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Player: @Ozlone
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Daniel Henderson
Cav, Danny
Seattle, WA
Millennium City
Super Hero
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Joan Henderson (mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
240 pounds
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Panther tattoo on right arm, Cobra with dice on left forearm
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Photogenic Reflexes, Voice Mimicry, Super Human Superhuman Physicality, via M.A.P impants Bio Energy Stingers, and Telepotation
· Equipment ·
M.A.P implants
· Other Abilities ·
Close Combat Master

Daniel Henderson; Cavalier

Daniel Henderson aka Cavalier is a member of the superhero group know as DE:LTA (Department of Emergency: Logistics and Tactic Agency). He is one of DE:LTA's front line combatants specializing in dispatching enemies in melee combant.

Early Life

Daniel was born to Joan Henderson in Seattle Wa on May 28, 1987. A single mother Joan spent a great deal of time working, not leaving much for the young Daniel. While his early childhood was fairly normal for the child of an overworked single mother his teen years were not. At age thirteen it became evident that Daniel was mutant, his eye changed from brown to glowing red, his strength, speed and agility vastly increased. To top it off he begin to show signs of developing Photogenic Reflexes. Meaning Daniel could copy the movements of a person just by watching them.

Early Career

As Daniel grew so did the strength of powers, with a mother that couldn't keep an eye on him Daniel soon begin to get into fights with local street gangs, he had grown up watching heroes like Thundrax and Celestar on TV and want to he a hero like him. Daniel was given a small monetary reward for helping clean out his neighborhood and bought himself a real heroes costume. Using his power as a street level hero Daniel was able to end some of the street gangs in Seattle.

This would draw the notice of PRIMUS that at the age of eighteen they invited Daniel to train with the local PRIMUS office so he could become a better hero. They code named him Cavalier since he other paid little heed to danger or the odd stacked against him.

Daniel learn many valuable skills during his time with the PRIMUS agents. Mastering many forms of armed and unarmed combat and some special forces training.

Cavalier was on hand for the Qularr invasion of Millennium City like many heroes he answered the call to defend the city and stick around to help to fix it. Daniel was then contacted by a young Asian woman named Thuy Xi Tranh aka Kontrol offering Daniel a real chance at being part of a group of heroes. She offered him a chance to become an agent of DE:LTA.


Upon joining DE:LTA Cavalier outfitted with M.A.P implants, as Kontrol wanted to test to if a mutant for wield them better then a normal human.

Kontrol introduced Cavalier to DE:LTA as the teams rookie hero. Although his skill and know how proved he was anything but a rookie. Cavalier got along with most of the team, but he formed a quick friendship with the teams super speedster Speed. The two were noted to be competitive, endlessly joking around and pulling pranks on other members.

Recent Actions

Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

Deadly Exhalation!

Deadly Exhalation! Part 2

Encountering the Vanguard of Therax-Prime

Cavalier gets a puppy.


Cavalier is a very driven individual, he is steadfast and loyal to his team mates. Although resent reshuffling of the team has left him annoyed with the upper leadership of UNTIL.

Has a huge soft spot for animals. Cavalier spends a lot of time helping tracking down people involved in the illegal pet trade as well as animal abusers.

Cavalier eats around 6500 calories a day, for the most part he very healthy foods. However on his cheat days...


"I understand why they call you fool, cause you're a fool thinking you can take me." -Cavalier To Jack Fool

"You should leave the jokes to Speed." Cavalier to Kontrol when she tries to be funny.

"You know why Sarge doesn't use a shot gun? Cause the last time he did it made a Big Bang." -Cavalier's best Sarge is old joke.

Sarge: "Still wearing your court order mask?" Cavalier: "Yeah who would have thought causing girls panties to drop all over town would be against the law?" -Normal banter between Sarge and Cavalier

Powers and Abilities

Body Supremacy: Cavalier has near complete control over the movements and functions of his muscles, bones, veins, etc. He is able to move with remarkable grace, athletic and acrobatic skill.

Applications of Cavalier's Body Supremacy:

Super Human Condition: Cavalier can lift over 100 tons, leap over two stories and run at speeds near 200 mph, and all of his senses are enhanced.
Enhanced Flexibility
Adoptive Muscle Memory: copy the movements of another person, even voice patterns
Regenerative Healing Factor
Flawless Coordination: flawless coordination with all movements

Supernatural Combat: Cavalier possess immense combat skills, both offensive and defensive, encompassing speed, strength, precision, reflexes, technique, analysis, control, adaptation and all aspects of practical fighting. Applications of Cavalier's Supernatural Combat power:

Combat Perception: the ability to understand how a person thinks and fights in combat.
Weapon Proficiency Touch: Cavalier can figure out the best way to use an object as a weapon just by touching it. Note it does not give him the ability to use magical or super high tech weapons, though he would know how to swing said object like club.

Friends and Allies

Sarge: His like the older version of the Rock, only he shoots people rather then give them elbow drops, and he doesn't wear a speedo, which we are all lucky for. But he is my friend and we make a good team out for taking out bad guys. I really respected Sarge even if he always tries to fire me from the team.

Cliff-Side: Another of my good buddies. His like a big rock dude and we work very well together in field. This dude is tough, I mean me and him sparred and I gave him everything I had he was still standing. I've taken down Ripper before but Cliff just took it and keep going. He does get mad at me for joking about rubbing D.A.W.N down with WD40, but she is his sister so he does have a right to get mad.

D.A.W.N.: I count D.A.W.N as a friend and now that she is, whats the best to put this, got her mind back I guess, she is even more fun, plus she lets me joke about rubbing her down with WD40, not that I ever would. Also she is great for finding things out, it's like she has a built in Google search engine in her head. She's been getting a lot of her old self back even some kind of human skin thing. Don't tell Speed but I'm pretty sure Dawn is my best friend on the team.

Joule: One shockingly beautiful alien women, well she is from Mentella's home world. I got to talk them into taking me there at some point. Okay really so far as I've seen she is great on the team. Between her, Dawn, and Sexah I think we got a full artillery company and some nice women to look at too.

Jim Holden: Recently made friends with this guy not to bad, his got an ego, but so do I. As far as I can tell he seems like a good guy and is pretty handy in a fight with those TK blasts.

Vitality: Talk about a strong man, watched dude lift a cargo ship that ran aground in the harbor. Vitality is a good dude to have watching your back, strong, invincible and can fly, his got the classic superhero powers covered.

Crescentwave: A long time friend of DE:LTA and now a full time member, it great having her around with her water magic shield bubbles, plus you know she's good looking haha, but yeah she is good people, or nymph really.

Kr'anri: The purple Prosythian psionic wonder. Kr'anri is the newest member of our family, she is really cool to have around. Watching her grow and fit into the team it was awesome to watch.

Mentella: Sometimes I like her, sometimes I hate her.

ForceGirl: Mentella's younger sister, I've only worked with her a few times but she's cool and she listed to me run my mouth about animals. She lives up to here name sending villains flying with those force blasts of her's, funny to watch too. She is the spitting image of Mentella too for the most part.

Techna Ology: The youngest of the Summerstone sisters, and man good genes in that family wow, another good looking lady right there. She is also smart, no I mean really smart and really good at building all kinds of cool tech stuff, from battle droids to super high tech body armor, she can even keep a VCR from blinking 12:00! She has some kind of hero worshiped for me or a crush either way its cute and I won't tease her to much about it, Mentella would get pissed if I did.

Keirian: Keirian's a tiny fae that is full of sweetness and hugs. I met her through Dawn, who what have thunk it a robot, cyborg... whatever, hanging out with a fae. I love Keirian she is one of the kindness friends I have and makes great mead too!

Glimmer: I miss her a lot, but glad to know she is alive again, even if she can't come to Earth it's good to know she is alive and well.

Kontrol: You know what, I'm actually glad she's not on the team anymore. She used that f&#%ing brainwave power of her's to screw with us, had faulty tech put into others and at one point even thought blowing the moon was a good idea. Smartest women in the world my ass, she was a elitist brat that thought she was better then everyone else. Why Mentaic though that it was good idea to have her on the team is beyond me, yet forsome damn reason I miss having her around.

Speed: Retired Delta member. Speed is a funny dude, always cracking jokes and zipping around after women. Lucky for him his the fastest man in the world so he can do all that.


Based on the MaekadaBox

Strength 8 Weapon 6 Durability 7 Armor 3 Speed 5 Reflexes 7
Magical Resistance 2 Stamina 6 Dexterity 2 Agility 7 Combat Skill 9 Regeneration 5
Energy Projection/Manipulation 2 Psionics 2 Telepathy/Empathy 2 Willpower 7
Sorcery 1 Technology 4 Intelligence 4
Knowledge 4 Charisma 4 Bravery/Recklessness 9


Theme Songs: Normal: Adrenaline by 12 Stones
Cavalier is pissed: Kirisute Gomen by Trivium

Duke the Wonder Puppy

Duke the Wonder Puppy2.jpg

Duke is an American Bully puppy that Cavalier brought from a breeder of meta dogs.

Likes: Cavalier
Crescentwave's shoes

Dislikes: The evil leash
Cavalier's downstairs neighbor Mrs. Jenkin and her cat Jinx
Birds flying by the windows

Powers: Super Strength: Though only a puppy Duke can pull/drag around a ton, at his adult size it is estimated he will be able to pull/drag 20 tons
Regeneration: Duke can regenerate quickly.