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Player: @Zrex29405
Blast-Beetle on patrol!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Richard Rayner
Known Aliases: Rich, Beetle
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: John Tyler (Father/Deceased), Jennifer Tyler (Mother/Deceased), Oswald Rayner (Adopted-Father), Bonnie Rayner (Adopted-Mother), James "Jimmy" Rayner (Adopted-Brother), Bethany Rayner (Adopted-Sister)
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Lean Muscular
Physical Features: Lean Face, Cleft Chin, Perfect Teeth
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Leader of The Urban Legends
Education: College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

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Born in 1990, Richard Rayner was nothing short of a normal kid. Average build, intellect, and everything a kid should be. Happy and healthy. However, when the infamous year of 1992 came around, his life turned upside down. The vile Doctor Destroyer took it upon himself to raze the city anew, not caring for the innocent lives of thousands of people in the city of Detroit. John and Jennifer, his mother and father, took action as they made sure their son escaped the oncoming destruction, and the traumatic experience forever scarred the young boy. His father gave him a briskly written note for Rich to read one day when he was older of why the world was the way it was. His grandparents would come to take care of him for the rest of his young life, as he would grow up in the farmlands of Ohio. The last thing he saw of the city was through the back window of his grandpa's truck, as the massive beam engulfed the city...

Richard would learn the value of hard work and dedication to one's craft, as he tilled the fields and fed the animals on his grandparent's farm when he was eight years old. With not much else to do, Richard would put a good amount of time studying for school, making sure he passed his classes. "Richy" as he was known to the other kids, was always the class clown, getting into trouble a fair bit, and having his share of bad jokes which translated to a lot of detention time in his grade school years. Even with that, he would graduate high school just a tad shy of being at the top in his classes.

His college years were not different as he sought a career in marketing. He graduated from Ohio State in 2010, with a business degree. Now living on his own he would move back to the new Millennium City, to be closer to his past...and parent's graves. After renting an apartment in Westside, he was quickly hired by Harmon Labs as an intern. He would learn the work ethic and work his way up eventually. One night, however, would change his life forever as one of the scientists had left the door open to the power armor lab...

There it was. The prototype "Exo-Comp" armor (External-Compact). He contemplated the choice he had been given. For years he had been tormented by the memories of his childhood, and how helpless he had been ever since. He hadn't been born with powers or any special abilities; just a normal, run-of-the-mill guy...and here was his chance to change all of that. It didn't take much else to convince him what was right and what was wrong...

Needless to say, Richard took the suit in hopes of becoming a force for good, and somebody would stand up to the evils of the world. With a little paint and some tweaks, "Blast-Beetle" was born! For the next two or so years, Rich would become a force to be reckoned with; patrolling the fair city, and stopping any crime that was within his sight, hearing, or smell. He found local work in being a hero and applying for UNTIL's hero service to get pay after hero work.


While flying around on his usual patrol, Richard comes across a group outside of Club Caprice. This group would come to be known as the Liberators as he joined them in some casual sparring, proving himself to them as a capable ally. The next day they would meet again at the bar as Beetle would go to socialize with them and giving Tiel'rah his radio frequency so that they may call him in case of an emergency. And that they did! Blast-Beetle was called the next day in order to deal with a dire situation...of collecting ingredients for a concoction of sorts. After running their errands, he met more members of the group as they gathered in the park. They were quickly beginning to grow on him as he contemplated joining them and their adventures.


After joining the Liberators, Richard met Albert Z. and learned of his origins. Albert was a genetic clone of Doctor Destroyer and shared his voice and some likenesses. The more time Rich was around him, the more he came to realize the growing danger of continuing to have him throw fits, and grow violent toward his fellow team members, which could result in a bloody conflict. The only option was to have the group take a vote on the matter after he brought it up to the attention of the group captain, Swift. After a lengthy meeting, it was decided that Albert was to be kicked out of the group, much to his own protest. Upon the reveal of Albert's origins to a local officer, Swift was arrested for harboring a clone of Destroyer and was taken to jail. Richard pleaded to be taken instead, fearing for his captain, his pleads were not heard as Tony was carted off. The trial was the next day, and Blast-Beetle was needed on Monster Island, so to his own shame, he had to miss the trial.

Coming back the day after the trial, Rich was met with shame and anger. He was attacked by Albert's brother Dormamo, and Project Delta who were both other members of the Liberators. The emotional pain only increased when Tielrah Ser'ai came back as well, having missed the meeting and trial the days before. Knowing he had gone behind her back, Richard gave up, wanting to quit being a hero, in fear of making the wrong choices again. Tielrah had also been dating Albert, which made things even worse for Beetle since he brought up the issue without her vote or consent. She came to him and attempted to be sympathetic with the broken Blast-Beetle, but his mind was clogged with sadness and shame. He simply left his armor behind and took a plane to live in the Canadian wilderness, where he believed he could be a true man, living an ascetic lifestyle, hunting animals. After a while, he was found by Tielrah Ser'ai as she tracked him down to attempt and console him again. A lengthy conversation did not do much to change Rich's mind as he figured he had to prove himself as a man first. Defeated, Tielrah walked away, and only a few moments later did Richard realize that he was already a man. He threw down his make-shift spear and ran after her to apologize and come back home to his team and family.

Richard found himself in Brazil for most of March, tracking down the drug lords and various cartels of the region. There he was secluded from his team and was not able to communicate with them for the time period. He was gone until he returned late in the month. When he arrived back Tielrah Ser'ai was nowhere to be found, and he was left alone. He reconnected with the team again, and became the Liberator's solitary recruiter, making sure the group is spread far and wide.

Upon his return, Richard was reunited with Keirum, a woman whom he had met sometime in the city before, helping her in her struggle to regain her lost memories. Rich recruited her into the Liberators as she seemed to fit like a missing piece to their grand puzzle, and he slowly started to become attracted to her. Eventually, they found they were fond of each other and got together, with Richard moving into her apartment.


Two years have passed after Richard hung up the Blast-Beetle mantle. His falling out with Keirum and quitting the Liberators left him to become a freelance hero for quite some time before he left that life behind. After watching Grond rampage through the city on his day out he realized the dream isn't dead as he reawakened the hero inside!

Blast-Beetle has returned!

4 Years Later...

Richard had been a loner for quite some time now, though his lack of peers caused his maturity to plateau. Every daily mission was followed by an evening at Caprice, trying to score with any girl that happened to pass by. He had even let himself go a bit, though giving up drinking kept him from having a beer belly! In an evening of excitement and personal pride, he randomly began recruiting other patrons at the bar. This notably included two other popular heroes, Raven Witch and Giant. After a long debate, over what was originally was going to be a temporary team, The Urban Legends was born!


Raven Witch

One of the founders of The Urban Legends, Aurana is his go-to for most things. Often seen as the second in commander for the team, she teases him often for being a general clown, and for his past attempts at hitting on her.


Another founder of The Urban Legends, and original leader of the team. Although an incredibly notable hero, and respected by Richard, he left the team (multiple times) for various reasons. This caused Richard to have to step up (and grow up) to become the new leader.


Penny is the team goofball, and rightfully always gets on Richard's nerves (often taking the spotlight from him). He is not heartless however and has given up on giving her a hard time over her antics. He views her as the younger sister he never had and would do anything for her.


Mia and Richard have connected and shared a few moments. He respects her a valued member of the team and seems rather oblivious to her advances on him.


Nikol is an incredibly powerful member of the team, as she is literally living electricity. Though this is also a case of Richard's bias toward letting women on the team, as he also has a persistent crush on her. She often teases him and causes his perfect hair to stand up, much to his dismay.


The team's mentalist and psychiatrist/therapist. He confides his emotions in her, and is impressed by her intelligence.


The tall, brooding, hockey-masked vigilante of the team! Richard recruited him in a time of need, and is still quite afraid of him, mostly citing the fact that Friday the 13th always scared him growing up. Sometimes he imagines Hank standing in the dark corner of his room, or outside his window. Scary.


Though not close, Richard has a lot of respect for Zeni. Her strength and abilities greatly impress him, though surprisingly, he has never had a crush on her.


Currently the newest member of his team, Slipstream has shown a lot of promise, and Richard is growing to like him.

AMA-31X (Amy)

A rogue alien android from outer space! Richard was skeptical of her at first, but seeing her apparent humanity has made him ease up. He has been trying to help her discover some hobbies!


Tielrah Ser'ai

Richard's first super-powered girlfriend! Unfortunately, she died years ago...


His original burly best bud on the Liberators! Though he probably moved away?


Team leader of the Liberators. Though their relationship was rocky at times, Richard always respected Tony.

Circuit Shock

His other best bud, that turned evil and killed innocent people before he was killed himself. Has recently met another version of Ryan from an alternate universe!


Richard's second super-powered girlfriend! That relationship did not end well!


CharmCaster and Richard were pretty tight back in the day. He had always had a major crush on her, but she never seemed to notice.


The Gecko!

The Gecko: Blast-Beetle's villainous rival is a cocky, egotistical thief for hire who loves nothing more than making money and occasional chaos. Genetically modified, his strength is double that of a very fit individual, and his agility allows him to move through tight spaces with ease. He can leap from wall to wall to reach high vantage points, and he is incredibly flexible, which he uses to pull off humanly impossible athletic stuns. Gecko's fighting style is improvised and lacks the form of actual martial art, but that doesn't mean he can't perform the feats of a well-trained fighter.

His suit is a very flexible, elastic build that goes hand in hand with his moves. He usually carries some concussion grenades among other throwing gadgets, as a means of hitting ranged targets. His gloves are clawed for his athletic climbing stunts so that he may easily grab ledges, but mostly there for a little flair. His mask features a compact ventilation system, making him immune to gas weaponry and various odors.

His relationship with Blast-Beetle is nothing more than a rivalry in the shape of a "Good guy-Bad guy" scenario. They fight not only in physical ways but also in wordplay as making fun of each other becomes a priority. Gecko's usual quips towards Beetle are along the lines of not having powers, and Beetle's are more of his nemesis being a general scumbag...and being short.


Suit: The Exo-Comp suit provides not only ample firepower but superior protection for almost all harm. Made of Kendrium, the armor boasts incredible durability, and also practically being unbreakable. It can withstand the elements of fire, ice, water, etc., and be perfectly fine in most situations. It provides an incredible amount of resistance to the wearer and is only vulnerable to unconventional weaponry, such as various magics, powerful weapons (Nuclear blasts, large-scale explosions), and Questionite. Otherwise, Richard barely feels a thing inside his cozy shell, though getting tossed around is still a bit painful.

"Beetle" Missiles: Blast-Beetle's trademark weapon is nothing more than a simple missile with a twist. The rocket features two prongs on the end, meant to embed itself in a surface, and then explode with a prolonged detonation. The concentrated blast is meant to rupture the target by punching a hole in it with the explosion, and creating a split in armor, or object, making it easier to land critical shots with kinetic blasts, or minigun fire.

Kinetic Bracers/Generators: Rich's suit is powered by kinetic energy in his bracers. Two small generators on each side of the forearm are constantly spinning and providing energy for the suit, and the ability to use kinetic blasts from the suit's palms.

Jetpack: The pack that Blast-Beetle carries is also his form of travel, and means of removing the suit. With a few clicks, the suit retracts and stores itself in the backpack, allowing him to put it away if he needs to. The suit also feeds off of the power of the jetpack, which generates more kinetic energy for the system along with the bracers, so there is a constant cycle of self-sustaining energy.

Tactical HUD:His retractable helmet and goggles provide Richard with a variety of information ranging from temperature readings to weather forecasts. The targeting feature allows the suit to calculate where a moving enemy will be, and aids in showing the area that Rich must move his hands to be accurate.


"I gotta hand it to ya, beetle. You're a good friend, an' you always seem to have some sorta charm tha' lifts the team's spirits. Keep up tha' good work, alrigh'?~ Swift

"Richard is a Human prodigy of hope and inspiration, he is the one who gives me motivation to help out everyone every day, though he can be a bit headstrong, he's a good man, he's kind and generous, He's the light of my life." - Keirum

"Blast-Beetle of Earth is an interesting human, despite the situation he may be in, he is always able to rise to the occasion and has almost an aura, if you will, of optimism. He consistently strives to do the right thing and for that I am happy. He is a valued asset to The Liberators and I am glad I am one of his friends" - CharmCaster

"He was a Good guy, Too bad I never really was a Good person back then." - Doctor Albert Z