimera's operational database. Heat Screech destroys all the disks except three, which Genesis League keeps for EVE-2 to analyze.

When the lab is destroyed Lord Venom appears and captures all the members of Genesis League into a stasis field and unleashes his new Dark Breed clone on Heat Screech. The Steel Chimera clone (in Dark Breed form) overpowers Heat Screech and leaves him unconscious and bleeding.

Mongoose manages to escape from his stasis field and punches Lord Venom seriously hurting him, before the Steel Chimera clone attacks Mongoose. A massive battle ensues between Mongoose and Steel Chimera with no clear victor.

Meanwhile, a wounded Lord Venom find his power diminishing as he tries to maintain the rest of the stasis fields. Eventually, Ranger breaks free and battles him. At first it appears as if Lord Venom has the upper hand, until Ranger does an incredible back flip and launches four arrows at once. The blow nearly kills Lord Venom who falls helpless and defeated.

With Lord Venom taken out, the Steel Chimera clone weakens and Mongoose finally defeats it.

Heat Screech is given a trauma pack and Lord Venom is revived just enough to be taken to Stronghold prison.

CHARACTERS APPEARING: Osprey, EVE-2, Heat Screech, Ranger, Slink, Rook, Mongoose, Lord Venom (Villain), Steel Chimera (Villain)


This section will document the various technical gadgets, networks and security mechanisms in use by Genesis League. After all, what would a comic-book group be without super-science and outrageous gadgets and omnipotent technology?!


40.140 Armor

Lord Venom seen here wearing the 40.140 armor built to save his life in Issue 11.
In Issue 11 of Genesis League it is learned that Lord Venom is dying.

Against the wishes of Herman Bloom, Osprey attempts to save him. He does so by taking a new prototype armor developed by Herman Bloom and a mysterious friend of his. He then modifies the armor himself to help preserve and regenerate Lord Venom's decaying DNA structure. The armor is based on the same schematics as the armor worn by Osprey.

The suit of armor is dubbed "40.140" as that was the version number of the suit.

The 40.140 suit of armor has become a point of contention since it was created.

First, it gave Lord Venom great power, which infuriated Herman Bloom and nearly led to the dissolution of Genesis League when he found out it had been bequeathed to Lord Venom, (Herman Bloom advocated just letting Lord Venom die).

Secondly, it also exposed that the armor developed by Herman Bloom (including the version Osprey wears), is toxic. The armor exudes tiny amounts of a poisonous elixir that can effect sleep patterns and slowly alters the DNA of the individual wearing the suit.

Finally the suit had traces of Herman Bloom's DNA on it. Herman Bloom guard his own DNA very closely (rarely appearing in-person and always wearing gloves and shaving all body hair before appearing). He does this because his DNA is immortal and he knows replication of his DNA into clones could create an invulnerable army that could never die.

When Lord Venom finds Bloom's DNA on the 40.140 armor he attempts to build a clone army with it in Issue 13. Luckily, the remnants of Bloom DNA on the 40.140 was tainted enough that it could not produce pure clones. Apparently some of the DNA was mixed with the mysterious and unknown friend of Bloom's who helped build the suit.


Ranger is seen here sitting on the back of a chair inside the central command center of "EDEN" the central base of operations for Genesis League.


A generic term for Genesis League’s base of operations. This is currently located at the top floor of a basic GenCorp office building in Millennium City. The base can only be accessed through the roof or it can be accessed via a secured lift. Access into the base requires that either someone already inside the base have access to the GenCloud operations array (tier 3), or it requires you to pass a retinal scan.

All access to the base is monitored by EVE-2.


The holding company run by Herman Bloom that run several businesses, the most profitable and famous is a financial transaction company that manages electronic trading and commodities throughout the world. It also provides technology for financial firms to manage these transactions.

Genesis League is officially, a security division of GenCorp and is largely funded through GenCorp businesses.


G.S.N. – The Genesis Secure Network

The GSN is a complex and vast web of internal systems and networks. The server clouds themselves are somtimes referred to as GenCloud.

At no point do any parts of the GSN connect to the internet or mainline power grid. The system is completely isolated inside EDEN. The operating system of the GSN is called Euphrates – and EVE-2 is often signaling that she is “talking to Euphrates”, which means she is accessing the operating system for information or assistance.

GenCloud - Server Cloud

The Genesis Server Cloud (GenCloud) is a complex array of computers that are organized into clusters that operates on GSN. Each node on a cluster is a multi-processor machine with 4 Terabytes of internal memory and a RAID-50 disk array approximately 800 Terabytes in capacity. Each cluster often has 2000 nodes.

Each cluster can act as a single virtual machine (if configured to do so) but each cluster is always virtually segregated into tiers. There are usually five security tiers per cluster (although EVE-2’s database array has 1017 tiers, many of them created on demand by EVE-2 and are constantly migrating, mutating and evolving depending on EVE-2’s workload).

Here is an example of an ordinary server cluster on GSN:

The Operations array is a large array of servers that manages the operation of the EDEN (the Genesis Base). The exterior tier of the Operations cluster manages basic operations such as temperature adjustments to living quarters, the ability to dim lights in some areas etc. As you progress inward to the cluster the security and importance of the operations increase. The fourth layer of the Operations cluster might control vital scientific equipment and security configurations for some doors and locks. The fifth layer or “AORTA” always has complete administrative control. The AORTA of any array requires physical access to the Genesis League control room - and a living DNA scan, and sometimes also a retinal scan to gain access.

EVE-2 is an artificial intelligence program that can appear as lifelike hologram in EDEN. She is the central steward of the database and security array, following the commands of Lightning Bug and Osprey.
For the operations array, the AORTA would control all locks, doors – access to the prison cells – and would allow you to reconfigure access codes to the GenStar, Ark I and other vital aspects of the base.

There are a wide variety of clusters in the GenCloud, many undocumented, but some commonly known ones are:

  • Communications Array
  • Security Array
  • Database Array
  • Research/Science Array

You must have access to the GSN to access even the lowest tier of any cloud. There are no connections to the internet – and internet usage by Genesis League members is highly discouraged.

Most custom programming on the cloud is done with a unique C++ compiler optimized to Euphrates and the library of custom code is extensive. For some of the libraries only the binaries are available, the source is stored off-site in an undisclosed location.

There is also an extensive library of 3D models, and a 3D modeling CAD program. In future, Genesis League hopes to augment this capability to build simulators and training rooms using virtual reality. Part of the function of these libraries is to give Eve-2 her three-dimensional appearance.


The steward of the database and security array is an artificial intelligence program known as ‘EVE-2”. She appears as a 3-Dimensional hologram in the central server room of EDEN.

EVE-2’s inner design and architecture are only known by Herman Bloom and EVE-2 provides much of the data assimilation and “knowledge” of Genesis League. EVE-2 is capable of voice command and both voice and face recognition. She is currently programmed to only respond to the voice of Osprey and Lightning Bug – and probably Herman Bloom as well. Access to EVE-2 always requires a retinal scan, DNA scan and voice match identification. For extremely sensitive requests, EVE-2 uses a psychological test that measures involuntary dilation of the pupil and blush responses to specific psychological questions to further validate the request.

EVE-2 is a virtual reality hologram and cannot exist outside the central server room of EDEN. She can however project her voice from anywhere inside EDEN and can listen to any conversation in EDEN and often does.

For reasons that are unclear, EVE-2’s voice was apparently modeled after Grace Kelly.

Rumor has it EVE-2 can manipulate and even infiltrate sensitive systems around the world, such as access to UNTIL, M.A.R.S, R.C.M.P. and M.C.P.D. systems.


The most common and useful piece of equipment in Genesis League are the GenLink data pads.

They fasten easily to the wrist and are made of a lightweight but highly durable plastic. They are small data terminals that talk to GenCloud via a client-side version of Euphrates. Communication from GenLink to GenCloud is managed by high-frequency radio that uses both channel hopping and a mutating encryption scrambler. There is also a public/private key security mechanism. Public keys on each GenLink only become active after DNA confirmation and only stay active for an hour. This means no GenLink stays “online” for more than an hour and only after the DNA of the user is confirmed. Most Genesis League members can only access their personal GenLink, but Bug Lightning and Osprey can access other people’s units. Every hour, every GenLink user must provide a DNA scan, meaning some part of their living flesh must touch the unit.

This is an image of a Tier-1 GenLink Datapad, handed to all rookie recruits. As their loyalty is ensured they are upgraded to Tier-2 units. These units require living DNA confirmation in order to operate, and sometimes require voice identification as well.
All GenLink units, regardless of who is accessing them, can only access tier 2 of any particular cloud – and they have no access to EVE-2 – ever. Some units are configured to only access tier 1 of the cloud, new members are generally given these units and are then upgraded once they've proven their loyalty.

GenLink pads allow key entry to access simple data requests, and also allow a simple voice command system. They can also access a GPS map server and the units come with a camera to allow video capture and photography if desired. They are also capable of collecting bio-specimen samples and have a small basis Geiger counter on them. They can issue a micro-satellite DNA identification test on demand from a drop of blood, or small piece of skin or hair.

New public keys are dispersed to the GenLinks at every team meeting. This means, members who fail to attend the weekly meeting sometimes find their GenLink’s unable to access the GSN or VOISE at all.


VOISE (Voice Server) is a simply secured voice server running on the GSN.

It operates through a small chip that can be attached anywhere on an ear (usually behind the ear lobe). It also uses a high-frequency wireless channel that utilizes frequency hops and uses a mutating encryption scrambler. However, since VOISE requires operation from client to client – it is generally considered the most unsecured form of all communication.

Genesis League is discouraged from sending highly sensitive information through VOISE but general communication of location, tactics and general team-wide "chatter" is permitted.



GenStar is a high-speed, super-sonic jet that can travel at Mach 15. The jet uses a unique, secret nuclear fusion technology that Herman Bloom refuses to share with world governments.

GenStar has raised the ire of the United States and other nations, who consider the jet as a security threat due to its power source.


Ark I is a spacecraft – apparently under construction. When completed, it will allow Genesis League to achieve both earth orbit and lunar orbit. It is incapable of inter-planetary travel or inter-stellar travel. It can however, reach the moon in about 36 hours and has fuel and supplies to sustain itself for about 10 days.

ARK I uses the same nuclear fusion technology that the GenStar uses but requires a larger reactor, that as of this writing, is considered too unstable for reliable travel.


While there is genuine intrigue and mystery surrounding Genesis League, is also clear they are also both heroic and effective in their fight against VIPER. With each passing week VIPER becomes more and more of the league's growing strength and resolve.

The rumors section posts IC information about Genesis League that your character, group or villain might know about. Sometimes the information listed here is purposely false (after all not all rumors are true).

We will categorize each rumor into three basic categories:

  • Easy To Obtain - Any person on the street can learn this information by researching in newspapers, or just asking around.
  • Difficult to Obtain - This information probably requires the researcher to have contact or access to an organization that keeps dossiers on super heroes, super groups and the like. High-level reporters with well-paid contacts, FBI agents, CIA agents or super heroes with connections to law enforcement officials or government organizations could learn this information.
  • Highly Classified - This information is very rare, even in high-level organizations such information would be highly classified and only distributed to well-trusted and well-respected contacts.

Easy to Obtain Rumors

Lightning Bug and Mongoose survey the desert for VIPER agents.
  • Genesis League is “officially” a security wing for the Genesis Corporation (aka GenCorp). GenCorp is a financial transaction management company. The corporation was founded by the legendary but mysterious entrepreneur: Herman Bloom.

  • Some law enforcement officials and agencies have always been skeptical of Herman Bloom's motives. However, to date, he has never violated the law. He is also widely lauded for his superb philanthropic efforts. In particular, his advancements in the fight against pandemics and his bold cancer research into mismatched repair genes have gained him International notoriety and fame.

  • Genesis League established a small headquarters in the penthouse suite of a modest GenCorp office tower in Millennium City. All of Genesis Corporation’s actions have been completely legal so far, (they have even sponsored Little League Baseball in the poorer regions of Millennium city’s outskirts).

  • An agent known as Osprey has been nominated to act as Chief Security Officer for the group. Little is known about Osprey. He is a super-powered agent, but with no affiliation with UNTIL or any national governments. He had helped the RCMP recently dismantle a VIPER operation in northern Alberta but no other activity of his is known or documented. There are agents that believe Osprey spent a significant time in Africa at one point in his career, but this has never been proven.

  • Photographs of Osprey show he has angelic wings on his back and is capable of flight. He is also covered in a unique silvery suit of armor, highly resistant to piercing and explosives and yet covers the agent like a smooth, supple layer of skin.

Difficult Rumors To Obtain

Rumors on Herman Bloom

Mongoose, Osprey, Ranger and Psi Lash all come from different backgrounds yet share one common resolve: defeat VIPER and rid the world of their tyranny.
  • The Genesis Corporation is only one of many companies financed by Bloom’s vast wealth. Genesis Corporation is a technology company that provides web sites and utilities to establish micro-transaction servers and electronic payments. The FBI and CIA have long considered the corporation to be a “front” for Bloom’s philanthropic and political agenda, but all investigation into these allegations turned up fruitless. Also, the GenCorp's micro-transaction systems and tools are a reliable and popular product, making the accusations the corporation is a front even harder to justify.

  • Herman Bloom is a Bahamian, carrying a Bahamian passport, but it is known he was originally born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1957. He graduated from CalTech with a PhD in Microbiology, but quickly turned to stock speculation and investment management post-graduation. It is believed the Bahamas provides Bloom with a lot of economic liberty to pursue his overall agenda. He is well-protected and extremely well-liked in Nassau where he owns a modest, but comfortable beach house on Paradise Island.

  • Herman Bloom has, at various times, been considered for a Nobel peace prize. Most recently for his funding of cancer research and providing new understanding of mismatched repair genes and their link to cancer cells.

  • Herman Bloom has been accused of meddling into politics. He has never openly endorsed any political candidate, but has helped fund the destruction of several Juntas and military coups and takes a keen and unique interest in African politics. It has been noted that every time Bloom used his extreme wealth and influence to defeat a political entity, that the organization he defeated was believed to have links to the terrorist organization known as VIPER.

  • Bloom has an uncanny knack for stock speculation and investment. He seldom, if ever, loses money on his business deals. In fact, over the years, Bloom has become such a reliable barometer for business success that some people believe Bloom can make a stock increase in value, simply by buying shares in it. Investors will see his interest, (and know the stock will rise because of it) and jump to buy it as well, essentially making any investment of Bloom’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Rumors on Osprey

  • Osprey was believed to have done research work in West Africa before becoming a super-hero.
  • It is believed Osprey was at one-time quite religious, but something happened in West Africa that has changed him. He has abandoned all religion since.

Other Rumors

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Highly Classified Rumors About Genesis League

  • Herman Bloom's family came to America at the turn of the century. It is believed Herman Bloom's grandfather was Dr. Richard Bloom, a leading Egyptologist who wrote the definitive work on Apep. His work was considered controversial and it is believed his grandfather was murdered under mysterious and unexplained circumstances.

  • Osprey is in fact, Trevor Donovan, an ex-theologian who lost his faith when tortured for his research into the ancient snake cults of West Africa.

  • There is evidence that Osprey is an invalid without the suit. Some even suggest he could not survive outside the suit for long. Some believe the suit also feeds him and takes care of other biologic needs such as waste management, cell regeneration and hydration.

  • Herman Bloom is said to have strange sleeping habits and keeps odd hours.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

The following lists various spoilers about GENESIS LEAGUE and some of their characters.

WARNING: Much of this might ruin your experience as a player, if you intend to RP with Genesis League! No character should use this information as if it were in-character knowledge. Even telepaths could not retrieve this information. Information here is subject to be changed if spoiled by griefers or sloppy RP:

You have to highlight the text below to read it:

  • Herman Bloom has lived for hundreds of years and holds a copy of the Librum Blasphemare, a fact he reveals to noone. He claims there are two other copies of the book and is unaware who holds them. He also does not know if his book is an original, or a handwritten copy of the original.

  • Herman Bloom gained his "immortality" during the days of the Rota Vipereus during the Renaissance. He was a struggling, destitute English artist at the time he was adopted by the cult. Among his other gifts from his experimentation in that age was also foresight or benign gift of prophecy. He can't predict or see large events, but he can see small things happen a day or two before they happen, which is why he is such an excellent speculator on stock.

  • Herman Bloom disavowed his association with the Rota Vipereus once they began to dabble in demon summoning. In fact, he was one of the betrayers that led the inquisitors to Pontormo. He now disavows anything to do with VIPER or Nama and indeed is now deathly afraid of snakes to this day.

  • The venom elixirs he took as a youth are weakening. He can only stay awake for 1 or 2 hours a day, and sometimes sleeps for days on end.

  • Bloom has several reasons for his vendetta against VIPER. He considers his adoption into the cult hundreds of years ago to have been exploitive. He was still a young, naive man and the cult brainwashed him! He also knows what VIPER is truly capable of if left unchecked. Finally, he hopes to destroy VIPER before they find out he owns one the last copies of Librum Blasphemare. Bloom regrets his association with the Nama cult every day of his life and uses his vendetta to seek redemption.

  • Nobody in Genesis League is aware of Bloom's age or his history.

  • Osprey needs his super-suit to live. He was tortured so badly his internal organs no longer function correctly, the suit provides him with mobility and sustenance. What Osprey does not realize is, part of the internal fuel that provides "power" to his suit is a dangerous snake venom elixir concocted by Bloom from a recipe in the Librum Blasphermare.

  • Mongoose is only sixteen years old. No one knows his real name, or age, or even what he looks like. He will only show his true face to people he has 100% trust in.

  • Mongoose is extremely paranoid about everything. Apart from Psi Lash, He doesn't trust the rest of the team at all. He believes the entire Genesis League could very well be a Viper plot to trap other heroes. He only joined to destroy them from the inside, if he finds this to be true.

  • Mongoose and his parents were all high level agents in Viper. He's deeply ashamed of this fact and will do everything in his power to keep this hidden from the rest of the team.

  • Mongoose has two other siblings, but does not know of their whereabouts.

  • Agilo is suspected to have previous out-of-dimension 3rd Reich connections

  • Agilo is an obvious Draysha junkie, keeping canisters and needles hidden in his home and denys such claims with poor arguments.