X-pelled Mutant Academy

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X-pelled Mutant Academy
"Let each become what they are capable of being."
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X-pelled Mutant Academy
Leader(s): Director Dr. Carolina Mitchell
Base of Operations: X-pelled Mutant Academy Campus
Concept: Reform school for troubled mutant youth
Founded: September 11th, 2011
Website: [www.x-pelled.shivtr.com Click Here]
Members: Currently 13 Staff and 59 Students


X-pelled Mutant Academy is a publicly known private school for mutants that was was founded on September 11th, 2011 with the high hopes of helping troubled mutant youth all over the world. This school aids in reforming young mutants with behavioral problems, helping socially unacceptable features adjust to the intolerant world around them or train those with no control over their mutant gift.

Fall 2011

Professor Don Hawk, an old teacher of Dr. Caroline Mitchell's, had come up with a scheme to destroy the X-pelled Mutant Academy before it had even gotten started. Dr. Mitchell has accidentally caused Hawk's mutant power to manifest when he contracted one of her diseases and he was looking for a bit of payback.

During a field trip to the Dr. Destroyer Museum, the class encountered two thieves that made off with a database after a brief fight. The two mercenaries Killshot and Blood Virus had been hired by Hawk to take a database listing possible names of donors for the X-pelled Mutant Academy. With the database he began to intimidate and coheres donors to the school to stop all funding, something that made keeping the school running difficult for Dr. Mitchell.

Hawk decided that cutting funding to the school wasn't enough. He hired Killshot and Blood Virus to find students to harm and humiliate for their being mutants. At least 6 students were harmed. During the assault he had the school and local law enforcement believing that it was a anti mutant human group doing the attacks.

With the school standing firm he took his attacks to a more personal level. He infiltrated Mercy Hospital and murdered the student Havoc. Still unsatisfied, he rigged a boat the students were on to celebrate Thanksgiving with bombs and personally attacked his former student Dr. Mitchell. He was defeated and placed in Stronghold and his plan revealed.

Current Staff

Carolina Mitchell, Strike, Shrieking Flame, Dr. Artemis Paige, Father Geoffrey


Helldozer, Jeremy Imenex, Ash, Kassidy, Blue Arrow, Varlabania, Matexis, Lalita Draupadi, Concept, Engine, Charge, Obsidian, Snowflake, Project Echo, Adranus, Bloodryn, Night Spider, Roki