Deadly Exhalation! Part 2

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Techna had finally finished working on most of her major projects and had sent them to ForceTech Industries where her sister ForceGirl was waiting for the parts to complete a number of projects. She was getting ready to move onto general tinkering when she received a psychic message:

<Hello J’asira, I was just thinking over what PSI did to Kr’anri. They gave her a re-breather of sorts, I’m sure that was done for a purpose. Did anything in your scans reveal a reason?> Mentella asked.

<Oh? Hmm…well, I didn’t look at any other results except from what I needed, but now that you mention it, there was a weird smell when I got really close to Kr’anri. I didn’t think much of it because it was extremely faint, it’d be undetectable to humans.> Replied Techna

<I’d encourage you to check it out in case it poses a threat to DELTA.> Mentella said.

An amused tone drifted into Mentella’s voice as she asked:

<Who’s Spiritbound?>

<Oh, el’sai. Shath’ra duran…don’t act like you aren’t aware.> Techna replied rolling her eyes.

Mentella projected a laugh, before bidding Techna goodbye allowing her to focus on the Bio Scan results. Techna smiled to herself and began reading through the streams of data the scan had collected.

“Hrmm…looks like she’ll need a re-breather.” She mused

Techna hovered over to a computer display and started typing an email to Vitality:

Hi Vitality,

Techna here,

I was just going through the results of the scan and I came across a few points of data which I think you and the other DE:LTA members should be aware of. Upon futher analysus of the Bio Scan results, it has been determined with 99.98579% accuracy that the residents of Prosyth are carbon-based organisms, in a similar fashion to humans.

However, instead of utilizing Oxygen in their respiratory system, Prosythians utilize Chlorine as their binding element in the respiratory cycle, meaning she would normally exhale CCl2 (dicholorocarbene). But on Earth which is fairly oxygen rich in comparison to Prosyth as it has no oxygen, the dichlorocarbene, when it comes into contact with the oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere, together they creates a gaseous compound known as COCl2 (dichloroformaldehyde), which is more commonly known as Phosgene.

Based on my knowledge of human biology…it’s bad news, even for super powered humans. Phosgene acts on the proteins in the pulmonary alveoli, the site of gas exchange: the resultant damage disrupts the blood-air barrier, causing suffocation. It can also react with the amines of the proteins, causing crosslinking by formation of urea-like linkages. Although it is an insidious poison and symptoms do take a while to manifest…in an enclosed space such as Cavalier’s apartment, the ppm (parts per million) of the confined air space would be significantly populated with phosgene, making it a lethal environment for humans to be in. I sent out a drone a few minutes ago after going over the results, it came back during my writing of this email and the ppm was 0.8!! This is EIGHT TIMES the TVL!!

Please make sure NO DE:LTA Agents visit Agent Cavalier’s apartment.

I am designing a re-breather of sorts using my newly synthesized compound Zandorinium, which will convert the phosgene from COCl2 + Znd -> Cl2 + CO + Znd, making it a harmless exhalation. Until I finish this and manage to send it to you, PLEASE be sure to keep away from the apartment. Phosgene is of no harm to Kr’anri, as it is a by-product of her physiological system. Nor is it a problem for her to be outside, just confined spaces cause an issue. And yes, Zandorinium is compatible with Prosythian physiology.


Techna Ology

After sending the mail Techna received a half-finished re-breather from her drones and continued to develop the device. She instructed several robots to go and seal off Cavalier’s apartment when Kr’anri wasn’t around.

"I should probably mention this to Vitality as well..." Techna thought aloud.

Hi again,

I’ve just had a few of my robots to seal the windows and balcony doors so that the Phosgene rich air cannot escape.

Once Kr’anri has her re-breather (which is almost finished), I’ll get on with detoxing the apartment, you see, Phosgene is a hydrophobic gas, which reacts with water to produce carbon dioxide and Hydrogen chloride;

COCl2 + H2O -> CO2 + 2 HCl

The excess water with the HCl would produce Hydrochloric Acid in its liquid form, Crescentwave could easily deal with the HCl in the solution using her abilities, but that doesn’t come without some level of risk.

It would be a lot less risky if you wanted me to deal with the excess phosgene. Technically, this is a “life or death” situation so I’d get permission from the IPG to have a Distributor Drone detox the apartment and then follow that up with a seal cracking so that the apartment is usable again.


Techna Ology.

The next day, Techna teleported herself to Earth and located Cavalier, Dawn, Vitality and Kr’anri, who seemed to be accompanied by another person, namely Shockwave.

“Heya guys! Hii Caav….ahem…Are you guys ready to travel up? NRGMuffin.exe is finishing up the final touches on the re-breather. She should be done by now.” Techna grinned.

“Alright, let’s go.” Vitality nodded.

Shockwave walked forward and sidled up to Dawn;

“So…uh…who are you and where are we going?” He asked

“Hello! I’m Techna, Techna Ology and we are all going to the ForceTech Moon Labs.” She smiled

“Shockwave here, nice to meet you. That’s some nice tech you got there…” Shockwave nodded as Techna tapped some commands into her right gauntlet’s holographic display.

The air around them seemed to hue a strange blue as small pieces of litter and gravel started to float upwards; Techna’s face was stuck in a full on grin as she watched DE:LTA wonder what exactly was going on. Before Vitality could ask a cylinder of energy shot out of the sky towards them engulfing them in a split second.

Moments later, they all arrived on the Moon Base Labs the ground slightly stained blue.

“What...just... happened?” Asked Cavalier

“We just all got hit by a Neutron Trans Beam!” Techna grinned, vibrating with delight.

“A new invention of yours I take it?” Vitality asked

Techna nodded;

“Still, I’m with Cav on this one…what just happened?” Asked Shockwave, still slightly disorientated.

“On a normal level we were just teleported. On a molecular level we were all disintegrated and reconstituted in this place in space and time instead of the usual pocket dimension placement and re-emergence stuff. WASN’T THAT GREAT!?” She explained excitedly.

“So…Techna, I assume this re-breather is ready?” Asked Dawn

“Kr’anri’s food doesn’t want to leave her!” Kr’anri smiled.

Techna snapped her fingers and a small automaton ran up alongside her holding a mouth piece device.

“It’s not going to be ideal, but until I deal with a few things, I can’t give you something more discreet like respiratory nanotechnology, like nanites.” Techna explained as she fitted the re-breather.

“Kr’anri knows some of these words.”

Techna nodded and looked at DELTA, who still seemed slightly out of sorts.

“As much as it pains me to say this, you can’t get a ride back on the Neutron Trans Beam, it needs to power up again, so back to regular teleportation!” Techna announced.

Shockwave looked around in awe at Techna’s workshop, he attempted to examine a nearby robot which made a high pitched whining sound and seemed to give him a minor electric shock, and he turned to Techna who shot him a warning glare.

“We can’t think you enough Techy. You’ve been a real help.” Cavalier smiled as he winked at Techna.

She blushed furiously and turned to the teleportation console.

“I second that sentiment. By the way have you heard from Mentella? I heard she was meant to be meeting us after the fitting of the re-breather.” Vitality asked.

“Ah yes, she said to meet her in City Centre park I think…” Replied Techna

Vitality nodded and made his way to the teleportation tubes, along with Kr’anri, Dawn, Shockwave and Cavalier, who had quickly positioned themselves in place and were teleported back down to Earth.


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