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Player: @Gr3nadier
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 21
Research & Development: Arms - Martial Arts Forms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Allan Wade
Known Aliases: Suckerpunch
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Base of Operations: Apartment in Westside
Relatives: --CONFIDENTIAL--
Age: 27
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 198lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Rugged
Physical Build: Toned and Athletic, the build of a professional fighter
Physical Features: Tribal tattoos on both arms and shoulderblades
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Known to a select few, trusted fighters of Westside's uderground fighting circuit. Unknown to big-time heroes and villains
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Joint Canadian and American
Occupation: Professional underground fighter, Hero
Education: Graduated with a degree in Anatomy
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Focus state, Intuitive Aptitude, Enhanced Durability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mask, Jacket, and Kevlar reinforced bodysuit

Steel knuckled SAP gloves

Belt with 80 feet of rappelling cable

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Suckerpunch is based on the concept of those adrenaline-fueled action heroes that just don't seem to die in the movies (and the ones that are stock full of slow-mo scenes)! Comic-wise, his inspiration is drawn from heroes with powers that aren't really flashy or spectacular, taking influences from Daredevil, Wildcat, and Luke Cage. His appearance is mainly drawn from the look of Noir comics, but Silver Age aspects were taken into as well. This hero is in its very beginnings, and I hope to shape him as I keep playing Champions Online!

16/01/2013 - Jesus its been a while since Ive seen this character. I'm gonna give this guy a clean slate, so If you've met Suckerpunch before, You'll notice he's somewhat different. A bit younger (27 compared to 33) and just becoming more and more renowned in Westside and Millenium City. Check the RP hooks if you want to know how you've heard of this guy!


((To come soon!))


For the most part, Allan is a considered too be a very blunt person. He is never afraid to speak his mind, and if he doesn't agree with something, he'll make sure its known. Call it headstrong or call it stubborn, once Allan has made up his mind, there is no changing it. While he's headstrong, he does have a respect for others' opinions, he just won't agree with it. In casual conversation, he seems nice enough, throwing sarcastic quips and has an odd tick for giving people nicknames upon first meeting them. He also hides his emotions fairly well, and can get through tough situations with a straight face.

The other distinguishing aspect of Allan's personality is his childhood inherited "adrenaline junkie" attitude. Allan is no more afraid to jump headfirst into a group of 10 thugs than he is jumping 50 000 feet out of a plane, and he often considers his crime fighting "fun" to some extent, even when he's losing. This adrenaline fueled persona is a bit more subtle than his stubbornness, as he doesn't actively seek out daring feats and pick fights in public.


"As I sprawled on the ropes, waiting for that final, knock out hit, time slowed, voices become distorted and echoing, my mind surges with thought, and adrenaline rushes through my veins...that poor sucker didn't even know was was about to hit him!" - Allan recalling a one of his matches in Westside's underground fighting circuit"

Allan's powers are a mixture of mental abilities and a mutated adrenaline gland. His "focus state" is a result of his mutated adrenaline gland flooding his blood with an epinephrine that puts Allan into almost a trance-like state, slowing down his perception of time and kick-starting his reflexes and intuitive aptitude to allow him to map out and decide possible situations and outcomes with blinding speed.

Focus State: When Allan is found to be in extreme state of fatigue or stress, a special adrenaline is pumped through his body, throwing him into a trance-like "focus state". His perception of time is widely slowed down, allowing him more time to think and act, and allowing him to execute his counterattacks with ease. The adrenaline also boosts his mental abilities, enhancing his intuitive aptitude to a near intuitive precognition. Allan has been able to predict and counter incoming blows between 2-3 seconds before they actually land. Giving him the nickname "Suckerpunch" in the ring for his dumbfounding comebacks.

Intuitive Aptitude: Allan has always had a knack for picking up and mastering new techniques and skills when it came to fighting. As a child, it took him only a week or two to advance a belt in karate, and only a year to become a full black belt. This ability has allowed Allan to learn various fighting styles, and combine him into a hodge podge of techniques that throws even proficient martial artists off guard.


Martial Arts: Allan was exposed to martial arts at an early age. As an outlet for his excessive energy, his parents enrolled him in Karate. It was there Allan discovered his passion for martial arts, and once he completed his mastery of Karate, went on to expand his repertoire in other martial styles. Once Allan started his underground fighting career into his twenties, Allan was exposed to a multitude of other martial arts through training and sparring partners. Being the fast learner that he was, his 5 years in the circuit gave him mastery in Western Boxing and Muay Thai, and Taekwondo and exposed him to Eskrima, Judo, Capoeira, Sambo, Jujitsu, and Hard Karate styles, integrating many of their effective moves into his fighting.

High Pain Tolerance and Durability: Allan has the uncanny talent of enduring excruciating pain, partly due to his physical conditioning, and party due to his downright stubbornness. Unless he is knocked out cold, Allan always seems to get back up to fight again, regardless of any injuries he may have. However, he is still without a doubt, human. There is also reason to believe that this stubbornness acts as a sort of catalyst for his powers, intentionally putting more and more physical strain on his body until hes abilities finally activate.

Knowledge of the Human Body: Through his martial arts training, and his college degree in Anatomy, Allan has exceptional knowledge on the human body. He uses his schooling in order to pinpoint and exploit a human's weak points, and also knows the physical and psychological limitations a man can take. This allows for great control when Allan is fighting, allowing him to know exactly how much force is needed, and where it need to be applied in order to subdue a particular enemy.

Acrobatic Prowess: As part of his physical conditioning, Allan's adrenaline junkie attitude sought a more interesting way to condition his body and build his stamina. Instead of going on the standard jog, Allan decided to take up parkour in order to build his endurance and heighten his awareness and reaction time. Of he two years Allan has been active as Suckerpunch, this skill has proved extremely useful in chasing and subduing thugs.

Peak Physical Condition: A must amongst fighters, especially in Westside's circuit arena. Allan's body has been conditioned to its physical limit and beyond in order to give him a fighting chance against the formidable fighters and the occasional meta-human in Westside's fighting ring.

Stubbornness: Many could argue that "stubbornness" is more of a personality trait rather than an outright ability, but Allan's uncanny trait of being downright stubborn in a fight situation has left many a foe dumbfounded at how he can still stand and fight, even with crippling injuries. Allan has been stabbed, shot, stomped on, and beaten to levels few men can take, yet still he manages to get back up again and fight until his last breath. Like his focus state, his ability to keep on fighting shows evidence of meta-human qualities. This stubbornness also translates to Allan's personality, making him seem aggressive at times, cementing himself in his decisions.


When Allan started his new "career" as a crime fighter, he knew that he needed some serious protection if he had any hope of taking on Millennium City's toughest scum. Through general research, and a few trusted friends who were good at tinkering with things, Max was able to outfit himself with an assortment of gadgets and armor for his war on crime. The bulk of these materials were funded using his winnings as a fighter, though Max has taken out a few loans in order to pay for his equipment.

Overall Outfit: The pure black mask that Max wears when fighting crime dates back to when he started his underground fighting career. Initially a simple mask made of a breathable fireproof material, it has since been modified slightly to incorporate his "Respond and Protect" comm-link in his right ear, and a miniature parabolic microphone in his left. It also has been reinforced at the back of the skull, able to take blunt damage fairly well. The same fireproof material in his mask was used to construct his bodysuit. His jacket is no more than a dyed motorcycle jacket.

The bodysuit also contains Kevlar reinforcement pads located on his chest and abdomen, spinal cord, shoulders, knees, elbows, and groin. Initially these reinforcements slightly hindered his movements while fighting, but Allan has since been training in full gear, and views his extra armor as "barely a nuisance" anymore.

Reinforced SAP Gloves: The chief weapon in Allan's arsenal of crime fighting weapons are his custom made gloves. While they seem to look like your run-of-the mill biker's gloves, the knuckles are filled with a steel compound which adds a considerable amount of force behind his punches. These gloves enable Allan to take out criminals with ease, and coupled with his martial arts prowess, have made Max a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Utility/Grapple Belt: This paneled belt is where Allan carries a few gadgets. A field aid kit, some smoke pellets, and a few tracking bugs are the bulk of his simple tech arsenal. The main gadget this belt holds is Allan's grappling device. Disguised as am elongated baton on the rear of the belt. this device contains approximately 80 feet of rigging cable. Using this grappling device, Max is able to swing through the streets, ensnare fleeing criminals, and zip-line across rooftops.


Humanity: Max Wylde is still very much human, and even with his equipment and abilities, he still can suffer from severe injuries (whether he notices them is another matter), and even death.

Stubbornness: One of Max's greatest personality strengths is also one of his greatest weaknesses. Max's stubbornness has led him into some very dangerous situations, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, even when failure, or injury is imminent, or others try to stop him.

Power Activation: Unfortunately, Max's bullet-time like state only comes to fruition when Max is under serious stress or fatigue, and is out of his control.

Rogues Gallery

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Opinions From Others

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RP Hooks/Things Your Hero May Know

- Has fought in Westside's underground fighting circuit fighting ring for 5 years, You're hero may have heard of his fights if he/she listened to Westside's gossip. It should be of note that these rumors usually involve Allan getting the tar beaten out of him, and just when it seems he is out, miraculously wins with a blinding combination of moves, and that he "suckerpunched" his way to a victory.

- Is willing to train young heroes in basic and advanced fighting techniques. If you're a young hero that needs to work their powers in and learn the basics of fighting, or an expert martial artist who wants to exchange knowledge and skills, Suckerpunch is the name to call!

- Though he has only been in the hero game for about 2 years, much of Millennium City has heard rumors of his hero work. While he isn't outright famous, his moniker is recognizable within Millennium City, especially Westside.

- Has been exposed to many forms of martial arts, and integrates moves from various styles into his fighting techniques.

- He currently lives in a run-down basement apartment in Westside, which he's outfitted with some basic crime fighting tech.

- Plays guitar and harmonica, and loves to draw cartoons though these are more private hobbies.


(Main Theme): "Blood Money" - Groove Addicts (

(Ring Theme): "Been to Hell" - Hollywood Undead (

(Fight Theme #1): "Hey Man, Nice Shot" - Filter (

(Main Theme #2): "The Outsider (Apocalypse Mix) - A Perfect Circle (

(Patrol Music): "I'm Not Driving Anymore (Instrumental)" - Rob Dougan (

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