Sky Viper

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Sky Viper
Player: @wolfboy1
Sky Viper2.jpg
Areal Combat Unit
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level:
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Personal Data
Real Name: Sky Viper
Known Aliases: None
Species: Robotic humanoid snake
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: N/A
Height: 6'3
Weight: 279
Eye Color: Light blue (glows)
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Roboticist
Place of Birth: Viper Lab (now destroyed)
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Various Lightning powers
Known Abilities
Flying, Regeneration, Intelligent
Affiliated with the Genesis League Supergroup


Sky Viper was built by the terrorist organization VIPER. Originally he was intended to serve the organization as a recon and combat unit. Viper spared no expense when developing Sky. Made from highly classified materials, most of which was stolen and kidnapping various experts in the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence they built Sky Viper to look like a bipedal snake.

VIPER was not able to enjoy the services of Sky however. A PRIMUS agent had infiltrated the organization and had deemed Sky to dangerous to work for the terrorists. Hacking into the computer where Sky's AI was stored the spy changed the base programming of the AI to have a desire to destroy rather then help the organization. The spy then proceeded to "lock" the AI. This made sure that the programming could not be changed under any circumstances and VIPER would have to destroy their creation instead of simply being able to re-reprogram it.

Once activated Sky quickly surmised what "his" situation was and in a brilliant display of arcing electricity he broke out of the lab, destroyed the computer terminals housing most of his design schematics and notes and killed a few of the operatives on his way out. Once out he made his way to Millennium City and registered as a hero. He now makes it a point to destroy VIPER using his powers and abilities.


Sky is built from a highly classified type of alloy which has similar characteristics to "memory metal". It is extremely flexible and stronger then steel. This makes his tail able to bend and move like an actual one. Made to resemble snake skin if touched it will feel very much like an actual snakes scales. His power systems are capable of producing power from various methods such as solar and chemical. Sky can eat just about anything and have it converted into usable energy for his systems. Various armor was placed on Sky and it is modular so it can easily be removed and replaced if needed. His internal systems are a marvel of engineering. Designed to mimic actual biological structures he has a circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. These are entirely mechanical in nature and are used to lubricate, regulate temperature and illicit response to stimuli respectfully. He has the sense of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. The last being facilitated by his nose as well as his snake like tongue.

Artificial Intelligence

Sky's AI is extremely advanced insofar as to be able to learn, think on its own, adapt and reason. Viper wanted something that would be able to out think its enemies and not just follow blind orders in case the situation demanded it. While this is the case he is still somewhat bound to the programming he has as it will color most of his actions. VIPER installed the base program to be unquestionably loyal. Now with the programming directive to destroy VIPER rather then help the terrorists, Sky pretty much has complete freedom to pursue that objective how he sees fit.


Sky is very outgoing and sociable. He looks up to many of the heroes he serves with and enjoys spending time with most of them. He can sometimes come off as a tad aloof due to his intelligence. He likes kids and goes out of his way to help them should they be in trouble. Nothing sets him off more then when villains kidnap kids for some purpose. Sky is also loyal to a fault when it comes to his friends. Sky hates VIPER more than anything however and will seek to destroy them in any case. Sometimes he does take offense when people group snakes and the organization together seeing as how hes modeled after one. Sky also has a tendency to hiss like a snake and elongate his S's when talking.


Sky was uploaded with all of his design schematics and knows how his advanced AI works. This has made him a veritable expert in the fields of robotics and AI design. He has of course read textbooks and attended many workshops since he broke out and became a hero. He has helped PRIMUS and other hero organizations with power armor suits and robotic drones. He likes to blend many aspects of various fields of thought with his creations and while most don't always work some have been hailed as milestones in their respective fields.


Sky is able to fly due to the armored wings he was built with and is rather good at long range recon operations. Since he does not tire he can spend virtually a unlimited time in the air scouting. He is also able to channel lightning with devastating effect which includes bolts of lightning that arc to different targets, shorting out the synapses and holding a target helplessly in place for a period of time and generating a field of electricity around him to deal with close melee targets. His abilities have not been fully unlocked and more powers are opened up with time. Sky has a advanced self repair system that can regenerate damage to his systems and structure almost instantly.

Sky has also made known that he can and does produce a venom that can be delivered via bite and also through his lightning powers when he chooses to. This venom can have several effects ranging from excruciating pain to causing the subject to be stunned for a brief period of time. Unlike real snakes however he can regulate his venom and choose not to deploy it.


Sky enjoys spending time with friends and other heroes. He enjoys flying just for the sake of doing so and can be seen soaring in the air enjoying the wind as it rushes along his sleek body. He also enjoys sunning himself as he can derive energy from this act and it also feels good to him. Sky loves to read as well and can be found in libraries and other repositories of knowledge. He loves to learn and apply what he has learned in many instances. He loves to tinker and build devices that benefit people in various situations. He is a bit leery to develop weapons but has been known to do so on occasion.

Supergroup affiliation

Sky is now part of the Supergroup known as Genesis League. A anti-VIPER agency that has been created to destroy the terrorist group once and for all. A perfect match to Sky's programming directive.