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Super Group Initiative Black
Rank Member
Current Affliations
Former Affiliations N/A

Real Name Andrea Ellis
Known Aliases Andie, Osp
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate April 21st
Place of Birth Millennium City, MI
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Richard and Rachel Ellis (deceased)

Apparent Age 25
Height 5'0"
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes Pale green
Hair Dark brown
Complexion Pale skinned
Build Compact and well toned
Notable Features Rune roughly 3 inches in diameter branded between her shoulder blades

Identity Confidential
Citizenship US Citizen
Marital Status Single
Occupation Government agent
Education GED


Enhanced vision, Adoptive muscle memory, Enhanced balance, Auto-reflexes
Tactical uniform, FNX-45 Tactical, FN SCAR 17, Busse combat grade knife

ProtectorsBox Template


    Fill in the blank.


Enhanced Vision
Andie has enhanced vision, which allows her to see further and in greater detail than the average person. This makes for amazing accuracy and marksmanship, even when taking incredibly long shots. Her enhanced vision isn’t entirely fool proof, however. Andie has the same blind spots that a normal person would have. She also can't spot people who are completely invisible, unless they're making use of some sort of light bending technique/technology while in motion (she'd be able to see the ripple).
Adoptive Muscle Memory
Andie is able to copy any movement or action after seeing it performed once. This would include acrobatic feats, martial arts, essentially any sort of physical stunt. She is able to recall these forms and movements later, even using them in conjunction with one another. While this certainly is an asset, especially in a combat situation, there are a couple of drawbacks. Andie must be able to see an action in order to mimic it. The action in question must be able to be performed without assistance, meaning anything she sees that would require wireworks to execute are impossible for her to replicate. She also cannot duplicate super powers. No suddenly throwing fireballs for this bird!
Andie has extraordinary reflexes that are entirely involuntary. This makes it incredibly difficult to land a blow on her. Because she doesn't have to actually think about how to move her body, she is better able to strategize and counter the attacks of her opponents. This also allows her to continue dodging a wider variety of attacks when weakened or when her judgement is impaired (ie drunk, drugged, etc etc). She also has the added benefit of moving purely on reflex instead of reaction, so feints and illusions are basically useless against her. All of this makes it difficult to hit Andie in a close-quarters-combat, but this ability isn’t without limits. Andie’s auto-reflexes may give her the ability to just automatically react to an attack, she is still limited by the fact that she can only move at the speed of an athletic human. This means that chances are she won’t dodge a bullet, but her movement might keep it from hitting the targeted area of her body. Speedsters are easily able to overcome her, as they simply move too fast for her body to react to.
Enhanced Balance
Andie has an extremely well developed sense of balance. This allows her to maintain her footing when an adversary attempts to knock her off balance. In the off chance that she is knocked off her feet, she has an intuitive sense of how to position her limbs and regain her center of balance. This allows her to turn most falls into a tumble or roll to get back up. She can also maintain perfect balance even when on narrow or unstable objects.


Above Average But Still Human
At the end of the day, Andie is still a human...just one that is difficult to hit. This means she can be injured just like any other person, has normal resistances to metahuman attacks, and has no protections against psychic intrusion. Even her superhuman abilities suffer from some of the same drawbacks that a normal person would be hindered by.
Broken Ace
Broken might be a strong word to use, but in this case it’s fairly apt. The procedures she underwent after her body was taken from the wreckage of her home, the treatment she was subjected to while programming her, it’s safe to say that Andie will never be able to lead what would be considered a normal civilian life. She often finds she simply cannot relate to her own peer group. She cannot stand the chaos that comes with a “normal” life, and finds it difficult to thrive when there is a lack of structure.
Emotionless Girl
Not entirely true, as Andie does feel emotions like anybody else. The psychological trauma endured at the hands of The Alchemist has put her in the habit of detaching herself from her emotions, at the expense of actually working through her issues in a healthy way. In a non combat situation, this means she often compartmentalizes the problem, breaking it down into tasks she can tackle physically to resolve the situation, rarely addressing the emotional root cause. In a combat situation, this often means she goes into a heightened state of fight or flight instinct where she literally goes into action with little to no forethought on what her next action should be.
Command Words
Andie was resurrected and psychologically programmed to be The Alchemist's one woman protection and enforcement. Part of that programming involved implanting certain words in her psyche that would automatically cause her to react depending upon the command. Most, if not all, of the words are in Haitian Creole.


Tactical Uniform
Fill in the blank.
FNX-45 Tactical
Fill in the blank.
Fill in the blank.
Busse Combat Grade Knife
Fill in the blank.


Life, Death, Then Life Again

    Andrea Ellis was born in Millennium City, daughter of Richard Ellis - CEO of Centurion Industries and Chairman of the Ellis Memorial Foundation - and Rachel Ellis. At 17, Andie and her mother were presumed dead when the Ellis’s penthouse home was destroyed during the 2009 Qularr invasion. And in truth, Andie really did die. But her broken corpse was recovered from the wreckage and smuggled down to Vibora Bay. There, a man simply known as the Alchemist revived Andrea’s body, along with the bodies of dozens of others he had stolen, using a compound he dubbed the Lazarus Elixir.

    Suffering a traumatic death, only to be resurrected had a harmful impact on her psyche, making it all the more easy for the Alchemist to subject her to mental conditioning to ensure complete compliance from Andie and all of his other subjects. The next several years were spent playing the part of guinea pig for the Alchemist’s experiments, experiments which saw her gain new abilities. She was exposed to different fighting styles so that she could be groomed into being the man’s personal protection and one woman hit squad.

    During this time, Initiative Black - a paramilitary organization that serves to investigate and prevent occult crimes and insurgency - became aware of the Alchemist's activities. Investigative efforts were hampered as the man picked up shop and moved locations, managing to stay a step ahead of agents. As time grew though, the Alchemist became overconfident and sloppy. This culminated in a raid on one of his labs, located on a farm a few miles from Sunday Pond in Maine in June of 2014. It was a particularly violent face off that saw a number of the Alchemist’s victims engaging agents in combat, including Andie. The standoff ended with minimal loss of life, but the majority of the victims were never able to return to anything resembling a normal life at all.

    In the time it took to wrap up the situation and identify who she was, Andie’s father - the only living relative she had left - was killed, leaving her with no one to go home to.

    For the next 2 and a half years, she spent her time trying - and failing - to adjust to civilian life. Andie simply had been through too much to ever find any satisfaction in the chaos that came with that lifestyle. She barely had the patience to go through the process of gaining her GED, and no patience whatsoever to pursue a college degree. While she dabbled occasionally in street level crime fighting in Millennium City, the truth off the matter was that she really needed something that had far more structure and an actual mission.

    Andie found that in joining the very organization that had rescued her from the Alchemist. She now works as an agent in Initiative Black's Strategical Initiative Security Division.



    Initiative Black: Fill in the blank.


    Some Person: Fill in the blank.


The Alchemist
Alchemist stand in.jpg
Name: Josué Peralte

Abilities: Fill in
Occupation: Fill in

Status: Incarcerated
    Fill in stuff here.




Osprey's Soundtrack
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OOC Notes

• Osprey's casting choice is Halston Sage.
• The address for Osprey's townhouse in City Center is 427 Paragon Way Unit 4. This is a nod to the release date of City of Heroes, which is where the original version of Osprey was first created.


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