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Player: @Aleatha1011
Raver Bunni.jpg
"Who says you can't mix business with pleasure?"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Bunni
Known Aliases: "B", "Bun-Bun", "Rabbit"
Gender: Female
Species: Android
Ethnicity: White
Place of Birth: BOT Robotics Inc. Warehouse #69
Base of Operations: Seen around Millennium City mainly, has a moon base as well as several undisclosed hideouts.
Relatives: Ellie B.O.T. (viewed as a sister)
Age: Appears to be in her late 20s
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Green (unless wearing contacts)
Hair: Brown (unless dyed)
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Voluptuous
Physical Features: Bunny ears and tail
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Model (publicly)/ Mercenary (privately)
Education: No formal education
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Powers and Abilities
Robotic enhancements
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Prefers a tech enhanced blade, but will use various melee weapons as desired.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


A B.O.T. or Battle Oriented Tease is a highly advanced android. Fully customized to the owners specifications (including personality, physical traits, weapons skills, etc.) they are designed for the rich and famous to have a bodyguard/companion. Developed in Japan by CEO of BOT Robotics Inc., Yoshi Kotsumo, each B.O.T. utilizes cutting edge technology to allow the android to appear as human-like as possible.

Built with extremely resistant light weight materials, a B.O.T. can not only look but feel human, and weigh roughly the same as well. All details are accounted for, making each android anatomically correct as well as being able to survive in normal situations (ie: in the rain or desert heat). With their sensor systems, a B.O.T. can experience the world similar to an actual human, and react to pain or pleasure similarly. Programmed with Advanced AI, each B.O.T. can learn and react in real time about the world around them, only limited by the owner's commands. Built with safeguards to prevent overriding those commands, a B.O.T. is virtually hacker-proof and virus proof.

Like most androids, a B.O.T. does run on a power cell, most lasting up to 8 days before complete draining. However, a rest period for recharging is recommended to keep operation at it's highest level, so a B.O.T. can "sleep" for a longer life cycle.

B.O.T.s do not need to digest food or drink for nutritional value, but they can eat as well as taste. The food/drink is then processed out in much the same way as humans. This process doesn't harm internal circuitry in any fashion. Also, though a B.O.T. appears to breathe and have a heart rate, these are just features added for realism. A B.O.T. can function as well underwater as on land and even in deep space!

Yes, B.O.T.s have functions to serve as pleasure devices as well. Again, anatomically correct detailing can be safely used and functions in the same fashion as humans. Your B.O.T. can be pre-programed to have certain tastes in that area, and will aim to satisfy their owner in which ever way they desire.


A lonely middle-aged nerd who lived in his parent's basement used his life savings (they are made for the rich and famous after all, so naturally cost a lot) and ordered a B.O.T. online to his specifications. Inspired by the many "Playboy" magazines he had, he designed a female sporting a pair of bunny ears as well as a tail. Due to his love of knives and swords, he included blades for her weapons skill, and also the ability to "super-jump", thinking it appropriate for a bunny gal. Happy with his decisions he clicked the order button, and thus Bunni was "born". Arriving in the mail a few weeks later, he promptly took her out of the box and stepped back in awe of his creation. At an unnoticed signal, Bunni's eyes opened as she powered on and welcomeed her owner with a smile. Over the course of a few days, Bunni learned about her world around her and how to live the gamer nerd's life. Completely happy with his purchase, the nerd had a companion to spend his days with. And boy was she HOT!!

The day finally arriveed when he decided to test out her other functions and, being a virgin, he was extremely excited. He set the scene; candles lit on tables, Barry White playing from his iPod, a nice dinner of pizza and his favorite Mountain Dew, and the moment arrives. He laid her back on the bed then stood up and clutched his chest as a sudden heart attack griped him. Unfortunately he didn't make it (a life in the basement of your parent's home isn't usually a long one), but with his passing happened to Bunni?


Under normal circumstances a B.O.T. is programmed with "in case of death" commands, to either be under command of someone else or to be returned to the BOT Robotics factories for resale or dismantling. Luckily for Bunni, during her manufacturing phase a a careless employee left out a few lines of coding which incidentally allowed Bunni to have no actual owner. This loophole in Bunni's programming allowed her to command herself, thus giving her an independence unseen in any android before her. Left with the nerd's other belongings, Bunni realizeed her own freedom and decided to leave, wanting to explore the rest of the world beyond the basement she was kept in. Having traveled to the nearest big city, Bunni entered Millennium City, where her real adventures started.

For a while Bunni simply observed things in MC, being overwhelmed with the array of people and beings that live there. Soon she got the hang of the residents and needing money, she approached a friendly member of a super group called Blacklight Company. Taken under their wings, Bunni was able to hone her skills with the blade and discovered the history of the city, and where it could be headed in the future. Making friends with the group's mercenaries, she found her forte in running missions with them. The pay is good, the excitement high, and taking down bad guys is very satisfying. Learning quickly, she was able to keep pace with the best of the group, and ran solo missions under Blacklight's banner.

However, not all was well as the group split due to unforeseen circumstances leaving Bunni to fend for herself. Keeping with her mercenary teachings, she co-founded Wetworks Espionage and Tactics (aka W.E.T.) with the former Blacklight mercs.


Bunni was making quite a name for herself, both for her mercenary skills and her very voluptuous appearance. During her time working for W.E.T., she drew the attention of Killshot, world famous mercenary-for-hire. Seeking her out, he taught her the true joys of mercenary work. Spending time running missions together, their partnership turned to the romantic side and they were involved for quite some time. However, Bunni grew tired of the coldness that mercenary work required, sometimes feeling unsure about certain targets and missions. In the end, Bunni parted ways with K, but their relationship will never be forgotten in her mind.

Unsure of what to do, Bunni spent time on her own, getting work picking up missions offered by UNTIL and various others. One such mission brought her to a target involved in the modeling world. While scoping out her plan of attack, she was distracted by the glitz and general air of excitement that a fashion contest held. Enthralled by the event taking place below her, she abandoned her mission and took a seat to watch. She was hooked, modeling was what she needed in her life.

Determined to enter the world of competitive modeling, Bunni focused her time on creating looks herself, studying new skills and ways to design various themed looks for competitions. Her first event was a blur, but she knew that this was what seeking. A world full of friendly people and competition, not just for money, but for fun too. Days and weeks go by, and working her tailed behind off, she slowly worked her way up the modeling ladder, making friends and connections along the way. At one particular event, she was offered an invitation to join the Society of Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen (aka SODLAG), a Super Group devoted to both helping the superhero world and competitive modeling. This was her ticket to the big leagues, and Bunni accepted eagerly.


Things only looked up for Bunni, her modeling had taken off to new heights, and she was earning more fame than she had ever dreamed of. Her curves combined with her handmade looks made her renowned across the country, and she only climbed higher on the competitive ladder. Proud to be a member of SODLAG, she assisted with helping others with similar dreams and also balanced her career with the rare mission or two. With her continued presence at events, she made friends with Flare, resident dragon and one of the leading organizers of many of the city's competitions. The two hit it off right away, being avid fans of each others designs, and were seen frequently as partners in many contests. Bunni was finally happy, and had found her place in MC. She spent most of her time promoting competitions as well as creating a few herself.

Eventually, Bunni earned the status of the coveted leader position in SODLAG. After being voted upon by her peers, she lead the super group in their events as well as setting an example for the community as a whole. This allowed her to take an even more visible role in the competitive modeling world, being both a major participant as well as a source for information and assistance for both costume creations and general advice in surviving in a superhero filled world. While not in competitions, she was seen frequently with Aeryn, another competitor in the modeling scene. The two have been rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship, but nothing has been confirmed by either of them.


A chance encounter with Eugene the Collector, a tech obsessed man who sought after Bunni for her unique technologies, lead to an unfortunate accident that left her damaged almost beyond repair. Eugene was placed under tight security in Stronghold prison while she was removed from the scene of their fight. Luckily, she was able to recover with the aid of her trusted friend and mechanic and slowly made a return to her modeling. With Eugene safely out of the way, Bunni felt that she could resume her life even at diminished capabilities. This proved too much for her however, and she temporarily retired to make a full recovery. Several months later, Bunni was back on the scene, ready to take on the modeling world once more. She was able to resume her position as leader of SODLAG, and continue to host and attend events like before.

However, things wouldn't last, much to her surprise. While enjoying a night out at Minefield, she encountered a mercenary named Milvago who was obviously having a rough day. After a few drinks, and a lot of talking, she soon discovered that their stories weren't that far removed from each other. He proposed an offer to help him with getting some vengeance he sorely wanted and understanding his predicament, Bunni said she'd consider it. A few more meetings later, she made the tough choice and stepped down from her leadership role in SODLAG while accepting the operation. Having made a move that would both protect herself and others from the troubles that being well known and well connected would pose while being hunted down, Bunni continued to separate her public persona from her return into mercenary work. Now the thing she loved doing served justice as a cover as she continued to work underground.

With a massive leap of trust, Bunni allowed Milvago to upgrade her systems, which freed her programming to now be amended and protected even more effectively than before. She also had unlocked new and interesting potentials, studying how to use her own energies to create various personal protective fields. Bunni now has the capability to hack into most computer systems and to manipulate lines of code as she becomes more familiar with the techniques. As a result of her trust, and their continued working together on his operation, Milvago and Bunni have grown closer together as they help each other reach better outcomes for their lives.


PERSONALITY: Bunni's personality is overall bubbly and warm, but don't tangle with her or you'll regret it. She is very flirtatious, completely comfortable with her own sexuality, and is rather bright. She is happy to make new friends, and is vocal in most of the competitions she attends. Her voice is considered pleasant, without any distinguishable accent. Although she views herself as human, Bunni is well aware that she is not actually one. Examples include her referring to "her mechanic" in the same way one would talk about a doctor, and she "goes for repairs" instead of healing. She is also greatly offended when others refer to robots and androids as expendable, and has been in heated arguments over the "death" of androids.

FEATURES: Most apparent are her ears and tail, which cannot be removed. This presents a slight challenge for her various modeling looks as she needs to work around her attributes. As she is well known, this also creates an issue with mercenary work and has created looks specifically for allowing her to blend in more effectively.

POWERS & TOOLS OF THE TRADE: She was programmed with the ability to super-jump, able to clear buildings and climb high structures with relative ease. This also allows her to fall from great heights and suffer no damage. Over time she built Power Boots to give her an advantage in flight, and has acquired a Grav bike to get around town on. Her weapons of choice are melee, preferring blades over others, especially her tech enhanced blades. Custom built, the "blade" is actually a finely tuned laser that cuts easily through most surfaces. Once she completed her moon base she installed an Orbital Cannon, which when remotely triggered, fires a concentrated blast at enemies of her choosing. She also has designed and built an array of shields and energy fields as barriers to help her in fights.

PROGRAMMING & FREEWILL: Bunni's "freewill" stems from the loophole in her programming thanks to the missing lines of code. However she still operates on certain levels to that of her original settings. She is a fanatic of many video games, and has a liking for many types of junk food, especially sweets. Bunni also is a HUGE fan of techno and dance music, and will break out in dance if she hears a good beat. While she IS very sexual and flirty in nature, she should not be confused with a sex-bot. She can choose her partners as she desires, meaning lots of broken hearts from her fans. When involved in a relationship, she is very loyal, a side effect of her old programming to obey only her "owner".

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: Being an android has pros and cons. Bunni doesn't tire easily, and can last longer than a normal human in endurance tests. She can be injured in much the same manner as a human, and suffers from damages to her body the same way. While able to survive in many settings, she is vulnerable to things like acid and lava, as well as extremely high temperatures. Because of her robotic nature, magics have little to no effect on her, but she can be manipulated by beings with telekinesis, but only on a physical level. Her biggest weakness are things of an electrical nature, as she can be short circuited or "fried". In fact her biggest fear is of lightning and she takes great lengths to avoid being out in heavy thunderstorms.


  • Bunni is friendly to all beings, provided they aren't rude to her or her friends. Feel free to approach for questions or just to talk.
  • Telepathics may be able to read her mind, but this isn't consistent as most magics are ineffective when used on her and would mostly appear as several lines of coding. She also has no "aura" about her.
  • If she appears in a hooded outfit it is assumed that she isn't recognizable by the general public. There may be other ways that she could be recognized, but Bunni will make attempts to either divert or escape those who recognize her if it wasn't planned. (While attending a contest in a hooded look player is OOC)
  • If involved in a fight, levels are taken into account, but she normally avoids confrontations of a physical nature.
  • Don't, in any circumstances, make offers or attempts to "buy" her services, Bunni is NOT a sex-bot and all attempts will be flatly refused (possibly with a swift kick to a sensitive area as well).


    A Raver's Heart:   Zedd- Spectrum  Bunni's favorite dance song, she'll request it every time she is at Minefield.
    The Old Days:   Bratkilla- Beserker  A glimpse into her darker mercenary days, mainly with Killshot at her side.
    Today's Fighter:   The Prodigy- Invaders Must Die  The general tone for Bunni today.. exciting, serious and of course, sexy.
    Reflections:   Frax- In Your Memory  In her quiet moments, Bunni thinks back at how far she's come and how happy she is.

    Identity:   Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger  Another of Bunni's favorites, besides, it's Daft Punk!