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Super Group
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Real Name
Thuy Xi Tranh
Northern Vietnam
Legal Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
103 pounds
Body Type
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Skin graph of circuits and dish antennae
Powers & Abilities
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Brain Control
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Headband can transmit psycho-magnetic fields up to 100 feet. Circuitry graphed directly onto her nervous system with receptor dishes to receive brain waves.
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Kontrol is a member of Project Mind Game and a founding member of the Department of Emergency: Limit Tested Agents (aka DE:LTA). She cannot read minds or thoughts, but is adept at reading brainwave patterns. She fully "understands" human psychology and neurology however her Autism prevents her from having first hand experience with baseline human emotion.

Early Life

Thuy Xi was born on the shores of Northern Vietnam during aftermath of the Third Indochina War. Little is known of her parents or family. They were assumed to have been killed in the conflict, as this was a common happenstance.

She was first documented at 3 years old in Ha Long, Vietnam. Thuy Xi walked to a refugee camp's boat and simply climbed in, sat down and waited for them to leave harbor. The American volunteers asked a woman next to her for her her full name, to which Thux Xi responded "I am Thuy Xi Tranh" in rather impressive, though noticeably second language, English.

She arrived near San Francisco shores and simply jumped out of the boat before reaching land. There was no record of her joining a refugee camp nor ANY record of her attending any form of formal schooling. There are some student records for a "Thuy Xi Tranh" from the University of California Berkley records from 1991-1994. She would have been age 7 to 10 at this time.

It is unclear how or why Thuy Xi kept such a low profile navigating the United States with almost complete anonymity.

Teen Years

Vibora Bay police records show Thuy Xi with regular frequency in local crime syndicates from 1998 through 2000. She was never the subject of investigation but her name appears in many reports as connected to crime through Vibora. The lack of physical evidence was astonishing. VBPD eventually found a the girl named "Thuy Xi Tranh" enrolled in Inner Easton High School where she excelled, was extremely popular and had a 4.0 grade point average. As a minor and with little to no actual evidence a case was never created on Thuy Xi, however the Blask Mask left many cautionary clues to the VBPD concerning her.

Thuy Xi attended school every day, and was simultaneously enrolled in 3 different online colleges studying psychology, psychiatry and advanced robotic engineering. She graduated Inner Easton High School in 2001 as Valedictorian. In June 2002 she received her Doctorates in Psychology and Psychiatry. There was intense media interest in the story, however Thuy Xi granted no interviews, and instead simply released a statement that she intended to join PRIMUS "to work for the betterment of mankind".


Thuy Xi was immediately enrolled in PRIMUS officer training school. At only 18 years old her rank and title gave her carte blanc to work for any division of PRIMUS research and development. Kontrol chose to work with Project Greenskin. She was assigned to work with Dr. Nelson Dupree to research the effects of the gronding process on the brain and mind of the mutated humans in hope that their minds could be rehabilitated. Dupree tried chemical recompilation through formulas, stimlus and response training to retrain the gronds, and even surgical reconstruction and transplants.. All failed. It seemed Dr. Dupree was going to lose his funding and be removed from the project when suddenly Thuy Xi showed him a prototype invention that would shape the course of his research.

With her advanced knowledge of the human brain and pharmacology she was able to reproduce programmed responses in the Grond brain that emulated the behavior of a human brain. She could induce euphoria, sadness and a number of other human emotions by changing the frequency of the device. The brains that were effected would produce chemicals like serotonin, adrenalin responses and a plethora of other chemical reactions of the brain.

Thuy Xi provided no notes, and in fact she was seemingly the only person who had full knowledge of how the device worked. It fit in the palm of a human hand and was powered by a small piece of Ignatium encased in a Questionite shell. She would massage the outside of the device and it would glow. Scanner technology recorded Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta waves being emitted from the device. Thuy Xi offered no notes or scientific method on how she built the device. Even through rigorous reverse engineering the actual workings of the device are uncertain. The same device used by other researchers in the field simply did not work the same. It was clear that this device was engineered as to NOT be duplicated. Dr. Dupree wanted her reprimanded for insubordination for not explaining the details of her device, and demanded that she make one that would work with his physiology. She flatly refused.

The official record shows that Thuy Xi was on duty working under Dr. Dupree in an undisclosed location in the Southwest Desert. The paperwork however is inconsistent. Many believe that Thuy Xi was actually Absent Without Leave. Coincidentally there was a large APB hunt for an Asian woman in late teens reported at the same time under direction of then General now Director Kauffman.

Thuy Xi Tranh was never reprimanded nor discharged from PRIMUS forces.


In February 2003, Millenium City police department raided a warehouse in Westside and inside they found a group of unconscious PSI criminals and a seemingly deranged Kevin Poe holding a gun to Madeline Bruner. There were a host of civilians being held as well; Thuy Xi, according to the police reports, was being detained with the civilians. Poe escaped. Bruner was released. The police got reports from everyone back at the precinct but there was no real record of how or why Thuy Xi was there. Many of the civilians only recognized her after being shown a photo saying that she was not a worker nor client of the shipping warehouse. When she was questioned Thuy Xi replicated the event in amazing detail displaying an exceptional photographic memory. However there are some staunch inconsistencies with the other reports. The details were so precise though that many officers reffered to her report as the "true" recollection of events.

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When she was released, Thuy Xi walked out of the precinct to be greeted by a bald man wearing a trenchcoat. He introduced himself, "Yes, I am smarter than you, and yes, I know what you are doing." Thuy Xi's curiosity had been piqued. She moved closer to get a better view of the man's face when suddenly she was locked in power-suppressor shackles and drugged unconscious.

She awoke in a modern laboratory. Shackles removed. She instantly recognized the dose of rohypnol's effects on her senses. She laid motionless to keep her captor from seeing her alert. "You may as well open your eyes" a voice said, "And make yourself comfortable Thuy Xi. We may be here for a while." She sprang up and looked at her surroundings. "I was surprised to see that you are not a meta. Your natural intellect is the greatest I have ever seen. Do you REALLY think crime and power mongering are the best use for your mind?" For the first time in a LONG time Kontrol's brow became furled in confusion. She did not understand how anyone could have traced her, much less known what she was planning.

"Who are you" Thuy Xi asked.

"I was your age when I first found my purpose too.. I suppose it is fitting that I am the one to save you from your own stupidity. I am Mentiac, and I'm going to show you to sharpen that wit into one of the most powerful tools in the world. And YOU are going to thank me by doing exactly as you're told. Understood?"

She nodded.

"Now.. lets talk about this toy of yours"


In December 2003 Kontrol was officially transferred from PRIMUS roster to UNTIL to work for the newly formed Department of Emergency as a senior operative. While her transfer file is classified it is understood that she was released directly into the custody of UNITY as an UNTIL operative. She was quickly assigned to Project Clockwork with her extensive background creating tech for PRIMUS. She adopted the code name "Kontrol" though it appeared in the original transcript, suggesting that Mentiac had actually assigned the name.

While performing her duties for Project Clockwork, Kontrol was very reclusive - taking time out only to report to Mentiac. Her conversations with him seemed robust to suggest a mutual kinship and respect, but the same courtesy however was not afforded to her fellow operatives. One operative however refused to take no for an answer. An Ace fighter pilot, Joy-Ride. After realizing that her persistence was not going to yeild, Kontrol began spending time with Joy-Ride. This is the first human relationship that Kontrol seemingly forged on her own.

Kontrol spoke to Mentiac about having Joy-Ride join the Department of Emergency as senior operative. While he was excited to hear about Thuy Xi's ability to forge a friendship he was increasingly hesitant about letting Joy-Ride join the department. Then Kontrol proposed that they become a squad of the best of the best.. testing themselves and pushing the limits of what was before possible. This piqued Mentiac's curiosity and the Limit Tested Agents were formed. He entrusted Kontrol to create the training regimen and hand pick agents as a first response squad.

DE:LTA Career Logs

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"It's all about control, and I've got lots of it"- Kontrol to Kevin Poe

"From here on out, I'LL be your commander"- Kontrol to Viper Psionic Adept