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Serenity Carpenter
Player: @BlackWolfe042
Costume SerenityCarpenter.jpg
"I am NOT a field agent!" -- Serentiy "Spoiler" Carpenter, when forced to participate in field operations.
Character Build
Class Focus: Soldier
Power Level: 11
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Serenity Carpenter
Known Aliases: Spoiler, Siri
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Miami, FL
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 28
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Serenity Carpenter wears prescription glasses at all times.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: N/A - Does not use a superhero codename
Years Active: No field experience. 5 years in Support Operations
Citizenship: United States citizen
Occupation: UNTIL Support Oprerations (Dispatch) Operator
Education: College (B.S., Business Ethics)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Cultural Pattern Recognition
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Standard Issue UNTIL firearms, communications gear, Experimental micro-exoskeleton
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Serenity Carpenter is an UNTIL Support Operations operator (dispatcher/intelligence analyst) who has recently been temporarily reassigned to field operations in an effort to provide her with a broader base of experience in order to increase her effectiveness in Support Operations. Though born a metahuman, she has no combat-oriented powers. She relies extensively on her UNTIL training and the experimental exoskeleton that provides her with enhanced speed, strength, and agility in order to complete her assignments in the field.

Personality-wise, Serenity can be abrasive, and though she tries to offset this with humor, her humor itself is a bit callous. She may suffer from a form of PDD-NOS as a result of her being more focused on group dynamics than individual dynamics (see Powers below).

UNTIL Personnel Data

Unit: Support Operations (Dispatch)
Designation: Support Operator Lima
Call Sign: Spoiler
Known Metahuman Abilities: Cultural Pattern Recognition


First came to the notice of UNTIL as YouTube user "NumberZeroFan". A trend-searching algorithm flagged her as a regular early-commenter on every video to go viral, after noting repetition of the phrases "inb4 NumberZeroFan" and "inb4 #0Fan".

This consistency led to speculation that Miss Carpenter was a metahuman with mild precognitive abilities. Subsequent testing was able to confirm her metahuman status while simultaneously proving that her ability is not precognitive in nature.

In her capacity as a Support Operator, Miss Carpenter, under the call sign "Spoiler" directs UNTIL, UNITY, and allied operatives to various hot spots around the world, often (thanks to her metahuman ability) before they flare up.

Powers, Equipment, and Training

As a metahuman, Miss Carpeneter does have a single metahuman ability. However, her ability is not combat-oriented, and has limited to no use in the field.

Power: Cultural Pattern Recognition

Miss Carpenter has the ability to intuitively predict cultural trends before they happen. This ability has made her an asset to the UNTIL intelligence division, where she served as an analyst before her transfer to Support Operations/Dispatch.

Trend Spotting

The primary use of Serenity's power is to predict social and political trends on multiple levels. She uses this power to predict political hotspots and probably targets for terrorist activity, which UNTIL then dispatches field teams or freelance heroes to cover.

Mixed Messages

When a group is gathered, Serenity can actively filter her power while observing them in order to determine if anyone there is acting contrary to the group's central motivation, such as a mole or other plant. (For example, a con artist's shills in a crowd, a terrorist posing as a tourist, etc.) As this power works mostly by observing the group as a whole, she can detect such people, but not pinpoint them.


The bulk of Miss Carpenter's field effectiveness can be credited to the high quality of equipment issued to UNTIL field agents. Miss Carpenter has been issued the following standard and non-standard equipment


Miss Carpenter has received standard issue UNTIL field operative weaponry, including a sidearm, assault rifle, and shotgun. She has been trained to be able to use them at a professional, but not expert, skill level.

UNTIL Scout Armor

Due to the maneuverability required in order to best utilize the experimental nano-exoskeleton (see below), Serenity has been issued standard-issue UNTIL scout armor, which is light and flexible, and provides moderate protection against firearms, edged weapons, and nonstandard energy attacks. It is insulated against temperature extremes ranging from -50F to +150F, offering some protection against fire and ice based attacks as well as protection from weather extremes.

The visor is itself a marvel of modern technology, providing Agent Carpenter with on-the-fly StarLight night vision, threat recognition, and zoom capabilities, as well as recording her exploits in the field to an encrypted file stored in a solid-state drive built into her armor. This recording is used as evidence, as well as performance reviews of Agent Carpenter's field activities.

Experimental Nano-Exoskeleton

Due to Miss Carpenter's small size and slender physique, in order to maintain her effectiveness as a (temporary) field agent, Miss Carpenter has been granted a test version of a pending UNTIL equipment upgrade. This exoskeleton is small enough to fit under normal clothing invisibly, and provides her with movement abilities comparable to a low-grade metahuman. It also helps cushion her from impacts or long falls resulting from her inexperience with maneuvering at those speeds. When wearing clothing that exposes her limbs, the exoskeleton is visible as thin wires of metal running along her arms and legs in a circuitboard-like pattern. While it is not permanently attached to her body, Miss Carpenter lacks the skills and tools required to remove it herself, and must report to UNTIL R&D to have the exoskeleton removed. She considers this to be "a hassle" and says that the time taken to do so "interferes with valuable internet socializing".


UNTIL Analyst Training

Miss Carpenter is a highly skilled intelligence analyst, owing in large part to her metahuman ability. She is therefore highly skilled in recognizing behavior patterns red-flagged by UNTIL and other enforcement agencies as indicative of "villainous" behavior. Miss Carpenter is perfectly content poring over large amounts of data in search of connections, and is able to make connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information with an unnaturally high degree of accuracy.

UNTIL Field Agent Training

Miss Carpenter is fully trained as an UNTIL field agent, and is considered "adequate" in that regard. Her real talents lie in analysis and prediction. Having said that, she is proficient, though not skilled, in the use of all standard UNTIL weapons and equipment.


  • Only Human - Though she is a metahuman, her ability is not physical in nature, and physically, she is no different from any other human.
  • Low Self-Esteem - Serenity's self-image is fairly well divorced from reality. Due to her association with superhuman types, she finds herself surrounded by impossibly attractive, powerful beings all the time, and this has led her to have something of an inferiority complex.
  • Short - While not incredibly short, Serenity is acutely aware that the world is not built with a 5'3" person in mind.
  • Antisocial - Serenity is much happier interacting with people at one remove (either over the radio or online) than face-to-face.

File Attachments

UNTIL Departmental E-Mails

Communications Protocol

From: Chief of U.S. Field Operations Gabriel D. Hardwick
To: All UNTIL and UNITY Field Agents
CC: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
CC: Support Operator Serenity Carpenter
Subject: Communications Protocols

It has come to my attention that communications protocols are being ignored with regards to UNTIL Support Operator Lima -- Serenity Carpenter, call sign "Spoiler". A request has been made to remind all field agents that S.O. Lima's call sign is, in fact, "Spoiler", and not "Siri."

I don't know who came up with that nickname for Miss Carpenter, and, to be perfectly frank, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it is negatively affecting morale in the Support Operations department, and Director Medini has made it clear that he wants it to stop. Now.

Gabriel D. Hardwick
CIC, UNITY Field Operations, U.S.

From: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
To: Chief of U.S. Field Operations Gabriel D. Hardwick
Subject: Re: Communications Protocols

Thanks, Gabe. Spoiler's really got a burr under her saddle over this "Siri" thing, and you know how she gets when she's upset. (I'm still getting disciplinary requests about her mass e-mail spoiling the entire second half of 24's second season. The last thing I need is for her to do the same thing with Breaking Bad.)

From: Chief of U.S. Field Operations Gabriel D. Hardwick
To: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
Subject: Re: Re: Communications Protocols

Don't forget, Angelo, we had a deal. I get the boys and girls to stop calling her Siri, you get her to stop calling me General Hardass.

From: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
To: Chief of U.S. Field Operations Gabriel D. Hardwick
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Communications Protocols

I'm working on it.

Field Operations Assignment

From: Support Operator Serenity Carpenter
To: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
Subject: You have got to be kidding me

What the hell is this, Angelo? Did Hardass put you up to this?

From: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
To: Support Operator Serenity Carpenter
Subject: Re: You have got to be kidding me

I presume you're upset about your temporary reassignment. You've completed your field training, and are cleared for use of all standard-issue UNTIL equipment. Your field deployment is largely a matter of protocol -- sometimes we need to deploy people who'd rather be pushing a desk around the office.

And, really, don't call him Hardass. You know how he gets.

From: Support Operator Serenity Carpenter
To: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
Subject: Re: Re: You have got to be kidding me

I'll stop calling him Hardass when he stops being such a hardass. You'd think an old ex-Army grunt like him would take it as a compliment!

P.S.: It turns out the terrorists are USMC SpecOps doing a fundraiser. The orders come from either the Joint Chiefs or the Veep -- not sure yet. Let you know next episode.

From: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
To: Support Operator Serenity Carpenter
Subject: Re: Re: Re: You have got to be kidding me

He'd take it as a compliment if you actually meant it as one. I swear, your metahuman talent at reading group dynamics has absolutely crippled you socially, since you never had to learn to read people individually.

That brings me to the real reason you're being deployed. Command is convinced that your effectiveness as a Support Operator and analyst could be nearly tripled if you had a better idea of what field agents actually face when a hot spot flares up.

To clarify your orders, you'll still be acting as a Support Operator, and you'll resume your duties as an analyst. The difference is that you will be acting as a low-level field agent in the Millennium City area, except with the authority to pick and choose your own assignments as a Support Operator.

I shouldn't have to tell you, but I will because I KNOW you, you're going to have to learn how to deal with agents better on a one-to-one basis. Especially with this assignment. A lot of agents thing we have it out for them in Support Operations. You know, the usual complaints. "I never get enough backup." "Why do you keep giving me the weird missions?" and so on. Nevermind that we simply haven't got the manpower anymore to provide the level of backup these agents want. That's why we've cultivated relationships with so many freelancers lately. And, let's face it, ALL our missions are weird ones, when you get down to it.

P.S.: God damn it, Carpenter, what did I tell you about spoiling things like that?!
P.P.S.: How the hell are you able to use your ability on fictional characters anyway?

From: Support Operator/Field Agent Serenity Carpenter
To: Angelo Medini, Director, Support Operations
Subject: Fictional Group Dynamics

I'm not using my power on the characters in the show. I'm reading American culture and filtering what I get from my power through the magic of pop culture awareness. (Translation: My power tells me what trends to watch for, and having watched a whole lot of TV lets me know what cues indicate those trends.)

Also, why do I get all the weird missions?

Support Operations Reports

No-Fly Zone

Incident #1: I Must Protest

Freelancers Involved: Echo, Anarchy, Trance, Ophidia, Warpblade, Quake, Holdana, Zenithboy

Two Weeks Prior to Incident: A college prank gone wrong outs a metahuman with electricity-generation powers. Thankfully, no one is hurt. Rumors begin to circulate around campus about a proposed change in MCU policy requiring separate housing for human and metahuman students.

One Week Prior to Incident: Millennium City city councilman J. Ernest Wright proposes a new city ordinance. Called the Safe Haven Act, it would ban the use of metahuman abilities in places it is already illegal to carry a firearm: places liquor is sold or served, public facilities (schools, government buildings, etc.), banks, and hospitals foremost among them. It would also mandate an additional charge for use of metahuman abilities in commission of a crime. The proposal has yet to be voted on.

Day of the Incident:

  • Agent Carpenter alerts freelancers in MCU area of a hot spot developing: a metahuman/metahuman-supporter protest of rumored changes to MCU housing requirements. IHA counter-protest is also taking place on site.
  • Metahuman freelancers Echo and Ophidia are participating in the protest, as is non-metahuman Anarchy.
  • Freelancer Trance is on campus for scholastic reasons.
  • Freelancers Quake, Zenithboy, Holdana, and Warpblade respond either to the situation as it develops or to Agent Carpenter's APB.
  • Metahuman protesters noted to be more aggressive than normal in their response to the situation, while IHA counter-protesters taking an atypically pacifistic approach.
  • Local media arrive on scene.
  • Ophidia attempts to befriend one of the protesters, a reptilian metahuman named Max. Proximity to Max allows Ophidia to forestall an attempt by Max to assault counter-protesters with a thrown stone.
  • Holdana and Anarchy attempt to reason with protesters in an effort to prevent a riot. They are largely successful.
  • Quake, Echo, and Ophidia feel slight muscle fatigue and aching. Simultaneously, Echo and Warpblade become aware of a subsonic hum from the direction of the nearby strip-mall just off campus.
The Ex-Humans assembled in front of MCUFCU.
  • Newly-formed (and as-yet unknown) criminal organization known as the Ex-Humans declare intent to wage a domestic terror war against Millennium City in general, and its human populace specifically.
  • Protest and counter-protest break up. Zenithboy tracks some of the metahuman protesters from the air, observing that they are discarding items of clothing in a back alley off campus. Zenithboy is called away on other duties before he can alert the others to this development.
  • Freelancers trace the subsonic hum to the Millennium City University Federal Credit Union, where the Ex-Humans are in the process of a robbery.
  • Quake, Echo, and Ophidia find their metahuman abilities suppressed within the confines of the bank. This does not prevent the team from engaging the criminals.
  • The Ex-Humans are handily defeated by the heroes. The last blow struck, a tazer-arrow from Holdana, which strikes Vizor mid-torso, takes the fight out of the group. An ascending whine comes from Vizor's backpack.
  • Ex-Human "Ex-Girl" teleports the defeated villains to safety, with the exception of "Honey Badger", who is taken into custody by the heroes.
  • An explosion is heard from a few blocks away. Investigation reveals that the source of the explosion was Vizor's backpack, discarded by the villain after his departure. The backpack contains a high-power portable generator and is wired to his namesake visor. The heroes speculate that the Ex-Humans' seemingly metahuman abilities may be technological in origin: specifically, those of Vizor and Ex-Girl.
  • MCPD discover an unknown device left behind by the criminals during their escape. Though the device has its own power supply, it is plugged into a power outlet in the credit union.

Incident #1 Follow-Up

The Day of the Incident:

  • Ophidia attempts to contact Max via Facebook, but she is not listed. Neither does a reptilian metahuman matching her name and description appear on MySpace or on the MCU student registry.
  • The robbery is mentioned on both local news and on news-comedy program The Daily Show. No mention is made of the identities of the heroes involved in foiling the crime.

Two Days After the Incident:

  • Agent Carpenter is notified by MCPD that the device found at MCUFCU was a Lee-Kirby Field Generator. Googling the term yielded a 60 Minutes article regarding cancer treatment for a tumor rendered inoperable by the patient's metahuman abilities. The article points to Doctors Jacob Lee and Stanley Kirby, stating they have found a theoretical way to suppress metahuman abilities in order to treat the anonymous patient.
  • Agent Carpenter is unable to track the two doctors, posts this information on an internet forum frequented by local heroes in the hopes that one of them will fare better.

Field Operations Reports

Apocalypse Shmolocalypse

Incident 26012013-Merid-1

Mission Date: 1/26/2013
Mission Location: Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico
Mission Contact: Joseph McBrosephson, Agent of HERMES
Responding Agent: Serentiy Carpenter, codename "Spoiler"
Freelance Operatives: Surova Grimwish, Man at Arms, Desperado, Ryder Williams, Sparrowhawk, Photon

Fig. 26012013-merid-1-a: Satellite image of Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico, with approximate location of ziggurat circled in red.

1/20-1/22/2013, Mérida, Yucatan: Mysterious ziggurat appears near downtown Mérida, in the style of ancient Mayan temples. (See fig. 26012013-merid-1-a)

1/23/2013, Mérida, Yucatan: Two European tourists (See attachment 26012013-merid-profile-a), last seen in/around ziggurat, reported missing. Remains found 1/23/2013 17:47 local time, must be identified by DNA.

1/24-1/25/2013, Mérida, Yucatan: Approximately 80 persons reported missing over the course of three days. Remains of 30 confirmed deceased. Local citizens in fear of cryptid known as chupacabra (see relevant file). UNTIL assistance requested.

2200 hrs, 1/26/2013, Mérida, Yucatan: Date of incident. Agent Serenity Carpenter dispatched, along with a group of freelance operatives, to respond to situation. Agents briefed by local constabulary in the person of one Inigo Montoya, Méridia PD, regarding sudden appearance of ziggurat and disappearance of local citizens and tourists. Agents request and receive maps of city streets and sewage/storm drain systems to determine possible paths of approach as well as possible places reported monsters could go to ground.

2227 hrs: Agents arrive in near vicinity of ziggurat. Streets appear abandoned. While investigating, agents encounter a local woman in severe emotional distress. Woman claims that someone or something killed her brother and her husband, repeats the phrase "the eyes" over and over. While agents attempt to communicate with her, citizen panics and runs for cover. First encounter.

Fig. 26012013-merid-1-b: One of the "chupacabra" creatures reported by local citizens. Image taken from Agent Carpenter's combat visor log.

2231 hrs: Agents attacked by a group of cat-like beasts. (See fig. 26012013-merid-1-b) Freelancer Surova Grimwish is wounded but recovers due to parahuman healing ability. Creatures either killed or driven off. During encounter, agents report sound of drums. Freelancer Photon tracks sound of drums to ziggurat. Agents choose to pursue wounded creatures in the event they are not returning to the structure before proceeding to ziggurat.

Fig. 26012013-merid-1-c: The ziggurat as seen from Calle 56, facing north-northeast. Image taken from Agent Carpenter's combat visor log.

2245 hrs: Agents track creatures to location of anomalous ziggurat (see figure 26012013-merid-1-c), report stairs leading up ziggurat to temple lined with creatures standing "on guard" along sides. Freelancer Man at Arms dispatches paranormal familiar to Agent McBrosephson to give status update and request UNTIL assistance. As agents proceed up ziggurat, mummified corpses emerge from crypts in ziggurat and move to intercept.

Agents also report large quantity of blood on stairwell, which is animated through unknown means (suspected blood magic - consult with Trimegistrus Council recommended) in order to impede agents' progress. Agents achieve top of ziggurat, where a number of civilians are being held against their will. One such civilian has been recently sacrificed, possibly to provide power for animation of mummified dead and/or blood on stairs (see above note regarding blood magic).

Agents confront apparent high priest, also mummified (possible lich - again, consult with Trimegistrus Council recommended). Freelancer Man at Arms moves to protect hostages with a shield while Freelancer Ryder Williams confronts high priest. Agents manage to reach temple at top of ziggurat. Freelancer Williams dispatches high priest.

Temple contains one artifact: a drum apparently made entirely from human remains. Agent Carpenter volunteers for civilian guard to let paranormal expert Man at Arms examine artifact. Freelancer Photon retrieves artifact. Freelance agents report wall behind drum has a mural depicting agents ascent of ziggurat.

Agent McBrosephson arrives on site, accompanied by members of Trimegistus Council. Agent and Council representative in heated debate regarding post-incident damage control. Freelancer Man at Arms departs ziggurat to consult with paranormal expert Blaspherion (see relevant UNTIL profile) regarding artifact and incident. Agent McBrosephson subdues Trimegistus representative, reporting that the mage was about to use lethal magic to detain Man at Arms.

1/28/2013: Agent Carpenter cited for unprofessional behavior regarding communications protocol. Agent files official request that further assignments not include association with freelancer Photon. Agent claims Photon has poor impulse control which may cause problems on future missions. Request noted, no action taken apart from previously noted citation.



There are numerous classifications of heroes and the entities they encounter, and Serenity needs to know them all in order to properly file reports with UNTIL. Here are some of the terms used in her reports, with the official definition per the UNTIL Support Operations Manual:

  • (Field) Agent - A metahuman, parahuman, or otherwise skilled operative deployed in UNTIL field operations.
  • Alter, Teratogenic - A metahuman whose abilities are due to physical, but non-genetic, changes. Distinct from a baseline in that physical alterations give them metahuman abilities or traits. (An amputee is considered baseline, a cyborg is a teratogenic alter.)
  • (Divine) Avatar - A parahuman being that acts as a physical host for a divine entity.
  • Baseline - A human who does not possess metahuman or parahuman abilities.
  • (Divine) Champion - A being who acts as on behalf of a divine entity. Frequently a parahuman being whose abilities derive from interaction with the divine entity in question.
  • Cyborg - Cybernetic Organism. A teratogenic alter whose abilities derive from hardware that directly interfaces with the nervous system.
  • Demon - An extraplanar entity whose plane of origin is classified as demonic, or who derives from the Qliphothic.
  • Divine - Of or related to extraplanar entities of immense power, worshiped as deities for their innate abilities. Literal divinity is frequently a subject of debate. One of the types of entities within the purview of Project HERMES.
  • Extraplanar - A specific subcategory of extraterrestrial, these beings' origins are outside of the four-dimensional space occupied by Earth.
  • Extraterrestrial - Colloquially, "aliens", these beings originate off-world. Includes, but is not limited to, extraplanar entities.
  • Freelance(r) - A vigilante, superhero, or other agent not under direct control of UNTIL or a government agency.
  • Lee-Kirby Field - An electromagnetic field that interferes with metahuman abilities. Exposure results in an inability to cause metahuman effects to manifest, reversion of minor physical mutations, inability to control extra limbs resulting from gross physical mutation. Metahumans exposed to a Lee-Kirby field report mild-to-moderate physical discomfort, depending on the degree of physical mutation present. Does not affect parahumans, baselines, Alters, or non-humans (including extraterrestrials and co-habitant non-humans). Developed to aid in treatment of metahumans with abilities that would otherwise prevent life-saving medical treatments.
  • Lycanthrope - Subcategory of therianthrope whose animalistic features are lupine in nature. This is the most commonly encountered form of therianthrope. (The therianthropic Vibora Bay street gang known as the Dogz are lycanthropes.)
  • Lycanthrope, Genetic - Lycanthropes whose abilities are the result of mutation or deliberate non-magical genetic manipulation. While magic lycanthropes are considered parahuman, genetic lycanthropes are metahuman.
  • Lycanthrope, Magic - Lycanthropes whose abilities are derived from a magical source. Most magic lycanthropes are the result of a curse. Magic lycanthropes are classified as parahuman, rather than metahuman, as genetic lycanthropes are.
  • Mage - Short for "magic user", a mage is any being that voluntarily manipulates various energies classified as "magic". Mages may be metahuman, parahuman, extraerrestrial, co-habitant non-human, or baseline. Subcategories of mage exist. Further information requires HERMES clearance.
  • Magic - Any of a range of manipulable energies capable of causing effects in the outside world. Distinct from psionics.
  • Metahuman - A person or persons with superhuman abilities derived from deviations in their genetic structure from the norm. Metahumans fall into three categories: mutants, mutates, and heritage mutants.
  • Mutagen - A chemical or energy that damages genetic material, resulting in pre-natal or post-natal mutation. Examples include "hard" radiation, carcinogens, certain categories of toxic waste, etc.
  • Mutant - A metahuman whose abilities are a result of pre-natal genetic mutation. Mutation is one of the processes of evolution (mutation, selection, reproduction). Not all mutations are beneficial to the mutant, and many with gross physical mutations are treated as second-class citizens, or even as non-humans.
  • Mutant, Heritage - Technically not a mutant, a heritage mutant is a metahuman whose abilities are inherited from his or her parents. Parents may be mutants, mutates, or heritage mutants themselves.
  • Mutant, Latent - A mutant whose metahuman abilities and/or gross physical mutations are not yet apparent, even to the mutant.
  • Mutate - A metahuman whose abilities are a result of post-natal mutation. The most common form of post-natal mutation is cancer. There are those who speculate that mutates are actually latent mutants whose mutations are not apparent until a life-threatening situation arises, when the activation of their latent mutation protects them from potentially lethal side-effects of mutagen exposure.
  • Non-Human - Not intended as a slight. A non-human is a being whose origins do not include homo sapiens in their recent genetic history, or at all. Non-humans may be extraterrestrial, extraplanar, or co-habitant. UNTIL agent Skarius Snowtalon is an extraplanar non-human.
  • Non-Human, Co-Habitant - A non-human of terrestrial origins. Lemurians are co-habitant non-humans.
  • Parahuman - A being who possesses supernatural abilities, but may or may not practice magic. Examples include divine avatars, divine champions, demonic entities, magic lycanthropes, vampires, etc.
  • Project HERMES - Division of UNTIL tasked with dealing with extraplanar or other supernatural threats. Incidents of this nature are required to be forwarded to Project HERMES.
  • Psion - A metahuman or parahuman whose abilities involve influencing their environment or people around them through application of psionic energies.
  • Psionic - A classification of energies that are emitted or manipulated by psions. Psionic energy is distinct from magic energy in that it derives from the nervous system, whereas magic energy is either spiritual or extraplanar in origin.
  • Supernatural - Extraplanar or magic in nature.
  • Therianthrope - A metahuman or parahuman whose abilities include shapeshifting into an animal or quasi-animal form. Derived from the Greek therios (beast), anthropos (man). Therianthropes can be either magic or genetic in origin. (See Lycanthrope, Magic and Lycanthrope, Genetic for classifications.)
  • UNITY - A collection of metahuman, parahuman, and other agents under the direct command of UNTIL, deployed to deal with non-standard threats.
  • Uplift - A mutant or mutate of non-sapient origin whose mutations include (but may not be limited to) near-human level sapience. Fictional characters the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are terrapin uplifts.

Call Signs, Code Names, and Nicknames

Officially, Serenity has no code name, being neither a superheroine nor a standard field agent. Her call sign, "Spoiler", is used in radio communications, and has served as a code name at times when civilians assume she is acting as a freelance heroine.

Recently, a field agent either drew a blank on Serenity's call sign and started to call her by her first name in a radio communication, or thought it would be funny to request information from "Siri" over UNTIL communication channels. Word of the incident, and of Serenity's over-the-top reaction to it, spread through UNTIL and UNITY, and since then she has been plagued with requests for information from "Siri".

Field Agents' and Freelancers' Feedback

Have you encountered Serenity Carpenter in the past? Feel free to write about it here.

"Perhaps I should get her a pair of stilts?" - Snowtalon, being a smarmy bastard as always.

--"Or everyone else can stop being so tall." - Serenity

"Cost me my shot and kill... I know her soon to be bloody face, and once I get her back in my cross-hair... Well, I don't want to spoil all the surprises." - Unknown Sender


RP Hooks

  • Often acts as an UNTIL liaison officer, as part of her Support Operations duties. Perhaps you saw her while being briefed/debriefed for a mission?
  • Personally interested in the metahuman rights movement, despite being able to easily "pass" as a baseline. Attends protests and other events in support of the metahuman community whenever her duties allow. You might have seen her there.
  • Serenity is still seen around several media-related websites, including a number of streaming sites. Editbanned from TVTropes by Fast Eddie himself, but still pops up in the Off-Topic forums from time to time.