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In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

LIBERATORS 2011-2017


Liberators Tower (decommissioned) | The Citadel (decommissioned)

Members at time of dissolution

Swift | Skarius Snowtalon | Nulion | Ouros | Viro
Hellion MK.II | Atlas Sarnosian | Trembling Mind | Lionel Blacke
TALAN | Velocies | Wintermist | Vherio | Hyena
Duuz | Charlie Lang | Kuro Hiryu |
Red Tesla | Livina Uaisbro


Swift | Velocies | Lionel Blacke | Skarius Snowtalon | Roland Vlocke
Brian Thomas | Helena Wolfe

Associates and Allies:

Creed |Davkas Droverson | Tai Cheng | King Nocturne | James Walker | Shadow | Umbra

In Reserve / Status Unknown:

Fang | Firefox | Nik Buster | Varulfr | Blast-Beetle

Deceased / Former Members:

Rocket Wolf | CharmCaster | Techna Ology | Kados | Rhiannon Frost | Ephrael Wilson

The Liberators are no longer operating in Champions Online. Swift has been updated to reflect his current status as a retired hero. For more information see the United Liberators Coalition page.

Firestrike9mirror firing.png
SWIFTPRIMUS background.jpg


Drawing of Swift by @Firestrike2

Player: @firestrike2
Biographical Data
Real Name: Tony Griffins
Known Aliases: Swift, Gunman (Formerly)
Gender: Male
Species: Manimal
Ethnicity: Vulpine
Place of Birth: New York
Base of Operations: Millennium City, United States
Relatives: Michael and Anna Griffins, Raelin Griffins (wife), Trixxy Gamble (half-sister), Prowler ("brother")
Age: 29 (at retirement, this page will not be updated)
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Orangeish-red
Complexion: Furry
Physical Build: Athletic, slim
Physical Features: Orangish-red fur, white underbelly, black tipped ears, forearms and legs.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 8
Citizenship: Flag USA.png United States
Occupation: Director of Aerospace Engineering at Vlocke Aerospace Industries, Director of the United Liberators Coalition (formerly), Captain of the Liberators (formerly), PRIMUS Officer, Mercenary (formerly)
Education: Master's degree. Pilot's license, mechanical engineering qualifications.
Marital Status: Married to Raelin "Rae" Griffins
Known Powers and Abilities
Pyrokinetics, heightened reflexes, agility, speed, enhanced hearing and sense of smell.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Firestrike-9 rapid fire pistol, submachine guns, enhanced computer tablet, regenerative armored suit, Bladewing pack, gunship.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Tony Griffins
, better known by his callsign 'Swift' is a retired superhero and the current Director of Aeronautical Engineering at Vlocke Aerospace Industries and the former Director of the United Liberators Coalition before its dissolution, a metahuman organization devoted to stopping superpowered and organized crime. He works with advanced munitions and technological weaponry, specializing in tactics. He is generally known for often having a cheerful, outgoing personality,his expertise on aircraft, his attention to detail, and skill as a strategist and leader. In his off duty hours he enjoys socializing with members of the Liberators and anyone willing to stop by for a chat.

Identifying as an 'anthro bestia', he was formerly human, mutated by an illegal genetic experiment conducted by Okita Technologies when he was college. After years of struggling with who he was and his identity, he has finally come to accept it. In 2017, he retired from hero work to raise a family and to work for Roland Vlocke as an aircraft designer.



Tony was born to Michael and Anna Griffins in New York City, moving later on to Michigan in order to attend college. His childhood was strangely mixed; his parents spoiled him greatly but it was merely in an effort to keep him quiet and out of the way. They were wealthy and often neglectful, but not to the extent where they would forget to feed or clothe him despite their incredibly aloof and busy lifestyle. On the whole, his upbringing was benign in the sense that it lacked the tragedies and abuse that many other heroes experienced.

During his stay in Michigan, the Qularr attack on Millennium City had taken place. An organization called Okita Technologies received authorized funding from the state government in order to research a super soldier program for the city's police force, as well as construct prototype battle mecha that would attempt to rival Dr. Destroyer's destroids. At the time, Tony's parents were beginning to become frustrated with his dormant lifestyle (in reality only wanting to get rid of him), and in response he began looking for ways to improve himself. Due to his intelligence and peak health, he applied for and was accepted as a candidate to undergo a genetic enhancement process that promised him the ability to protect others and join the police force. He believed that by doing so he could finally gain the pride and love of his parents.

Tony (right) outside school with friend Sean Wolfe
 Okita Tech was responsible for Griffin's transformation. Pictured here are the tanks that Griffins and six other subjects were encased in during their mutation.

The project was only a half truth. Most of the subjects were subjected to the enhancement process as stated in the contract, but a 'black clause' led to six of the forty volunteers that were chosen to be put under a heavily guarded, underground program not on Okita Tech's official agenda. Dr. Okita had mentioned before that he hoping to branch out and find a way to reverse the procedures of the infamous Doctor Moreau and restore humanity to those who had lost it. However Okita's actual intentions were quite different; he intended to create a 'perfect' manimal soldier with both magical and physical capabilities.

To achieve this, Dr. Okita targeted a family of fox manimals living in Chicago by the name of Gamble, who in their bloodline had the desirable genes and DNA sequences. Hired mercenaries stormed their house and murdered the parents, taking away the oldest brother for experimentation and leaving the sister orphaned. Felix Gamble was vivisected alive as Okita extracted the genetic information needed, and then disposed of. With this new data Okita was able to formulate a solution and mutate the six human subjects into identical clones of the original manimal. When Griffins had emerged from his maturation tube after six months, he and his family were horrified at what he had become. In addition, Griffins suffered acute memory loss. Okita deemed the manimal projected a failure and ordered the liquidation of all six test subjects. With the exception of two (smuggled out by a sympathetic Dr. Tanaka), all of the manimals were executed by firing squad.

His mother and father literally kicked him out from their home, and he was unable to find shelter with his friends, as they too were repulsed by his new appearance. One particular friend, Sean Wolfe, absolutely refused to speak to Tony after the incident and thereafter he never saw him again. Though not all was lost, as Okita Technologies began to bankrupt and mysteriously collapse a few months later.

Start of Hero Career

With little knowledge of his own history or much money to start off with, Griffin's rejection was akin to telling a child to suddenly leave and fend for himself. This, coupled with the fact that he had previously led a life of ease, made adapting to the world extremely difficult. The first few months were spent in isolation, living off of scraps and leftovers from the restaurants in Little Italy district of Westside. Griffins was nevertheless resilient, and in time he managed to recover and land a small job assisting the police department after lending a helping hand in capturing a crime boss that was terrorizing Chinatown. Though never officially an officer and having never attended a police academy, he was regarded as part of the force or at least a close ally.

His early dealings were also in Westside, where he played a key role in numerous arrests and detainment of mildly powered criminals and mob leaders. He became somewhat of a favorite among officers due to his ability to assist police by literally running down thugs and then cuffing them.

His agility at this task earned him the nickname "Swift".


As he slowly became more able-bodied and powerful, he registered with the Paranormal Research Investigation Mission of the United States (PRIMUS), who then assigned him to a team of supers known as the Liberators, and assumed command of the group after their previous leader had resigned. Under his watch the Liberators expanded and began taking assignments extended parts of North America, including locations such as Canada and the Southwestern desert. During this time he had met a woman named Rhiannon Frost, a metahuman with remarkable powers in generating force fields and psychic energy. Initially she was antagonistic toward him, but eventually warmed up and became his second in command. Swift felt that this was the first person who truly understood him and found relief in being able to talk to her.

Swift limps through the wreckage in the aftermath of the Steelhead incident.

One fateful day the Liberator team was dispatched to Force Station Steelhead to deal with what would seem like a normal incursion by ARGENT. However, communication was disrupted by a violent snowstorm and an alien ship, belonging to a race called the Roin'esh, crash landed near the facilities. The team fought their way to the nearest shelter, where they managed to fend off attacks until morning. Frost and Swift alone infiltrated the main Steelhead building, which was under control of the Roin'esh at the time. They were able to liberate the building, and boarded the Roin'esh ship to put a permanent stop to the alien threat. The commander proved too much for the two, and Rhian knew that it was hopeless. She sacrificed herself to save Swift.

It was a bitter ending that would quickly lead to the worst period in his life. Not only had the Roin'esh emerged undefeated, losing Rhian was a devastating impact on Swift's well being. Other team members in the Liberators continued to press on, but the group slowly began to fracture. Alone, he resigned from the Liberators in hopes of finding a fresh start in another team.


Swift had sunken. He began a life as a bar fly, lurking most notably at Club Caprice. He was out of work, and relied on his inherited wealth from his now deceased uncle to help him pass by. It was during this period where he met a gynoid called S.E.R.A.P.H., the leader of the Mercenary Agent Contract Enterprise (MACE) He joined the group, but initially struggled to fit in. The death of Rhian Frost and the demise of his team had left him rather insecure and bitter. He was reclusive around other members, and experienced trouble socializing. His timidness and almost childlike behavior frustrated the leader, but nevertheless she managed to put some effort into helping him pick up the pieces.

Over a period of months Swift's attitude slowly improved. He eventually rebuilt his confidence and finally accepted himself for who, as well as what he was, and made the effort to make friends and reach out to others. He began to pay attention to how he dressed, and began working out at Carl's Gym to eliminate his then-scrawny build. Through his hard work and tenure at MACE he eventually became one of Seraph's executive officers. Somewhere along the line, the MACE team was hired to attack the base of operations of a manimal poacher, and after liberating the warehouse, Swift stumbled upon an arctic fox manimal named Raelin, someone gifted with the powers to manipulate frost and ice. Outside of MACE, the two began to fall in love. Raelin helped Swift finally find his place in the world, and inspired him to later leave the mercenary group for one purpose.

To resurrect the Liberators.


Liberators stand at attention.

Swift rebuilt the Liberators into a team that was stronger than any of its previous incarnations. The organization was dedicated to helping those who need help or call for it, free of charge. The Liberators operated primarily in Millennium City and the United States, but their scope was expanded to assist people worldwide. A close-knit group of diverse individuals with all sorts of training and backgrounds, the Liberators has become not only the team he leads but his family as well. Earning money was mostly a secondary objective, as most members of the team feel that it is rewarding enough to do the right thing and accept payments from sponsors and PRIMUS in order to get along and fund their organization.

Swift has also married Raelin. Because of their close relationship, she decided to take on the callsign of "Velocies", which is the Latin form used to describe the word "Swift". Since the reformation of the Liberators, Rae has since helped him with everything from moral support to assisting the team on missions and helping with the Liberator's tech. She is also an adept pilot, manning the helm of the Citadel, Phoenix, and Valkyrie.

Swift has managed, at this time, to reconcile with his mother. He also has a "brother", the other survivor of Okita's experiments.

As of 2017, Swift is retired. He currently works a civilian job at Vlocke Aerospace Industries.


Swift demonstrating his affinity for and ability to manipulate fire.

Swift relies on his agility and speed to dodge attacks from enemies. His combat suit does offer protection against radiation, kinetic, energy, and chemical attacks, but the energy required to power the force fields and inertial compensator typically ends up draining the battery quickly and requires constant recharging or replacement. For offensive attacks he employs a large variety of munitions weaponry and/or support craft, custom built and fitted for the task at hand.

  • Biological capabilities
    Swift has superhuman senses, having the capability to listen to conversations all the way on the other side of a large room. Being a canid manimal his sense of smell is very well developed, as are his reflexes and capacity to sense movement. His body is very resilient against damage, regeneration enabling him to ride out injuries that would kill a normal human being and recover from them extremely quickly. However, he lacks the additional strength that many humans have gained through similar modification processes, instead having actually lost muscle mass during the original transformation and having to rebuild it by exercising.
  • Pyrokinetics (Fire-Bending)
    Over the course of his career, Swift has been repeatedly reporting overheating in his suit. At first it was attributed to his fur and a possible malfunction with the cooling system, but in a later diagnostic it was found that not only was the cooling system functioning fine, it was cooling the suit at a level that would have actually frozen most people to death. This among other subtle things was a sign that he was gifted with an affinity towards pyrokinetics: the ability to conjure, control, and bend fire at will; his ability to manipulate magic to some degree was the result of an unlocked magical gene Okita was attempting to experiment with. This was confirmed after he began sneezing sparks and accidentally causing things to ignite, as well as spontaneously combusting himself (without injury).

    Though Swift was incredibly reluctant to have anything to do with magic, his friend CharmCaster warned him sternly that this was a gift to be used, and running away from it would only hurt him. From that point on, Swift has begun training with a skilled master in order to hone this ability. Charlie Lang, a pyrokinetic more gifted than he, is now his mentor.

  • Additional skills
    Swift is an adept mechanic and pilot, able to not only maintain and repair his equipment but customize and enhance it as well. He possesses fighter craft and a large gunship, all of which he can proficiently maneuver. He has a pilot's license and is trained to be a professional mechanic working on complex machines such as military aircraft, power armor and so forth, his intended career after he will eventually retire from hero work. His resume includes impressively him as the designer for the Citadel and Phoenix II.
Swift with both Firestrikes drawn.
  • Limitations
    While his hearing is acute, it is extremely sensitive. In order to prevent pain or ear related injuries he must wear a specialized set of electronic noise filtering ear plugs when he operates firearms or is in loud areas such as construction sites or dance floors of clubs.
    He is incapable of moving at superhuman speeds, as his name implies, as it was not given in reference to any power of speed he possessed. This is a common misconception the public has regarding him.
    Finally, his fire abilities have been proven difficult to control, and often manifest with intense bouts of emotional stress, another issue he has trouble dealing with occasionally.


Swift generally has a positive, outgoing personality and a can-do attitude. He has been known to become hyperactive and is often excitable, thriving on social interaction and being able to interact. Swift is fairly confident in himself, and whatever he sets out to accomplish he will likely achieve it. He cares deeply about his family, going to great lengths to keep them out of harm's way and becoming aggressive when he feels they are threatened. He is rather humble, genuinely surprised though pleased when a compliment is given. He has a sense of humor, and will often start a conversation with a complete stranger just to be able to talk. As for his friends, he tries his best to make them happy and to avoid conflict whenever it is possible. Throughout 2015-2016, his personality has gotten somewhat serious, and he has become significantly more stubborn and some say paranoid, taking an increased focus on careful, calculated attacks and strategy, as well as placing an emphasis on intimidation tactics and heavier security measures.

He still has a few shortcomings. Swift is a very emotional person and his sensitivity sometimes causes him to be easily offended, which obviously displays on his features as he is unable to hide them. Though it does takes a notable amount of pestering to anger him, he has the potential to be extremely destructive when he finally snaps. He also becomes agitated when alone or bored, save for something such as a video game or paperwork to keep him occupied. Though he is a capable leader, there are moments when he has doubts of his own abilities.



The jetpack engaged. A forcefield protects Swift's tail from being burned.
The Firestrike-9 in use. The orange portion on the gun is the removable ammo magazine.
  • Firestrike Mark IXs
    This large, long barreled machine pistol is capable of firing in rapid bursts, and holds an ammo magazine with 300 rounds (micro-munitions). This cartridge can be quickly replaced with identical ones which are stored on the suit's utility belt. The weapon is capable of switching between rounds that deliver an electrical stun similar to a taser and lethal armor piercing rounds. This ordinance can also be switched with incendiary bullets, explosive rounds with a timed delay or self-propelled homing shells for firing underwater. Originally a prototype from Okita Technologies, this weapon was stolen by Swift from their labs, and reverse engineered.

A second Firestrike-9 was acquired when Trixxy Gamble gave it to Swift as a present, having been a trophy-relic left over from the Okita kidnapping in her childhood. The gun was subsequently repaired and painted in Swift's signature color scheme. After adding it to his arsenal, Tony switched to a different style of combat, utilizing the twin guns.

  • Armored Suit
    This suit is his combat uniform. The nanotech-based suit is capable of taking heavy damage from bullets and impacts with stationary objects. It is airtight and has a force field projection system to protect against chemical, physical, electronic and energy attacks, also sealing his head and tail in the vacuum of space. The suit also has environmental control and is capable of moderate regeneration out of combat. When stowed away, it separates into four pieces that are attached by the belt when it is reassembled. The suit is controlled directly by the computer tablet and touch panels on the belt. Originally a Okita Technologies prototype for the super-soldier program, this suit was taken by Griffins and since been put through several versions. His latest suit is the Mark IV.
Firestrike-9s at the ready!
  • Bladewing Pack
    Reverse engineered from the wing pack Charlie Lang brought to the United States when he defected, this jetpack is a vital piece of equipment that enables Swift to move around the city with haste. Powered by twin rocket boosters, it is capable of flight and has reaction control thrusters and inertial adjusters to provide as smooth a ride as possible. Two large mechanical wings can deploy within seconds, allowing him to glide and fine-tune his flight while reducing fuel consumption. The bladed wings also are made of a super-strong bulletproof alloy, allowing him to use it as a shield to wrap around himself or others.
  • Computer Tablet
    The computer tablet is a small, smartphone sized device with holographic display that can easily clip to the utility belt. When detached the frame can expand to the size of a clipboard. It has a tracking device, a communication system, and an on-board artificial intelligence which assists the other equipment with targeting. Also used to check Twitter and to do the typical, yet pointless things people normally do with their phones. This connects with the suit via the utility belt and can send data onto the suit's display screens embedded into the arms.
  • Utility Belt
    This important part of Swift's arsenal carries his ammo magazine cartridges and other supplies. Contains grappling hook, taser, and multiple hyposprays. And of course, there is a slot for the ever-handy Swiss Army Knife. This is also the piece that connects the parts of the suit.
  • Twin Machine Guns
    Swift has two machine-guns that are holstered in straps on his suit. They use the same type of ammunition as the Firestrike-9 and are employed to take out multiple swarms of targets at the same time. Generally used for taking on a high number of opponents at once.
  • Liberators Communication Device
    This device, resembling a Bluetooth headset, is clipped to Swift's ear most of the time, enabling him direct communication with members of the Liberators team as well as being an portable HUD projector. With a simple voice command, one can connect to the network and be able to converse with those on it. This can also be used as a tracking device to broadcast Swift's location, however that option may be turned off. Other team members possess an identical gadget.


 Swift in Vibora with his power armor.

Since the incident with Okita Technologies, Swift and Rae both felt that they needed heavier armament and defensive capabilities should a similar situation arise again. Using captured data from Okita Technologies and after studying the remains of the android ASMV-H873R, Rae was able to construct a mech suit for Swift to be used in emergency situations. The suit is composed of Kendrium, and uses a miniature reactor to power its systems. It is not as flexible nor agile as his normal armor. The power armor's defenses include flare countermeasures and a more powerful forcefield projector. For offensive capabilities twin energy cannons built into each arm eliminate the need for reloading, and dual plasma blades deploy when the need for melee combat arises.

Unlike his normal suit, the power armor has built in computers and jets, and entirely covers his body. It was designed by Rae with some aesthetic input from Swift.

However Swift still primarily uses his normal armor because this suit is not very flexible, uncomfortable, and limits his freedom of movement, with the propulsion systems being rather difficult to control. In addition the power armor's reactor annihilates fuel too quickly resulting in an expensive operating cost, since Rae had not been able to duplicate the effective antimatter reactor of ASMV-H873R.

After being destroyed in a conflict with a mentally possessed and unstable Ryan Canfield, the suit was rebuilt and upgraded by a tech specialist named Euranna.


<font color= Swift's Martinez on a helicopter landing pad.</font>
<font color= Swift's Skyfox Interceptor on a helicopter landing pad.</font>

Swift possesses a heavily armed A25-Martinez, which he has named "Seagull" , and an appropriately named Skyfox-type interceptor jet fighter.

  • A25-Martinez
  • - Liquid-cooled twin Gatling guns.
  • - High-power main cannon.
  • - Thick tactical armor.
  • - VTOL capability.
  • - Countermeasures and flares.
  • - High capacity ammo reserves.
  • - Hardpoints on wings can mount a total of six missiles.
  • Skyfox Interceptor
  • - Quadruple liquid-cooled machine guns.
  • - Hardpoints on wing mounts two missiles.
  • - Long range capability.
  • - Stealth module enables cloaking ability.
  • - Flight at supersonic velocities.
  • - Countermeasures and flares.
  • - Electronic countermeasures and radar absorbing plating.

The vehicles also serve as a platform for Swift to retreat to in order to make repairs to his suit or to restock, as they carry multiple compartments storing electronics, fuel slugs for his Bladewing pack, and ammunition for his weapons. The Skyfox is capable of reaching supersonic speeds and dog-fighting other aircraft in its interceptor role, while the Martinez is used to strafe ground targets.

Even though with these capabilities these fighters are not primarily used for combat. Both require constant maintenance and react poorly to taking damage or heavy fire, and with their operating costs Swift is only able to keep the Skyfox in optimal condition, with the Martinez beginning to show signs of disrepair in recent months. Both are capable of being launched from the Liberators' larger VTOL gunship, the Phoenix.


Main article: Phoenix II

<font color= The Liberator.</font>

The Phoenix IIis a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft with large wings and rotating engine pods. The ship is capable of supersonic flight with its large twin main engines, and holding position while in the air for an indefinite time, as its fusion reactor is supplied by intaking hydrogen particles in the atmosphere. It is armed with a few batteries of rotating machine-gun ball turrets for both attack and defensive purposes, as well as missiles. The Phoenix IIis a direct successor to another craft of the same name, which was destroyed by the Bleeding Fist in the final assault on their headquarters in Antarctica. Swift designed the Phoenix II by himself, the very first aircraft which he did so.

The Phoenix makes a distinct 'gurgling' sound and trails smoke as it rockets through the atmosphere, rendering it easily identifiable.


Atlas icon.png

Atlas Sarnosian

  • Powers -Technopathy, Teleporting
  • Likes - Engineering, being with The Liberators, guns, electronics, eating protein
  • Dislikes - Being called "Lizard," extreme climates, opposing forces, eating vegetation
  • Basics - Renowned as the "Chosen One" by his race of Sahuagins, Atlas is highly different than the commoners of his, he has been gifted the knowledge of tech and is a very sophisticated person. Fancies many electronics such as guns and powered-armor.



  • Powers - Generation and manipulation of fire and celestial energies, regeneration.
  • Likes - Learning, teaching, casual conversation, honest and openness. Fighting too, but she'd never admit it.
  • Dislikes - Enigmatic and secretive people, being provoked, and being judged based on her appearance.
  • Basics - Firefox is a mystically transformed human who has been saving lives and protecting people in Millennium City for several years now. She met Swift several months ago, and the two became fast friends. Firefox recently joined the Liberators, and now works with Swift, bringing her extensive experience and ability to his group.



  • Powers - Hex and Charm Casting, Reality Alteration, Weather Manipulation, Soul and Time Magic
  • Likes - Working with the Liberators, reading ancient scrolls, visiting places of historical interest.
  • Dislikes - Being Bored, Confrontations amongst heroes, magic used for dark purposes, DEMON, VIPER and ARGENT.
  • Basics - Charmcaster is a mage from an alternate dimension who has recently arrived on Earth, and assists the Liberators in their struggle against the forces of evil. She is good natured and enjoys learning about this dimension. She is quick to calm a situation using her interpersonal skills and sometimes her magic. She has a very strong sense of justice and is always willing to assist where she can.

Techna Ology

  • Powers - Technopathy, Metal Manipulation, Super Intelligence
  • Likes - Robots, Computers, Technology, Inventing
  • Dislikes - Bad Guys, Improper use of science, Mechanon
  • Basics - Techna Ology is an alien from a highly advanced planet far away from Earth, known as Xen or Xen-2. The inhabitants, Xenians, are a humanoid species and are naturally super powered. Techna moved to Earth along with her sisters Mentella and ForceGirl and works at ForceTech Industries. She joined the Liberators along with her fellow Sisterhood member CharmCaster. Techna's resourcefulness, intelligence and brilliance with technology far outstrips that of her nearest rival, making her a force to be reckoned with, just like her sisters.

Hellion MK.II

  • Weapons/Powers - Chest Cannon, Dual Hand Beams, Wrist Bolters, Technopathy, Strength, Speed, Questionite Shell and Kendrium Skeleton.
  • Likes - Music, Foiling Evil Plans, Combat Training, Technology
  • Dislikes - Wealthy People, Mechanon, Demons, Evil
  • Basics - Hellion Mk. II is a sarcastic robot from an alternate universe somewhat similar to this one. Before joining The Liberators, he was an agent of GLOBE tasked with the safekeeping of the world. Hellion's experience as an agent has given him the insight needed to assist The Liberators with combat advice among other things. However, his aggressive personality and stoic attitude sometimes put the two at odds.
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Dr. Okita (DEFEATED)

Main Article: Dr. Okita

"Humanity is doomed to extinction unless they discover the error of their ways and reverse the damage we've done. Unfortunately, I have come to a conclusion that it is beyond the realm of possibility. Fortunately, I have found a cure for this metaphorical cancer."

Name: Saito Okita
Powers: None, owner of a massive corporation.
Threat level: High

Dr. Saito Okita (サイト オキタ) was a wealthy billionaire who was the CEO of Okita Technologies. He is directly responsible for the murder of the Gamble family as well as being the creator of Swift.

He specialized in advanced weaponry, genetics, and considered himself to be a pioneer in the development and harnessing of antimatter. Okita Technologies was very advanced for its time and managed, in secrecy, to master controlling antimatter. However despite its technological genius, the company never prospered economically. He vanished after bankruptcy of Okita Technologies many years ago, and had been working underground until he was discovered by The Liberators. After being exposed, he became hell-bent on retaliating and desperate to protect his remaining assets until the completion of his "master plan" which involved the termination of entire gene pool of the human race by bombarding the planet with antimatter missiles and then leaving to find a new world to seed with specimens from a massive interstellar vessel named the Ark.

He was eventually defeated by the Liberators and their allies in Operation "Noah's Dark", however he was allowed to live provided that he hand over the ship's weaponry and never return to Earth again. Having been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer prior to his defeat, it is a safe assumption to assume that Okita has passed away. Still the fate of the Ark is unknown.


Victor Diamond (DEFEATED)

Main article: Victor Diamond

"Millennium City's channel 42 brings you...the legendary...the magnificent...Mr.Diamond! " Victor Diamond's signature intro.

Name: Sean Wolfe
Powers: Powerful psionic mastery
Threat level: High

Ever since he conducted his first interview with them, Victor Diamond has been a bane to the Liberator's existence, incessantly mocking their team and seeming to target Swift especially. He seems to enjoy preying on Swift's sensitivity, berating him for being a manimal. For obvious reasons his real identity has been kept secret, but Swift noticed quickly how he seemed strangely familiar. His suspicions were confirmed when it was revealed that Jack Diamond was in fact once his childhood friend Sean Wolfe, whom he had angered in the past, explaining Diamond's aggression towards Swift. More disturbingly, the reason that he managed to keep his show on the air despite its terrible ratings was that he exerted psionic control over them, manipulating studio executives into keeping him on the air.

Diamond was also responsible for gathering intelligence on the Liberators and feeding it to a wealthy man named Roland Vlocke who wanted intelligence on the Liberators, who he believed to be in posession of powerful technology from the original Phoenix (that was captured from Okita Technologies). Though Vlocke stood down in the end when PRIMUS become involved, Diamond took the opportunity to mentally assault him and then erase part of his memories to forward his own plans, blowing his cover and revealing his power as a master of mind control.

The Liberators foiled Diamond's attempts at activating a network of psionic transmitters throughout the city (that were meant to gain control of the police force and then subjugate its population) and defeated him, though in the process Diamond was somehow decapitated, ending his reign of terror for good.

Out of Character Triva: This villain's name was originally Jack Diamond, but it was later found during via a Google search that there was actually a radio show talk host named Jack Diamond. Oops. In order to avoid the assumption that the character is a mockery or parody of the real life person, the name has been retconned to be Victor Diamond.



  • Technology and other shiny things.
  • Reading comic books
  • Science fiction. Especially Star Trek and Firefly
  • Playing video games
  • Jogging through City Center and Downtown of Millennium City
  • Watching movies, especially action movies
  • Urban cityscape
  • Being with Rae and his sister Trixxy
  • Rae using his pet name
  • Summertime, wearing cargo shorts
  • Socializing, going to parties, talking with friends
  • Coffee and soda


  • Evil or destructive metahumans
  • Magic and dark magic
  • Cold weather, having to wear heavy coats
  • Bullies and con-artists
  • Failing or disappointing his friends
  • Rae using his pet name in front of anyone else
  • Being cold or lonely
  • Failing to save something or someone
  • The term 'manimal'. He prefers 'anthro-bestia'.
  • Negative or generally unpleasant people, racism and predjudice


"In times of darkness, sometimes fire is our hope."

- During the dissolution of the Liberators in 2017, when asked if the Liberators might one day return.

"Don't do it for money, fame, or acclaim. Just do it because it's right."

- Swift on his job.

"Furries? We don't talk about them here."

- Swift on the Furry Fandom.

"...Shit went from zero to a hundred real fast!"

- Standard reaction when he sees something confusing, mindblowing, or extraordinarily frightening.


- Standard reaction when something exasperates or disappoints him.

"Stop calling me Fox McCloud."

- Complaining about the one nickname he doesn't like.


  • Swift refuses to consume alcohol
    , having had a bad experience with it; a disabled sense of smell while suffering from a cold resulted in him being unable to differentiate vodka from water. In addition, his manimal body chemistry reacts poorly to alcohol, getting drunk easier than an average human. Instead his favorite drink he orders at Caprice or any other bar is a coffee or a milkshake. He also lists submarine sandwiches as his favorite food, followed by sushi California rolls and tuna sandwiches.
  • Swift can fluently speak Japanese
    since he was embedded with the knowledge of how to speak the language after his transformation in order to communicate with the scientists who were attending to him. However this skill is rarely demonstrated except for instances where he encountered high ranking Okita Technologies employees, and when he takes missions that involve working with the joint US-Japan forces at Monster Island. Note: The RPer does understand a significant amount of Japanese, but still only studying it.
  • Swift has a fanbase in Japan.
    Surprisingly, Tony Griffins is more well known overseas in Japan than in the states, after the details of the person who defeated Dr. Okita, who was a rather prominent villain in his home country, came to the public eye. Unauthorized merchandise such as action figures, comic books (see left) and stuffed toys have circulated, though Griffins remains blissfully unaware. Even if he did find out, he probably wouldn't have the heart to sue the distributors for his image.
  • Swift possesses a large unspecified amount of wealth
    , courtesy of his late Uncle Griffins. Not much is known about this man except that he was exceptionally rich and gave a large portion of his money to Swift in his will, which sustained him when he was unemployed. However this is not seen as Tony lives modestly and most likely locks it away for safekeeping.
  • Swift refuses to kill if he can help it.
    He prefers to avoid lethal force if possible; if there is a chance that the criminal can be locked away and contained without having to kill them, he will take it. However in the event that the villain will cause more loss of life otherwise or if the situation is grave enough to warrant it, he will not hesitate to rain down lethal force upon his foes.
  • Swift used to hate the Roin'esh intensely.
    After having his former best friend killed by a Roin'esh, Tony went through many hardships and had trouble dealing with her death. Therefore for a time he had deep grudge against the species as a whole, and was wary of similar aliens and shapeshifters in general. However in recent years this prejudice has begun to cool down and become less extreme, and with the Roin'esh Rasclash joining the team it has evaporated completely.
  • Swift is an open book.
    Due to his the nature of his species, every emotion that he feels is easily registered on his face, and it is impossible to control. I.E., when he happy his ears are perked up, when saddened they droop downwards, when angered they will press against his head and his teeth will bare. Emotionally he is terrible at trying to hide his feelings and keeping secrets about himself. This has proven a disadvantage in some areas.
  • You don't need any RP hooks!
    Swift's a very amiable guy and he'll be happy to strike up a conversation if you approach him. If you're lucky, curiosity may get the better of him and he might approach you himself! Seriously, it's as easy and walking up and randomly saying "Hi". But if it's a must then these are the following things your character might know:
  • --For UNTIL members: Swift has a file on the UNTIL database which includes an event known as "Operation Noah's Dark". This was a rather severe attack from a villain named Dr. Okita, who had built a interstellar vehicle named the Ark armed with antimatter warheads. Swift was the leader of an assault team that was responsible for successfully commandeering the Ark and disarming the weapons.
  • --For PRIMUS members: Swift is the leader of the United Liberators Coalition, which is a superteam that is sponsored by PRIMUS. Swift also holds the PRIMUS rank of Silver Avenger and is somewhat known within the organization.
  • --For MACE members: Swift was once S.E.R.A.P.H.'s executive officer, or second in command. He would likely still have a file within the MACE database or mention of Swift may be floating around in conversations between current members. However it is advisable to check with those in charge.
  • --For friends of any person listed above: It's a likely chance that these people who are friends of Swift have mentioned him to them once or twice, though once again, checking with the player of that person may still be a good idea.
  • --For Everyone: You may have heard reports of Swift's good deeds from broadcasts over the WCOC channel, or on documentaries about manimals, or have noticed news reports about the ULC or noticed their base of operations.




  • All Or Nothing Reloads - He tends to load his weapons swiftly and often that task isn't shown in emotes or described unless it's right before a battle where a suit-up sequence is appropriate.
  • Jet Pack - Swift has a jetpack that allows him to fly without setting his legs (or tail) on fire. Justified by the presence of a forcefield to protect his appendages when the boosters are engaged and his ability to control fire.
  • More Dakka - When the going gets rough, Swift delivers.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills - Swift's aiming skills are probably more accurate than that of most people, on one occasion hitting a person that was in another building without a scope. Perhaps justified by his augmented vision and dexterity, among other abilities. See below.
  • Sniper Pistol - Gun sights? Scopes? Those are for sissies! I can do it blindfolded!
  • Utility Belt - This comes in handy quite a lot. Swiss army knife, extra ammo, tablet clip and hyposprays all in one.


  • Adorkable - When not being badass, Swift can be somewhat silly or hyperactive. Though otherwise generally serious most of the time, he's still notably sweet when given the opportunity to show it.
  • Beware The Nice Ones - Swift's usually a happy-go-lucky, cheery person. But if you've managed to light his fuse, the best option is to try and hide until he cools off.
  • Lawful Good - All around good guy, Swift follows the law by heart and refuses to break it unless absolutely necessary. This has probably stemmed from working with the Millennium City Police Department, with whom he keeps a good relationship with.
  • Never Hurt An Innocent - As described above, Swift absolutely refuses to kill anything that's not trying to kill him or others, owing to his religious beliefs. There are exceptions where he will resort to lethal force if there is no other way to resolve the situation.


  • Dramatic Gun Cock, Click Hello - For whatever reason Swift seems to enjoy doing this when baddies are not paying attention and he sneaks up on them.
  • Big Damn Heroes - He just loves doing this. Perhaps the Liberators, sometimes.
  • Gunship Rescue - Dammit Swift, you're obsessed with this. Put your plane away. Overlaps with Big Damn Heroes.


Everyone is welcome to modify this section of the page, and to post comments about Swift. He might even respond to what you say!

*"Swift has the capacity to be a great leader, but does not always see that, I think." Revolucion

*"Tony's my best friend. If he needs me, I'll be there. Sure he's prone to sadness, but I have a short temper, so I'm not one to judge." - Circuit Shock

*"Tony? Yeah he's a great guy, and a great leader, and I'd take a bullet for him if I had to. Good thing I'm indestructible..." - Blast-Beetle

*"Captain Swift? Ohmigosh he's so cute I can't even - no really, I have lost the ability to even! Look at his ears I just want to grab the little tufts and twist them so cute I can't please I've lost the ability to breathe I'm dying call an ambulance please!" - Jet Wolf (Posing as a random civilian)

*"Dumbass." - Prowler

*"Swift of Earth is an honorable ally and a trusted leader. I find his bravery and determination to be particularly impressive. I believe I am happy to call him a friend." - CharmCaster

*"Tony's a real sweet sort. Real f**kin' dense, but real sweet. Of all'a th' folks my bro's DNA could'a been fuzed with? Glad it was 'im. Just glad it wasn' some sort'a freak'a nature. If I 'ad'a dime fer every nemesis out there tha' 'as some sort'a DNA link 'ta a 'ero, I'd be able 'ta make one REALLY nice tank." -Trixxy Gamble

*"Swift? Hmm, I've spoken to him before, he's really nice, a real leader too. Whenever there is a crisis, he is the first to provide a level headed explanation." - Techna Ology

*"Tony? Tony...Tony. He and I had a falling out with a lot of others when he left M.A.C.E. and built up the Liberators. But it was not much more than a misunderstanding. He took a lot of undeserved flak for it, and I respect him for how well he took it. I see him going far and wide in the world before us." - Snowtalon

*"Swift? He's a great Leader! Too bad I wasn't really...In line." - Al

*"Hrm, what can I say about Griffins?... Well, for one, he's been an honest and worthy leader for the team that I've had my longest running in the time I've been here in Millennium. Always willing to go do something with his teammates whether they be for missioning or for plain fun." - Atlas Sarnosian

*"I always found Tony to be a really great hero, ever since I saw his fanbase, I found him a really great person to look up to." - Creed


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In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

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