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CREATOR'S NOTE: This page is currently out of date. Updates to the bio and powers will arrive in the future ~~@Hope1

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Ruler of The Arachni Empire
Ebony Tarantula
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"Feign the role of a madman, and your foes will expect one. Only to find out you are something far more dangerous."
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Arachni, The Calling
Real Name
Stefan Warren
Ebony, Lord Tarantula, Emperor Warren
October 25th 1972
Berlin, Germany (On Earth 998 AKA "Nazi Earth")
Mobile (Has several headquarters on earth in different locations)
Interdimensonal Terrorist, Master Villain, Emperor of Nazi Earth and The Arachni Empire
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Carmella Warren-(Wife, deceased), Unknown-(Mother, deceased), Desmond Warren-(Father, deceased), Regina Warren -(Daughter), Tiberius Warren (Son), Wolfram Warren (Son)
Physical Traits
Enhanced Human
Apparent Age
Body Type
Brown with Grey streaks
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Dark Matter Manipulation
· Equipment ·
Eye Of Shadows (Alien Artifact), Technological Mask, Clawed cestus
· Other Abilities ·
Master Swordsman, Master Tactician.


Stefan Warren was born in Germany during the 1970's on alternate Earth 998, a world where the Nazi forces won WW2 and proceeded to take over the world. Born to Desmond Warren, the leader of a separate sect of Nazi forces codenamed The Arachni. Stefan upon coming of age was inducted as a soldier in the Arachni army and was trained in military combat. however, Stefan eventually fell in love with a woman named Carmilla. soon Stefan began to stray from the Arachni's ways when his union with Carmilla bore him a baby girl, Regina.

This however angered Desmond Warren who saw that Stefan was destined to replace him as leader of Arachni. Seeing Carmilla as the obstacle to Stefan's rise to power, Desmond ordered her assassinated in front of Stefan. Once the Sniper took Carmilla's life, Stefan was filled with sadness and fury. He hunted down and repaid the assassin in kind. before taking Regina, packing his bags and fleeing the country. The two arrived in Moscow, Russia where Stefan left a two month year old Regina at the doorstep of an orphanage, seeing that what he was going to do would be too dangerous for Regina's safety. Stefan made his way across Europe to where he eventually made it into Asia.

Upon his entrance into Asia, Stefan heard legend of a mystical object of great power. Knowing he would need power to defeat Desmond, Stefan tracked down the object and found himself at the ancient temple where this artifact was held. Stefan breached the temple's defenses and slew the artifact's guardians. Once he stepped into the main chamber Stefan came face to face with The Eye of Shadows an ancient artifact of almost limitless power an unknown origin. Upon touching the Eye, Stefan was shown visions of power, of what he could do. With the Eye he could unify the world and bring about true peace. The Eye showed him many things and connected him to a primordial force of Dark Matter, giving him command over these forces.

Stefan took the Eye with him and followed its directions, sowing seeds of rebellion in the Asian Arachni Branches. After eight years of training and unifying. Stefan finally was able to return home, to confront his father and take vengeance for Carmilla's death. Once he returned to Germany Stefan gathered his followers, he then made his move and marched onto his father's castle, over-powering the troops with the power of the Eye. Once he made it to his father, the two clashed in battle, but soon Desmond succumbed to Stefan's power and Stefan killed him on the spot. Stefan was christened the leader of The Arachni Empire and ruled over a peaceful world. Soon after becoming the leader of The Arachni, Stefan was seduced by Verona the shadow demon (although she was disguised) and their union bore him yet another child, a boy named Tiberius.

During this time Stefan delved into The Eye of Shadows, feeding his growing lust for power until he heard a rumor of a mystical brew called "Etir" by Norse mythology. By what legend describes, Etir had the power to revive the dead and restore life and limb to whoever bathed in its waters. Stefan was quick to act and marched his forces on Greenland, the location of a Etir Well. Upon locating the well Stefan "tested" it by shooting a war prisoner and throwing his body into the pool. Soon enough, the man rose from the waters completely healed. Stefan then brought the corpse of his dear Carmilla and placed her in the pool. However due to some cruel twist of fate she did not rise alive, as the resurrection process required the soul of the departed to be intact (and her soul had already departed this world). Heartbroken and disappointed, Stefan put her body back in a charmed coffin that would magically keep her from decomposing. Stefan then hunted down other Etir wells and used them for medical purposes.

Stefan then received an odd message from The Eye Of Shadows, it told him of other earths that could be accessed through magic. Stefan, now Ebony Tarantula then used the Eye to create a portal to other dimensions and lead the Arachni to conquer two other alternate Earths, granting the empire more troops and resources than ever before. The Eye picked up on a strange burst of energy that echoed across space and time, originating from one world in particular. This universe possessed immense magical power and resources the likes of which Ebony had not seen.

Soon Ebony opened a portal to a new earth and took with him a group of Arachni soliders and assassins, including his daughter Regina, and marched into this Earth and began to form an Arachni presence on this world.

The Titian Institute, Rise and Fall

Soon after Ebony Tarantula arrived on earth he came into conflict with his counterpart from this dimension, a hero known as Night Spider. A breif fight ensued between the two, but Night Spider was outmatched by Ebony's raw power and was criticaly injured. Months passed since then and on an October night in 2012, Ebony Tarantula saw need to test the younger generation of heroes in this world to see just how difficult the Arachni Invasion would be. Prowling Westside that night, Tarantula came across a small number of students from the newly founded Titan Institute and was discovered by the said group. A fight broke out as Ebony was able to hold his own and fend off the youngsters until he was injured by a teacher who responed to a distress call, Lestar Drakkro and retreated. Over the next few weeks Ebony had waged a personal war on this school and randomly attacked the students or staff, throwing the institute into panic and creating the illusion of a dranged demon by changing apperence and disgusing his shadow guard as demon-like creatures to wreak havoc.

Soon Ebony had met another foe of the institute, a demon by the name Zephyon. The two forged a partnership and almost a friendship as well. For weeks, Ebony Tarantula and Zephyon kidnaped five students and imprisoned them in a seprate dimension, where they were tourtured and forced to fight in an arena for entertainment. Soon however, the Titans regrouped and fought back. Invading Ebony's realm and rescuing the children but before they could leave, Tarantula took one of their own. A young demigodess named Helena, who was also pregnant at the time. Ebony took his time after this, recruiting criminnals and supervillians to his cause and courupting two of the Titans and unleashing them on their former allies. In a desprate attempt to defeat this threat once and for all, the Titans used a portal under their base which Ebony had used to strike at them from inside.

They used the portal to attack Ebony's base and after hours of fighting they reached his citedel. Ebony and his cohorts confronted them and a fight ensued. Ebony was powering a bomb to send to earth unless its forces submit to the Arachni when he was betrayed by Helena, who broke his control and proceeded to attack before being joined by Infryana and Stormbringer, two of the Titans most powerful members. In the End the bomb was overloaded and Ebony was injured alongside Zephyon, Stormbringer absorbed the energy from the bomb and was injured due to an overdose of Chaos Magic. Infryana then called forth a massive blast of Celestial energy from the hevens and struck at the two villians. Zephyon, being loyal to his partner took the blast and lost both legs and an arm. Ebony then seemingly died due to an overload of energy that stoped his heart.

Soon after Ebony Tarantula's apparent "Death" the citadel began to crumble and the Titans fled Tarantula's realm, hoping that was the end of their enemy. However, Stefan's loyal daughter Regina (Ebon Widow) had managed to fish the bodies of her father and his partner out of the ruble before taking them to Ebony's Etir pits to resurrect them. Upon placing Ebony Tarantula's corpse in the mystical brew, His soul managed to return and reconnect with the body and, Ebony Tarantula was brought back from death. His first action in his reborn form was to resume a personal war against the Institute, and to let the Titans know he had not forgotten about them. So he brought his only son, Tyson over to Earth and sent him on the attack while Tarantula recovered before making an appearance when he attempted to hack into computers within the Battle of Detroit museum in downtown Millennium City, where he was intercepted by Leida Drakkro the new headmaster of the Titan Institute as well as the head of the Candlekeep school of mystics, Syrena.

Ebony, alongside his son managed to combat the two heroes and injure Syrena before escaping. Ebony continued his war on both schools after that, a few weeks later he dispatched his daughter Regina to assassinate Dr. Mallick Orson, a staff member of the Titan Institute who had a knack for outsmarting the villain. Meanwhile, Tyson managed to get himself locked up by the institute and was being held by UNTIL. Ebony, being the loving father he was hired a stray mercenary to free Tyson. Being successful, Tyson continued to attack the Titans until he was apprehended by his "Uncle" Night Spider. Soon after, Regina managed to track down Dr. Orson who then talked her into a deal, Regina was obviously not as evil as her father and struck a deal to release Tyson in exchange for sparing Orson. However, it was needed to trick Ebony to avoid punishment for failure. Orson then allowed Regina to cut off his arm and take it to her father to ensure her safety.

Once Regina returned with Tyson however, Ebony already knew of the betrayal and in a brief fight killed Tyson by reducing him to ashes and causing Regina to escape into the world. Soon after, Ebony continued his shadowy assault with aid from Zephyon, who was outfitted with cybernetic implants to walk and move again. Zephyon continued to assault the Titans while Ebony Tarantula recruited other rouges of the Institute. Eventually he gathered Slade Thron, a powerful mimic and owner of the multi billionaire company Slade CORP as well as a few young meta criminals, Including Hazama one of the Titans greatest foes, second to ebony of course. The group of villains attacked the Titan Institute left and right until one fateful day. In the month of February of the year 2013, Ebony Tarantula and his team attacked the Titans Tower alongside VIPER and Arachni forces. The ensuing fight made most of the school grounds a warzone, Ebony and the Arachni kept UNTIL and the MCPD at bay. Killing over 48 law personnel and several Titans. Slade Thron and his militia stormed the tower and planted a superbomb codenamed "Tartarus" in the Titans reactor core before being seemingly killed by Night Spider. Once the bomb blew, Ebony Tarantula made a hasty retreat, leaving his former teammates to die in the explosion. In the end the Titan Institute was in ruins and most of its members dead or MIA, and once more Ebony Tarantula escaped into the shadows. Only to reappear a month later in the countryside of Germany, building what seemed to be a mass teleporter. While the Titans reformed with other schools into the Nexus Academy.

Nexus Academy and The War

Shortly after Tarantula's long time foes reformed into The Nexus Academy, The Arachni were hard at work gaining a foothold on Champions Earth. They were soon interrupted when Slade Thron, a former ally, had formed his own empire, known only as The Shadows. Slade's intent was to destroy Tarantula and drive The Arachni off "his planet". Slade began his reign of terror by attacking Nexus in earnest, this move drove Tarantula to attempt to kill Slade himself and put an end to the upstart's plans. Slade however came prepared, wearing six rings of destructive power. The ensuing fight lasted minutes, and severely injured The Arachni Emperor. Ebony's lungs and chest structure were nearly disintegrated by Slade's attacks, forcing Tarantula to rely on a chest-mounted breathing apparatus for some time. With Nexus fighting their own battles against Slade, Tarantula decided to weave events from the shadows.

His chance arrived when his daughter sought his aid, Slade had gone mad with power, attacking her and her family with a savage ferocity. Ebony offered his help, by telling Regina that he could destroy Slade's rings if she brought them to him. This sent Widow to steal and retrieve the Mind Ring and Disintegration Ring while Ebony razed a quarter of Tibet and retrieved the Healing Ring. Soon he had all six rings, Ebony then destroyed them in a ritual, secretly absorbing their power to heal him and restore his own powers and sanity.

It was only a few months after that Slade was arrested, his empire toppled. Ebony Tarantula relished his victory, and begun planning his grand debut on the world stage.

A Venomous Web

Ebony Tarantula soon sought to anchor his presence down on Earth 4, openly recruiting soldiers, neo-Nazis and others into the fold. To properly train them, The Arachni from Nazi Earth sent Data Pods through dimensional space. But, the tracking malfunctioned on these pods, sending them crash landing into Millennium City. Not about to allow the enemy the knowledge stored in the pods, Ebony Tarantula gave the order to retrieve the pods by force, and kill anyone who tried to stop them. This lead up to armed conflicts with MARS, UNTIL and PRIMUS units across town. As the death toll rose, this gained the attention of The Nexus Academy and The Ultimate Guardians, the latter of which were protecting a pod that landed on their property. Attacking the forces holding this pod led to an armed conflict between the heroes and The Arachni, causing The Arachni to retreat and re-organize their forces for war. Putting all outcomes into mind, Ebony Tarantula knew that The Arachni was not yet powerful enough to take on two super teams at once. They needed an ally.

Researching The Guardians, Ebony learned that they had a long lasting enmity with VIPER. Using this to his advantage, he contacted VIPER agent Blood Virus and struck a deal with her. Aid The Arachni in retrieving the pods, and Ebony Tarantula would see to the capture of Bloodryn, a member of The Guardians and a long lasting target of VIPER. The alliance was formed and both organizations went to war with The Heroes, who formed an alliance of their own. The ensuing events lasted for a month, in which The Arachni gained two of their pods and captured both Greenstone and Bloodryn, subjecting the latter to VIPER's brainwashing. To save the heroes, The Nexus Academy teamed up with The Young Stars, UNTIL, Slade Thron and The Ultimate Guardians to attack The Arachni's base in Germany's Black Forest. The resulting battle ended with Greenstone's release, Slade Thron's death, the destruction of The Black Forrest Base and the demise of many soldiers on both ends. But the fight was not over, The Arachni and VIPER left to take over an island in the Bermuda Triangle, taking a now brainwashed Bloodryn with them.

The heroes quickly tracked them down, and in an attack on VIPER's base in the island jungle, they defeated Blood Virus and restored Bloodryn's mind. The Ultimate Guardians then turned around to drive The Arachni from the island, with VIPER dissolving their alliance. Ebony was forced to retreat, taking his empire into Space. Ending The Arachni's presence in Germany and The Bermuda Triangle.

The "Summer Of Spiders" Incident

The Summer of 2014 will always be remembered as The Summer Of Spiders. After The Arachni's defeat in The Bermuda Triangle, Ebony Tarantula used the recent power vacuum in Westside crime to place his agents in control. The Arachni invaded Westside and unified the gangs there, beating down any who resisted. The Arachni Lords were tasked with multiple divisions of Westside and their respective operations. Lady Recluse became the head of the Westside Drug Trade, where she created the Meta-Gene Serum Trade. A grisly operation that extracted DNA from kidnapped Metahumans and turned them into serums that could give any normal criminal powers of their own. This led to a violent up rise in Westside metacrime. Samurai Spider took on the special operation of intelligence gathering, as The Arachni's sole purpose of the Westside Takeover was a distraction to gain secrets on Millennium City's politicians to use. While a new Arachni Lord, Death Web was used to establish relations with DEMON for unknown reasons. The Nexus Force would spend the month fighting and capturing Recluse and Samurai, ending their operations.

Infuriated over the death of her father, Slade, and convinced of her team's failure. Static, AKA Catherine Ryland took matters into her own hands and used her vast resources to launch kinetic strikes on Arachni Bases in The Bermuda Triangle and Germany, resulting in widespread carnage on Miami, Florida, Cuba and Germany, while only killing a mere thousand of Arachni Troops. Not to mention also sparking threats of a new World War as countries scrambled. Attempting to use this to his advantage, Ebony Tarantula had evidence compiled to send public blame rightfully on Catherine, while also placing a bounty on her head. In a strange turn of events, Malik Orson, one of Ebony's greatest rivals used his powerful technopathy to warp the evidence into blaming him, protecting Catherine, who would soon marry his son, Adam. Enraged, Ebony decided it was time to tie up loose ends once and for all. Personally attacking Malik's Lab, Ebony Tarantula not only killed Malik, but completely destroyed him on all levels, ending any hope of his rival returning in full form. But this choice backlashed on the Arachni Emperor, as Anya Croix, Ebony's most powerful enemy attempted to intervene. The resulting fight ended in Croix absorbing large amounts of energy and converting it into Chaotic Energy, unable to hold the power. She exploded, vaporizing herself and Ebony Tarantula. Dying for the second time, Ebony was forced to exist as a storm of Dark Matter, without a body.

Slowly loosing his grip on the physical world, Ebony waited for his plan to come into motion. As foreseen, Death Web craved the power his master had and "discovered" a ritual to summon and claim the Eye Of Shadows. Rushing to claim the power and the throne, Death Web failed to notice the deception. He performed the blood ritual on The Red Banner Tower in Westside. As the heroes attempted to stop him, The Eye Of Shadows came to Death Web, but so did Ebony. Slaying his wayward apprentice, Ebony absorbed the sacrifice to rebuild a new body for him. Succeeding in returning to life once more. Triumphant, he left Nexus Force to lick their wounds. Pulling all Arachni out of Millennium City and into Space, leaving a power vacuum of his own, that would not stay empty for long.

Arachni Tales

Titian Institute's Fall

It was just another day at the Titan Institute, class had finished and the students gathered in the halls to gossip and converse on recent events. Security forces left to their meeting area to discuss further enforcement plans. Night Spider the head of security at the institute rested in his office, observing recent video camera records and updating the mainframe "Everything seems in order today" Night thought to himself "But we still need to remain on guard". Night Spider got up and went to his office window to look out over the streets of Millennium city from the top floor of the Titans Tower, Home of the Titan institute. Unknown to the titans, danger lurked just outside of their walls. A small army of soldiers mixed of VIPER, Slade Corp operatives, Demons and Arachni soldiers clad in dark armor and bearing a spider-like insignia. Overlooking the armies were a group of people standing on a rooftop, four men and two women all clad in costumes conversed.

It appears they were planning for war. Ebony Tarantula, Zephyon, Slade Thron, Tynn, Hazama, and Static talked amongst one another. "Are the soldiers ready to deploy?" Ebony clad in his dark violet and black suit spoke "We are almost ready, Tartarus is also prepared for...Installment." Slade responded in a raspy tone. "Nice, looks like I finally get to see the inside of that fancy tower!" Zephyon spoke, almost giddy to get started. "Patience my friend....We will deploy soon , the Titan Institutes demise is at hand!" Hazama responded smiling deviously. The troopers loaded up a massive bomb-looking structure to a transport and the soldiers boarded aerial transports themselves, all equipped with the latest of military tech. The transports take off and the Villains follow in suit, Heading to The Tower with dark intentions in their hearts.

Meanwhile at the Titan Institute..

Night Spider meets with staff and security to discuss recent plans and improvements to the institute at a large business table in the teachers' lounge. "As you can see here.." Night Spoke "This plan will only be put to use should the Institute be decimated by our enemies, I have made...Arrangements with a few old friends to enter a business deal with The Institute." A hologram projection popped up showing information of these "Friends" Juanita the leader of The Unfettered, a separate new school with a growing membership. And Metafour Academy which was started by the superteam The Metafour. "These two groups would be ideal for a partnership, the details are still in discussion but this will change the institute for the better." Night continued. "Are you sure these groups can be trusted James?" Leida Drakkro the head teacher of the institute spoke up. "I am sure" Night said "The Unfettered is leaded by the very woman who has defended my family for generations, I trust her with my life." Night Spider nodded. "The Metafour also have a good record, the deal with all sides. Human, Metahuman, anything.". "Good, then I approve of these plans....I just hope we won't be forced to use them anytime soon.." Leida said. Right just then Veil drifts through a wall into the room, "We have a problem!" Veil said rather quickly. "What is it?" Night responded.

"There is a rather large amount of subjects in bound to the tower.....I sense Ebony Tarantula is with them.." Veil spoke. "Alert the rest of staff and students! We need to get our defenses ready!" Night commanded as several security guards run out, then there was an explosion. The alarm of the tower goes off as the lobby was blown open by heavy artillery, the magic defenses were weakened somehow...As if they were absorbed by something.

VIPER and Slade Corp troops led by Slade Thron stormed the building, MCPD forces encircled the tower grounds as Ebony Tarantula and the Shadow Guard distract them. "Half of you, storm the building and take down any Titans or security protocols you find the rest of you! Follow me to the reactor, we need to place Tartarus in their power core!" Slade commanded as the troopers broke off. Slade goes through the halls with his team, striking down Titans and security protocols with his powers, rendering them useless through an EMP cannon he took with him. Meanwhile, Static, Slade's apprentice was on the tower's roof, setting up a large device on the tower's radio spires. It was a massive EMP bomb, powered by Ebony Tarantula's prized artifact, the Eye of Shadows. It sends a pulse through the towers mainframe, disabling security as the Eye absorbs the Magic shields and defenses.

Night Spider suits up and radios his more. Closer allies. "This is Night Spider, the Titans tower is under assault by combined forces of VIPER and Slade Corp. Ebony Tarantula, Static, Slade and others are on scene. Get here ASAP. I don't know if we can do this alone!"

Ebon Widow AKA Regina Warren was sitting in her penthouse downtown when she heard the explosion and the radio message. She quickly suits up and mounts her motorbike, racing to the tower followed by Dark Knight and Night Web who were also inbound. Ebony Tarantula continues to slaughter the MCPD forces as Mallick Orson and Dr. Arcane confront him. Ebony does not hesitate but to attack, flinging Orson into a MCPD car and going into an aerial magic battle with Arcane as the troopers are confronted by Titan students and security. The grounds of the Titan institute become an apocalyptic war zone, with death on all sides.

Ebon Widow arrives on scene and notices Static on the roof protecting the EMP bomb, Widow whispers a magic spell as she teleports onto the tower roof. Ebon Widow and Static lock eyes and immediately enter conflict, this was not a simple adventure...This was a war. There was no time for error, Widow and Static fight furiously as a news chopper flies overhead getting a birds eye view of everything below them. Ebony Tarantula manages to overpower Arcane and sends him into a building as Dr. Orson fires a flash bang into Ebony, blinding him momentarily. Slade and the troopers reach the core room and prepare to place the device known as Tartarus into the towers core, most likely obliterating the tower and everyone in it when they are attacked by Night Spider who threw an explosive to take out the doors closing the guards out , leaving him and Slade alone.

"I should have known you would be involved Slade." Night says coldly in a defensive posture. "Of course I was, would you think an attack on this scale would NOT include me? Now, enough talk....Time we end this as warriors. In battle!" Slade responds and charges, drawing an energy blade as Night Spider charges in with his Arachnid talons. The two warriors fight throughout the core room, Slade manages to slice Night's arm as Night stabs Slade's leg with his gauntlet talons. The two break off injured as Night slips into the shadows, Slade uses telekinesis to move tartarus by the reactor and activates it, the timer having a 15 minute mark till detonation.

On top of the tower, Widow manages to hold her own against Static by flinging yellow dust on her which would cancel or weaken static's powers. The two resort to martial arts tactics as Widow whittles away Static's stamina with Dark magic and Hand-to-hand moves. Static manages to punch widow and sends her into a radio tower on the roof as Zephyon jumps onto the tower roof and confronts Widow, buying Static time to recharge. Ebony Tarantula is still in a fierce battle with Dr. Orson as Ledia arrives. Ebony draws a black blade and takes both Orson and Ledia on. Fending Ledia off in melee and blocking Dr. Orson with Magic. Ebon Widow clashes blade to baton with Zephyon on the tower roof as Static tries to get the yellow dust off her armor.

Widow manages to knock Zephyon to the roofs edge as she pulls out a pistol and fires a silver bullet into his shoulder whispering the words "Finally got you, you son of a B#$%^" as Zeph is hit he smiles and falls off the tower either to die or run off. Static gets some of her powers back as Widow flings a shadow bolt into her. Sending static into the machine and freeing the Eye of Shadows which vanishes just then. Ebony Tarantula slices Lidea's leg with his blade and fires dark lightning at Orson sending him off the roof of the tower's Gym.

Meanwhile in the tower, Students are fighting the Viper troops with aid from Dark Knight and Night Web and manage to get most of them out the back of the tower and hold off VIPER. Slade paces the Reactor room searching for a hidden Night Spider. "Come on out and fight me like a man!" Slade shouts into the shadows as Night clings to the ceiling above him. Night Spider then drops down and proceeds to attack slashing and kicking Slade with rapid strikes. He manages to cut Slades shoulder as Slade slices Nights back. The two still don't give up and are locked in battle as the war rages outside.

Ebon Widow fights off Static and manages to break the machine as the resulting explosion collapses the roof under them and sets the top floor on fire. Static is buried under ruble as Widow manages to dig herself out, taking mercy on Static Widow teleports her out side of the war zone to save her. Ebon Widow then gets up and moves through the tower floors. Assisting the students and evacuating them. Ebony Tarantula continues to spar with Ledia Drakkro on top of the gym complex, Ledia slashes his chest as he blasts her into the tower through a window before retreating to the main warzone.

Night Web and Dark Knight manage to get most of the students and teachers out as security stays behind to combat VIPER forces. Night Spider and Slade Thron keep up their duel as Tartarus comes closer to detonation now at five minutes. Slade kicks Night to the ground and slashes his leg with a energy blade whilst speaking "This ends now!" Night spots a weak spot in the reactor and quickly acts, kicking slade into the weak area, Sending slade into the reactor. The resulting explosion seemingly killing him. Night rest up against a wall, bleeding and exhausted. Widow senses Night in trouble as she teleports to his side. Choosing not to leave her Uncle to die she speaks a spell and teleports both her and him out as Tartarus goes into final countdown.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.......

Tartarus explodes taking out the core and lower levels, the fighting goes quiet as the Titans Tower goes up in an explosion and falls to the ground soon after. All of the Institutes achievements, its hard work, its hard work, and whoever was inside...Gone in an instant. Ebony Tarantula laughs to himself as the tower falls, pleased that he has finally defeated the Institute. He then uses the Eye of Shadows and teleports all of his forces out of the area. Believing Slade and Hazama were certainly killed in the explosions along with the VIPER forces and Slade Corp Soldiers.

Night awakens in a Ambulance at the scene, his helmet was not removed but he was still on a gurney. Widow was at his side along with Night Web. Dark knight was helping with rescue teams. "Wha-What happened?!" Night said startled and injured Night Web holds him down as he attempts to get up "Stay down beloved....You were hurt badly." Web says in a soothing tone.

"Yeah, took you a lot longer to heal this time...Had me worried." Widow says. Night holds his head "And the Tower?" he says. Widow looks at him with a sad face "It's gone uncle....Nothing but ruins now. Emergency teams are trying to find survivors but we only found a handful so far.". "I see....It seems they got the final blow after all..." Night says certain that Titan institute was finished for good. "Get the Metafour Academy and Juantia on the phone......Time to activate Project Rebirth" Night says before he falls unconscious again.

The tower now lay in ruins, most of its former members either missing or dead, however some did survive. Emergency teams estimated that half of the institute was unaccounted for including Infryana, Lidea Drakkro, Vannessa, and several others, The bodies were never found however some were discovered to have died. Most of the casualties where on VIPER's side however, The forces of Slade Corp were obliterated by the blast but the fate of Tynn, Slade, Zephyon, and Hazama are unknown.

War is Coming

It's the middle of the evening at an old castle within the countryside of Germany, the fortress is swarmed by armed guards wearing strange, high tech armor and weapons. The castle itself casts a dark shadow over the land around it and the banners that hang over the walls as a warning to passers by sway in the wind. Inside, through the patrolled halls and stone rooms lies the medical facility. Ebony Tarantula is rushed in on a gurney, flanked by doctors and guards alike.. He was just in a confrontation with his rival, the super criminal Slade Thron after a short attack on Millennium City with explosions. Tarantula saw this as his chance to eliminate one of his biggest threats, however he had slightly underestimated his opponent. After a brief fight Slade managed to get a lucky shot with powerful mystic rings that he had in his possession that day, the blast hit Ebony in the chest and disintegrated most of the flesh and tissue present.

As Ebony was critically wounded and Slade prepared the final blow, to the man's surprise his mortal enemies the Nexus Academy or members thereof came to his defense....Despite all that he had done in the past. The gurney travels through the halls and into an emergency room, doctors swarming trying to stop Ebony's bleeding wounds and to halt the disintegration damage from spreading. Most of the surgery was a blur to him...However, it gave him time to contemplate his foe's strategy. "Impressive Slade....Even I was taken by surprise. It won't happen again." The surgeons work furiously with a strange devotion to their lord. "Those rings....They are nothing like I have seen before...Where did they come from? How did a lowlife like Slade get them?" Tarantula thought in his dazed state. "And the children....Nexus Academy....Why did they not let him end me? Was it to allow my suffering?" He then thought "No...It's their "Duty" to help.....hmph, Heroes..."

Soon the daze ends...And Ebony wakes on a hospital bed within the castle. His Helmet and jacket are missing. He hears the head of the medical staff....Dr. Jeremiah Whitley talk to the others considering the extent of the masters injury, Whitley turns to see Ebony stir and goes to him "Easy my lord, you were severely injured. We are surprised you actually lived." He says in a heavy German accent. "I lived through worse....What was the damage?"

"Your lungs were damaged the most....To the point where the Etir chemical could not heal you completely." Ebony took all this in as he noticed he did indeed have issues breathing...and pain was intense. "Is there *Cough* anything that can help?" Whitley nodded "Yes, we were able to make something of the prototype apparatus. The science division was intending it for deep sea troops and pilots. But with a few tweaks, we have converted it to something that might help." Ebony then lays back in the bed.

"And how will it help me with this?" The doctor then said "We have tested it...Your condition won't improve with one dose of Etir. Instead you need a continued dose...The apparatus can pump that into your body in the form of gas....Healing you from within. The problem is not your chest, but your lungs. your skin will heal in time....but-" Ebony interrupts

"I understand....When will it be ready?" Whitley then goes to a table and lifts up a strange looking chest guard it's covered with tubes and wires filled with a dark violet looking gas. "It's ready now milord. We have upgraded your helmet to pump gas into you aswell."

Ebony looks at it then speaks. "Very well....Let's see if it works..." The doctor nods and the others come around to help Ebony get strapped in, it was not a pleasant experience. However Ebony pulled through as the doctors connected the apparatus to his chest...And once the gas took hold Ebony felt no pain and was able to breathe somewhat normal. The doctors then allow him to walk and bring him a new coat since the last one was literally ruined in the fight. Ebony slips into his jacket and normal attire as the doctors bring in his helmet...It too was covered in tubes filled with gas. Ebony placed the device on his head and locked it in before stepping out to meet one of his commanders, Commander Marx.

"Hello milord....It is good to see you have recovered from your injury." Marx says saluting his superior. "Not without a new problem im afraid, how goes the crossover?" Ebony asks "We have two thousand already over. and many more coming as we speak." Ebony then motions for the commander to walk with him "Good, very good. And what of Strike force Beta?" Marx responds "Huntsman is taking care of the homefront while Wasp prepares the troops. Mantis is out looking for possible alliances and Scorpion is helping him." Ebony and Marx approach the War Room

"Good.....Are the troopers expecting an address today?" "Yes milord....It would be best to let them know your still kicking!" Marx says as Ebony turns on a holo receiver to project himself out to the troops who have gathered in barracks below the castle.

Ebony's Speech

"Soldiers, brothers, children of the Arachni! I have come to you all today to prove that I will be making a recovery! But, we have been on this earth for several weeks now and already we are at war! The so called liberator Slade Thron has declared war on the Arachni and war he will get! We don't tolerate resistance in our empire and if we are to succeed, he must fall! Also I will warn you of this....This earth is more resourceful than the others...Power is rampant here! And we are here to utilize that power!

Expect heavy resistance from Heroes, Villains and law enforcers alike, they will not have any mercy, they won't negotiate easily and they have the nasty tendency to overcome impossible odds.....But do not worry! This is not our first world and it won't be our last! If we can't defeat them, you can bet we will outlast them! It will only be a few months before our invasion force is complete, then we march on Millennium City and crush their defenses! Then, we turn to the rest of this world....We will unify, conquer and dominate the resistance and take over this earth! Hail to the Arachni!"

The Soldiers hold a closed fist to their chest in a salute and chant in unison "Hail Arachni!!"


Dark Matter Manipulation: Due to his connection to an otherworldly force, Ebony Tarantula has the ability to manipulate the cosmic force of Dark Matter. Dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe. Tapping into this force, Ebony is capable of feats that would defy many physical boundaries to a certain extent, even going as far as to defy the laws of physics or even rewrite them in certain areas. He normally plays this off disguised as magic to keep his enemies guessing. There are many powers that Ebony uses that are inevitably connected to Dark Matter, such as..

Dark Matter Constructs: Tarantula can create constructs as an extension of his own power, either for offensive or defensive tactics. In some cases, he can imbue the constructs with a mind of their own. Similarly, Ebony can imbue a shadow copy of himself with power to take his place in battle.

Disintegration: Ebony Tarantula, by manipulating the dark matter around him and other subjects, can induce rotting or corrosion of objects or people. This also culminates into his lightning attacks, which can burn and disintegrate given prolonged exposure.

Electromagnetism: A highly versatile power, this allows Ebony to manipulate dark matter into a form of electromagnetism. Despite being a weaker copy of the original power, this allows Ebony to strengthen his constructs among other things. This also grants his Lightning attacks with an extra kick, impacting targets with the force and velocity of a high-speed truck.

Dimensional Manipulation: Despite not being as powerful as some cosmic entities, Ebony Tarantula can manipulate certain dimensional aspects. With this he can create portals, black holes, tears, and travel across dimensions. He can easily become intangible by distorting his own presence in a given dimension. He can also manipulate the gravity around him to a certain level.

Object Creation: While not able to create worlds or universes, Ebony can summon minor objects to phase into reality. Or create them outright with dark matter.

Dark Lightning: This power is a complex ability of Ebony's making. With this power, Ebony opens small portals on his palms, reaching into nearby sources of electricity. He then guides out the electricity through the portals, where the dark energy imbued in them transforms the lightning and alters it with Dark Matter, giving it a dark black/violet hue. Ebony is in full command of this ability and can either imbue his weapons with it or channel it out into single blasts, or even into a mini lightning storm. This skill changes the lightning to where it is no longer normal, thus is not barred by the restrictions normal lightning has such as insulated armors or even electricity manipulators.

Dark Maelstrom: This ability is connected with shadow lightning. However, it's set to a whole new level. With concentration, Ebony can call forth a giant portal into the heart of a nearby lightning storm. The portal having the same effects as Dark Lightning but on a grand scale. Large lightning bolts would come crashing from the sky all around Ebony, decimating any who stand in his way.

Obsidian Touch: With this power, Ebony Tarantula can imbue a living individual with dark energy through physical contact. While contact is maintained, Tarantula can bend the target to his will. Commanding them to either fight for him, assassinate a superior, or even act as a living "bug", where Ebony hears and sees anything his thrall does. The obsidian mark is normally hidden from the naked eye and traditional forms of detection. The Obsidian Touch can also imbue subjects with powers of their own, but only if Ebony wills it to do so.

The Eye of Shadows

The Eye of Shadows is Ebony Tarantula's most prized artifact of power, and for good reason. The Eye is only as large as the normal human fist and made from a unknown metal. It is also covered in strange violet glowing runes with an aura of darkness. The Eye has the power to control dimensional and shadow magic as well as boosting the power for shadow manipulators. Ebony found this relic in his home dimension within the tomb of an old Asian King and later found out that the Eye of Shadows randomly transports dimensions every hundred years unless it is claimed. Ebony Tarantula is currently the owner of the Eye of Shadows and uses it's limitless power to transport his Arachni troops to other realms, to conquer and pillage. Among other powers, the Eye feeds off of the energy of all organic things, except the owner.

The eye has a symbiotic nature, becoming one with it's owner. The artifact can also slowly drain power from other artifacts or beings to feed its master's power pool. For years Ebony has collected items of power just to simply have the eye absorb and feed his own powers. The eye was created by unknown means. Ebony keeps his artifact on him at all times and even if his powers were stolen, he could just simply use the eye's reserve power which in itself, is almost limitless.

The only downfall of using The Eye Of Shadows is the side effect, large outbursts of power can easily damage the body and mind of the caster. The only reason Ebony has not experienced this is because of his Etir fortified regeneration factor and his own cautions. Using the Eye's entire power pool at once has a large chance to destroy the caster completely....Not to mention result in a blast that could cause untold dimensional damage.


  • Energy: Ebony Tarantula will only fight for a certain time, given the destructive nature of Dark Matter, he can only use so much energy in so much time. Or he will risk damaging himself, this will cause his will to waver, opening more holes in his stamina.
  • Family issues: Due to him being the leader of Arachni, Ebony Tarantula has avertedly driven away his two children, Regina and Tyson. However due to his love for them Ebony could be controlled if someone threatened them...However, they are not exactly defenseless either.
  • Arrogance And Ego: Like most villains of his caliber, Ebony Tarantula suffers from Ego issues and arrogance. He is still quite human and can often underestimate his opponents, this usually leads to his downfall. Similarly, he believes fighting to be below him, and will often place his trust in his agents to win the day without personally intervening.

PRIMUS Dossier (IC Information)

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PRIMUS Heading.png

PRIMUS Classified Dossier #6905
Date Filed: November 26th, 2013


Ebony Tarantula 2014-5.jpg

*Last known photo of Tarantula prior to his disappearance*

Name: Stefan Warren

Alias(es): Is usually referred to as "Ebony" or "Lord Tarantula" by his followers.

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: German

D.O.B.: ??/??/????

Age: 41 years old?

Height: Six feet and Two inches

Weight: Approximately Two hundred and ten pounds

Hair: Dark Brown with Grey streaks

Eyes: Violet

Occupation: Interdimensional Terrorist, Master Supervillain, Monarch of The Arachni.

Year(s) Active: First known sighting was in 2011. However the subject is reported to have decades of experience off world.

Years Hunted:Four

Threat Level: BETA

Known Mutations/Powers: The subject's abilities are unknown in origin, but has some connection to Dark Matter. Further reports say he has Arachnid-Like powers as well. Electrical Manipulation, Shadow Constructs and Dimensional Manipulation.

Presumed Skill Set:
- Expert Swordsman *Rarely have we seen Tarantula use this skill. As he seems to prefer ranged combat.*
- Brilliant Tactician
- Beyond Human Peak Physical Condition
- Deceptive/Elusive *Ebony managed to stay off our radar for at least two years, as recent evidence suggests he's been here since 2009. Since then he's managed to vanish and pop up again at random *
- Genius-Level Intellect
- Mysticism Expert
- Espionage Expert
- Charismatic Leader

Background: Originally we had no information on this subject. However due to recent investigations in 2013 we have pulled up more of a background. The subject is confirmed to be of Interdimensional Origin. Ebony Tarantula is believed to have come from an alternate earth ruled by a fascist society. He eventually rose to power around age twenty five and by thirty nine, his empire began to forcefully expand into other universes. He came into contact with our world in late 2011 when he attacked The Titian Institute for unknown reasons. He was subsequently killed after a long battle with the Titians. He returned in 2012 however and resumed a vendetta with the Titian Institute, he allied himself with several unknown meta-criminals and eventually destroyed the Institute in a battle that took the lives of many. He vanished again afterwards. In early 2013 he appeared again, this time locked in a war with Slade Thron, his former partner. This continued for a few months until Thron was arrested and sent to Stronghold. In September 2013 Arachni Intel Pods landed in Millennium City, as our agents were dispatched to collect them, they were savagely killed by Arachni Forces. This built up to The Arachni sending retrieval teams to kill any law enforcement protecting the pods and to bring the pods back to Tarantula. They managed to take back eight of the eleven pods while combating heroes from The Ultimate Guardians and the Nexus Academy. Eventually Ebony Tarantula singlehandedly defeated and kidnapped two of The Ultimate Guardians most powerful members. This led to an all out assault on Germany's Black Forrest, where The Arachni were stationed (UNTIL is currently calming down the German Government so we avoid stirring up WW3). One of the kidnapped heroes was rescued and The Arachni were driven out of Germany, only to later appear in the North Atlantic Ocean on an island fortress. The Guardians found out Tarantula was collaborating with VIPER agent Blood Virus. A rescue team led by Night Spider infiltrated the base, defeated VIPER and rescued the second hero. A few days later Project HERMES and The U.S Navy attacked the base and eventually destroyed it. However the Arachni Troops were reanimated VIPER corpses in disguise. We then received word that Tarantula, and the rest of The Arachni pulled out of our dimension. They returned in the summer of 2014, taking Westside, Millennium City by storm. The Arachni eventually dominated the other gangs and set up operations all over, giving rise to an increased rate of supercrime due to his "Metagene Serums" hitting the streets. His efforts were eventually stopped by The Nexus Force, the actions of the hero team managed to drive all Arachni Operations out of Millennium City. Ebony Tarantula's whereabouts are unclear. As most of The Arachni have vanished off the radar yet again.

Criminal Acts Committed:
- Aggravated Assault/Battery (?? Accounts)
- Theft/Larceny (1 Known Account)
- Arson (2 Accounts)
- Conspiracy to Commit Murder(s) (?? Accounts)
- Attempt of Murder(s) (?? Accounts)
- First Degree Murder(s) (3+ Accounts *Not including the deaths from The Titian Institute Attack*)
- Second Degree Murder(s) (50+ Accounts)
- Involuntary Manslaughter (80+ Accounts)
- Computer Crimes (?? Accounts)
- Disturbing the Peace (?? Accounts)
- Public Endangerment (?? Accounts)
- Gun/Weapons Trafficking (?? Accounts)
- Kidnapping (7+ Accounts)
- Conspiracy
- Assaulting an Officer (?? Accounts)
- Drug Trafficking (?? Accounts)
- Destruction of Property (?? Accounts)

- SLADE THRON (Age ??)
- LAWRENCE MATERDORE (Age Late 50s *Lawrence was resurrected later on as a brainwashed slave, prior to Night Spider helping him regain his memory*)
Information Collected: Out of all the information collected we still know very little about the subject. We have informants however in the form of Ebon Widow and Night Spider who has had more experience dealing with him. We also know the European criminal group known as "The Hand" has a vendetta with The Arachni moving into their territory. Slade Thron also revealed that The Arachni have bases in other countries (We received word that UNTIL will be investigating them next year).

File Note: Ebony Tarantula's motives are foggy at best. He seems to be adept in subtle manipulation on all society levels. Tarantula is a very versatile enemy with access to an unprecedented amount of resources. His tactical mind and power puts him on a higher plane then most villains, Ebony Tarantula would be very difficult to track and find, let alone defeat. Do NOT engage him without a team backing you up. *Proceed with Caution*

Allies And Enemies


Blood Virus: A recent alliance. Ebony sought out Blood Virus and VIPER to aid him in recovering Arachni Intel Pods that had fallen into the possession of UNTIL and The Ultimate Guardians. In return, Ebony kidnaped Bloodryn for their experiments. The Arachni Empire and VIPER forces share common goals and get along fairly well, however no one knows how long this will last. After Blood Virus failed to keep Bloodryn in VIPER hands she was pulled back to HQ to receive re education. The following weeks after VIPER broke off their deal with Ebony Tarantula and left him to face The Ultimate Guardians and Nexus Academy alone, a move he won't soon forget nor forgive.

Zephyron: Ebony Tarantula's first ally on Champions Earth. Zeph was a perfect weapon to be used against the Titian Institute. However on their first major attack Zeph was nearly destroyed by the dragoness Infryana. When Ebony recovered from his own injuries he managed to transform his old friend into a Demonic Cyborg before resuming his attacks. Even after the destruction of the Titians Zephyron remains a stalwart ally to Ebony Tarantula. However, a majority of The Arachni are confused as to how Ebony deals with Zeph's unpredictable and nutty antics.

Lady Recluse: Ebony Tarantula's second apprentice and replacement for Ebon Widow's position as top assassin within the Arachni. Recluse is a sadistic killer who enjoys tormenting her targets psychologically before killing them. She is extremely loyal to her master and a very dangerous combatant. Currently she has been left in charge of the remaining Arachni forces on Champions Earth.


VIPER: Ebony Tarantula has had his dealings with the terrorist organization. Recently he teamed up with Blood Virus, a VIPER agent to kidnap a target. Ebony has also began to supply weapons and technology to them. At the moment they remain mutual allies

ARGENT: Ebony has had sparse dealings with ARGENT, but for now the Arachni and ARGENT don't know what to make of each other.

Istvatha V'han: The Arachni Empire has amassed a reputation for interdimensional exploration and conquest, so it was only a matter of time before they caught the attention of the "Empress Of A Billion Dimensions" herself. Istvatha V'han and Ebony Tarantula share a mutual goal and similar styles of ruling, despite the former's clear advantage over the Arachni Lord. Istvatha recently formed a truce with Emperor Warren and for the most part has remained out of The Arachni's territory, favoring Champions Earth above all else. It is noted however that Ebony Tarantula is one of, if not the only human to ever be in direct competition with both Istvatha V'han and Tyrannon, despite the fact The Arachni came into the game much later.


Slade Thron (Deceased): One of the first threats Ebony and his empire encountered was Slade Thron and his criminal organization. At first Ebony sought out Slade to forge an alliance to attack The Titian Institute, during the battle that ensued on the day of TI's destruction Slade was presumed dead when he was kicked into a reactor core by Night Spider. Ebony abandoned him more or less, only for Slade to return a month later with plans to forcefully drive out The Arachni and establish his own empire and regime. He managed to critically injure Ebony in a fight which led to Ebony depending on a respirator for a while. Retaliating quickly, Ebony discovered the origin of Slade Thron's alien rings and embarked on a quest to find the ones Slade didn't have. Resulting in a full out attack on Tibet for one of these rings. Ebony then managed to twist events in his favor, when his daughter came seeking help against Slade. Ebony convinced Regina to steal Slade's rings and bring them to him so that they may be destroyed. Regina did so and Ebony used the combined powers of each ring to heal himself and grant additional powers, destroying them in the process. Now fully healed, Ebony retreated into the shadows and weaved events which led to Slade's downfall and imprisonment in Stronghold. Slade however was released when military official Croix sought his help against The Arachni, Slade revealed the locations of bases and operations. This led to a full out attack on Castle Arachni in Germany. Slade was attempting to shut down the castle's AA defenses when Ebony confronted him. In one last duel between the two swordsmen, Slade disarmed Ebony. Before the final blow was struck, Ebony ran Slade through with a secondary sword before leaving his adversary to die when the castle was bombarded and destroyed.

The Nexus Force: Ebony Tarantula and The Arachni have crossed paths with these heroes since The Titian Institute. For years the Nexus Force (formerly the nexus academy) has been a constant thorn in Tarantula's plans. However, Tarantula has also won his fare share of victories against them and proven that he is indeed, their most powerful and deadly enemy.


The Arachni Empire

Ebony Tarantula is the undisputed ruler of The Arachni Empire, an interdimensional empire originating from Nazi Earth. The empire has changed over the years, and so have their motives. The Arachni span across three alternate Earths and have amassed an extremely large wealth of technology, magic objects and other resources. Many rival groups such as ARGENT or VIPER watch the Arachni closely and for now have no idea of their true intentions. At the moment, The Arachni has become a form of interdimensional Black Market, as they now sell exotic and extraterrestrial weapons, metals and technology. Iconic techs that The Arachni have in stock are,

  • Voldarim: A metal native to Nazi Earth. It was created by that world's Albert Zerostroiten...known on Earth 4 (Champions Earth) as Doctor Destroyer
  • Etir: A strange glowing liquid that has regenerative properties. Widely thought to be "Liquid Magic".
  • Metagene Serums: Through use of Etir and Roin'Esh DNA, Ebony has managed to create a serum that, once bonded with metahuman DNA, can grant a subject with the exact powers of the hero who the DNA belonged to. Without side effects. (Note: The Arachni has recently become known as "Hero Poachers" because of how Arachni Squads attack heroes just for their DNA. Poaching victims include Primal Man and Bloodryn)
  • Regen Metal: Created by Ebony Tarantula by combining Etir with Voldarim Ore, this metal possess a regeneration factor. Regen Metal can heal itself from almost every injury as long as one metal particle remains to regenerate from. Entire robotic bodies have been created with this metal and sold to the criminal underworld.
  • Etir Core: This heart-shaped device is built purely for Synthetic Organisms, once connected to a robot's mainframe the Etir provides a high energy output that can enhance the bot's performance to extreme levels. When combined with Regen Metal this results in a nigh unstoppable creation.

RP hooks

  • Ebony Tarantula is currently bringing the Arachni to earth from his home dimension, maybie you are a dimensional do gooder who wants to preserve reality's balance?
  • Ebony is quite the artifact collector, having a horde that includes items from other dimensions. All of which have some level of power. He is however, content with trade for more powerful artifacts.
  • When he is not angry or otherwise moody, Ebony han be polite and "Nice" at times.
  • Ebony Tarantula is wanted by UNTIL and PRIMUS for the death of 13 officers (Both UNTIL and PRIMUS), 35 MCPD forces, 7 superheroes and the destruction of the Titan Institute (Level of deaths unknown). Ebony is considered a beta level threat, but that may change.
  • Ebony Tarantula owns a very successful weapons ring and black market, often selling Metagene serums and high grade military weapons to groups and organizations all over the world.
  • Ebony Tarantula has a heavy influence in the German Criminal Underworld. As many of the criminals and supervillains operating in that area buy weapons and technology from his Weapons Ring.


  • Ebony speaks with a slight German accent
  • Ebony is inspired by Ra's Al Gul (DC universe), Doctor Doom (Marvel), Lord Recluse (COH), Cobra Commander from GI JOE and Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes (Most of Ebony's Moriarty comes from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
  • Ebony Tarantula is considered to be an Imperialist.

Inferior Opinions

(Got something to say about Ebony Tarantula? Drop it here!)

"Quite the professional. Definitely would work with again." - Blood Virus



[1]The Chessmaster: Ebony Tarantula has led an entire empire for over a decade and holds three alternate earths in his hands. This was all possible due to his sheer planning and calculations, his forces are carefully placed in society specifically to pave the way for his takeover....As heroes today are slowly discovering.

[2]Let No Crisis Go To Waste: Ebony Tarantula employs this often. As most failures he encounters are deliberate, and benefits his cause in some way or another

[3]Xanatos Gambit: Ebony Tarantula is a prime example of this. No matter if his plans end in a victory for the heroes or not, every outcome manages to benefit him in some way.

[4]Visionary Villain: Everything Ebony does is planned out and has a certain goal. And he will obtain this goal by any means necessary.


[5]Affably Evil: Ebony Tarantula is actually quite gentlemen-like when you get to know him, he can be a dick sometimes, but often can be just as civil and accommodating as a normal man.....That is, if you give him reason to be.

[6]Well Intentioned Extremist: Ebony has good intentions. However he will go down some very dark paths to fulfill his visions.

[7]The Evils Of Free Will: Ebony is a hard believer in this, he blames most crime on earth to be the fault of lazy politicians and laws. These beliefs are backed by the very low crime rate on his worlds. On the other hand, Ebony deems this environment useful to manipulate.

[8]Evil VS Evil: Ebony Tarantula doesn't shy away when a rival challenges him.

[9] Even Evil Has Standards: There are a few things Ebony won't do. But this list is quite small. It is also ironic, given his Nazi origins, that he distains the idea of Genocide. And will avoid it at all costs.

The Arachni

[10]The Empire: The Arachni Empire.

[11]The Emperor: As ruler of The Arachni Empire and three alternate earths, Ebony Tarantula falls into almost all of these categories, often switching on the fly.

[12]A Father To his Men: Ebony Tarantula shares a fairly kin like bond with his Empire, and often cares about casualties. The Arachni Empire has a very large Etir Pit on Nazi Earth where all the fallen are transported for resurrection and healing. Ebony also falls slightly into [13] We Have Reserves because of this.

[14]Magitek: Ebony Tarantula is one of the few who have successfully combined Magic and Technology to form a unique hybrid. Most Arachni Tech is a prime example of Magitek.


[15]Better the Devil You Know: As Evil and sadistic as Ebony is, He has a "good" purpose behind the schemes, unlike some who just wish to destroy the world, Ebony wants to control it. He is also commanded by a regal sense of honor, which is rare in many super-villains and terrorists.

[16]The Dreaded: Ebony Tarantula managed to bring The Titian Institute to it's knees, defeat two of the Ultimate Guardians' best and terrorize the Nexus Force for years. His empire, power and tactical mastery make him a force to be reckoned with.


[17]Resurrective Immortality: Ebony Tarantula has died and almost died on occasions. However his usage of Etir has not only prolonged his life, but resurrected him when needed.

[18]Casting A Shadow: Ebony Tarantula harnesses the raw power of Umbrakinesis or Shadow Manipulation. He is also adept in Shadow Magic.


[19]Wicked Cultured: This bad guy has style!


[20]Evil Counterpart: Ebony Tarantula's relationship with Night Spider

[21]Start Of Darkness: Ebony was extremely different prior to his transformation, he was honorable, valiant and otherwise good. It was only the betrayal he suffered at his father's hands that caused him to seek out power for his revenge. But he was never able to escape this power, and only got worse until now.


[22]- Main theme/Action theme #1

[23]- Boss Fight #1

[24]- Boss Fight #2