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SpecterTitle.jpg Player: @ChaosRed

"Hand-picked for a destiny he does not want or deserve."
Personal Data
Real Name: Reggie Pettis
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Millennium City, Michigan
Current Residence: Millennium City
Affiliations: Genesis League


Chance Encounter

Reggie Pettis was a punk.

He was the kind of man that was stunted emotionally, never evolving much past the age of 17 in terms of disposition or intellect.

He drifted from job-to-job, he cheated on his girl friends, he borrowed money and never repaid, he surfed whatever couch was in front of him. He did as little as possible and was proud of how selfish and ignorant he was.

That all changed in October of 2010.

Reggie was drunk on tequila, after seeing Bad Eye at Garageland (a local punk club).

He was wandering the dark alleyways of Millennium City when he stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time. Reggie thought he heard interesting music coming from an abandoned squat. Thinking he'd stumble into a late night rave or something, he foolishly went to investigate.

What he found as a bizarre occult ceremony being performed by a unique contingent of VIPER. The ceremony was dark and mysterious and involved a lot of chanting (which is why Reggie heard music). Reggie only saw the ceremony for a brief second, before a strange figure with a titanium skull and black armor cast a spell on him to banish him forever.

Astral Plane

Reggie did not know it at the time, but the figure he saw was none other than Chancellor Brom, a rising force within VIPER that have sworn loyalty to Lord Venom. Brom banished Reggie to the astral plane, where his soul wandered aimlessly for a century. During this time Reggie felt tremendous pain and suffering, as if being trapped in a pit of venomous snakes.

Luckily, Herman Bloom was traveling the astral plane, in order to hide from Lord Venom and to protect the Librus Blasphemare transcripts, which he possessed. He stumbled into Reggie's agonized soul and attempted to transmute it back to Earth. To do this, he had to train Reggie's spirit in the ways of the black arts and even opened up passages of the Librus Blasphemare to teach his spirit the ways of Dark Magic.

Emerald Stones of Highbury

Herman Bloom bequeathed Reggie a great gift. He was handed the Emerald Stones of Highbury. These are stones that date back to the Victorian age - and were said to once belong to a great mistress of arcane arts: Eve Harrington. The stones are encased in bracers that wrapped themselves around Reggie's wrist, gifting him with great powers. The bracers however can never be removed.

After a while, Reggie's soul was strong enough to make the passage back to Earth and when he traveled back, he learned that time on Earth had stood still during his banishment. Reggie had suffered for a century, but he was returned to the same abandoned building he was banished from. A stunned and shocked Chancellor Brom was outraged by this and attempted to kill Reggie, who fled the scene immediately.

Back on Earth

Reggie developed his mystic powers and soon realized he was quite powerful.

At first, he joined a circus to make money from his ability to perform simple illusions, taking on the persona of "Specter" and eventually purchasing an elaborate costume and mask to increase ticket sales. However it was not long before Brom's goons came looking for him, eager to usurp his power for their own twisted cause.

Reggie fled the circus and took solitude with PRIMUS, working with them up in the Arctic regions, honing his craft.

Eventually, Reggie learned the identity of his mentor: Herman Bloom. When he discovered the identity of the one who saved and trained him, he took refuge with Genesis League. He did this both for protection from Brom - and to learn more about Herman Bloom and the dark arts.


Latest Issue

ISSUE 1 - Debut!

Issue 1 tells the tale of Specter's origin, his mishap with Chancellor Brom and subsequent rescue by Herman Bloom from the astral plane.

The story makes it pretty clear that Herman Bloom has big plans for Specter's career, but Reggie is oblivious to them and not particularly keen to be a hero.

At the end of the issue he seeks asylum with Genesis League, where no doubt he will have many an adventure.

Chancellor Brom then notes that Specter could be a useful ally to his evil schemes and begins a plan to kidnap and brainwash him.