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Terra Silverspar is a fictional character that exists within the Champions Online universe as a vigilante. A werewolf heroine character that tries to help all those she can and is fiercely protective of her friends. She has traversed many franchises and continues to be developed and re-imagined for each universe she inhabits. In the Champions Universe she is a naturally born lycanthrope from the city of Vibora Bay. Her history there was a bit questionable, but she's since grown into her own and tries to do the right thing now. She exhibits all the natural lycanthropic abilities ranging from regenerative capabilities to being highly resistant to damage and extreme athleticism on top of her natural ferocity and fighting style. She is often just referred to as Silver or Spar by friends.

The character of Terra Silverspar first debuted in Dungeons and Dragons, but was vastly different from the character as she is now. Her origins were still a natural born werewolf, but instead she was more a rogue and thief than the actual person that will defend and protect those she cares about that she is today. She had her first evolution in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, where the character became something different with a back story that was more of an abandoned child that eventually found it's way into a life of savage monsters.

Terra Silverspar's first break out in the MMO genre was in City of Heroes where she started out as a villain character, wrongly accused and hunted down by Longbow, she eventually regained her freedom and returned to Paragon City, but still slightly bitter at what had transpired. Even though she was eventually able to see her mother's grave, her heart still belonged to the Rogue Isles and still continued to do what she could there. However, she has since disappeared from sight and mind in that universe.

Residing within Millennium City in Champions Online, Terra Silverspar goes about doing what she can to help out the citizens of Millennium City and waging a war against the Dogz of Vibora Bay. She tries to keep her distance from the other established heroes such as Black Mask, Dr. Ka, and Caliburn mostly due to her past, but will aid them if she can otherwise.

Player: @Silverspar
"Hrmm, what this? Oh no it was already here when I found it. Not going to believe me huh? Well, guess I have no choice then. <growls>"
Character Build
Class Focus: Cat Burglar (Melee DPS)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Terra Lynne Silverspar
Known Aliases: The She Wolf
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Ethnicity: Cheyenne/Latino
Place of Birth: Vibora Bay, Florida
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Lisa Silverspar (mother, deceased), Silverclaw (suspected father)
Age: Appears to be in her 20s
Height: variable (6'00" to 7'00")
Weight: variable (129 lbs to 218 lbs)
Eyes: left - red, right - blue
Hair: Charcoal Grey w/ Purple Highlights
Complexion: Soft, copper color skin tone
Physical Build: Athletic and lithe
Physical Features: Heterochromia
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Since 2009 (alpha 2008)
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Grease monkey (likes to work on cars and bikes), Cat burglar
Education: Self-educated with a lot of street sense
Marital Status: Single, but in a relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Shapeshifting. Super humanly acrobatic, strong, and agile. Heightened hearing, smell, and taste. Regeneration and tough. Highly energetic, high metabolism that keeps her naturally lithe.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Communicator, Dog Collar, Heroic Elixir, Anti-Graviton Generator, VIP Transport Card, Spatial Manipulator, Farlong Device, Heroic Resonance, Key to Millennium City, Arrowhead, Teleiosaurus Pheromones, Will of the Tiger Cub, PRIMUS Spark Shield, Necrullitic Elixir (x3), Rejuvenating Formula, Telekinetic Force Field Inducer, Teleport to Ren Center, Teleport to Team Mate, Summon Team Device, Divine Mirror, Wall Torch, Inborn Tenacity, Neuroelectric Pulse Generator, Nimbus of Force, Omega-Destroid Stomp, Resistance Leader Megaphone, Tinfoil Hat Ray, Therakiel's Sword?, Ping Pong Gun
ReldinBox Template

Powers and abilities

Art by DrunkFu 2006
Despite what Hollywood or many stories about werewolves would have many believe, Terra is not a ravening monster that is held at the beck and call of her instincts or losing her mind at the slightest hint of a full moon. In fact, the moon has very little control over her, besides being something of a romantic sight for her to see on specific nights. She has complete control over her powers and can actually control how, when and where it actually manifests.


As a werewolf, Terra has the ability to assume the form of a wolf woman, the typical werewolf of legend. This shift doesn't take much time and she can accomplish it quite readily. Her body grows a distinctive furred pattern as well as attaining several wolf-like attributes including a tail that increases her natural balance. Her eyes still retain their natural dual colored nature being the only thing that would actually identify her from her human to she wolf forms, though her body also still retains its lean and lithe shape as well.

Her size and muscle mass also increases from this transformation, adding more weight and increasing her height by an additional eight inches, with any tight fitting clothes being ripped off and many loose fitting clothes becoming tighter on her frame. She stands on her toes like a wolf would in this form, and has been known to get on all fours to run from time to time, or even to intimidate her opponents when just walking up with a snarl on her face and a growl. This type of intimidation tends to make the more cowardly villains surrender without much of a fight.

Sketch by Kaiserin, 2008

Heightened Senses

Terra has strong sense of smell, hearing and taste, even in her human form, though it's no where near as acute as her wolf form. When she becomes her she wolf self, her sense of hearing, smell and taste become greatly heightened. She can smell things over great distances and hear at frequencies that most other people couldn't. Her sense of taste even allowed her to catch a hint of a sleeping drug that someone tried to slip her, before she stopped and spat it out.


Terra is naturally an athletic person; running, jumping and climbing over things and tends to prefer to walk where ever she goes than be lazy about finding things. But when she assumes her wolf form this ability becomes super humanly strong, as she is capable of running vast distances, jumping to high locations and moving at incredible speeds that normal people would not naturally be able to cover. Her wolf form also gives her increased mobility and allows her to attempt to dodge attacks or other such things more readily, giving her a much greater advantage in those situations due to her speed.

She also uses her athleticism and strength to help her scale buildings, able to dig her claws into many types of surfaces to create make shift handholds. Though she doesn't use this form of scaling often, if the need is great, she will use it, especially if it can afford her the element of surprise.

Regeneration and Toughness

In her wolf form, Terra is resilient to many forms of damage and even after that tends to regenerate wounds she has taken at a basic rate. She still feels pain and would prefer not to get shot or cut by weapons, her lycanthropic nature giving her a bit of natural toughness that helps reduce the wounds people would receive from such sources. After that her regeneration takes over, making it hard for bruising or scarring to even be a real concern for her. Normally, she just tries to avoid being hit all together, though, since it still hurts and stings to be hit, as tremendous forms of damage can actually incapacitate her and she doesn't want to go as far as finding out if she can recover from near fatal attacks.

In her human form, her regeneration is only barely much better than a humans, though she still heals faster. Her toughness however isn't present and if she is caught in this form, she can be hurt severely from such attacks. One of the main reasons she tends to spend all her time in her wolf form when out patrolling the streets.


The common weaknesses that lycanthropes are attributed with are not actually what Terra is vulnerable to. Though she is highly resilient, she can still be hurt by a bullet much like any other person. Her regenerative capabilities, however, make this hard to accomplish in the long term unless massive amounts of damage are delivered quickly.

The moon also holds no sway over her, as she is completely in control of her transformations. However, her rage can be influenced by other sources, such as through magical compulsion or as she noticed, the effects of the Blood Moon created by Takofanes. Though she normally has full control, the fact she could lose total control over herself like that frightens her and she spends time almost everyday trying to prepare herself in case any event like that occurs again.

As much as her heightened sense can be a boon, they can also be a bane to her as well. Sonic devices can end up paining her ears and the end result could be a crippling agony if she isn't prepared and is caught off guard.

Finally, her powers are only present in her she wolf form. If she is caught in her human form, she is quite vulnerable. Her defensiveness and her regeneration are only slightly above a normal humans in this form. Though she has some martial skill and practices her fighting skill in her human form, it still doesn't come anywhere close to the strength and power that her she wolf form provides.

Some will also claim that Terra has ADHD, since she tends to bounce off the walls when she is bored, but this has more to do with the fact that, as a werewolf, she has a lot of energy and tends to make her a tad bit more hyperactive. She can focus on things when she needs to, but when she has nothing to do she can run the legs off anyone willing to try and keep up.


The Dogz


Terra has a history with this gang, though they weren't always on bad terms, things turned for the worst when they found out about her lycanthropic nature. She feels they stole a bit of her and seeing that they themselves have been trying to become werewolves only enrages her more. She now takes the fight to them whenever she visits Vibora Bay or seeing them in any location, making them pay for their betrayal. At present, she is unsure of what to think about the coup that Black Fang pulled on Guy Sweetland, but she doesn't think it will lead in any good direction.


Mental Barrage

Blinded by a hero as a small girl, this gypsy has seethed seeking nothing but revenge for most of her life. Her gift of mental control and power manifested due to her gypsy blood and she honed it to a razors points, which gives her a unique method of seeing; a type of psionic echo location. She see's all heroes as nuisances that have caused more trouble than good and they just need to be removed from the equation and problem they have created.

She has a plethora of psionic and telekinetic abilities using them to manipulate and control her prey. Few are able to withstand her mental assault once she sets her mind to things. It is even rumored that she can even enter and control the minds of some individuals, but none are alive that can actually testify to that.

As far as she is concerned, no hero is worthy of forgiveness and they all deserve to be destroyed. In her minds eye, they are the reason that the world is in such a devastated shape. She even killed the hero that blinded her, causing his very heart to burst in his chest, once she found him.

She is also accutely aware of how beautiful she is, and using a mixture of her blindless plus her looks, she has lured many to their end. Mixed in with her psychic powers she makes the most of hunting down any heroic types and making them suffer in their own mind before she ends their lives.

Random Images

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How I imagine Terra's foot paws look (uncolored)
  • Terra Silverspar from City of Villains and Champions are two different individuals from seperate universes, though they may share similarities, they are not the same character and thus what happened to one shouldn't be considered to have happened to the other.
  • I do not tank anymore. I have retired from that. Don't ask me to.
  • Terra is now following more along the lines of my original plan; a cat burglar with a heart of gold, as it were.
  • Terra can eat cooked food, but prefers it being rare. The bloodier the better. And even better still, if her cow is still mooing, that works great.
How I imagine Terra to look physically if the creator allowed fine detail manipulation (Created in APB)
  • Terra's natural body temperature is around 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.9 degrees Celsius). Her natural heart rate rests at 100 BPM, which tends to make her want to avoid hospitals and doctors since they tend to like to throw up alarms.
  • Her lycanthropy is natural. She can't inflict it on anyone else. Even if she did bite someone, they won't become werewolves later on.
  • Terra actually hates the word "lycan" as it sounds like any other racial slur in her mind.
  • Terra's view on a hero costume: "I am a bloody werewolf, what in the hell do I need a costume for?"
  • No, Terra is not a WoD (World of Darkness) werewolf. Personally, I do not mix genres. I design the character to fit the setting, not try to fit the setting to the character. Never works out well.
  • There are no magic metals or alloys or other things that have any special or profound effect on her physiology. The story of wolfsbane, silver and so forth are just that; stories. They have no special effect on her other than what would normally occur in most other people.
  • Despite Champions Online character editor, Terra still doesn't look exactly as I have imagined her. As such her physical appearance might be prone to change as time goes on and proper looking costume additions are put in game. This difference in look boils down to things like certain wolf features not being exactly how I would like them, as well as her clothing being no where close to what I would actually have her wearing. For instance, she wears a belly tee with fish net underlay in human form, as an ankle bracelet on her right foot, and two rings on her middle toes. In her ears she has a chain earring that trails up her left ear and a small stud in her right.
  • Quit trying to argue with me where Vibora Bay is located. It's located in the Florida panhandle. No it was not a poor choice by the developers. It has been that way since 2004, when the Vibora Bay book came out. You can see the map here http://kacurtis.com/Map_Samples/Overland/Vibora-Bay-Area-Map.gif Quit bugging me about it and trying to argue with this basic fact. Telling me it's a mistake isn't going to endure me to you. If you are about the lore than accept this lore.