Ranger (Ivo Maria Grey)

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"Just because I took out a Cyborg on my apartment roof in 2 shots doesn't mean you get up here and take my picture."
Personal Data
Real Name: Ivo Maria Grey
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Jet Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
Current Residence: Millennium City
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Darren Grey (father), Rachel Grey (Mother), Ashling Grey (sister), Logan Grey (brother), Lorelei Grey (sister)
Affiliations: Genesis League
Equipment: Bow, Arrows, eye drops, GenLink, and the mysterious glue stick from 2nd grade.

The Bad Eye

At age 11, Ivo tripped while walking the streets of Downtown Seattle, falling down on her face, letting a sharp piece of rock penetrate her eye, a hospital was near-by, and was in an operating room immediately.

The doctors did not have the equipment to mend or remove her eye. Instead, the doctors decided to 'bleed' her iris, creating a large ‘bandage' around her eye, and was a bright green, brighter than her regular eye color.

Though, the eye did not glow as it is at present time, and over the years, the eye has slowly starting to glow, and is very bright in the dark.

Ivo lived her days in High School with consistent doctor appointments during school hours once the glowing effect started.

The eye often bothers Ivo, though does not keep her from her archery. The eye is very fragile; anything that gets into it can make the eye tear up and would require many eye-drops or a visit to the doctor.


Ivo is very intelligent, she knows how to fly aircraft (though unlicensed), can ride a both a motorcycle and car, professionally trained in the bow and arrow, skilled in acrobatics, skipped a grade in High School, speaks some but fluent French and plays guitar.

With her intelligence, she has figured a way of teleporting from place to place.

How she does it, know one knows.


Ivo has been learning and practicing Archery ever since she was 10 years old, ever since then, Ivo has been practicing and is highly skilled in the art. Once Ivo was in high school, she was able to learn how to use a bow and arrow in combat and was professionally trained.


Ivo was born in Seattle, August 8, 1992. She was the 3rd of 3 daughters and 1 son. She was very fond of her father, more so than her mother, and looked up to him a lot.

Darren Grey was the one who taught Ivo to fly airplanes, drive a motorcycle, car and basically most of the things Ivo loves or is best at into her life. Plus the fact that out of the entire family, Ivo looked like her father most, in some eyes, it is considered an exact image.

She was also best friends with her older brother and sister, Logan and Ashling (Ash). Her mother stayed at home most of the time, running the family and raising the youngest daughter, Lorelei.

Ivo met her first friend outside of the family, Mickey Porcelain, at preschool. Mickey met a friend in Kindergarten, Rohan Evacuee, becoming another one of Ivo's best friends later in fourth grade. In 6th grade, Ivo met Abony Peterson (Abe), finishing off the future band that they will form in high school.

She also had other friends, and in fact, had a nice little group of friends. Mostly fellow punks, motorcyclists, and friends of siblings, often getting into trouble for defending colleagues from school bullies, and regularly got a detention, either for chewing gum or trying to stick up for someone she barely knew.

Her father normally switched jobs a lot between test pilot, private jet pilot and airline pilot, decreasing the income to pay the bills. Though the house was the house Ivo's father grew up in and was fully paid off by Ivo's deceased grand-parents, a house of 6 used much and stacked up the bills slowly higher and higher. Though her family wasn't too rich, she was still happy.

Eventually Ivo's mother started take a long-shift job, and was gone from the early evening and returned home late at night.

Ivo's Father was pronounced dead 10 days after Ivo's birthday. She dropped her father at the airport for working for an Australian Airline, on the flight back, (after flying around for Oceania Airlines for a while), the plane crashed into the water due to a wicked storm. Her father wasn't found in any of the life boats, or any near-by deserted islands.

Ivo was devastated, and often got into fights with her mother, more so than her little sister. She stayed at either Abe or Mickey's house many times in order to get away for her mother.

Ivo's relationship with her mother is not the greatest, and Ivo barely calls her. Let alone her siblings, the older ones moving onto college and Lorelei ignores Ivo as if she never existed.

She moved away to Millennium City in order to having to deal with a nagging mom telling her to move out already, and started to work Genesis League.


Ivo is your a rebel with a bow. Normally refusing to sit in a chair properly, curses a lot (though not around Genesis League operatives), and can be sarcastic at times.

She enjoys mostly any form of punk-rock, along with Alternative Rock, some classic, and Indie Rock, listening to bands like The Offspring, The Clash, Nirvana, The Main Drag, Snow Patrol, and more. A theme song for Ivo would be Come Out and Play by the Offspring.

Ivo likes the colors green and black, and wears them when she is on missions for Genesis League or out and about in Millennium City.

Genesis League

Ivo joined Genesis League once she moved into Millennium City, having nothing else to do other than play Guitar for bands without one or being a pilot, neither coming to her liking. Genesis League, however, had the fun, action, and excitement Ivo enjoyed.

She is now well-trusted by Osprey, and works hard for them, either teaching Viper peons what they're wasting life on trying to beat, or missions set on Genesis League's goals as a whole.

Snake Bites

Though as much fun as Ivo has working for Genesis League, sometimes it's not as safe game for Ivo.

For example, when Lord Venom leaves an asp lying around, it is attracted to Ivo for the biting. The asp itself is genetically modified by radioactive materials, and when Ivo is bitten, the fun is over.

The bite causes Ivo to have difficulty breathing, and is unresponsive until she is given a standard antidote, though her ability to communicate formally will not last long. From there she would need to brought to Eden for treatment. There, she is given a special antidote known as "Aloysius".

Aloysius takes a while to take effect, until then Ivo would be in a compromised state. After Aloysius is taking effect, Ivo can settle down, and eventually she falls into a deep, deep sleep, where it may be at least days or even weeks before Ivo may wake up again.

Comic Covers


The first issue of Ranger's comic, showing her origin and her membership to Genesis League.


Issue 2 of Ranger, (a cross over from Genesis League Issue 9) After recovering from the snake bite, and before Ivo goes on tour with her band in Europe, Osprey's soul is captured by Daemon Wing, when he saved Ivo from being soul captured herself. Daemon Wing gives Osprey to Lord Venom, finding no use of him. Genesis League finds Osprey's location in a VIPER nest in the arctic north, and immediately deploys for rescue. There they meet a rat by the name of Slink. They rescue Osprey and bring him back to Eden for medical attention, leaving him in the hand of the doctors working there.


Issue 3 (a cross-over from Heroic Tale issue 1 from Genesis League) Ranger goes on a mission with Genesis League, finding thousand of copies of Steel Chimera's operations. After blowing the place up, Genesis League confronts Lord Venom outside. They are individually placed in stasis fields, while some are drawn out to face a clone of Steel Chimera's Dark Breed clone, Ivo is left to a genetically modified asp that had bitten Ivo before, having her bed ridden for days. Ranger manages to tie the asp into a knot and face Lord Venom, defeating him.