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All information presented here is from Champions Universe, 6th ed., page 130-131.

Formed in 1986 by Dr. Sebastian Poe, a world-renowned expert on superhumans in general and psychic powers in particular, the Parapsychological Studies Institute was allegedly devoted to the study of superhuman phenomena and the training of young supers. It maintained that facade until 1994, when a bungled operation revealed it for what it was: a criminal conspiracy made up of supervillains with mental powers. Its cover blown, PSI went on the lam, becoming a somewhat nomadic supervillain group with a few minor bases scattered throughout the United States. Sebastian Poe was sent to prison and became persona non grata to the organization.

PSI earned a reputation as a powerful and deadly, if at times somewhat limited, supervillain team over the next dead. Its most successful scheme was the creation of Mind Inc., a self-help group based in Millennium City. In reality, Mind Inc. simply allowed PSI to accumulate profit, power, influence and potential recruits. But the whole thing unravelled in 2005 when PSI's core leadership - the telepath and telekinetic Psimon, his sometimes companion Medusa (Sebastian Poe's ex-wife), his other sometime companion Mind Slayer, and their chief lackeys - came under two-pronged attack. From the outside they were attacked by Kevin Poe, son of Sebastian Poe and leader of Millennium City's infamous New Purple Gang. Poe hungered for revenge against the people who "betrayed" his father and control of the organization itself. From within, PSI member Lancer and others loyal to her attempted to take over PSI to turn it into an "army" to use against the "anti-metahuman forces" she perceived were rising to power on Earth (as they had in her home dimension).

The resulting three-sided conflict ripped PSI apart, resulting in the deaths of several members. Mind Inc. was exposed, and several survivors of the fighting (including Psimon) were captured by the authorities. The rest of the members scattered, often becoming freelance supercriminals or going to work for master villains.

When Psimon escaped from Stronghold during the 2009 breakout, he got Medusa, Mind Slayer, and some of the others to join him once more, and PSI lived again. It continues to struggle against Kevin Poe and the New Purple Gang in Millennium City. Lancer and her followers have disappeared; some authorities suspect they accompanied her to her homeworld somehow, there to continue her fight for metahuman freedom.

Want to know more? Pick up CU6ed and Champions Villains Volume 2 for more information on PSI.

Notable Members:

  • Psimon: The leader of PSI is one of the more powerful psychics on Earth, although nowhere near the level of say, Menton or Mentalla. His primary usage of his powers is in psychokinesis, especially his trademark psi-giant form.
  • Medusa: Psimon's main squeeze, Medusa's primary power is the ability to telekinetically paralyze her foes, locking up their muscles and motor commands. She also possess a minor suite of psychokinetic abilities.
  • Mind Slayer: Psimon's other main squeeze. All of her powers are focused on her psychokinetic constructs, her personal favorite being razor-sharp "knives" she fashions from pure psychokinetic force and then throws at her enemies.
  • Deuce: Deuce's main power is the ability to manifest as psychokinetic "being", a semi-ethereal form of shadow, which she calls her Shadow-Self. It's tough, fast, can fly at tremendous speeds, and can create painful psionic interference via a wraithlike touch.
  • Hypnos: Hypnos specializes in Mind Control and draining the mental defenses of opponents, either for his own gain, or to bolster the other members of PSI. He's primarily interested in having fun and humiliating opponents - even it comes at the expense of his fellow teammates.
  • Soulfire: Much like his name suggests, Soulfire's ability is pyrokinesis - he can mentally excite molecules of matter until they combust, frequently with explosive effects. He's talented enough to be able to destroy bullets and other projectiles mid-air.
  • Torment: A pain-afflicted young woman with the ability to mentally inflict the pain she feels on other people. She's currently in the custody of the MCPD and is incarcerated at the Westside Prison complex.