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By Jennifer Jones

Published: February 28, 2010

MILLENNIUM CITY - Earlier this morning, a small but bizarre bomb shattered the glass of the "Java Bean" coffee shop on the West Side of Millennium City. Although there were no major physical injuries, the bomb had a devastating effect on the patrons inside the shop. Seven men and six women (all of them still unidentified) were affected by the blast.

"All of them fell under some kind of psychic spell," said Constable James Patterson of the MCPD. "They became extremely susceptible to suggestion. They became willing slaves to the detonator of the bomb, and would do whatever they were instructed to do after detonation."

The Millennium Free Press has learned, through an anonymous source inside the M.C.P.D., that immediately after the bomb detonated a holograph appeared from the bomb casing. The holograph allegedly convinced the affected patrons to buy GenCorp common stock. The Free Press has also learned through this same source, that many of the remaining components of the bomb discovered after the blast were GenCorp electronic components.

The husband of one of the victims (who refused to be named) said the effect of the bomb on his wife was mentally devastating, "She's completely brainwashed. She won't stop talking about how much money she'll save with GenCorp."

There are rumors that many of the victims have squandered their entire savings, by buying GenCorps stock after being struck by the bomb. Walter Pidgeon a respected broker in Millennium City confirmed that one of the alleged victims liquidated all savings and their 401K to buy GenCorp's stock.

Psychiatrists have no idea how long the mental brainwashing will last. Doctor Jendel Planeton says the situation is quite unique, "This was very acute brainwashing intended to deliver a small, but powerful suggestion to an entire group of people through an explosive device"

Constable James Patterson was grim with reporters about the incident, "Whoever did this has a powerful weapon on their hands. If they launch more of these bombs, the entire city could come under their control. They could tell the entire police force to lay down their weapons if they wanted to."

Patterson admitted all immediate evidence pointed to a group of super-powered agents known as Genesis League.

These "heroes" allegedly protect GenCorp's assets, but earlier this week the M.C.P.D. had grievous concerns over what appeared to be a major security breech at GenCorp headquarters. Although no one would go on record about the breech, off-the-record one police officer said GenCorp had been hit with a massive computer virus - and were paralyzed. Another off-the-record officer stated he suspects that Genesis League aren't super-heroes at all, but are in fact, a VIPER terrorist cell posing as super heroes.

The Free Press has also learned that the CEO of GenCorp - the mysterious Herman Bloom - has been missing now for several weeks.

Genesis League's public relations officer, an agent known as "Galactica", confirmed the security breech at GenCorp headquarters:

"Yes. We're in a very compromised security position right now," Galactica admitted.

When the Free Press asked if Genesis League were directly involved in the bombing, Galactica denied the charge, "No! We are not terrorists, we're here to fight terrorism."

Galactica also confirmed that Herman Bloom is missing, "It is my understanding, that Herman Bloom is on personal business and is currently unreachable," she stated.

Meanwhile, all victims are currently sedated and under psychiatric observation at the Mercy Hospital.

This situation is developing and further updates are expected later in the day.