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The Psychic Warrior
"Kr'anri says bad bugs are tasty!"
Player: @Cyrone85
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Monster Island
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Kr'yshte (sister)
Physical Traits
Coastal Prosythian
Apparent Age
20(Prosyth) 9(Earth)
4ft 4in
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Black and gold markings across her body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Telepathy, Psychokinetic weapon generation, Precognition and Clairvoyance.
· Equipment ·
Nanites in her lungs to prevent the creation of phosgene as she breathes.
· Other Abilities ·
Ability to access the memories of deceased Prosythians.

Kr'anri is a Prosythian and thereby a descendant of the once warrior race. Kr’anri was one of the last Prosythians to be captured by any race, most notably the Qularr and the only one (to her knowledge) who escaped. Stolen from her home world by the Qularr, Kr'anri managed to escape when the Qularr arrived on Earth during the recent attempted invasion of major cities including Millennium City, she survived on Earth utilizing her psychic abilities and feeding on her former Qularr captors amongst other things. She soon enough encountered members of The Summerstone Sisterhood, Delta and for a brief time PSI. After receiving help to overcome a range of difficulties with adjusting to life on Earth, she was taught to hone her abilities by Mentella and soon settled into the super team now known as Delta. Her fun loving nature and small size can cause her to be underestimated, much to her foes chagrin. Much to Kr'anri's credit, despite her still learning about life on Earth, she has been able to make solid friendships with a number of her team mates and those whom she has worked with in the past. Kr'anri is a graduate from The Summerstone Academy's Fast Track program, but regularly visits the Academy to meet up with Solaris and PsychBlade. She also visits to attend Black Diamond's combat training sessions. Kr'anri is a proud member of Delta and readily makes use of her psychic abilities to assist her team mates where she can.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Not much is known about the Prosythians, at least not to modern day alien civilizations and certainly not humans on Earth. From the little that UNTIL and PRIMUS have learnt from either speaking with Kr'anri or Mentella, they are aware that Prosythian psychic ability can be divided into three groups or castes, namely:

  • Ep'fertuae (Warrior) - A group of Prosythians with psychokinetic abilities with specific focus on psychokinetic weapon generation.
  • Prosai (Prophet) - A group of Prosythians with enhanced precognitive abilities and clairvoyant abilities.
  • Shia'arkari (Hunter) - A group of Prosythians with precognitive abilities and heightened/enhanced telepathy.

Each caste was present in every family unit, Prophets however were one of the first Prosythians and were taught how to use The Hive Mind and had an increased life span in relation to other caste's. This was so that their knowledge could be passed down; they also served to connect Prosythians (who were of age) to The Hive Mind.

Whilst each caste had a level of telepathic ability for communicative purposes, only the Shia'arkari had the ability to use it to attack their foes minds. The Shia'arkari were instinctual telepaths who utilized raw mental energy to attack and trick their targets as well as use it for self defense and were adept at using psychic shadows to perform sneak attacks and to generate illusions. The Ep'fertuae were lethal killers who worked in tandem with their own personal Shia'arkari, usually their brother or sister, combined these two castes were designed to work at their best when together. Both castes were led by The Prosai who communicated through the Hive Mind to aid them in battle.

Kr'anri was born as a Shia'arkari or "Hunter", her precognitive and instinctual telepathic abilities were used in harmony with her powerful claws to both physically and mentally assault her 'prey'.

After undergoing a series of changes to her psyche she now possesses a mixture of the abilities drawn from both The Prosai and The Ep'fertuae. This enhancement came at the cost of her telepathic ability to some extent but she has regained her once suppressed precognitive abilities in full force. These changes took some time for Kr'anri to adjust to but thankfully with the support of her team and assistance from Mentella and even Psion it was a relatively smooth process.

She is now a full time member of Delta.


Mentella’s Note: The following information was extracted during a counseling session with Kr’anri who at the time was one of my fast track students. Using my own skill set I was able to get an accurate portrayal of how she arrived on Earth. As a result I have directly (more or less) transcribed the events which took place.

Kr'anri in her PSI 'furs' and rebreather.

Kr’anri was one of the many Prosythians who were taken from their home planet and endured attempts by the Qularr to disconnect her from the Prosythian Hive Mind. She was taken aboard the Qularr mother ship and endured the cries of her people as they were disconnected from the Hive Mind. Unbeknownst to the Qularr, Kr’anri was quickly picking up parts of the telepathic conversations between the Qularr and was merely waiting for the right moment to attempt an escape. As the Qularr ship left the Mother ship and headed towards Earth, she attacked, ripping herself free of her bonds and viciously ripped into the minds and flesh of her Qularr captors. Unfortunately she sensed that she was the only Prosythian on board the smaller ship; with the remaining Qularr attempting to track her down and the ship on a downward spiral towards the large blue planet below, Kr’anri wisely hid awaiting the eventual impact.

As the ship crashed violently, Kr’anri waited as the space craft settled, quietly snacking on the Qularr crew before ripping her way out of the space craft and began travelling across the desert. She followed her instincts and made her way to the Super Jet; making use of her Psychic Shadowing Kr’anri was able to travel to Millennium City. She explored and moved about primarily in Westside, staying in derelict apartment blocks, laying relatively low at Westside High and sustained herself by killing and eating Red Banner and Cobra Lords who happened to come her way. She soon enough found herself hiding from both the Red Banner and Cobra Lords who had on occasion spotted her.

The following events regarding Kr’anri meeting three members of Delta and CharmCaster have been recorded and have been provided. This also covers the unfortunate encounter that she had with PSI.

Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

After this, I encountered Kr'anri who was viciously attacking and killing PSI Members in City Centre park, at first she was frightened when she realized I could still see her despite her psychic shadow ability but soon calmed down as I had previously contacted Vitality who arrived. I asked my youngest sister Techna Ology if she was able to come up with a re-breather and a translation device for Kr'anri. Whilst I put things in motion with registering Kr'anri as a student of mine and sorting out the paperwork associated with this procedure, Techna Ology, after confirming her relative availability and her ample desire to assist, transported a few Delta members and Kr'anri to her Moon Base Labs.

Deadly Exhalation!Deadly Exhalation! Part 2

However my main focus once I had contacted the necessary people, was dealing with PSI. Through the ‘teaching’ that Kr'anri had undergone, it had unknowingly inflicted unnecessary and fairly extensive damage to Kr'anri’s psyche by teaching her a certain skill, namely the “PSI Death Strike” which had largely suppressed her natural precognitive abilities to a mere whisper of their former strength. Together with Delta we confronted both Medusa and eventually Mind Slayer. During these encounters it was fairly apparent through mere observation that Kr'anri had very little control or tactics when it came to combat, much to the concern of Vitality and myself. After dealing with both Medusa and Mind Slayer, I set a date to meet with Delta to discuss where things were going to go from here with regards to Kr'anri.

Joining Delta- SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

During the subsequent meeting with Cavalier, Vitality and Dawn; we discussed at length Kr'anri's state of mind, her abilities and what could be done to decrease her chances of becoming a liability if she were to join DELTA. I stated the options that Kr'anri was able to take, one of which consisted of me teaching her on a "fast track" course in a similar fashion to Joule and adjusting her thinking over a course of time, in order for her to exist in a group like DELTA. This idea was well received and I began to set things in motion which would allow me to fit Kr'anri in before and during the normal teaching time at The Summerstone Academy.

I mentioned the issue of Kr'anri's psychic death strike ability. I explained that it was essentially a kill skill, and that given the opportunity she will use it in combat. After much discussion, DELTA sat comfortably with the idea that I would perform a psychic surgery of sorts, removing memories connected to that particular skill as well as the information on how to actually perform it.

A week after the initial meeting with Delta, the essential paper work came through and Kr’anri was officially a student at my Academy. My first task was to re-educate Kr’anri to rid her of the killing attack she had learned whilst at PSI. During these corrective sessions it became apparent that this ability she had been taught was crudely uploaded into her mind, as a result she has some level of damage to her psyche. The skill she had been taught demanded a high percentage of her available psychic energy and had damaged connections to her precognitive abilities, severely diminishing them each time she utilized the skill. This left her with a whisper of her original precognitive ability. I performed a three hour psychic surgery to remove the skill and repair the damage done.

Over the coming weeks I taught Kr'anri how to construct her own mental defenses, and taught Kr'anri how to exert control over her instinctual telepathy. My intention was to teach her a level of control that would prevent her from being a severe liability to DELTA (as I was aware that this opportunity would be a positive one for Kr'anri) in the field and could exist within her mind whilst still preserving her personality and sense of self as an instinctual being.

After learning control over her abilities and having built mental defenses, I then introduced Kr'anri to the Summerstone Academy program and associated students. As a fast track student, Kr'anri was mainly with a very select group of students, two of whom were, PsychBlade and Solaris. Despite the fact that Kr'anri was being taught, it should be noted that her ability to utilize her telepathic abilities was present and relatively well formed, albeit lacking in control. Needless to say, Kr'anri's ability to assimilate information and apply it was as expected. Under my guidance, she quickly learnt to control her abilities in a less instinctual way. After assessing her combat ability, survival skills and mental defenses via The Combat Simulator, it was determined that she was indeed ready. A good score was achieved and I contacted DELTA letting them know, Kr'anri was ready to join them.

In time Kr'anri was accepted into Delta as a full time member. As a fast track student who I was aware was undergoing some issues with adjusting to the more conventional way to live and eat on Earth, Kr'anri and I regularly had sessions in which I helped her to offload and offered her to take advantage of my counseling skills. She often attends Black Diamond’s combat training and for a short while was a lab assistant to Techna Ology.

Kr'anri prior to her combat training had some basic close combat skills but relied mainly on her telepathic abilities and the element of surprise.

Delta - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Whilst she has settled into Delta relatively well and gets along with her fellow team members, Kr'anri has forged a close friendship with fellow team mate Cavalier. Their friendship stemmed purely from the sheer enjoyment of each others company, Kr'anri and Cavalier are usually seen fighting alongside one another and hanging out with one another. As her fighting style changed over time it seems to have only increased the finesse and fluid fashion in which these two work together in the field. She enjoys his company and seemed to warm to him even before she could communicate with him properly. Their relationship has often been likened to one of a brother and sister.

Kr'anri enjoys working with Delta and has enlightened as she continues to learn about Delta, social interaction and friendships. She has taken to the occasional teasing of Sarge through observation of Cavalier doing the same and seems to be adept with setting up tricks or pranks after spending some time with Solaris.

Since joining Delta, Kr'anri has also worked alongside her team mates to great effect and has assisted in thwarting an invasion attempt by a hostile alien race amongst other things.

The Vanguard of Therax-Prime

Delta first encounter the mighty Theraxian Vanguard and quickly discover their plans to take over the planet and claim it as their own. The events were recorded:

Encountering the Vanguard of Therax-Prime

Falling into the Theraxians Trap

Falling into the Theraxians Trap - Part 2

Falling into the Theraxians Trap - Part 3

Powers and Abilities - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Teaching Notes for 2014

Student Ref: PR-892-40X

Name: Anri Kr

Kr'anri was born as a member of the Shia'arkari caste. The Shia'arkari were instinctual telepaths who utilized raw mental energy to attack and trick their targets and were adept at using their psychic abilities to defend themselves, primarily via the usage of psychic shadowing techniques to perform sneak attacks. They are also able to generate illusions.

Initially Kr'anri was both precognitive and telepathic, however due to certain developments:

- Psyche Fusion

- Psyche Fusion - Part 2

Kr'anri no longer fully displays the abilities of a Shia'arkari. Whilst she is still genetically a Shia'arkari, she presents with some of the abilities of both The Prosai and The Ep'fertuae.


Kr'anri's telepathy at one stage was one of her primary attributes however with the aforementioned events, necessary changes occurred which stripped her of some of her raw telepathic power. Despite this Kr'anri is capable of a variety of telepathic feats.

  • Image Projection
  • Broadcasting of thoughts and receiving of thoughts
  • Psychic Shielding
  • Psychic Attack
  • Astral Projection
  • Psychic Shadow

Kr'anri is capable of communicating with humans using her ability to project semantic images to the mind of another. Through this Kr'anri is able to communicate on a telepathic level with her teammates. She is also able to project memories or "videos" to get her point across. During her training I found that she was without any form of psychic shielding, basically leaving the protection of her mind to instinct. Needless to say I insisted on teaching her to create psychic shields for her own protection. It took some time for her to create shields and get into the habit of keeping her shields active, but thankfully Kr'anri is able to shield herself when necessary.

Whilst her psychic attacks are not as potent as they once were, they are powerful enough to cause significant harm to her foes and can dampen their ability to fight. She has also been taught how to achieve astral projection and fight on the astral plane.

Kr'anri also retained the ability to mask her presence from her enemies by utilizing a psychic shadow. She is a capable psychic in her own right and can detect minds within a 70ft radius.
Kr'anri's psychic shadowing ability.

Psychic Shadow

One of Kr'anri's strongest and most used skill is her ability to shroud her mind from non-psychics and psychics. This prevents opponents with an occipital lobe (more commonly known as visual cortex) from perceiving her by subtly coaxing them to ignore her presence entirely. This was a well used skill by the Shia'arkari and assisted in taking down enemies and hunting in general. Her psychic shadowing skill does not extend to being able to shield others. Whilst this skill is in use, the vast majority of telepaths, 'Precogs' and Clairvoyants originating from Earth, such as those in VIPER and in PSI are unable to read her mind, predict her actions or locate her. Interestingly, whilst utilizing a psychic shadow, Kr'anri has never experienced a vision of the future whilst she was maintaining it. Through a series of sessions it was determined that whilst utilizing a psychic shadow she is unconsciously suppressing her link to her passive precognitive abilities. It is possible that she could have an illusion of control over her passive precognitive abilities through maintaining a psychic shadow. However this is ill advised, due to the random and sometimes overpowering nature of these visions she could cause herself harm, in addition to the strain of maintaining a psychic shadow on a constant basis.

Psychic Attack
Using her psychic attack on an ARGENT Soldier.

Another of Kr'anri's Shia'arkari caste abilities is the ability to generate significant psychic energy in order to launch a series of attacks at the mind of another. To begin with Kr'anri's usage of her telepathy for offensive purposes was, for lack of a better descriptor, primitive. It was highly instinctual, this of course was her nature at the time but it left her without any form of permanent psychic defense against subtle attacks or covert psychic attacks. Once she was officially a fast track student of mine, I took her personality and background into consideration (a standard practice to ensure tailored teaching instead of a blanket education system) and determined that although she required psychic knowledge in addition and some level of control, it would not be in such a manner that she emerged from my Academy with no semblance of who she once was. As a result I taught her to apply her telepathic energies to have certain effects with specific focus to degrading several minds at once whilst simultaneously attacking with her other more 'active' abilities. It took time but Kr'anri soon learnt a considerable amount of focus and readily applies her telepathy in combat alongside her psychokinetic claws.


As a Shia'arkari (which translated means 'Hunter'), Kr'anri has always possessed the ability to see future events in some capacity. Before encountering PSI, according to her memories, Kr'anri and those of her caste were able to see more 'immediate' futures. As a result this could be viewed as more of an 'active precognition'; this allowed them to deftly avoid incoming attacks at various ranges.

This was an ability that was severely damaged when she came into contact with PSI. I was able to repair the damage to her psyche but the loss of raw psychic energy lowered the power behind the skill and would take time for Kr'anri and I to fully restore as it was not something which could be fixed by one or two psychic surgery sessions. So it was an ongoing process, as time went on her precognitive ability did return to half strength and her combat rating did improve somewhat.

After the psychic merge, Kr'anri benefitted in more ways than one. Not only was I assist her, but the inheritance of extra abilities at the cost of some of her telepathic power not only fully reactivated her Precognitive powers but also granted her a portion of enhanced precognition from The Prosai.

Kr'anri's precognitive abilities can be divided into two main categories:

Her active precognitive ability warns her of impending danger.
Experiencing a glimpses of the future with her passive precognitive ability.

Active Precognition

Kr'anri is able to perceive or be alerted to immediate danger, this ability is conscious and allows her to avoid incoming attacks. She utilizes this ability in combat for defensive purposes as well as to effectively battle her opponents. Despite this, Kr'anri must actively work alongside her precognition to successfully avoid harm. This form of her precognitive ability works at its best the further she is from a target.

Passive Precognition

Kr'anri also has an enhanced precognitive ability derived from The Prosai. With this ability it allows her to see fixed points in time, which cannot be altered and simply have to happen. This was determined after a few tests with CharmCaster who has the ability to access time streams; Kr'anri was able to foresee events happening at fixed points in time. This form of her precognition is passive, she is unable to control when she is shown the future. As a result she tries her best to either memorize what she is shown OR make sure she tells someone as soon as possible.

Due to its random nature, Kr'anri does her best to be prepared for her 'visions', whether in the field or at her leisure.

Close Quarters Combat

Kr'anri excels at both mid range (telepathy) and close quarters combat (psychokinetic claws). Psychokinetic construct knowledge was passed onto Kr'anri by the recently reformed Psion The Psinister and I. She trained alongside another psychokinetic student, PsychBlade. Kr'anri soon forged her own style of fighting and opted to stick with psychokinetic claws. Kr'anri has been taught how to fight without her abilities and is relatively successful with one of the more advanced forms of Ref'la Dio. In addition to her basic combat training and Ref'la Dio she has also received additional non ability combat training from Cavalier.

Striking out with her Psychokinetic Claw Strikes.

Psychokinetic Construct Generation

The Ep'fertuae's main ability was the ability to generate deadly psychokinetic weapons and use psychokinetic blasts and shields to their advantage. They were lethal and highly efficient Prosythian warriors. After the aforementioned events, Kr'anri was able to inherit this ability from another caste due to the necessary psychic merge between herself and the Prosythian Hive Mind.
Flying towards an unsuspecting ARGENT Soldier.

Kr'anri's psychokinetic ability is a relatively new ability and manifests as the ability to generate psychokinetic weaponry, which is capable of slicing through a multitude of materials, she primarily uses this ability to attack her foes with powerful psychokinetic weapons. Kr'anri prefers to use psychokinetic claws which can be fashioned to literally rip apart her opponents with solidly constructed psychokinetic weaponry and thus having a very physical effect. Her psychokinetic claws manifest as light blue claw extensions which cover her hand almost like a psychokinetic gauntlet of sorts. Kr'anri is able to modify them in length, width and sharpness to suit her needs.

Despite the primary manifestation of her ability being psychokinetic construct generation, Kr'anri has other less prominent psychokinetic abilities:
Demonstrating her psionic levitation.

Psionic Movement

Kr'anri can increase her agility and movement speed using a subtle telekinetic field. She frequently uses this ability in combat to launch herself at opponents who are a considerable distance away. Combined with her psychic shadowing abilities and natural agility as a Prosythian, Kr'anri can generate enough psychokinetic force to not only propel herself towards enemies but the residual psychokinetic energy doubles up as a secondary attack which can knock down enemies if she generates enough force.

Psionic Levitation

The ability to lift herself into the air and can fly for as long as she can sustain the psychokinetic field. Kr'anri's top speed using this ability is around 10 mph (16.01 kph). The maximum height of her psionic levitation ability is 20ft from the surface she is standing on. Due to the obvious limitations, Kr'anri does not use this ability in combat situations. When using this ability small sparks/wisps of psychokinetic energy periodically flash around her.

Telekinetic grasp

Kr'anri can use her telekinetic power to reach out and bring objects within a 50ft radius close to her.

Kr'anri does not always use her other psychokinetic abilities, simply because she prefers to fight in a similar manner to Cavalier, so she likes to use close combat weaponry.


Another Prosai ability was the power to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the conventional means or using her physical senses. Kr'anri can provide information about objects or people which otherwise would be difficult to discover.

Despite the fact that this is a highly useful skill, Kr'anri has not yet utilized during her time with Delta. Reasons for this may be because of the high level of concentration required and the time it can take to gain information.

Limitations - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES - Mentella's Notes

Teaching Notes for 2014

Student Ref: PR-892-40X

Name: Anri Kr

Although Kr'anri has a healthy amount of psychic ability and is a valuable addition to any fighting force, like most she has various limitations, which if not covered can prove to be a weakness for her.

  • Small Frame – Prosythians originally were an active part of the Xenian Military once created but were only employed as specialists in their field which primarily was infiltration; to access environments otherwise difficult or troublesome to access. Whilst her small frame is advantageous for accessing difficult places, it can prove to be a limiting factor to Kr’anri as if she is hit she will no doubt sustain significant damage. Whilst she does make up for this to an extent with her active precognitive abilities, it can still be classed as a limitation.
  • Lack of Physical Strength – Kr’anri is not as physically strong as some of her team mates and if she is trapped in a situation which requires heavy lifting she would likely be in danger. Unfortunately her psychokinetic ability does not extend to the point where she is able to lift heavier objects with her mind.
  • Passive Precognition - Whilst this is a highly useful skill from an objective point of view. The reality is that Kr’anri does not have any conscious control over this ability. Upon conversing with one of the Prosai via the Prosythian Hive Mind, I was informed that the very nature of the ability is entirely random. Which explains why Prosai usually had more of a background role within Prosythian society and were highly defended by the Xenian Military. As a result of this, there is always a chance that Kr'anri may receive a vision of the future during combat. It should also be noted that upon receiving some future images or visions; Kr'anri may not fully understand what she is being shown or she may not be shown the full picture.
  • Prosythian Biology - Kr'anri is unable to ingest human foods as her Prosythian biology cannot process the food. As a result, human nutrition is essentially toxic to her. However, she is kept in good health with supplies of food which she can ingest, such as 'Perga' a common coastal delicacy both on her late home world and a few through the this galaxy.


  • Kr' is her family name, Anri is her personal name. However much like certain cultures on Earth, the family or surname is placed before the personal/given name. However she pronounces her name as 'Kr'anri'.
  • Kr'anri does not understand the verbal thought of humans, but overcomes this by communicating through image projection when communicating with her human allies.
  • Kr'anri can intercept, communicate and translate Qularr telepathy.
  • She is able to use her translator to speak in a number of alien and terrestrial languages.
  • Kr'anri enjoys snacking on 'Perga' a seafood delicacy from her past.
  • Kr'anri is capable of consulting with the psychic echoes of deceased Prosythians via access to the Prosythian Hive Mind.
  • She is a fast learner with the ability to process information and apply it if necessary.


  • "Kr'anri is not amused."
  • "Kr'anri says bad bugs are tasty!"
  • "Kr'anri knows these words."
  • "Kr'anri wants to know...Where is Sarge's fur for his head?"
  • "Come on! Stop trying to hit Kr'anri, and HIT Kr'anri!"

Personal Likes/Interests

  • Kr'anri enjoys working with Delta.
  • She is curious and interested in life on Earth and learns something new everyday as she works with Delta.
  • Kr'anri enjoys taunting enemies who fail to hit her due to her Precognitive ability.


  • Kr'anri hates the Qularr and has no qualms about attacking and sometimes snacking on them.
  • Being ignored, overlooked or treated like a child.
  • Being called a pet.


Personality Assessment - Anri Kr' (Kr'anri)

Assessment Completed By: Dr. M. Summerstone


Kr'anri is an intelligent individual who possesses the ability to rapidly learn skills she is exposed to that are within her capacity to accomplish. She is quite perceptive and even without the use of her psychic abilities, she is somewhat sensitive to the way she is treated and understands matters more than most give her credit for. Despite her species being engineered for warfare, the base principles and ideals of a social system were instilled within the makeup of the Prosythians. As a result Kr'anri is a highly social person and will readily draw close to those who she sees as appealing. Even though she is a social individual, she can be very quiet in social situations and takes on the role of an observer in a similar fashion to a few of her other team mates. She is sensitive to being overlooked or being perceived as a 'child' or 'pet' both terms that she is vehemently opposed to. Kr'anri fully understands the concepts of justice, right and wrong and where to draw the line with regards defeating an opponent and killing them.

Social Interactions

Prosythians are highly social and even when in intense combat situations they were known to utilize their highly connected hive mind to lookout for one another and even allowed for fluid abilities (ability sharing). Although Kr'anri is a lone Prosythian, she is very receptive to attention and can be viewed as thriving on such attention in a similar way to how young and old people alike thrive on such attention. Her social interaction jumped tremendously after obtaining a translator which allowed her to hear, understand and speak human languages.

She has the ability to occupy two very different positions in any social interaction. In situations where she has a lot to say or can contribute considerably or wishes to voice a series of concerns or opinions she takes on the role of an "entertainer" in the sense that she can be quite active and animated and can initiate conversation and raise valid points. On the other hand, if she feels uncomfortable in a social situation or is unsure of how her opinions will be taken, or if they will be acknowledged at all; Kr'anri becomes an "observer" and simply watches the flow of the conversation. If she is of the opinion that her additions to the conversation will not be valued or acknowledged; she sometimes vacates her consciousness and interacts with the astral echoes of her Prosythian ancestors on the astral plane.


Generally, it would be correct to describe Kr'anri as a relatively contented individual, however her temper can flare quite suddenly when she feels that either someone she cares about or she herself has been insulted or sleighed by another. Beforehand Kr'anri would automatically lash out with both her telepathy and if her target was close enough her claws when angered, however after the necessary training Kr'anri's tolerance level was increased significantly. However despite this training when someone she cares about or has a strong friendship with is insulted, she does physically tense and has been known to give a warning growl. As previously mentioned, her anger can get the better of her if something is misconstrued or she perceives that a word or phrase is used in a negative manner towards a friend of hers.

Kr'anri's temper does flare up with impressive strength if she is thought of, alluded to or called a 'child' or 'pet'. Both of these terminologies used in a variety of languages both terrestrial and extra terrestrial are quite demeaning when used on those who do not directly adhere or identify to/with such groups. Her anger at such names stems from her past with the Qularr who frequently caged her during her confinement and regularly referred to her as a 'primitive pet'. As a result such hatred for this word used in general speech can irritate her unless it is placed in an appropriate context.

It is ill advised to anger her by calling her a 'pet' or a 'child', not only is this insulting due to her history with such a word but there is a high chance that Kr'anri will lash out.

Psychology and Mental Health

As a highly social being Kr'anri thrives in situations/instances/groups where she feels she has a connection to those around her and does not feel like an outsider. To put it very simply, Kr'anri is able to flourish as an person in an environment where she feels wanted and appreciated. She is a relatively excitable individual and enjoys spending time with those who she thinks are entertaining, good company or are similar to her. Kr'anri does have a tendency to form very strong connections to those she feels a connection to and to those whom she considers friends. In the event that they are in danger Kr'anri will do whatever she is able to do to protect them.

It should be noted however that due to her highly social nature, any form of loss, betrayal or emotional upset to Kr'anri via the loss of a friend, some form of betrayal or a situation where she is injured emotionally can cause her to have an adverse reaction. The extent of this reaction is usually quite extreme and can at times be all consuming, causing Kr'anri to withdraw into herself. This of course can affect her ability to fight or react to real world issues as she becomes almost a shell of her former self; this lack of control can allow place for her to give into devastating anger if she is allowed to remain in such a state.

This can be counteracted through a clear and thorough explanation of events. In the event that this is not enough, Kr'anri can be aided through the assistance of a telepath who is adept in such matters.

Like most individuals who have experienced certain situations in life or who have grown up in hostile environments, certain memories are burned into the mind and ideas surrounding the people who they have encountered leave different impressions in their mind dependent on their past/present relationships with these ones. Kr'anri has experienced much in her life despite being classed as a young person on Earth. These events have been less than pleasant after she was kidnapped by the Qularr and whilst they have had some effect on her, she was taught to use these experiences in a positive light to make her stronger.

Outside of the negative experiences of the Qularr and dealing with The Collective, Kr'anri's psyche is functioning and shows no signs of stress or injury. Due to the psychic surgery Kr'anri has undergone, her psyche is in good order and is well defended against psychic invasion, tampering or other forms of alteration.

To conclude, Kr'anri, from a meta psychological point of view is seen as a psychologically stable individual but she is socially sensitive, something which should be taken into account.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Public Opinions

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Personal Experiences File

Cavalier - "Kr'anri enjoys being with Cav-alier. Kr'anri thinks Cav-alier would make a good hunter. Kr'anri and Cav-alier are good friends. Kr'anri knows this."

Sarge - "Kr'anri desperately wants to know...where is Sarge's head fur?!"

Solaris - "Kr'anri and Cou'ra are good friends! Cou'ra is very warm! Kr'anri likes warm things. Cou'ra taught Kr'anri many new things, like 'pranks'. They are very funny. Cou'ra's sister is Black Diamond...but Cou'ra calls her 'Sparklebutt'...this may be her name after all...Kr'anri is not sure..."

Black Diamond - "Kr'anri does not always enjoy Sparklebutt's company. Sparklebutt is very bossy to Kr'anri and Solaris. But Kr'anri knows Sparklebutt is a good teacher and means well. Sparklebutt is strong and has helped Kr'anri fight better."

Techna Ology - "Kr'anri has been taught many things by Techna! Kr'anri knows Techna enjoys inventing...but if you ask Kr'anri...Techna needs to do more outside work. Kr'anri knows it cannot be good to be in the lab all the time. Kr'anri should mention this..."