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Player: @Mee_da_CThunist
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Diana Lark
Known Aliases: Binary, Deathlark
Gender: not applicable, though mentally is female
Species: Synthetic organism
Ethnicity: not applicable
Place of Birth: not applicable
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Relatives: Father
Age: 2
Height: 7'0
Weight: roughly 200 lbs / 90 kilograms
Eyes: Icy blue in human form, glowing cyan in robot mode
Hair: Black in human form, not applicable in robot mode
Complexion: Fair and pale in human form, or whte ceramics in robot mode
Physical Build: Tall and statesque
Physical Features: Light armored and armed humanoid platform
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: not applicable
Occupation: Registered superhero
Education: not applicable
Marital Status: not applicable
Known Powers and Abilities
Increased strength, durability, speed, light armor and weapon systems
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Commonly known. Diana doesn't hide her identity as a hero.
She uses human identity of Diana Lark, though it's done more for not making civilians nervous than to actually hide her synthetic nature.
However, she's keeping her Deathlark and Diana Lark identities separated, while her Binary one is known as being Diana Lark. While both are registered as synthetic life forms, she does what she can to keep people believing that Deathlark and Diana Lark are two separate individuals. When in larger armored mode, she goes as Deathlark. When in smaller human-like modes, she introduces herself as Diana Lark or Binary.
It's a safety precaution needed because Deathlark made a few, quite lethal, enemies.


Binary was built to be a low-cost and low-maintenance replacement body for Deathlark, as it was increasingly more and more expensive to have repairs done even after going into small fights and patrol duties when use of all capabilities of the primary body was not necessary.
Compared to Deathlark primary shell, the Binary body is lighter, has lower strength levels and can't reconfigure itself into a non-humanoid aerial mode.
The lack of the aerial mode densely packed inside made it much less expensive and much easier to maintain
Procedure of changing between the two bodies is done by moving the entire brain from one shell to another.


Binary's body structure is built from smaller shifting parts covered in layers of malleable tissue. By changing configuration and hardness of said components, she can switch between armored humanoid form and a human pretender form. This reconfiguration allows for changing shape and replacing human skin with armored shell, but real mass and weight are always the same.
Underneath the reconfigurable shell are electroactive artificial muscle actuators and partially adjustable skeletal endostructure.

Very much like her primary Deathlark shell, Binary's body isn't powered via classic circuits and power cores. Electricity is stored in body cells and distributed through circulation of an electroactive liquid, which works not unlike blood of organic creatures. She can accumulate incredible amounts of power, not only to power her body, but also for weapon systems and jet thrusters in her combat mode.

Binary's body is composed from synthetic tissue containing materials like tungsten carbide, titanium and carbon fibers. Said tissue is made from artificial cells and has its own equivalent of an organic metabolism. Differences are that synthetic body do not age and that whole metabolism is based only on electricity flowing through cells.

Binary has complete regeneration abilities and while this process itself isn't quicker than natural human healing, she can regenerate even lost limbs. As long as brain is intact and at least 40% of body mass remains operational, she can recreate itself to the pristine condition. Though in order to do so she must be supplied with electricity and raw construction materials. The whole healing may also take up to three weeks of time, depending how seriously she was damaged.
Binary can be also rebuilt in a classic way, provided that she has access to all technology and replacement parts needed.

BinaryGenPerformance.pngGeneral Performance:

Binary can lift up to 5 metric tons/ 11023 lbs, if she's standing on something solid and has good support.
She can run and react at hypersonic speeds, but not if she carries anything heavier than roughly 300 lbs / 136 kilograms.
In combat mode she can fly with jet units in her feet with speed no greater than 652 mph / 1050 km/h.

BinaryGenArmament.pngWeapon Systems:

Binary's body comes with energy projector weapons built into her wrists. The same wrist projectors are used in combat and human pretender modes, but combat mode can assign higher energy levels to its weapon systems.
Weaponry can be set to either particle projector or kinetic concussor modes, which allows for adjustable lethality and damage of all attacks.

Combat Mode:



Binary's combat mode is the stronger and most durable operational mode. It can run at hypersonic speeds and fly with jet units built into its feet. It this mode human-like external tissue is replaced with variable geometry light armor, but the main purpose of this plating is to made her aerodynamics suitable for running. Otherwise it is not durable enough to stop anything stronger than infantry personal weapons - 0.50 bmg bullets are known to penetrate this plating with ease. It's still the hardest to destroy of her two operational modes and it takes some serious punishment to have it destroyed even with armor plates pierced.


2 x Medium wrist projector


Variable geometry light armor
Jet thrusters
Communication array
Advanced scanners and sensors
Brain backup device

Pretender Mode:


Binary's human pretender mode is anatomically correct and perfect emulation of a human female. She's able to emulate even body fluids and, if not cut deep enough to reveal her synthetic nature, even to pretend bleeding. In reality all liquids are made from water with coagulants and pigments synthetised in body cells. Moisture and water are gathered either from the surrounding air, or drinks. Thus her blood may look, smell and taste like a real one, but every chemical analysis will reveal its artificial nature. She can also emulate body warmth, breath and pulse, and even small things like human scent, good enough to fool animal senses. The weakest point in her camouflage is electric activity of her body - is far too high for a human, even given the fact that real human body has some serious electric potential on its own. But this can't be detected without advanced sensors and most of the time she can fool anyone.

Human pretender mode is pretty much hard set in its look. Deathlark can change details like skin tone or hair coloration, or replace human looking sking with a synthetic one, but she can't do anything more.

Human pretender mode is the weakest one of two operational modes. While her speed and strength remain unchanged, in this mode Deathlark lacks any armoring and can't fly. This operational mode is durable enough to withstand pistol and rifle bullets, or charges fired from standard pulson rifles, but anything stronger is very likely to cause terminal damage.


2 x Light wrist projector


Communication array
Advanced scanners and sensors
Brain backup device