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CREATOR'S NOTE: Feel free to comment below. Powers Skills And Abilities are still under construction (getting info on martial arts, doing appropriate mathwork ect.). The Origins and Background are undergoing a major re-format and rewrite, the new version will be posted in the future.@Hope1 (talk)

Night Spider
The Arachnid Knight
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Spider Family.
Real Name
James Parker
Mr. Parker, Jamie, Spider, Night
October 25th 1983
Detroit, MI
Penthouse in Millennium City's downtown district (James Parker), Unknown Cave beneath Millennium City (Night Spider).
Millennium City, MI.
Vigilante, Detective, Information Broker, Field Commander/Leader for the Nexus Force.
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Thomas Parker (Father, deceased), Maria Parker (Mother, deceased), Michael Parker II (Brother), Charles Parker (Uncle, deceased), Janet Parker (Aunt, deceased), Roki Parker/Azure Mantis (Adopted son, deceased)
Physical Traits
Enhanced Human
Apparent Age
210 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Few noticeable scars on his shoulders, chest and back
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Adhesive Powers, Enhanced senses, Increased strength, agility, speed, and reflexes.
· Equipment ·
Protective Suit, Tech Mask, Vast array of Arachnid-Themed gadgets.
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, Investigations, Hacking, Inventions, Espionage, Ninja Training, Escape Artist.

James Parker is Night Spider. One of the world's best detectives and combatants by night, the co CEO of Parker|Materdore Dynamics and philanthropist by day. Night Spider was born out of family tradition and tragedy. The next in line to inherit the Shadow Web legacy, a name started by James' grandfather in the 50s. He was sent onto this path by the savage murder of his parents and disappearance of his brother. He trained, traveled and fought to where he is now. Night Spider is better known for his roots in Hudson City, New Jersey and his leadership of the Nexus Force, a team of super heroes who have survived all odds and fought some of the earth's most deadly threats. Despite multiple rumors and mysteries around him, Night Spider continues his shadowy crusade against all forms of injustice.


((Major Rework and Reformat In Progress. Stories below are to follow)) ~~@Hope1

Prologue: Tragedy And Legacy

James' childhood was not much to remember, passing blissfully as he grew up in the Parker Family Estate on the outskirts of Hudson City, New Jersey. His family spent years building up their vast fortune, their homes and livelihoods in Detroit, Michigan were cut short due to the Battle that was caused by Dr. Destroyer. Having survived, with the dark memory of that day behind them, James' father and uncle built up a technology and surveillance company that thrived on Hudson City's conditions. James grew up alongside his brother, Michael. The two boys had the best life anyone could get, having friends, a good education and a loving family. But this family harbored a secret. The Parker Family Legacy, as they called it, was a mantle of the vigilante known as Shadow Web. The legacy was created in the mid 50s by James' grandfather, Desmond Parker, who used his former training as a military specialist and detective to wage war on the crime that ravaged Hudson City, building up a formidable reputation. With Desmond having died during the Battle Of Detroit, James' Uncle and Father took up the mantle at the same time. Often switching roles back and forth. With Charles and Tomas Parker acting as Shadow Web, James and Michael were exposed to this life at a young age, as was family tradition. As the years passed, James received special lessons in many subjects, from combat to detective work, all to prepare him for the eventual day he would take the mantle for himself, and create a mark of his own. Approaching his fourteenth birthday, James' life would take a drastic change.

Nearing his fourteenth birthday, James' family decided to celebrate early, and went to the premiere of a movie at one of the best theaters in the city. All had come along, save for James' uncle Charles, who had to patrol that night as Shadow Web. As the premiere reached its end, the family decided to take the scenic route outside to their car, exiting into the alleyways of the city streets. Both James, his father Tomas, and Michael sensed something was wrong, and they were right. It wasn't long until they were approached by two men, wearing dark overcoats and hats that hid their faces in shadows. They demanded that the family handed over their valuables, for "protection money". One of the crooks caught sight of James' new watch, a gift from his father. When the fiend lunged for it, Tomas attempted to intervene. However the mobsters' partner was quicker, unleashing a hail of bullets from his AK-47 into Tomas' chest. As James' father lifelessly hit the pavement. James' mother, Maria screamed, only to be cut short by a bullet to the chest. In fear, James and Michael ran into the darkness of the alleyways. Attempting to lose their attackers and find someone, anyone, who could help them. That was when three other men approached them, similarly dressed and armed. They grabbed James and flung him into a wall as the two former pursuers cornered Michael, James slipped into unconsciousness as the sounds of bullet fire echoed through the night. He awakened not long after, only to bear witness to a nightmare. Everyone, save for one or two of the three mystery men were dead, the murderers of James' parents were there too, mauled beyond recognition and covered in a pool of blood. James could not see a trace of Michael anywhere, as if he vanished into thin air. The lonely and confused boy returned to the lifeless bodies of his parents, kneeling before them and trying in vain to revive them. As the painful reality seeped in, James let out a cry of pain and misery into the cold, silent, and unforgiving night as police sirens approached the scene. That was the night James' bliss ended.

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As Night Spider first came onto the scene, James began wanting to understand his mutant powers from a scientific perspective and perhaps unlock other abilities as well. One day he saw an ad for the X-pelled Mutant Academy and decided to apply as a student there. As the weeks turned into months James learned more and more about mutant kind, and met other mutants from all walks of life. He even gained allies that would last to present day.

His first "Combat experience" within the Academy was when he went on a field trip with the other students to the Battle of Detroit museum, where they found the hired assassins Killshot and Blood Virus hacking into the computers there. They eventually fled the scene leaving a few students defeated in combat, including Night Spider himself.

After the museum experience Night Spider went through more changes developing more armor and gaining more control over his powers. When Fall came around, the academy organized a Thanksgiving party aboard the SS. Bayou Queen. As the party went underway, a strange feeling overcame Spider, A feeling something bad would happen soon. And sure enough, the party is crashed by a masked villain who claimed the ship was rigged to blow and held the trigger to detonate the hidden bombs. As the academy director confronted the villain outside on the docks, Night Spider and the other students helped evacuate the boat, then find and disarm the bombs. They were successful, and the attacker was incarcerated.

Soon after that a series of events led to Night Spider and many others to leave X-Pelled while it started to close down. Night only remained in contact with Lestar Drakkro, and Bloodryn. The fates of the other students still remain a mystery.

While the memory of X-Pelled has faded somewhat, it proved useful by giving Night Spider a look into the "super villains" of the modern day. And taught him how to expand his sensory powers.

Titian Institute and Nexus Academy

Despite being able to stand on his own. Night Spider wanted to remain close to his allies from X-Pelled. He was invited by an old friend, Lestar Drakkro. To act as the head of security and operations at the Titian Institute, James accepted the offer and joined soon after. The Titian Institute was a school for mutants and fledgling heroes, much like X-Pelled before it. While uninterested in the teaching aspect. Night Spider proved to be a valuable asset to the team, often aiding them in combat scenarios and doubling security at the Institute itself. It wasn't long until new threats began to rise up to challenge the institute.

Web Of Darkness Incident

During October of 2012, Night Spider and the Institute were swept into a fight for survival when Ebony Tarantula set his sights on them for an unknown reason. Tarantula proved to be a very deadly advisary, taking down some of the group's most talented heroes. He kidnapped Steel Talon, Vanessa, Leon and others to a pocket dimension, where he attempted to torture and corrupt the young heroes. Night Spider led the attack on Ebony's stronghold, which freed the trapped students. Eventually, the Titians returned to the pocket dimension for a final showdown, and after a harrowing battle. Ebony Tarantula was seemingly vanquished along with his partner Zephyron.

Time Warp Incident

Night Spider fell into a coma months after his encounter with Ebony Tarantula. A confused Titian Institute was approached by Madame Weaver, a powerful entity that has guided many heroes. She revealed that a dark force was attempting to kill James by assassinating his ancestors via time travel. Weaver would then send teams to 18th century London, The Civil War, Early 19th Century American West and World War 2. Where the heroes assisted Victor Warren, Michael Parker, Cole Parker and Desmond Parker respectively. They discovered that in a final bid to destroy Night Spider, Ebony Tarantula oversaw this meddling in time personally. After foiling the plot, Night Spider awakened and quickly recovered.

Titians Fall

During the early half of 2013, The Titian Institute was facing threat after threat. From the likes of Hazama to the metaterrorist Slade Thron and even a resurgent Ebony Tarantula and his Arachni Forces. The battles cultivated into a major attack on the Titians by all super villains at once, having allied previously. The attack was sudden and hard, Night Spider was locked in a confrontation with Slade Thron in the Tower's reactor room while the rest of the institute was fending off the Arachni. Severely wounded and running out of options, Night Spider kicked Slade into the reactor, seemingly killing him, while Slade's bomb that was planted in the core previously was about to blow. Night Spider was rescued by Ebon Widow (who defected from The Arachni only months prior) and taken away from the blast. With the tower destroyed, many dead or missing. Night Spider began plans to reform the school under a new name. Combining with other schools in the area, they Institute reformed into The Nexus Academy.

Nexus Academy and The Venomous Web Incident

Night Spider used the months to follow as a chance to rebuild his former team in a new image, rather then focusing on Lestar Drakkro's methods of teaching children with powers to control them, Night Spider instead trained young heroes for a life in the field and to prepare them for their own crusade against crime. During this span of time, The Nexus Academy was caught in the crossfire of a war between The Arachni and SLADECORP, the both of which were responsible for the attack on the Titians. Night Spider rushed to keep the team in good condition and personally played a role in the conflict. Eventually, a controversial move by Ebon Widow led to Slade's arrest. Other enemies came and went, even a former team member who "died" and returned as Forge, a bomb-crazy lunatic who was even more intelligent then most. And a foe they would later face down the road.

Nearing the end of 2013, The Arachni attacked Millennium City after twenty-eight of their intelligence pods landed in city limits, resulting in an alliance with VIPER. The Nexus Academy temporarily teamed up with The Ultimate Guardians to combat the two threats, the former jumping into combat when Bloodryn and Primal Man (two of the UG's best) were kidnapped. The crisis resulted in the destruction of The Arachni's German and Pacific branches, along with the death of Slade Thron, who was released to aid the heroes. Night Spider realized the new dangers his team would face, and stopped the recruitment of younger heroes prior to reforming the team yet again.

The Nexus Force and The Orion Crisis

In early 2014, The Nexus Force made it's public debut as a full-fledged hero team, casting off any remnants of their school habits. During which, Lawrence Materdore, then known as Network, was developing a large server reactor in hopes of unifying the planets forces and detecting crime before it ever occurred. Despite frequent appearances and threats by an entity known as Orion, and concerns from Night Spider, Lawrence ignored all potential risk and went about unveiling his ARC, sometimes in secret. Once The ARC was jettisoned into space, everything Nexus knew was flipped upside down. In an event known as The Orion Crisis, the robotic warlord Orion and his army of sentinels attacked every location on earth, resulting in the death of many heroes and not a few Nexus members.

Orion used the ARC to coordinate his forces with perfect accuracy, aiming to eliminate all Metahuman Life on Earth. Night Spider took a wounded Network to Hudson City early on in the invasion, where he stayed to defend his home town, unable to safely return to Michigan. During this time, The Nexus Force teamed up with a heavily damaged Arachni Empire out of necessity to travel forward in time with the aid of Madame Weaver, an entity who used her realty-bending powers to give the heroes reprieve from Orion's onslaught. The heroes traveled to the alternate timeline of 2035, a barren, post-apocalyptic word where Orion ruled. With the aid of the hero Auxilium, The Nexus Force discovered the wise man known as The Sage, who turned out to be Forge in disguise. Forge explained that the team required a Dexerium Bullet to penetrate Orion's nigh impervious armor. An object he already had in his possession. Forge and Nexus Force returned to present day, where after a harrowing battle, Ebon Widow fired the bullet into both Orion and The Arc, injuring the former and destroying the latter. This effectively destroyed the invasion force and drove Orion away. In the end, Madame Weaver used her powers to negate the full extent of the crisis, resulting in only the final battle being present in the timeline, and saving the lives of thousands who died in the original crisis. The Nexus Force was praised with adverting a disaster, but the heroes were left as the only ones with knowledge of the full ordeal, and strived to stand guard should Orion ever return.

Summer Of Spiders Incident


The Overwatch Incident


Tales From Spider's Den

Four Years Of Vigilance

Date: 8/30/2013

Deep within the caves beneath Millennium City, a singular cavern is located under the Parker Technologies building. This is Spider's Den, home to Detroit's resident Arachnid Detective, Night Spider.

Within the caves, past the titanium doors lies the Den, where a planning table, a main computer and a trophy room stands before flowing out into the hangar and exit caves. It is dark, the only light coming from The Webwave and several hanging light fixtures. Night Spider sits at the main computer, where he usually is. He stares through his expressionless mask at the keyboard, his mind distant. He removes his mask to reveal 28 year old James Parker. James gets up from his seat and moves to another end of the cave, mechanical Spider Drones going about daily maintenance pass him by as he reaches the Archives, where the vigilante keeps items taken from his most daring and memorable adventures.

Among the small trinkets and items lies three large glass cases that hold three Costumes. The one on the left holds the original costume of Shadow Web, a vigilante moniker used by James grandfather, father and uncle. Three members of the Parker Family wore this costume, before being archived. On the far right stands Night Spider's Arachnid Brotherhood tunic from his training days, the Tibetan crafted uniform marked his place among Tibet's Spider Clan. At the foot of this costume lies a single black katana, engraved with ancient words and symbols. Many enemies fell to this blade during James younger days. But at the center of the three lies perhaps the most symbolic relic to Night Spider's very career, A tall mannequin holds a black trench coat and military styled combat armor. James stares into the suit's lifeless faceplate, and drifts down memory lane once more.

Date: 8/28/2009 (The Qularr Invasion)

It was a day unlike any other...

The Qularr, a race of insectoid aliens launched a frenzied attack on Millennium City. Force fields were put up across town to block off human resistance while the invading forces tore through the streets, attacking MCPD, MARS and other law enforcement and civilians alike. A shadowed figure moves through the chaos. Dressed in nothing but a black jacket and grey pants with normal boots and wielding a black Katana, the figure's face is unidentified while wearing an article of black cloth around his face. He moves through the streets like a ghost until five large Qularr Soldiers stop his progress.

4 Hours Ago...

James Parker, the recently thought dead son of The Parker Family, one of Hudson City's philanthropic families rides to Millennium City on a high class airplane from Asia over to Michigan USA. He was on his way to start a new life after completing his final portion of Training from a Shamballah, the mystical home and archive of every martial arts known to man. With his training now complete, he goes to where it all began, in the heart of Millennium City. As the plane lands, he walks through the doors of the airport, carrying no luggage of his own.

Dressed in a black jacket with steel grey pants he now makes his first steps into the city. James walks through the streets, taking note of how different it felt and looked since he was last there, almost over a decade ago. He now enters Downtown, and approaches City Hall when suddenly, blue ray fields envelop the city in portions and insectoid invaders began an assault in the city, The Qularr Invasion had begun. A squad of Qularr soldiers enter the area and begin to destroy buildings and harm innocent civilians. Two such creatures approached James as he was ready to defend himself, however a black streak cuts in front of him. Armed with a black katana and dressed in a samurai inspired suit of armor, the hero cuts down the attackers with animalistic ferocity.

After taking down three of the bug invaders the hero turns to James, only to be shot down by a fourth Qularr. The hero lands hard in the streets, bleeding as the fourth attacker moves off to other duties. James knells down speechless as the hero takes his last breath. The now bewildered Parker watches on to see others fall to the same invaders, and The Champions nowhere to be seen. James takes the fallen warrior's blade and tears a part of the samurai's black scarf off to wrap around his face. Before moving off James closes the heroes' eyes as a show of respect. James now moves off and heads to aid law enforcement, his identity now hidden.

A few munities later..

James is now confronted by five Qularr, all armed and ready to blow him to pieces. He jumps into the fray with his weapon and makes short work of them. Using his training to dodge and eviscerate the invaders, a squad of MARS troops are getting surrounded while reinforcements are unable to come. James heads over to aid them, much to the surprised troops. After tearing through the first wave James looks to the captain who then says,

"Who are you?"

"Someone who's trying to help out. Is there any high concentration of these things in a certain area?" James replies as the captain then speaks up. "These creatures seem to be targeting the Champions HQ, but we've lost contact with Defender and our radios are being jammed!". James then looks into the distance, about a block or so away to the now swarmed Champions HQ.

"Get your men to high ground, I'll go see if they need help!"

James then departs as the troopers move to City Hall to defend the mayor, he moves through the streets like a shadow, cutting down any invader that stands in his way. He eventually reaches the Champions HQ after stopping to save a group of paramedics from the Qularr. He can see the battle unfold, Ironclad defending the exterior of the HQ along with UNTIL. There is a giant Qularr mother ship hovering just above the force fields.

James rushes to the scene to aid Ironclad and five other heroes who were defending a big cannon, for what James had no idea. Together with the five heroes, James dueled the aliens for ten munities until there was a clear in the swarm. Ironclad jumped into the cannon and the heroes ran into the HQ to aid Defender. James was left with the remaining UNTIL troops when the next wave was upon them. Suddenly, the cannon fired Ironclad himself through the force field into the Mothership. James sword was knocked out of his hand by a larger swarmlord Qularr, but just as it was about to strike him the creature began to shriek in pain, taking this chance James grabs his sword and runs the beast through. Covered in qularr muck and his jacket partially torn, James watches as the entire invasion force retreats.

A week later....

Repairs to Millennium City have begun, the invasion was over and people were safe once again. However as the Champions begin to enlist other heroes who aided in the battle to their cause, James was ahead of them. Now in his normal street wear, James Parker stands in Westside, facing an old wall on the north end. He then walks over to a nearby manhole, and uses his strength to pry off the cover. He descends into the sewers, rats scattering as James makes his way around in the dark. He eventually reaches a wall within the labyrinth, after a short study he feels the wall for something, as if he's been here before. He finds a weak brick in the wall and presses it. The brick retracts into the wall and the wall opens like a door, revealing a long cavern. Snapping a glow stick that he had brought with him.

James goes through the caverns until he reaches a large cave, already equipped with rusty platforms and an aging table in the center, to the platform on the left there is a table covered in dust and cobwebs and on it are aged lab equipment and tools. To the right there is a large room, one that holds a single item. James moves to this room and stands in front of an aged and a rugged mannequin, on this stands a well preserved suit, 50's wear, formal with an added webbed cape and fedora. James was looking at the suit of Shadow Web, his predecessor.

Four Years Later...

James stands on the very exact spot he stood four years prior. Staring into what was originally the cave built by his Grandfather, Desmond Parker. More memories flooded James mind, how the cave was before the battle of Detroit, and how he and his family used it to survive Dr. Destroyer's onslaught of the city. Desmond Parker died from his injuries at the hands of a destroid in these very caves. With James, his father and mother Tomas and Maria, and his uncle Edward watching as Desmond gave his last breath. And how in 2009, only a few days after the invasion how he had created his first combat suit and gadgets, the very ones he wore and used when he became Night Spider for the first time. Striking fear into Hudson City and Millennium City's gangs.

James now stands here in 2013, four years after he had begun his career and already so much has happened. He remembers every detail, how he made his first Spider Drone, And when he joined The X-pelled Mutant Academy to learn about the nature of his powers and that of fellow mutants. Even when he encountered Killshot and Warblood for the very first time and meeting many new allies in the forms of Bloodryn and others. And meeting his first ward Roki, and training him in these caverns. James could do nothing but remember every moment as if the caves recorded them in an Archive of its own. Even surviving his first encounter with Ebony Tarantula and the fall of The Titian Institute. To now where The Nexus Force is growing, but yet having issues of its own.

James now exits the cave and takes a lift to his penthouse, only a block away from Parker Technologies. He walks through the lavish place he now calls home. Putting his costume safely away in his office, he now walks up the stairs into the bedroom, Jessica Cross, his girlfriend, sleeps soundly in the bed as James walks past, making sure not to wake her. He stares out of the penthouse windows out into the city.

"I started as a man of twenty four, now here at twenty eight. Four years of watching this city...Four years of experience. Four years of Vigilance."

James thinks to himself "And there is still much to do.."

James Parker decides to retire for the night. For tomorrow is a new day..

The End

Powers, Skills, And Abilities

Adhesive Powers: Night Spider is able to cling to most surfaces by manipulating the electromagnetic energy in his body.

Sensory Powers: Night Spider's enhanced senses are on par with high-level sonar. He is able to detect even the faintest movements in his environment. He can also paint a mental picture of his surroundings, estimate an enemy's form, and navigate perfectly while blinded. He can locate targets unaided, just by the sound of heartbeat alone.

Metahuman Attributes:

Accelerated Regeneration: Night Spider's "Healing Factor" is above that of normal humans, however he can still be critically injured and possibly killed. He is primarily immune to most diseases, only being affected when the said pathogens are stronger than usual or have supernatural origins. Night Spider's healing factor allows him to recover in only a fraction of the time that most well fit humans are capable of. For example, when Night Spider took a 50' caliber bullet to his shoulder, it was shattered, however he managed to heal fully in at least one month with only minor lasting side-effects for the next two months. Alternately, by using Etir Boosters he can give his healing a momentary jumpstart, healing and clensing himself of most poisons and injuries in only a minute. Also by training his body and mind, James has built up an immunity to many poisons, organic or otherwise. Recently, Night Spider has noticed that because of repeated use, The Etir Boosters have slowly begun to increase the speed of his healing.

Venom Shock: During a confrontation with the speedster "Exitium", Night Spider unlocked something new within him. These new powers manifested over the week following the Exitium Fight, starting out as mere tingling in his hands. This power was officially discovered during a case with Killer Spider, in which Night unleashed a punch charged with a bio-venomous energy. Night Spider shares this power with Killer Spider, Red-Arachnid (Brian Smith) and Arachnae. Following a study, James discovered that he could induce temporary paralysis with this power, and imbue his shuriken with bio-electricity.


Stealth Experience: Stealth and distraction are crucial parts of Night Spider's tactics. Night has had years of training in Ninjutsu from his time in Tibet and Japan. In combat Night Spider uses these skills to get behind an opponent and blindside them. He frequently uses distraction and stunning attacks to do this. Furthermore, through years of training Night Spider is able to act at the pinnacle of stealth capacity, regardless of the armor he wears.

Combat Training: Night Spider possesses an extensive knowledge of the Martial Arts, making him a highly versatile and deadly fighter. He has trained with multiple masters over the course of twelve years, from the Tibetan Ninjas and Monks to the city of Shamballah. He has learned and mastered many forms of fighting such as Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial Arts, Capoeira, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, several styles of Ba Gua Zhang, and having slight experience in multiple Military Combat styles. He has also trained in ranged combat as well, being able to use many forms of projectile weaponry. He specializes in shuriken, boomerangs and throwing knives.

Tactical Specialist: Night Spider is able to assess his surroundings and that of a given situation, all the while forming a tactical plan of attack. He can process multiple outcomes and determine "variables" that can either prove an advantage or disadvantage. James is highly adaptive in his tactics, being able to change his approach on the fly to better fit a combat scenario. He also extensively researches a foe prior to even leaving in search of them. He can also attack just to study and "retreat" to tailor his plan accordingly. Fights with Night Spider can drag out for some time because of this.

Genius I.Q , Master Detective and Inventor: Night Spider is a highly intelligent individual, being a practical genius. He has created his entire arsenal and drone forces by hand and imagination alone. This also makes him a extremely gifted detective, possessing a photographic memory and problem solving capabilities, Night is able to solve the most difficult of investigations on the smallest of details, earning him a wide respect amongst detectives everywhere. James holds a particular talent in Robotics, Engineering, Nanotech, and Criminal Psychology. These capabilities also can explain how he is able to learn new talents at a faster pace than most others.

High Pain Tolerance, Determination and Endurance: Through years of training and meditation, Night Spider has built up his tolerance to pain. Being able to take even the most severe of wounds without much pause. Similarly, his iron will makes him an extremely difficult subject to torture. Night Spider's sheer determination means he will literally never give up unless he is too injured to fight on, even then he makes a tactical retreat to plan out round two. His endurance is no small feat either. His training, natural abilities and will can allow him to combat and endure fights and enemies that would seem almost impossible to best.

Alternate Skills: Night Spider is well versed in other skills as well. He has talents in Espionage, Disguise, Escape Artistry, Combat Medical Treatment, and Hacking. His role in Parker|Materdore Dynamics has also allowed him to brush up on business ethics.


Bio Attacks: Bio attacks such as blood manipulation or certain poisons can weaken or completely disable Night Spider's healing factor. In recent years however, he has been training himself to have slightly better resistance to Blood Manipulation. The training proved useful in November 2013, when he faced off against Blood Virus for the second time.

Sonics: Due to the nature of Night's sensory powers some frequencies of sound can give him a bad headache or disable his senses entirely. This usually works if his Helmet is damaged or removed.

Magic: Although magic itself won't kill James, he has no natural protection from Magical attacks.

Equipment (Changed regularly)

Spider Grenades: These small spherical devices are stored within Night Spider's belt and shoulder pads. The types of grenades include:

  • Small non-lethal explosives.
  • Smoke bombs.
  • Gas. (Knockout gas tear gas ect.)
  • Cryo bombs.
  • Flash bangs.
  • Acid bombs. (only used to melt through walls silently)

Web Grenades: These small projectiles contain a sticky glue that comes from a rather big carnivorous plant on Monster Island. Similar to webbing, this glue is strong as steel and can be used to pin down foes of all sizes. It is fire resistant, however continued heat would melt the glue.

Web Trap: The size of a hand grenade, this device explodes into a web-like net on detonation. The web can reach over 50 feet in width and 20 feet in height. Like the Web Grenades this is also made from a glue from a plant that grows on Monster Island.

Holo Bracer: A special function in his gauntlets that brings up a hologram interface for Night Spider to use. The Holo Bracer is used for many purposes, such as...

  • A computer and database.
  • A scanner.
  • Control pad for special functions in the jet.
  • A hacking device

Web Hook 2.0 : Designed by Lawrence Materdore. This small device is mounted on Night Spider's right glove. Small and compact, this new version of the Web Hook fires a nearly unbreakable cable made from pure energy. The cable can reach up to 500 miles before running out of power, the Web Hook runs on energy cores supplied by Parker Materdore Dynamics.

Spider Tracers: These small devices are inspired by standard MCPD tracers and bugs. Spider tracers come in two forms, Audio tracers and GPS tracers. Audio tracers allow Night to listen in on whatever sounds or conversations that are picked up on the tracer. GPS tracers allow Night to track the tracer and whatever it is stuck to via GPS. The trackers and Audio are displayed in Night Spider's helmet or mask HUD interface.

Charge Foam: Developed at Parker Technologies this device sprays a charged foam that hardens on contact and when detonated can create an explosion similar to Plastiqe.

Spider Shuriken: Made from carbon steel and having properties from both Shuriken and Boomerangs, these small metal devices are disigned to be mainly non lethal, the two forms for the Spider Shuriken are:

  • Sharp (Used for cuting ropes and poping tires)
  • Heavy (More dense. Used to knockout enemies during combat)

Ricochet Spider Discs: Similar to Spider Shuriken, these devices are somewhat larger and less sharp than the Shuriken, Ricochet Spider Discs are made out of a metallic alloy which absorbs the shock of an impact and uses the kinetic energy to ricochet off of many different surfaces. These devices come in just as many forms as the Spider Blades do, save for a few additions these include:

  • Explosive
  • Electrical Shock
  • Gas (Knockout, Tear gas, Smoke)
  • Remote Controll (Direction can be controlled by Helmet interface)
  • EMP blasts

As with all these additions Spider Grenades can also be attached to these discs for extra effect.

Pod-Caster: About the size of a sawed off shotgun. The pod caster uses state of the art propulsion technology to launch specialized pods that stick on any surface. Once launched and stuck, the pod opens and can be remote controlled to aim and fire it's payload at any given time. The pod caster and pod can fire it's contents up to a hundred feet, the pods cave a vast array of ammunition. The likes of which include:

  • Wire Pod (Fires a strong cable to create a tightrope, suspend foes upside down, reel two targets together and the like)
  • Pellet Pod (Launches Spider Grenades, can be aimed or preset to fire at will)
  • Bomb Pod (Mainly used by Forge, these pods explode like C4 on contact)


Night Spider 2015.jpg
Arachnid Combat Armor MK III: The Arachnid Combat Armor MK III Night Spider's current suit. The suit is comprised of Questionite and Dexerium Alloy plates for maximum protection and practical use. The plates themselves are held together by a chainmail-like micro-weave. The suit was created by Night Spider shortly after the Orion Crisis, as his original suit was destroyed by a Sentinel, severely injuring him. As such, the armor can sustain a very large area of punishment before breaking, including limited 50 caliber sniper rounds, Radiation Attacks and Sentinel Weaponry. The helmet is particularly advanced, holding multiple crime scene scanners, vision modes, and an advanced system known as Breaking Point.

Suit features:

  • Helmet: Possesses Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Crime Scene Scanners, a Voice Modulator, a Rebreather and a Translator.
  • Gauntlets: The Gauntlets hold mini control panels and computers within them, acting as a tool just as much as an offensive weapon. The blades mounted on the gauntlets are used to block and even break/disarm swords and knives. These blades can also launch as mini Spider Shuriken. The gauntlets and gloves also hold Night's laser web grapple, a quick-fire pellet grenade device and Taser fisticuffs.
  • The Belt: The Belt holds many of Night's existing gadgets, often switched out depending on the mission at hand. The belt can hold a large array of Shuriken, Pellet Grenades and other devices.
  • Leg Guards: The Leg-Guards have a dual purpose. While acting as protection for Night's waist and thighs, these armor plates can also conceal hidden gadgets that can be deployed for use. Night's own Pod-Caster is located in-between his right leg and leg-guard.
  • Boots: The Boots have minimal purpose outside of protection and attacks. But they do hold a kinetic thruster that can boost his kicks and allow him to leap much higher then normal.
  • Cape: The Cape is only used for minimal protection and travel. Despite the Armor's light weight, a standard gliding airfoil could not hold it in the air for long. The cape was developed to allow sustained gliding. The polymer weave that the cape is comprised of is fire proof, explosion resistant and bullet resistant. The cape also holds a Taser function in the tips, allowing for Night to stun with a quick swipe.
  • Undersuit: The Undersuit is a marvel of engineering, a recent breakthrough in Parker|Materdore Dynamics saw the creation of an advanced material built from the fibers and proteins found in Spider's Webbing. The material is several times stronger then Kevlar, lighter too. The undersuit can withstand many blunt or sharp force attacks and ammunitions. However the suit can be damaged by continued damage, such as acid and fire. Other functions include a heating/cooling system, Photosensitive threads, and Thermal Vision countermeasures (conceals the suit by hiding body heat).
  • "Breaking Point" Program (BP Mode): The Breaking Point Program (BP Mode), located in the helmet, uses advanced scans and data files that pinpoint weak areas on a target's person. These areas can range from faulty costume design, previous injuries, actual weaknesses (if said target's weakness is on file) and even weak areas in metal (via echolocation and vibration scans). The helmet marks these areas down as points to where Night can strike, estimating how much damage the attack would do, before it even happened. BP Mode is also used for estimating which gadget in Night's belt would be most useful in a fight.


Webwing Fighter Jet: This sleek stealth aircraft was designed and built at Parker Technologies. Originally it was a silver metallic color. The aircraft, now dubbed "The Webwing" was painted a pure black coating and integrated with top line military tech.

Weapons And Functions

  • Duel Plasma beam cannons.
  • Stealth feild tech. (Invisible to sonar and thermal imaging)
  • Heat seeking missiles.
  • Built in computer with connection to the Webwave in Spider's Den.
  • Built in Radio system.
  • Advanced Jet fuel and thruster systems.(At top speed the webwing can cross from the U.S to Aisa in 19 minutes or less)

The Spidercycle 2.jpg
Hovercycle: A new vehicle in Night's arsenal. This fully weaponised hover bike allows Night to cross the cityscape with ease or chase down a fleeing vehicle. Painted a light black with icy blue accents, this bike possesses a fully functional stealth field and dual plasma beam cannons.

Weapons and Functions

  • Plasma Shield for protection and space travel.
  • Immobilizer missiles

Spider Drones

The Spider Drone is an advanced, self replicating droid built for maintenance, security and many other day-to-day tasks. Built by Night Spider sometime after his career began, the drones eventually evolved to replicate themselves and gain a level of sentience. The attributes of each drone varies on it's model, security drones carry taser-charged fangs and plasma bolts while maintenance drones are more adept at repairs. Regardless, all drones are linked to each other via a hive mind, they know what their fellow bots are doing at all times. They are also connected with Mainframe, The Nexus Force's AI, who frequently uses them to either project himself or respond quicker then usual in case of an attack.

The drones are normally mild-mannered, akin to the ordinary cat in most cases. At other times, the Drones can be snippy or mischievous, but this is usually done without ill intent. They usually entertain themselves by cuddling up to Nexus Personnel, bothering Mainframe or play-fighting by themselves. Spider Drones rarely communicate in human language, instead, they speak in high pitched chirps and whirs. The likes of which are usually understood by other robotic or semi robotic entities. Nexus Force agents such as Eve, Plasma Web, Techa, Night Spider, Network II, Mainframe or those with technological connections would be able to understand them by their armors or systems translating the language. Those without such means are normally sent texts through their comm-links.

The combat applications for these drones vary greatly. The Maintenance Drones are only there to repair damages and maintain Nexus HQ and Spider's Den as well as accessing computer systems. Medic Drones, if around, can inject injured subjects with healing stims. The Security Drones either come in their usual size or in the size of a small pony, both are defender types, attacking in swarms. Lastly, the smallest subtype of drones, about the size of a silver dollar are built to act as psychological warfare and spy drones. These small bots are normally kept on Night Spider's person for when he requires a distraction or recon.

The bots reproduce in the usual fashion by building each other and the parts required. In every Spider's Den there is a "Drone Quarters" where the robots rest and produce additional drones.

OOC notes: Here is a link to a prime example of the Spider Drones' design (Look 30 seconds in for the droid)


Spider's Den

Spiders Den is an undergound bunker stationd in Millenium city, after realizing that he could not keep the majority of his equipment at his penthouse without risking discovery. James ventured into the sewers under the city where he eventualy found a hidden door leading into the catacombs, after some exploration into the tunnel system he re-discovered a cave a few miles under the city's surface. The cave was occupied previously by James' grandfather Desmond Parker, otherwise known as Shadow Web. Currently the Den has expanded into several other areas of the city underground, resulting in more caves for Night Spider to use.

Cave features list

Computer with Satellite Surveillance, Internet Access, Frequency Interception, Response System and Holographic Projectors

  • Exits into other parts of the city sewer systems and underground salt mines.
  • New tunnels that lead to the outskirts of Millenium city
  • Security measures
  • Elevators and access doors located in James' offices at Parker|Materdore Dynamics and The Nexus Force HQ
  • Landing bay for the Webwing
  • A medbay
  • Armory containing James' armor models and other costumes
  • Weapons room and workshop where James stores and upgrades his current tech/gadgets
  • A hidden tunnel system with a functional transport to quickly travel to other dens.

Trophy room contents

  • A tooth and Claw from the monster, Warblood
  • The mask of the Hudson City mobster, Black Goblin
  • A .50 caliber bullet from the assassin, Killshot
  • James' old Ninja tunic and weapons
  • Night Spider's first costume
  • The first Shadow Web outfit (worn by Desmond Parker in the 50s)
  • Dozer's chestplate
  • A newspaper clip that shows the first recorded pictures of Ebony Tarantula
  • A ball of magically solidified water given to NS by Pyrolun during the Dr. Y case.

Other Den Locations: Night Spider recently expanded into the Millennium City underground to create more mobile bases to use. These include...

Westside Spider's Den: Located under the Westside Docks, this cave is currently being used by Roki Uchisama, Night's first apprentice and vigilante Azure Mantis.

City Center Spider's Den: Located under the east portion of City Center, near PSI and ARGENT headquarters. Currently in use by Ebon Widow

Caves outside of Detroit

Hudson City Spider's Den: Located under the Parker Family's estate on the outskirts of Hudson City. This Den is the largest of them all. Built by Charles Parker and home of the Shadow Web for over a decade. James sees no use for this cave other than trips outside of Michigan. However, he still keeps it well stocked just in case.

Friends and Allies

The Spider Family

Charles Parker 2.jpg
Shadow Web Armor.jpg
Shadow Web/Charles Parker (Deceased): Charles Parker is James' uncle and has been his guardian since the death of his parents. Charles served as the vigilante Shadow Web after Thomas Parker died and even took a young James under his wing and began to train him, prior to James departing to Asia he was Shadow Web's partner Redback. Since James returned and donned a costume and identity of his own, Charles, now too old for field work, has taken to fighting crime in Cyberspace. And aids Night Spider with a constant flow of information and advice from the Spider's Den in Hudson City. In rare instances, Charles wears a red variant of Night's armor and takes to the streets himself. Charles died on New Years Day, 2015 at the age of 92 in the Parker Family Estate

Azure Mantis 2.jpg
Roki Parker/Azure Mantis (Deceased): Roki is James's adopted son and protégé. The two first met during The X-Pelled Mutant Academy's tenure and stayed together throughout the Titian Institute and on to both versions of Nexus. While Roki has suffered mental problems and morality struggles in the past. He still remains Night Spider's oldest ally (other then Shadow Web and Shadow Spider). After the defeat of Roki's brother, Sora, and time alone in Shamballah. Roki has recovered from his past and aids Night Spider as a field commander within The Nexus Force. A week or so after New Years in January 2015, Roki was killed in a tragic explosion inside an industrial plant, sacrificing his life to save a boy from Westside Gangsters. His death has greatly impacted Night Spider, despite the arachnid not visibly showing it.

Night Web2.jpg
Shadow Spider/Jessica Cross: Jessica Cross came into contact with James during his years as a member of the Tibetan Ninjas. Jessica, like James was a member of the order and during a mission in the Middle East, the two fell in love with each other. After James left for Millenium city to begin a new life, Jessica continued her training and eventualy became a master of stealth and one of the clan's most talented agents. After a year in Millennium City with her beloved, James and Jessica are now engaged and plan to be married one day.

Ebon Widow 2014-8.1.jpg
Ebon Widow/Regina von Warren: Night Spider came into contact with the daughter of Ebony Tarantula. Ebon Widow, known as Regina was her father's top trained assassin until she defected after Ebony killed her brother for failing him. James took Regina in without hesitation and has become her provider for both money, equipment and other resources. Regina has begun to slowly follow her benefactor's footsteps and is now a new addition to the crimefighting community under the guise of Ebon Widow. Regina has made leaps and bounds in recent years, becoming more social than her mentor. She is now a mother and a grandmother. She has also been credited for defeating Orion during the Orion Crisis and for numerous victories against The Arachni Empire. Recently, she acts as Nexus Force's resident Spymaster.

Night Shroud/Tiberius von Warren: Tiberius came to Night Spider seeking guidence and training. Tiberius is the son of Ebony Tarantula and brother to Regina von Warren (Ebon Widow). Tiberius is a Half human, half Shadow Demon hybrid with an array of supernatural powers. While having an anger problem and prone to violence, Tiberius wanted to become a better person than his father did and turned to Night Spider for guidence. James took him in and gave him an apartment in downtown Millennium City. Tiberius has been inactive on the hero scene as of late, still conflicted between his new life and old loyalties to his father. After the death of Ebony Tarantula, Tiberius vanished completely, allowing his younger half-brother, Wolfram, to take over the throne. Night fears that Tiberius may be dead or imprisoned.


Unknown avatar.png
Dr. Mallick Orson (Deceased): Mallick Orson has been a longtime friend of James since the Titan Institue. A powerful technopath, Orson is able to command and adapt technology in whatever way he whished. Dr. Orson was instrumental in turning Ebon Widow and Dark Knight to Night Spider's side and has provided James with many tech plans and equipment that is hundreds of years ahead of modern tech. Mallick at one point was murdered by Ebony Tarantula only to have his soul and corpse reanimated by Ebony's partner, the demon Zephyon. Orson was brought back due to a memory chip located in his old body's brain. Through the cloning tech in his lab. Night Spider cloned a new body for Orson and used the chip to transfer Orson's mind into this body.

Recently, Dr. Orson was involved in Night Spider's conspiracy to cure a mentally imbalanced Lawrence Materdore. However prior to this he sought to kill Lawrence before he could do any more damage, this resulted in an attack which left Lawrence missing an eye. Mallick redeemed himself after Ebon Widow convinced him to non-lethally help. He removed a faulty implant from Lawrence's brain and treating him with a restorative element, thereby curing him. In June of 2014, Mallick's soon to be daughter-in-law Cathrine Ryland took up a personal, and undisciplined war against The Arachni. She launched kenetic strikes from space which destroyed the Arachni's base in the Bermuda Triangle. To save her relationship with Nexus Force and his son, Mallick took the fall for the attacks and died not too long after, when Ebony Tarantula killed him for the second time.

Juanita: Juanita is a very well known ally of Night Spider's family. An immortal sorceress, Juanita has aided and guarded the Parker family for generations starting from Michael Parker during the American Civil War. She is a very dear ally to James and he trusts her with his life. To this day Juanita acts as the guardian angel of Night Spider and his family. Recently, Night Spider has not seen Juanita. However, she sometimes calls him in to investigate certain cases for The Ring of Water.

Lawrence Materdore.jpg
Lawrence Materdore/Forge: James met Lawrence Materdore during his time at The Titan Institute through Lawrence's son, Chris. During the years that followed, the friendship between the kindred inventors grew, although Lawrence kept many things secret from James. In 2013, Lawrence vanished after staging his death which led to James buying out his company and creating Parker|Materdore Dynamics prior to Lawrence's return later in the year. James' relationship with Lawrence was strained when Lawrence accidently caused The Orion Crisis with his ARC Server. After the crisis was avoided, James discovered that Lawrence was slowly going insane due to a faulty implant in his brain, and he was also creating an army of giant robots called Sentinels along with a second ARC. Night Spider engaged in a cold war with Lawrence soon after that, which resulted in Lawrence loosing his left eye after a botched assassination attempt by Mallick Orson.

James then staged a kidnaping and abducted Lawrence, before having Dr. Orson (who was convinced to help by Ebon Widow) perform surgery to remove the implant and treat the brain with Etir. The Etir had an inverse effect however, it healed him, but gave him superhuman attributes and amnesia along with it. Night Spider brought his friend back up to speed (although left out their cold war and the second ARC) and helped Lawrence control his newfound strength, training him and equipping him with weapons. Lawrence took up the moniker Forge and became a vigilante and mercenary for hire. While Forge does aid Nexus on occasion. Lawrence has since then retired from his post and former place as Network, and his nighttime activities as Forge remain a secret between him and Night Spider.

Rogues Gallery

"Welcome To The Rouges Database.." - Webwave A.I

Threat Levels:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Not worth any action. Let the cops take care of it.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Minor threats. Usually common meta-criminals.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Could prove a personal challenge, but not much else.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Moderate threats. Worth looking into.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous. Definitely ones to look out for. Usually for low-to-moderate powered mercenaries and assassins.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous nationally and internationally.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
High-Level Threats. Capable of posing a real danger to governments, organizations and super-teams.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Worldwide threats. Must be immediately investigated. Reserved for cult leaders, terrorist organizations and the like.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
World Annihilators, must be stopped at all costs.

FILE 001



Real Name: "Zack" (Surname Unknown)
Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, Healing Factor, Dynamic Durability, Resistance to Mind Control, High Resistance, Superhuman Senses
Occupation: Criminal Mastermind
Origin: Mutation
Motivation: Revenge
A reptilian mutant shrouded in mystery. Zack terrorized Millennium City prior to his demise. It is largely unknown why he targeted Night Spider to begin with, but his sheer primal cunning and raw power made him an extremely dangerous foe. During Night's tenure at the Titian Institute, Zack launched a full-scale attack against his rival. An attack that threatened Night's adopted son, Roki. The two warriors confronted each other on an island in the pacific, at the summit of a volcano. In one of the most harrowing battles of Night's life, he beat down the villain. But was later forced to kill him to prevent further chaos in what was easily the hero's darkest moment. Warblood's attack and death will haunt Night Spider forever. As of August 8th of 2014, Warblood was confirmed to have been resurrected and now seeks to bring down The Nexus Force in retaliation for his defeat and death.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 002



Real Name: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Expert Marksman, Accelerated Healing Factor, Close Quarters Combat Specialist, Master Tactician and Strategist
Occupation: Assassin
Origin: Mutation/Military background
Motivation: Money/Reputation
A world class assassin and meta hunter. Killshot and Night Spider have crossed paths on many occasions, starting during the heroes' tenure at X-Pelled. Since then, Killshot injured Night Spider in April of 2013. And recently has been hired to assassinate the hero and his team. Killshot's gone quiet after a short terror spree on Nexus Force. And Night is preparing for the day he returns.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


FILE 003



Real Name: Stefan Warren
Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, Healing Factor, Superhuman Senses, Master Tactician, Umbrakinesis.
Occupation: Criminal Mastermind, Interdimensional Monarch.
Origin: Mutation/Magic/Military Background
Motivation: Revenge/Profit/Global Domination
A longtime foe of Night Spider and The Nexus Force, Ebony Tarantula is the mastermind behind The Arachni Empire and all of it's operations. He is also the culprit of the attack on the Titian Institute, which cost many lives and the team's disbandment. Since then, Tarantula has been the sole "nemesis" of Nexus Force, having a hand in almost every crisis they face. His prowess in Tactics and sheer resources, not to mention his actual powers, make Ebony a force unlike any Night has ever faced.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Case Files

These Files are actual cases that Night Spider has worked on along with his personal notes

Case File #2241 (Dr. Y kidnapping)

Case File #2241

Case situation: Closed

Subject: Dr. Y kidnapping and rescue.

Date: 4/23/2013

Crimes: Kidnapping, Conspiracy.


"Dr. Yargarrble or "Dr. Y" was reported on the CRP Communicator as missing/kidnapped today. The kidnapers were originally thought to be FBI agents. After a long discussion on how to react, it was discovered that the FBI had NOT targeted Dr. Y and that the kidnapers where possibly using fake ID's. I, along with a team of seven heroes discovered that the helicopter carrying the victim and the suspects had landed in the Southwest desert and were prepping a jet to move the victim elsewhere. We converged on the site, I allowed the others to take the ground forces while I concentrated on the two helicopters escorting the kidnappers. Strangely, after they saw our numbers the kidnappers released Dr. Y and retreated, somehow vanishing from one heroes satellite view. We checked Dr. Y for injuries. Several bruises , a bleeding nose and lacerations from a stun baton. It was noted that Dr. Y fought her captors before we arrived, resulting in said injuries. She through the use of magic managed to clip the jet with what looks like lightning. Upon inspecting Dr. Y it was clear that her bindings were covered in mystic runes and with the danger of the captors returning in force, we had no choice but to move her to Project Greenskin, a PRIMUS facility. Once we arrived we managed to remove the bindings and help Dr. Y through the use of Salt water (Side note: Dr. Y most likely has a dependence on water...Atlantean possibly?) Regardless she revealed that her captors approached her with FBI badges. Dr. Y not wanting to cause a problem with the FBI (And believing the captors trick) was handcuffed. She did however, "Freak Out" when she noticed the mystic bindings and was tasered and gagged. She noted that the bindings were from Ancient Europe times, specifically a cult in Scotland who was known to use similar bindings to capture mystical creatures for sacrifice. It appears these men were a modern incarnation of this cult. It was also discovered that the Jet was from Russian territory and had enough fuel to get from the desert to Canada (Possibly where they were going) and was covered in Salt. It was noted that the cult would most likely be around an area with an abundant resource. It seems Salt is that resource.

After collecting evidence and taking notes, the team parted ways. And I returned to the crime scene to collect any myself. I found a few blood samples...Possibly from Dr. Y or the captor she Head butted. After that I returned to other cases in Millennium City."

Personal Thoughts: "Even now I still don't know much about the cult OR their intentions. Dr. Y will be looked after. But the threat still looms. I'll be keeping tabs on this case but it will be unknown if I personally get into it again. Magic is not my strongpoint but if needed I'll help Dr. Y in any way I can"

RP Hooks

  • James Parker is currently the CEO of Parker|Materdore Dynamics, a large and growing business formed from the merge of two companies. After James' friend Lawrence Materdore "died" and vanished from the scene, James stepped in and bought Materdore Industries, which at the time was in a financial crisis. Materdore Industries once rivaled many major tech companies, including James own company. After James bought out Materdore Ind. he merged it with his own company and created "Parker|Materdore Dynamics" in honor of Lawrence's legacy. Parker|Materdore Dynamics is now on the rise as a major Tech and Weapons corperation, utilizing both Military Grade Tech and almost Futuristic Tech to create weapons, armor, social devices, security systems and even alternate forms of clean energy.
  • If you need non-lethal weapons or tech armor, James is your man.
  • Night Spider has been seen on TV more than once usually in combat situations, such as his first appearance in the aftermath of the Qularr Invasion. James however has many TV ads for Parker Technologies and has been seen at parties and other upper class events.
  • Night Spider is primarily known through his work with The Titian Institute, Nexus Academy and Nexus Force.
  • Night Spider has a widespread reputation in Westside and Hudson City, being feared by the resident gangs in those locations.
  • If you're a hero from Westside or Hudson City, you may have heard of Night Spider and his adventures.
  • Night Spider has been known to target ARGENT and VIPER operations from time to time.
  • Night Spider is the second most well versed individual when it comes to The Arachni Empire. Making him an excellent informant to any who end up confronting The Arachni.

Personal thoughts

On being a hero: "The innocent and defenseless should be protected, all I am doing is my part to do that."

On other heroes: "We could use all the help we can get....Although more heroes means more chances for loose cannons..

On Crime: "I've noticed a pattern over the years. Heroes are more abundant than ever. Which has led crime to evolve even more. Sometimes you wonder if these "Supervillains" would have emerged if us heroes never came about."

On Killing: "Despite a few regretful killings in my past, I still have a "No kill rule". And I'll do everything in my power to uphold that rule."

On Role models:"The only ones that I would consider Role Models would be my own predecessors."

On being a role model: "Honestly, Im flattered if others see me as one, and Im ok with it. But just remember guys, don't do anything stupid."

On Arachnid themed heroes:"It's strange that only a few years after I put on the suit, spider themed heroes pop up everywhere. So it's either I have inspired some heroes to do this, or Arachnids are just in season this year."

Character Comments

((Post your character thoughts here, both Villains and Heroes allowed))

"One of my old fwiends fwom the Academy! He was one of the best students! Weally smart and nice! Thanks for being there for me!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"Nice and helpful. Always felt safe when James was there! Hope he is doing well at the new Academy." - Heartbeat

"A great inspiration. I'm happy he's still with the school and hope he can continue help defend the Academy against awful threats that seem to follow us. He's a great man who doesn't get enough credit for all the work he does." - Rose Marble

"This chump? Bloodly 'ell, I've dealt with far tougher bastards that have given me a run for my money. Crikey, this bloke was part of a team that handed me my target on a silver platter. Just keep tryin' to come after me, rookie, because I'll do more than just destroy ya shoulder next time." - Killshot

"Night Spider is a great role model for most hero types out there, he inspired me to become Killer Spider, well for the detective part, but still he's a good hero."- Killer Spider

Player Comments

((Players can post OOC comments here. Feel free to critique this page))


  • Night Spider is based off of Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman
  • Although not openly known James Parker has several ancestors that have fought evil in history's greatest and darkest moments.
  • Night Spider is a registered hero with the ASPRA. (American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act). However, his true identity is on a need to know basis within the government and is thus unknown to local law enforcement and the public.
  • Night Spider is in fact a Lineage Mutation, nearly all members of the Parker bloodline were mutants.
  • James favorite colors are Black, White, and Steel Blue.
  • Night Spider knows many forms of martial arts and is known to mix some of these forms in combat.
  • Night Spider was originaly made out to be a homage to Spiderman Noir but over the months he gained powers and a personality likened to Batman and Iron man. I do have plans to return him to his roots in the future though.
  • Due to his use of technology and martial arts, not many know Night Spider is in fact a mutant and therefore is not targeted by mutant haters often.
  • Most, if not all of Night Spider's technology and armor draws inspiration from the "Batman Arkham" video game series (Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Origins). This includes the design and functions of his combat armor, gadgets and transportation.
  • It is unknown from a character standpoint exactly "why" Night Spider wears armor to begin with. However it can be safely assumed it's there both for a tactical advantage and paranoia.




Hideout Shots


[1]- Night Spider's journey

[2]- Night Spider theme #1

[3]- Night Spider theme #2

[4]- Emotional pain/Loss (The Parker family deaths)

Creator's notes

Night Spider was my first character in Champions Online and my main pride and joy. Most of Night was brought up by my love for dark, shady vigilante types such as Batman. But I also wanted to add in some aspects of another hero, Spider-Man. Most of Night's Spider-Man inspiration comes from the Spiderman Noir versions of the character.

Of course I did NOT want a moody, always brooding and violent character, so I put in a more human personality that could also be adaptable depending on situations. In all honesty, when I made Night Spider I did not expect to get much RP out of CO, which was then sort of like my vacation game from DCUO (DC universe online). Boy was I wrong, I soon found an SG for Night spider known as the X-pelled Mutant Academy, there was when I went into overdrive to form a story for NS which slowly evolved into a Mutant, Techy, Martial artist and the Vigilante side slowly fading into the mist. After X-pelled closed down I decided to give Spider a bit more meat to his story, which some has changed since then.

Currently Night Spider is the field commander for Nexus Force, and much of his character has changed as my personal RP and writing skills evolved over time.

I hope you enjoyed this page!