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Player: @ssgoldus
The Strength Of A Ruler...The Might Of A King!
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Caliga
Known Aliases: The Crowned Avenger
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Earth's Moon
Relatives: Deceased
Age: Unknown
Height: 6.0

6.5 In Armor

Weight: 192 lbs

6000 lbs In Armor

Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Complexion: Unknown
Physical Build: Athletic/Built
Physical Features: Unknown
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 1992-Present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Widower
Known Powers and Abilities
Devastating Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Endurance, Nigh Indestructability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Neutronium Plated Power Armor, Questionite Sword
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Caliga was a character that I felt should embody my child hood heroes. Batman, Superman, Ironman, and maybe a little bit of Spawn? So why not combine them all? My result was Caliga. His name means "Sandal" in Latin. No relevance to the type of hero he is, I just think the name "Caliga" sounds cool haha. I wanted his personality to adopt a kind of Invader Zim like quality, but with a deeper and much more arrogant sounding voice haha. He was created on Champion's Online, February 24th, 2011. From then on I began to evolve his story to fit within history of the Champion's lore as best I could. I wanted his story and history to adapt a kind of tragedy, but not just a regular tragedy, the kind where the most terrible things happen to solidify the type of person he will become for the rest of his life, and I think I've achieved that with the background history I've created for him. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

Caliga final1.jpg


Please do feel free to listen to any of these music scores while reading, it adds to the effect! ^_^

Caliga's Theme: They Fought as Legends

The music style is very EPIC.

I felt this best encompassed
the type of "aura" I wanted to
be around Caliga, kinda like
an amazing tale and adventure!
Props to Aleksandar Dimitrijevic.


With enough brute strength to be able to go toe to toe with the super-human Grond, Caliga brings the raw power of his might crashing down on injustice everywhere. The last king of his race, Caliga's homeworld was invaded and destroyed by the Gadroon. Using an escape pod, he crash landed here on Earth just 10 miles off the city of Detroit. He had grown to love this planet and live a quiet and comfortable life here. Then on July 22nd, 1992, the Battle of Detroit began. Having regarded this planet his new home, he adorned himself in a battle armor he created from salvaging parts of his escape pod with the purpose of protecting the city. With justice in his heart, he took to the streets of Detroit! It was there he first ran into the super-human Grond, and so began his legend!



"How many will you kill, to protect the ones you love?
A thousand? A hundred thousand? I have killed millions for one,
and she still perished... And I'm still paying the price."


From a planet unknown to the human tongue, Caliga was the last reigning king of his people. A Civilization on the peak of it's technological advancements and economical growth. Theirs was a life where hardship was unknown, where happiness was everywhere, where peace...was a reality. There planetary observation systems then picked up an approaching fleet with unknown signals. Caliga's planet decided to try and establish contact. What they met was an assault by one of the ship's hyper beam cannons at one of their major cites.

The damage...was devastating. The oncoming threat called themselves The Gadroon, and so war had come to Caliga's home. Fearing the destruction of his people, he mustered his planet's defenses and military forces to counter the coming invasion. Unfortunately, the Gadroon's numbers were vast, and their fleet had limitless numbers of battle ships. To the very last soldier they fought. Caliga fought with the ferocity of a warrior, his might being displayed upon the enemy of what a true warrior king of his people is capable of. Days passed, and Caliga along with few hundreds of his men have killed off millions of the invaders. Yet despite all his might and strength, Caliga was no match for the sheer numbers that overwhelmed him.

In the end, he was eventually tired out. As punishment for his defiance, he was taken prisoner aboard their mothership. He was forced to watch as the Gadroon slaughtered his people, killed his wife, and finally...destroyed his planet. He was grief stricken, and his despair was so overwhelming that he begged his captors to kill him as well. The cruel Gadroon instead decided he would be more useful alive as a slave on one of their resource planet outposts. His voice hoarse from grieving, his eyes red with tears of unbearable loss, and his mind in a hysterical shock, he was broken. It was at that very moment, somewhere in the back of his mind, he swore vengeance.

He was then dragged away in neutronium chains. Months passed by until the mothership was struck by a passing comet. The impact of the comet had done major hull damage. With widespread panic running within the Gadroon ranks, he ran for the nearest escape pod and charted a random course seconds before launching into hyperspace. He had no idea where he was heading, but he knew he had to survive. He had to get revenge, he must get revenge. Several moments later, his escape pod finally came into orbit of a large blue planet. It entered the atmosphere and came crashing several miles off of the city known as Detroit. Slowly he emerged from the pod, taking view of the planet he had landed on. The warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind made him realize this planet was much like his own in geography and atmosphere, albeit more primitive, but none the less like home. The year was 1990, it was Spring.

Caliga had arrived on The Planet Earth.

Origin colors.jpg


Caliga BAttle1.jpg

"Insolent Mongrels! You dare compare me,
the King above all Kings, too somebody
pathetic and insignificant as your creator!?
Vermin like you shall receive retribution!"

Two years passed since his landing. He had learned all he can from this planet due to a built in information's system within the Gadroon escape pod. He had a cozy little shack that he built, and a stray dog he found which he named "Valor". Occasionally he takes the bus to Detroit to buy supplies, food, and learn more of the world. He's become content with his life. Then the Battle of Detroit began. Heroes of all kinds were falling one by one. The television was showing images all too familiar to him during his home world's invasion. He would not have it, not again, not now. In the event of such an emergency if ever the Gadroon were to look for him, he would be ready. Unearthing a highly advanced battle armor he created from salvaging parts of the Gadroon escape pod, he began to outfit it with it's power core and combat systems. Adorning the armor, he flew to Detroit, his conviction at an all time high, to protect his new home, and his new people. Upon landing in Detroit, he immediately began dispatching hundreds of Destroid robots. With his massive strength, he paved a road of destroid destruction to the Super-Human known as Grond. Seeing the mammoth creature, Caliga was only strengthened in his determination to protect his new people. He charged toward the monster, his heart ablaze with righteous fury!


Kapow final.jpg

"Crumble beneath my power monster!
Feel the pain of knowing no matter
how much you struggle, your defeat
will echo throughout all of eternity!"

The massive creature standing before him was a bulking mass of rage. He roared defiantly, causing mayhem, destruction, and havoc in his path. Tank shells and bullets were proven to be ineffective against the creature's unstoppable war path. The monster was Grond, a gigantic monstrosity of radiation and experiments gone wrong. Soldiers and artillery began to retreat, seeing no effective means of even slowing down Grond. Some heroes kept the fight against him, but barely, as his strength was so beyond that of any super-human, the battle looked bleak. Just as the U.S military forces began to retreat, they heard a series of explosions and blasts coming from their rear. With a confused look of fear mixed with surprise, they witnessed a figure adorned in armor and golden trims. Spiky adornments, a crown, and a sinister aura wrapped about the mysterious figure. The mysterious being looked even more threatening than Grond, but the military dare not fire upon it not knowing whether it was ally or enemy.

Caliga came jetting out of the battle of destroids he was having in a block behind the main army handling Grond. When he heard the roar, he activated his jets and flew toward the sounds of battle. It was then he witnessed a battalion of soldiers and artillery, all pointing skyward toward him but not firing. The expressions on the soldier's faces were that of confusion and fear. Caliga payed no further heed and merely sneered under his helmet at the humans below him. "So Fragile..." he thought to himself. He then spotted Grond, and without warning charged directly toward him and laid upon him a vicious haymaker with enough force to send Grond crashing through a building. Caliga continued his assault with a series of punches and heavy uppercuts. The battle between the two super strength titans continued for a while longer as the soldiers were heard cheering in the background. The U.S military then concentrated their efforts on holding back the waves of destroids that would continue to try and descend upon the battle between Grond and Caliga.



Battle colors 4.jpg
"How dare you...HOW DARE YOU!

While the Gadroon finally established a front in Canada's wilderness, a special forces unit sought to establish itself within Millennium City. It was then they ran into Caliga. Caliga took this extremely personal. To him, the planet Earth was now his new home, and for the Gadroon to try and invade it...he would not have it again. In a raging fury, paying no heed to hold back any of his strength, he called upon his autonomous drop ship. The ship flew hastily over head, and passed by, dropping Caliga's most destructive weapon: The Questionite Sword "Arrogance". Picking up the sword, Caliga was absolutely seething with rage. The Gadroon faltered for a moment, unsure how to attack against such an imposing presence. One rushed in hoping to gain a surprise attack, only to meet his end by having his skull crushed into the concrete. Caliga then raised his sword as the rest of the Gadroon forces descended on him. Feeling no pity, nor remorse, he was only strengthened in his resolve to destroy every single Gadroon that ever existed.


"Why is it that no matter how many
times I crush you, you refuse
to just die!?! ARGH!!! The only
thing more annoying than The Gadroon
are immortals! Just die already!!!"

Major Rashida Kwame of UNTIL reached out to the heroes of Millennium City regarding activity in Africa involving VIPER. Caliga happened to answer the call. During briefing on the situation, it became clear that super hero involvement would play a huge role in part of this investigation. Caliga then enlisted the help of his most trusted minion Liira. After careful preparation, and some snacks, they both boarded an UNTIL air craft that would take them to the designated Forward Operating Base.

Upon arrival, Caliga and Liira both met with Major Okonkwo, who was the Commanding Officer of the operation. Tasked with recon and disabling VIPER outposts, they made short work of opposition and completed their mission successfully. Upon return, They both learned of increased activity within the caves of the central VIPER post, 3 miles from the UNTIL base. Caliga and Liira headed toward the designated coordinates to investigate and infiltrate.


Once deposing of the outside resistance was done, Caliga and his minion headed inside. What they found was ancient serpentine relics, statues, and ritualistic ceremonial artifacts that all pointed to some kind of ancient spell. Deeper and deeper they delved, further into enemy territory, all the while dispatching VIPER opposition along the way. It was they finally arrived at a pair of rather large doors with a massive serpent's head carved directly in the middle. Two statues stood alongside the doorway, as if a key to somehow opening it. Near the door was a book that looked so ancient that touching it with too much carelessness could crumble it to dust. Caliga drew closer to the ancient book, and glancing over at Liira, he silently motioned her to investigate. As careful as she could, the minion of Caliga tip toed high enough to see the texts of the book, and started to read it the best she could out loud. Suddenly a loud creaking noise was sounded, and the two statues near the door flung facing toward each other, and the Serpent Headed door flung open! Caliga and Liira both stared at each other before flying inside. Caliga's sensors picked up strange energies in front of them. Materializing in front of them was a feminine figure that harbored an extremely muscled physique, and standing more than 6 and a half feet tall. "YOU DARE AWAKEN ME!?" The mysterious woman bellowed forth. Caliga silently signaled Liira to stay back, and Caliga yelled back "MONGREL! YOUR INSOLENCE HAS SEALED YOUR FATE! WHAT INSECT HAS THE GALL TO QUESTION ME!?!". With that said, the mysterious woman laughed with a tone of such arrogance, that it made even Caliga feel slightly uneasy. "FOOLISH MORTAL! TODAY YOU DIE BY THE HANDS OF...VIPERIA!!!". Viperia then ran forward at blinding speed, nailing Caliga a fearsome punch that sent him flying through a stone pillar. Caliga then recovered, easily tossing the fallen pillar away from him. Caliga's eyes narrowed beneath his helmet, and he charged at Viperia. The battle between Immortal, and King, had begun!


The amount of force in strength that these two were throwing at each other was tremendous! There was so much strength in their blows, that shock waves from the impact were reverberating throughout the entire chamber! Viperia clearly had the upper hand as her injuries were healing almost in an instant! Caliga was struggling! Liira then ran back to the ancient book and flipped through the pages to find some kind of weakness. After a few minutes, she finally found one, and began to follow the directions as best she could. Liira began to travel to each snake pillar surrounding the chamber and recited the incantations as best she could. One by one, the pillars directed a green light toward the center above the combating Caliga and Viperia. Caliga continued to connect blows that would shatter boulders on the body of Viperia, but her healing capabilities nullified the damage quickly! He became extremely agitated, and angrily barked at Liira to hurry up. Liira responded back cheekily, "Hold your horses grumpy pants!". Liira then recited the final incantation, and the final green light beamed to the center, directing itself then down to Viperia. Viperia then began to fade from existence, and with her final outburst she cursed at Caliga. Caliga turned toward Liira, and patted her on the head, "You were enjoying my struggling a bit too much...minion.".

Caliga and Liira then proceeded further inside the cavern, and finally ran into the Supreme Serpent himself! The Supreme Serpent sneered at both of them, and escaped before Caliga and Liira could react! It was then that they both ran into a massive ethereal snake. Caliga continued to glare at the massive serpent before him as it hissed wildly at the both of them. Caliga turned toward Liira, and reached out a fist toward her. She looked up at Caliga, and with a perky smile, she met his out stretched fist with a fist bump. Liira then also turned her gaze to the ethereal snake, and adopted an offensive stance. Caliga and Liira then both charged toward the enemy, sneers of confidence lightning up both their faces!



It was a very slow and uneventful day in Millennium City. Crime was unusually slow today. Caliga had been patrolling the skies for nearly 2 hours, and not even a shoplifting crime was being picked up on the police dispatchers. Caliga was bored. Just then, he picked up a an encrypted transmission requesting a rescue team for a DEMON hostage situation. After analyzing the source of the transmission in his helmet, it deduced it came from UNTIL. Slightly happier to have something too do, Caliga switched course and flew toward the UNTIL headquarters.

Caliga brazingly let himself inside of UNTIL, "gently" shoving security aside that try to stop him. Caliga was only following the source of the transmission, and according to his data, it was leading him to the restricted area. Caliga was almost upon the door that read "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" in big red letters. Just then, he was surrounded by armed UNTIL agents, and even some UNTIL Power Armors. He sneered under his helmet at them and barked loudly "Out of the King's way!". One of the UNTIL agent's replied back "Sorry cape, no can do. You have no authority here!". Caliga punched a nearby wall, denting it heavily with relative ease, "Don't make me repeat myself." he growled viciously. The situation became even more tense. Just then, a female's voice yelled from the back of the agents, "WAIT WAIT! HOLD YOUR FIRE!". It was Major Violette Boudreau, leading UNTIL Agent of Project HERMES. "I know this hero, and trust me, none of you would of stood a chance." The agent's lowered their guns reluctantly, and the Major waved Caliga to follow her.

Caliga was lead into a briefing room, where the Major was giving him an update on the situation she was facing. "So that's all we know right now Caliga, I would send in my own team in the warehouse, but they have hostages, and we have no idea how much resista-". Caliga held up his hand for silence, "Just give me the coordinance, Major." She sighed irritably, "You know, they say you really are a jerk." Caliga turned to leave out the door, chuckling ominously as he strode toward the exit, "Heh heh heh...So what do the criminals say?".


Caliga had arrived at the designated coordinates, the warehouse. He managed to slip inside undetected using his stealth panels. Unfortunately, he became bored with this method quickly, and decided to crash the party how he does best...ungracious brute force. DEMON guards had no way of stopping him, as his overwhelming power was too much. After the rescue on the hostages was finished, a voice popped in his head. It was Witchcraft of The Champions. "Caliga." she said to him. "KING Caliga....argh...". "sigh....KING Caliga." She once again said. "Your assistance is needed at the Magic Lantern bookstore, I'll explain while you travel here. The Major has updated me on the situation."


Once arriving at the bookstore, Witchcraft told Caliga that DEMON had opened a portal to the Qliphothic Realm in the basement. Together with Witchcraft, they both plowed through the number of horrors that were coming out of the portal. Just as they reached the source, even more horrors started pouring out. Witchcraft exclaimed "There are too many!" To Witchcraft, Caliga was unusually calm, and it perplexed her. Just as a group of horrors was about to descend on them, a rocket zoomed past Caliga's head and annihilated the group. A meow was sounded behind Caliga. Witchcraft turned around to find none other than Thunder Cat! Witchcraft then turned back around to see what was left as the smoke from the explosion cleared, only to find even more surprises. Kagewoe was standing there with several Horror corpses around him, and Sterga was sitting untop of a small mountain of Corpses. Witchcraft turned to Caliga "Friends?" Caliga replied back without looking at her, "No...weapons." Thunder Cat meowed long, "Caligggggaaaaa! You're so mmeeeaaaannn!" Kagewoe continued to hold his position as Caliga passed him to inspect the portal, "Sir." "How long have you all been here?" Kagewoe began to respond, "Shortly after you did, we were ju-" Sterga interrupted, "I hate you." Caliga and Sterga stared at each other in an awkward silence, before Kagewoe cleared his throat, " I was saying...we were just about to analyze this portal." Witchcraft turned toward the group, "It's of magical and Qliphothic energies, a moment please." Witchcraft then recited some incantations that Caliga didn't understand, before turning to the group once again. "The portal has been reversed. If we want to know what's going on here, we have to go to the other side and stop DEMON." Without hesitation...well only a little from Thunder Cat, the heroes jumped through the portal to the Qliphothic realm.


UNTIL forces have already secured the platform where the portal is established. Caliga and company took in the environment, trying to grasp the gravity of the situation. Witchcraft turned toward them, "By the way, our target is Luther Black." Sterga bursted out laughing, "The leader of DEMON himself? AHAHAHAHAHA! Caliga I am so making you give me a raise for this!" Thunder Cat was holding the tip of her tail, while inquiring, "Luther Black? Who's that?" Kagewoe responded to the question, "Leader of DEMON. A foolish man that tried to become a God years ago. It nearly killed him." Caliga's head turned to Kagewoe, "You've done your research." "Knowledge is power, sir." After some meditation, Witchcraft informs the group that Luther Black's citadel cannot be accessed unless Qliphothic energies are used to break the seals on all the Avatars of The Kings Of Edom. With that said, Witchcraft begins a summon ritual to bring forth a Demon Key, and the group of heroes sets forth to free the Avatars.


Through each tower they traveled, braving the many puzzles, demons, and dangers of each tower. At times mental shock affected Caliga. Having an already semi-weak mental psyche from the trauma of the destruction of his home planet wasn't helping. Luckily, Sterga was there to offer "support" through her fist at the back of Caliga's head.

And then, something peculiar happened. The group of heroes ran into a maze in one of the towers. There were 4 paths, and 4 heroes. They each split up, and here are there excerpts and details on their findings:


Upon entering the library of the Queen Beyond the Pale, Kagewoe paused to look around. "Quite the collection. All of knowledge man isn't supposed to know," he thought, gazing at the ancient tomes. His HUD updated him with the twists and turns of the maze-like library as the he progressed deeper. The mercenary idly dragged a metal-tipped claw along the shelves as they walked, scraping the aged wood. "It's amusing to think that others would sell themselves for this, yet it's within my grasp at no price," he mused to himself.

Upon approaching the sealed room housing the avatar, Kagewoe muttered the words to undo the seal and kicked a stray imp into the nearby wall as he walked forward to confront the mad jester guarding the Queen. "Target acquired." Two cracked, metal claw weapons formed in his hands, shining with a green light between the cracks. "Are you after knowledge, hero? You can take all you wish from the library so long as she's held here." Jack Fool cackled, then was silenced as the mercenary leveled a claw at him without another word. The joker was forced to quickly draw his blade as the mercenary suddenly vanished, appearing behind him as the claws came down at the back of his neck. "All die, Jack Fool. Now, it is your turn."


Finally separated from the noisy, brute force ways of her companions, Sterga turned to stealth. She came upon a large room filled with the twisted forms of what were once members of DEMON. They held hostages, which were of no interest since that isn't what she was paid for.

"You must save them to break the barrier."

Sterga turned her attention to the Demon Key and glared.

"You must be joking."



She let out a heavy sigh. So much for stealth. The key, of course, vanished from sight.

Sword in one hand, pistol in the other, her attacks were quick and brutal. She danced across the room in one fluid motion, going from target to target, leaving little opportunity for retaliation. After purging the room of DEMON filth, she moved to one of the hostages and tried to break him from his stupor. Patience was never Sterga's strong point as she simply back-handed the man. But it did the trick and he looked around, unsure of where he was. Sterga simply pointed past the bodies that littered the floor, toward the exit.

"Everything is dead, I made sure of that. Get out. Take these other idiots with you."

The man hesitated and Sterga thought she might have to hurt him again. Sadly, the opportunity passed as he hurried around, collecting the others.

Once again turning to stealth, Sterga made her way through the hallways finding a second large room. Scanning the area, she saw more of the poor bastards that had been affected by Qliphoth as well as ... a pentagram? Oh wow, bonus points on originality there. Morons. Sterga took care of the trash before investigating the pentagram. Hmm, it appears that I can shut these things down. I hope there isn't some sort of pattern to this. The barriers fell easily, but weren't without surprise. The first one was mostly human in appearance. It had tattered robes and vicious blades attached to forearms and shoulders. The second was a grotesque, winged creature standing more than twice Sterga's height. Her blades made quick work of them. Amateurs. Once the final barrier was down, The Left Hand himself appeared. He hovered, looking down on the intruder, radiating a dark aura.

"What pitiful creature is this? Kneel before me, whelp, and perhaps I will be merciful in killing you."

"Not impressed," Sterga replied dryly, tightening the grip on her weapons.

Without warning, the creature slammed his massive sword down then quickly to the side in a wide sweep. Sterga side stepped the first, but was hit by the arc and knocked back. Using her jet pack to recover, she charged forward, under her opponent's sword arm raking her own into exposed flesh. The demon let loose a roar, leapt back and flicked his sword forward, hurling a mass of dark energy. The impact missed as Sterga strafed, taking the opportunity to fire off a few shots of her own. Then, she found herself frozen in place, unable to move, as The Left Hand dashed forward. She managed to bring up an emergency shield, hoping it held, as blows rained down. As the assault slowed, she dropped the shield and redirected the power to her jet pack, breaking free. She holstered her gun, gripping her sword with both hands as she rocketed up, cutting deep. The force took her up, over the creature's head. Adjusting her course, she positioned herself at his back and let loose devastating attacks of her own.

The fight went on, each side trading blows. Ultimately, Sterga was victorious but the battle left her drained and badly injured. She dosed herself with pain meds and pushed on to meet up with the others.


Thunder Cat walked down the hallway cautiously, looking around for the demons she knew were just waiting to pounce and try to horrible things to her. She wondered why this reminded her of that creepy otaku fan club she had in Japan. She rounded a corner and immediately froze, seeing the next antechamber full of the strange demons that inhabited this place. "I guess I will go around...." She started to back up when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "whut you doin 'ere lil girl?" said the demon that was easily twice her height. Thunder Cat looked up at the hideous monstrosity just in time for some of its drool to fall down and hit her in the face. "EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!" she screamed and reflexively fired off a full salvo of her missiles. The demon was caught completely unprepared as was turned into little more than chunks of degenerate foul smelling flesh.

"eeeewww... it got all over me..." she looked around for a pool of water to clean up with when she remembered the other demons. she turned around and saw the horde all looking right at her "uh.... hi?" The horde simply howled and charged. Wide eyed, Thunder Cat braced herself and started to unload with every weapon system she had, shredding the front ranks of the demon horde with her minigun as her missiles landed in their midst blowing them to pieces. Seemingly with out care for their losses the demon horde kept coming and coming only to fall in droves to her firepower.

Eventually all that was left of the demon horde was still twitching bodies and one god awful mess. Thunder Cat limped forward holding her side where a lucky strike had connected. She only made it halfway across the antechamber before slipping in a pool of ichor and falling flat on her face and getting covered in the blood of her defeated enemies. Whimpering she sat up and tried to wipe herself clean as her repair systems worked to repair the damage she had sustained.


Caliga was being attacked on all sides as he made his way through the maze. Hordes of horrors fell before his might as he continued through the maze. Soon he realized how much time he was wasting and he decided to do a rather unexpected thing. Caliga started to punch through the maze walls in a straight line. Horrors were surprised every time a wall came down, and Caliga charged into the area, decimating everything in his path. After hours of crashing through walls, crushing the bones of his enemies, and cleaning his boots from the pools of Horror blood he keeps stepping on, he finally arrived at a giant room. By either sheer coincidence, or luck, Caliga met up with the rest of his team, and looking forward, they all saw him. It was Luther Black.

Caliga charged in first, and Luther Black summoned an entire army of Horrors. Thunder Cat, Sterga, and Kagewoe held nothing back, and descended their fury on the approaching horde. Caliga flew straight to Luther Black, "YOU'RE MINE!!!". Luther, using his gathered Qliphothic energies, generated immense power, and went one on one with Caliga. The energy of power surging from Luther Black and Caliga was legendary, so much so that auras of "pure power" were being generated from their fight. Caliga then laid on a vicious blow to Luther, wounding him enough that the Avatar's finally arrived. The Avatar's didn't take kindly to a mortal making a fool of them through imprisonment, and so Luther Black met a very gruesome but unknown fate at the hands of the Avatars.


Once Luther was stopped, Caliga, Thunder Cat, Kagewoe, and Sterga headed back through the portal with the UNTIL Agents, The Major, and Witchcraft. Thunder Cat having analyzed some of the magic incantations Witchcraft used earlier, helped with the closing of the portal. Several hours later, Caliga would spend the rest of his day at Darren's Pizza, thinking himself deserving of a nice, relaxed, and alone reward. Too bad he is never alone, and is always surrounded by his friends, no matter how much he objects to their company.



"Bow before me lesser creature! Know the strength
of one far superior to you! You will quake
in fear and know your weakness as I show you

Caliga had been called by PRIMUS to investigate the northern part of the island for Worm activity involving VIPER interactions. He was sent only to investigate and disregard any plans for engagement. While exploring the designated area, a massive roar was heard in the distance not far from him, along with screams of help. Upon arriving, he ran into the massive monstrosity known as Qwyjibo. Qwyjibo was laying waste to a group of VIPER soldiers that stranded too far from their home base. Caliga, feeling sympathy for the soldiers, just couldn't let them die there. Before a fatal blow was dealt to the remaining VIPER soldiers, Caliga intervened. Hurling a massive boulder at the back of the beast's head, he caught Qwyjibo's attention. The beast roared at him with a sound so deafening, it stunned Caliga momentarily. He regained his composure and bellowed back at the beast, "BBBBBAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!". Although nowhere near the sound that Qwyjibo roared, this did nothing but make the beast angrier. Caliga then charged toward the towering mammoth at top speed. Leaping at Qwyjibo, he pulled his fist back, and with all his might, the strength of 1000 men would bear itself down on the titanic Qwyjibo!

Coming Soon


Pov color final.jpg

Darren Pizza.jpg

Caliga currently leads the super group known as Conquer. He spends his days idly patrolling around Millennium City, stopping crime whenever he can. Although in most cases, due to his temper and massive strength, he almost always ends up over-doing a lot. Even sometimes causing more damage than the villain. Whenever Caliga catches a break, he is often seen at Darren's Pizza, or lounging around Renaissance Center yelling at children running around.

He stays at a penthouse he purchased within the city, at the Barlowe building. With an aquarium of exotic fish, and his dog Valor, he lives a very lavish and relaxing life there when not in his power armor, crushing evil wherever it may be, beneath his very oppressive foot.

Caliga is obsessed with reaching the peak of his strength and fighting prowess. Often he is sparring with members of his super group, and other battle hardened individuals found throughout the city. In extreme rare cases, he actually loses one of these "friendly" spars. In which case, he becomes even stronger by further enhancing his armor's abilities and his natural strength. For now, Caliga awaits and welcome all challengers, eager to prove his power.


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Caliga is extremely arrogant, to the point where it can almost be considered unhealthy. He has a blatant disregard for the well being of anybody, or anything, that he deems beneath him. His ego is massive, and he doesn't take kindly to those that belittle him in anyway. Sometimes he even considers his friends "subjects" or "servants". Although a very arrogant, ego maniac, over-confident jerk most of the time, he acts as he does only due to the harsh reality that he is the last of his entire people, and it eats at him everyday. However, when somebody is in danger, he is quick to spring into action. To him, being a King is not about ruling the masses, but granting them his protection. Although not having the best personality in the universe, maybe even considered a terrible personality, he will use all his strength and fortitude to selflessly protect his new home and the people of Millennium City.

In battle, he is as merciless as the devil himself. To the villains of earth, it may even be considered cruel. He fights with the savagery of a mad beast, not even holding back his strength against normal human burglars or a car thief. The only thing on his mind, is to one day avenge his planet, and his wife. To him, the Gadroon are but insects that will be crushed beneath his might. Gadroon men, women, and children. All of them.

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-ELONGATED LIFESPAN- Caliga's people live much longer than the average human. An average of around 5 times the normal lifespan of that of a human being.

-DEVASTATING SUPER STRENGTH- Even by his own people's standards, who also possessed strength far beyond that of a normal human, Caliga is considered "very strong". He has enough strength to knock the Super-Human Grond flat on his back with a Haymaker when they first fought. It's said that his strength was comparable to that of 1000 men.

-HIGH ENDURANCE AND STAMINA- Caliga does not have bullet proof skin or the like, but because he isn't human, his genetic structure is different. His bone density is much thicker than that of a normal human, and because of this, he can take more blunt force trauma than humans. It's theorized that because of his high density bone structure, it enables his body to withstand the pressures of his super strength's capabilities, such as lifting a weight that is much more heavier than he is, or punching through solid steel. Athletically, he is well above human standards, and even then on his planet, he was considered fit. Upon wearing his battle armor, his abilities are enhanced. The armor provides most of the protection, considering it's made from Neutronium plating. With the armor on, he can withstand punishment no Earth metals can otherwise endure.

-FLIGHT- Caliga doesn't have the ability to fly naturally. However with his battle armor equipped, he does. The armor itself has a hyper engine installed in the boots. The energy it emits is not fire, but rather accelerated particle molecules. The power of this particle acceleration allows him to reach speeds as fast as today's modern fighter jets, and also grants him enough power for leaving or entering Earth's atmosphere.

-SUPER SPEED- Because of his super strength, naturally that strength can channeled into his legs. This causes him not to move his legs fast, but instead to "kick" at the ground hard enough, that it propels his body forward as an alarming speed. The top speed of which he can reach has been recorded at Mach 2, or around 1500 miles per hour.


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-NEUTRONIUM PLATED BATTLE ARMOR- An armor made from the plating and parts of the Gadroon escape pod, capable of withstanding massive amounts of punishment. The power source of the suit was taken from the pod as well. The suit features life support systems that include nano-healing technology. Any injuries he sustains will quickly begin to be worked on by the nano-bots. The suit also features combat reactive computer systems that enhance his natural abilities, as well as give possible combat tactics and solutions during conflict, and particle acceleration systems installed in the boots for flight. A deploy-able energy shield is also featured within the suit's bracers and palms, allowing for further protection. There is currently one variation of the armor known to the public. Whether there are more is unknown.

-PARTICLE DISK BLAST- The armor's gauntlets houses particle molecule receptors. These receptors gather wandering particle energy in the area, and place it into a storage canister within the gauntlet. When needed, he uses this gathered energy to shoot out of his gauntlets in a spinning fashion to increase the blast's velocity and damaging radius to the target and it's surrounding area.

-QUESTIONITE CHAIN LINKS- A chain link made out of questionite is installed in both the armor's bracers. The loops are specially designed to be able to pick up momentum depending on how hard it's swung. Put bluntly, the longer they swing, the harder they hit.

-KING'S CAPE- A Royal Red cape made from Kendrium strands and fire proof materials. It's also soft and doesn't shrink when washed. Mostly wears as a fashion statement and for flashy appearances.

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-THE QUESTIONITE SWORD, "ARROGANCE"- A sword fused with two gravity cores in it's blade, to give the sword even more power in it's swing through manipulation of weight adjusting in the middle of the swing. With Caliga's massive strength already a factor, a single swing from this sword is enough brute force to create shockwaves from the momentum. Due to the destructive potential of the weapon, he rarely uses it.

-THE TRIGA OF LEGEND- The "Triga of Legend" is Caliga's war chariot. It's of Malvan technology, and was taken through force by Caliga himself against a Malvan gladiator in the Colosseum. He named it the "Triga" primarily due to the three beliefs he values the most, "Vengeance, Strength, and Justice". Due to the chariot being of Malvan technology, it was above Caliga's understanding how to use it at all. With some very "persuasive negotiation" with the gladiator whom he took it from, he was able to understand enough how to use the basic functions of the chariot's movement and weapon systems. Accordingly, because the chariot is of Malvan technology, Caliga has noticed that no matter how much damage the chariot sustains, it repairs itself near instantly. Along with the near invulnerable plating that regenerates itself, the chariot houses an unknown energy source, which is of course another Malvan secret.


-SHORT TEMPER-Being the former ruler of an entire planet, Caliga naturally has the temper of one, and it's short. Because of this, he can make rash decisions, some of them having dire consequences later on. He is aware of this and is currently taking anger management sessions to deal with it. If it's helping is not yet known.

-MORTALITY-"No king rules forever". The same can be said of Caliga. He is a mortal, he can bleed, and he can be hurt. His skin is not fire-proof, acid-roof, shock-proof, etc etc. He wears his battle armor for a reason.

-VENGEFUL-Because of his experience and past with the Gadroon, Caliga has become nearly obsessed with the destruction of their entire race. If enemies were to exploit this hatred he has for them, Caliga's reasoning will most likely fly out the window.

-PSYCHIC ATTACKS-The destruction of his entire planet, people, and his family have left him a shattered man. The images and the trauma he went through because of such a cataclysmic event have made his mind almost question the very fabric of reality at times. This has made him very unpredictable, hard to talk too, hard to read, emotionally unbalanced, and mentally weak. Due to this, his mind is literally an open book for mind readers, and he has virtually no defenses against psychic attacks of any kind.


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The Gadroon warrior that was a key leader in the destruction of Caliga's homeworld. He took it upon himself to lead an invasion ground force to the surface of the planet, slaughtering millions in his wake. It was he, who was personally responsible for murdering Caliga's wife. With the latest in Gadroon gravity shaping technology, he now lands on Earth, hunting Caliga.

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A humble and playful individual, Lyn is one of Caliga's more stronger members within Conquer, the super group that he leads. Lyn's powers are mainly the manipulation of electricity, along with generating it. Ever the cheerful personality, Caliga refers to her on matters beyond his understanding, mostly anything to do with science or math. Always offering advice, a cheerful smile, and an "electrifying" course of action, Lyn has become a core member of Conquer.



Punchy is a mystery to most of the Conquer roster, and even to the top intel officials at the Conquer headquarters. There were no records of his existence or even hints of his design at all when he was discovered. Punchy was first found in the 80s in a bunker from Hiroshima, Japan. Upon finding an activated supposedly battle robot with surprisingly advanced artificial intelligence, it has no recollection of it's creator or where it came from. The battle systems appear intact and untarnished, as it displays an very proficient and deadly use of hand to hand combat. Connecting punchy to the Conquer HQ computers, intel has discovered that he has over 100 forms of martials arts programmed into it, but the rest of it's information is heavily encrypted. Conquer HQ is still actively trying to discover the full story of this entity. With that said, Caliga showed no hesitation on employing the robot into his "round table", and to this very day utilizes it's skills to stop crime, and beat down super villians. As a side note, Punchy seems to for no reason at all, develop an interest in female breasts. Conquer HQ speculates that this might be a glitch in it's system, but with it's heavily encrypted database, it can't be determined just yet.

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A group of skilled and powered individuals that act as Caliga's enforcers, protectors, and on some occasions, his company when he wants to eat out at Darren's Pizza. This is Caliga's Super Group that he leads. The group specializes in heavy breach and assault, along with protection, with each member specifically bringing a set of special skills to the table. Each of them alone is dangerous in their own right. Together, their fury and power rivals that of the armies of Therakiel.



Composed of Thunder Cat, Liira, and Lil Rumbler, in that order as shown. These three act as, to a lesser extent, as Caliga's "sanity" line. WIthout the innocence of these three adorable individuals, Caliga would be a vengeful villain. The innocence of these three remind him of the children back on his planet. Although they protect him, he at times feels it is always necessary to have them under his protection. On occasions they beg for ice cream, in which case Caliga agrees if he doesn't want to be annoyed all day by the nagging of little girls with super powers. Normal girls are one thing, but one of them has the strength of 1000 little girls, one has an arsenal of artillery built into her that rivals the entire United States Navy, and the other one spits acid from her mouth. Would you argue?



The strong armed, will, and former powerful leader of Caliga's Majesty Guard. Her battle prowess would rival that of the greatest generals of the past. With a stern iron fist like authority, and killer good looks, she doesn't just slice, but rather shred through her enemies like a chainsaw cutting through hot butter. A sarcastic friendly individual to her friends, and a ruthless devil to her enemies. More info on Sterga can be found on her page!

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An ancient Egyptian deity that had somehow come under the employment of Caliga within Conquer. Although they have their disagreements, for most of the time, the things they do agree upon don't damage the city too much. They both get along fairly well, and when internal politics happened within the super group, she was among the very few who chose to remain loyal to Caliga, and help rebuild Conquer to what it is today. More on Nephthys can be found on her page here!.



Taken from various media interviews, or word of mouth, those lucky
enough to actually grab a minute with him. Most are intimidated
by the glowing gold eyes and the spikes...oh the spikes.

-BEING A HERO: "Those that cannot defend themselves need protection. The consequences of not being strong enough are too high. Conviction that is strong and sturdy as the highest mountains are needed."

-OTHER HEROES: "To know there are so many powerful individuals, with many different abilities, yet all with different codes leading to the idea of "Justice". It is a frightening thought."

-POLITICS: "What is this "Democracy" this region of the world values so highly?"

-WAR: "It is a selfish practice. War is a monster, and it should be abolished. Such a thing only brings ruin to life, and the price it asks for is always too high for all participants."

-MEDIA: "Your program viewing is most entertaining. Some of your males claim to not father the offspring of your females, only to find out that it is indeed his offspring! Such situations amuse me greatly!"

-ROLE MODELS: "The one called Therakiel The Bright is worthy of my notice. Such a pitiful entity! Barking viciously at his ruler, with fangs bare. If I had such powers as the deity of this world you call "God", I would punish his arrogance with great relish! What is he you humans call him? Nephilim? Angels? Such foolish creatures. What was the question? Oh a role model you say? I have none! I am my own inspiration! BE GONE WITH THIS FOOLISH QUESTION!"

-BEING A ROLE MODEL: "I'm flattered. But keep this in mind human, no matter how many choose to emulate me, to emulate my values, to emulate my code on justice...There is only one Caliga."

-RELIGION: "I care not for the God or God's of this world. Nor do I mind the worship rituals you humans partake in your ceremonies. This "Christmas" also greatly confuses me. I have searched the region called "North Pole" myself, and this "Santa" character yet eludes me. I shall be on the watch for this individual."

-LETHAL FORCE: "I don't pull my punches."

-DATING: "Courtship rituals of this planet are too different and too many. I see enough of it on this television program I believe you call "Jersey Shore"."

-HOBBIES: "Well, I've taken quite a liking to your sport of Football. Very interesting. So to whoever has possession of the large brown egg, is to be destroyed. Interesting sport indeed, most amusing."