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The Abrasive
Magic Bat
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Echo Laurencia
Batbitch, Vampire,
March 21, 1990
Billsfield, Michigan
US/Dominican Republic
Millennium City, Michigan
Master Evherst's Tower, Footsteps of the Slumbering Giant, Darklands.
Magician's Apprentice
Legal Status
Several Misdeamor charges
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Carl and Lorena (Father and Mother)
Physical Traits
Bat Mutant
Apparent Age
Body Type
Deep tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Various bat mutations
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Enhanced hearing and sense of smell, limited flight and sonar navigation, access to magic from the Red Shadow, general magical aptitude. Linked to her familiar (Barker).
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Knowledgable about magic rituals and supernatural culture.


Echo is a young woman with a batlike face, large ears and large black eyes. Her arms have large wings that she's capable of folding in close to avoid being too cumbersome. She has a 'superhero' outfit that consists of a green bodysuit, but rarely wears it. She usually wears ratty, cheap clothing intstead.


Echo was born a mutant and had a rather difficult time growing up in her small home town. One of the few mutant girls and one of the few to boast such extreme physical mutations, she never really fit in. Or had a reason to. She felt isolated from her peers and quickly decided that if they didn't want her, they could screw themselves.

Her poor homelife didn't help matters. Her father left when she was young, leaving to go get cigarettes and never coming back. Her mother took to drinking after Echo's birth and never really stopped. Lorena did what she could to keep the household running but her drinking, depression and constant fights with Echo put a lot of stress on her.

During high school Echo easily attracted and fit in the goth clique. She was at times disgusted and delighted with the interest they showed in the 'hot bat girl' She became sexually active and started drinking and smoking at an early age. She got in a lot of trouble and was a constant headache for her mother. She probably would have continued being a nobody if not for the night one of her stupid friends got ahold of a magic book.

This book wasn't the usual worthless toy that her wannabe occultist friends usually found. This was the real thing. While goofing around with this tome, the Librum of the Red Night, Echo and five of her friends were pulled into the Red Shadow. A realm of nightborn violence and silent murder. She rarely talks about what happened, but when she returned she came back alone with an imp familiar, a part of her soul missing and access to the magic of the dark place she had survived. She soon came to the attention of Master Evherst, who convinced her to move out of her home town and become his apprentice.

Though hesitant to trust the bizarre old man she eventually agreed and now... her life is a ridiculous mess.


Echo is confrontational, extremely pro mutant, anti registration and HATES people thinking magic isn't real. She is also foul mouthed, tacky and shameless but has been working on reigning herself in recently. She is agressive, but has a tendency to panic when faced with something beyond her skill level.

She's fiercely loyal to her friends and though she often makes fun of her own appearance she doesn't seem to lack confidence when it comes to dating or sex.


-Bat Powers: Echo has greatly enhanced hearing, limited sonar and a sense of smell stronger than a normal humans. She can also use her wings to fly for short periods but it's easier to use them for gliding.

-The Red Shadow: The Red Shadow is a shadow world tied to violence and mayhem committed in the dead of night. Of murders and assassination carried out in shadow. The power Echo draws from this realm can be easily shaped into lethal weaponry but can also be used for defense.

-Magical Ability: Echo has learned some general magic from her time as an apprentice and has some knowledge of rituals and equipment used by spellcasters. She often uses energy from the Red Shadow to make her general spells and rituals more potent and eliminate the need to carry a lot of equipment.

-Barker: Barker is Echo's familiar. The ugly little imp is linked to her closely and she can see through its eyes. She can also use Barker as a focus if she needs a boost to her magical abilities.


-Price of the Red: The Red Shadow is demanding. Using its power takes its toll on Echo that often physically manifests as temporary 'scars' radiating from her eyes and ectoplasmic sludge she expels from her mouth. Using too much power too fast can cause her to go into shock.

-Bat Mutations: When not wearing her goggles or earplugs Echo is susceptible to loud noises, high frequencies and bright light. She also tends to be very careful with her wings as they don't heal very quickly.


-Doesn't like loud noises, loud people or bright lights. She also almost never wears shoes. However, in contradiction to this trait she does like hard rock and heavy metal. She generally wears earplugs to make everyday sounds more tolerable and goggles to block the light.

- Her demonic pet is a small, four legged creature with bat wings, a single beady eye and a long tail. She calls the ugly little thing Barker.

-Doesn't want to talk about her past. Any of it. Especially not how she learned magic and especially not about how she found Barker.

-Is missing a tiny corner of her soul. She gave this up to the Red Shadow. Her own shadow is also slightly smaller than it should be. This is hard to notice, but a bit odd once seen.

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