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((Chancellor Brom is a new villain for Genesis League, origin and back-story to follow))


Brom was born in Munich, to a family that were fiercely loyal to the Nazis during WWII - and in particular were connected to a secret occult wing of the SS. This particular division, shadowed the Afrika Korps and were particularly active with archeologigal digs in Somalia and Kenya.

Brom grew up fanatically obsessed with Nordic mythology. He was fit, athletic and keen to restore "order" to Europe.

Because of his devotion to Nordic myth, he greatly admired Lord Venom. He knew that Lord Venom descended from a great dragon of the middle ages - but had also descended from the great Nordic tribes of Scandinavia. In fact, he believed that Lord Venom's human side was distantly related to Magni, son of Thor - and that his dragon side was related to Jormungand, the great serpent that circles Midgard.

This, in Brom's eyes, made Lord Venom a demigod, worthy of complete allegiance and lifelong loyalty.

During the 2010 civil within VIPER, many of the terrorist cells swore allegiance to Lord Venom and attempted a coup d'etat against the elite leadership circles of VIPER. Brom joined the coup immediately as a loyal officer and sharp shooter (he had no super powers at the time)

There were several battles, but the tide turned in a tumultuous battle in Somalia, where Venom rebels attempted to take over the VIPER cells that were controlling the warlords of the region. It was here that VIPER crushed Lord Venom's legions and forced him into hiding. The battle has become known as the Giuba Massacre, as the battle took place along the Giuba river. It is believed over 2000 VIPER loyalits and Venom rebels were killed.

Brom was badly injured during the massacre. Although he survived he is transported from the battle with deep lacerations over his face and several shattered limbs.

After the defeat at the Giuba river, the Venom Rebels go deep into hiding, experimenting with radical Draysha injections and other bizarre experiments to create super soldiers. At the same time they continue their exhaustive search for Herman Bloom, knowing his DNA is immortal and that he also holds the location of Librus Blasphemare an ancient collection of spells and witchcraft, which many people believe hold the keys to immortality within.

Brom however is tasked for a third and highly important initiative. He is tasked with creating a new nation.

Lord Venom himself hands Brom a sacred quest: build me a nation loyal to my every whim and need. Let me rule them as their emperor and I will bequeath you the title of "Chancellor" and you may rule my armies with an iron fist.

To help Brom accomplish the task, Venom bequeaths him with two gifts. The first is a version of Venom's 40.140 armor. In Brom's case the armor is made of black leather, but features the venom extract that keeps Venom alive and vigorous. The armor repairs Brom's lacerations and provides him the cybernetic implants to compensate for his shattered limbs. It also endows Brom with super-heroic invulnerability. However since Brom's face never heals (the armor did not provide a mask), he surgically coats his skull in a highly polished titanium, using his newly acquired vulnerability to resist the extreme pain of the surgery. He then adopts an eye-patch to cover his gouged eye from the Giuba Massacre.

For the second gift, Venom performs a dark and evil ceremony that he had learned long ago in the Middle Ages. The ceremony essentially sacrificed Brom's soul to the dark giants of Nordic myth and in return the dark minions of Loki bequeath the powers of sorcery to the condemened man.

By the end of the ceremony, Brom can tap into dark astral powers that empower him beyond his dreams.

In late 2010, with Brom's great power, he lures and charms several fascist cults that dwell in the western regions of Somalia. Those that defy him are crushed. Those that are loyal to him are rewarded with Draysha infusion and they quickly become a powerful terrorist cell in Somalia.

Once Brom has the troops and the influence over several politicians, law enforcement agents and has organized crime elements, he launches a coup and a small region of western Somalia declares independence.

The newly founded nation of Jormun is formed - and Lord Venom is made emperor and Brom is anointed as "chancellor".