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Simon Bell was just a college student at the University of Maryland with an unfortunate tendency towards migraine headaches when PSI found him. More precisely, Sebastian Poe, the scientist and founder of that villainous organization found him. Simon’s headaches were giving those around him waking nightmares, which Poe suspected were the results of a psionic manifestation.

Sure enough, Poe was right and Simon indeed had psionic powers. Thanks to Poe’s methods, Simon began to hone and develop his innate abilities. He was not only telepathic, but telekinetic as well. With his own intelligence, and Poe’s clever guidance, he became one of PSI’s greatest successes as well as Poe’s second in command.

Only one thing, however, could sway his loyalty from Poe. And that was Poe’s wife, the psionically talented Medusa. The two of them began a passionate, and tumultuous, affair. A romantic at heart, young Simon fell in love with the older woman. She, in turn, was impressed with his drive and assertiveness. She convinced him to work with her to take over PSI. The two of them got Poe captured and imprisoned by the Justice Squadron.

Psimon became the new leader of PSI, relocating it to the outskirts of Millennium City. Thanks to the set-up that led to Poe’s capture, most law enforcers believe that PSI no longer exists. In reality, Psimon and Medusa have been strengthening the organization and gathering even more power.

Psimon has actually been a good leader for PSI. He’s good in a fight and clever with tactics. He also is tremendously charismatic and willingly uses that to get his way. He’s aware that Mind Slayer is in love with him, and uses her loyalty to his advantage – so long as Medusa isn’t around to see it. Mind Slayer will defend him to death, if need be. However, Psimon can hold his own in battle quite easily. He uses his telekinetic power to create impenetrable battle armor; at that point he’s nearly unstoppable.


These days, he’s the power behind the new age self help organization, Mind, Inc. He uses the Mind, Inc. front to find potential mentalists; his PSI “counselors” scan all clients for psionic ability or, failing that, useful information. It’s been working brilliantly. So far he’s made a lot of money off of information Mind, Inc. has managed to gather for him. He’s also found several promising candidates to recruit to PSI. The more wealthy and socially connected the candidate, the better.