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Player: @Mee_da_CThunist
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged/Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Diana Lark
Known Aliases: Deathlark, Binary
Gender: not applicable, though mentally is female
Species: Synthetic organism
Ethnicity: not applicable
Place of Birth: not applicable
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Relatives: Father
Age: 2
Height: 7'0
Weight: roughly 2200 lbs / 1 metric ton real mass,
with antigravity unit engaged can be reduced to relative weight of 300 lbs/ 176 kilograms in armored mode and 175 lbs/ 80 kilograms in human pretender mode
Eyes: Icy blue in human form, glowing crimson red in robot mode
Hair: Black in human form, not applicable in robot mode
Complexion: Fair and pale in human form, not applicable in robot mode
Physical Build: Tall and statesque in human form, not applicable in robot mode
Physical Features: Light armored and armed sentient war machine, able to transform from robot to small jet fighter mode
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: not applicable
Occupation: Registered superhero
Education: not applicable
Marital Status: not applicable
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, durability, speed, light armor and weapon systems
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Commonly known. Deathlark doesn't hide her identity as a hero.
She uses human identity of Diana Lark, though it's done more for not making civilians nervous than to actually hide her synthetic nature.
However, she do keeps her Deathlark and Diana Lark identities separated. While both are known as synthetic life forms, she does what she can to keep people believing that they are two separate people. When in larger armored mode, she goes as Deathlark. When in smaller human-like mode, she introduces herself as Diana Lark.
It's a safety precaution needed because Deathlark has a few, quite lethal, enemies.


Deathlark was originated by the synthetic villain known as Lord Haywire. His intention was to build a perfect offspring and a lieutenant to carry his will, but also to test a few of new technologies for Haywire's own future bodies.
Initially Deathlark was sent to spy on humans - or "fleshlings" like she calls them.
For this task she was given a fake human identity of Dorothy Lark - a technology oriented heroine and a new face in the superhero world. Unfortunately for her father's plans, Dorothy found humans a rather likeable creatures and rejected Haywire's ideology of conquest.
When her father tried to terminate her, she decided to change her allegiance and became a hero for real.


Deathlark is a synthetic organism with not a one, but three different functional configurations.
Her original form is a mechanoid war machine armed with two kinetic pulse cannons and two retractable energy blades.
She can also assume a second form, transforming into a small fighter jet.
Her third form is the human pretender mode.
Because her external armored plating and subsystems are made from small shifting components covered in a malleable layer made from nanites, she can change into fake human female form, simulating all external signs of human anatomy.

At many levels, Deathlark is an epitome of everything what her father had learned about the Structurals. While her construction is still limited by shortcomings of human science, she's as close to the real Structural as it is possible with Earth level of technology.
Deathlark's body is composed from synthetic tissue containing materials like tungsten carbide, titanium and carbon fibers. Said tissue is made from artificial cells and has its own equivalent of an organic metabolism. Differences are that synthetic body do not age and that whole metabolism is based only on electricity flowing through cells.

Deathlark isn't powered via classic circuits and power cores. Electricity is stored in body cells and distributed through circulation of an electroactive liquid, which is yet another sythetic tissue of her body and works not unlike blood of organic creatures. She can accumulate incredible amounts of power, not only to power her body, but also for weapon systems and engines in her jet mode.
Unlike real Structurals, Deathlark has complete regeneration abilities.

While this process itself isn't quicker than natural human healing, she can regenerate even lost limbs. As long as brain is intact and at least 40% of body mass remains operational, she can recreate itself to the pristine condition. Though in order to do so she must be supplied with electricity and raw construction materials. The whole healing may also take up to three weeks of time, depending how seriously she was damaged.
Deathlark can be also rebuilt in a classic way, provided that she has access to all technology and replacement parts needed.


Alttech is a term coined by Haywire for technology allowing his creations for switching between forms and operational modes. Reverse-engineered from Structural technology used for changing body into armored combat forms, it was taken a step further. Both Haywire and Deathlark are using this invention to switch between robot and vehicle modes.

Deathlark body structure is built from smaller shifting parts covered in layers of malleable tissue. By changing configuration and hardness of said components, she can switch between three modes - larger armored humanoid form, aerial jet mode, and human pretender form. This way of transformation allows for changing shapes, sizes, and density, but real mass and weight are always the same.

Thus, special steps were needed to adjust her true weight (which is roughly 1 metric ton/2200 lbs) to living in disguise in human cities. Deathlark is equipped with small antigravity field generator reducing her relative weight to more normal human standards when she's in pretender mode.
While her true weight remains unchanged, she has enough strength to fully control inertia and momentum of her body, no matter the speed.

Deathlark changes between her operational modes by splitting external shell and reforming parts around her skeleton. She can move from human pretender to armored mode, or from armored mode to jet form. She can't switch directly from human pretender to jet form, her larger armored humanoid mode is always an intermediary step.

DeathStrength.pngStrength Level:

In all her forms, Deathlark can lift up to 25 metric tons/55116 lbs.
She can move comfortably carrying up to 20 metric tons/44092 lbs and fly with load no greater than 15 metric tons/33069 lbs.
However, her jet mode lacks any hands to actually grab and lift anything.
In her humanoid modes she can run and react at hypersonic speeds, but not if she carries anything heavier than roughly 300 lbs/ 136 kilograms.

DeathCannons.pngKinetic Pulse Projector:

Deathlark's primary weapon system in all her modes is a pair of kinetic pulse projectors. The weapon can be set to appear in three different configurations, from small pistol-sized in Deathlark's pretender mode to full-sized cannons in her aerial mode. Maximum power output depends from configuration - the weapon has lowest maximum power in faux pistol form and the highest yield when it's fitted as a cannon in aerial mode.
Kinetic pulse weaponry projects short-lived bolts of directed kinetic energy. If enough power was used per shot it can punch the target with strenght comparable to strongest metahumans and pierce or pulverize tank armor.
Collateral damage is controlled by the fact that directed kinetic pulses are quickly dissipating after hitting targets or reaching past set maximum weapon range.
Kinetic pulse projector can be also used in a non-lethal manner by setting it to hit no harder than conventional fractal or rubber bullet, as well as energy bolts can be set in shapes from blunt cylinders to small high velocity darts.
The disadvantage is, it's an energy weapon which means it can not use variety of projectiles like gas or incendiary bullets, though technically it is possible to overcharge kinetic pulse enough to made it at least ignite combustibles on hit.

Armored Mode:



Armored mode is the stronger and most durable one of all Deathlark's operational modes.
It is capable of running at hypersonic speeds and can fly with jet units in her feet and on her back with speed no greater than 652 mph / 1050 km/h.
This operational mode is covered with variable geometry light armor, but the main purpose of this armoring is not protection, but to made her aerodynamics suitable for running. Otherwise it is not durable enough to stop anything stronger than infantry personal weapons - 0.50 bmg bullets are known to penetrate this plating with ease.
It's still the hardest to destroy of her two humanoid modes and it takes some time to cause its terminal damage even with armor plates pierced.


2 x Medium kinetic pulse projector
2 x Thermal energy blade
Thermal cutting edges installed on forearms and shoulders


Variable geometry light armor
Jet thrusters
Communication array
Advanced scanners and sensors
Brain backup device

Aerial Mode:



Aerial mode is a small jet-shaped vessel with no crew compartment. It isn't bigger than armored robot form, so it's more a flying drone than a real jet. Its durability is comparable with humanoid armored mode. In this form higher energy levels can be assigned to weapon and engine systems, which makes Deathlark's aerial mode the fastest and the best armed of all her operational modes.
This form is capable of orbital flights and can perform limited range FTL travel (albeit not within the planetary atmosphere). Propulsion system for atmospheric flight is a hybrid of electric powered jet turbines and gravity repulsors.
Both wings and fuselage are built in variable geometry configuration.


2 x Kinetic pulse cannon
Thermal cutting edges installed on wings and fuselage


Variable geometry fuselage and wings
Hybrid antigravity projector/electric turbines propulsion unit (used for STL travel, can be used only in aerial mode)
Low yield hyperdrive unit (Structural warp drive unit, used for FTL travel, can not be used within planetary atmosphere, works only in aerial mode)
1 x Thermo-optical camouflage device
Advanced scanners and sensors
Communication array
Brain backup device

Pretender Mode:



Deathlark's human pretender mode is anatomically correct and perfect emulation of a human female. She's able to emulate even body fluids and, if not cut deep enough to reveal her synthetic nature, even to pretend bleeding. In reality all liquids are made from water with coagulants and pigments synthetised in body cells. Moisture and water are gathered either from the surrounding air, or drinks. Thus her blood may look, smell and taste like a real one, but every chemical analysis will reveal its artificial nature.
She can also emulate body warmth, breath and pulse, and even small things like human scent, good enough to fool animal senses.
The weakest point in her camouflage is electric activity of her body - is far too high for a human. But this can't be detected without advanced sensors and most of the time she can fool anyone.

Human pretender mode is pretty much hard set in its look. Deathlark can change details like skin tone or hair coloration, or replace human looking sking with a synthetic one, but she can't do anything more.

Human pretender mode is the weakest one of all three operational modes. While her speed and strength remain unchanged, in this mode Deathlark lacks any considerable armoring. This operational mode is durable enough to withstand pistol and rifle bullets, and charges fired from standard pulson rifles, but anything stronger is very likely to cause terminal damage.
This operational mode is also lightly armed. More power is used for antigravity generator which results in lower energy levels assigned to her weapons.


2 x Light kinetic pulse pistol
2 x Thermal energy blade


Communication array
Advanced scanners and sensors
Brain backup device


Wings of Mayhem:

March 1, 2014
Adair Publishing Group, WTFL evening program block
"Government employing metahumans for clandestine work?"

"Greetings again, Millenium City.

Name's Curt Curruthers and tonight I'd like to talk about a very unsettling news.

We'll point your attention at possible ties between registered metahumans and government secret services. We'll also ask a few questions about not only legality of such ties, but also their moral overtones.

As you will see, the whole metahuman registration practice never was as dubious, as it is now. At least in regard to certain indivduals."

*Screen switches from TV studio to black-and-white footage, likely taken from security cameras. Vision is very grainy, but good enough. It shows interior of an office building, with desks, computers and other paraphernalias.

It also clearly shows employees sitting on the floor, tied and gagged, as well as few armed men in paramilitary clothing. There are about a dozen of hostages and six captors. One of the armed men is looking through the window, other one is checking on the door.

Seconds later, entrance explodes in debris and armed man closest to the door is hit by something looking like a blurred dark streak, roughly humanoid in shape. He has no time for reaction, as in the same moment he literally falls apart, cut to pieces, every limb separated. Then it continues, in order starting from themen standing close to hostages, and ending with a man looking trough the window. The latter isn't even quick enough to turn his weapon at the assailant.

Fortunately for viewers, recording from security camera isn't of quality good enough to show all the details.

Replay stops at humanoid figure stopping its moves and just standing there, between obviously panicked hostages. Now it can be seen. Sleek mechanic body of somewhat feminine proportions, with faceless metal plate covering its head, and two glowing blades ending its forearms. Whole figure is covered in sharp-looking, dark, polished armor, with wing-like appendages on its back and shoulders.

Then camera is back in the studio, with Curruthers and panel behind him displaying a closeup of the recorded robot.*

"Two days ago Nigerian PanOil offices fell victim to the terrorist attack. A local eco-extremist group breached inside taking hostages and demanding immediate cessation of oil production.

We could ask - "why I never heard about it?". And we'll be damn right, because the whole thing was kept away from the public eye!

This time not only public opinion wasn't informed about this assault, but also extracting hostages and dealing with terrorists was passed not to the security forces, but to metahuman. Let me repeat - according to our sources, government agency called this individual to solve the case instead of sending anti-terrorist squad.

Let's not talk about obvious terrorist threat there. We all know how dangerous it can be and I feel relieved that all hostages are safe with their families.

No. Let's ask about principles.

Why it was solved that way? Really, there was no other way, besides this execution? We all saw this ruthless display of power. Do individual too fast to be caught by human eye really has no other ways of disarming ordinary people instead of killing? And what about risking innocent lives by calling not a trained specialist, but, essentially, an amateur? The one with very, as we can see, violent and dangerous tendencies?

And that's not the only issue here.
The "hero" in question was given ASPRA registration less than year ago.
I repeat - less than one year. That's how little is needed to be asked for handling such delicate actions!

A relatively new addition to the Millenium City crowd of metahumans, her name's Deathlark. I'd say, a very fitting moniker. Makes me wonder if government does any job at checking applicants, or maybe these days they let go everyone with superpowers? On top of that, there is really little "human" in the "metahuman" in her case. It's a rouge mechanoid and its whole career is dubious.

We know that miss Death-lark was, before her registration, a lieutenant to metahuman terrorist Haywire and was an operative of his New Order Legion. Surely, her zeal should be explained by being a repentant sinner?

Of course, that's not her first lethal assault after being registered. Few months ago she was accused of use of excessive force against a metahuman villain. What she did, you ask? No more, no less, but smeared the poor guy into a thin paste. Literally. I'd say, it's not too hard to see a pattern here.

This very person is a clear example of what is wrong with metahuman "heroes". Not only acknowledgement was given to the potentially glitched and murderous machine, allowing it to act and be viewed as an almost human being. But also this creature managed, somehow, to start working closely with authorities.

It's a symptom of our times. Too much public trust and authority is given to these caped "new gods" with too little control exerted over their actions. It's time for us, the people, to finally be vigilant and ask, firm and loud: Who watches the watchmen?"

March 3, 2014

"I was called to defuse dangerous situation and it is exacly what I did. All my past, present, and future actions are dictated by necessity and remain within legal boundaries. I have nothing to fear and I'm ready to undergo public scrutiny. I'm sure my actions will be proven necessary and vindicated. Just like it was the last time.

I'd also make a statement.

I will carry my services and I will react, to the best of my training and abilities, to any public dangers and threats made against civilian lives. My actions will be swift and adequate to the circumstances. Whenever there will be a rogue metahuman, or more mundane people involved, my response will be exactly proportional. I believe that's something to think about within so-called "supervillain" society, if there is one, yes?

That's all. I have nothing more to say."

Deathlark, in statement made for WCOC News