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"Oh please do run and hide, I love a good hide n' seek. Because that moment when I find you, and then put a bullet in ya skull, I know I'll be gettin' paid."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Franklin James Martin
Known Aliases: Killshot, K, Gregory McCullen
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Mutant (Augmented)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Base of Operations: Unknown, tends to move around
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 55 (Appears to be Late Twenties or Early Thirties)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 317 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Athletic/Muscular
Physical Features: A long scar running down his spine, a long scar running down his chest, a long scar running down both his thighs, and a scar running across the inner sides of both his biceps
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Classified
Years Active: Twenty Years
Citizenship: Classified
Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Regeneration

Skills & Traits

Expert Marksman

Peak-level Human Condition

Master Tactician and Strategist

Close Quarters Combat Specialist

Augmented Reflexes

Various Military Training

Equipment and Paraphernalia

Access to advanced weaponry

Access to standard military weaponry

Access to ARGENT technology

Variety of gadgets and explosives

Light-Medium weighted armor; such as Kevlar, Viperium Flex Alloy, and Kendrium

Attached to Person

Has his skeletal structure laced with viperium

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Prologue: The Military Days

The mercenary known as Killshot was born in of Sydney, Australia. His childhood is a bit of a blur now, but to be honest that isn’t a major concern of his anymore. The story that people will never know is how he came to be the intimidating force that he is today, and this is that story. It all started in his late teens, when he enlisted in the Australian Army as a rifleman. The young gentlemen caught the attention of his superiors, when he excelled to the top of his training class. He was the top scoring in marksman during training, seeming to have a natural talent with accuracy. The following year, after he had completed the training program, he was field ready. Not seeing too much field duty, it bored him. He slowly grew restless for the chance of combat. Another year pasted, and his constant trips to the range caught more attention. Soon he was asked if he would like to be placed in an advanced marksmanship training program, to really test his abilities. Sounded like a mild challenge, so he agreed to the new set of tests. He was joined with a few other members of the army, as well as some of the Special Forces members. He knew those guys see some action, and there was no question in his mind that he wanted in on it. He gave it his all, moving up through the “live fire” shots. The young adult was clearing the four hundred, five hundred, and then even the six hundred meters in what seemed to be no effort. The S.A.S.R. members were impressed with the private’s ability with a firearm. It didn’t take long before the members wanted to bet against the unknown private. Taking wagers on who could out shoot the kid. One by one, of the six men, they tried. The private managed to best them all, and they were slightly stunned. They could tell he was a natural marksman, and had to potential to be one of the best snipers in the division. Sadly, they knew he was too young and inexperienced for the Special Forces, maybe in a few years. Time slowly went by for the slowly aging private proficient.


With the whole “Defense of Australia” beginning, he knew he wasn’t going to be deployed any time soon. However, he soon heard rumors, due to his performances, that he was being promoted. When he was promoted from a private proficient to a lance corporal, he knew what was to probably come with this. Having now served in the army for four years, he was told that his superiors had recommended him to be enlisted into the Special Forces training program. He knew that it would be three weeks of hell, mentally and physically. He trained his body for a week, to prepare for the punishment he was about to endure. The lance corporal, like several soldiers in the army, wanted to join the elite so bad. Hearing stories of how the training has killed men due to how brutal it could be, he was ready to face death in order to join the Special Air Service Regiment. The time came, training day, with the welcome to the first day of the worst three weeks he had to endure. For three weeks, he endured body and spirit crushing, that the officers had to throw his way. At times he wanted to give up, but it wasn’t an option if he wanted to become part of one the finest fighting forces on the planet. They pushed his body to the limit; whether it was with the fifty after fifty and so on of push-ups, or the miles of running through the Australian outback. A few men died during his time of training, but it only motivated him to keep going. Finally, selection had arrived and it was time to see if he had what it took.

The year following his selection, he decided to finally attempt to finish his advanced marksmanship training. He left off at “Live Fire 9”, which was nine hundred meters. He was one away after he completed this before he was completely finished. The “Live Fire 10” one thousand meters, and rarely anyone ever completed the advanced marksman training. The long distance took him a several tries, but it was no surprise. Upon his completion of the training, he was given the “crossed rifles” marksmanship badge. He became one of the few soldiers to ever obtain this award. And with that thought, he wondered why he never enlisted into the sniper training courses. He looked into it, asking his fellow officers if it was possible to take the courses. They pointed him in the right direction, as ended up applying for sniper school. A couple months passed, as he finally heard back that he was accepted. They had one more available spot for him to be shipped off to the new school in Fort Benning, Georgia, for training. He was out of the comfort of his home country, and in this foreign land training. Some of the Americans at the school he was sent to talked a big game about their skills. It only made the Special Forces member more eager to show them the capabilities and superiority of the S.A.S.R. Five more weeks of another set of his body and mind put to the test. Sniper training compared to the Special Forces training, this was nothing for him. He easily adapted to what was needed of him, in order to accomplish the feats. He was taught sniper survival skills, detection and stalking skills, calculating the range of a target, and using the environment to hide. He surprised the American soldiers in the training course, seeing as he bested all their scores across all fields of training. He finished at the top of the class, as he was shipped back to Australia.

Issue #1: VIPER's Enlistment

In 1989, two years after his trip to the States’ side of the world, he was growing ever so tired of the noncombat. Life at base consisted of trips to the gun range, and the S.A.S.R. practices for live combat. It was one of those times in his life that he wished he could do something drastic for a change. He didn’t really care what he’d do, but as long as it got him into something more interesting. It wouldn’t take long, as someone who seemed important passed into through clearance. The man, accompanied by two soldiers of his own, ventured around base looking for someone in particular. That someone was the lance corporal.

The shady figure approached him, “Excuse me, I was instructed to seek out the finest individuals from around the world. Top of their class soldiers, who would be interested in the offer of a life time,” he says with a faint smirk on his lips.

The Australian could tell something was wrong with his eyes. They appeared to be serpent like? No, his eyes were just playing tricks on him. “And what offer is that, if I may ask ya?” “You have been selected as a candidate, along with other individuals, to become part of something on a grand scale. You are chosen to become one of the next generation super soldiers,” the smirk on the man’s face only grew.

Super soldier project and he isn’t the only one to take part in it? Hmm, doesn’t exactly seem like some of the stories he has read in the comics from way back when. “Will it get me away from here?”

“Most definitely,” The man chucked in response to the Special Forces member.

He thought about it for a moment, “Okay, so what do we need ta do then?”

The man’s smirk formed into a sinister like grin, at least to him it seemed, “Oh don’t worry, the precautions of your departure are being taken care of. You will no longer exist, since you’ll be dead in a helicopter crash. Now, follow us.”

Yeah, this wasn’t exactly skeptical at all. He thought about what he just got him into, by agreeing to this. Next thing he knows, he is on a private jet to Mexico and the only thing he knew that waited for him was something not good. Several hours pass by, as they finally land at a makeshift airstrip. The sun beamed down from the night flight to here. The heat of the sun was almost like that in outback. Sweat slowly ended up making its way down the Australian’s face. At least the wind from the jeep ride cooled him down a lot. They drove to an undisclosed location, out in the desert wastes. It was starting to make more sense as, as the apparent banners appeared, VIPER. He was being kidnapped by basically, and he agreed to it. Oh well, if he died here at least he was already dead in some fake helicopter crash. The base was well hidden in a canyon, no wonder why they haven’t be found yet. The jeep drove up towards a garage like door built into the wall of the canyon. Inside desert fortress, that is sure neat. He was slightly impressed with the layout so far, seeing how this was his first time being exposed to this. They passed lined up rows of tanks and assault vehicles, various VIPER crew members working on them. Sounds like a machine shop in here, he told himself, how annoying it quickly was becoming. They drew closer to the entrance of the base, inside the garage, as the jeep came to a screeching stop.

The man, who brought him here, turns around from the passenger seat to face the soldier, “Get out of the car, and don’t cause a fuss.” He instructs the recruit as the bodyguard, next to the soldier, shoves him out of the backseat.

“I think I could have got out on my bloody own…” The Australian says as he gets up, and begins following the man who only just got out of the jeep. “What did I get myself into…?” He whispers very quietly to himself, as he continues on into the base.

The following day, he was dressed in recruit VIPER attire standing in a line with twenty five others, from around the world. Before them stood several VIPER soldiers, as well as a few men in white lab coats. What were they exactly up too?

One of the men in the lab coats speaks up, “Now, you have all been chosen to join the deadliest fighting force on the planet. You may think you have learned all you need to know on how to be the best, but we’re going to tell you it isn’t. You are the new experiments for something that will shake the foundation of the world, for years to follow. You will be the test subjects to become the finest VIPER soldiers we have. However there is a catch; most of you will die during the experimental process, and the few who do manage to live will be forever changed!” He gazes up and down the row of fresh guinea pigs, “You’ll each be given a letter that will be your new identity during the time to come.”

Another begins walking up the row, telling people their letter. The speaker resumes his speech, “The Supreme Serpent has decided that few who survive the tests and training, will indeed be the future of VIPER!”

The man passing long letters reaches the Australian, “K…” He tells the slightly confused individual. He just briefly looks to the person who whispered to him, as he walks away to the next in line. “L…” He continues on.

“Most of you were, persuaded into joining this experiment. But others joined on their own terms, and you few will be our high hopes in this. For let us see if you all pass the tests and experiments, let us see if you are truly the best in the world. Hail VIPER!” The man yells to the row of recruits.

The soldiers behind him slide their feet together and raise their rifles into the air, “Hail VIPER!”

Only one thing was on K’s mind now, “This should be interestin’…”

Issue #2: Experimenting on the Body

For months, K’s body was put to the ultimate test of endurance. It was survival of the fittest here, and K would be damned if he didn’t pass these challenges. He used all he had learned from his military trainings, and it wasn’t exactly turning out to be enough. He was being pinned against members of the United States’ Navy Seals and Delta Force, some of the best warriors in the world. They committed torturous acts, one after another, on the test subjects in order to prepare them. VIPER made some of the bravest of men in the world scream in fear, as they were eventually put down due to their lack of ambition. K on the other hand taunted his so called worst nightmares, as he resisted the torture preformed on him. There was another that was being tortured that VIPER had high hopes for, his letter was S. VIPER would usual stick K and S together, in an attempt to strengthen the two's bonds. They wanted to create them into a duo that has been through tough times, and would become hardened by the events. K and S were, in VIPER’s eyes, the two most promising candidates of the group that was brought in.

One night, K was finally able to get some rest, from the non-stop torture and tests. He was fast asleep on a less than comfortable mattress on a military iron framed bed. All of a sudden, VIPER troops barraged into K’s cell. The nose startled him awake, making him wondering what was going on? But it was pointless, as the back end of a rifle was bashed against his head. They grabbed hold of him and dragged away to another section of the facility.

A light beaming down on the passed out subject, as he was strapped down on an metal operating table. He lied there, in only a pair of briefs. Three genetic surgeons stood around him, as they set up machines to keep him stable. IV’s and blood bags were hooked up, and needles inserted into his right arm to get it into his blood stream.

K slowly began to gain conscious, “W-what happen… Where am I?” The lights were blinding him, which he tried to move his hands. No use, they were bound and going nowhere.

VIPER Experiment.jpg

The doctor lifted up K’s head, as he placed what looked like an oxygen mask over his mouth. K stared the doctor down, trying to talk to him. The effects soon occurred, dizziness as he slowly faded back to sleep.

A voice spoke over what seemed to be an intercom, “Good… Begin the procedure…”

Syringes, scalpels, electric bone saws, and other equipment lie on a couple tables near the men. Of the three men standing around K, only two appeared to actually start their work on him. One of the surgeon’s masked operators took hold of a scalpel. The tip of the small blade, made its way sluggishly to K’s chest. He pushes down ever so carefully, as he begins to cut down the chest of the experiment.

A couple days went by as K gained conscious yet again, but this time back in his cell, “Oh god… What the hell happened?” He asks himself in a very exhausted tone, as he looks down at his self, feeling different somehow. “What?” He says as his eyes widen, noticing the scar marks running down his biceps. “No no…” He sits right up, as he proceeds to remove his tank-top. He notices a scar running all down, from in between his pecs, to his abdomen. “Seriously, what the fuck did I get myself into…?” It was obvious that he had a fun night.

Two VIPER troops open his cell, “Come on hatchling, you’ve got tests to run now.”

Just what he needs now, more tests to be ran on him. He doesn’t bother to put back on his shirt, he just shakes his head as he slowly gets up off the less than comfy mattress. He stares down one of the guards, as he casual heads out of the cell doorway.

It didn’t take them long before they arrived at a combat training room. A line of soldiers, armed with Steyr AUGs, stand near the middle of the room.

“So what, is this some kind of trainin’ doovalacky?” K asks the soldiers escorting him to the middle. They don’t bother answering him. “Alright fuck both of ya then…” He rolls his eyes before standing in front the line of soldiers. He doesn’t want to even assume they are going to kill him off, but it seems inevitable now.

“Men, take aim!” The seven soldiers, swiftly ready their weapons, pointing the barrels of their AUGs at K. “Open Fire!” The commander yells at his troops, as they begin to open fire on the Australian.

Bullet after bullet after bullet, K gets riddled with what seems like forever. His body jerks in all directions, as he is shot to hell from the hail of gunfire, for ten seconds.

“Cease fire!” The commanding officer holds up his hand.

K drops to his knees, as the group finishes unloading their magazines into him. Coughing up blood he lowers his head to stare at the floor below him. Blood slowly pours from each of the bullet wounds scattered around his body. Blood falls from his eye lids, as a few shots made it to his head. His breathing slowly stops, as a VIPER medic makes his way over to him. He stares blankly at the ground, clinging to what little life was left. As the medic put his fingers to his jugular, K’s breathing ceased. The emotionless medic, looked over to the squad, behind them was the man who gave that speech.

The medic shakes his head, to confirm that K had died from the gunfire. But the man at K’s side quickly looks back down to him, “H-how?” He says feeling a pulse again. Slowly, the bullets that once tore into his body began to get pushed out. Bullet after bullet splashes into the pool of blood, as the small bits of metal fall to the floor around him.

“Impressive…” The commanding officer states as he watches the holes all over K's body heal up. He turns his head to the mysterious VIPER head, “Orders sir?”

“Hm, get him cleaned up… He will go through another stage of experimentation…” The VIPER head says as he heads out of the room with four guards following behind him.


Issue #3: VIPER's Death Adders

Experimenting on him, that wasn’t K’s idea of what he was getting into but it wasn’t a big surprise. Never again does he want to go through both of the extreme procedures, since well he doesn’t exactly like the pain the last one caused. He was just happy that was behind him now, at least he thinks. The two finally saw each other again, now being paired as training partners.

“Well, fancy seein’ you again, S.” K says walking up to man he made it through VIPER’s hellish games with.

Something about S’s blank expression told K that he wasn’t the same person who came into the project. S spoke in a less than positive tone, “Oh well, we were chosen and the only ones left now, we’ll do as they command.”

Perking up his right eyebrow, K just stares at the Ex-Delta Force soldier. But a short moment later, up on the balcony above the room, a door slides open. The VIPER project head walks in, looking down at his two fine subjects. The two look up to the man, who had four VIPER soldiers escorting him.

“There was no doubt in our minds, that you both would be the solo remain men, at the end of this endeavor. Which you managed to hold it out for the seven months and it has only made you two stronger in the process. Your rewards, K and S… The two of you, shall embark on the training of a life time, as VIPER’s new elite warriors.” The VIPER officer informed the two soldiers.

“And how long is tha’ goin’ ta take, huh?” K tilts his head to the left side, as he stares at the man behind it all.

“Oh training shall be conducted for over the next two years my warriors… At the end of it all, the true project’s identity will be revealed!”

“Right, forget I asked then… Bloody…” The Australian trails off not really wanting to know more.

“Now, you’ll be escorted to your new cells and a wait for further details…” The man on the balcony smirks, as he turns back around leaving the room. His guards following right behind him through the door, before it closes.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, this ain’t ever goin’ ta end, is it?” K chuckles as the two trainees turn around and go to leave the dojo like room.

“God I really don’t want ta learn bloody kung fu, and all tha’ shit.” K says as he tries to start conversation with S, but S doesn’t respond to it. “Ya know, you’re a lot quieter than I remember.” He says as they leave the room.

The two were placed in a cell together, with military beds on both sides of the cell. Still was crappy as the one K was put in, but he can’t complain. Before he really knew it, they were being dragged out and placed back into the dojo room. They spent a year training, sparring and learning martial arts. At the end of their martial arts training, the project head put against them soldiers, to see how they would handle combat. The oriental training room was lined with weapons of various classes; swords, spears, staffs, daggers, throwing knives, you name it. K and S were surrounded by six of VIPER’s finest soldiers, all of them dressed in the usual tank tops and VIPER dark green pants. The soldiers looked ready to die for the cause, their faces filled with determination to kill the two trainees. Armed with hand guns and assault rifles, the surrounding men stare down the two.

“Well, I think a bloody good show is in order…” The Australian says as he looks around the room at the men. He stands there holding five throwing knives.

“Hmm… Noted…” Replies S, as he is wielding a long sword. Twirling the sword around on occasion as he glares at the men about to try and kill them.

The VIPER project head stands on the balcony, with his hands behind his back, as he watches the men below, “Begin…”

The soldiers around the duo begin to open fire. They riddle the two with a hail of bullets, as they start to try and get some distance from the experiments. K’s body rocks as he is hit a number of times, small holes popping up all over him.

“Damn this hurts a bit,” K chuckles as the barrage of bullets continues to hit him, but nothing he can’t handle at this point. The bullets continue to push out from within his body, falling around him like dead flies. For every bullet that leaves his body, that wound near instantly heals up.

S seems to be doing not as well as K, when it came to handling the gun fire. The American drops to one knee, propping himself up with his sword. The gun fire stops after a minute of constant firing, and K grins to himself. S slowly stands up, the bullets sluggishly protruding from his body, as they fell down to the floor behind him. He breathes heavily, as he gets back up right swinging his blade to his side, getting ready for his attack. His wounds slowly heal up, as he glares at the men who shot him.

The VIPER troops eject the empty magazines from their guns, and begin to reload, grabbing another from their pockets. “End them…” S instructs K, as he begins to charge the men five men in front of him.

K pops one of the knives over to his right hand, catching it between fingers. Cocking his arm back, he flings it back forward as he flicks his wrist to throw the knife. It hurls to one of the targets in front of the Austrailian, striking the target in the forehead.

“Now don’t be shy and just die.” K looks around at the men, who aren’t very bothered with this man trying to kill them.

One man slides another magazine back into his gun, and aims it at K. He fires briefly, but is silence as he gargles on his own blood. He falls backwards, dropping his rifle, as a knife is stuck into his throat.

S slides over to his second target, slicing the AUG in half, as he gains ground. The soldier looks at halved gun, before S propels himself upward at the soldier. His blade cutting up, as the blade goes through the man’s body. S turns around once on his feet, and looks for another attacker. The man behind him falls into two pieces, cut right up the middle. He looks over at K, who chucks another throwing knife at a soldier’s other leg.

K leans down picking up one of the pistols from the ground. He checks the chamber for a moment to see it still was loaded, “Finally, a bloody gun…” He releases the slider as the killer makes his way over to the kneeling soldier. He presses the barrel of the pistol to his head, and pulls the trigger. Blood splatters onto K’s face, as he smirks, “God I love guns.”

S quickly looks at a man charging at him, as he readies his sword. The man brings back his rifle to strike S, but a gunshot echoes the room. An exit wound appears on the man’s temple, as he goes limp sliding onto the floor. Blood pours out of the dead man’s head, at the feet of the American. S glares over at K, who is holding a smoking gun aimed where the man was running.

“What I fuckin’ saved your ass, so don’t even give me that look.” K tells S, as it seems the pistol is empty now, “Fuck…” He says looking at the pistol before dropping it, he holds up his final knife. “Oh well, I don’t mind this little devil.” He just looks at it for a moment before shrugging.

The man on the balcony begins to clap as the last man is killed, "You both are very impressive! I am glad we chose you two to partake in this little experiment!"

The two men below, look up at him wondering what else is in store for them.

"Now, we'll move onto the rest of your training," the project head tells them, "For this was the first step in your path to greatness. No doubt in our minds that you both will succeed." He chuckles to himself, as the door behind him opens. The man and his four soldiers, head through the doorway before it closes.


Issue #4: Guns Out


The Once Loyal Partner

Old Meeting.jpg

  K was known to having deals with ARGENT, mainly them being his supplier. But the several years following his escape and mercenary start, his work began to slow down. K was disturbed by the fact that a man with his talents was getting hardly any work. Though during one supply meet with ARGENT, a contract was brought up to K. This of course interested the mercenary, and he wanted to know the details. He was briefed about a researcher that went rogue, stealing a few power armor schematics, and other various technology specs. The ARGENT member informed K that they heard rumors of the man making a run to VIPER with the plans. K was told they wanted him to infiltrate the VIPER facility they believed the researcher to be. After he infiltrated the compound, he was to eliminate the man and retrieve the stolen data. There was no doubt in K's mind, this was the one contract he needed to get back on top. After discussing payment, K accepted the mission and made his preparations for the new assignment.

Old Killshot.jpg

  K ventured to an undisclosed VIPER facility in Canada, where ARGENT believed K's target went to. After K landed in Canada, he traveled up to a near mountain side, he set up a sniper post. He was out in the cold for a couple hours, watching the patrols and studying their every move. Once figuring out the exact order he would take them down, he made his move. Armed with a suppressed M24, he began to take out the patrols at the entrance to the small underground bunker. One after one the VIPER soldiers fell without the others noticing, leaving K with a good opening to enter. In K's mind, it wasn't necessary to take out the guards on patrol. He could have found a way around them, and enter the compound undetected. But no, he just felt like it was some needed payback. He made his way down the side of the mountain, and to the entrance gate. After scaling the wall blocking his path, he scavenged the dead VIPER soldiers for a key card to open the bunker doors. Bingo, he thought to himself after locating a card. The doors slowly slid open for the mercenary as he cracked his neck, knowing this would get entertaining for him. K knew that VIPER was aware someone had entered the bunker, so he took this into his actions. He moved quickly as the doors closed behind him, as he jogged down the slope leading into the VIPER bunker. Having his two pistols drawn, spotted the two guardsmen at the first checkpoint. They yelled taking aim at the charging intruder, as they began opening fire on him. K knew the glass of their helmets was weak. He wasted no time in taking aim at them, and without pause, took their lives. As he approached the door, he acquired a new key card off one of the dead guards. K swiped the card, and took aim at the door. After it opened, three more soldiers stood readying their weapons. However, it was to late for them. K swiftly opened fire upon the men. The mercenary strolled over the corpses and continued into the bunker. Before K realized it, he was closing in on his target. After several more dead VIPER soldiers, and disabling their facility security system, he made his way to the room he had yet to check. He opened the door and waltzed on in. Several researcher like figures were working, with a few VIPER guards posted nearby. Upon entering, the mercenary was instantly under fire. The researchers dropped out of their chairs onto the ground. Casually walking into the room, he took aim at the guards, and dropped them one at a time with a single bullet a piece. He grinned, walking around the room, putting each VIPER researcher down until he came to his target. The man begged K not to do it, but his reply was met with a cold projectile from K's gun.

Old ARGENT.jpg

  The lone mercenary made his way back to Millennium City after his successful mission. He was to meet with an ARGENT representative inside their headquarters. K presented a small metal case to the representative. Inside was a index finger from the target, and a flash drive containing the stolen schematics. ARGENT was very pleased with K's performance, and paid him his million dollar contract reward. The representative was told prior to ask K a question. He asked if the mercenary was interested in joining ARGENT as a enforcer of their operations. It didn't take long for K to accept, since they promised him would be paid very well for his work. In terms of his payment when working with ARGENT, he was also promised various prototype technology to work with in the field. Just what he needed, new toys to play with.


  Skipping to the present times, K has made a reputation with his outstanding track record on the success of his assassinations. The heads within the corporation knew, they made the right decision, over time. Though ARGENT wasn't the only one experiencing trouble with various figures and organization. Their business partners sought assist in the plagues that came to their front door steps, and the heads at ARGENT saw dollar signs. Figuring this was a good way to make cash, they came to the conclusion of hiring out their top operative to their partners. ARGENT began acting as Killshot contractor, as they would make a hefty sum of money from these situations. Killshot, of course, would be paid well for a job completed. This didn't bother the mercenary one bit, seeing how his business was starting to boom. K spent years venturing around the globe eliminating political leaders and corporation heads, in the name of blood money... The only type of currency Killshot accepts However, after the thirteen years that K spent taking out ARGENT's trash, the mercenary walked away from his employer. The reasons aren't clear, whether it was ARGENT who burned him, or K had a change in heart, or maybe Killshot finally got bored of ARGENT.

Bullet holes1.png
Bullet holes2.pngBullet holes1.pngBullet holes2.pngBullet holes1.png

P.R.I.M.U.S. Dossier (IC Section)

PRIMUS Heading.png

P.R.I.M.U.S. Classified Dossier #5802
Date Filed: June 22nd, 2011
Updated: August 24th, 2015



Killshot Sketch-1.jpgKillshot Sketch-2.jpg
*Facial composites of the subject, with and without his mask.*

Name: Franklin James Martin

Alias(es): Calls himself "K"

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

D.O.B.: 03/15/1960

Age: Fifty-five

Height: Six feet and three inches

Weight: Three hundred and seventeen pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin For Hire

Year(s) Active: First known assassination sighting in 1992. The subject has, presumed, close to twenty to thirty years of military experience.

Years Hunted: Twelve

Threat Level: BETA

Known Mutations/Powers: The subject's abilities are currently unknown. However due to the nature of his survivability, against our attempts to "neutralize" the subject, the theory is that he has some kind of enhanced healing capabilities. A part from the previous theory, we lack any other evidence that he possesses anything else.

Presumed Skill Set:
- Expert Marksman *So far as we can tell, he is unrivaled when engaged in a fire fight*
- Survival Expert
- Peak Physical Condition
- Escape Artist/Elusive
- Covert Ops Specialist
- Special Forces Training
- Guerrilla Fighter
- Sniper Training
- Brilliant Tactician
- Munitions Expert
- Trained in Espionage
- Skilled in Unarmed Combat

Information Collected: Of all the information, about the mercenary, we have gatherd; it is all still inconclusive. The subject manages to mask his movements and hide any record or account that he was really there. He is simply a "ghost", by the definition. His origin is still unknown; however he have some theories, with evidence, and believe to be close to figuring it all out. With a number of reports, we can indicate that he may be a former special operations member. If the reports are true, judging by his nationality, we would assume possibly the Special Air Service Regiment. His first known assassination, was a multiple homicide in Los Angeles, Californa back in the spring of 1993. With what little information gathered about the slowly rising mercenary, was that he soon expanded his contracts to targeting super-humans as well as his other target basis. He has since killed dozens of heroes, and various other super-humans. He was a sly one being off and on the grid, managing to avoid our attempts in locating him. He continuously would reveal himself only briefly, before the inevitable moment where he would vanish again. Only in 2001, did he come out of the shadows with what appeared to be new technology at his disposal. Some newer reports say that he has been working very closely with ARGENT for some time. The assumption that he is seems highly logical due to the advanced arsenal of weaponry and sophisticated technology at his current disposal. However the accuracy of these reports will remain inconclusive, until proven otherwise. Other than the standard possible links we have to several assassinations and acts of espionage, there is no other ties to his past.

File Note: *The target is considered highly dangerous, as most encounters with the subject have resulted in many injured and or deceased. However, the subject doesn't seem to act without being paid first. So long as you steer clear and don't attempt to subdue him, or stop his assignment, he shouldn't have a reason to come after you. Though if you decide on capturing the subject, majority of the attempts to subdue him has been met with failure. And with whatever successes we manage to get, he somehow escapes captivity. Proceed with Caution*

File Note: *The target, known as Killshot, was finally apprehended on January 29th, 2015 at 13:08. Subject was trying to acquire detailed information about one of our undisclosed locations. A team of specially trained P.R.I.M.U.S agents, along with a specifically requested U.N.T.I.L operative, were dispatched, and took the target into custody. Sadly, out of five man team, three P.R.I.M.U.S agents were K.I.A. The subject will be sent and locked away at Stronghold Prison, in the Maximum Security ward. The captive is to be going on trial, and then possibly to be extradited from the U.S, within the near future. *

File Update: *On August 23rd, Franklin J. Martin, the subject known as Killshot, escaped P.R.I.M.U.S and U.N.T.I.L forces. The subject was en route to Australia, where he was to be put on trial for his crimes. However, the transport never made it, as a third party was spotted freeing the captive. Killshot is to be taken with caution, and to be taken down with force.*

List of Possible Victims within the United States :
- JAMES DOUGLAS: Age at Death: 38
- DONALD ZIMMERMAN: Age at Death: 46
- ANGELA RANDALL: Age at Death: 28
- DERRICK THOMPSON: Age at Death: 19
- MICHAEL SKINNER: Age at Death: 35
- BRIAN WILSON: Age at Death: 32
- DAVID WILLIS: Age at Death: 35
- WILLIAM HUNT: Age at Death: 54
- BLAKE O'DONNELL: Age at Death: 41
- JONATHAN LAWRENCE: Age at Death: 32
- ALEXANDRA BLACK: Age at Death: 26
- RICHARD ACKERMAN: Age at Death: 56
- JUSTIN ACKERMAN: Age at Death: 22
- JANE DOE: Age at Death: ??
- LUCIANO MARINELLI: Age at Death: 53

List of Criminal Charges (Not All Charges are Listed):
- Aggravated Assault/Battery (?? Accounts)
- Theft/Larceny (?? Accounts)
- Bribery (?? Accounts)
- Arson (?? Accounts)
- Conspiracy to Commit Murder(s) (?? Accounts)
- Attempt of Murder(s) (?? Accounts)
- First Degree Murder(s) (70+ Accounts)
- Second Degree Murder(s) (150+ Accounts)
- Involuntary Manslaughter (?? Accounts)
- Computer Crimes (?? Accounts)
- Disturbing the Peace (?? Accounts)
- Public Endangerment (?? Accounts)
- Gun Trafficking (?? Accounts)
- Kidnapping (?? Accounts)
- Armed Robbery (?? Accounts)
- Assaulting an Officer (?? Accounts)
- Breaking and Entering (?? Accounts)
- Destruction of Property (?? Accounts)
- Escaping Police Custody (?? Accounts)

File Note: *Rather hard to pinpoint how many accounts the subject is to be charged with, since there is no definitive number. His assassinations are easier to figure out, as he tends to leave a very bloody mess when involving his target. Most of the subject's victims suffer an unfortunate demise, by a head shot from a .50 Caliber round. Most notably is that he uses custom made Kendrium rounds for assassinations; thus making it easier to narrow down the subject's victims.*

Wanted in the Following Countries (Not in Order):
- United States
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- France
- Ireland
- Canada
- Spain
- Austria
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Russia
- Greece
- Netherlands
- Israel
- China
- Japan
- Morocco
- South Korea
- Australia
- New Zealand
- India
- Mexico
- Brazil

File Note: *It is unknown what are the exact charges that he is wanted by, per country. For all we know he has one of each in every country on the planet. However that is U.N.T.I.L.'s problem, not ours. We know the subject has at least fifteen confirmed assassinations on American soil.*

Millennium City Police Department Audio Recording

Police Interrogation Walk.jpg

An audio recording from an old interrogation, of the mercenary, is found attached to the file database. Some security footage is attached, only aid it gives is a face. It is advised to listen to the tape, or read the transcript, in order to gain slight knowledge on the fugitive.

The recording begins to play for whoever is listening.

MCPD Detective: Today is June 17th 2006 at 5:18pm. I am here with the subject, who murdered James Douglas. He is calling himself, 'K'. This guy seems to be a bit of a mystery with his background.. His prints seem to have not gone through. Probably used some sort of chemical to remove them, some time ago. Which the subject has not been cooperating with the couple of previous talks.

The is a short five second pause before the detective decides to speak again.

MCPD Detective: Now, 'Mr. K', why did you do it?

K: Pardon me, mate, I am assumin' you believe I committed some kind of a crime?

MCPD Detective: Please don't make this any harder on yourself, than it already is.

K: Oh right, right, sorry.. Your sorry ass just wants to have it be a bit easier. So, you want me to plead guilty, right here and now. Again, sorry, ain't happenin' ya bloke.

MCPD Detective: We can place you at the scene of the murder, witnesses say they saw a masked man fleeing the scene. And...

K: Alright, let me just stop you there.. I am just going to be brief with these, explanations, right? One, you know for a fact you can't place me at the scene. Two, those 'witnesses', that you claim to have, are probably confirmin' the fact someone died in front of them. And three, I am honestly not goin' to be here to long, since well, I have a time card to keep too.

The sound of the detective's fist is heard as he slams it down on the table.

MCPD Detective: I am getting tired of you thinking this is some kind of joke! You murdered a man in cold blood!

K: I am sorry, but it wasn't in cold blood..

K would be raising his hands up to scratch his nose.

K: Fuckin' itch, I swear...

MCPD Detective: If I wasn't an officer, I'd shoot you right here and now..

K: So? Like it would do ya any fuckin' good.

The detective sighs, and shakes his head.

MCPD Detective: But, you were saying something about it wasn't in cold blood? Are you admitting that you killed this man?

K: No, I am just pointin' out that it wouldn't have been in cold blood, ya dumbass.

MCPD Detective: Excuse me?

K: Oh don't play Helen Keller with me, ya whacker. You just fail to see outside the fuckin' box, and that ain't my problem.

MCPD Detective: If you come clean, and inform us why you murdered Mr. Douglas. We might be able to reduce some of your sentence, if you do. Now just be serious and think about that.

K: Oh believe me, I have thought about this more than you realize.

MCPD Detective: Have you now?

K: Yup, in less than a minute I am goin' to get out of these handcuffs, come over there and take your gun. Then, I am going to do what I was paid to do.

The detective is heard chuckling

MCPD Detective: And what is that, I have to ask.

K: None of your damn business...

Unheard on the tape, but the power seems to have switched off in the Police Station. Now the lights are off in the interrogation room.

MCPD Detective: What the hell?! Get those lights back on!

The lights return on, after about a twenty second time frame. K has his elbows up on the table, rotating the wrist of his right hand. The detective quickly goes to draw out his pistol, and then aims it at K, standing up as he does so.

MCPD Detective: Freeze! Don't you think about moving another muscle!

K: You guys really need to learn a bit more. I only got caught, because I wanted somethin'. Now I am going to see to it that I acquire it. Which, this is goin' to be the part where you fire, and fail to kill me...

The sound of K's chair is heard moving across the floor, as he leaps up and across the table at the detective. Three gun shots are heard over the tape, and a struggle can now be heard.

K: I would say I am sorry, but I'm actually not...

A single gunshot is heard, as a body is heard thudding to the hard floor. The door is heard opening, and two more shots echo on the tape followed by two more bodies falling to the ground. K speaks directly into the recorder.

K: End of a failed interrogation...

The recording has ended.

Bullet holes1.png
Bullet holes2.pngBullet holes1.pngBullet holes2.pngBullet holes1.png

In The Life Of...

(X-pelled Storyline)


 It was a dull random week in the fall for K, in 2011. He received a notice in system about a possible job, along with a designated meeting location. With nothing else better to do with his time, he went to the specified location details. There at the disclosed meeting point, was a woman of Asian descent. K could tell by just looking at her, that she was a VIPER operative. They met with a cloaked man, not revealing his face or other parts of his body. He told them his name was Professor Hawke, and that he had a job for them. K only chuckled at the man, wondering why he should bother working with someone from VIPER. Hawke assured him, that the pay out for the two would be well worth their time, if they could handle the tasks. Still displeased with it all, he accepted the contract as did Blood Virus. They were instructed that one a specific day, they were to break into the Battle of Detroit Museum. Once there, they were to steal certain encrypted data that was very valuable to Hawk. K didn't want to really bother with petty thievery, but it was part of the contract. The two operatives managed to get themselves in the Museum hooking up a device given to them, by Hawke, to the old database system. Doctor Destroyer had stolen some important files while he had Detroit under his iron fist, and Hawke wanted what his back. They waited a few minutes for the encrypted coding to get cracked by the state of the art hacking tool, but they had what they needed once it was done. They begun to head for the exit, when the X-pelled Academy, a school for young super-humans, was on a field trip there. Damn, so a group of kids discovered them? K wasn't going to let them and their teachers stop him from completing his job. They students and teachers acted out against the two operatives, launching their attempt to subdue them. In K's head he asked himself, why do they even bother to try? He knew that they would just end up like the rest who have tried, injured or dead. He and Blood Virus made their own moves back at the group, injuring a few of the students and a teacher. Once the class begun to head to their injured, the two made a run for it.

  The two met with the so called Professor Hawke. "Good", the man said as he received the data that was stolen from him. K wanted to know why a class of super-humans were there, but it turned out to be part of the plan. Hawke informed the two that he had a personal grudge against the Director of the X-pelled Academy. He never explained what exactly it was, but all K knew was that Hawke was set on turning Carolina's creation on her. The next part of his plan though, was to assault the students of the Academy. K of course feeling like an idiot for accepting this now. K, a world class assassin, lowered to taking on young learning super-humans? K only grew agitated with the thought, wanting to kill the man who employed them. Then his mind set in, at least it is an easy job to get paid on. K didn't want to plan any of this, rather let Blood Virus take the heat for any failed planning. So leaving it all up to the so called VIPER agent, she planned their attacks and abductions. Hawke wanted to make it look like a group of Anti-Superhuman Terrorists was targeting the students of the school. For a week, Blood Virus and K targeted students for Hawke. In the students darkest hours, Hawke would show up to aid the terrified students and try to help them. All in hopes to turn Carolina's students against her. However one day, the two hired guns were attacked by two students by the names, Jeremy and Havoc. Jeremy and Havoc had found out that someone by the same alias that Blood Virus had used, was living near the school. The four battled it out at the apartment complex. Several minutes into the fight, Hawke showed up and blew his cover. He told his two hires to leave, because this was part of the plan. Jeremy and Havoc were confused, as K and Blood Virus left the scene.

  Hawke set up another meeting the following week, scolding the two for what they made him do. He proceeded to calm down, and told them that there was one final task. The Academy was setting up for a Thanksgivings Day Party down in Vibora Bay, Florida. He knew the location of the party, and informed them it was to be held on the S.S. Bayou Queen. The two were instructed about their last mission, rig the ship with enough explosives to blow it sky high. Killing all the students and teachers inside during the encounter. This was to happen when Hawke gave the signal, for K and Blood Virus to detonate the explosives. The two mercenaries made their way down from Michigan to Florida, by car. K knew this whole contract was going to end in failure, with Hawke and his endeavor. He knew Hawke was going off the deep end with it all. But K and Blood Virus did as instructed, when no one was at the ship, they planted C4 and various explosives. Finally, the Thanksgivings Day Party was happening. The two operatives were some distance away, watching the ship and waiting for Hawke's so called signal. K is still unsure what happened in there, but all he saw was police cars arriving at the scene. Hawke come out, being handed over to the authorities. K tosses the detonator into the water and walks away, leaving Blood Virus. To him, if there was no pay then there was no boom for the buck. After the whole failed contract, on his employer's part, K returned to his real employer for some work.

(Night Raine Storyline)

Killshot Amaya.jpg

Issue #1: Greetings Evermore City, My Name is K

The sun was low in the sky crescent upon the horizon. The mercenary was laid-back behind the wheel of a 2012 Dodge Durango that he had procured. A woman by the name of Amaya Gardner was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Leaving suddenly the previous morning, to reach a city on the east coast ten hours away, had taken a toll on her. Amaya was nervous about the whole idea of returning back to Evermore City, because she had left there for a reason. They had discussed prior to departure, about her past relations with the city and facing those fears that chased her away. K was at two minds with himself; one knew what she had to deal with from her past, but the other half just wanted to have some good old fashioned violence. His obsession with murder had been growing more and more as of late, but it wasn't anything he could help. He looked over at her, as he was driving through a run downed section of the city. A few towering skyscrapers off in the distance, the morning sun reflecting off the windows.

"We're here," he said to her as she had begun to wake.

She slouches in her seat, not really wanting to believe the man. But she could tell by looking around, that he was speaking the truth. K was turning the wheel, heading down to another street. Graffiti lined the worn brick walls of various buildings. Pedestrians passed each other on the sidewalk, some bumping into others. Glancing out her window, Amaya witnessed one man walking up to another. The man, no doubt a gang member of sorts, cocked his arm back. He hurled his right clinched fist at the other person, who was on his cell and minding his own business.

"Where we're stayin’ is only a minute out," he said as he interrupted her train of thought.

She notices what looked like a motel sign for a ‘Bed & Breakfast Motel’. Pulling the SUV into the motel parking-lot; he found an empty parking spot. It was a barren lot, with only a couple cars scattered about. He wanted a spot near the middle of the two story motel complex. K drove past a spot slowly, but very quickly set the car into reverse. The man in the round red tinted shades, made sure he had a quick get-away plan. He turns off the ignition, and looks at her, opening the driver side door.

"Stay 'ere and watch the car, I'll be back with the keys." He tells her as he steps out from the vehicle, taking the keys with him.

She just sighs, knowing this isn’t exactly the best part of town. K hears the passenger door open in the distance, as he continues walking to the front office door.

A bell chimes throughout the room, as he pushes the see-through metal framed door open. K glances around, not seeing much; a few horribly uncomfortable chairs along the wall, dreadful scenery artwork, and the front desk that had a few pamphlets for visitors. Tilting his head as he begins to stares at one of them, ‘Welcome to Evermore City, the city of today!’ Well, at least Millennium isn’t the only place claiming this, he proceeded through his head.

“Can I help you?” Asks an elderly looking man, slightly hunched over, as he walks from a room from behind the desk.

"Yea, I have rooms under the name, Mister Sydney." He says pushing the shades very slightly up the bridge of his nose, watching the old timer carefully.

The older gentlemen turns around, waddling back to where he just was in the backroom.

Rolling his eyes, as the wrinkled man vanishes from sight, “Great,” he thought to himself.

He has to wait on someone who can barely walk around; yeah this is going to go over well. K can only hope that nothing is going on outside, with Amaya and their way out of the city. A few minutes pass by, before the man returns with the two sets of keys in hand.

“Checkout is at noon, on Sunday, Mister Sydney.” The old man behind the desk lets him know, as he hands the keys over.

Taking the keys in hand, he just stares at the man for a brief moment, before turning around. Taking a few steps over to the exit, he can’t help but think of how much he needed this trip. Sure he had work to do for ARGENT, but this was more on a personal level. Not every day you get to take down an entire mafia organization. He stuffs the keys into his coat pocket, placing the other hand on the pull bar. A gust of the morning wind swoops in, as he pulls open the chiming door. The wind blows the tails of his finely made red cloth trench coat.
He leaves the office, the door slowly closing itself behind him, inhaling the morning city air. It is nice to get a whiff of another industrialist, and horrible, city's scent, that isn’t filled with heroes. Something catches his attention, as he looks to the SUV. He notices a man, younger gentleman with brown hair, from the looks of it. He was standing near the rear end of the car, with what appeared to be a wide grin on his face. No doubt now that he had friends with him. K chuckled to himself with pleasure, as he knew he was going to have some fun with this. He took his sweet time walking over to aid the woman he came here with.

“Snap the neck? No, to easy; maybe scare the hell out of them on the spot, with lesser means,” K’s mind was at battle with itself over how to handle them.

As he moved closer he heard chatter, from Amaya and someone else. Sounded like a kid who needed to be taught a lesson in manners, mainly to never try and steal a vehicle owned by someone who kills for a living. He got a glimpse of who she was talking too, as he drew closer to the crowded car. A man with a shaved head and in a black leather spiked jacket with patches stitched on; he had his arm extended and pointed at his companion. The man was most likely holding a knife, or maybe a handgun, judging by how he held out his arm. It was obvious though, they wanted either Amaya or the Durango. K stops right behind the younger man, as he leans to the side for a moment, looking at the group leader. He arches his back in order to crack his back. Soft and quiet pops come out of the action, and boy was K disappointed by it. He was hoping to catch their attention with some loud metallic like pops of his spine. He shrugs to himself, as he reaches into his trench coat. From the chest harnessed holster, he pulls one of his custom-built ARGENT pistols. He gets a nice firm hold on the grip of the gun, as he looks to his soon to be meat shield. He wraps his left arm around his newly acquired victim. His grip fighting the urge to crush the man's windpipe.

“Shh…” The mercenary hushes the thug, as he casually takes aim with his pistol.

The gang leader, laughing at a conversation he was having with his other accomplice on the other side of the car. He calls out to his friend, who went quiet on him.

“Frankie?” He asks chuckling, as he turns his head with a wide grin on his face.

The once happily grinning look was soon replaced with a more pale and horrified disbelief. K saw what the man was holding now, a puny little switchblade. But on the other end, the grease-ball couldn’t exactly tell what their assailant was looking at. Only thing that baldie knew, was that there is a gun pointed at him. K glances up to the shocked expression he caused.

“W-Who are yo-?” The bladed man stutters in an attempt to ask, but he was interrupted by a gunshot.

A bullet went straight through the extended right wrist of the wielder. Blood flys out from the exit wound, as gravity soon takes hold of it.

“My hand, he shot my fucking hand!” The thug leader cries out, as he no longer has a grip to hold onto the knife.

The bald man sways due to the blood pouring from his veins. All of a sudden, he collapses to his knees, blood trickling down his hand and fingers. Probably feeling very light headed due to the blood loss. A young black haired teenager runs over, out from the cover of the Durango, to aid his bleeding friend.

"If I ever see ya faces again, I’ll pop a bullet in all ya heads," he reassured the thugs before removing his arm from around the neck of his captive. “Now piss off,” commands the group of dimwitted young thugs.

Amaya just watches the scene that unfolded in front of her, as the two guys lean down to pick up their injured third. Like dogs with their tails tucked between their legs, as they make their way back to the world of scumbags. She watches them chased off by the lone gunman who brought her back to the city. He finally comes into her sights, and all he does is takes another sniff of the air.

“You didn’t have to fucking put a bullet into him, you know?” She does her best to keep her posture, trying to stand up to the heartless mercenary.

Taking a brief glance at the woman, he turns his back to her. Does his coldness know no bounds? It is a question that seems to be raised a lot with him. Something that still seems noted when dealing with him; is that he doesn’t care for the life of others, or at least so it seems. He takes a couple steps over, holstering the stainless steel death machine back into its leather home. Reaching into his pants pocket, with the hand not holding anything, he pushes the ‘Unlock’ button a couple times. The clicking of the lock assured K that his goodies were awaiting him inside. His hand leaves the confined space of the khaki cargo pants. Feeling something on his finger tips, he flicks his fingers of the pocket lint that had cluttered up from within.

“Right…” He mutters to himself, as he remembers the room keys. He pads himself down, just for the hell of things, before reaching into his coat pockets. Not worrying which key he pulled out, he just randomly removes one and tosses it over. Amaya holds her hands out, to catch the key that she’ll have to use. “Come get ya thin’s, and go to your's. I’ll get you when we start later ta’night.” He instructs her in an almost tired or exhausted tone.

One can wonder how much sleep someone like him gets, but it sure isn’t enough. She slides her index finger through the key ring, as she walks over to the back of the vehicle. She is greeted with K grabbing and handing her the suitcase she packed for unknown length of stay. She really doesn’t want to bother him by saying anything; she just slowly nods before pulling out the handle to walk her suitcase. He watches her stroll away, wondering how she’ll handle the events that will no doubt be taking place tonight. He leans into the trunk, taking hold of the dufflebag’s handles. The main thought on his mind, however, isn’t that of Amaya. He can’t help but think; how many are going to die exactly? He places his hand up onto the trunk door, over head, and brings it down in a slam.

Issue #2: One Bad Man, Against The City

The sun quickly descended into the horizon, as a quarter moon soon rose to takes its place in the sky. The sky glowed with the lights that beamed up from the city.

“Ah, the nightlife, how enjoyable…” He mutters to himself in a tone that would feel of sarcasm.

He stares out of the motel room’s window, looking at the street lamp lit sidewalks and road. Very few seem to be roaming by now; whether it was due to the incident he caused earlier or if it is due to the crime that happens at night. The question remains on his mind, how many would die just tonight alone. He shakes his head thinking the number wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the thought. He turns away from the window, with a pistol in hand. He stands at the ready, wearing his tactical clothing. His infamous dark red and brown-leather lined Kevlar vest is fastened and secure. There was no way he was going to be losing this baby. He inserts his index finger in the trigger guard, as he begins to twirl it around. How he loves to do this; it makes him feel like he was an outlaw in the Wild West. Always on the run from the law, who is doing their best to track him down and hang him, for his sinister crimes. A smirk forms on his lips, as he ceases the spinning, shoving the pistol into a red gun holster on his right leg. Turning around to face the door, he walks over to the coat rack to grab hold of his coat. His trench coat hung off of the old wooden thing. K couldn’t help but think of how old this place was, mainly wondering how long that desk man had been working here. He shakes his head of the thoughts. He lifts his coat up off the rack, and slides his arms through the sleeves. He heads to the door, proceeding to open and shut it as he exits the room.

Upon exiting his room he looks at the door to his left, Amaya’s motel room. Hopefully she rested up some more, for what could be some sleepless nights to come. He takes a couple steps over, standing in front of the maroon colored door. He raises his fist up, and bangs on the door. If she was sleeping, the loud ruckus coming from the door would soon wake her.

“What is it?” She yells from behind the door, from what he could tell she was towards the back of her room.
“Hurry up because we’re goin’ out for a night on the town.” His masks the sarcasm behind the tone of a casual but firm sounding voice.

The motel door soon opens in front of him, Amaya walks out from the darkness of her room, still looking ever so nervous about what is to come. Does she dare ask him to return to Millennium? She knows he brought her all the way out here, he sort of made his point with it. Her mind began to dwell on her thoughts prior to her packing, the regret about wanting to come out here. Though she knew it wouldn’t matter, since he wasn’t going to listen, either way.

“Where are we going?” She asks him in curious tone, waiting for him to head off to where ever he planned on taking her.

“Not a damn clue, so ya need to point me in the right direction.” His tone changed to a more serious one. It was pretty obvious he was focused on who needed to be dealt with, tonight.

K nods towards the parking lot, as he steps down the curb. She follows closely behind after him, trying to think of what to say to him. She hadn’t been here for a while, what if place has changed? Not the time to assume that it has, because she has to face what is to come their way. Well, at least one person in the duo has too.
She remembers that there was a club not too terribly far from here, “So, there is a club that is just down the road from here. Marino’s thugs tend to do business around there.” She tells him in a flat tone.
K slows down for her to take the lead, “Fine, then lead the way, sheila.”

The two past various buildings and alleys, as they every step brought them closer to the supposed nightclub. The neon-lights from the pawnshops or the liquor stores, add some color to the streets they walk. But still doesn’t divert to how trashy it was in the heart of it all. There was a sort of easement with K, walking through here. Violence scattered about the city, and no one does anything to stop it? Well, it would come to no surprise with the police in the pockets of the mafia, no doubt. The so called law enforcement, or even the so called gangs of this city, wouldn’t be about to handle a force like K. A world-class assassin set loose into a city where killing is free game to him, and no one has a chance in stopping him? A sinister smirk appears across his lips, as he follows behind, Amaya.

She turns the corner, with K following shortly after her. Thumping beats come from within building, and a line outside that spans half a block. The mafia owned nightclub, huh? This should be an interesting one, but he wasn’t planning on going in there. He looks around the place, for any other notable paths of interest. Bingo, a darkened alleyway right next to the large club.

He breaks off from her, as she turns around to look at him, “Where are you going?” She inquires following after him.

“Workin’…” He says in a cold and quiet tone, but it was muffled over the loud thumps coming from the club.

Instinct drew him into the narrowed section that was the back ends of the club. The killer within him could tell something somewhere was back here. K began to glance about, as he casually walks down the passage way which led to another street. A grey mangy cat hisses, arching its back at K in defense of its territory. However, as he drew closer to the alley cat, it quickly skews away making for a dumpster nearby. The mercenary’s attention was focused on an off-shoot in the alley, as he made his way over. Voices were heard on the other side, faint under the sound of the club music. K peered around the corner, to see what was happening.

Down the dead end was the back entrance of the club, an industrial light hangs above the door. Under the light that was beaming down, stood a rather muscular goon in what looked like a black t-shirt and khaki slacks. K could tell he was standing roughly at almost seven feet tall, and appeared to be kicking the life out of the injured patron on the ground, just outside the rear club door. Walking around the brute was a smaller gentleman by comparison, wearing a business suit. Pretty obvious to K, at this point, on who was the puppet and who was pulling the strings. That big guy wasn’t going to be a problem and it was time to send a message to this organization. K was in town, and they best hide while they could.
He turns his head to get a glimpse of Amaya, “Stay right here…” He orders her as he reaches into his trench coat, pulling out of pistol.

K was starting to wonder when the first set of prey would show up for him. Like a lion stalking its prey, he walks very slowly in the shadows of the alley. He switches the safety off, as he tucks his other hand back inside to a coat pocket. Out from the inside of his coat comes a silencer for his instrument of death. No need to cause an alarm to the surrounding area. He places it over the barrel, as he screws it securely on.

“Time to play then…” He grins at the mischievous thought, taking slow steps as he lowers the pistol down to his waist line.

The shorter man laughs, looking down at the person on the ground, in mockery for something he did. “What are you looking at, you piece of shit, huh?” He questions the man on the ground, who seems to be staring off into the darkness of the alley.

With a cordially chuckle, he looks over to where the helpless soul was gazing at. There stood a black silhouette of someone, but who was it? Why is this guy just standing there watching? Oh well, it didn’t matter to him, “Jimmy! Go take out that bozo for me, I can handle this mutt.”

“Yeah, sure thing boss,” says the towering brute as he turns to head down the alley. He smashes a fist into the palm of his other hand, only try and up the intimidation factor.

K tilts his head to the left, as he perks a brow watching the behemoth walks over. Was he really trying to scare him? Wasn’t exactly going to work, but hey why not try right?

Jimmy speaks louder in an effort and talk over the music coming from the club. “So you know I am going to have to break you-…” One impact of bullet interrupts him in mid-sentence. One bullet after another, hits the poor brute. The third shot to the head, sent him backwards to collapse onto the ground.

It ran through K’s mind, three shots; one for the heart, one for his windpipe, and the last for his brain. He resumed continuing forward, slowly emerging out from the darkness that concealed him.

The sound of his minion thudding to the hard cement below sent the capo into a state of worry. Who does this guy think he is to kill one of ours? Does he have a death wish? “Hey dumbass, who the fuck do you think ya are huh?” He points his finger at the mysterious killer, who only steadily walks closer to him.

As he steps futher towards the light that shines down over the mafia suit, a small fraction of it reflects off the red lens of his shades. It flashes in the slowly fading darkness, as K reveals himself to the criminal.

“W-Wait… W-Why do you look familiar?” The now frightened suit begins to slowly step the opposite way of deranged man coming towards him.

The Australian doesn’t bother to say a word he just squeezes the trigger once. A muffled shot leaves his pistol, as a bullet finds its way to the Italian’s knee cap.

“Shit!” He yells as he grabs his right knee, “Fucking hell man! Fuck you, fuck y-…” He trails off, as the mercenary stands over him with his pistol pointed down right at him.

“Oh why don’t ya just take a wild shot in the dark, as ta who I am…” The mercenary says in a cold, almost emotionless, taunting tone.

It finally hits the injured man after a several seconds, “I… I… am fucked… You’re that contract killer, guy, aren’t ya. I mean… K-kill-,” His pitch heightens as K presses the barrel of the suppressor into the man’s wound, “Killshot, fuck stop!”

“Well, I’ll give ya that since ya’re right on the money, for an idiot. Now, tell me where ya fat pig of a boss is…” He twists the barrel very slowly in a half circular motion, as he is crouched beside his victim.

“Fuck you, ya kangaroo fucker! I ain’t gonna tell you shit!” He yells at the man with the gun, before spitting on K’s face.

The Australian reaches up and wipes the saliva from his cheek, “Really now… Resortin’ ta that kind of actions… Okay…” He trails off as he squeezes the trigger once again.

“FUCK!” The downed capo yells as loud as he could, as the bullet went straight through again. “God fuck you!” He begins to breathe very heavily as his heart races.

“Well, since ya ain’t gonna be easy ta cooperate with…” He removes the barrel from the man’s leg, and aims it at his head.

“Alright, alright! Just, kill me and I’ll tell ya alright?” The capo says as he holds his hands up, wincing as he lets go of his wound.

“No promises, now talk…” K demands the man, still keeping his gun aimed.

“Alright… Well in a couple days, there is a meeting down at the docks. Some warehouse that is all I know man.” He shakes as panic begins to consume his thoughts.

“Better, now here’s a message for your boss…” He gets ready to pull the trigger again
“No no n-!” A muffled gunshot and a bullet to the man’s head, the capo’s now lifeless head holds an ‘o’ with his lips, as it falls down to the cement below bouncing for a brief moment with the sudden impact.

The cold blooded mercenary gets up on his feet again, looking at the blood on his pistol. He brings it close to his trench coat to wipe off the fresh splats of blood. Wrapping his with the cloth of his coat, he polishes what he can. But there was still the man who was being beaten.

The poor soul was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, “T-thank you sir, I don’t know how to repay you.” The young looking man says to the killer with the red shades.

“Yeah yeah…” K says as he turns around pointing the pistol into the less than fortunate man’s direction. Two barely visible muzzle-flashes leave the pistol, as the man is hit twice in the chest. K begins to make his way back to Amaya, finally after his interrogation was over.

Blood slowly trails out of the now dead club patron’s mouth.

Issue #3: A Deadly Snakebite


Issue #4: The Tower Falls




Shockingly enough some people, that K knows, aren't mercenaries or villains. Some are just people who are civilians, or neutral super-humans. These encounters tend to be rare though, since normal civies aren't worth K's time.

  • Night Raine - Amaya is an average woman, who had angelic powers pass downed to her, and works at Sherrera's Irish Pub as a bartender. K has been known to help her out, in some situations involving things hunting her, being a sort of guardian. She became one of the rare occasions where K will do some kind of good. Granted it isn't publicly known, but K has been known to visit her. Whether it be to check up on her, to make sure she was alright, or for possible other reasons.

  • "The Broker" - This individual, who calls his or herself "The Broker", is K's personal contact for work. Through secured and almost untraceable networks the two coordinate jobs and discuss details. Who knows who else this information broker works for.

  • "The Middle Men" - A mysterious group of individuals, who handle contract hiring for employers around the globe. They run what is known as "The Bounty Board", which is an international contract killing board that attracts the attention of individuals who wish to make their bank accounts expand. Not much is known about the individuals within the organization, other than they seem like an odd bunch.

    These are the few mercenaries, and other persons working for ARGENT, that K or ARGENT calls upon when their assistance is needed.

  • Chlorella - This ACI experiment was stolen by ARGENT, in an attempt to utilize it into a weapon. She was "enlisted" into ARGENT, as a trainee under K, to further her capabilities in combat. She is still new to the whole mercenary underground, but K plans on making her into a weapon ARGENT can rely on.

    Since K is a villainous gun for hire, he has worked for various groups; terrorist groups, governments, organizations. And of course he has worked with other villains.

  • Lord Haywire - The robotic overlord of the NOL, New Order Legion. K has met with this metallic leader a few times, but only recently has Haywire begun to hire Killshot. K has doubts about Haywire, since he doesn't trust any form of global conqueror types. Certain issues had arose, that the assassin felt someone tipped the heroes off. The only individual who knew anything, was Haywire. However, unless Haywire K a good enough reason to rain hell on his robotic horde, then there is no action that will be taken against this business partner.

  • Doctor Kaufmann - Formerly Number Five, on the infamous Bounty Board, Kaufmann made a reputation of being swift and precise when it came to his assassinations. He was a noted rival of Killshot for a long time. Until recently, when Kaufmann decided to get out of the Contract Killing business. It came as a surprise, to K after being freed from P.R.I.M.U.S, that his rival gave it up. Now, Kaufmann has turned into a druglord, selling his serum to willing customers. Seems to be a thriving business, considering Kaufmann has his own gang of men now. This now left K has the new Number Five, and owing Kaufmann a favor, for reasons.

  • REDACTED - A shape-shifting mercenary, who has a good track record of breaking into fortified locations. REDACTED can morph his body, even down to his fingerprints and the iris of his eyes, to allow him access into various security points with ease. Though, he has been changing for so long, no one even knows what he really looks like. But one thing is sure, REDACTED has proven to be very slippery with different law enforcements, around the globe.



    Working as a mercenary for hire, K isn't the only one of his profession. He does have a number of years over his competitors, which gives him an advantage, but not everyone hires Killshot. It is a tricky world to be apart of, with temporary alliances where partners will back stab each other for the highest pay out. Everyone will try to climb over one another to become the next Taipan, but K even doubts his abilities to be that good. The mercenaries and assassins below are some of Killshot's rivals and partners.
    ((If you would like your mercenary's name listed below, feel free to message me in-game!))

  • Blood Virus - A bio-corrosive VIPER Operative that has worked with K. Virus, through genetic experimentation, possesses the unique ability to cause fatal internal, and some external, trauma to the human body with a simple touch. Killshot knows she is possibly very dangerous to him, and doesn't want to risk her getting close, on a wrong footing. This VIPER Operative is also the squad leader of the lesser known VIPER black operations group, The Night Adders. The last time K saw Virus, the two were paid to cause trouble for the X-pelled Mutant Academy. The end game for the contract went sour, with their employer being hasty and getting caught.

  • The Rattler - S isn't one of K's competitors, but more of a personal problem to the assassin. Some call him Snakebite, and others call him The Rattler. S was part of the super assassin program from the late 1980's, which K was originally apart of. This Ex-Delta Force member was the other sole survivor of the program, along with K, who managed to survive the ordeal. However, unlike Killshot, S remained loyal to his gracious new leader, the Supreme Serpent. Now a member of the VIPER black operations group, The Night Adders, S spends his time doing VIPER's sidetasks, and hunting his former partner. This VIPER Operative, is an excelled close quarters combatant, proficient mainly in swordplay and hand to hand combat.

  • Mechassassin - A freelance mercenary who uses power armor in response to his lack of powers. Mechassassin ranks highly on the Bounty Board. Secretly he was contracted by K's employer for work in 2009. The two haven't crossed into gun fights, yet.

  • Deadman Walkin' - One of the highest paid assassins at a point in time, until his death. However, this is one assassin who never stays dead, for unknown magical reasons. Killshot has never had the privilege to try and take out the undead man. Still, it is a thought in the back of K's head, who would win?



    Since K works for a villain-like organization, he has fought a good number of heroes. Some heroes got lucky in an encounter with K, and made it out alive. So these are some heroes that should watch their backs, and not sleep so often.

  • Night Spider - A former student of X-pelled Mutant Academy, now turned hero. James has had a couple encounters with K, and was beaten severely by the mercenary. James managed to live each encounter, only due to the fact K was under strict orders not to kill any students. Their paths crossed again back in April of 2013, when K shot out James's left shoulder while the mercenary was on a contract to kill a Detective.

  • The Nexus Force - This group of young heroes had the unfortunate privilege of crossing paths with Killshot. The first encounter did not go well for the team of heroes, as K ambushed and bested a few of their members. However, the second time around, they came relatively prepared for a fight with the assassin. They managed to foil his attempt at killing Night Spider.

  • Kid Ballistic - A young vigilante, with a knack for shooting at things. Sid had the unfortunate time of crossing paths with the assassin. K was contracted to send the Purple Gang a message, that was to not mess around with the employer. But Sid stumbled onto K murdering six gang members, and then decided to play hero. Putting up a stubborn fight, for the assassin, K managed to choke the poor boy, unconscious.

  • Congo Savanne - This U.N.T.I.L Operative, is the reason why K was put behind bars, recently. It wasn't the first time that K had fought the Haitian. Their first encounter, K tried to subdue the subject, but was beaten which allowed Congo to escape. The second was on a classified P.R.I.M.U.S operation, where he managed to take down K, after the assassin had killed three agents.
    Bullet holes1.png
    Bullet holes2.pngBullet holes1.pngBullet holes2.png

    Various types of people: civilians, businessmen, political figures, and villains.

  • President of the Democratic Republic of Saint Hope, Hernan Maurell - One of K's latest targets, he survived due to hero intervention. The Australian assassin gave his word, after being paid partially, that the man would die. The contract was mainly about framing a native terrorist group, from Saint Hope, in trying to kill Maurell. Neither part of his mission was successful. This president, and possibly the hero that prevented K from kill him, has one upset killer that is going to be coming. Killshot is going to live up to his word, one way or another.

    Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Regeneration - Through genetic experimentation conducted by VIPER, the once test subject received a healing factor. The healing factor gained from the experiment was a heavily accelerated one, allowing him to live through almost impossible situations. The amount his body can heal and at the rapid pace it heals at, he is almost unkillable. If parts of his body are blown to bits, he can regenerate lost tissues and bone. However if he manages to lose a limb, it may take some time to regrow that part. If he is shot to hell and back, his body will push the bullets from his wounds and near instantly heal the holes. If a limb is managed to be sliced off, he will reattached the cut limb to the wound. Though the full extent of his healing abilities is unknown, but what is known is that he is one mercenary who will not stay down and die!
  • Inhuman Conditioning - The mercenary has spent years training his body to be better. The effects of his training were slightly enhanced by various experiments conducted by VIPER in the late 1980's. The experiments accelerated his nervous system and augmented his muscle structure to the point of inhuman conditioning.

    Strength:He workouts every other day lifting, on average, roughly seven hundred to seven hundred and fifty pounds. seven and fifty pounds is not his limit however, he can go up to a little under two tons.

    Stamina: His stamina is remarkable as he could go on non-stop for fifteen hours before he even considers throwing in the towel, due to exhaustion.

    Speed: His running speed is clocked at about thirty-five miles per hour, but can sprint up to almost sixty-five miles per hour.

    Reflexes: As stated his nervous system was enhanced, allowing him greater reflexes. His body can send neuron messages much faster than the average human to process body functions faster. Which grants him a near superhuman reaction time. Whether it be grabbing objects thrown at him in midair or quickly dodging melee attacks, he will surely respond with an attack of his own shortly after.

    Sensory System: Not all of his senses are at inhuman levels, but his sight and hearing are. K's sight is very keen, meaning he could fire a bullet in between moving obstructions at fast speeds. His eyes are capable of seeing, to some extent, in total darkness. Though the darkness can be deceiving at times. His hearing is superb, as he could hear the quietest squeak in the floor, almost four rooms away. It is very hard to sneak up on this man, let a lone try to get him from a far.

    Agility: This mercenary is very nimble and agile. He can move past or up obstacles and evade attacks with almost most no trouble. Even jumping from building top to another building top isn't too much trouble, only if the other roof is within fifty feet of him that is.

    Rattler vs Killshot.jpg

  • Expert Marksman - During his military days he was always known to be a talented marksman. He spent most of his time, apart from running drills and training, at the gun range. He would spend hours honing his skill with various firearms at the base. He was one of the few soldiers in the ADF's, Australian Defense Force, history to complete the Advanced Marksmanship "Live Fire" seminars to receive the sought after crossed-rifles badge. Even after that accomplishment, he was shipped to a sniper school in the United States. There his talent only grew, as he was able to calculate distances of him to targets. Once he had begun his mercenary and contract killing career he joined up with a technology based powerhouse company, known as ARGENT. They allowed him to test prototypes of various kinds, one being an early model of his Retina Display System. He wanted this gadget to himself, because it made him far more deadly as a trained sniper. It was a personal data system that gave him the information needed to make very long distanced shots. He would tell you that it basically doubled, maybe tripled, his capabilities as a shooter.
  • Master Tactician and Strategist - One of the reasons K is a force to fear, he is known to outwit and play his foes. He does his background research on the various heroes he has to target. Whether it be learning about their powers or whatever dirt he can uncover about their past, he will do his best to exploit it. He may even use loved ones of the target just to play their emotions; to either anger them into a frenzy or to lower their guard for an easy kill. He is a known opportunist, as he will take whatever advantage he gets in order to fulfill a contract. If a chance arises for a critical moment, he will make the most of it. He is always adapting to whatever is in front of him. Even if that something prevents him from accomplishing his work, he will figure out a new course of action in order to deal with the threat. It makes no difference to him, he will do what it takes in order to receive his method of payment.
  • Stubborn Mind - K being subjected to various forms of torture and interrogation techniques performed by VIPER, he developed a strong mind frame. He is resistant to most attempts to break his will, due to him able to endure large amounts of pain. If all else fails, then his captors will most likely turn to telekinesis to try and steal information. VIPER put him through some of the worst brain trauma ever due to these tests. But it made his mind far tougher to get into in the process.
  • Hand to Hand Combat - K was trained in a few styles of unarmed combat, but never really went passed those. His main focus of unarmed combat is a mix of Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Eskrima, Krav Maga, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and Street Brawling. He managed to mix all the elements of these various styles into his own style of fighting, and one would jokingly call it "Gun-fu". His method of mixed gun and hand to hand isn't to be taken lightly. He aims to kill you, at which point he'll just kick your teeth in before a bullet soon follows. Which he has taken to fighting opponents more skilled in martial arts, than he. However with quick thinking and reaction timing, he counters his foes and beats them to a pulp, jsut before putting a bullet into their brain. In other training, he was taught how to be an effective killer and how to survive. These methods involved severing various vital points, and puncturing certain organs, with such precision. He targets these various weak points on the human body in a series of strikes, or knife slashes. The mix of VIPER and SASR training, has developed K into a very efficient killing machine.
  • Killer Instinct - Having done this job for so long, and with the paranoia he suffers with, he has become accustom to getting an odd feeling at times. This usually comes along when he figures that this would be an ample time for another killer to have an edge against him, even though K doesn't exactly see his foe. But when this so called killer like instinct kicks in, it makes the mercenary begin the quick process of plotting possible locations and points of attack against him.
  • Viperium Flex Alloy-laced bones - K has gone through two procedures involving the durable metal created by VIPER, viperium flex alloy. The first enhancement being when VIPER laced K's spinal column in order to reinforce him after an incident with S, where the Australian was halved. In order to prevent further situations they conducted the final surgery on the soldier. The second enhancement was a number of years after Killshot joined ARGENT. They purposed to K that they finish the metal lacing, to ensure his deadliness. Stolen viperium flex alloy soon found itself laced to the rest of K's skeletal structure. Thus the mercenary became a durable killing machine after the final touches of the painful procedure.


  • Over Confidence in his Job - Being a highly skilled mercenary, with a positive track record, he has taken pride with his work. Due to his years of experience, he set his minimum price between one hundred and fifty thousand to five hundred thousand, and upward, for the wealthy to only hire him out. Low paying jobs,are best left to the thugs on the streets, in his eyes. Granted with his thought process, involving his job, has at times gotten him a bit over his head. Whether it being lured out into an ambush via a false contract, or getting into more than he could handle with a certain group of meta-humans. In the end, he still doesn't care what happens, so long as he gets the job done.
  • Decapitation - With his regeneration and his bones laced with viperium flex alloy, you'll need some high end ways of taking care of this mercenary. Which the separation of his head from the rest of his body is the best answer. He can't exactly regenerate with no head attached to him. However, well that keep him down for good or just a long period of time?
  • Paranoia - K has a life rule, never leave without a concealed weapon or weapons. If you had the world out to get you, then you would do that exact same. It is both a weakness and a strength, but due to the nature of things it is more of a weakness. He always has that feeling that someone is going to come and get him. Whether it be in the club or a bar, or even out on the streets. He is very cautious when it comes to this though. If he gets into a situation that he figures he may get caught, he'll 'tactically retreat', to avoid it. If he does and never completed the task, he'll be back to finish where he left off.
  • Tunnel Vision - Yes he does have an eye sight that some would say hinders vision, but no it doesn't affect his overall performance for the other eye. What does affect him however, is once he is out for a target, he doesn't stop until he achieves his goal or he is laying a pool of his own blood. But seeing how the second part won't happen, due to his regeneration, you best bet he'll come back and only more upset. How this all affects him, is that he is so focused at times on a single target, he'll forget some around him.


    K has a wide range of guns and gadgets to choose from. Though from his arsenal, he has a few that he uses quite often.


    The two most noticeable features on K, are his eye piece and his wrist computer. The setup he has, is an advanced system of always changing data. Seeing how it alters so rapidly, due to processing different variants in real time. It will relay the data, and feed it into K's "Retina Display". His feed consists of various collected real time data, such as the wind speed, distance between him and the target, how many hostile targets are there, etc. His targeting sight, as the advance piece of equipment that it is, has various visions. It has the standard two, like Night and Thermal vision. But it also has a unique featured vision, which is the Target Locator. In this vision, it accesses K's personal target database for a facial image and will process the faces of various people in its field of view. Inside his Retina Display it paints the target for K, basically placing a circle around the target's face and tracks the person. All of this requires K, to update his wrist computer before a mission, however.

    His mobile computer panel, which is a prototype ARGENT device that was never taken out of prototype stages. Mostly since K feel in love with the device, he probably wanted it for himself. It is his control operating device for his targeting system. Allowing him to access the data that is fed through his display, as well as alter his targeting display. This little trouble maker is a heavily encrypted and dangerous device. Since it is linked to a home system, an advanced ARGENT AI, it is able to hack into almost any system. It can only accomplish this, if K bugs the system with an encrypted up-link device. The computer is K's all purpose tool, he just can't leave home without it.

    SIG Sauer P226 Suppressor Series Four

    K has various pistols, only two of which he uses more than any other. First being the SIG Sauer P226's, his personal weapon choice for any mission. The P226 was used by the mercenary back in the 90's, and he really hasn't looked back on the decision. The pistol is built with a extended five inch barrel and a external thread, to accommodate a suppressor. When carrying two of these silent bringers of death, he has a total of thirty-six rounds to shoot at targets. Considering most of the time, since all he needs is one, you can bet that they will last a while for him. Before reloading anyway. Speaking of ammo, since K doesn't have any unique ammunition for his P226's, he only uses the standard 9mm bullets. So they aren't ideal for dealing with certain superhuman targets, like targets with durable skin and etc. However, he has an answer to those with his next set of pistols...

    Bullet holes2.png

    ARGENT Tech-Custom Tactical Pistols

    K's "best friends" are two pistols that are of ARGENT design, and K fell in love with them. These pistols are a technological marvel in forms of how pistols work. Custom built to be voiced activated, as well as only operate for the user who is identified for the weapon. There is usually a switch for semi to full-auto pistols, but this one is just a voice command. The pistol will switch from semi to full-automatic if the wielder choices, but also has a built in feature to switch to semi when low on ammunition. The thing that makes it unique is round filter. It has the ability to change the round within the chamber to the specified round at the wielder's command. The model is slightly larger than the original, but that is to compensate for the amount of technology that went into it.

    Special Ammunition:

  • Incendiary Rounds - This tiny flame devils are an annoyance to some. Upon impact they cause a form of combustion, and fire damage is inflicted on their target.

  • High Explosive Rounds - These 9mm rounds are packed with micro explosive, that does some destructive damage to tissue. To an average person, you'll probably lose a limb or head.

  • Corrosive Rounds - With the blood of a former colleague, he had ARGENT create a special round for targets with healing factors. They replicated the blood and then they designed a round that would spread toxins throughout a target's bloodstream. It isn't as effective as Blood Virus's ability, but it will cripple an out of the ordinary superhuman. If the target was an average human-being then they may have thirty minutes to little over an hour to rid the toxins from them, or suffer a horrible and painful death. It also worked if the target had a healing factor that is. The toxin would cause the healing factor to eat away the flesh it was meant to restore.

  • Armor Piercing Rounds - These rounds were designed to inflict damage on targets that were durable. They pack far more of a punch than the standard 9mm rounds, and will defiantly punch through something. For the most part, K does like to use these more than his standard rounds.

    Heckler & Koch MP7 Personal Defense Weapon

    Silencer mp7.jpg
    From his earlier military days, he spent time practicing with the MP5. So in 2001, when the MP7 was revealed, K decided to pick up this gun. The weapon has a high fire rate, as well as low recoil to make it ideal for stability and accuracy. There was also a slight reduction in the size of the weapon, which made it rather easy to navigate tight spaces. The original MP5 by H&K had issues in regards to getting through body armor, which K wasn't very pleased with to say the least. So upon hearing about the new advancements with their latest creation, it certainly won the mercenary over in the end. The gun uses HK 4.6x30mm rounds, in order to penetrate that pesky body armor. Now, with a high fire rating and body armor penetration, there is probably going to be a need for a high magazine. Well, the usual standard for this weapon is twenty, but K went with a slightly extended magazine that held thirty. Speaking of modifications, being the style of a hired killer, K loves to add on a suppressor to the weapon. Something about a very quiet and rapid fire, just simply pleases K.
    Bullet holes1.png

    Experimental Plasma Energy Rifle Version Two, XPER-2

    Particle Rifle.jpg
    K gave up on regular assault rifles, after he joined ARGENT. Like his pistols, he uses a highly damaging energy rifle capable of high rates of fire. Also like his energy pistols, this rifle is a prototype of ARGENT's design. Was it mentioned that it is very affective against shields and armor? Well, against various forms of defense, it proved very effective in tearing through. However, apart from being affective against defenses, it really has no special features like the energy pistol. There is only a slight modification that was added on, which is the moving projector. It has a built in system that can follow and lead on, so long as K is aimed at the target. For ammunition, it uses the same two inch capsule like cartridge that his energy pistols use. And since they have a higher rate of fire, they tend to drain faster.

    McMillian Tac-50, .50 Caliber Anti-materiel Rifle

    Another choice of weapon in his wide arsenal, is his McMillan TAC-50. His personal favorite gun for any assassination contract, since he sort of feel in love with the weapon after he got his hands on it. Over time, the effectiveness of this weapon began to be rated very high throughout the world, among trained marksman. The rifle even has enough firepower to shoot through lightly armored vehicles and disable them. Now due to his retina display targeting system, he has no need for a scope as his eye piece serves the purpose. He wields the rifle with the deadliest of accuracy, with it only iron sighted.

    Special Ammunition:

  • High Explosive Rounds - These bad boys are packed with small explosives, that upon impact trigger a nasty headache. Well that headache wouldn't really be one, since the target's head would be gone.

  • Detonation Rounds - Like the High Ex round, they cause a deadly explosion. But what is separates these from those, is the fact it is a control demolition. K holds the trigger to blow this tiny bomb whenever he feels like it.

  • Corrosive Rounds - Rounds designed to severally poison targets, and counter healing targets.

  • Neurotoxin Darts - These darts were designed by ARGENT in order to put down some of the more stubborn manimals and dinosaurs on Monster Island. K found a more useful way to use them, by shooting super-humans with them. The toxin is fast working as it moves very rapidly shutting down the body's functions for an extended amount of time. Depending on the dosage, a target could be out in a range for a couple hours or a couple days. One thing is for sure, if you get hit by one then you are damn well going to be in the hands of ARGENT soon.

  • Armor Piercing Incendiary Rounds - The armor piercing .50 caliber rounds are mainly designed for heavily armored targets. These targets could very from tanks and heavily armored vehicles.

  • Kendrium Rounds - A form of high velocity rounds, they have a far greater piercing capability than the armor piercing ammunition.

  • Questionite Rounds - The number of rounds the mercenary possesses is very limited, being that he has a few. He refuses to use these until he acquires more funds to obtain more. But the .50 Caliber Questionite rounds will do serious damage to about anything it comes in contact with, after being fired of course.

  • Target Finding Rounds - These rounds are expensive and are synced to K's targeting system. Whenever K paints a target, or highlights a face, that information is sent to the round. After the round is fired, and leaves the barrel, it locks onto the target. The bullet then flies, in a figure of speaking, to its target as it would dodge obstacles along the way.

    Blackhawk, Custom Nightedge Knife

    Yes this isn't a firearm, however K is going to need something if he runs out of bullets. This specially crafted fixed blade, is five point nine inches long, with the edging laced in questionite. The blade itself is forged out of high grade carbon steel, making it a durable and strong piece of metal. In regards to his Eskrima training, he can be a very deadly opponent with the knife. And since the edge is laced with questionite, the tip of that knife is going for a kill blow for sure.
    Bullet holes1.png
    Bullet holes2.png

    Viperium Flex Alloy suit with Kendrium plating

    Killshot Armored.jpg

    K's tactical metal casing armor is one of his prized possessions. He has stormed in on many operations wearing this armor, and regardless if he has regeneration or not, he came out without a scratch with his armor on. His suit is made out of stolen Viperium Flex Alloys, since he had so much fun with it back when he was being a test guinea pig for VIPER. So with it being as flexible as it is, he goes in knowing he is mostly protected, and will be very stylish while he works. His tactical armored kendrium plated vest, has four pouches where he stores his energy packs for his particle weapons. Plus the four on his armored hip wear he stores various devices, trinkets, and more ammunition, that he brings from his personal armory. Now wearing this into combat, he has had to run tests on it to see how it holds up. From what his tests showed, it can barely withstand a single .50 caliber round, and is resistant to smaller rounds. He has flamed the suit, trying to incinerate it with a flamethrower. Which there were minor burn marks, but nothing major or holes in the suit. Other tests required it having acid and other corrosive liquids being launched or poured on it. And the suit didn't exactly hold up very well in some tests. The inside has a built in thermal system and is activated when the temperature gauge falls below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit. Just so the wearer doesn't freeze on the inside.

    Dragon Skin SOV-2000

    Killshot maskless.jpg

    Even though he has a flexible armored suit, he prefers to wear his bullet resistant vest. It allows him for far superior mobility than his armored attire, but at the cost of protection regardless even if he doesn't need it. Instead of the tan color that the vest comes in he took the liberty of recoloring to a more suitable one of his tastes, red. The vest is very durable to various types of firearms ranging from 9mm bullets to 7.62 NATO rounds.

    Kevlar Chest Wear Padded with Type III Hard Armor Plating


    This specially made torso protection is fitted with various size of ultra-light polyethylene plates. They protect the areas of his abdomen, pectoral, spinal, and shoulder regions. Being fitted with different sizes of type III plating he is protected from several small arms and rifle ammunition, but only in the areas. The weight and armor grade, allows K for greater mobility as well as decent armor protection.

    Kendrium Grappling Bracer
    One thing that all his tactical attire share, is the bracer that he wears. This unique piece of equipment is a wrist mounted grappling line, that doubles as a protective piece of armor. It launches up to fifty feet, before latching into and onto something to reel Killshot through to the location. The line seems to support K, as he zips through the air.

    Roleplay Hooks

    These are various ways that you could have a reason to interact with K. Just proceed with caution if you choose the not so smart ones.
  • Well-known Mercenary - K is known worldwide for his work in the mercenary and contract killing businesses. Just don't expect him to give you an autograph.
  • Villain Up For Hire - This is one gunman who is hired out to various criminal organizations, for the right price. Have a villainous group that is in need of a traceless assassin? Then K is the man for them.
  • An International Criminal - K is currently being hunted down by various law enforcement agencies, such as PRIMUS and MCPD, around the globe. Though not many have had luck in subduing the mercenary. If you wish to be tasked with trying to hunt down the unknown gunman, just talk to your superiors and surely they'll try to point you in the right direction.
  • VIPER Fugitive - This Aussie broke away from VIPER very early in his career, however VIPER never forgot he defied them. They send specially trained members after their deadly creation, in hopes of killing him.



    Badass Longcoat - The man loves his red trench coat, and if you can spot him then you can best bet you'll see him in one.

    Beard Of Evil - What can he say, K loves his gotee.

    Older Than They Look - Due to VIPER Experiments, K still looks the same age as to when he went into the project. Even though that was over twenty years ago.

    Sinister Shades - The tinted glasses hides his always watching eyes.


    Awesome Aussie - He is one Aussie who you just want to avoid.

    Cold Sniper - Being how he was top of his sniper class, and then almost brainwashed by VIPER...

    Determinator - Even with the odds against K, he still see his contract through.

    Implacable Man - Once K is hired for his services, even if he has to be shot at or blown up, he is going to come after you. His healing factor is just going to make sure he lives to kill you.

    Magnificent Bastard - K is an all over kind of villain, charming, manipulative, bold, and cunning. He isn't an individual to trifle with.

    Necessarily Evil - Being a trained killer and working the field for so long, even he has questioned his morality. But hey, if he didn't do what he did then who else would? Well no one according to him, because that is why he is himself and not anyone else.

    Pragmatic Villainy - Like any sensible mercenary or assassin, K does only what is best for him. He grants a few exceptions for people close to him. However, in the end, all that matters is him.

    Properly Paranoid - K has made enemies around the globe, and in which case mostly PRIMUS. So with a few government groups breathing down your neck, aren't you going to be super extra cautious?

    Sociopathic Soldier - K would classify as the Type IV of this. Being that he use to be a man who fought for his country, and was very proud of it. But then VIPER broke him down, to what he is today.


    Badass Normal - Back in his days of the SASR, he ranked among one of the best shots in the history, for the group.

    Contract On The Hitman - Seeing how he managed to escape from VIPER and upset PRIMUS and made a number of enemies along the way, they each sort of placed a price on his head.

    Dark And Troubled Past - Little is known about K's past, and the very few people who know of it wish they didn't.

    Empowered Badass Normal - After being used in VIPER's experiments, K gained many abilities as a result. I.E: His healing factor, accelerated muscle tissue, enhanced nervous system, and senses.

    Evil Parents Want Good Kids - Yes, K secretly has a son that no one knows about. And he rather hopes the boy doesn't grow up to be like his old man.

    Healing Factor - The sole reason that K is still live after all this time.

    Made Of Iron - He has a skeleton laced with Viperium Flex Alloy, so he is literally almost made of iron.

    Mysterious Parent - This is one father, who tries to stay away from his kid. Just out of the fact even K knows it is best for the child. Granted he has made sure that his son is well cared for, as in he gave the mother of his child some cash.

    Old Soldier - This Aussie has been a soldier for almost forty years. Spent twenty of his years as a Soldier of Fortune.

    Outlaw - K is a gunman in hiding, sort of. Since he has angered the likes of PRIMUS and a few other agencies around the world. Not to mention that he shot his way out of the Millennium City Police Department back in '06...

    Spy Couple -
    Super Soldier - Exactly what it says, K is what any soldier wishes they were like... An efficient killing machine, with the ability to basically not die.


    Action Dad - A villain mercenary with a baby boy, what else?

    Boom, Headshot - What? How else do you think K came up with his codename?

    Combat Pragmatist - K doesn't exactly care for a fair fight, since some of his targets are super-human. He is going to expose each of your weak points, one way or another, and take you down. So long as you end up dead, and he gets paid, that is all that matters.

    Crazy Prepared - There is hardly a situation K hasn't prepared for. He likes to be prepared for almost any outcome, and if it ends up bad for him... Well he has a back-up plan of some kind, right?

    Good Old Fisticuffs - For when guns aren't enough, or K just ran out of bullets.

    BlackOps Killshot.jpg

    Gun Nut - K has a thing for firearms, what? He doesn't consider his pistols to being some of his best friends...

    Guns Akimbo - One pistol just isn't enough for him.

    The Gunslinger - K could be described as a cowboy from the Old West, the way he handles his pistols. Then you remember that he is a trained killer who is shooting at you... And then, yeah see Boom, Headshot for an update.

    Improbable Aiming Skills - Going all the way back to his SASR days, K seemed like a marksman without equal.

    Knife Nut - Even a gun nut has a thing for knives. Because face it guns can't solve most problems, but knives can sure fill in for that spot! Besides, they make for nice quiet throwing weapons.

    The Modern Day Rambo - I think this says enough, but to be on the safe side... Basically if K is there, then someone wants you dead. Like really dead.

    Multi Ranged Master - Whether be his pistols, sub-machine gun, plasma rifle, sniper rifle, or even his knife.

    Never Bring A Knife To A Fist Fight - Really? Combat Expert versus a knife, let's find out then.

    Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight - Now, you're just being stupid.

    Super Reflexes - Enhanced senses meets his enhanced nervous system and accelerated muscles. Yeah, K says bring it on.

    Trench Coat Warfare - Buttoned up, and packing a dragonskin ballistics vest underneath. As well as some pistols for you know, killing things?

    We Do the Impossible - Whether it be just K, or him with his team, he is known to overcome the odds. Or at least damn near come close to it.

    Would Hit A Girl - What kind of cold killer wouldn't? Unless they have a policy for not hitting woman.


    Absence Of Evidence - Considering most of his assassinations, come from a great distance away. Still K doesn't like to leave evidence behind, but he does like leaving a bloody mess.

    Consummate Professional - Widely known for his professionalism and getting the job done, as well as being one of the best shots on the planet.

    I Did What I Had To Do - There is a moment where K felt it was needed, even if it was a good or evil decision. And in the end, K knew it had to be done.

    Nothing Personal - To him, he doesn't want to do this to whoever. But, it is just business to him.

    Only In It For The Money - He is a soldier of FORTUNE, yeah. If he wasn't in it for the money then he might as well be a psychopath, right?

    Private Military Contractor - ARGENT does hire K out to their partners, to ensure their transactions are completed. Then there are times where their partners wish people vanished. Oh, K gets paid in the end.

    Professional Killer - He kills people for a living and is very good at what he does. The man is also very wealthy because of line of work.


    Comments about the Mercenary

    "I tangled with this guy's task force a while after stealing back - I say stealing back for a reason, working for the gov't is a pain - the Questionite that had crashed to the planet surface a year before. It's weird...the two of us are like parallels. I'm one of UNTIL's best operatives, he's one of ARGENT's best operatives...he prefers to be discreet, I prefer getting up in your face. Still, I'll give the cocky bastard a run for his money when the time calls." - Snowtalon

    "I have had my fare share of encounters with this one. Everything about him is professional and almost no evidence is left behind after a "Job" is done, which makes tracking him more difficult. My case file on Killshot remains open, as I have more immediate things to worry about than him. However should we cross paths again, I won't hesitate to bring him down." - Night Spider

    "Oh he's very professional. Not vicious enough for my tastes though, but damn if you won't find a better shot. Guy can seriously shoot. He's also quite a looker by the way. Sadly I don't get to chill with him too much because well, our organizations don't match." - Blood Virus

    "Hi Killshot! Oh! Heeeeeey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but you're a great trainer, so call me maybe? But seriously, K is more cool than he lets on. Maybe that's why I like him so much." - Chlorella

    "A very competent and focused human. With no inferior flaws like black-and-white morality. Truly, it was refreshing to work with him. Who knows, maybe one day I will hire him?" - Haywire

    "A fine example of an assassin if I ever saw one. I will keep him in mind if I ever need a little....Problem taken care of." - Ebony Tarantula

    "I am not totally sure this is the guy who did it or not. But he captured me in Canada after I uh, er...acquired something from an ARGENT station there. This guy is scary and obviously knows what he's doin'." - Stitch

    "Guys a Nutjob from what I hear, Gotta meet the Bitch." - Skull

    "According to the latest internal audit, the efficiency of all Men in White operations increased by 13.7 % after Killshot joined up with our illustrious organization. For those of us bad with numbers, that's a lot. And according to an internal survery the quality and wittiness of the general banter increased by 5.5 %. I call bullshit on that one though. By the way, K, if you're reading this: the crate with your personal depleted uranium rounds is still blocking loading bay C. Move the damn thing or I'll sell it!!!" - The Doctor
    "He lives up to his reputation, that's for sure. He also holds a grudge unlike anyone I've seen, tried to kill me because I blew out his shoulder with a rifle..But he should be careful, because -I- live up to my reputation as well." - Ebon Widow
    "Huh? Who? Oh. OH, 'that guy' from the Men in White? Killshit? Wait, his name is Killshot, not--oh. Um. Yeah, he's... that guy, from the Men in White. He's got a cool mohawk. Yep! ... that guy. I guess I'll arrest him someday." - Cosmic Glory
    "Killshot's moniker is an apt one. I don't know much about his history prior to joining the Men in White, but I do know that since joining up with the group, he has nearly killed a number of my friends. The fact that Kid Ballistic and I were able to take him down was by luck. Had it not been for timely intervention from outside parties, he would have succeeded in killing us both. I suggest that anybody considering confronting this man seriously think the matter through. He was dangerous before. Now that he's teamed up with yet another of one of the world's most deadly assassins? He is doubly so." - Faith

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    Even a cold blooded killer needs themes, right?

    A Show of Blood - Cliff Lin (Main Theme)
    Rampage Theme - Rampage OST
    Snake's Uniform - Escape from L.A. OST
    Nemesis - Audiomachine

    Bullet holes1.png

    The songs that would play during an encounter with the gun for hire. Well better crank these up to eleven, while you give him your A-game.Right

    First Warning - The Prodigy
    Double Event - Pacific Rim OST
    Red Tide - Tim Wynn
    Edward Bradshaw - They Hit Without Warning
    H-K (Hunter-Killer) - Fear Factory
    Exodus (Instrumental Version) - Noisia
    Mini-Guns - Dredd OST
    Trauma - Mantis & Rekoil
    Phuneral Phuture - Phuture Doom
    SEXism - Exicison & Skism


    Did you just get bested by the mercenary?

    The Truth - Audiomachine
    Instrument of Surrender - Cliff Lin
    Blood Opera - Cliff Lin


    Against all odds, you proved your skills to beat the mercenary.

    Pioneers Of The Apocalypse - Cliff Lin
    Exodus - Phuture Doom
    (Memory Imprints) Never End - Fear Factory


    Word from the Creator

    Killshot Chibi.jpg

    The mercenary known as Killshot, was designed to be a comic book styled villain. He was based around various mercenary characters such as; Deadshot, Deathstroke, Bullseye, Wolverine, Agent Zero, Crossbones, and the Punisher. But other characters, that also helped inspire Killshot, also include the Terminator and even Snake Plissken from Escape From New York & L.A. Originally he was a mess, I had no idea how to really play him. His background was a mystery because I even had no clue what his story was. It was only until I decided that ARGENT was in dire need of a new villain, that I really sat down to redesigned him as a whole. I altered his appearance and reworked his biography to that you see today, and I am very proud of how he has turned out. And as for the page, most of the information on this page was presented Out of Character. Mainly because almost no information can be found about K. This page was designed to display K, and hopefully peak interests in him. If your character needs information on Killshot, head back up and re-read the PRIMUS Records section. And if you have any questions about something not on the file, feel free to contact me in game. You may send a tell or mail to @SonOfAsgaard, in regards to information or Role-play hooks. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this page!

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