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The Academy is led by a five person council. Council membership is usually OOC, we deal with the technical runnings of the SG and work in a purely democratic way (I.E We vote our council among other details)

Council members



Staff Positions at the Nexus Academy

  • Belial@j32. Head of Security.
  • Roki Uchisama@RokiBlaze. Deputy of Security.
  • Night Spider@Hope1. Head of Operations.
  • Doctor Arcane@Larsifer. Head of Academics.
  • Network@The-Mighty-One. Head of Communications.
  • Tyurru@MidnightChan. Finance and Accounting Supervisor.
  • Titan Girl@CelestialForce. Guidance counselor.



These are the current teachers and their assigned classes.

  • Nita (Cruciator@RiderofConquest). Survival, Monday 7:30pm (GMT +0)
  • Doc Arcane (Doctor Arcane@Larsifer). Meta-Human History, Tuesday 7:30pm (GMT +0)
  • Angela Heart (Angie@IonutRO). Mystic Theory, Wednesday, 7:30pm (GMT +0)
  • Autumn (Autumn@LordWisp). Gym, Friday, 7:30pm (GMT +0)
  • Juanita Valerio (Juanita@IonutRO). Spellcasting, Sunday, 7:30pm (GMT +0)



OOC Rules

  • We respect each others views on RP arcs, lores and background of character. We encourage helping each other to find a good balance in character development, roleplaying abilities and supporting when new members try and get settled in.
  • God mode/meta gaming/arch hijackers are not what we seek in our Academy. We strive to let our creativity flow, but not to let it be the reason for a full out war between members, thanks to the recently stated reasons. We who moderate and oversee the actions of the Academy will take actions against anyone that breaches this rule. A termination IC of the students position is a strong possibility if repeated.
  • The use of the OOC-Channel is for conversations/exchange of ideas for toons and so on. But NOT for spamming, flamming, tantrums, griefing and so on. The channel is to be as clean as possible from contents that is considered offensive to race/sex/religion. This is to ensure that ALL members regardless of race, sex and religion can take part in the conversation without feeling left out or insulted in any way. A breach here will result in an timeout (mute function) and if repeated multiple times, an conversation between the moderators will take place to take into consideration of an termination is valid.
  • For a better indepth RP experience we have concluded that one main toon and two alts is sufficient for each member. The only time it is valid is when an arc needs a specific toon and those are made by moderators or gamemasters.
  • Remember to read through these guidelines and respect each other!

IC Rules

For Teachers

  • No intimate/sexual relationship due to the emotions that may cause grievence/retaliation and the fact that it is illegal. Teachers can expect to be subjected to heavy fines and being reported to the authorities as a sex offender due to the strict American law regarding sex with minors.
  • Students are students until they reach the age of 20. In the eyes of the law they are considered minors and will not be allowed to intake alcohol or tobacco inside or on campus area. Teachers are to observe this law and enforce this rule without bargain. Failure to report multiple offense on the matter will be fined and forced to take classes in "tobacco and it`s hazards" together with the students involved.
  • Teachers that is prone to show signs of rage and likely to loose control is to have continous contact with the school psyciatrist. On lessons there will be some ways of monitoring the activities around the teacher and a method being implimented to subdue/effectivly subdue the rage.

For Students

  • You are to wear a uniform during classes and other functions that requires it. The exceptions are gonna be stated before classes or events starts. Please read the materials in before hand what is needed for the class.
  • As we are strongly active in drug prevention, we have a ban all events where alcohol may occur unless it is for education purpose and a teacher present.
  • The use of the comm system is not for practical jokes or idle chatter. When an emergency happens, there are to be an end to the unrelevant chat to let the caller get in contact with the staff on hand. There will be classes on the subject of "Comm security" and "school security" on regular basis to keep you up to speed of what is happening and what procedure is warrented.
  • As mentioned above along with the teachers ruleset, a relationship with a teacher is forbidden. But as we don't stop relationships between students, we strongly urge you to talk with a teacher about it and get some valuable tips on how to maintain the relationship without letting it get destructive or distracting.

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