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"And as we fall, the spirit carries on that a hero'll come and save us all. And as we call the ones we've left below, we all dream of the day we'll rise above!" -lyric piece from Undercode's song 'Hero' composed by Damjan Mravunac

Atlas Sarnosian
Player: @atlassarnosian
Atlas icon.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Atlascian Dakor Sarnosian the Fourth
Known Aliases: Atlas, "The Chosen," Jolly Green
Gender: Male
Species: Sahuagin
Ethnicity: Atlantean
Place of Birth: Central Core, Atlantia
Base of Operations: Detroit Michigan, United States
Relatives: Atlas III (father) Juescea (mother, deceased)Sekolah (gifted god father, immortal) Adran (sister, MIA) Shakon (mutant shark brother, MIA)
Age: 69
Height: 7'10"
Weight: 247 lbs(unarmored), 394 lbs(armored)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Complexion: Scales
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Green-skinned, darker on the back and lighter on the belly. Dark stripes/bands. Highly fish-like, with webbed feet and hands, gills, and a finned tail. There is additional webbing down the back, at the elbows and, notably, also where human ears would be.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: (Member since August 25, 2012) 2 years
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Liberators Member, UNTIL vehicle engineer
Education: Templar-trained, Masters in Automotive
Marital Status: Dating Zilla
Known Powers and Abilities
Electrokinesis, minor teleportation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power armor, man-made weapons, HUD, VTOL Wilson, communications system
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin


61 years ago in January 20th, 1952, a young Sahuagin was hatched from the mother by the name Juescea and the father of Atlas, the III of the Sarnosian family. Here begins the new life of Atlas VI, the chosen. Atlas had never gotten to know of his parent, during just after the first three weeks, his parents were killed off by an unknown force to him straight in front of his eyes just as a hatchling. Weeks later, being one of the few hundred that survived, the survivors switched from their small town outside of Atlantis's border walls and moved in there. None have realized of Atlas's birthmark and the residents there treated him like average citizen. The birthmark of "The Chosen" was relatively hard to see since it was located on the upper left side of his neck near the back of the jawbone. (The mark looks like a Delta triangle)


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General Perception

Comments from other Heroes

"He gives himself a lotta flak, but anyone who's ever met him will tell him he doesn't deserve it. He's a bit rough around the edges, and, not unlike myself, a little wound up. But he is my friend; hell, he brought be into the Liberators in the first place. I owe him more than he might realise. He's a good guy, it's just tempered by his occasional grouchiness." - Skarius Snowtalon

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In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

LIBERATORS 2011-2017


Liberators Tower (decommissioned) | The Citadel (decommissioned)

Members at time of dissolution

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TALAN | Velocies | Wintermist | Vherio | Hyena
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