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John Martin was born in Atlanta raised by his Uncle. His parents were agents of Until that had to leave their children in order for him to be safe. He and his sister were sent to live with there Uncle. His uncle was a very intelligent man and loved to support his nephews. School was never a problem for John. He had an outstanding performances in his social studies classes. Everything else was about a ninety eight average. Elementary and High School. Graduation was a big day for John. He got a free scholar ship and attended Houston University. His uncle covered everything else for him. Then there was thanksgiving the whole family gathered including his parents who he hadn't seen in years. They cried and rejoiced. His father brought up the legend of the Paragons and that his whole family were Paragons and that he was the next one in line. John looked surprised and was mad because his parents never told him about this. His sister was even a paragon in secret. His uncle calmed him down. He gave him his mask when he was a Paragon, until he retired. Once he out on the mask it transformed him, giving him powers and even a metallic costume that could take huge blows like the seismic kind. Once he put on the mask the others did too and his uncle even tagged along. They were teleported to the Dimension of paragons. There were human paragons everywhere of different races. They took him to the Ultimate Paragon the lead and most powerful of them all. He was questioned saying that once he puts on the mask that he is saying that he will forever be a paragon. He said yes. The Paragon believed in him and gave him the rest of his powers. This allows his powers to be used even without the costume. He was then told that he would defend earth and is welcomed to join the rest of the paragons in battle. They were teleported back home and gave John his first mission which was to stop a nuclear missile from being launched. He did his mission without injuring anyone and there was a little collateral damage. His performance was an eighty nine percent. His parents still trained him so he would improve his skills. He even registered himself to the government. From that day he was registered and was the Stupendous Captain Paragon.

Joining The Infinite Enforcers

After his recent appearances he was looked into by U.N.T.I.L. They thought he'd be a good leader for a certain team. They were thinking the Infinite Enforcers who were in need of a leader since Legend has disappeared. He was invited to their base and he was questioned by them. The speedster challenged him to a duel to see if he was strong. The speedster got flipped like a pancake since Paragon has dealt with speedsters before. He even took on Golk. He lost that one but he managed. He then went against Impervious they had became friends right after that duel. First Mission he had to be the rookie and examine handle the situation while helping them beat up. A destroyed Mechanon bot was found by Alliester a week ago. Alliester brought it to U.N.T.I.L. and thought that the root could help them. They upgraded the bot and gave it all this U.N.T.I.L. files. After sometime it finished uploading all the info, but its system was corrupted. The bot assembled its self with kendrum and questionate so it could be unbreakable. It slatured somemen and hacked U.N.T.L. The bot searched for Mechanon his lord. His programing was to fullfil Mechanons mission. He gave himself a named PRIME. He looked at other types of robot tech guys. He looked into Cyberlord and thought that he could use Cyberlord and his men to get rid of the Canadian Part. Cyberlord got hacked by PRIME. They inflitarted the ship and took out its defensive systems. A hero named Thunderer a god came crashing through the ship and easily took out the first wave of bots. He introduced himself and they worked alongside him. Of course Wild Lion ha to help overide the codes of the ship. They then got to the area where Cyberlord was being controlled. Cyberlord told them he was being hacked, but they didn't belive. They assaluted Cyberlords offensive programing was activated. He twarted the Enforcers like they were nothing. Robots came in to help him. Impervious wiped em out of a laser beam. Cyberlord was all alone and PRIME abandoned him. The Enforcers took him out, but Nightdevil examined something. He noticed how Cybelord powered down before he fired a wirister bolter. Nightdevil suggested that he could've been telling the truth. Captain Paragon thought so too and decieded to ask U.N.T.I.L what they knew about the situtation. When they got there U.N.T.I.L. was destroyed.


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