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Player: @RavenForce
CharmCaster Solo.png
"It is unwise to meddle with forces beyond your comprehension, so please...stand down."
Character Build
Class Focus: Damage
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: CharmCaster, Charm, CharmCaster of Nol, The CharmCaster of Mystos
Gender: Female
Species: Nolarian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Nol
Base of Operations: Astral Sanctum Sanctorium
Relatives: Infernous of Nol(Brother), Queen of Nol (Sister), Sy'lath Ria (Aunt, Banished, presumed dead), Mikan'pth of Nol (Father, Deceased) Di'ana of Nol (Mother, Deceased)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3 (However, it is known to vary due to mystical energies surrounding her)
Weight: 170 Ibs
Eyes: Blue (normally glowing blue iris)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Normally fair, but can vary.
Physical Build: Mildly Athletic
Physical Features: Brilliant sapphire eyes. Supernatural beauty.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Nollite, US Citizen
Occupation: Mystos Guardian.
Education: Various Non-human levels of education.
Marital Status: Single (Not looking)
Known Powers and Abilities
See Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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CharmCaster is a magical being from another dimension, who seeks to assist those of this dimension in the never-ending struggle against evil. Her incredible magical ability and extreme aptitude for magic and understanding of mystically imbued items make her a very valuable member of any team. CharmCaster is what most would call an Archmage and is one of the select few who has been assigned the title and been given the responsibility that comes with becoming a Mystos Guardian. As a Mystos Guardian, she is responsible for looking after whatever she is assigned to deal with. She is regularly and sometimes suddenly, summoned to The Great Hall where she receives her assignments from her superiors, known to most as The Ancient Ones. Two months after her arrival on Earth she encountered Mentella, who convinced her to join the Summerstone Sisterhood, she eagerly accepted and remains as a central member to the sisterhood.


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CharmCaster is an immortal Brialic entity of superior magical might. Having some interest in the lower levels of reality, CharmCaster or 'The Immortal Sapphire Force' as it is otherwise known, created a physical vessel to impart a sliver of its power to act as an emissary or avatar for it. In order to not destroy the vessel upon infusion, CharmCaster drip-fed it a sliver of its magical might over time, allowing the vessel to be born into a family and grow. As a result, the vessel itself has its own history which is as follows:

CharmCaster hails from the dimension known as Ax'zthutl Xs-oln, which translated means Dimension of Nol, one of the very few, yet lower Brialic realms which exist on a physical level.

For as long as she can remember she has been a magical being. A raw magical force seems to run through her body, allowing her not only an extreme aptitude for magic but, incredible power with the magic she learned. Whilst some level of magical ability was apparent among her people, CharmCaster's aptitude, raw power and skill were baffling. Being born into a royal lineage of Hex Mages and Soul Warlocks, unlike her brother and sister she for some reason inherited both and quickly surpassed her instructors, even forging new, powerful spells to add to her already impressive knowledge of those magics.

For this special inheritance, CharmCaster was then subject to years of vigorous training and teaching in the mystic arts pertaining to Soul and Hex Magics until she was powerful enough to control the raw magical energies within her. At an early age, her natural magical inclination seemed to be toward nature and various aerial spells for which she had an affinity for, but as time went on she specialized until she reached mastery. As she travelled her world and soon other worlds, she went on to learn about other forms and schools of magic. CharmCaster's somewhat confusing natural ability with virtually any form of magic she was introduced to attracted attention throughout parts of her reality.

Through careful guidance by 'The Immortal Sapphire Force' CharmCaster's enhanced and advanced magical talents soon came to the attention of The Ancient Order of Mystics, who soon approached her and offered her open access to the scrolls, incantations, tomes and books on magic in their library. She readily accepted this invitation and spent the equivalent of 2000 years within the Great Mystos Library learning all she could about not only magic but other beings and the knowledge of their worlds both from her own dimension and those from the lower realities.

Having assimilated the information contained in the seemingly endless sources of information in the Mystos Library she was accepted into the Ancient Order of Mystics and soon became an influential member within the Order. She left the sub-dimension of the Order to return home, in great hopes of seeing her family members again. Sadly all was not well at home, her people were suffering after the death of a dimension lord, which had left them vulnerable to the invading forces of hostiles such as Tyrannon The Conquerer & Skarn The Shaper.

CharmCaster's return brought hope to her people as they were pleased to have her assist them in their time of need. However, due to the foolish actions of a rogue element within their dimension, their dimension was on the brink of war with the dimension lord who resided over a neighbouring dimension known as Zorax Prime, in order to stop the planets from entering a war, her older sister offered herself as a sacrifice to the dimension lord, King Lian'li of Zorax Prime, to live out her days as a slave for their royal family. Her sister's sacrifice was readily accepted and the fear of war was quelled until the King became greedy, wanting the Nol dimension as part of his own in addition to lusting after CharmCaster to serve as she was "of superior visual value" than her sister. CharmCaster's well-expressed decline to serve as a slave alongside her sister, incensed the King Lian'li and he ordered for her to be captured and brought to his feet and for the invasion of the Dimension of Nol to commence.

On the eve of the remembrance of her sister who had left as a sacrifice to Zorax Prime, The Zoraxian Army who had already begun invading the dimension and stormed towards the palace, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They burst through the palace's fortifications and demanded that CharmCaster be brought out at once. Still unwilling to comply, her guards proceeded to engage the Zoraxian strikeforce, causing fatalities on both sides. Before any more bloodshed could be carried out, CharmCaster prepared herself and faced the Zoraxian Strikeforce Leader, who was a powerful warlock.

They fought within the palace grounds, almost ripping it to pieces with their spells. Her brother was hit by a misguided spell from the warlock, and something inside her snapped. CharmCaster's entire being flared dramatically, fully embodying The Immortal Sapphire as she mystically unravelled him, unmaking him. In light of this new development, she began a campaign to cleanse her dimension of any of the invaders, causing them to flee. She then cursed the Dimension Lord King Lian'li and his people to an enervation of power, which would eventually cause the Zorax Prime dimension to collapse over time.

She was looked upon as a new Dimension Lady but graciously declined the title, as she was aware of what it would entail. She was left to pick up the pieces of her surviving family and mourned the loss of her father and mother during the invasion. Her older sister was returned to her homeworld and took on the role of the new Dimension Lady of Nol. CharmCaster and her followers hunted down, the rogue elements responsible for goading the invasion, soon bringing them to justice.

As the last vestiges of the Zoraxian Army invasion force were rooted out of her home dimension, at long last peace ruled across the land. Impressed with her level of power and affinity for justice, the Order offered her the opportunity to join the Order as a Mystos Guardian. After much consideration, CharmCaster accepted the offer once again and she said her farewells to her family. She was then transported to the Dimension of the Order where she began her duties as a Mystos Guardian. CharmCaster spent aeons honing her magical abilities and learning various forms of magic in order to rise to the occasion and to live up to her title as Mystos Guardian. She was directed to Earth by the Ancient Ones to assist with its numerous and unusual issues.

Despite having contact over the ages with various mystics who were travelling to other realities, CharmCaster had never been to Earth, although she had read about it. She first arrived on Earth in the early part of 1987 where she was commissioned by her superiors to aid in stopping Kul-Turak The Ravager who had transformed himself into Takofanes. Takofanes appeared in Oklahoma and raised an undead army which marched for the east coast. Together with the super-powered beings of Earth, CharmCaster worked to stop Takofanes and managed to do so in Kentucky. After which Takofanes seemingly disappeared, only to appear once more during 2009.

With the apparent revival of Takofanes still lurking in the future, CharmCaster was primarily assigned to assist in protecting Earth and soon found herself in contact with an extremely powerful alien telepath who convinced her to join her sisterhood. The mentalist identified herself as Mentella and assisted her with, among other things, learning the basics of the human world and gain US citizenship as well as ASPRA registration.

Groups and Various Affiliations

Previous Affiliations

The Liberators

A few years ago, CharmCaster joined The Liberators, through the prompting of the sisterhood, she belongs to ( CharmCaster is a senior member of The Summerstone Sisterhood) and worked with them for a while and was one of its earliest members. Whilst she is no longer a member of the group due to her duties as a Mystos Guardian pulling her away from active service; she remains in contact with Swift, the leader of the Liberators.

Project Hecate

With CharmCaster seemingly grounded/remaining on Earth, she has been working closely with UNTIL's mystic divisions (Project Hermes) as well as their super team (UNITY), usually working alongside Dr. White & Dr. Black, both mystically imbued members of the UNITY super team. She has been seen working with the Trismegistus Council, a group of mystics who study arcane threats and strive to protect Earth from mystic menaces. CharmCaster also has strong ties to Witchcraft and has assisted her in the past several times, mostly against the dark power of her sister, the supervillain Talisman. On occasion, she has been seen with the mysterious being known only as 'Alara The Light Guardian'. With most of her time now on Earth, CharmCaster has been directed by UNTIL & UNITY to Project Hecate; a new division which is more focused on tackling problems of a mystical nature head-on, in the field. Upon expressing interest in this division, General Eckhardt made a personal request that she join the division and together with Mentella a contract was signed by both parties detailing the agreement. During her time within Hecate, CharmCaster helped Hecate against Vikorin the Blind and more recently ARGENT. Although initially CharmCaster was eager to work alongside her new team mates and had high hopes for the budding division, during a crisis situation, things rapidly fell apart.

After the crisis occurred within the team, CharmCaster was met with high levels of disrespect and hostility from her team mates as well as the UNTIL division members she was working with. This adverse reaction to her new position as leader (as the actual leader had been compromised) sparked several incidents of arguments between CharmCaster and several other members of Hecate, who did not conduct themselves appropriately or treat CharmCaster with basic respect as a person. As little to no progress was being made, a crisis meeting was called and for reasons yet unknown, the division supervisor (Cpt. Jade) did not honor CharmCaster's agreement with UNTIL and refused to allow CharmCaster to remain within the division as an Consultant and began the process of unnecessary interrogation. CharmCaster decided that she would no longer stand for such poor treatment and left the group, despite several pleas by members of Hecate for her to remain. It remains to be seen if she will be contacted by UNTIL's Project Hecate to discuss restitution for the situation which had clearly spun out of control.

In light of these unfortunate developments, CharmCaster uses her spare time to continue assisting Millennium City as part of the Summerstone Sisterhood until she is requested to join another group of superbeings (UNTIL or otherwise) or expresses interest to join one.

Current Affiliations

The Role of Mystos Guardian

Before coming to Earth, CharmCaster informed Witchcraft that she has a responsibility to Mystos and had accepted the role of Mystos Guardian of Nol - The Solous Guardian, much before ever coming across Earth. Whilst it is somewhat unclear at present what this actually entails, both to Witchcraft and other sources such as The Trismegistus Council, CharmCaster has divulged that she serves "The Ancient Ones of Mystos", who seem to have a wide range of 'Guardians' who work to prevent cataclysmic events from occurring on an incredibly large scale. With this information in mind, her work as a 'Mystos Guardian' can often lead to her working alongside The Trismegistus Council, UNTIL, PRIMUS, Star*Guard and on a more regular basis working with beings like herself who originate from one of the highest of the Four Worlds.

The Summerstone Sisterhood

Upon her arrival on Earth and several run ins with the likes of DEMON and VIPER and other dangerous organizations, she was contacted by Mentella who offered her a place within her Sisterhood. She accepted, as she has apparently had dealings with 'Xenians' in the past. It has been suggested that CharmCaster works within the Sisterhood as their resident mystic or magical consultant of some kind, however PRIMUS is currently unaware of what she does within the Sisterhood, aside from occasionally teach at The Summerstone Academy*.

Takofanes the Undying Lord

Takofanes the Undying Lord and Archlich

Despite having knowledge of him as Kul-Turak (Kul-Tarak in some translations), CharmCaster had never fought Takofanes before his first modern day appearance, when she came face to face with the necromantic might of Takofanes in 1987. He was the son of demons, the beloved follower of dark gods, and the most fearsome ruler mankind had ever known.

Takofanes is the Archlich, the supreme undead ruler. The power of his necromancy had transformed him into something far more powerful than he had been in life. He has long since been imprisoned by mages previous who sacrificed their lives to imprison him. He was awoken years previous and has since attacked the living world with his undead hordes, every Blood Moon using the Bloodmoon ritual.

Over the years CharmCaster has always been one of the many heroes who went up against him in battle. During one particularly powerful Blood Moon, Takofanes was at the height of his power, and was strong enough to fight off the heroes as well as CharmCaster during this encounter with him. It seemed as if they were winning until Takofanes acted and as the mortal heroes quickly fell, he recovered power allowing him to gain an upper hand in the fight, eventually leaving CharmCaster and a few struggling heroes as the last line of defense. The battle between CharmCaster and the Archlich had been drawn out and was simply a war of attrition; his army of undead minions, both normal undead and super powered undead heroes managed to overwhelm the protective wards CharmCaster had set up and attacked. Fighting them off continually as well as suppressing the life force siphoning effect that being so close to Takofanes produced, was slowly draining CharmCaster's strength. Knowing time was short before she was to be overcome she set up a soul ward and waited for the Archlich to consume her. Her raw magic power was irresistible to the Archlich and he did not hesitate to pursue her.

As she expected Takofanes came for her dragging both her severely weakened form into the depths of his hiding place as he prepared to retreat from the land of the living. CharmCaster's ward activated upon sensing the icy grip that Takofanes had and it pulled her back to Earth, the magical backlash having an increased effect on Takofanes as his time to roam the land of the living was drawing to a close. After freeing herself of his tremendously powerful grasp, her strength was seemingly spent, she mustered the last of her strength to return to her own dimension. CharmCaster's torn cape was found outside the Champions Headquarters, wisps of blue magic slowly encircling it, as the only sign she had survived Takofanes. It vanished a few hours later, presumably returning to where CharmCaster had travelled to.

After returning to her home world and recovering, she has since fought the Archlich successfully several times with the aid of other heroes.

Earthly Events - January to April 2013

The early part of 2013 saw CharmCaster further settle into the pace of life on Earth and into her place as a member of The Liberators and work hard reprising her role as a Mystical Arts Professor in The New Summerstone Academy for Enhanced Individuals. CharmCaster along with countless of other heroes aided in the effort to drive back Dr. Destroyer and his Destroid forces.

Working directly alongside her fellow sisterhood members, CharmCaster aided the UNTIL Sky Command Air Fortress using her spells and enchantments, summoning storms and lightning strikes to throw the outside attack force into confusion. She was directly aided by fellow Summerstones ForceGirl and PsychBlade.

After the ordeal with the Destroid Invasion, Millennium City found itself once again at the center of trouble. Having sensed a dark force at work, CharmCaster and Witchcraft took to investigating this developing threat alongside The Trismegistus Council. CharmCaster called upon her knowledge of the Unveiling, an old ritual used to force dark arts to reveal their true intentions, however the sheer amount of dark magic surrounding the event combined with her absence from the Astral Plane when casting the spell, severely weakened the power of the Unveiling. However it was sufficient enough to reveal that Lemurian forces were behind these strange and oddly powerful levels of dark energy which had seemed to pool around the UNTIL HQ, causing it to warp and sometimes even envelop UNTIL Agents.

However through dark manipulation the UNTIL Agents refused access to certain parts of the building where the dark energy seemed to be gathering the most. After crafting a charm to break the hold on the UNTIL Agents, it was discovered that the Lemurian forces were in the Dangerous Artifacts Vault.

CharmCaster and Witchcraft fought their way through the Lemurian forces alongside Akako Yamimori and were confronted with Resititutor Valo, a powerful Lemurian who possessed Pyros Magic and a rather large Axe. In amongst the fighting an artifact was stolen and smuggled out of the Vault by a Lemurian foot soldier who escaped using a Lemurian Tunneling Tank.

After gaining a picture of the stolen artifact, known as The Harbinger, CharmCaster searched the Great Mystos Library and found knowledge of not only the artifact but also of The Bleak Ones. She conversed at great length with Krax, an exile from Lemuria who told her as much as he could about those who worshiped the Bleak Ones.

Two months after speaking to Krax and consulting the Great Mystos Library, the very ground of Millennium City opened up, using the power of The Bleak Ones, combined with magic and technology the Lemurian forces cursed the sky and forced the seas to rise up and flood Millennium City making escape next to impossible, whilst making the destruction and Invasion of Millennium City by the Lemurian forces a lot easier.

The Champions and the government organizations were stretched thin, The Champions Defender and Sapphire were stationed in Millennium City aiding with the containment effort for the Invasion, whilst the rest were sent to Lemuria to cut the connection the Bleak Ones had to the incredibly powerful entity that rose from the water. CharmCaster aided in the containment effort fighting off Lemurian Arch mages and helping to banish the dark energy which had animated the creature attacking Millennium City.

The Lemurians fled after the fall of their primary weapon The Harbinger, presumably returning to Lemuria where they were most likely met with the Champions Team.

Earthly Events - May to July 2013

After the remnants of the Lemurian Invasion had been cleansed from Millennium City and the rebuilding of the City had been once again completed, CharmCaster returned to her dimension for a few weeks in an endeavor to find out more about the entity who appeared to know about her brother. She was told of his numerous adventures to other realms of existence and had consistently been attacked by an entity. After exchanging other pieces of information as well as some well deserved time away, CharmCaster returned to Earth and set to work pursuing this entity with her new found knowledge. She is certain she is close to a breakthrough, and is set on destroying this entity for dishonoring her brother's name and her home.

Apart from pursuing an evil entity, CharmCaster was deeply troubled by the resurfacing of an old evil, namely Takofanes, who brought his servants with him to attack the land of the living. Summoning his powerful Turakin Deathlords he commanded them to attack and drag the souls and bodies of the fallen down with them. CharmCaster and other mages assisted in the effort of closing the dimensional rift. However due to Takofanes necromantic magic he was unable to be harmed, but he swore vengeance on the heroes of Earth for driving him back down.

However CharmCaster knows he has been testing the power of this age of heroes and preparing himself...but for what is unknown to her.

She has also resumed her teaching position at The Summerstone Academy.

July- In July, CharmCaster was called away to her home dimension in order to assist in responding to a threat to her people, thereafter she was summoned to The Mystos to fulfill her duties as an Ancient Guardian.

Her attendance to her duties continued from approximately the 18th of July, when she left her home dimension and is an on going process. She has not been able to keep in contact with The Liberators for this period of time, in order not to cause worry she had created a magical clone of herself which acted and had similar levels of magic to her in order to have some semblance of her presence on Earth.

CharmCaster of Nol: Mystos Guardian Duty - July - October 2013

Forcing open a minor dimensional rift to travel to The Qliphothic version of Vibora Bay
Enchanting the rock to release the Vulcanus Gem
“As a Mystos Guardian, I am expected to frequently traverse through different periods of time and space in order to make sure things are running smoothly, as well as counteract threats which would spell disaster for a certain time period, those existing within that time period and in some thankfully rare cases, entire civilizations. Mystos Guardians have their duties and tasks sanctioned by The Ancient Order of Mystics and are expected to follow them without question.”CharmCaster of Nol

Whilst CharmCaster is reasonably new to being a Guardian of Mystos in comparison to other members, she has been instrumental in reversing potentially catastrophic events in mankind’s past, present and future from occuring. Once a Mystos Guardian is summoned for duty, they are to leave their current tasks and go off and attend to their duties, wherever they may be. On the 18th of July, CharmCaster was summoned to The Great Hall in order to be informed about the Interdimensional being known as Therakiel, whom she had encountered in an alternate time line, had possession of an “Object of Mystical Significance”, namely the Vulcanos Gem. By charging The Jewel of Chaar’ti with in the Unholy Flame, she would be able to pin point the location of the object and it’s keeper.

CharmCaster cast a powerful spell which duplicated her, a magical clone, which she instructed to take her place in The Liberators until she was able to return. In order to access the Qliphothic Realm, where Therakiel had placed the Unholy Flame, CharmCaster used her magic to open a rift between dimensions, in a place of high enchantment, namely Vibora Bay.

Summoning a magical barrier to protect herself and the Jewel of Chaar’ti
Fighting Cairngorm Stoneblood for the Vulcanos Gem
Defeating Cairngorm and retrieving the Vulcanos Gem.
Sending Cairngorm to a holding facility with magical restraints.

Once she had arrived within the Qliphothic dimension, she fought through a small number of Horrors before locating the Unholy Flame and charging the Chaar’ti Jewel with in it’s fiery grasp. Alara The Light Guardian contacted CharmCaster, notifying her that there had been a strange breach in another part of the Qliphothic Realm, but she wasn’t close enough to look at it herself, CharmCaster agreed to assist her fellow Guardian and friend and made her way to another part of the Realm where five stones had appeared within The Courtyard of Rituals. The stones were enchanted with powerful magic , the largest of the stones in the center of the courtyard seemed to contain the Vulcanos Gem which she was looking for.

However, her tampering alerted the keeper of the Gem to transport himself to where CharmCaster was attempting to retrieve the Gem, the keeper of the Vulcanos Gem was none other than the evil Druid, Cairngorm Stoneblood. She gave him a chance to hand over the Gem without any reason to fight, however he did not comply and engaged CharmCaster in combat. Both super-mages attacked, Cairngorm attempted to steal the Jewel of Chaar’ti from CharmCaster, however her quick thinking came to her aid and she summoned a magical shield to block Cairngorm’s spell.

The two fought until CharmCaster realized Cairngorm had been signaling to Horrors to come and assist him, she acted quickly and cast a powerful hex which overwhelmed Cairngorm, knocking him out, the Vulcanos Gem around his neck fell to the ground. As she sensed the Horrors converging on the fallen druid, CharmCaster retrieved the gem and sent Cairngorm in magical restraints to the Trismegistus Council Holding Facility.

Content with her work, CharmCaster attempted to contact Alara to confirm everything had gone well and she would return to The Great Hall, however she was unable to make contact with Alara, she travelled to the last known location where Alara had contacted her from.

CharmCaster attempted to trace her friend however her magical signature seemed to have been erased or covered very well and was untraceable. Her connection to Mystos was clouded almost as if an unseen force was clouding her connection.

The Tower of Sharna-Gorak
Before CharmCaster could make steps towards leaving the area, she was attacked by several Guardians of Sharna-Gorak, their power, amplified by the Qliphothic Realm coupled with Charm's exhaustion after fighting Cairngorm made her susceptible to attack and she was captured and taken to The Tower of Sharna-Gorak.

The Order of Sharna-Gorak was a cult overseen by Arakinos The Keeper of The Eternal Darkness, like Alara The Light Guardian and herself, Arakinos was an Interdimensional being. Once a proud Guardian of Mystos, Arakinos was known as Azael-ra The Cosmic Guardian, however during a mission into The Qliphothic Realm, The Kings of Edom warped his mind, making him over as their own personal puppet. After leaving The Qliphothic Realm, Azael-ra was a changed person, the tainting of his Comic Energy by The Kings of Edom had taken a toll on him, he attacked The Ancient Ones of Mystos and was restrained and banished. Stripped of his title as a Guardian, he changed his name to Arakinos and gained The Eternal Shining Darkness in place of his lost Cosmic Abilities.

Arakinos had a grudge against CharmCaster and Alara as they were the ones to defeat him. He intended to use The Tower of Sharna-Gorak to power himself allowing The Kings of Edom to feast upon the energy from CharmCaster and Alara's magic. Arakinos used powerful spells to harm and inflict pain upon CharmCaster whilst she was held captive, as he awaited the arrival of The Kings of Edom. With her connection to The Mystos being blocked, her magic under powerful lock and key and being surrounded by an enchanted prison which drained her of defensive energy, CharmCaster was all out of options.

"Time seemed to loose all meaning as I was tortured and subjected to the whims of the Horrors day after day whilst bound by the confines of my enchanted prison. The mystic symbols were older than anything I had ever seen, perhaps from the older parts of the universal magic, which regrettably I was not able to access, mentally I was trapped and was unable to pierce the veil into my sanctum to escape the torture or attempt to free myself." - CharmCaster of Nol

During her time in the prison, a sudden powerful rush of energy seemed to hit her briefly, which she quickly deduced was the magic she had been sustaining for her clone on Earth. It had been destroyed and the magic had returned to her, with her newfound strength she was able to send out an SOS to Mentella, knowing that this broadcast would alert The Summerstone Sisterhood and Alara The Light Guardian, CharmCaster bided her time and awaited the rescue she knew would come, only hoping they were able to come sooner rather than later.

Earthly Events - September - December 2013

Despite the apparent victory, the battle was not without losses, in a cruel turn of events during the battle a Mega Destroyer released a "Destroyer Wave", a blast of particle energy, holding the capacity to disintegrate any unable to withstand the blast. Some heroes were severely injured, others were unfortunately killed.

During the clash on the southern stronghold where both Techna Ology and CharmCaster were stationed, a Destroyer Wave was released, whilst Techna was appropriately defended, CharmCaster was sadly caught in the blast.

It appeared that CharmCaster had been disintegrated by the blast wave. Unable to accept this, The Summerstones exhausted their resources trying to understand what had happened. ForceGirl was close to coming to terms with the loss of a close friend when Mentella, whilst leaving ForceTech Industries, received a weak telepathic message from CharmCaster, in her native tongue which when translated was simply: "Help".

Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and modified CortexusTM. After weeks of searching, Mentella finally located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension. The Summerstones were contacted by UNTIL and alerted to a developing situation in Downtown where a Qlipthothic rift has opened and was spawning dangerous and savage otherworldly horrors. With the assistance of Witchcraft and the Trismegistus Council, the fought back the invaders and breached the mystical barrier which had been set up to keep the invaders contained. Upon breaching the barrier they worked to defeat the horrors driving them back towards the portal.

Once they reached the portal, Witchcraft realized she would not be able to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it incase it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting Mentella, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points, once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

"Time is malleable between dimensions, what may seem like a few weeks, as I came to learn was in fact months for Earth, my absence had been indeed lengthy. Whilst I am not fully recovered it is a source of great ecstasy to be surrounded by allies once more, I eagerly anticipate returning to active duty." - CharmCaster of Nol

Earthly Events - January 2014

CharmCaster was able to get her chance to meet part of DELTA, as she attracted their attention when re-entering this dimension after finishing a Mystos Guardian assignment.

The series of events which unfolded from that chance meeting was documented fully by Techna Ology's SPYBOT1:

Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

Earthly Events - February 2014

"With the Ancient Ones of Mystos granting me some time to myself after consuming my attention for a very long time, as is the norm for a Mystos Guardian, I was able to observe the strain my constant and sudden requirement to leave Earth and tend to various extra dimensional crises was applying to my relationship with The Liberators. Deeming such a relationship to ultimately end poorly, I thought it best to suspend my membership to the group with the view to conducting an official withdrawal. My only hope is that such an action on my part does not sour the ties between myself and the Liberators, as well as keeping in contact with the friends I have made within the group. I wish to express my gratitude and willingness to assist, if need be in the future." ~ CharmCaster of Nol

After having joined the altruistic fighting force that is The Liberators over a year ago. CharmCaster came to the painful realization that her relationship with the group has been put under strain as a result of her Mystos Guardian and Academy Teaching positions, which were allocated to her long before she joined The Liberators.

In light of this, CharmCaster has suspended her membership to the group with the view to making it official once she is able to get in contact with Swift and Hellion MK.II.

Despite her withdrawal from the group, she has expressed the desire to remain in contact with them with the hope of being able to assist in times of need.

Earthly Events - March 2014

"It was with a heavy heart and a soul steeped in sadness, that I was able to officialize my resignation from The Liberators on the 2nd of March 2014. As of today...I no longer serve as a Liberator. Despite the impact that has and will yet have, it is done with good intentions and is a product of much deliberation on my part." ~ CharmCaster of Nol

Following her self imposed suspension of membership with a view to officialize the withdrawal, CharmCaster was able to meet with Swift the leader of The Liberators and discuss her reasons for withdrawal and finally her actual resignation.

CharmCaster was able however to keep hold of the communications device that The Liberators use, in the event that she is needed to assist in a crisis. Despite the tearful and heartfelt send off, CharmCaster and Swift parted on amiable terms. She informed him that she would be contactable via The Mystic Foundry and also by the communications device she still kept, all of course provided she was not occupied by a Mystos Guardian assignment.

Shortly after departing from Swift's presence, CharmCaster was summoned to The Great Hall, presumably for another Mystos Guardian assignment.

Powers and Abilities

Non Magical/Innate Abilities

As a basic defense mechanism as a Nollite, she possesses a small healing factor in the form of blue wisps of magic which dance around any wound quickly sealing it up and relieving a small amount of pain. CharmCaster is a magical being, but despite this she has some training in the wielding of hand held weaponry such as swords, bows and possesses a moderate level of athletic ability. She is capable of speaking several languages outside of her mother tongue, which includes Xenian, Suumarian, English and Pratoa. CharmCaster's people can live for around 10,000 years and some with particularly powerful magic can live for much longer.

CharmCaster as a magical entity has lived as an incorporeal being from time immemorial and has as a result 'lived' various lives through time. Whilst no two lives are the same, CharmCaster as an entity (decidedly a 'female' entity) retains memories of her past lives and can call upon these memories if necessary. CharmCaster's immortality and ability to be reborn is not an ability possessed by her people despite their magical nature. Immortality and rebirth is special to a very select few who are part of the Great Mystos and are given the title of Mystos Guardian.

Most other Nollites when they die, have their magical essence and energy returned to what is known as 'The Well of Life' which is a wealth of magical energy which is constantly added to and removed as Nollites are born and die.

Immortality and Death

CharmCaster, whilst she can be defeated; she will reform in her home dimension and can simply return to Earth. This is due to her innate mystical energy and her empowered magic gained from being an Ancient Order Mystic. She is also able to revive herself using her Soul Ward if she should fall in combat. Not all Nollites possess this ability, only six percent of the population have this ability.

If CharmCaster is attacked or severely injured by conventional weaponry or technology with no powerful mystical ties, there is a small chance she could die but this death is not at all permanent nor will it take her long to recover. Upon death in such a way her body simply disperses in wisps of sapphire energy and slowly reforms on the astral plane before being transported back to the plane of existence she was removed from. CharmCaster is able to defend herself with powerful spells but in her past there have been rare occasions where she has been overwhelmed by immensely powerful physical and mystical means and has effectively 'died'.

If CharmCaster is killed with magic far greater than her own such as the magic and lives of several powerful and talented arch magi; CharmCaster's immortality manifests in another way, namely rebirth. This can occur in a number of ways; her soul and consciousness could be returned to Nol where she would inhabit the body of a newborn child which had been prepared for this express purpose, using her magic she would be able to take on this new body and tailor it to resemble her previous form. However there is only so much her magic in such a fragile state (after losing her life) can achieve, so she must grow with the body she uses and wait until the body itself is strong enough to store her magical energy. This process takes a considerable period of time and dependent on the number of arch magi who gave their lives to dispose of her it can take between fifteen and twenty five months for her new body to be able to fully contain her magic energy. In the mean time her magic is housed within a sentient dimensional plane.

Another method she has been known to employ is to reform herself entirely within her home dimension and travel between the Four Worlds to return to wherever she was, this is a much faster process and may occur within the space of a quarter of an hour or less.

Casting a Destructive Hex


As part of an inherited magical ability, Hex magic runs through her very being, it is her basic form of magic and is very destructive and powerful. It can interact well with organic and inorganic substances, with usually a powerful explosive effect. It can be called upon to curse, severely damage, inhibit or incapacitate foes. It is so inherently destructive, that CharmCaster does not use it often, as she prefers to stick to either natural or elemental magic. However if pushed or if the situation calls for such destructive magic she will tap into her hex magic. She is proficient with this magical ability and has trained for a considerable amount of time to hone and perfect control over this magic.

CharmCaster's blasts of her hex magic often manifest physically as "circular hex runes" or "rune orbs" which seem to depict the form of magic she is utilizing, however this identification seems to be shrouded by her power of her hex power. As a symbol of her 'ownership' over the magic she wields her hex magic takes on a striking sapphire color when cast.

CharmCaster having fully transformed an opponent into a random object.

Probability & Transformative Hexes

She has the ability to manipulate probability via her hex magic; CharmCaster accomplishes this through a variety of ways, all which to a extent act by manipulating the fabric of reality itself and affecting probability fields around the objects and people she encounters. Her hex magic, with focus on her part, can be infused with greater power at the cost of a lowered ability to affect probability fields around her target, resulting in effects such as, a more potent magical attack and a secondary effect of low level paralysis or negligible negative effect to the affected target.

These hexes are travel relatively fast and are long range, but are limited to her line of sight or ability to clearly see her target. Casting a transformative hex with the intent to transform her target permanently requires a very specific gesture and concentration on her part, though the gestures are largely a focus for the concentration, this of course is not very time efficient in a highly charged battle situation, as a result it is rarely used, unless she is alone. Temporary transformative hexes on the other hand, are almost second nature to her and require no special gesture or focus.

Her hex blasts at their most basic level can be used to inflict moderate to high amounts of pain, decreasing the target's resistance, if any, to her consecutive magical attacks. They can also be used to draw power from an opponent via their soul energy, increasing her own energy.

With reduced levels of energy, despite CharmCaster's nature, namely being alive with magical energy, a lack of 'soul energy' can cause her hexing abilities to weaken significantly. Whilst it is incredibly rare for CharmCaster to be in a situation where her mystical might hits this 'soul energy' deficit, she does not always use her hexing ability as fully as she is capable of doing, partly out of concern for herself but largely due to how she is perceived by those she associates with.

Casting a Banishment Hex

Banishment Hexes

CharmCaster is able to cast banishment hexes, these are unnaturally powerful hexes which are infused with a combination of her magical knowledge which create portals to other dimensions or other parts in space and time. These hexes by nature banishes those it is cast upon into random places in space and time, which of course is problematic if they are sent to the recent past as this will cause significant effects on the present and future. In order to avoid such issues, CharmCaster focuses her magic to send her opponents to places where they will be unable to cause harm, she can also directly 'banish' her opponents to local places known to be occupied by law enforcement, such as Stronghold facilities or Prison Complexes. The more extreme side of her ability to banish her foes, is her ability to confine an individual or group of people to a particular plane of existence or trap them in a certain unit of time until they cease to exist in their current form. This is achieved by casting a powerful hex tied directly to their very essence, this hex, literally stops them from escaping or progressing out of the banishment confines.

Banishment hexes can also be used as a form of cleansing, allowing CharmCaster to rid allies or civilians of magically ravaged states of mind, body and soul by separating the two and ridding the other of the magically induced affliction. Depending on the strength of the possession or magical affliction it may take several attempts before the affliction can be removed.

Chancing the weather, using the Aerious Incantation

Weather Manipulation

As a student of Mystos, one of the many vast stores of knowledge CharmCaster gained experience and focused on when in the Great Mystos Library was the ability to chance the weather. Whilst this ability is unpredictable in its chance to occur, CharmCaster has more luck than most when casting it, this is perhaps due to her extreme magical ability. Once such spells do work, CharmCaster is capable of generating cutting winds of up to 140mph around herself and expanding outwards. She has enough control over these winds to allow it to bypass her allies and only affect her foes, she can also manipulate these winds to act as a sort of repulsion field removing enemies from close quarters combat.

In addition to storm generation, CharmCaster is also able to focus lightning into a tight sphere around her, usually frying any enemies who are within range and short circuiting, destroying or severely damaging robots. Her ability to 'chance the weather' is somewhat limited to her environment, if on land she may have no trouble casting such an enchantment, however casting such an enchantment underwater could have highly negative consequences or it may not work at all. In such places where wind is not present such as in space, CharmCaster's magic will generate energy which has a similar effect to the wind.

Preparing a Soul Ward before a fight
Extricating and channeling soul energy from an opponent into herself.

Soul Magic

CharmCaster also inherited the ability to use, cast and manipulate magic in relation to souls. Due to the teachings she learnt from her father, she is aware of how easily such power can corrupt a person, so she limits the use of such magic, but will use it when necessary. CharmCaster can and will assist those with problems such as having their essence trapped inside an unfamiliar object, and she has the ability to transfer souls from one person into another. This is usually a very lengthy process and may take hours to complete but can be done in a matter of moments if the person has been temporarily bound to an object or have switched bodies.
Utilizing a Soul Vortex

In a similar manner to her Hex Magic, CharmCaster's Soul Magic is unnaturally powerful and if possible CharmCaster does not invoke it's use in combat for offensive purposes in conjunction with her hex magic as the resultant effect would likely be catastrophic and may have ripple effects on her other forms of magic or those around her, she strives to keep these magical abilities separate from each other when employing both for offensive purposes.

CharmCaster typically uses soul magic to increase the potency of healing charms and she uses soul wards, which not only heal allies but allow her to bind her very essence within the ward, so that if she should fall in battle she may rise again, fully restored. If another magic user steps into the ward, in an attempt to gain her essence for their own, the ward will destroy itself in a violent display of power, which has the potential to rob them of part of their magical ability. In the event of her "death" the ward will consume it's regenerative energies and infuse her being with life, this action however destroys the ward, stopping her from casting it for a time.

She can utilize her Soul Magic to defend herself by erecting powerful shields comprised of soul energy to protect herself from any form of attack. These shields due to their nature, draw energy from CharmCaster's soul energy, however she can power this shield by draining the soul energy of her enemies, making them weaker as she maintains the shield.

One of the few offensive forms of her soul magic that she will openly display is the ability to extricate and absorb the soul energy of another. CharmCaster is also capable of trapping foes in a vortex of soul magic, which can scar and afflict her opponents soul.

She can also sense and read the souls of others, whether dead or alive. By reading souls, she can see/feel the being's characteristics, personality, feelings, memories, whether they even have a soul, damage their souls has endured. CharmCaster has in the past, possessed people utilizing her soul magic, although this is an exceedingly rare ability for her to display.

Before her encounter with Takofanes, CharmCaster was not a user of Soul Anchoring, however she has cast a self made enchantment over her own being, protecting herself from the Soul manipulation magic that beings such as Takofanes possess.

CharmCaster's soul manipulation abilities do not work against those known as The Soulless Ones, fortunately she is aware of their existence and would be made aware of their presence if they were to enter into the dimension she currently serves.

CharmCaster crafting a Charm

Charm Casting

Charms are another form of inherited magic which are a central part of her being. She uses charms mostly to soothe, heal and aid her friends or to manipulate, confuse or weaken foes. They are predominantly used in conjunction with her nature spells, allowing her to call upon various charms to impart healing energies to both herself and her allies, as well as to chance the weather, or to provide energy which she can manipulate for a range of defensive purposes, such as generating shields, barriers, casting concealment spells, combat charms and allowing her to take to the skies using levitation charms as well as spells for interdimensional travel.

Ancient Order Sorcery
Summoning an Astral Being to aid her in combat

CharmCaster as part of the Order has mental access to the entire collection of spells, incantations, runes and summons which are contained within the Great Mystos Library. As the Mystos Library is the biggest and most complete collection of powerful spells in the history of magic, only few beings who are chosen by the Order are granted access and are able to perform such high levels of magic. CharmCaster calls upon various spells and incantations, most of which she did not formerly focus on. Using Ancient Order Sorcery, CharmCaster is able to summon undead servants to assist her for a time, summon great astral beings to assist her in combat, generate localised magical storms, use ancient weapon spells and one of her most enjoyable incantations is the Incantation of Epriara. The Incantation allows her to summon the Sceptre of Ak'mura through which she can call forth tremendous energy and direct it at her foes.

Reality Alteration

CharmCaster's magic is so potent that she can use her magic to alter or bend the very fabric of reality. She seldom uses this skill as it is quite taxing to carry out. She has only used it once on Earth, when the odds for survival were changing to be less and less in the favor of mankind during the rise of Therakiel and the cataclysmic face off between Shadow Destroyer and Therakiel. Using her reality altering magic she changed the fabric of reality, forging a reality and an alternate time line for Juryrig to send her team to so that they could have "a second chance" in order to prevent their future from happening.

Time Manipulation

Another of her more potent and seldom used magical abilities, CharmCaster is capable of slowing time to the point where she can stop it for a brief period. Whilst not as taxing on her magic as Reality Alteration, she prefers not to use it unless a situation calls for it. She is also capable of "reading" time lines, this can happen at random times whilst meditating or whilst in combat, these "readings" come to her in painful, almost overwhelming chunks of information. They are characterized by mind numbing headaches and she usually must make sense of them quickly, as they do not always make sense on the first vision. These forced "readings" usually happen if she has neglected to read the time lines or if something of significant interest will occur soon to either her, her allies or her friends and family.


CharmCaster possesses an extremely potent aura, it is a product of her mystical might. It is said to be an ancient charm which the Order endowed her with, it allows her to strike fear into the hearts of her foes and acts as an almost placating influence to all those around her. Her Aura is directly linked to her emotional state and can fluctuate in power, usually increasing in its reach and influence on enemies. On the rare occasion it links to her soul magic projecting dark flames around her, this is only apparent when using forms of necromancy or when she is excessively angered. Due to it's powerful nature, CharmCaster quickly found it had a negative impact on technology, usually short circuiting robot forces or just simply destroying them. Her aura is visible to those who can sense auras, and usually shines with an almost blinding light, if she is aware aura sensitive beings are close by she will do her best to dampen the influence of her aura.

As far as abilities go, CharmCaster has been trained how to defend herself to a relative degree in close quarters combat by Black Diamond and is a fairly decent astral combatant thanks to Mentella. CharmCaster's brilliantly blue eyes are natural to her people and they allow her to see the surface thoughts of others and define them as friend or foe.

Her natural beauty is only increased by her mastery over charm casting together with her aura, and usually makes a strong impression on people when they meet her for the first time, this was illustrated when she came into contact with a fellow member of The Liberators for the first time. Blast-Beetle was reduced to a stuttering wreak once he laid eyes on her well-developed form, much to her amusement.

Though rarely used, CharmCaster's people are capable of reading, manipulating and traversing time lines. This innate ability means she is able to go through time and can manipulate and predict the time lines of people around her, she can also slow time around an individual heavily rooting them in place, however she has used this ability in conjunction with her hexes to bring misfortune to her foes.

CharmCaster is also capable to altering reality to great extents. Due to the sheer magical might it takes to alter such a powerful force as reality, CharmCaster does not use this ability often and would prefer not to.

Thanks to her knowledge of The Great Mystos, she has the ability to excel at any form of magic, she must first apply herself and learn.


  • CharmCaster's magic is limited to her ability to think and act on her own behalf, therefore if she is under the control of a powerful telepath or under some other sort of manipulation her magic will likely not work.
  • Without her magic, CharmCaster is fairly vulnerable to attacks of a non magical nature. Energy Weapons, Bullets etc can harm her.
  • Her alien physiology can cause complications when and if she is exposed to certain fumes or substances whilst she is unable to access her magic
  • CharmCaster is able to do reasonably well in hand to hand combat, against one opponent, more than one and she stands a high chance of loosing without employing magical assistance.
  • CharmCaster is new to Earth! Therefore her english is not as fluent as a native and she sometimes makes mistakes or reverts back to her mother tongue or mixes up phrases.
  • Despite being an immortal, CharmCaster can die and this does, as expected, cause excruciating pain.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

Infernous of Nol?

A rift torn into the weave of the dimensional web by the Champion Witchcraft during the recent Demonflame Incident. Became an object of desire to certain beings who wished to enter this dimension to cause large amounts of destruction. One such being was a powerful astral being which had somehow come into contact with not only CharmCaster but possessed knowledge of her brother as well.

By forcing sufficient qliphothic energy into the tear that Witchcraft attempted to seal, the rift for a small moment of time opened up, allowing this being to bring his followers and himself through into this dimension. Disguising itself as Infernous of Nol, CharmCaster's brother, it was able to gain some sort of leverage over her. Her hesitation in battle was the opportunity it needed to escape.

However, this being knows it is only a matter of time until CharmCaster sees through it's deception. Once it's true name is revealed to her, the deceptive spell surrounding it will break and it's true form will be exposed.

It is also aware it has not properly disguised itself..announcing itself as "Infereneous of Nol" instead of "Infernous of Nol".

CharmCaster has been working on solving the mystery of this entity and has managed to find it's true identity, thereby exposing it's true form to non mystical and to sorcerers alike. Using the Charm of Zartha, CharmCaster was able to reveal it's true form.

She has identified it as an astral being, it possesses powerful magic, akin to her own however less adept at utilizing it. Unable to contain such a being in normal restraints such as power suppressors in Stronghold she will have to banish it to a volatile dimension, sealing it behind her so as not to allow the being and it's followers to escape.

The Liberators

The Liberators was originally a group founded in 1981 during the height of the Cold War by a heroine named Vortex Storm. The original purpose of the group was to assist in sabotage and underground efforts against the USSR in an nationalistic effort to combat communism. The Liberators reached the peak of their existence in 1989 when they participated in the ongoing revolutions by the Soviet Union's satellite states to break away from the controlling socialist regime. From their inception, their primary goal was to spark and fan the flames of revolution, to influence said countries to accepting a more capitalistic society with the possibility of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The group was largely independent and operated covertly to aid efforts to undermine the Soviet Union's power; the Liberators was aptly named by Vortex Storm who believed that it was an American duty to fight and release territories of the Warsaw Pact from the Soviet sphere of influence.

With the official dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990s, the original Liberators became less relevant. PRIMUS later decided to appoint another commander to the team in order to keep it from being disbanded, however this person did not last long in their position before being killed, causing a heavy drop in morale and the remaining personnel to leave. By the time Tony Griffins was appointed the third commander in 2008, the group was reduced to only 6 registered members. The Liberators experienced a brief surge in activity and seemed to stabilize, but a mission gone awry in early 2009 resulted in the death of the executive officer at the time, also leaving the team traumatized.

Newly inspired and with restored vigor, the Liberators were reformed with new members in 2011. CharmCaster joined early on in the first few weeks of the reformation of the Liberators and remained a Liberator for three years. As of February 2014, CharmCaster has suspended her membership to the group with a view to an official withdrawal, due to certain circumstances and changes in time demands she has experienced recently in connection to her primary duty as a Mystos Guardian.


  • CharmCaster does not enjoy unsolicited physical contact in any form. Exceptions to this are people that she has known for a long time, friends or fellow Mystos Guardians. Outside of these specific groups she has been known to react very negatively to physical contact.
  • She loves reading old books and enjoys history
  • CharmCaster prides herself on being active when it comes to the meting out of justice. As a result she detests being bored or having little to do.
  • For the best part of two months she had an unnatural fear of furniture.
  • CharmCaster spends her time between various different time lines, dimensions and places when she is not on duty as a Liberator.
  • Occasionally she can be found meditating within the Enchanted Foundry.


  • "This is the Sceptre of Ak' will now feel it's power!"
  • "Ax'zthutl Xs-oln, Zabrossa, Krhtysr..."
  • "You should not have come here, this place is rich with mystical energy, it may ruin your technology..."
  • "Greetings, I am CharmCaster of Nol, how may I be of assistance?"
  • "A true and wise mage does not make with haste to enter into combat but seeks alternative pathways to violence. However when there is no other pathway, violence does have it's place."
  • "Touch me again and I will send you screaming back to the realm from whence you came."

Personal Interests/Likes

  • Reading ancient scrolls and arcane books
  • Visiting places of historical interest
  • Fighting alongside other heroes
  • Teaching others magical spells
  • Casting protective wards to assist her allies
  • Working with other mages/magic users


  • Villainous Organisations like DEMON and VIPER and ARGENT
  • "Foul" Magic otherwise known as dark magic or magic used for dark or evil purposes.
  • Being bored

Psychology Profile- PRIMUS Report

Subject: CharmCaster of Nol

Psychological Evaluations Team - Dr. Mitchel Jarlesson, Dr Henry Glite & Dr Leanna Ypres

Report ID - 208743CE

Foreword - From what we have observed CharmCaster is fairly laid back but has a very strong sense of justice, when she sees an injustice by her standards she is quick to act. Usually flying in or stepping through some dimensional door to the situation and attempting to correct the injustice. She seems to be magical in nature and vastly powerful however we are not sure just how powerful she is at this point in time, however she has shown signs of fatigue when fighting for extended periods of time. A member of the psych evaluation team reckons this is intentional to "make her seem normal or less of a danger", whilst there is no substantial evidence to support this claim, there is not any evidence to refute it either.

We had made several attempts to contact the group of aliens she seems to stay with when she is on Earth, namely The Summerstone Sisterhood and the result was a small portion of the aforementioned information, however their 'leader' Dr. Mentella Summerstone, refused to discuss the psychological aspect of CharmCaster and instead suggested we speak to her instead or better yet simply observe her. We opted for the latter. A year long observational study was carried out on the subject and to our knowledge the subject was unaware. The majority of the information regarding the subject and their abilities comes from our Mystic Foundry informant and Witchcraft, both of whom have worked with and conversed with CharmCaster on a regular basis regarding a wide range of topics.

Regrettably this psychological evaluation did not bear the fruit we were expecting as aspects of the subjects psychology seem to not match with anything we have seen before nor anything that remotely links to the ICD or the DSM for that matter, in a similar way to our highly inconclusive observation of several alien groups. As a result this 'personality profile' is not as full of information regarding the subject as we would have hoped to gain from observation. Whilst it is clear that the subject seems to be a benevolent force, I would propose funding to go into setting aside time and resources into studying such a creature as this subject. Being from another dimension and willing to aid humans is certainly unusual, not to mention their apparent immortality.

Dr. Henry Glite - Professor of Developmental Psychology, MSc, PhD


A number of basic social customs seem to baffle the subject, as she appears to not understand various things and "rituals" that are carried out or simply regards them as futile. For example she has on many occasions voiced concern over physical interaction between individuals, such as "The instantaneous crushing of another person" (hugging), "the interlocking of palms" (hand shakes) and "the prolonged and suffocating interlocking of lips" (kisses). She refers to such behavior as strange and does her best to avoid situations where such behavior is required, requested or offered to her. Could this possibly hint that in her dimension, such displays of intimacy are non existent?

The subject has shown intense curiosity towards the flora and fauna of Earth, and on occasion spent hours simply observing wide open fields or reading literature on such topics. Her social skills are improving and have increased dramatically since her first interaction with a human however there have been incidents where things have gotten slightly out of control. For example, she was involved in an altercation with two other magical beings and a few of their mutant allies. It was reported that she summoned an 'Astral Entity' who 'wished to view this plane of existence', sensing that there could be some danger in channeling the being she set up 'a protective ward' that 'would not allow her to channel the being IF it was not of good intention', she gave ample warning to the surrounding people, but after summoning the being she was treated with extreme hostility, and was labeled dangerous and was threatened with violence. Thoroughly perplexed by the violence she retorted in like manner and was prepared to banish them. Banishment seems to be a common method employed against those who attack her or are highly dangerous, some banished aggressors are brought back to this dimension, a shell of their former self. We are yet to interview one of them.

The aforementioned situation thankfully did not end in banishment as she apparently made use of a subtle charm to quell the situation and left apologizing to the crowd and making peace with those she had previously quarreled with. The subject's temper at times such as documented above can get the better of her, but generally she does her best to calm the situation before it gets out of hand. She seems to enjoy time by herself a lot more than time with others as she is not familiar with jokes or conversational topics used on Earth, however she does spend time with her teammates from The Liberators and is eager to assist her fellow team members on missions, so far she has assisted in going up against Necrull, Luther Black, The Left Hand, DEMON and the remnants of the Qliphothic Realm.

Note - The subject seems to be governed by an internal sense of justice, but is willing to take orders from other people to a point. She is generally well mannered and kind to those in need. More information needs to be obtained in order to construct a reliable and accurate psychological evaluation of the subject. Members of the team have suggested approaching Dr. Summerstone, whilst I am not opposed to bringing in or at least attempting to bring in outside help, I am wary that we would be asking an alien to evaluate an extra dimensional alien, whilst Dr. Summerstone has achieved much in her studied fields and has earned the titles attached to her name, she is still not human and such a unique perspective may skew the report we obtain. I maintain that allowing such creatures to remain on not only American soil but on Earth is a mistake, one which we may not live to regret.

Dr. Leanna Ypres - Professor of Clinical Psychology, MSc, PhD


Note (Direct response to Dr. Ypres comment) - At this point your obvious bias towards aliens seems to have impacted your ability to remain objective and focus on the person being evaluated in this report, instead of using it to vent personal frustrations and/or feelings. I would strongly suggest reading up on just one of the available reports she has compiled on humans and judging for yourself her professional accuracy and ability to convey information. I will now attempt to summarize, the frankly pitiful 'scraps' of information the team as a whole have managed to gather regarding CharmCaster's psychological make up.

Dr. Mitchel Jarlesson - Professor of Social Psychology, MSc, PhD


Psychological Report

CharmCaster seems to be governed as previously mentioned with an internal sense of justice and operates with a view to helping those weaker than her, this seems to be a genuine desire as she does not outwardly express the need for thanks and has on occasion come under harsh treatment by those she has assisted or rescued, blaming her 'type' for the situation they were previously in. CharmCaster seems to take this sort of discriminatory behavior in her stride, as long as she is not physically set upon. In such instances she does defend herself and leave. On a social level CharmCaster has a fair amount to get used to or comprehend when it comes to things such as human interaction, customs, socio-cultural norms etc. It should be noted that she has been making progress and this is visible through the interactions she was enjoying towards the end of the observation period.

Whilst most of the psychologists on this evaluation team believe that she was not aware, I would gladly be the first to disagree with this assertion. CharmCaster, although she may not seem it, comes across as a highly knowledgeable individual. Previous information supplied by Witchcraft and corroborated by two members of The Summerstone Sisterhood seems to suggest she is capable of viewing time itself, so it is entirely possible and more than likely she has known about this report being written before we were assigned the task. A thought which is remarkable and frightening at the same time.

The nature of her magical power and it's estimated range does give rise to a plethora of questions, however of more concern to this report and evaluating team is the nature of her psychology. It is becoming alarmingly apparent that human psychology is simply not adequate to account for and explain extra dimensional beings, aliens from other galaxies and star systems or even other threats which originate from below the surface of the water of our own planet.

Perhaps it is time to call in specialist assistance from our resource pool, namely the super heroes who live on, in and across the planet. I would recommend considering this course of action, especially with the interest Earth has been drawing from other sentient species amongst the stars.

Dr. Mitchel Jarlesson - Professor of Social Psychology, MSc, PhD

PRIMUS Psych Squad

Public Opinions

Are you affiliated with CharmCaster of Nol? If so feel free to express your opinion of her!

"Charm? Yeah she's an interesting one, she's always seemed a bit distant to me, not much of an initiator of conversations, she observes..alot, to tell you the truth it's kinda unnerving..and those eyes..boy do they glow weirdly. Nevertheless, she is awesome, she's got my trust and my friendship, she looks out for others and helps where she can" - Black Diamond

"She's really pretty! She's very kind and considerate as well. I've had multiple chances to study the energy which she can manipulate which others call "magic"..but I havent been able to work out exactly what it computer systems are light years ahead of that of Earth and most other planets, it's Xen Tech..and not even it can compute or label the energy she uses. Any way..where was I? Oh yes..commenting about Charm.. She's almost regal, she has a very royal air around her. Before she joined The Liberators she rarely left the mansion..I think it's a good thing she's with them, it'll open her eyes to alot of things. She's a great person and she is always able to diffuse a situation, a great skill to have in my opinion!" - ForceGirl

"CharmCaster's expansive knowledge of the universe and other dimensions is astounding. She is always prepared to help others, no exceptions and she has a powerful sense of justice. Her trust can be gained easily, but when she starts to use her spells, any web of lies you wish to create to get close to her will be revealed. I like that about her, reminds me of my ability to see through people's intentions and into their minds. She is always ready to assist and can take on responsibilities with great results. She is reliable and trustworthy. And like all my Summerstones, and asset to any fighting force. Her recent association with the Liberators is an interesting development, I just hope for their sakes, no one tries to harm her." -Mentella

" Charm'sa great addition ta' my team and I'm really pleased ta' have her as my friend. She's got a good heart an' a sharp mind. She's the mediator an' good at diffusing tensions, making everyone's day a little brighter. She's one of tha' few mages that I truly trust." -Swift

Personal Experiences File

CharmCaster was approached after leaving the scene of a super powered apprehension effort with The Liberators and was able to speak to a representative and give her opinions of those she has worked with in the past.

ForceGirl - "A remarkable young woman in her own right. ForceGirl is very interesting individual, she is very intelligent and powerful, like her sisters. Although she refuses to acknowledge it she is a very powerful individual, perhaps one of the most skilled wielders of force fields and kinetic energy I have come across in all my travels, a truly compassionate individual who is never without concern for the welfare of others."

Mentella - "She is an extremely powerful individual, and a highly skilled astral combatant. She is without a doubt a sought after asset to any team, and is quickly able to turn the tables upon her foes with but a thought. I have a deep respect for her. Although tis not apparent at first, Mentella is caring and uses her skills and resources to aid others. Her combat abilities are second to none and she is truly a mistress of the mind. What is more disconcerting however is her ability to overwhelm her foes so easily, when one comes to realize that she is showing a lot of restraint."

Black Diamond - "Ah, Black Diamond. Truthfully, I do not know her as well as I should, regrettably, the fault is my own to bear in this regard, between working with the Liberators, teaching at the institute and being a representative for the Ancient Order, I have not been in the best circumstances to learn more about the rest of the Summerstone Sisterhood. However from what I observe she is most durable, even without her diamond form, she expresses high levels of defiance in the face of Mentella however, which is most amusing but unnerving at times, I am thankful they have not fought in combat against one another thus far.."

Techna Ology - "Techna and I have a rivalry of sorts, nothing harmful though. She seeks to consistently prove that my magic is some sort of science, she is not the first to do so, I have met many a man, woman, 14th Dimensional Beings and Entities which try to prove my power as some sort of science. Of course it has not and will not be proven as a science, but I do enjoy confounding both ForceGirl and her with my magic. Techna is surprisingly resourceful when it comes to technology. As a techno path she has the ability to manipulate not only pre existing technology but also raw materials for technology she wishes to create. She is extremely intelligent and remarkably open and easy to talk to. I find her 'hero worship' of DE:LTA's Cavalier most amusing."

Swift - "Swift of Earth is an honorable ally and a trusted leader. I find his bravery and determination to be particularly impressive. I believe I am happy to call him a friend. His leadership of The Liberators thus far has been sufficient and he continues to strive to do what is right even in the face of such staunch opposition. I fear sometimes he is too hard on himself and I believe he..."Wears his sleeve upon his heart." I am not sure if I have got this expression correct, forgive me if I have not. What I mean to say is that he is an extremely emotional individual which at times can be a great blessing as it pushes him to act. Mr. Griffins certainly lives up to his field name as "Swift" as he is very quick to dispatch his foes in combat."

Blast-Beetle - ""Blast-Beetle of Earth is an interesting human, despite the situation he may be in, he is always able to rise to the occasion and has almost an aura, if you will, of optimism. He consistently strives to do the right thing and for that I am happy. He is a valued asset to The Liberators and I am glad I am one of his friends. Personality wise, he is most charismatic and epitomizes the phrase "loud and proud". Like myself he is not overly fond of confrontations between heroes, especially ones he knows well. He enjoys fighting foes to a great extent, he is able to increase his enjoyment at the expense of his foes by constantly irritating them, causing them to loose focus and act in a less than dignified manner, which is most amusing."

Revolucion - "Vherio/Revolucion, is an interesting individual. As one of the eldest of the Liberators bar myself, he has had an interesting and lengthy life. He currently exists in a..."ghostly" form? His soul is bound to a mechanical avatar by a combination of an exorcism which backfired and the usage of his own ingenuity. Not much is known about him, I haven't been able to contact him in a while truthfully. However he is a fine combatant and has the equivalent of nearly two centuries of military experience. He strives to work with the Liberators and as all of us are, an asset to the fighting force."

Circuit Shock - "Honestly I believe I have not come across this individual in the field nor at leisure. Due to my responsibilities, I fear there are quite a few Liberators I am not familiar with, which is a shame. However I do hope to meet him soon."

Infernous of Nol - "He is my brother who currently resides in my home dimension of Nol. He was briefly on Earth to assist me in clearing his name when an Astral Entity manifested itself on the physical plane in a body with a similar fashion to himself. Like me he has a strong sense of justice and is a powerful mage."

Kontrol - "A somewhat companion of Mentella the leader of The Summerstone sisterhood, Kontrol is perhaps the representation and perhaps a testament to human thinking, knowledge and intelligence, however despite her vast stores of knowledge she remains in staunch opposition to the concept of magic, which amuses me in some respects. She is somewhat distant to the experience of emotions in other beings, something which Mentella had explained to me, but truthfully...I...did not understand fully. I can sense she is opposed to arcane forces due to her unfortunate experience with another magic user, so when dealing with her I do my best to not mention the Arcane Arts. I also get the impression she is somewhat, even if it is very remote, interested in either myself or my brainwaves, as I am from another dimension my brainwaves cannot be picked up by her technology."

Arkane - "A man known as Skylar Rhodes who possess strong mystical talents, he is powerful in his own right, however Mentella informs me he has performed questionable actions in the past. I recently met him in an alternate form. He has transformed himself into pure magical essence, held together by the strands of will power he possesses, which is impressive for a mortal. He enjoys confounding his...fellow team mate(?) Kontrol with his magical talents knowing she finds it difficult to accept."

Cavalier - "I have yet to meet this man which Techna speaks so fondly of. She is most unrestrained when talking about him and seems to have placed a rather unrealistic view of him in her mind. ForceGirl says it is "Hero Worship Syndrome", whatever that may entail. According to Techna, he is "Super: Cool, Hot and Awesome, I am unsure of how someone can be both hot and cool at the same time...perhaps he possesses the power to control both heat and cold? Until I meet him for myself I will not know.."


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