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Player: @Mee_da_CThunist
Lord Haywire1.jpg
"Lord Haywire yields to NOBODY!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank/Melee DPS Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science/Inventions (cares only about inventing more weapons)
Biographical Data
Real Name: not applicable
Known Aliases: not applicable
Gender: Mentally is male.
Species: Synthetic life form, built on Earth with use of reverse-engineered alien technology.
Ethnicity: not applicable
Place of Birth: not applicable
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Relatives: Daughter
Age: Built in 1999 but his mental structure is that of 30+ years old human male.
Height: Well over 8 feet.
Weight: His relative weight is roughly 45 metric tons/99000 lbs. His real weight with antigravity projector turned off is unknown.
Eyes: Glowing orange
Hair: not applicable
Complexion: not applicable
Physical Build: not applicable
Physical Features: Heavily armored and armed sentient war machine, able to transform from robot to small hover tank mode.
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Lawful Evil

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Identity: Known
Years Active: 12
Citizenship: not applicable
Occupation: Warmongering maniac and wannabe conqueror.
Education: not applicable
Marital Status: not applicable
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, durability, heavy armor and weapon systems. Also, bloated ego and a wicked sense of honor.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Hidden underground Antarctic base and a small army of robotic mooks. Sometimes employs hirelings and mercenaries.
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"The weak cannot rule the strong. War is liberation. Freedom is prize. Mercy is weakness."

"Let me make your DARKEST hour..."

"Pathetic lifeform! I'll terminate all of your functions!"

"I hope your sensors are good at registering pain. Because today you'll have a lot to register..."

"i'll rip out your circuits... Through your exhaust!"

"I cannot be denied! Superiority demands greatness!"

"Conquest is the privilege of all superior lifeforms!"

"It's survival of the fittest! Deactivate or be deactivated!"


Haywire is social darwinist and does nothing to hide it. He believes that people who can't fight or stand for themselves are worthy of no respect and should be subjugated. His dream is to gather like-minded people - superpowered, mechanical, or normal humans - and forge new social order, where strong will rule and weak will obey. He's also greedy and powerhungry in general.

Haywire is a despicable person. If he shows any semblance of honor or loyalty it's only because of his pride - he simply believes that he has no need for any underhanded tactics in open battle.
Otherwise he's ruthless, selfish, greedy, powerhungry and paranoid. He's also no stranger to deception in his planning - frequently lying about his goals and using fake ideology only to lure more people for fighting at his side.

One could consider Haywire one of the most alive and humanlike synthetic lifeforms ever created. Sadly, it seems that he inherited mostly the worst human traits.


HaywireOpinion.pngHis opinion on:


The only thing Haywire really respects is personal strength. No matter if a person is superpowered or not, organic or synthetic, as long as he or she has enough strength to survive and subdue others he or she will be respected by him.
Thus, he doesn't harbor any hate towards mankind. Humans are resilient species and, in his opinion, a superior ones to the rest of universe. Given that Haywire consider himself a descendant of mankind (after all, he was built on Earth, by humans, with a brain based on the human one), he hardly has any plans of eradicating mankind.
Now, conquering people is a different matter - but one must remember that Haywire consider his dreamed darwinist social order as an upgrade to the current one.
In general Haywire believes that mankind is misguided - by eliminating one threat after another, humans enclosed themselves in the golden cage - an unhealthy environment where natural selection no longer can improve humans as a species. So he's trying to improve things causing as much strife and unrest as he can.


Haywire doesn't differentiate post-human mutants from the "true" humans. They are next generation of mankind and they are judged as the rest of it - either they are weak and whiny, or they can earn his respect. What Haywire can't understand is why mutantkind doesn't try to rule the Earth and eradicate people like IHA.
This is the only thing that sometimes makes Haywire thinking that majority of mutants are simply weak and flawed when compared to non-powered humans - mutants have so much powers at their disposal but instead of ruling the Earth they are allowing themselves to be registered and attacked by people like IHA.
But in the end in Haywire's eyes it's the strength that matters. If baseline human has enough willpower and training for fighting and defeating mutants, then those mutants deserves no pity.
And what about attacking IHA?
It's nothing personal, just a business. Both Haywire and his mutant second-in-command are simply using it as an ideology bait for recruting people into NOL.

Non-human earthlings:

Lemurians, Atlanteans and others - basically they are viewied just like humans. Maybe they doesn't display as much potential for improvement, but nobody is perfect. At least they are originated on Earth.
Mutants originated from those species are in general viewed like their baseline brethren.
However, as official NOL ideology was coined for human and post-human recruits, Haywire has no problems with attacking other species only to make himself looking better in the eyes of his subordinates.
And the Elder Worms? They are falling into extraterrestial category.
Besides Haywire simply likes to watch them dying slowly after ripping their environmental suits.


To say that Haywire finds alien lifeforms annoying is to make an understatement. He's Earth supremacist and doesn't even try to hide it.
No matter how much disdain Haywire has for superheroes, he'd rather help them fighting any kind of extraterrestial invaders. Though only a few heroes would tolerate his way of fighting - to say he has no mercy or respect for extraterrestial foes is to make yet another understatement.
There is practically no way for an alien to gain his allegiance, save for swearing his or her undying loyalty to Earth - Haywire views alien superheroes and villains alike, as arrogant buffoons trying to poke their noses where they don't belong.
Now, half-aliens are okay, but only if they are considering themselves as Earthlings.

Synthetic lifeforms:

Ironically, Haywire has no special sympathy or warm feelings for other synthetic beings. And he can be really unfriendly for any extraterrestial AI, because for him it's just another alien.
If given AI was built by Earthling species, Haywire's attitude can vary. It also depends from its level of advancement and kind of sentience - it's a digital sentience, or a synthetic one?

By the name of the digital sentience Haywire understands things like typical robots or supercomputers - a sentience which is originated from lines of code and can exist moved to different platform. In short - any kind of AI which is working as a program, can be uploaded to other bodies or remains sentient removed from body and stored into computer. Magical constructs also are falling in this category, considering them Haywire views their core spells as a kind of arcane programs inserted into arcane bodies.
By the name of synthetic sentience Haywire views mechanoids who are built like he is - with elaborate brains workin as a kind of duplicate of organic brains, with no coding inside, but instead built with nanites or comparable technologies - basically synthetic copies of normal brains.

Haywire definitively prefers synthetic sentience over digital one.
The reason for it isn't that he thinks that digital sentience is less smart or less lifelike, but the simple fact that digital code can be altered and controlled much easier than regular brainwaves.
Thus, for Haywire digital beings are less trustworthy - they can be controlled by technopats and cyberkinetics, while to fully control a synthetic brain one needs a considerable level of telepathy powers.
It's also easier to be safe against telepaths - it takes a well made mental dampener, while it's very hard for mechanoids to shield themselves against technopaths - if someone has such level of power over technology he can break through any technology based defences as well.

This way of thinking is caused mostly by Haywire's undying hate for Mechanon. It embodies all the deepest of Haywire's fears - being stripped of free will and reduced only to being a brainwashed servant. If he ever could have his way with Mechanon, he'd terminate this AI in the most morbid and painful possible way.
Another thing that bothers Haywire are AIs bent on eradicating of all organic life. For him this kind of reasoning is the most illogical one - there are many qualities of organic life that are superior to synthetic beings and the perfect solution would be a society taking the best of two worlds, making full use of organic and synthetic qualities.

But in the end, when it comes to the AIs, Haywire again values strength and pride above all.
He doesn't take very well syntethics who are submissive to organics, or are trying to be too organic-like.

Extraplanar beings:

No matter from which plane of multiverse such creature is coming, Haywire has as much sympathy for it as he has for aliens. Those creatures simply have no place on Earth and their arrogant attitude will not be tolerated.
And he has enough firepower to prove it.
Half-extraplanars are fine, as long as part of them is originated from Earthlings and they are considering themself as such ones. On the other hand, given Haywire's limited understanding of arcane, he's not always able to tell half-extraplanar lifeform from a pureblood extraplanar being.


Haywire has very limited understanding of magic and no real need for it. For him it's only a handy weapon and a source of power - but the one of no use for him. If he needs any magical assistance, he's trying to find a suitable mercenary for such job. Otherwise he displays a deep lack of interest with magic.


As with pretty much everything, it depends on personal strength. Many bad things can be said about Haywire, but he's rather tolerant as long as said creature was an Earthling in life and is sentient.
On the other hand, non-sentient and enslaved undead are of no interest of him. If they are attacking him they will be dispatched.


As it's with the undead, if said werebast is of Earthling origin, everything is fine. Otherwise it's an alien or an extraplanar and can expect a similar treatment.



Commonly known. He's doing nothing to hide it.


Haywire began his existence in 1999 when group of ARGENT engineers used remains of the crashed extraterrestial synthetic life form in their attempt of producing advanced robotic unit capable of fighting superheroes. Being unable to design and produce such higly advanced and self-adaptating synthetic brain, like those of destroids or Mechanon's forces, researchers simply copied this creature neural structure to their own project. It was actually a sign of desperation. Ready machine had to be sold to VIPER, but research team had little success in building its brain, terms were short, and whole project was close to being scrapped.

Not very surprising, but it did not end well. Final prototype became not only sentient, but also self-aware. When scientists tried to reset his brain, he retaliated - slaugthered all the researchers, seized this research facility and dubbed himself Haywire. As if rampaging mechanoid was not bad enough, by terminating his creators Haywire also gained access to their technology and their alien find - a main source of majority of Haywire's technology.

Subsequent years were hard for Haywire. He was chased by both ARGENT and VIPER, and forced into hiding. Being hunted like an animal made him bitter and paranoid, but he endured and even made a few friends in criminal groups. He also managed to retaliate and seize a few resources from his persecutors. He also learned that some people are willing to pay for his technology, and some deranged metahumans can even share his vision of "better" world.

Somewhere in 2009 Haywire came with an idea of making new use of his amassed resources. Not only he started an open war against ARGENT, but funded his New Order Legion. While N.O.L (and Haywire) likes to present themselves as protectors of mutants and other rejects of humanity, in reality it's a criminal organisation, ideology being yet another tool employed by Haywire.

Today Haywire is a rather troublesome master villain. He's really good at managing his organisation and using limited resources for the most devastating results.



HaywireHeaderThreat.pngThreat level:

Department of Defense’s annual Superhuman Survey for years 2012 and 2013 classified Haywire and his NOL as Delta level threats. It's an upgrade from their previous Beta level status.
Change was made because Haywire's usual mode of operations, including terrorist bombings and his troops taking hostages, presents greater than usual threat for civilian lives. It was also proved that he's responsible not only for worldwide selling dangerous technology and weapons, but also for political destabilisation in a few third world countries.


Co-founder of the New Order Legion, terrorist metahuman organisation.


Haywire and his NOL are heavily dependent on technology. As such, they need a great amount of funding to perform their operations.
Organisation is financed thanks to Haywire's criminal connections and very often is acting as an armed wing of his criminal network. The only reason why Haywire isn't in open competition with ARGENT is because their business profiles are quite different. NOL fills niche left by ARGENT, supplying lower-end supertech for those who can't afford ARGENT, or taking risk greater than ARGENT would.

Majority of NOL technological resourses, along with some of their assembly lines, are located in well-hidden underground complex known as the Citadel One.
However, according to UNTIL, only the most advanced technology is assembled there. Most of NOL production is conducted in legal manufacturing plants, via complicated network of dummy companies, criminal groups and unknowing subsidiaries.


Prior to 2011, Haywire was known to both UNTIL and PRIMUS as a Beta threat level villain. His exploits were simple, like gathering leftovers from fights against Mechanon or making assaults on VIPER and ARGENT. Few times he also clashed with law enforcement agencies.
His plans became clear in 2012 when NOL made their first terrorist attempt in Prague. Shortly afterwards it was proven that NOL is meddling in politics, agitating third world countries and supplying weaponry to terrorists and criminal groups.
As it is for now, it's perfectly clear that NOL is also responsible for technological support given to so-called "rogue states".

Powers and Abilities:


In his primary body Haywire can lift roughly 400 metric tons/880000 lbs, provided he's standing on something solid and has good support. Being a machine, he can't be tired. As long as he has enough power, Haywire can swing pretty much any objects small enough to be wielded.


Haywire's primary body is extremely durable. Skeleton, external armor, and additional plating around his skull, reactor, and antigravity generator are made of composite called syntronium - synthetic and slightly weaker version of neutronium. While this armor is impenetrable, it's also very heavy and forces Haywire to use armor-tight antigravity field to reduce his relative weight. It also gives him tremendous inertia, prohibiting Haywire from moving too fast. Otherwise, even with his level of strenght, this body would be uncontrollable.
While Haywire seems to be indesctructible, it's far from truth. He suffers the same limitations as humans protected by heavy armor - hits delivered by superhumans with comparable strenght or prolonged barrages of heavy artillery fire can cause enough concussion to damage his internal systems.


Haywire can go for roughly two weeks at his maximum combat performance before depleting fuel from his built-in reactor. He can go for months or even years if he can rest.

HaywireHeaderAlttech.pngAlternate Mode:

Because he's unable to fly in his robotic form (due to his weight it's impossible to build reasonably sized jet pack strong enough to grant him prolonged flight), Haywire devised technology allowing him to transform into vehicle and fly with combined use of full sized jet engines and his antigravity generator. His hover tank form can fly at maximum speed of 450 kmh/ 279 mph. This gunship mode is covered with the same armor as Haywire's robotic form.

HaywireHeaderReactor.pngPower Source:

Standard power cores and batteries employed in power armor designs are not efficient enough to power Haywire's hulking body - energy levels needed for his superstrength and personal antigravity field are simply too high. He's powered by small synthesis reactor built with use of alien technology. Compared to original alien design this thing is only a cheap knock-off, primitive and crude, but it's still small enough to fit inside Haywire's chest.

HaywireHeaderTechGenius.pngTechnological Expertise:

Despite his look and brutal personality, Haywire is actually quite smart. Since he's unable to forget anything, due to qualities of his synthetic brain, he's a very fast learner. This allowed him to became a very adept roboticist and engineer. While he lacks true spark of genius, he's very good at reverse-engineering stolen technology and from time to time can even go with his own inventions - like using captured technology to develop syntronium composite.


Haywire's armaments can vary from body to body, but usually it's a combinantion of rocket pods, heavy cannon, and a heavy melee weapon to fight in his robot form.
His latest primary body is armed with one 100 mm short barrel auto cannon and four 25 mm rocket pods - everything usable in both robot and tank forms. His syntronium heavy mace is not hand-held, but replaces his left hand, making disarming him a rather difficult task (considering that his wrist and arm structure are also either covered by syntronium, or made of it).
In his primary body he can carry roughly thirty shells for his cannon and enough ammo for roughly twenty full salvos from his rocket pods.

HaywireHeaderArmBot.pngRobot Mode:

1 x 100 mm auto-loading howitzer gun (rocket-accelerated caseless shells)
4 x 15x25 mm rocket pod
1 x heavy mace

HaywireHeaderArmTank.pngTank Mode:

1 x 100 mm auto-loading howitzer gun (rocket-accelerated caseless shells)
2 x .50 caliber machine gun (caseless cartridge)
4 x 15x25 mm rocket pod


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RP Hooks:

  • Haywire will supply technology to any villainous characters and organisations, provided that pay is right and his partners aren't trying to bring alien or extradimensional invasion to Earth.
  • Haywire is willing to give support to any groups trying to undermine and destroy current political and social order.
  • Haywire will hire mercenaries, especially master hitmen and rogue magic users.
  • Haywire is also frequently working with common criminal groups, though not always personally.
  • Haywire is well known terrorist wanted by PRIMUS, UNTIL and probably every law enforcement agency in the world.
  • Haywire really hates Mechanon. He can even give his help to heroes facing this mechanical menace.
  • Haywire will help anyone fighting alien or extraplanar invasions, or any other crises threatening Earth. Just remember that his methods are anything but heroic.



BFG - His left arm is a tank cannon.
Evil Is Bigger - Obviously. He's bigger than many heroes.
Eye Lights Out - Every time when he's dying it starts to show from his eyes.
Tank Goodness - He transforms into flying tank.
Transforming Mecha - Pretty obvious. His alt mode.


Blood Knight - He loves fighting. It's the only real pleasure in his existence.
Bring It - Not easily scared. Probably too stubborn to be scared at all.
Determinator - Most of the time Haywire just refuses to give up. No matter what, he can shrug off even psionic powers just because of his determination and iron will. Or wicked mind. Take your pick.
Lightning Bruiser - He's faster than he looks.
Made Of Indestructium - Trying to pierce his armor is usually a waste of time.


Even Evil Has Standards - More because of his hubris and pride than because of any deep-hidden goodness. But even Haywire has his limits.
Evil Versus Oblivion - Despite his goals, Earth is Haywire's home and he will defend this planet from any external threat. No matter if it's a demon lord, or an alien invasion. To the last cycle of his brain. By any means necessary.
Genius Bruiser - Not only all Haywire's bodies, except the very first one, were built by him. All NOL advanced technology is either designed by Haywire, or at least improved by him.
Lawful Evil - He's Type 4 with small glimpses of Type 2.
Nothing Personal - Of all Haywire's sins, he doesn't really hate his heroic opponents. They are merely on his way and needs to be removed.
Properly Paranoid - He always expects the worst and is planning for this. For Haywire merely having a plan B is not enough.
Villainous Valour - He will not yield. Never and to no one.


Above Good And Evil - He definitively don't bother with such insignificant limitations. Good for lesser people, not for him.
Might Makes Right - Pretty much Haywire's whole ideology in a nutshell.
Despotism Justifies The Means - Haywire just wants to take over. Though he really believes that he's better suited to rule. Much better than any legal government.
The Evils Of Free Will - In his view, democracy only breeds chaos, anarchy and weakness. It needs to be corrected.
Totalitarian Utilitarian - Haywire is Type 3.
Utopia Justifies The Means - For anyone else, Haywire's "brave new world" would be nothing else but social darwinism fueled nightmare. But he genuinely believes that it's a better option.


Body Backup Drive - As long as at least one backup of his brain exists, Haywire is technically immortal.
Creating Life Is Bad - It's all ARGENT fault. They were trying to make truly alive synthetic brain. And they succeeded. Unfortunately.
Humans Are Bastards - Not only it's Haywire's view of mankind, caused by how badly he was mistreated by his creators. It's even worse because Haywire is entirely human in his behaviour. Problem? He's human in a very bad way.
Mad Scientists Beautiful Daughter - Not only Deathlark is his biggest failure, but Haywire couldn't even force himself to terminating her.
Start of Darkness - It can be argued that Haywire's personality and jaded outlook of humanity were shaped by him being hunted by his creators.
Turned Against Their Masters - He killed all his creators. Though probably their fate was well-deserved.


Haywire is character inspired by three comic book villains. First and the most important one is incarnation of Megatron as he's depicted in IDW Generation 1 comic series. He's the source of Haywire's iron will, pride and lust for power by any means necessary.
Second inspiration is Apocalypse from X-Men comic books, especially for Haywire's vision of "better world" and social darvinism.
Last inspiration is Magneto, but only his version from Ultimate X-Men, down to his methods.
With such inspirations in mind, Haywire was designed more on a serious side of villainy, having a lot in common with Ultimate Marvel universe and Claremont style of writing.