Dr. Artemis Paige

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Dr. Artemis Paige
Player: @Baaltrist
Artemis Paige.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 33
Research & Development: Science (Exposures)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Artemis Paige
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Mutant
Ethnicity: Canadian
Place of Birth: Vancouver British Columbia
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Martin and Elise Paige
Age: 29
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black w/White Streaks
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: None
Years Active: NA
Citizenship: Canada
Occupation: Physicist, Professor
Education: PhD's (Theoretical Physics, Astro Physics, Quantum Mechanics)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Schematic Presence
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Assorted Gadgetry
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A Brief History

Graduated First of Class from University of British Columbia with 3 PhD's In (Theoretical Physics, Astro Physics, and Quantum Mechanics). After he graduated worked at the University of Western Ontario doing Neutrino Research at the SNO (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory) detector near there. Shortly after his funding dried up there he took a position at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern, Switzerland doing particle research. Dr. Paige is highly intelligent receiving his first PhD at the age of 17, regarded as one of the leading researchers today in the field of Quantum Mechanics especially as it relates to the Unification Theory. He seems to be extremely adept at technology and mechanics; it is believed that this is due to his Mutation in some way. His past is fairly normal with no significant traumas. Lived a fairly normal childhood with loving parents. Both of his parents are Doctors in Vancouver and are still living and very well respected. He has published a number of papers and is working with the US Government on several projects still pending. He just received a large grant from an anonymous contributor for his continued research into finding the Higgs particle at the LHC in Cern.

Schematic Presence Explained

Along with exceptionally high intelligence Artemis also has a mutant ability he has named Schematic presence. With this ability he can look at a piece of technology or a mechanism of some kind and make an exploded view of the device in his mind piece for piece. He then can remember this new exploded view with an almost photographic memory. It is unknown how this works but it is theorized that he uses some innate ability to manipulate an electromagnetic field that penetrates the device much like an ultrasound would only with different forces. With this ability he could essentially build anything he sees provided he has the necessary parts whether he understands what it does or not.

The Quantum Battery

Among the many things that Artemis has invented is the Quantum Battery. The QB is a special kind of energy storage device that draws and self recharges using energies gleaned from Sub-space. These devices can be highly unstable but are well sought after by governments everywhere for research. Artemis owns the patent on these devices and guards them jealously understanding there potential power. These batteries are what power all of his devices that he creates and are recognizable by the yellow glow they emit. So unstable are these devices that they are outlawed in many countries, however he is currently under contract with the US Government to create a stable platform for this energy for application in the Department of Defense. He has sold one of these devices to a very close friend working a the LHC and pocketed nearly $20,000,000 for the single device.

Massive Hadron Collider

Among his greatest accomplishments is the building of the MHC (Massive Hadron Collider)which is located on the moon. Through contributions from an anonymous donor he was fully funded to continue his search for the Higgs Particle and the realization of the Grand Unification Theory. He heads up the project to this day and is able to commute back and forth using teleportation technologies developed by Harmon Industries. It was constructed on the moon because there are no legal restrictions to size or zoning and the low gravity environment stabilizes the tests and eases the construction of the entire unit.