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Player: @Konig-Wolf
Firefox 300.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Diane Ducard
Known Aliases: Fox, Liz
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Base of Operations: Milenium City
Relatives: Not on File
Age: 30
Height: 5'10" in human form, 7'6" in her mystic form
Weight: 130 lbs. in human form, 300 lbs. in her mystic form
Eyes: Orange, slight glow.
Hair: Shifting and multi-colored; red, orange, and yellow
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Normal in human form, Powerfully built in mystic form
Physical Features: Orange irises that slightly glow in daylight, and clearly glow in the dark. Hair that shimmers and shines in multiple colors like fire. Always wears glasses in human form.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: United Kingdom, United States
Occupation: College Professor
Education: Ph.D. in Sociology
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Elemental Control, Regeneration, Mystic Abilities, Enhanced Attributes and Senses, Flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mystic Ward Armor
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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I should have died in Canada...when the demons summoned by Kigatilk ravaged our sheer luck, I survived, but lay dying...cruel irony, I suppose...I would have died...but one of the fox spirits of the land found me...and took pity on a dying girl. She gave me a feather, from a golden phoenix, that she was saving for herself...she used her life to fuel it's magic, and save me. In fire, I was reborn. Now, I will repay the kindness shown to me, by defending the the Firefox!



Elizabeth Ducard grew up in Oxford, Britain, and for the most part lived an ordinary life. She had a stable family, a nice circle of friends, and did extremely well in school. Her greatest accomplishment early on was earning a full scholarship to Oxford University, where she majored in Sociology, and did well enough while there to move onto post-graduate studies in the subject. Eight years after beginning her studies, she completed her Doctorate in Sociology.

After completing her studies, Elizabeth then set out to put them to use. While exploring opportunities to put her degree to use, she came across information that the University of Millennium City had finished rebuilding after the Battle of Detroit, and was aggressively recruiting new staff and teachers. Elizabeth applied for the position, was interviewed and accepted with flying colors. Slated to start in the quarter of Spring 2009, Elizabeth decided to travel to the United States early to begin settling in prior to the start of her new career. She expected her whole life to change when she booked her tickets on Oceanica 408, having little awareness at the time of what that would truly mean.

The elements ravaging the plane were only the beginning of the problems Elizabeth and the other passengers would face. When the plane went down, Elizabeth was in the section of the plane that tore off just before the crash, sending her hurtling from the plane. Although she survived the final impact, her body was broken and beaten, with the arctic cold threatening to finish the job the crash started. Lying under the pines, with the snow slowly turning red, Elizabeth resolved herself to her fate.

At the same time, a different survivor was coming to the end of her fateful journey. When the demons first came, the spirits of the land, mystic creatures all, rose up at the defiling of their homes, determined to drive off the invaders. Their attempt failed against the onslaught of unnatural abominations and malevolent entities that seemed without number. One of those spirits, a cagey, ancient fox-spirit, had withdrawn from the fighting after being grievously wounded.

The fox-spirit was wise, and had prepared for something like this. In her den, she had a treasure of unimaginable power, stolen in the ancient, mythic past. This treasure was the a golden phoenix feather, taken from the brilliant plumage of the divine creature. With enough power, this item would to allow it's user to be reborn like a phoenix, and tap into the divine energies of that mythic age. The old fox-spirit had saved for itself, but as she approached her den, she came across the broken form of Elizabeth Ducard. The young human was dying, and none of her kind were coming to help. As the spirit studied the young human, she felt a twinge in her heart. The fox-spirit had seen countless winters and springs, but the girl in the snow may have seen thirty at best. The peaceful sadness in the young woman's eyes moved the old mystic fox; that one so young would accept death, even a human, was a tragedy.

The fox-spirit returned to her den, and took the feather from it's hiding spot. It trotted back out, approaching the young woman, and laid the feather on her chest. The fox-spirit laid down beside the young woman, and laid her own head upon the feather. The fox-spirit reflected on it's life, and then, summoned every last drop of magic it had left, causing the feather to ignite and release the power stored within it. In the next moments, the fox-spirit realized that in saving the girl, she too would be reborn...different, but reborn none the less, and she smiled.


At the moment the spirit released all it's power, the feather had ignited...primal, mystic energies burst forth in a massive wave, incinerating the nearby landscape with golden, radiant flame. The two beings at the center of the wave were changed, rebuilt and reborn. In the center of that fiery maelstrom, a new being emerged, and let out a cry of exhaltation. Fear and revulsion threatened to consume the heart of this new creature, but the kindness of the sacrifice made and the potential to live again warded her against the fear of her new form.

Elizabeth knew she was different now. That fact was unavoidable as she looked at the fur on her skin, the wings on her back, and the fox like features she saw reflected in the steam created from that initial moment. She knew that she was different, but she was alive...gloriously alive. Given a second chance that many passengers of that flight would never have. What had befallen her was a gift, and she refused to squander it on fear of her new form. As the ice demons approached her, she realized there were more important things to do, then worry about her appearance.

The demons moved forward, their attention drawn by the fire and light. Two things the demons despised and feared in equal measure. Raw emotion goaded the abominations forward, toward the being standing in the center of the circle of flame.

As the steam cleared and the snow resumed falling about her, Elizabeth saw the monsters rapidly approaching her, intent on finishing what they had started when they tore Oceanica 408 from the sky. Anger and rage surged in her, a inferno barely contained by her new form. Elizabeth had no idea how to use that inferno though, or even what to do...she could feel the power in her new form, but had never done anything like this.

Elizabeth felt the fire in her soul though, and knew it just needed to be released. Elizabeth looked at the creatures rushing forward, and lifted her fingers. With a simple snap, the creatures rushing forward were engulfed in a torrent of fire. More came, and she snapped her fingers again, causing demons to melt away under intense flames. By the time friendly heroes and solders arrived from Steelhead, she had already burnt every demon within a kilometer of where she was standing.

Millennium City

Following her recovery, Elizabeth was taken in by the Canadian branch of UNTIL. There, she received some basic instruction on what her new life might be like, and put in touch with several magic-based heroes. Eventually, with additional guidance, Elizabeth learned how to return to her human form. While UNTIL made several offers for Elizabeth to stay on, and work with the organization, Elizabeth herself still wanting to pursue teaching in Millennium City. Elizabeth left on good terms, and went to Millennium City.

Shortly after arriving, the Qualarr invaded. Elizabeth took to the streets of the city to fight the aliens off, becoming known to it's superhero and mundane populace at the time. As Elizabeth became more known and capable, she in turn gained fame and acclaim among the residents of the city, even netting herself a UNITY membership and lifetime membership to the exclusive "Club Caprice".

Elizabeth became quite fond of the "quirky" social scene at the club, and became friends with many of the regulars and patrons of the place. Elizabeth also found herself drawn into super-powered conflicts because of the patrons in Club Caprice. In particular, Elizabeth starting hanging out with several members of a supergroup of somewhat ill-repute...Dark Destiny. Despite the reputation they had, Elizabeth actually found many of it's members to be kind and honorable individuals, who banded together for protection from those who would cause them harm.

It was during one of these altercations that Elizabeth finally took direct involvement. People she considered to be friends were being hunted by self-righteous "demon" hunters. Elizabeth found the premise of their hunt to be ludicrous, so she stepped forward, and fought alongside her friends. At the end of that conflict, Elizabeth was about to leave, when one of those friends came up to her, and said two words that would change her life.

"Join us."

In the service of Dark Destiny

From the moment she joined Dark Destiny, Elizabeth walked the line between being a problem for the leadership and an exemplary member. If you asked a member of Dark Destiny at the time, she was either a hero or a wastrel, but nothing in-between. Firefox fought for her friends first and foremost, and focused on supporting them above all else.

Elizabeth argued with and in some cases, fought the Fateborn, the Destined, and even the leaders on several matters she held dear, and suffered infractions, censure, and even arcane imprisonment at one point because of it. Despite being part of a group considered "villainous" by many, Firefox never compromised her morals, and acted as a hero.

Despite the conflicts with the leadership of the group, Elizabeth also showed great courage, loyalty, and a willingness to make sacrifices for fellows in Dark Destiny unrivaled by most. Elizabeth's quick thinking, strength in battle, and daring actions have saved the lives of several of Dark Destiny’s finest, and countless civilians.

Despite all the problems she caused for the leadership of Dark Destiny, Elizabeth was very popular among it's regular members. Elizabeth was also well-regarded as a mentor within the group as well. While Elizabeth never advanced far within the ranks of Dark Destiny, she was among it's most highly decorated members.

Awards Earned in the Service of Dark Destiny:

  • Lord's Battlefield Supremacy (2) - Awarded for personal courage, valor, and tenacity in battle.
  • Warlord's Achievement Medal - The recognition and personal respect afforded to the receipient from the Warlord of Dark Destiny, commander of all the group's offensive and defensive operations.
  • Hands of Imhotep - Awarded to those who place themselves in harm's way to defend their fellows, even at the expense of themselves.
  • Dark Lady's Compassion - Awarded to those who make extreme sacrifices for others in the most difficult of situations, at great personal cost. Normally awarded to non-combatants.
  • Pride of the Destined - The second highest honor within the group, awarded for the greatest acts of courage, valor, and sacrifice in the service of Dark Destiny as a whole.
  • Order of Dark Destiny - The highest honor within the group, awarded for the greatest acts of courage, valor, and sacrifice in the service of Dark Destiny as a whole.

In the service of Ascendant Dawn

Despite the efforts of many of it's members, the leadership of Dark Destiny changed over time. Whereas they were once concerned with righting wrongs, and ending the oppressive use of power, more and more, they were embracing corruption and excess. Several pitched battles later, the leader of Dark Destiny, Lord Supremacy, withdrew from the day to day leadership of the group to contemplate his next move.

Elizabeth and the other members didn't wait for him to have a plan. Lord Supremacy's Fateborn daughter, Tera, announced she intended to break from her father's ways, and found a new group, dedicated to the original ideals her father had once espoused. When Tera made this move, Elizabeth was one of the people at her side. For her, she had witnessed first hand the madness that their former leader had descended into. All of her friends, the people she had joined Dark Destiny to be with made the decision to leave, and Elizabeth would go with them.

Having been with the group since the beginning, Elizabeth has done her part to help the group as much as possible. Elizabeth also put more effort into fitting in, and being a bit less rebellious toward the leaders. For a time, all was good, and the Ascendant Dawn prospered. As time passed however, the madness of Lord Supremacy showed signs of flaring up with Tera. Elizabeth responded much the same way she did during her time with Dark Destiny...she drew her friends closer, and focused on them to the exclusion of all else.

For a time, it appeared that Elizabeth's actions were enough to keep the worst at bay, and endure through the more crazed moments. Matters came to a head however, when her closest and most loyal friend, Vespera, was accused by the leaders of having committed a crime, one punishable only by death. Tera dispatched Ravage, her second-in-command and master huntsman, to carry out the sentence. Elizabeth was also extremely close to Ravage, and begged him to stop, reconsider, or to find another way. Despite her pleas, Ravage refused, and continued his hunt.

Elizabeth gathered those still close to her, and went to warn Vespera. When she arrived however, she was too late...despite Vespera's precautions and contingencies, Ravage had found her and murdered her. Elizabeth vowed to hunt Ravage for his actions, and get revenge for Vespera, but despite her efforts, Ravage fled the city shortly thereafter with Tera, the two having embraced madness fully.

With Ascendant Dawn's leadership eviscerated, and her own close friends within the group either dead or gone, Elizabeth remained with the remnants of the group, but only out of basic loyalty. All the same, with so many of it's members lost, the group slowly faded over time. Elizabeth is one of only a handful left still within Millennium City. Elizabeth herself left for a time, on a journey of mystic self-discovery, attempting to further master her powers, emotions, and thoughts.

In the service of The Liberators


Having joined The Liberators during a relatively peaceful period in their history, Firefox has not had a chance to prove herself with her new team yet. During training exercises however, she showed the full extent of her experience and abilities, defeating a training simulation deemed "impossible" by her cohorts.

Diamonds Cut Deep

Originally believing the originator of their problems to be Roland Vlocke, a fantastically wealthy man with access to extremely advanced technology, Firefox was among the team sent to confront, and if needed, defeat their adversary. What promised to be a battle instead turned out to be a rather reasonable sit-down, with Vlocke issuing terms to the Liberators.

After discussing Vlocke's terms, the Liberators all agreed that they could not accept what Vlocke was asking of them. Firefox was again on the team that would return to Vlocke, and tell him of their refusal. During this time, it was determined that all the events occurring were not Vlocke's responsibility, and the true enemy, Victor Diamond, revealed himself. Firefox and the other Liberators present secured Vlocke, and made plans to face and defeat Diamond, once and for all.

When the Liberators faced down with one of their most prominent foes, Victor Diamond, Firefox held off the entirety of a mind controlled MCPD, while the other Liberators went to confront and defeat Diamond. It was a testament to Firefox's skills and restraint that no one was injured (save her), and property damage was kept to a minimum.

Upon the conclusion of the incident, Firefox returned home to recover, after doing her best to resolve the lingering issues. This caused some tension between Swift and her, but as for the reasons behind it, neither party has said.

Trial of Innocence

Firefox was among the Liberators present during the infamous "Black-Tie-Massacre", where an unknown individual used a Martinez-type VTOL painted in Liberator colors and insignia to attack the high-end Browning restaurant. Firefox did what she could to save the lives of individuals present, then took off in hot-pursuit of the craft in question. When the craft led them to the Captain of the Liberators, Swift, Firefox oversaw his peaceful surrender to the authorities.

After Swift surrendered himself, and with no one else to command the Liberators, Firefox assumed command. During this period, her objective was clear..."Prove the innocence of the Captain". She dispatched orders, reorganizing the Liberators to collect information about the crime, find the evidence that would acquit the Captain of wrong-doing, and protect the witnesses involved.

At Swift's trial, the combined efforts of the Liberators paid off. Swift was proven innocent, and released from his bonds. Once again a free man, Firefox returned command of the Liberators to Swift, and submitted herself for disciplinary action. Despite violating the chain of command, Swift didn't punish Firefox, but thanked her for her quick thinking, good judgement, and handling of the situation.


Kind, caring, and genuine. Elizabeth is a good friend to have, as once you've earned her trust, she’ll gladly go to hell and back for you. Loyalty is at the center of her character, and though she doesn't have a military background, she is someone you can trust to watch your back, without fail. This loyalty also extends to how she treats others. To those who have earned her loyalty, she's much more accepting, tolerant, and forgiving of flaws, mistakes, or abrasiveness.

Her feelings stay close to the surface, and from the phoenix influence in her life, she’s become a bit hot-tempered and high-spirited. She has no problems voicing her opinion, or acting on her feelings, even when it’s not in her best interests. Though she is quick to anger, she is also quick to forgive. She despises bullying, hypocrisy, and cowardice, and doesn't mind being very vocal about any of those traits.

From the fox influence in her life, she tends to be a bit of trickster, and doesn’t mind poking fun at a situation. She is mentally nimble, and has no problem taking people on verbally. Her barbs are usually playful, unless the situation is hostile, in which case, the jokes are only a prelude to a fight. She enjoys these traits in others as well, if justified. If the joking or criticism is done with malice, she'll quickly take to the side of the aggrieved party.

If angered, Elizabeth is smart enough to walk away. She realizes how hot-blooded she can be, and as such, knows that it’s best to leave, compose herself, and come back to a situation with a clearer head. However, if pushed too hard or too far, she won’t back down, and isn’t afraid to let her fiery temper take care of the problem at hand. Secretly, she enjoys fighting a bit more then she would care to admit, perhaps due to the feral influence she gained when she was transformed. The thrill and danger keep her moving forward, perhaps even when she should stop. While not a true lycanthrope, she can understand the joy and excitement her friends who are werewolves experience "on the hunt".

In terms of Temperament, Elizabeth leans slightly toward the introvert side of the scale, but only minimally. Her full Keirsey profile would be (e/ISFJ, aka the Protector).


Human Form


In her human form, Elizabeth is a tall woman, possessed of an average build. If her height was her only noticeable feature, then she would appear rather ordinary. However, the nature of her powers is evident even in her human form. Her eyes have permanently changed color, glowing orange with enough intensity to shine even in daylight. Her hair is long and feathery, and is a radiant mixture of red, orange and golden blond. The color of her hair seems to shift depending on the angle it's viewed from, and how light is shining on it. Her skin is very hot to the touch, but not enough to cause more than mild discomfort.

Typically she can been seen wearing a bulky, heavy winter coat or jacket, along with loose, almost baggy pants. These garments actually house a sophisticated miniature cooling system, which helps here stay more comfortable while in human form. It also prevents her from radiating heat into her immediate environment. Most of Elizabeth's outfits can be said to be rather plain, and fairly modest compared to the typical fashion trends of Millennium City.

One unique trait about her human form is that it is no longer her native, natural form. After being transformed, her native, natural form actually became that of the Firefox. While she is now able to return to being human at will, she will forever be a mystic creature. It's because of this that she tries to spend as much time in human form as possible, so she doesn't "forget" what she once was.

Mystic Form

Firefox Mystic 500.jpg

In her mystic form, Firefox appears as a fox-woman with phoenix wings. Extremely tall and powerfully built, she towers over all but the tallest of heroes. Her broad, angelic wings also add to the imposing size she has. Her mystic form is covered from head to toe in multi-colored fur, in various shades of red, orange, brown, and white. Her darker fur retains the shimmering, shifting quality her hair has in human form. Her face in this form is unmistakably vulpine, with high-set ears and a short, angular muzzle. She also has a long, pillow-like tail, like most vulpines.

She wears a set of Mystic Ward Armor, taking the form of twin armbands, a necklace and belt. Her voice gains a guttural edge and a higher pitch in this form, but is still understandable. Because of the change in her body structure, her methods of expressing herself also change in this form, such as the movement of her ears and tail in expressing feelings.

As much as her appearance is different on the physical plane, the difference is much more pronounced when viewed with aura perception or astral perception. When viewed in this manner, Firefox is simply radiant. Every cell in her body pulses with mana, and she burns throughout with celestial flame. She is a walking focal point of magical energy, and her entire form surges with it. The radiated life energy is strong enough promote minor healing in others, or strengthen existent life patterns if someone remains in close proximity to Firefox for an extended length of time.


In her mystic form, Firefox has the build of a fox with the mystic power of a phoenix. Her soul burns with mystic, celestial flame, that she can call forth in a myriad of ways. From melting her enemies with raw heat, to shielding her allies from the worst flames, she is a master of the element of fire. This mastery includes being able to turn herself into living flame, allowing her to withstand extreme environments, like the innards of a volcano.

As a hybrid creature of magic, she is stronger, faster, and possesses far keener senses in her transformed state (though not as strong or sharp as the average lycanthrope or manimal), including some arcane abilities, such as astral travel. The large wings of her mystic form do not grant flight on their own, but once empowered by her elemental abilities, allow for supersonic flight with a moderate degree of control and maneuverability, or subsonic flight with perfect mobility. Finally, like the phoenix, even if she falls in battle, she will always rise again from her own ashes.

Because of the mystic and divine vigor of the phoenix, she has supernatural stamina and endurance. She can keep going even when others would falter, needs little rest or food, and can fight without regards to how long the battle may be. With her endurance, Firefox regenerates and heals at a rate far beyond that of most mortals, and even many other heroes who can regenerate. This regeneration also purges her system of poisons, toxins, and other means of external chemical attack quickly. Only the most powerful sedatives or chemicals can affect her, and even then, she recovers from them quickly. Unfortunately, this also means she's unable to enjoy alcohol for anything other than its taste, for the most part.

While not invulnerable, she is supernaturally tough, able to shrug off the blows and attacks of regular humans, and granting her excellent resistance against those of other supernaturals. She's also learned how to strengthen her physical form by channeling mana into it, greatly increasing her durability. Only the strongest of foes can overwhelm her regeneration and protection, and even then, it usually doesn't keep her out of the fight for long.

After the dissolution of Ascendant Dawn, Firefox underwent a journey of self-discovery, to gain a greater understanding of the nature of her powers. As a result, her ability to use her powers in new and different ways has expanded greatly. She can utilize elemental flame or celestial energy to empower her abilities, giving her flexibility against enemies immune to regular fire. Her celestial flames also allow her to subdue opponents without killing them, unlike normal fire. This improved understanding now allows her to utilize her abilities to a greater degree in her human form, though she still prefers her mystic form when it's time to fight.

Firefox also has some limited magical abilities, primarily limited to mana manipulation and defensive magic. Firefox is attempting to learn more spells and magical techniques, but her instinctual understanding of magic conflicts with learning magical techniques. She has made progress in this field however, and continues to study. She's become adept at wrapping herself and allies in layers of semi-solid mana, helping to sap the strength of attacks launched against them, and provide protection from many hazards.


Firefox has a major vulnerability to Qliphothic-energies. Qliphothic-energies inhibit her regeneration greatly, and as such, wounds from Qliphothic weapons or attacks can leave her grievously wounded for extended periods, as her body struggles to purge the tainted power. Exposure to large amounts of Qliphothic energy, such as travelling through the Qliphothic dimension causes her disorientation and general weakness. Prolonged exposure or concentrated attacks with Qliphothic energy makes the disorientation or weakness far worse. Firefox tries to avoid the Qliphothic World, it's denizens and artifacts if at all possible. The only upside to this weakness is that Qliphothic empowered entities tend to be extremely vulnerable to her powers.

Firefox also is susceptible to mental attacks, as she only has a strong will to face mental attacks with. She has alleviated this somewhat by acquiring her Mystic Ward Armor, which conveys knowledge of attempts to manipulate her mind, but only some additional resistance.

Equipment and Resources

Mystically Dedicated Clothing - Firefox had her various clothes "dedicated" to her via simple magic rites. The clothing is attached to her astral pattern, rather than her physical form. This allows her to shift her outfits by willing the change, or preventing her human-sized clothes from being damaged when she changes to her mystic form.

Mystic Ward Armor - Crafted by one of the master sorcerers of Dark Destiny, Vespera, the Mystic Ward Armor helps shield Firefox from mental attacks and attempts at mind control. On it's most basic level, the armor makes the bearer aware of attempts to unnaturally influence their mind, and with the expenditure of stored power, augments the wearer's will against these attacks. While unable to stop a truly powerful or skilled mental attack or probe, they might buy enough time to allow Firefox to find a means of counterattack or escape. The gems within the armor must be periodically recharged, or if they augment Firefox's will, be recharged with a more intricate and time-consuming arcane ritual.

Kaleidoscope Lyretail - Firefox snatched this legendary treasure from the Simorgh after she banished him back to his home dimension. The lyretail appears to be ribbon made of some strange material that while smooth to the touch, cannot be cut or torn, and constantly shifts color and pattern. The lyretail contains massive magical power, and serves extremely well as a focus or amplifier of arcane, mystical, or elemental power. Firefox has only barely begun to unlock its potential, and devotes considerable time to studying it.

Arcane Trove - Upon the passing of her friend, Vespera, Firefox inherited the trove of arcane arifacts, tomes, and materials her friend had accumulated over the many years of her life. A massive trove, it gives Firefox considerable insight into arcane lore, and great material wealth if she sells anything from the trove. However, she is quite reluctant to do so, as her means of replacing the reagents and materials she parts with is very limited.

Material Trove - From the sundering of her former supergroups, Firefox made sure not to allow any technology, relics, or items from these teams to fall into the wrong hands. She's carefully stockpiled and secured the items, trying to prevent anyone from using them to harm others. Most of the equipment is technological in nature, and far beyond her own understanding. It may prove useful in the future though, so she still maintains and safeguards the items as best as possible.

Friends and Enemies, Past and Present

Prior to leaving on her journey of self-discovery and learning, Firefox was well known about Millennium City, both on her own and as a member of Dark Destiny and Ascendant Dawn.

Now that she's returned, she's begun to again make a name for herself.


Vespera - Firefox's closest friend, and most-trusted ally. A vampire mage of considerable knowledge and talent, the fact that Vespera and Firefox even became friends was an oddity. Still, with time, Vespera and Firefox became the best of friends, always there to support one another. Vespera was not only a friend to Firefox, but a teacher, helping her learn more about the arcane and the ways of magic, and teaching her the basics of medicine and first aid. While Firefox had little to teach Vespera, often times, having a seven foot tall embodiment of fire and power around can be rather handy.

During her tenure in Ascendant Dawn, Vespera was accused of and found guilty of a crime she did not commit. Shortly after this, Vespera was murdered by another member of Ascendant Dawn, Ravage. Elizabeth's biggest regret in life was not being there to protect Vespera in her moment of greatest need. Discussing Vespera is a surefire way to provoke Firefox's emotions, and potentially cause conflict.

Setsuka - Elizabeth's student within Dark Destiny, and one of the Fateborn daughters of Lord Supremacy and Kurozakura, the leaders of Dark Destiny. With Setsuka's prominent origins, the assignment of Firefox to be her mentor and teacher was a strange one. Lord Supremacy had wanted his daughter to be a maleable tool of total war and domination, but in being cared and mentored by Elizabeth, Setsuka actually developed a strong sense of right and wrong, and rejected the twisted morality of her parents. For Elizabeth, she was simply doing what she felt was right...but to Setsuka, she was the embodiment of a hero. Setsuka went on to study in the United Kingdom after Ascendant Dawn split from Dark Destiny.

Neoflux - A walking contradiction if there ever was one, Neoflux was a trickster, braggart, and puckish rogue. Neoflux was also true to his friends, loyal without fail, and never one to back down from fighting the good fight. Being something of a rabble-rouser herself, Firefox and Neoflux became fast friends. Neoflux had a serious of tumultuous relationships and family issues that Firefox helped him through, and Neoflux always did his best to help with Firefox's problems. There was some indication a relationship was forming between them, but Neoflux left Millennium City before the two could become more then just friends.

Panumbra - A being comprised of pure elemental shadow, void, and darkness, Panumbra was often treated as a creature that took human form. Firefox saw her as a person first, and for that, the two became close friends. Firefox stood with Panumbra through thick and thin, even backing her tenure as Warlord. Firefox served as a bridesmaid to Panumbra when she married Ravage, and was one of the people who comforted Panumbra when that relationship fell apart.

After Panumbra's spilt from Ravage, and with the deterioration of Ascendant Dawn, Panumbra spent more and more time in the void. Eventually, Panumbra returned to the void, and never returned.

Ravage - From the moment they met, both being discriminated against for being "less than human", Ravage and Firefox had a bond. Firefox was the voice of reason and restraint, while Ravage encouraged her to act and be bold. Ravage taught Firefox how to fight and defend herself, and she taught Ravage how to better control himself and his spiritual abilities. Countless villains and horrors fell to their combined might, and their friendship was equally strong.

It was after Ravage's marriage to Panumbra that things began to change. He became more distant, spending more time with Tera and the upper-echelon of Ascendant Dawn, and less with it's rank and file members, as he had previously in Dark Destiny. More and more, he was less of a friend and more a thug carrying out the will of the leaders. Things finally came to a boiling point with the incident resulting in Vespera's death. Firefox never forgave Ravage for this crime, and were he to return, Millennium City wouldn't be big enough for the both of them.


Swift - One of the first people Firefox met upon returning to Millennium City. Swift has recently offered membership in his supergroup, The Liberators, to Firefox. After a period of deliberation, Firefox accepted his offer, and became a Liberator.

Lady Immolatasia - Firefox met this legendary hero on a chance encounter at Club Caprice. After a bit of conversation, the two hit it off, having similar outlooks and similar abilities. Firefox intends to become a regular at Millia's shop, now that she knows about it.

Characteristic Gestures

  • Pushes up her glasses on a regular basis.
  • Fingers move into a snapping gesture when she gets ready to fight, or is angry.
  • If she loses her concentration, or is extensively injured, she can only partly transform back to her human form, retaining her tail and fox ears in human form. Her voice also becomes more high pitched, like a fox.
  • When transformed, her tail seems to move of it's own free will.

Quotes (From Firefox and Others)

"I was given a second chance. I’m not going to squander it." - Firefox

OOC Information

Roleplaying Hooks

Former Member of a Notorious Supergroup - Though Dark Destiny is no more, at one time, it was a force to be reckoned with. Well over a hundred super-powered individuals filled it's ranks, and group as a whole was nearly as infamous as it was famous. Rumors of the good and ill performed by it's members were quite common during the period Dark Destiny was active.

The group was rumored to be extremely wealthy as well, both in terms of material wealth and assets, and in terms of arcane and technological knowledge.

Firefox, despite being a hero, might still be viewed with ill will by heroes active during 2009 to 2011, due to her association with this group.

University Professor - Firefox originally came to Millennium City to accept a teaching position at Millennium City University. Although her arrival was delayed due to the Oceanica 408 incident, she ultimately was able to fill the position she was originally hired for.

With the changes she underwent, she's become a popular teacher and researcher of meta-human studies at university, and she has very few problems keeping her classes filled. She does have a fairly limited teaching schedule however, as her role as a hero does eat up significant amounts of her time.

Aura Readings, Technical Scans, and the Like

  • Aura - Firefox is radiant when perceived astrally or via mystic sight. Supercharged with life-energy, celestial flame and elemental fire, she glows with the energies of creation. Her mystic form is always visible on the astral plane, even in human form.
  • Technical Sensors & Scans - Appears fairly normal, except perceived with thermographic senses. Exposed areas of her skin show a temperature well above the human norm. Her clothing however displays far cooler than the ambient temperature. Electrical analysis will show that her clothing does house some sort of cooling system, and her bio-electric potentials are much higher then the average person.
  • Mental Scans - Firefox makes no effort to hide her surface thoughts. Probes of deeper thoughts and memories will most likely be resisted to a degree, unless she trusts the empath in question. Her general mood seems to upbeat and optimistic, with an occasional twinge of sadness when reminded of her former super groups.

Character Levels in Role Play

I don't play strictly by levels when RPing. However, I do believe that levels should have some importance. The levels should reflect the breadth of the character's experience, and versatility using their powers. A level six character could be just as powerful as a level forty, but that level forty should know how to use their powers in more diverse ways, and be more adaptable to situations. They are just as strong, but the experience of the level forty allows them to better adapt to various situations they face.

In a different set of terms, I like to use the Mutants and Masterminds Pen and Paper RPG view. A freshly out of the tutorial level six character is something akin to a Power Level 10, 150pt. character. A grizzled veteran level forty character would be akin to a Power Level 10, 300pt. character. They both have the same limits, both can only have powers that go up to the tenth rank...however, the level forty character has more points to spend, helping them round out their abilities, cover weaknesses, and have more tricks up their sleeve.

Again, this is more a loose framework then anything else.

Role Playing Application of Powers

Pyre - When Firefox transforms to her mystic form, it's normally accompanied by her body and the immediate area being wreathed in celestial flames. These flames only harm the wicked.

Masterful Dodge - When she uses this power, her body becomes insubstantial, transforming primarily into celestial flame, allowing attacks to pass through her, doing minimal harm. Doing so is a taxing process however, and can only be used only once or twice in the span of a minute. Her reflexes remain unaffected, and she only has human-peak levels of dexterity.

Bountiful Chi Resurgence - Unlike her Regeneration, when Firefox concentrates, she can focus her energies to repair specific damage to her body. She channels mana specifically to injured areas of her body, to provide regeneration above and beyond what her normal regeneration does.

Circle of Primal Dominion - When she invokes this magic circle, she is directly tapping into ley lines and the elemental plane of fire to augment her own abilities. She's able to draw additional mana from these sources, pulling the mana into herself, and augmenting her other powers. When used out of combat, it signifies her trying to center herself, re-balancing her elemental, celestial, and human aspects for greater harmony.

Teleport - Used to signify Astral Travel, or travelling by converting herself into pure celestial flame.

Force-based Powers - Her usage of Force-powers represents shaping mana and infusing it with thermal or celestial energy.

  • Force Geyser - Shaping a mana funnel directly beneath an enemy, she then flood the funnel with super-heated air, creating an almost jet engine like blast of thrust under her foe. As they ascend, she creates the same funnel above them, and directs the superheated air through it, smashing them back into the ground (Hard Landing advantage).
  • Force Cascade - Draws and compresses mana into her hands, using elemental or celestial flame to further increase the pressure and explosive power at her fingertips. When the mass of energy is about to explode, she directs and releases it outward, hitting anything in her path with massive force and power.
  • Inertial Dampening Field - Wrapping herself and others in layers of semi-solid, charged mana. Is limited to individuals who are in her line of sight, or that she can hear.
  • Force Shield - Creating a barrier of mana in front of herself or others. Has enough practical range to shield those standing in very close proximity. When she releases the barrier, the mana is drawn to her body, reinforcing the layers already present.


Character Theme, Vocal, Japanese - Source: Yoshiki Fukuyama, Makka Na Chikai (Crimson Oath), Busou Renkin OST 1

Character Theme, Instrumental - Source: A Crisis of Life and Death, Ginga Densetsu Weed OST 1

Fighting Theme, Vocal 1, English - Source: Offspring, Half-Truism, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

Fighting Theme, Vocal 2, English - Source: Sum 41, All to Blame, CHUCK

Fighting Theme 1, Instrumental - Source: Exceed the Verge of Death, Ginga Densetsu Weed OST 1

Fighting Theme 2, Instrumental - Source: Kouhei Tanaka, Hangeki (Counterattack), Busou Renkin OST 1

Fighting Theme 3, Instrumental - Source: Yuki Kajiura, Let The Stars Fall Down, FATE/ZERO OST 1

Reflection Theme 1, Instrumental - Source: Yuki Kajiura, Tragedy and Fate, FATE/ZERO OST 1

Game Mechanics Information

Firefox's Current Build - A PowerHouse listing of Firefox's build. Many thanks to Techna_Ology for help rebuilding her, and Rasclash and Hellion_MK.II for helping me test the build, and tweak it to it's best possible level.


In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

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