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Player: @Nepht
Nepht mug shot.jpg
Sorry but the S*&T I give is in another castle!
Class Focus: Drunk
Power Level: OVER 9000!
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Nepht
Known Aliases: Greatest person in the history of anything ever and then some!
Species: Annoying Cat gurl.
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 7000
Height: 4ft 2
Weight: wont say
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Egotist poking. Badger kicking.
Place of Birth: 16 bit universe
Base of Operations: Edinburgh :D
Marital Status: widow
Known Relatives: Anubis, and some idiot descendant called "Gingervitus" who seems to want to make a name for himself offa her bad reputation :P
Known Powers
magic, super strength ,regeneration , the ability to control any machine and the power to detect generic convenience store rum from 100 yards away.
Known Abilities
Power Armor,Claw like weapons , Pistol like stun guns.
Thinks Champions Online is best played drunk.

Nepht banner sig 2.gif

In a game full of anal retention and pretentious erpers Nepht stands alone as a burning beacon of stupidity!

DISCLAIMER! Mind bleach may be required past this point!


CEO of P.A.I.N inc she ( or he this up for debate :P ) has amassed vast wealth by designing weapons systems based on ancient Atlantian tech. Maintaining a respectable public image through much publicized good deeds like the building of the Greenskin to Vibora underground subway system or "fighting" crime in millennium city. She sells weapons to anyone and everyone while just managing to keep her business practices legal. Not caring of the aftermath of her egotistical and erratic actions.

Most of her evil deeds seemed to be aimed at conquering Monster Island and wiping out the local badger population. While not Illegal under international law is highly unethical.

  • must be noted she was eventually voted in as President of Monster Island as the manimals liked her anti-Badger immigration views.

ORIGINS : Like anyone cares :I

The earliest mention of Nepht can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Nephthys.

Its rumored that for her part in her husband Set's murder of Osiris her own son Anubis mummified her alive and a spell was placed on her to keep her forever alive and awake.

7000 years buried alive and fully conscious has had a drastic effect on the now undead Goddess. She is now completely and utterly insane.


12000 badgers died in the building of her pyramid.

Takofanes was the one responsible for the resurrection of Nepht. Using his immense magical powers Takofanes traveled to the "16 bit dimension". A strange dimension were people trade in gold rings and shout "PRESS A" a lot in an attempt to avoid a curse known as the Quick Time Event. In this bizarre world Takofanes came across the tomb of the feared JRPG villain Nepht. He raised her from her slumber thinking he could control her like he could with any other undead. This proved to be a mistake as Nepht after a decade under his power regained her will and turned on him with a brutal uncontrollable frenzy. Almost destroying him.

If it wasn't for Albert Zerstoiten defending Takofanes for reasons unknown , the Lich would have "died" at the hands of the enraged Nepht. Zerstoiten chased her around a badly animated spooky mansion while brandishing a badger.

Nanomachines son!

At first Nepht seems to be magical but studying the data gained from the PRIMUS battle records it seems her powers stem from pure tech. We are fairly certain Nepht and all the inhabitants of her world are some sort of advanced A.I and as such her powers tend to be "context sensitive". Her main ability seems to be insane strength ( she has been noted to be able to lift a Mega Destroid and use it as a make shift club to destroy other mechs ). Though she can be "killed" the holographic nanomachines that make up her physical form will rebuild her within minutes of her demise. These nanomachines also allow her to take control of almost any machine she comes in physical contact with , coming into contact with badgers seem to nullify her powers.

She is able to rip through the likes of titanium with just her bare claws. She has the power of flight but she can only maintain it for 30 seconds so she rarely uses this power choosing to use the jet boots in her armor instead.

She is also able to exhale some of her nanobots in the form of a "locust breath" which will break down anything they touch she then inhales the locusts to repair her self. She has a minimal power over gravity and She is prone to more often using non lethal firearms than her more destructive nanobots.

She has also been seen to be able to alter gravity in various ways, the creation of force fields to protect herself and others , the ability to trap people in force bubbles and the ability to unleash massive gravitational damage. Though she can only do these feats in small bursts as they seem to attract badgers.

Unable to determine if Nepht is organic or holographic A.I due to the fact that her "nanomachines" my be akin to our universe's atoms our scientists have classified Nepht as an UALF ( Undead Artificial Life Form ). The information gained from our missions to her Universe about her origins cannot be confirmed as 100% fact as everything there seems to be an artificially created simulation . Possibly created by a race of super badgers .

Spectre and Elitist Monster

Nes nepht siggy v4.jpg

A recent Glitch in Nepht's programing has caused her to split in two separate entities and step down as Conquer's No 2. Red Bomber Nepht who is allied with Specter. Which is fortunate as badgers fear Mudkipz and the reemergence of the unstable Pink Bomber Nepht who is allied with Elitist Monster.



Turando piccy.jpg

A pic good old wolfie Turando


KaiserinSketch.jpg Pic of Spar by Kaiserin from Spars own Primus page.

She is also an ally of Terra Silverspar which is odd with her being a dog *cough* I mean wolf ^_^"

Also need to give a big massive super shout out to these Legends Volk, Sang, Halinen,Gracie,Sidewinder, Duck, Alto,VEXX,Caliga,Puncy , Mira, Potemkin, Foxi (Kagami),Luci,Briru,Brou,Gen, Zeatrex, RTMA, Olivessence, Mahoff, Mad Vyking, Ozzy and The mighty Vixykipz

Volkthor.jpgNephts buddies.jpg

Players of all sorts of guilds. All awesome. Legends all of you.

Mira Kimbal someone I have all the time in the world for :3


OH yeah I better mention @Tourmentus or he will MR Huffy Pants :D



God bless this lovable madman :D Go check out his Primus one of the best ones on the site.

Known arch foes...and all round massive moofaces.

Dr Deflecto.jpg

Dr Deflecto.

An ancient Atlantian Lich that derives her power from what she calls her " FUTURE SCIENCE \o/" Dr Adrasteia lays claims to be the creator of Nepht's artificial world and states that Nepht is a "mind clone" of herself. She has on many attempts tried to conquer the 16bit universe each attempt has been thwarted by Nepht. Deflecto ( a nickname Nepht calls Adrasteia much to her dislike ) can by unknown methods bend gravity to her will. Allied with Conquer Dr Deflecto unleashes Prototype Nepht in a bid to defeat Nephthys.

Deflecto might be a badger an accusation she denies.


CREATORS NOTES : or how the magic happens.

Nephts creators notes.jpg

Nepht art by Malvou

Nepht by Malvou .jpg

When I got hits by a drunk metrosexual ina Smart car Malvou did this awesome get well soon pic. Words can not explain how awesome I think this picture is. Malvou is just plain awesome.


Nepht tiger.jpg

Nepht off duty.

Nepht CoH convention.jpg

Nepht at some strange now defunct gathering known as a CoH convention. ( We should have used pitchforks with those torches guys, seriously! )

Nepht's bad fur day.jpg

Nes nepht.jpg

Battle bot punchy.jpg stupid drawing of my in game buddy Battle Bot Punchy

The real Nepht.jpg Behold mah hotness!

Spar piccy.jpg A silly Spar pic I did when she well proved she was right :P

No badgers where harmed in the making of this Primus page.