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Originally a joke character I made, Flare was an attempt to combine my love of dragons, superheroes, and a ridiculously charismatic friend of mine into one. He has since grown on myself and the community.

Player: @Lectrohm
"Flare is for everyone!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Flare Lavora
Known Aliases: Sexy, Flare-Bear
Gender: Male
Species: Fire Dragon
Ethnicity: Western, Winged
Place of Birth: Mount Flamma, Lavora
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Coldsnap (Brother), Giia (Mother, deceased)
Age: 791yrs
Height: 17'03”
Weight: 625lb
Eyes: White
Hair: None
Complexion: Charcoal Gray, Hard Orange
Physical Build: Pinnacle of Dragon physiology
Physical Features: Center-lined head fin, meandering shoulder spikes, winged forearms, spiked tail.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: Just over 6 years.
Citizenship: US, Lavora, and Norway
Occupation: Ambassador of Lavora
Education: Equivalent of human system's doctorate level education in Xenobiology, and Kinesiology across multiple species.
Marital Status: Open for Business! ;D
Known Powers and Abilities
Shape-shifting nature specific to fire dragons, magic fire projection, close combat heat manipulation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A wide variety of swords, ranging from mystical forged broadswords to cybernetically enhanced battle axes.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Year 1

When dragons are born they do not have an affinity for any particular nature; it is only after the first 30 or so years of life do their individual attributes manifest. Once they do, the dragons are then given basic education and training before being sent to their respective clans. However, Flare showed signs of his fire natured abilities while still in his egg which caused many across all the clans to believe him to be fulfilling one of two prophecies in their culture. The first being the rebirth of Flare the Bright, future peacemaker between man and dragon who would usher in a new age of understanding. The second position he was thought to fill was the second coming of Flaurené, the demon god and bringer of the apocalypse. When an infant human hatched from the egg, all of his clan was understandably dumbfounded. Flare's mother Giia, a dragon trained in the mystic arts saw that Flare already possessed the innate fire dragon ability to shape-shift and helped him return to his natural infant dragon form. The vast majority of his clan took this to be a sign that he was indeed Flare, and was named as such.

Flare was a spoiled brat, being given the best education and private training his clan could provide. Anything he could not get by prestige alone was procured with sharp wits and a silver tongue. As Flare made sure no one was harmed by his antics, many of his brethren simply shrugged off his immaturity. There were a select few though who simply could not stand his ego, the most notable being his clutch-mate and brother, Coldsnap. On several occasions through their training Coldsnap has come very close to crossing dangerous lines. Once his affinity for ice manifested he was immediately shipped off to the clan despite not finishing basic training.

Century of Steam (Fire and Ice Clan War)

As Flare matured (which to this day can still be argued), his achievements in communication with other species became internationally known. Eventually he was selected to be the ambassador of Lavora (his clan's home country) to the world of man. While it was rarely ever mentioned across the dragon culture, it was widely understood that Flare did not just represent the fire dragons, but all of his species. During this time, Flare's brother Coldsnap had been involved with war after war with other cultures and even those from his own species. The ice dragon clan thus achieved the black sheep title of the family which only fed their jealousy and rage. Multiple visits from Flare soothed relations between clans but they were only temporary solutions as an outburst here, or a misfire there lead to repeated aggressions. Flare soon found himself fighting his brother on several occasions. Finally, the day came where the confrontations between the fire and ice clans became so heavy that all-out war broke lose. Flare pleaded with allies of both clans to stay out of the squabble as this was a matter of pride not only for the ice clan, but admittedly for the fire clan as well. The two clans fought for nearly a hundred years until one day, Coldsnap pinned down Flare in battle. Coldsnap explained to Flare that war after war, his understanding of human nature, and Flare's unfair rise were driving him crazy. Coldsnap then callously told Flare that the only way to quell his mental anguish was to kill his brother. At the last moment, their mother Giia stopped the fatal strike and landed next to Flare. Seconds off on her timing caused Coldsnap's forearm and hand to be torn apart by the concussive blast.

It was at that moment watching his flesh torn apart, and his mother protecting his enemy--his own brother, that caused Coldsnap to lose almost all rational thought. A hail storm of biblical proportions rained down on the battlefield. Coldsnap was slaughtering everyone and everything in his way--including his mother. Wounded in battle, Flare was unable to move or speak and looking up at the car sized spiked hail falling from the sky on his family and his comrades, he began to close his eyes and give up. At that moment, Flare saw the violet shimmer of his mother's tail and then found Coldsnap and himself back in the training ground they used when they were younger. Coldsnap was in shock on the ground, and Flare could barely make out the blurry images of medical and intercultural officers rushing towards them.

When Flare awoke months later, he learned the Coldsnap had been taken into custody and that they were they only ones who made it our alive from the battle. Originally questioning his mother's last act, he came to understand that family is everything. No matter how low Coldsnap fell, it's his job to help him. Flare took this philosophy to heart and to this day, continues to advocate for acceptance between his species and the rest of the world.

City of Acceptance

Flare in his Legion of Valor uniform, at one of his favorite places in Millennium City.
When dragons first came back into the spotlight of the world of man, human feelings were less than universal. Some revered them, others associated them with the coming of the Devil himself. Flare had a mess to clean up, outside of his home and in. As the ambassador of Lavora, Flare has been working hand in hand with UNTIL in helping prevent and stop metahuman, inter-dimensional, and extraterrestrial threats. Not just to keep his home safe but to better the appearance of dragon-kind all over the world. In return for Flare's unique abilities and cooperation, he was given a special penthouse in downtown Millennium City and was allowed to work with Defender of the Champions in helping further relations between humans and dragons.

An up and coming supergroup called the Legion of Valor was the first to go out of their way and accept Flare for who he was, introducing him into the world of super-heroics. Not only did the rush of the battle appeal to his fire dragon nature, but the positive feedback from people was so intense that it determined how Flare would achieve eventual camaraderie between their species. Being a superhero. Although Flare was mainly kept as the muscle for covert ops missions, he thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Legion. Learning the basics of the supergroup structure. The group was not meant to be however, and they quickly disbanded to pursue other interests.

Dark Enforcers & S.P.E.A.R.

Flare's eagerness to join a supergroup though was strong and he began attending Millennium City's events to scout large groups and his possible candidacy. Being an expert in shape-shifting, the fashion contests around the city caught his eye. After repeated losses (some more embarrassing than others) he went up to Sammael, a branch leader in the Dark Enforcers and asked about what it would take for him to join and help out. Being a fallen angel, Sammael had seen plenty, but a fire dragon asking for help was certainly a new one. He considered for a few moments and then declined. A somewhat disappointed Flare thanked him and was about to leave when Sammael said to win contests hosted by the three main supergroups at the time. S.P.E.A.R. (Strategy Protection Emergency Assistance and Rescue), A.R.C. (Allied Response Command), and of course DE (Dark Enforcers).

Sammael outside the dojo, explaining the intricacies DE Leadership.

Flare looked at the outfits he had and decided to stop playing dress up. He used his shape-shifting abilities to create a Dragon King look, winning him S.P.E.A.R.'s contest. He then created an retro-esque tights outfit for his human form, similar to those who used to fight for justice decades prior. In doing so, he nabbed a victory at A.R.C.'s contest. Finally came DE's he knew he had to pull out all the stops to impress Sammael. The category of the contest was "Scary" and basing his outfit off of his brother Coldsnap's war armor, he morphed into a skeletal, undead version of himself. Victory at DE's contest was assured and Sammael, as well as DE, welcomed Flare with open arms.

During his time in DE, Flare helped out on multiple missions and was taken under Sammael's wing in learning how to judge and eventually host multiple types of contests. Flare made numerous friends in DE including the trustworthy Straxus and and voluptuous Pirate Vixen--the latter of which he still flirts with despite being repeatedly denied. Sammael had been around the ropes a long time and when it was time for him to say goodbye, it was unanimous for Flare to take his place as a branch leader of DE and continue working on contests. For the first time in a long while, Flare was content. As nothing lasts forever, DE started to dwindle in numbers. Other supergroups started to rise giving way for many a new faces. Eventually, Flare left DE leaving it in the capable hands of his #2, Straxus, and decided to go solo on his contests. During this time he had made friends with numerous members of S.P.E.A.R. (Strategy Protection Emergency Assistance and Rescue) including their Tekka-X. Overtime, he started yearning for another home to belong to in the city and decided to join S.P.E.A.R., helping them with their contests. A falling out with Tekka-X however put Flare back on the solo list where he stays to this day.


Sometime after after Flare left S.P.E.A.R. he stopped Droden, a brilliant and malevolent dragon from Gneopolis--the underground city of the earth dragon clan. Flare was only able to save one of the experiments code named "Tork". Tork turned out to be a baby brother and clutch-mate of Flare, who was kidnapped during a previous attack by Droden on his family years back. Tork had not yet had his affinity for nature decided, making him a prime candidate for Droden's twisted experimentation on the dragon morphology and his obsession in answering the age old question of what determines a dragon's natural affinity. Tork's torture left him in a constant state of evolutionary flux, randomly switching between numerous affinities. After being saved, he trained with Flare to handle his abilities and slowly gained control over switching between affinities. It's rumored that if Tork utters Hellspeak or speaks in an angelic tone, his morphology will change into something beyond the realm of our understanding. Flare is troubled by this, as there are no known recordings of dragons with dark or light affinities. However, scrawled writings discussing lightness and darkness... among others... were found in Droden's hideout leading Flare to believe that there is even more about his species than he previously thought...


First and foremost, Flare is horn dog and will flirt with anything that has an hourglass figure. He often credits himself with ridiculously amazing feats and rarely loses a battle of words. Often immature, Flare is fond of practical jokes, puns, and random silliness. Don't get him wrong though, Flare is a certified genius when it comes to psychology and through his puckish nature, he has formed a type of targeted machiavellianism (use of psychologically cunning manipulation of others) through his own words. In short, it's a type of verbal inception--he can chose to manipulate what people think by carefully choosing his own words and having others interpret him how he wants them to.

Flare's moral compass always points north and he goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is happy and everything is fair; though this does lead to what others describe as him being intrusive or idealistic. It is never for himself though--Flare lives to make others happy. He aims to please.

Powers and Abilities

Shape-Shifting - His innate talent, Flare is a master of changing his appearance. He has numerous outfits for every occasion which allow him to fit into any crowd and be the center of attention.

Swordsmanship - Flare is a accomplished swordsman preferring the melee combat to long ranged combat any day. His fire dragon pride may or may not have something to do with that.

Magic Fire Projection - A trait inherited by his mother, Giia, Flare has the ability to spew magical fire that can not be put out with water. He also pertains the ability to "suck out" the heat of his opponents.

Theater Life

Currently, most of his days are spent around the Renaissance Center in Millennium City, hanging out with friends and attending/hosting contests of all sorts. The following in no particular order are little blurbs of friends and his relationships with them.

Bunni B.O.T. - A close friend--though rumors say otherwise. Flare is often seen competing in contests with her, or flirting with her. Often times, both.

Caliga - It's tough for both Caliga and Flare to get themselves in a room much less their egos, but when they do... enjoy.

Pirate Vixen - One of Flare's oldest friends in the game. Though extremely easy on the eyes, she's a tough as nails fighter. Most pirates are!

Straxus - Few have the same thought process as Flare. The alien known as Straxus however does--making him Flare's 1st choice as help in missions, or fun.

DJ Sparkle Bunny - The cute DJ everyone, including Flare, loves to hear on Millennium City's Radio.

Slapperfish - Slapp happens friends--often when you least expect it. Slappy is and old friend and one of the best costumers Flare has ever known.

Auden - In a strange world, Flare understands Auden's inability to conform at times, thus Flare's eagerness to help him!

SuperSara - Another flirt for Flre, Sara leads the newly reformed Red Academy in many brave situations including contests!

Sister Silicon Prime - Another flirt for Flare, and another fantastic tech costumer.

Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino - Fun loving leader of SSBV, Flare often enjoys attending contests held by this SG.

Ryder Williams - Kickass hero from the future, and another contest related friend.

Circuit Shot - Contests buff who hasn't been seen recently by Flare...

Valexia - Former boss and friend in DE.

SoulStar - A former teammate from Flare's days in DE.

Bubble Pop - Contests friend and damn good costumer.

Thunder Cat - One of the more unusual costumers Flare has encountered.

The Mad Banana - Elusive leader of A.R.C. (Allied Response Command), Flare has a rather professional contests related friendship with his potassium filled pal.

Feel free to add your own! But any edits I make are final. ;)

Triva and Fun Facts

Flare is an accomplished chef and loves to cook.

Flare is often accused of looking down on women because of his flirtatious antics. In reality, Flare views women as incredibly important in that they're the main source of happiness in the world.

Aside from being reptilian, Flare and his species are in no way related to the Lemurians.

Flare doesn't really hate knights, they're just tasty.

Flare is a fan of getting scratched behind the horns--or getting a scalp massage. Depends on what form he's in.

Champions Online's Trope: A friend pointed out recently that Flare was mentioned under the Ascended Fanboy section of Champions Online's Tropes page! Sadly this section of the page as since been removed.

More to come!