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The Ultimate
Killer Spider
The Static Spider
"Sometimes heroes have to make sacrifices for the better." ~Emma Peterson
The Master
Player: Novasbanner2.png


Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Spider Warriors, U.N.T.L., and Harmon University
Real Name
Mike Peterson
Killer-Spider, Spidey, Spidah, Webbed Crusader, Quip Boy
January 23, 1999
City Center Apartment
Tech Warehouse
WCOC Article Writer, Superhero, Detective
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
John Peterson (Father, might be alive) Emma Peterson (Mother, Deceased), Rick Damian A.K.A Poison (Cousin), Brian Smith (Cousin)
Physical Traits
Metahuman the perfect manimal
Apparent Age
Body Type
Brown/ Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Spider Tattoo on right arm, attractive, and chiseled
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Venom Shock, Arachna Sense, Voltage Webs, and Omicron Super Strength
· Equipment ·
Psi Spider Bombs,Arachna Disks, Web Cape, Primus Spark Sheild, and Advanced Spider Blades
· Other Abilities ·
Mixed Martial Arts, Kung Fu, and Karate

Creators Notes

Killer Spider is a homage of Spider-Man,Deadpool, and a little bit of Batman. Lots Action, Flirting, and quips are on this page. I'm now going to make Killer a teenager. Visit my new youtube channel, its Mike Peterson, Ultimate Killer Spider and the link is here this is all when Killer was a teen. I have a comic series going for him and I hope that champions will last long enough for me to make a lot more issues.


Mike Peterson was born in Millennium City,little did he know that his dad had power. On Mike's birthday ,his father died. His father was the first Killer Spider. He was killed by the hands of Nightmare. The legendary Killer Spider was ripped limb from limb. His last words were "son, take care of your mother,be strong, and use your powers for good." This event was hard for Mike to accept,so he prayed to God that he would avenge his father. Growing up, the boy was successful in school. Never let any of his friends down and keep his promises. By the time Mike was 14, he decided to get a job at the WCOC. At the same time he got a job he decided to start his hero act. Now when Mike was a field trip the got to go to Dynamic Labs where they tested out a bunch of things. There were mani las, Weapons, Suits, and medicine. He got his power from the spider manimal Sample from one of the rare beast in Monster Island. So what happened? Mike tripped over something and the spispider D.N.A spliced with Mikes human DNA . He realized he had powers the next morning. He thought of his dad and how he was Killer Spider. He tpok on the mantle. For a while he has being using a makeshift but, he eventually made a better suit. He was a rookie at the age of 14, but he got better and improved his skills. Eight months later Red Snake studied him and wanted to train him, but Mike turned the offer down. The time came when he had met Nightmare and he broke Killer Spiders back. Sadly poor Mike wasn't ready to fight his fathers greatest enemy. There was a Service for Killer Spider to get well.While Emma Peterson was heading back home, James Oken a.k.a NightMare was in her basement, beside a dead body. Emma was terrified.

" Who are you?" Said Emma ",that's classified you know." Said James " wait a minute, you killed my son! I'm calling the cops." Said Emma "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, because I am going to kill you, just like I killed your husband." Said James, James starts to pull out his gun, and shot her.

1 months later

Mike woke up in the hospital and freaked out that he was still in the healing process. The boy urged himself to move. He made it all the way to Champions HQ in a matter of seconds but fell through a window and fell while they were having a meeting.

'"Witchcraft, use one of your magical spells to heal Killer Spider. He was a good hero, and he is needed in City Center, Downtown, and Vibora Bay."

"I shall try to heal him, but he will have some new traits."

"Hera give me the power to heal this boy"

"Very well."

A few minutes later Mike wakes up and says "where am I?"

"It's ok, your in good hands."

"What about my family?"

"We're sorry Michael they're dead."

"What! Who killed them?"

"James Oken, a.k.a Nightmare."

"Damn it, this all my fault, if I had finished him right there in that corner, they would have still been here!"

"Where's my suit, I'm going to avenge the Peterson family."

"It's in your apartment."

"Gracias Champions, wait was that Spanish?"

Mike rushed for his apartment using the grapple hook that Nighthawk lended him. I took him about one minute just to make it there. All the people that were on the building said the same thing, the classic where have you been response.

All Mike could say was "vacation, I'll pay for the bills later."

"I hope so, because you owe $1000 dollars."

"Good thing I still have the $5000 I made at the WCOC."

Ultimate Killer-Spider Comics

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #1 and 2 Bank Storm

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #3 and #4 Cryo Chill!

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #5, 6, and 7 Arachni-Men

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues#8 and 9 Savage Arachnid!

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #10 Hippawhat?

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #11 Red Wasp!

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #12 and 13 Mechanon!

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #14 and 15 Doctor Mental

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #16 Rise of Incognito

New Ultimate Killer Spider issues #17 and #18 Reborn!

The Amazing Killer-Spider Comics

A continued story of the ultimate story arc.

Champion Flashbacks #1

Amazing Killer Spider issues #1 and 2 Broken Bonds

Amazing Killer Spider issues #3 and 4 Nuclear Power Cosmic

The Amazing Killer Spider issue #5 Weaver

The Amazing Killer Spider issue #6 Clone Chronicle Part 1

The Amazing Killer Spider issue #7 Clone Chronicle Part 2 featuring The Devious Ones

Spider Wars #1

Spider Wars #2

Spider Wars #3

Spider Wars #4

Spider Wars #5

Spider Wars #6

Spider Wars #7

Spider Wars #8

Spider Wars #9

The Amazing Killer Spider #16 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #17 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #18 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #19 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #20 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #21 volume 2

The Amazing Killer Spider #22 volume 2

changed the title, but I keep the same numbers.

Spectacular Killer Spider #23

Spectacular Killer Spider #24

Spectacular Killer Spider #25

Spectacular Killer Spider #26

Spectacular Killer Spider #27

Spectacular Killer Spider #28

Spectacular Killer Spider #29

Spectacular Killer Spider #30

Spectacular Killer Spider #31

Spectacular Killer Spider #32

Spectacular Killer Spider #33

Spectacular Killer Spider #34 FINAL ISSUE

The Spectacular Killer Spider

Killer Spider fighting along side the Infinite Enforcers during the battle with PRIME..

The Spectacular Killer Spider1/3

It was Valentine's day, the day of love. Diana Summers, Killer Spiders' old ally. She heard the news that he was back last night, she was suprised at the news that she had heard. Today Would've been the day that Killer Spider told her how he felt about her, and of course he was in love with the woman. She was the only one other than his ex Emily Brown that he had been really close to. Then at 10:00 exact, a dark if figure started to move through the streets. The figure was chasing what seemed to be James Oken. "Who the hell are you?"
" You piece of crap! I heard what you did to my family!"
"Wait a minute, Mike, is that you?"
"yes it is me,and I'm here to put you in an asylum."
" yeah right, you and what army?"
"Only the Defenders Earths Mightiest Heroes, and don't even try to transform, because I shot you with a needle that takes away all your powers, so your finished."
He then took James' hand and venom shocked it. Sucks to be you..
"Ok guys, I'm going to pay a visit to Diana, she's probably heard the news about me."

The Spectacular Killer Spider 2/3

Diana and Mike encounter some Viper soldiers on their date in the desert.
On that same night, Killer Spider made his way towards Diana's penthouse. As he made his way, PSI was invading the building.

Killer Spider: I guess James wasn't enough for tonight,So of course I swoop down to stop the raid,what are they up to?

"We are here for the one called Hareno!"

Killer Spider:"Haroeno, wait isn't that the blue haired lady?"

Psimon:"Ah, I see we have Killer Spider here. I thought you were dead."

Killer Spider:"I was until the Champions Brought me back to life."

Psimon:Amazing, I didn't know they were capable of such powers like that."

Killer Spider:"Ya Ya, less talking more fighting."

The two rushed into battle with each other, Killer Spider fought better than before. He threw a few hard punches, and then venom shocked all the henchmen. Word of advice to the people, never judge a spider by its size, it could be venomous. And of course the humorous spider wins once again.

Psimon:"You are cheering that you defeated me?"

Killer Spider:"Of course I am Psimon, I'm as giddy as a school girl, but I'm not really a girl and you get the point."

Hareono: "Hi Killer Spider!"

Killer Spider: "Hey,are you ok?"

Hareono: "Of course I am, I can heal myself plus I took down of few of them."

Killer Spider: "Remind me to team up with you sometime."

Hareono: " That would be lovely."

Killer Spider:" I'll see you soon."

Hareono: " :) ok then."

The new stick suit made of Web Cloth, Night Vision and covered with questonite.

The Spectacular Killer Spider 3/3

Killer Spider:"Almost there."

You all probably know where Killer Spider is going to, Diana's place. Killer Spider is really hooked to her. She was glad to see him once he showed up.

Killer Spider:"Aola Diana, wait was that also Spanish? Pretty soon I'm going to get a Spanish college invitation, but I already finished college."

Diana Summers: "You know what's funny, I haven't seen your master degree yet."

Killer Spider: "I will give you it sometime, but the real question is, why did you retire."

Diana Summers: "It's a long story, ask the people I used to work with."

Killer Spider: "mhmm, that's what they all say."

Diana Summers: "um Killer, do you hear that? I think it's those Psi guys."

Killer Spider: "They are probably still chasing after me."

Diana Summers: "This isn't exactly wheat I'd call a lovely valentines day."

Killer Spider: "it's not mine either you know, and besides we can take these guys."

Diana Summers: "Yeah, this should be fun."

Killer Spider: "you still know how to fight right because if not I could venom shock them all at once."

Diana Summers: "Of course I do, ow! Stupid PSI henchmen."

Killer Spider: "so I'll just venom shock them all."

Using most of his power, Killer Spider venom shocked them all, but instead of yellow the venom shock turned blue. This has never happened before, but you learn something new every day. Though his valentines day isn't quite over yet he still has seven hours to make up for it. Let's hope that a Killer can make up for it, he does tend to show up late on dates and more.

Killer Spider: "Well Diana, we still have seven hours of fun left, so what should we do."

Diana Summers: "Maybe Club Caprice?"

Killer Spider: "Sounds nice, maybe the couples room with the fountain?"

Diana Summers: "Sure."

12 minutes later

Diana Summers: "Your glide control is impressive, what else are you good at?"

Mike Peterson: " Lots of other things."

Diana Summers: "Which one are you best at?"

Mike Peterson: "I'm good at kicking butt kicking, math, science, a lot more."

Diana Summers: "hmmmm, how about we see how good of a kisser you are."

Mike Peterson: Uh ok. *blushing*

They both lent in in for the kiss and then a random voice says,

Random: Get a room.

Diana Summers giggles.

Mike Peterson: Red, it's been forever."

Brian Smith: indeed it has my friend. So how are you?

Mike Peterson: I'm doing good, especially when I'm with Diana.

Brian Smith: Wait, are you guys engaged?

Mike Peterson: Nope, we're dating, but we have been together for quite sometime.

Diana Summers: And we still are, wait Killer we have more work to take care of.

Mike Peterson: Sweet! Brian wanna join?

Brian: Hell Yeah.

Mike Peterson: Let's kick it then.

Appearance and suits


  • Dynamic Labs Project Lifeform A project that was made into some kind of creature and resembles the Roin'esh. Side Affects are solid white eyes, being active while sleeping, eats your skin away after a long period of having too much of the material on you.


Photographic Eye Lenses Thermal Vision

Body Armor Bulletproof

  • Armored Suit A suit that was made during the fight against Felix the world breaker by a friend named the Millennium Arsenal.


Mask Built-in Gas Filters Photographic Eye Lenses Infrared and Thermal Vision Built in Microphones

Body Armor Bulletproof Fireproof Ice proof

  • Classic A suit that will always be recognized by many heroes, even if Killer chnges his suits every week.

Gear: Mask Built-in Gas Filters Photographic Eye Lenses Infrared Vision

Body Armor Fireproof Non bullet proof


  • Armored tights

Body Armor-

Bullet Proof

Fire Proof


Glow lenses


Built in A.I.

Web Wings

  • Crystal Web

Body Armor-

Bullet Proof


Two way eye lenses

Flashlight Emblem

Energy Slingers 1.0

  • 'Year One Makeshift

Body Armor- None

Gear- Two way eye lenses

  • Classic Suit Modified

Body Armor-

Bullet Proof

Electro Proof

Fire Proof



Extra Legs activation

Thermo Lenses

Two way eye lenses

Energy Slingers 2.0

Silk Material

Device belt

Powers and Abilities

  • Human-Arachnoid Physiology:Killer Spider possesses the proportionate powers of a spider, granted to him from an untested Manimal Serum which spilled all over Mike Peterson. The radioactive, complex mutagenic enzymes in the DNA sample that were transferred at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Mike, granting him superhuman strength, speed, durability, and numerous spider-like abilities. Like many superhuman powers, the effectiveness of Killer's powers and skills varies based on which Killer Spider it is. His powers include:
  • Manimal Understanding: Since. Killer Spider is the perfect minimal it gives him the ability to understand they say.

  • Venom Shock: Mike is able to fire a bio-electric spider sting out of his body, fist, legs, and is able to paralyze,knockout, or stun a villain, thats why Mike called it "venom shock"

  • Arachna Sense: Mike's enhanced senses warn him from incoming danger. It's because of this that he is able to swing safety around the city. It is also what allows Killer to form his own style of martial arts. He's bested most martail arts fighters such as Red Snake. Killer Spider is untouchable when he focuses it all the way. It also makes things go in slow motion.

  • Voltage Webbing: A electric blasts mixed with webs used to tangle the enemy, and if there are near by enemies,it will jump towards the others.

  • Omicron Super Strength: Mike's strength level is powerful, before he was able to lift 3 tons, but now that he is back he can lift 52 tons now

  • Superhuman Speed: Killer is fast enough to outrun a car or an Olympic Runner.

  • Wall Crawling: Mike is able to stick to the walls without his suit. He harness all his energy to climb up the walls.
  • Superhuman Agility: Mike can move quite swiftly to dodge any incoming attacks.

  • Superhuman Durability: Mike is quite durable being able to be thrown out of windows and being able to walk it off as if it were nothing.

  • Superhuman Dodge Chance: Killer is able to increase his Arachna-Sense and Agility to dodge attacks like a gunfire.

  • Superhuman Leaping Ability: Jake and Mike have used both speed, agility, and wall-crawling to get to place to place.
  • Stun Bite: If someone that is dangerous tries something to remove Jakes mask, he will automatically bite them for self defense and they should be stunned for 3 minutes.

  • Organic Silk: Jake can make his own webs straight from his body unlike Mike who needed a bracer option for it.

  • Way of the Arachnid: Killer Spider is able to form his own style of martial arts by focusing his Arachna sense(If focused all the way, Killer can be invincible).

  • Venom Surge Killer is able to uses large amounts of electrical energy and concentrate it into his fist or legs.(If his wall crawling abilities were down he could use a static cling)

  • Superhuman Metabolism: Killer Spider is immune to most toxins or gas. If it were to effect him it wouldn't have. It much of an affect on him.

  • Visions: Killer Spider has a new ability which allows him to have visions if he encounters someone who might be evil or sinister.

  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Killer Spider possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object(this means any size small or large)


  • Lost Parents: Mike's parents were killed by NightMare, the villainous demon of mayhem. If Mike is reminded, he becomes very emotional.

  • Arachna-Sense Immunity: Mike's enhanced senses can be invisible from Roin'Esh aliens from a humans senses, this can only happen if the alien figure has taken control of a human.

  • Anger: Mike can be aggressive and brutal if anyone took someone special from him, like his friends or Diana.

  • Women: We've all had our experiences with women. Killer is over protective when there are females around because he doesn't like seeing them get hurt.


  • Arachna Disks: These disks were made by Mike for huge crowds of enemies, so when this happens he spins around like a sprinkler and hits them all at once.

  • Web Cape: His web cape is able to glide away and fly 200 miles per hour.

  • Psi Spider Bombs: These bombs are used for dealing with PSI, they some how turn them into a gassy form. When they're in that state they can't hurt anyone.
  • Stealth Spider Bike: Killer Spiders' grav bike that goes into stealth mode. It's designed to get around enemies, take out huge objects, and to get to school quicker.

  • Spider Savers: A device used to heal people over time. There is a glitch that gives powers to those who are bitten by it.

The powers that it gives are:

Spider Powers

Fire Bug powers

Super Strength/Might

Super highly trained Martial Arts




  • 'Energy Slingers Killer Spider did some research and decided to get an upgrade so instead of a grapple hook, he made something similar to "Energy Bracers" like Red-Arachnid and Red Spider's Energy Cuffs. The Energy Slingers sling Aerogel and it also has a cobweb option, but the cobweb option is only for combat.

  • 'Energy Slingers 2.0 Made right after the Spider Wars crisis because Nightmare had damaged Killers original slingers, he made new and Improved Aerogel like detail and web image. Travels at about 80 meters. Has a built in MP3 player in case Killer wants to listen to music. Built in radio that allows Mike to catch up on the latest crimes or news. It also includes wrist darts tipped with non lethal, but painful toxin. Electrical and water proof.

  • Binding Web Marbles An improvement over his silk fluid that comes from his bracers. A marble that has a substance inside that creates a hardened material explodes right in front of the person knocking them backing while being trapped by the web.
An example of what the marbles would look like.

Friends and Allies

StarsentryRyan.jpg Star Sentry(Ryan Keystone): Killer Spiders classmate during school and ally during battle. He has teamed up with the Young Saviors and the Star Fighters. He's clumsy and cocky sometimes but is a great help for when you need a ranged attack.

  • Cat: A hero that once worked for sledge hammer, a huge pain in the butt for her and Killer Spider. She did stop working for him eventually. When Killer passed away she decided to take his advice by becoming a hero and so she did. She teamed up with the new Killer Spider.


Red-Arachnid (Brian Smith):After allowing genetically-altered spider DNA get into to his open wounds, Brian Smith became known as The Tremendous Spider-Kid before rehashing himself as Red-Arachnid after the death of Richard O'Reilly, the original Red-Arachnid and now believes that Richard's legacy shouldn't be left to crumble in the dust and so Brian devotes himself to living out O'Reilly's legacy as the All-New Red-Arachnid. Killer and Red are cousins and team up a lot.

  • Arachnae: During Spider Wars Michael picked up another recruit named Arachnae who was with Funnel Spider. She stood side by side with Killer every step of the way. The time stream was ruined, so they hadn't met yet until recently. Arachne and Killer team up very often.

Night Spider 2014-3.jpg
  • Night Spider: The best detective that I know rather than Night Hawk. He is a role model for some heroes, he has inspired Killer Spider to become a detective, he is good at it, but not as good as Night Spider.


Jake Howard is the next person to pick up the mantle of Killer-Spider he is the third one. He got his powers from one of Killer-Spiders spider savers. This happend cause the boy got caught in the cross fire of the shooting. Now he can become flexible, He possess the power of Organic Silk somehow. He has a venom sting, blast, a bullet proof suit, stealth and venom touch. He has been the new Killer-Spider for 4 months now.

Death of Mike Peterson!

I'm finished working on a comic for this story and down below is the cover so click it to read it. If it doesn't work look under the Comics section. Warning!: Things will be changed in the comics and it skips to the final fight scene.

4:17 a.m. at Oken Inc.

"After all these years of isolation I've finally returned, but I need to feast on someone, and I know just where to find the perfect meal." The beast leaps away in what seems to look like a an aura of green fire.

Monday 12:45 p.m. at High School graduation.

Principal Calvin Bissell announces the following: "Kate Fox, Andrew Alexander, Jamie Lyons, Dean Lamar, and Jade Ling." The people clap for the graduates.

"The following valedictorians are: Brian Smith, Sam O'Brian, Gracie Brewer, Dominic Pham, and last but not least Mike Peterson."

An outburst of cheering and clapping for all of the graduates arose, it was like they all had just stopped a crime. Mike's brother, Kate, Brian, and Jake Howard all celebrated at the taco place called Taco Galaxy.

"So, where do you plan on going to college guys, I got a scholarship to go to Harmon University.

All talk at the same time "What!!!!"

Brian Speaks "Dude that's awesome."

Jake "I would go but I got 3 more years of high school I'm 14 almost 15 *starts to talk under his voice* in 10 months."

Mysterious voice "Have you guys seen my dad?"

Mike-"That voice."

All "Is that....HENRY!!!!

They all hug him

Henry Oken "Um nice to see you too."

James Oken: "Michael Peterson."

Mike and Jake: *arcana sense*

Mike: "Hello sir."

James: "I just dropped by to say hi, so I hear your close friends with Killer-Spider."

Mike: "Actually I just write reports, record videos, and blog about him at WCOC."

James: "Ah I see, have you heard about the new creature? Its deadly, Extremely Angry, and Hungry."

Mike: "Uhm, no sir I actually haven't seen it."

James: "A video of that would surely get you about 678 bucks for each clip."

Mike: "Actually, I don't know if Rob would pay me that much maybe 276 dollars."

James: *stares at him* "Right, but it will be hard to get the footage, you might killed."

Mike: "I'm willing to take that chance."

James: " I have to go to work now, my people are waiting for me." *walks away*

Mike and Jake: talk in their heads "now Arachna sense is off."

Mike: "I'd better keep an eye out, I'll see you guys soon."

Before any of them can say bye he was already gone.

Mike climbs up the building to see what was going on.

James: Now I need to make sure that I kill Mike soon a.k.a Killer Spider

Mike: He knows."

Steam starts to come up from his back and then he is engulfed in a green hell fire.

James: "RaaaaaaaaH!!!!!!

He transforms into an orange behemoth covered in fire and bones.

NightMare: I SEE YOU!!!

Mike: Oh snap.

Mike jumps off the building and NightMare leaps and follows, but NightMare has lost Mike.

NightMare: Come out Michael I'm going to kill you like I killed your father

Killer Spider: Shut Up!!!!!!!!!!

  • he gives him a good hard punch*

Killer Spider: what the heck is wrong with you James. What have you done to yourself?

NightMare: I gave my self a draysha compound mixed with that of goblin the dead heroes DNA.

Killer Spider: So what your like Hell Demon's reincarnation. His son maybe

NightMare: smart mouth. Allow me to give you the full....

Engulfs himself in fire

NightMare: John Peterson experience *chuckles with malice in his laughter and throws a fire ball at Killer*

Killer Spider: Thanks, but I kinda already had a fire ball for lunch, my girl friend bought spicy Mexican food. True story

NightMare: SHUT UP!!!

Jake Howard and Red-Arachnid jump in to Killer so back up. That tactic failed NightMare had the strength of 10 men.

Jake Howard: before you ask this is a terrible makeshift suit I know.

NightMare: ah, the legendary all new Red-Arachnid , why are you all trying to continue the legacies of those who were smarter, more amusing, and failures.

Red and Killer: That's it combo move venom shock all the way!

The impact of the Ultra Venom Shock is too much but NightMare still stands in place as if nothing happened.


NightMare: Hahaha, that was actually amusing.

Red-Arachnid: That should've knocked him out! Heck, if that was Thundrax he'd be finished

The brawling continued. The heroes were injured and in desperate need of help. Killer speeding his injured cousin on the ground doesn't him to the nears pest hospital. Nightmare followed and hurled some cars at him. He used the last of his web material left to stop the cars from hurting anyone. Nightmare then grab his neck and folded Mikes arms to break his bracers so he couldn't use his hard light energy. He smashed Killer head into the ground and gave him a series of punches. Killer got angry enough and gave a nightmare a smack to the face. He gave him and upper cut and leaped for the kick. He also had just one more spare web slingers and he did something to it to make it a bomb. He threw it at Nightmare which was only a trick to trap Nightmare. Mike stood in front of him just using his venom shock over and over. Nightmare had a trick too. Killer sent him an electrified punch towards his stomach as he was in the process of using his great trick. This instead caused Nightmare to start to become a bomb of his own. Kate rushed into save Mike as Nightmare tried to explode in front of him. Killer screamed and asked her where she had gotten the gun. She said it was just over there near the MCPD. He replied saying that she stole a gun and wasn't authorized to use it. She replied saying your welcome to Killer. She gave him one last kids, but threw her up into the air creating a web net. Nightmare jumped in front of Killer saying that this is the end. Killer said yeah it is. He also told Nightmare that he was Killers greatest foe. Nightmare smiled and had triggered the boom. Mike had thought to him self, "well this is it, I fought the good fight and saved everyone." Nightmare exploded and Killer was knocked back because of the impact. Flat on the ground to with his tattered suit and burnt arms and legs. Kate had came over and said that Mike Peterson is dead. Everyone cried and his family got the news. They had a funeral for him in honor of the brave hero. Jake Howard had his powers at the time and had decided to take over Killer Spiders mantle. He became the All New Killer Spider.

Mike Enterprises

Mike Enterprises.

Created when Mike had turned twenty five years old. It is a organization that trains heroes, builds heroes equipment, and a business that provides medical care. The mayor of Millennium City had a grand opening for Michaels business. There are currently three hundred and ninety two workers in the organization. This organization mostly collaborates with Unity, a until, and Primus. It is open and always hiring new members and pays well. CEO of course is Mike Peterson.

Rogues Gallery

Threat Levels:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Not a problem.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Common gear and meta-criminals.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Could be fun.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Moderate threats. Worth looking into.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous. Definitely ones to look out for. Usually.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Dangerous city wise.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Killer Threats. Capable of posing a real danger to governments, organizations and super-teams.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Worldwide threats. Must be immediately investigated. Reserved for cult leaders, terrorist organizations and the like.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Worldwide Annihilators, must be stopped at all costs.

Low Level Nemesis

Red Havoc

ForceDummy.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A common thug who bought a pair of the same gear pulse had, only this time it was red to represent blood. He first encountered Killer while he was in the middle of robbing a bank, but he got taken out in twenty eight seconds. After being in jail for a week, he was bailed out by an unknown person. He took on the webbed teenager once again after he had beaten Cryo Chill at the time. Both of them vanished. The thug who called himself Havoc was smuggled out by a shadowy figure. He was then given a new suit, new gear, and a new named. Red Havoc. (Member of the sinful 3)


ForceofPulse.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Edward Burton one of the students at Dynamic Labs University was friends with Mike Peterson. His studies focus on gravity and force. He was given the opera unity by James Oken to be a lab rat. He had no idea that he would be told that he was going to fight Killer Spider, but he didn't pass the chance. He was given prototypes for his weapons. He travels by gloves that emit energy so he can slide across surfaces. He set up a plan to lure Killer Spider to come to him. He had posters all over town saying that Killer Spider better show up to the underground boxing ring or else. He had shown up to the boxing ring but no one was there. I figure suddenly walks out of the door, it was Edward Burton. He came up with the name Pulse. He provided a bit of a challenge for Killer, but he was taken out. Killer got lucky and this is because the prototypes started acting up allowing a Killer to get the upper hand. He was Killer Spider's first real villain.(Member of the Sinful three)

Gear: Force Blasters

Energy Emitters

Power Gem(For Batteries)

A leather and metal costume.


Superhuman Intellect

Hopper the Stealer

High Nemesis

Black Thunderer

ElectricDude09.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Alternate thunderer.jpg John Hart older brother of Mark Hart was always bullied, pushed around, and got bad grades and never passed high school. He always hates his brother he had everything fame, popularity, and good grades. One day John was in church and climbed to the tower to kill himself. He almost jumped off the building but he didn't have the guts to. One day he was on the computer and there was an open ceiling and he was struck by Lightning. He saw what happened to him and he was afraid. His girlfriend stayed away from him and he took his anger out on anyone who he hated. He killed his own mother for beating him. One day he tried to kill his brother, but Mike the original Killer Spider stopped him by easily leading him to a park with a pool short circuiting him. Not a member of the devious 4 was kicked out after having problems with Cryo Chill. ((A side villain really)) Powers:

Electro Fight

Electro Magnetic Pulse

Tempest Form

Electrical transportation (able to teleport into any electrical devices)

Tempest Bomb

Horned Beast

HippoSmash.jpgELEPHANTARMOR.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Jerry Quan was poor Mexican growing up, he stole money to help his parents and dropped out of school as well to help his mom since she was dying because of some kind of disease. After his mom died he went back to school and studied about animals mostly hippos. He wanted to make actual hippo manimals. He was making a gas for his so called down of the hippos arc he was planing. He needed to start human trails soon so he used it on his lab partner and he died. Quan took the chance and used it on himself, lucky for him it was successful and turned him into a human with hippo like powers and unbreakable armor. He also designed his own suit and decided that of you wanna get something put of your way or break something, maybe I should use horns. After all this the man went out into the city controlling himself but decided to free the animals of every zoo in city center, Westside, and downtown. Killer-Spider showed up and honked his horn throwing him into stronghold. He found a way out by digging his way through the rocky floors and has caused trouble to Mike so many times and also blackmailed him at one point. He's also mixed his rhino and hippo serum making him extremely powerful. He always changes his appearance to resemble a so certain animal.(current is Elephant Armor)A current member of the Devious 4.


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Intellect

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Durability

Ability to control other hippos, rhinos, or elephants.


IncognitosPower.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Ray Winston used to be a purple gang member, but he left them in order to discover his new powers. He encounter a magical gem that he thought was just a purple rock that his friends might've liked, but it actually stuck to its hand and stank into his hand creating a huge pain for him. After a few hours a glowing purple shape started to form itself on his for head scorching him and creating a mystical third eye. This enables him to see different realities and mystical spirits. His first appearance was when he was fighting with Jake Howard at an alley. Incognito won and beat Jake Howard but he hasn't been seen after there first encounter. He later came back crossing paths with Nightmare during Spider Wars making everything else more challenging. Incognito pulled their strings and they never found out that he was a part of the plan. Right after the Spider War was over, everything that was of the 818 universe destroyed, but everyone was either reincarnated or just a different person. He and a few of the Devious Ones made it through. He is one of Killer Spiders most dangerous enemies.




Evil Witchcraft

Super Strength


Mystical Flight

Mystical Third Eye


A helmet that increased his power and even allows him to create fake magic that feels so real that it could hurt ones emotions or even kill them.

Cryo Chill

Qlternatesuitcryochill.jpg Theicefaces2.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Younger brother of the black thunderer. Got his powers from when his brother threw him into some kind of glacier pod and shocked the heck out of him and then he was locked up for a day. When he came out he was some kind if elemental super solider but it didn't last. The young adult became a frozen skinned maniac longing for revenge on his brother and from Jake Howard since he took him out in front of the cameras and everything. The guy then took black thunderer and sent him into a portal in another champions universe. He came back though and Jake Howard defeated thunderer but Cryo got away and decided he wanted to be a villain. He is now a member of the Devious Ones. He poses a great threat.

Powers:Ice Manipulation

Ice Generation

Ice Mace

Cryogenic Mist (Teleportation)

Ice slide

Cryogenic Form

Cryogenic Burn

Cryogenic Cages

Cold Fire

Cellular Disintegration (by causing frostbites that cannot be repaired in within 3 days.)

((Comic is a W.I.P))


Threat level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Roin'esh alien that once possessed Mike Peterson, but is now a menacing beast that possess all his powers. It now does not need a host since it can now adapt to the human style. He also reunited with the other piece if himself that was used by Dynamic Labs to experiment on. He was taken out by Killer Spider and the Devious Ones. It eventually reassembled its self and it is now hiding somewhere in the city tracking Mike Peterson's every move and action. It waits for the perfect moment to kill Killer Spider



Superhuman Metabolism

Superhuman Speed


Superhuman Equilibrium

Roin'esh Blasters

Toxic Saliva

Venom Sting

Super Human Strength


Status= At large


Threat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Adrian Hardy a poor man who lost his son disputing a gang war. He was all that he had. Ever since then he stole on a daily basis to make enough money for the rest of his family to live. Killer Spider stopped him once. After this his was put into jail for a few years. His wife blamed it all on Killer Spider and told him that He was just a poor man trying to help his wife and kids. Killer felt bad and fled from the scene. Three Years later he was broken out, James had gathered info on this guy and knows about his life. He invited him up to the Oken Suite. He told him about his life and James felt a deep sorrow for this man surprisingly. He have him the opportunity to become something big. He gave him a vial named X-Project MUD. This gave him powers once he injected it upon himself. It hardened his skin, and changed everything about him. He didn't complain. He said he would always help James since James is paying for his family to stay in a nice house right now. Also because he hates the spider. He encountered Killer Spider at a construction site surprising him and having an advantage since Killer couldn't touch or counter any of his attacks. He didn't recognize Adrian because of his beard. Killer thought for a moment, but he was punch by a hardened mud hand. He then thought of something since he was punched towards the cement truck. He threw it right a mudslide making hi. A pure statue. Before the cops to get there, James Oken had already retrieved him. He told Adrian that he was going to be a part of something big. (The new Devious Ones)


Mud Manipulation

Sand Manipulation

Sand form

Mud Form

Hardened rock form

Shape shifting

Ability to control sand by just moving his hands in anyway.

Metal Bender

OneandonlyMetalBender.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Don Smyth is worker at Dynamic Labs who once offered Mike a job. He is obsessed with the concept of Ferrokensis. He was then fired because he stole a project that was supposed to be a prototype. The tools and plans were all in the box, he was going to make himself be able to control metal. He used the tubes and chamber without permission from the head of dyanamic labs. Over eight needles were injected in him which made his bones pure steel. Something went wrong, an officer pulled the plugs while the project was still going on. He died for thirty seconds, but he came back and killed the officer by controlling the steel bars and chocking him with it. His hair was turned silver and he aged. He took his revenge out on the people of the city, but Killer Spider cam by and got swatted like a fly. Killer did beat him with electricity from the wires from above. From that day he swore to seek vengeance on Killer Spoder.


Super Strong

Superior intellect


Grey Eagle


Savage Draysha Nightmare

Status= At Large

The man who created the spider manimal on monster island. After he saw what it did to killer he tested him on himself and it failed because that was an incomplete serum with some kind if draysha inside of it. He first used his powers on the people he hated such as Mike Peterson, Henry Oken, ans Rebecca Oken. Rebecca was killed by her father when he burnt down her condo. Henry managed the escape his father when he was attacking dynamic industries. Killer Spider of course foiled his plans. James was kept in super containment in the Primusdatabase Lunar Prison. Kept in custody for a month he planned his escape, brilliantly he thought of assembling a team, and Kurt Storm who is working with Bugg as well didn't suspect it. He named the team, "The Devious Ones". Shadow Destroyer had once teamed up with him, but James was too crazy even for him and almost killed James. NIghtmare killed Killer-Spider. He is the leader of "The Devious Ones". GoblinNight.jpgThreat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


The Living Reflection


Immanuel Adams was a former member of a terrorist group know as the Westside Bombers he was trained in martial arts. The most deadly types of martial arts really. He was then ordered to lead of squad of other armed men into City Hall and that he was authorized to shoot anyone who got in his way. People were shoot and some were just injured. Killer Spider had shown up a few minutes later he encountered a man with a machine gun. He used his Arachna sense to safety get to him without being shoot. It was rapid fire so it was hard for him to dodge. He got grazed by two bullets. He took the man out with a simple punch. As Immanuel was in there, he used a device given to him that would allow him to take the appearance of anyone. He took Killer Spiders image and punched the mayor on live TV. The real Killer Spider showed up and tricked Immanuel. He asked him a question which was, "Do I have organic webbing or a device for it?" It was Immanuel's first encounter with Killer and he didn't know so he said it was organic. He was wrong and killer kicked the device right of his belt. It reveled Immanuel's true self. He tried kicking Killer, but he was to slow. Killer sent him a venom shock and webbed him just for fun.




Guns expert

Martial Arts

Master of disguise

The Jade Troll

Status= At large

Threat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Henry Oken is the son of James Oken, he got Ebola from his father at the age of 19. His father loved him, until he wanted to find out what formula made Killer Spider and never played attention to his son. Then on Halloween night it happened his dad became just like Killer Spider,for two hours. After that time was up transformed to the beast. He was in control and Learned how to use his powers quickly to Crush any competition. He wanted to give his son. He destroyed the office only talking the compounds that were needed to make the same formula. He destroyed the most important tub and replaced it with the D.N.A of a grondling and of the lady know as troll from 1932. He shot his own son to make a hole big enough to fit the whole needle in. He didn't transform until BLOOD MOON! HE tries to get revenge on Killer Spider for making his father a human with rooting skin. He didn't know how to use the power to help him from dying, so he jumped off the building to trigger it in order to protect himself. From that day,he transformed and became The Jade Troll.



Status= At large


Threat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Willy White ether mad scientist had injected himself with some of Killer Spiders spider D.N.Am, but instead it made him a rodent. He had the wrong components. This had caused him to go mad and even going as far as to creating clones of Killer Spiders family, friends, or himself. He was spotted in a sewer, but he came out in the middle of downtown. He noticed a car was coming at him, but he threw it to avoid getting hit. Killer Spider swung by just In time to stop the car from crashing into a civilian or building. Willy gave Killer a brutal beating with some serious injuries. He has skills similar to that of the Piranha one of Killer Spiders enemies. Rodent was taken out but as soon as Killer Spider turned around to see if anyone was hurt, he was gone. He is now hiding in the sewers working on a project.


Retractable Claws

Superhuman strength

Superhuman Equilibrium

Regenerative Healing Factor

Control over rats and mice.

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Madness

Superhuman intellect


Status= At large


Threat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Jerry Sanford is an expensive mercenary that will get the job done. He's taken out some of the worlds most fearsome animals and has even killed a mob of Argent spiders in 18 seconds with series of sharpened blades. He was tipped off by someone to kill a Killer Spider. Willy White was the one who tipped him off. Jerry's first encounter with Killer Spider was interesting. The two exchanged their own jokes and punches. All though Jerry says the only reason he beat him is because he had powers. He remembered that Dynamic Labs is the reason why he has powers. He went back and asked for Willy White to give him powers that would genetically alter his D.N.A. He took his serum but he didn't feel a change and he screamed and said your hiding Killer Spider because his scent is everywhere. Willy then pointed at that he just said he could smell him. The change started to happen and it turned Jerry into a Manimal only it was a wolfs Manimal D.N.A. Then he encountered Killer Spider again having the upper hand, but Killer had to throw something at Jerry that would ruined his smelling abilities. This gave Mike the upper hand and allowed him to do a venom shock with one finger while he was webbed to the ground. He was then put in custody, but brought out. James awoken asked him how would he like to join a pack of wolfs(The Devious Ones). He joined them and said that it's better to hunt in a pack than to hunt alone.


Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Strength

Retractable Claws

Transformation from human to wolf or wold to human

Superhuman Leaping

Superhuman Agility

Manimal Understanding

Control over Wolves


Gun expert

Swordsman Training

Hunting Skills

Acrobatic Skills

Military Training

The Piranha

Status= At large


Threat level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Omar Reilly is a scientist that used to work for Harmon but had recently moved to Dynamic labs. He encountered some scientist that thought that he was a strange a fishy man.(pun) Mike asked him for homework advice about fish since he knew so much about them. He gladly helped Mike with his homework. The two formed a bond together. Other scientist liked him too. He has a problem breathing though and has something inserted in his chest which allows him to breath a little better. It stopped working one day so he pulled out some plans that Harmon Rejected. It was his how to make human life better for those who have struggles with breathing. He made a serum that allowed him to grow fish gills. It made him breath better. A few scientist were in there and looked at him and asked what's happening to your skin?! It was turning black and Omar started to mutate into a 7,3 beast will gills and teeth so sharp that people looked at him and called him the Piranha. He used more of the serums he had and planted them in places in Dynamic labs. Killer Spider defused them all thankfully. His school crush Diana's dad had shown up to stop the Piranha. He died fighting. Killer took piranha out and he was reverted into a human. He was recruited by James Oken to join the new Devious Ones. As this happened he went back to the officer and told him that he's going to save him. He searched and searched and found the serum bag. He gave hi a little bit of the serum allowing him to stay alive but turned him into a fish. Luckily Killer Spider had a mutagen made that was an anti fish liquid to inject into him to revert him back to a human.


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed


Superhuman Leaping

Retractable Claws

Superhuman Strength

Water manipulation if he is near.

Brown Squirrel


Since all things were reverted in the 818 universe and it was reformed everyone was reincarnated. Cat was one if the few who was and she was made into a teenager as well. She attended Westside High School and flirted with lots of boys, but mostly Mike. She loves mysterious guys, and she knows Mike is a mysterious guy. She also had a huge crush on Killer Spider. She said that he was funny and also thought that he had a cute voice. One night Killer was on patrol and so was Caitlin. In this universe she had a huge thing for squirrel. She made her own suit and called herself the Easter Bunny, but she had to steal a squirrel vial. She met and flirted with Killer. Killer was shy and didn't want to fight her, but she wanted to mess with him. She tried to be sexual with him, but he keep resisting. She liked to steal jewelry, but Killer changed her and showed her the good path. She joined the light side. Killer felt that she deserved to have the truth told to her. He revealed his identity and she knew that he was Mike Peterson. She jumped forward and kissed him. This time killer didn't fight back. The two are now super couples. She is more of an anti-hero though.


Enhanced Reflexes

Regenerative Healing Factor

Enhanced Smelling

Enhanced Hearing

Enchanted Sight

Enhanced Leaping.







Clawed gloves

Boots with enhanced springs(Allows her to jump higher)

"The Devious Ones"

A team of different people who envy the spider. Through the years they have been changed,replaced, or killed. Their main goal is to get rid of Killer Spider and do villain work as in robbing banks, or kidnapping. Rarely do they do hero work so part time they are anti heroes. Leader of this group is Doctor Mental, but NightMare murdered him to take control, he failed miserably.


  • Nightmare (Team Leader)
  • Horned Beast (The Muscle)
  • Incognito (The Illusionist)
  • The Living Reflection(The Disguised Spy)
  • Cryo Chill (Crowd Control)
  • Predator (The Sniper)
  • Mudslide (The Defender)
  • Metal Bender (Extra Brains)
  • James Oken (The Master Planner)

The New Killer Spider

Spider vs Machine?

So it's been 1 month now since Killer died, his legacy must continue his legacy. I need a better costume this makeshift suit is starting to be uncomfortable.

Solider: Sir, is that rumor true about a new Killer Spider?

Commander Jason: Actually yes, his name is Jake Howard. He is my sisters son.

Solder: Selena Howard am I right.

Commander: Yes you are correct. Starting tomorrow you and your squad are going to bring in Jake for questioning. Remember don't hurt him we only want to enroll him in out Unity Teens.

Solider: And if he says no?

Commander: Shoot him with a sleep dart.

  • Back at Jake's house*

Jake Howard: Hmmm let's see I need a cape and I have the right material a cape made of organic silk from moi. Eye pieces so that no one can see me through so I'll have a questionite layers on the top and plastic at the bottom of it. At least I have two big old pieces of questionite. Now all I need is a shiny cloth well I have cloth now I need the shiny part. Ah ha I'll use shavings of questionite.

Selena Howard: Hey son are you ready for school?

Jake Howard: Mom, I still have one month of Summer left.

Selena: No, I mean the service there Matt McCormick.

Jake Howard: What happened?

Selena: Pats dad died of a heart attack.

Jake Howard: oh....uh sure I'll go tomorrow.

Selena: Ok.

  • door closes*

Jake: Man now I feel bad, anyway I gotta finish this suit.

  • One hour and thirty two minutes later."

Jake Howard: Finally, I finished. I can't believe those knitting classes paid off. Now I should put in a radio on my bracers.

Radio: There's been some kind of attack in Westside a man dressed in. Rat suit with rat like powers is terrorizing their city. Champions if you are hearing this, they need you

  • somewhere in ChinaTown*

Killer Spider: Ok, where do I find this guy? Maybe if I ask a civilian. Excuse me sir have you seen a rat guy dressed like a weirdo around?

Civilian: Uh, well he is somewhere around the Prison.

Killer Spider: Alrighty then let's glide all the way there, or I could swing. Yeah that's what Mike would do.

  • As soon as he sent his web to the nearest building the Boy web zipped there.*

Killer Spider: I just remembered Mike doesn't use webbing to swing, he only used it for combat, distractions, saving, and web zipping.

Killed Spider: I see him and a cat lady? Excuse me miss I've got this handled.

Cat: Who the hell do you think you are dressing up like that!?

Killer Spider: I'm the new Killer Spider I have the same powers except from well except the organic silk.

Cat: Meow! Let's just fight this guy.

  • The man froze and his eyes were filled with freight*

Rodent: He's coming!

Killer and Cat: Who's coming?

Rodent: Mechanon.

  • And there he was a giant metallic robot standing 60 feet tall*

BOT: Behold your new ruler approaches

Killer Spider: So that's Mechanon, yeah stick a fork in us we're done.

Cat: We have to stop him.

Killer Spider: We'd need a lot more help.

Cat: Yeah any ideas?

Killer Spider: Well...

  • right before he finished talking he was interrupted*


Killer Spider: Who are you?

Killer Spider 1899: I am Killer Spider 1899 of the past, and you are Mike Peterson?

Killer Spider: Well I um*pulls off his mask* My name is Jake Howard and I, am Killer Spider.

Killer Spider 1899: So I'm assuming that he was killed by the one who calls himself NightMare?

Cat: Yes. Wait how'd you know?

Killer Spider 1899: This might be confusing but, he's the one who hacked the Mechanon of our time.

Killer Spider: Makes total sense, so you chased NightMare of our world back here and he's probably trying to prevent Killer Spider from existing.

Killer Spider 1899: Exaclly.

Love interest

Cat: One of the three ladies who Killer has fallen in love with, she's a good dancer, and yes she is nice despite her big grapple guns, claws, and smoke bombs she uses, shes super cool.

Easter Bunny: Always made it awkward and made Killer Spider shy until he revealed his identity to her. She and Killer are super couples in crime fighting.

Hareono: The beautiful blue haired lady who has a sense of humor, and great healing powers when needed. She disappeared recently.

Kate Rose: Killers one true love, she's always been the one for him. She is now in a coma because of Nightmare.

Diana Summers: Killer Spiders second high school crush. She always helped Killer with boyfriend and girlfriend problems.

Amber Harper/Ms. Magic: A girl who recently moved to Westside High, she always found Mike cute. She was even good friends with Kate. She wants to date Mike, but he avoids going out with anyone now.

Kate, I am Killer Spider .

Theme Songs

1.[1]Amazing- Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy Jake Howard's Battle Theme

1.[2]Am I wrong -Nico and Vinz Mikes Last Stand

1.[3] Becoming SpiderMan -James Horner

Main Theme

1.[4] No Type Rae Sremmurd

Cocky Theme

1.[5] Ultimate Spider-Man Theme Dynamic Labs

1.[6] Sam Smith- Not the Only One

Kate and Mike brake up

1.[7] Kendrick Lamar "I"

Lucky Day

1.[8] Alicia Keys - It's On Again (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2) ft. Kendrick Lamar

Fighting the Devious Ones

1.[9] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST- "No place like home"

Love of my Life

Mike Peterson is back

Mike comes back a year later seeking information of how he was brought back. While he was swinging, he had a vision of a villain named Atomic. As he was about to try and prevent this for happening Viper was importing serums into a truck and of course Michael went to investigate . While he was investingating he didn't realize that one of the Viper soldiers went away with some radiated gas. Killer Spider didn't suspect a thin, so he went swinging off to helped the cops who were being attacked by robots. He saved them of course and they were astonished that Mike was alive. Kurt was there with them and asked Killer Spider to come in for testing and questions. He declined and jumped into the water to avoid being shot. Finding his way out of a sewer he needed a new fixed makeshift suit. He swing by Westside High right when Jake was telling his friends he really saw Mike. He lost him, but caught a glimpse of him fighting a robot. He went the same direction as Mike did. Nightmare had found out that Michael was back and Doctor Mental knew that something like this would happen so he forced triggered Savage to transform and try to take out Jake Howard only. Mike jumped in the battle on doing Savage into the bar with Agent Toxic 15 minutes later the battle was over. Mason Cole a.k.a Agent Toxic was hurt and needed surgery because of a severe deep cut. Jake then gets in an argument with Mike about how it was all his fault,and he eventually left, leaving Mike alone. He realized that Jake has to finish this all on his own, so he didn't interfere all he did was watch. Nightmare found out the address to Maryl Lee's house and kidnapped her. Jake saw him fly by and went after. Maryl Lee told NIghtmare to left go, and so he did leaving her to fall to her death. Jake tried to saved her,but his web threads missed her, and she fell cracking her skull and everyone in her body. Nightmare flying away in victory had triumphed. Jake was angry and some of the roin'esh skin that fell from Mason got into Jake suit and it sensed his hate and helped him take out Nightmare. He could've killed him, but he didn't. He sent Nightmare to physical prison therapy, moving to South America the next day not having to worry about anything. Mike had his life back, got a haircut, exercised. Others still recognized him. So he continued his job as "The Amazing Killer Spider!"

Weaver Emerges

Alicia Monroe a freshman In college, a very bright student who was an apprentice to Robbie Tremain who is also known as piranha a dangerous criminal who attempted to rule all of Lemuria. Alicia was taken by mysterious men in black who Robbie Tremain was forced to call. They made Alicia take pills that were untested, illegal, and were filled with the same formula that made Killer Spider. They locked her up in a room near Argent HQ and destroyed any evidence of the experiment. 7 months now she has been tested on with simulations to see what her powers are, and she does them over and over again. She eventually got angry enough to break herself out. Mikes Arachna Sense went off allowing him to head off to Argent. She stole a hologram to disguise herself as a male argent worker. When she got out of the building she encountered Killer-Spider. She disabled the hologram and ran away from Killer by crawling up the wall and swinging away. Killer was astonished and didn't know that argent was still containing these types of illegal experiments. He went after her and found her at the Pub. Mike of course didn't want to fight her, but she thought different, she threw a few good punches, but Mike didn't attack and she was confused. Mike was telling her that he is just like her pulling his mask off. She stopped fighting and told him what happened. She said if she has powers then she has her own responsibility, she decided to be a hero. She thought to herself she is going to need a suit. She checked out Mikes suit and copied some of it a whole different color style. She also came up with a name for herself. Weaver!

Rise of Rodent

Willy Whit a mad scientist who created piranha started a huge even that is going on called the Spider-Wars. Everyone believing that Nightmare was dead soon saw him fight Killer at the bank with help from some other spiders. Willy White created the first clone Reverse Killer Spider which instead of loving, but only hates. He killed Killer Spiders uncle which caused Killer to become slightly more violent towards his enemy leaving them with serious bruises or broken legs. Willy as a scientist always knew that humanity would soon be evolved and it did when these heroes were born. Obsess with the topic about Arachnida because of Killer Spider , he made other clones of him and even opening portals to alternative versions of Killer a spider gaining information for Nightmare and himself. He saved all the most exotic, juices, and interesting pieces of information for his projects and his own plan of traveling to alternate universes but of course he didn't think that now was the right time. He continued his latest experiment which was making a superior clone to the Killer Spider we all know and love. Going for a more exotic feel he did something to allow this Killer Spider to have more spider legs coming from his back as extra arms if you'd want to call it that. His project was a success, but it back fired when he tried to put Willy in jail since he has all of Killers memories. Because of having his memorize he was concerned about the Spider-Wars escaping from the sewers. He amazed himself because of all these webbed wonders he has made, but he wanted to become something the people feared and a predator to Killer Spider. He himself had one of the four Killer Spider serums that were somewhere In country. He mixed it and used the research of the Horned Beast in order to become this manimal. He had a serum named project Rodent and he mixed that with Killer Spiders D.N.A. He tested this on himself he thought he was ready and tested his new found skills in the city. Wall Crawling, Healing Factor, Super human smelling, Super Strength, Accelerated Speed, Superhuman Stamina, a desire for meat, Control over rodents, Abltity to anger people, and Retractable claws able to come out if if needed. The Arachnoids swang passed him and headed to his base. He followed them but mutated slowly without even recognizing any symptoms. As soon as he got there he saw himself and didn't cry but was astonished and saw that he had evolved himself. The spiders looked for him but couldn't find him, so they headed to Millennium City Downtown to see if they could find anything. Phew best them there and was hiding under the bridge. Multi armed Killer Spider stepped in and was attack and had an all out brawl with the vermin. Arachnae looked at it with disgust and said that that's definitely a rat which gave Willy the idea to call himself The Rodent. He got away of course but left a bleeding spider who was rushed to Arachni Island to be healed. Cosmic Killer Spider operated on him, donated blood, and gave him injections. This caused Multi armed Killer Spider to no longer have extra legs but allowed him to become a normal Spider hero and even granted him the ability to transform into a spider. He gave himself a new name Samuel Richardson, also know as the Brown Rescules.



After the Devious Ones were remade,(Due to Spider Wars) they attempted to take out Killer Spider. The fight took place outside of the museum of natural arts. The were sent to steal a mystical artifact. Their new recruit the living reflection easily fooled Killer Spider by taking the image of the owner of the artifact. The fight was just a distraction for the living reflection to get away. They replaced it with a fake and the owner found out it was a fake. Killer rushed to Dynamic Labs to see if they were there, but they weren't. While he was there, he saw a roin'esh dying and it couldn't bare in its own slimy organic form so now it requires a strong solid healthy body. Killer saw it and it started talking to him. Spit responded that it could help him take them out and get his revenge. He also told Killer that he'd have additional powers to his power set. Killer didn't buy it until it brought up the Devious zones and replied "You can't take out five men by yourself can you and you'd need to be intelligent and a brute. Killer knew it had a point. He made a deal that them binding was a one time thing. Roin'esh aliens can never be trusted, but the creature said of course. He bonded with the creature creating a organic replica of Killer Spiders suit, just darker colors with bigger eye lenses and enhanced everything. As he is swinging he sees the Devious Ones or a few of them. The Horned Beast he now had his new Elephant armor instead of his previous hippo and rhino suit. Mudslide with a special suit for himself. The living reflection was there too and used his martial skills. The creature took control of Killer, and showed him what he meant when he was saying he'd be stronger. The Living Reflection was easily taken out. Elephant was played into following killer towards the nearest body of water ruining his armor by short circuiting it. Mudslide was just being dumb and rushed for Killer Spider who was standing behind a fire hydrant. Killer jumped and Mudslide took himself out. Mike was astonished until the creature tried to finish off reflectonary, but Mike took control and talked to the creature about how he doesn't kill. He found it ironic that his name was Killer Spider and he doesn't kill. Mike explained how it meant that he was a boss. The other devious ones were in the hideout planing something really big. Incognito had a plan that he would frame Killer Spider into killing someone, but they needed to have the Living Reflection who vanished when he was about to be arrested and showed up right in front of Incognito. So he explained the whole plan to The Living Reflection and he believed that this would be a good idea, until they were interrupted by their leader Nightmare who said that they should kill Killer by attacking his heart first. This meant that they'd blow up his school and kill any student that they come across. It was the fourth period of the day and lunch was about to strike until a gas bomb came through the door intoxicating the students. They all called 911, they recorded all the madness, they took pictures, and they also got hurt. Nightmare walked into the building saying that he was looking for Killer Spider and that they found out he attending this school. Mike was already out of the class changing. Nightmare ran out of patience and threw fire at the students, but a web stopped it. It wasn't Killer, it was none other than the Sensational Arachnae. Killer then showed up behind her. They had a lot to talk about, but they had to fight first. Incognito fought with Arachnae. Killer handled Nightmare, and the reflection took someone hostage. It was Kate. Killer Spider saw Kate being dragged away and ran after her, but Nightmare threw him out of the window before he could get to her. He flew of and took the girl from the reflection. Killer swang after, Arachnae took care of the students. Nightmare was in the air and messed with Kate. She was screaming in great fear. Killer screams "HANG ON KATE!". Nightmare laughs and pulls out an bottle with a lethal drink. He forces the liquid down Kate's throat intoxicating her with the carbon monoxide odder. She falls in mid air, Nightmare leaves. Killer catches her, but he's lost her already. He rushed her to the hospital and asked what they could do. The doctors said that they could run a scan, but it looks like she's been poisoned. Her eyes are solid white and her veins starts to pop out. The doctor says that she might not make it, or she is going into a coma. Killer was left in shock and anger. He yells in anger. The roin'esh creature laughed and Killer asked it why didn't it stop Nightmare. It said that it's busy taking control of Killer, but Killer rips it right off of himself and says the the doesn't needs its help, power, or knowledge. It grows in anger and it's size starts to increases, but it creeps away. Incognito is taken out by Arachnae, but Nightmare is still out there. He's at dynamic labs, but he was told that the Devious Ones failed their mission and never could take out the spider. Nightmare replied "what are you saying?" The man says, "I'm cutting you guys off." Nightmare laughs and chokes the man. Killer swings right inside and kicks the crisp out of Nightmare. Nightmare then wipes his bloody lip and laughs at Killer. He throws a few punches at Killer, bit he misses. Killer gives him an uncut and gives him a dragon kick. Nightmare lies on the ground and webbed up. Killer kneels down and venom shows the hell out of Nightmare and punches him repetitively. He begs for mercy and pulls his mask off. It's his best friend Henry Oken, son of James Oken. He stands up takes his mask off and cries saying what have a done. His friend is out cold. Killer takes him to the cops and says that they'll help him. The other members of the Devious Ones were taken and put into custody as well. Killer layer low for three months since most of his enemies were jailed. Reports have been wondering where is Killer Spider. Mike says he's still here, but he isn't sure if he can tell who is who anymore.


Redemption 2/2

After one whole year after Mike took all of his enemies out and put them all into custody he stopped beginning Killer Spider, this happened around the same time that Red-Arachnid left Millennium City. The school was rebuilt, so everyone that attended Westside high could go back. In stronghold at the desert all his enemies were being keep there. Their powers are shut down, only they couldn't shut off Incognitos telepathic communication. He created a link with all the members of The Devious Ones. Nightmare had a plan himself which wasn't to get rid of Killer Spider, but to get their revenge on dynamic labs. James Oken(The previous Nightmare) got them out of jail. Henry Oken(Son of James Oken and Current Nightmare) told his dad about how they were going to get rid of dynamic labs. James didn't care, because he already knew that they had built other Dynamic Lab buildings. James responded saying that they can do what they please and that he could still supply them with his so called "connections". Back at Dynamic Labs they found out about the lost roin'esh creature and that they'd have people looking for it. Willy White of this universe cloned the roin'esh with a sample he had. He fused it with the same formula that created Killer Spider. This created something more aggressive and dangerous. James is just watching Killer from his computer on cameras and researching about him. He forgot the identity of Killer Spider which gave Mike some luck. He thought to himself these exact words "When the time is right for me to get back in the game, I will reign supreme." Mike had just gotten the news that James Oken was back. He payed him a visit as Killer Spider. All the pedestrians look up in the air and say "KILLER SPIDER IS BACK!" James looks out the window and wonders why the spider returned back all of a sudden. He waited on James Balcony and questioned him about Henry. James replied that he didn't do anything, because it was Killers fault. He explained how when he was Nightmare it had your DNA all over it and it was fused with a chemical I made creating something sinister. Killer Spider doesn't believe a word James says. He threatens to punch him, but the cops are his security. James tells him "You can't touch me, I'm clean and you can't do anything about it. You hurt me they can shoot you." He let's go and says that he'll be back. James watches the Spider swing away. The cops ask him if he is ok. He says he's fine. He goes back into his suite and contacts the Devious Ones asking them where they were. They were at the cave base. They're were plans and deals going back and fourth. He did mention that dynamic has projects that could be beyond their power. They didn't believe it and went straight towards the lab. As the were heading to the lab Killer Spider was as well. They all crossed paths at the top of the building. Before anyone attack Nightmare stopped them all and said that they would have to work together. Incognito had a plan up his sleeve that he was going to put into action. As they barage into the building destroying the place. Killer wasn't there to really blow up the place, he was there to make sure to roin'esh was returned. It wasn't there, and behind Killer was a black and slimy creature ready to demolish Killer. It got him. The others saw and remembered and said that this could've been what James meant by their projects. Its cloned self was attracted an went berserk and broke out of the bottle bonding with the roin'esh. They got smashed and slashed multiple times. Their power being drained and losing their selves. Killer broke out by shocking the tendril and notice that they hate electricty and Fire. Incognito casted some fire like spells. Killer Spider used energy and useses his venom shock multiple times. Nightmare threw an electric bomb killing the beast. Only a few pieces of the creature were alive. They finished it and it was over, only Incognito wanted to make Killer Spider suffer. "Behold, your greatest failure!" It brought Killer Spider back to west side high were Kate was killed but might be alive. He looks down and crys. She opens her eyes and looks at Killer and tells him to not be afraid that she's still alive just in a coma. Her final words before she vanished were "Revenge is never the answer." Killer smiles and stands up and says she's right. Then images of Killersfanily started to show breaking Incognitos trick. His father in the image tells Kate "Watch how he takes his Vengeance." Killer chokes incognito but let's him go and webs him up. The other members of the Devious Ones vanished. This meant that Killer must return to the city. Killer Spider beaten up and worn out. Falls in the air and blacks out. He wakes up and his adopted father Alliester. He looks at Mike and tells him that he did good. Mike smiles and goes back to sleep.



Killer's first appearance was in Champions Flashbacks made by the college thinkers.

Killer is a lady's man.

Killer has a lot of animal villains. Killer makes quips at bad times.

Red-Arachnid(Brian Smith) is Mike Peterson's cousin.

Killer Spider is a homage of Spider-Man.

Actor Dylan O'Brian and Logan Lerman would act the character of Killer Spider.

Dylan O'BrianLogan Lerman

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"That guy, man he's serious with things like team. Even i'm a bit serious, but hes a pretty nice man!" - Head Space

"To be honest when I first heard of "Killer Spider" I had my guard up ready to fight, not knowing if he was a hero or villain I mean come on with a name like Killer Spider what do you expect? Any who hes a cool guy and gets reported in Millennium City News more then me but other than that we are like best buds and can't help letting out a few wise-cracks in battle. - Red-Arachnid

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