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All information presented here is from Champions Universe, 6th ed., page 131.

By far the most powerful and dangerous villainous agency in the world today, VIPER (Venomous Imperial Party of the Eternal Reptile) first appeared in 1962, sending its green and yellow-garbed agents to plunder weak societies and slay any who would oppose it. Its activities prior to that time (if any), and its precise origins, remain unknown to the authorities, since no superhero or police officer has ever captured a VIPER leader of high enough rank to possess those secrets.

VIPER's goal, stated on more than one occasion to superheroes or through bombastic press releases, is nothing less than the conquest of the world. Although it functions more like a criminal cartel or terrorist organization than a military, in truth VIPER is a private army assembled for the purpose of bringing the rest of the world under the sway of VIPER's leaders.

VIPER prefers to work on its own, knowing that eventually it must defeat the underworld to assert rulership over the Earth. But unusual circumstances sometimes throw it together with other groups or supervillains. In the past it's occasionally worked with ARGENT, Gravitar, and the Warlord. It does not get along well with DEMON (whom it has fought on several occasions), Dr. Destroyer (whom it regards as the chief obstacle to its plans), or Mechanon (who wants to exterminate all VIPER members).

Want to know more? Pick up CU6ed and VIPER: Coils of the Serpent (5th ed) to learn more.

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