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Champion of Tyr
Varulfr on Monster Island.jpeg
"Fight to kill. Die to defend."
Player: @Pandacookiez
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Caleb Mitchell
Varulfr, Var,
April 12, 1973
Dungarvan, Ireland
American, Irish
Millennium City
Millennium City
UNTIL Field Agent
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
245lbs (Varies with armor)
Body Type
Black, grey undertones
· Distinguishing Features ·
Scarring underneath of his fur, tattoo'd symbols on his left shoulder, three-lined vertical scars on the left side of the muzzle, celtic goatee grown from his fur, and tied by an elastic
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Electrokinesis,electrical generation, high-speed regeneration, heightened senses, enrage
· Equipment ·
Hrí∂ Dýr, Fenrir's Redemption, Armor of the Thunderborn Fury, Armor of the Champion of Tyr, Liberator Comm Device, assortment of vehicles
· Other Abilities ·
Piloting, extensive combat training.


Caleb Mitchell was born in Dungarvan, Ireland in the year 1973 to his parents Brian and Catherine Mitchell. Catherine had hemorrhaged during birth, and while Caleb had survived, Catherine had not. Brian knew that he had to raise Caleb to the best of his abilities and thus he worked a full time job while parenting the young Caleb. The small family had grown close in the face of pain and in 1989, at the age of sixteen, Caleb and his father moved to Detroit to find new opportunities there. Life had seemingly been greater, until three years after their arrival, the terrible Battle of Detroit descended upon them.

Chaos was filling the streets as Destroids were mercilessly cutting civilians down. Brian and Caleb began to flee, trying to make their way out of the city with another group of survivors as battles were fought around them. Disaster struck soon enough, however, as Destroids ambushed the small group. With no other choice, Brian yelled back to Caleb for him to lead them to safety, and run as fast as he could. In a few reluctant moments, Caleb was sprinting down the street with a dwindling group, to a safe zone. What felt like hours to Caleb of dodging, running, and endless adrenaline ended in him outside of the city limits. He had pushed himself to the point of exhaustion, and lay on his back, watching as the final destruction of Detroit unfolded.

Caleb took to binge drinking in the following months. With nothing left but a set of dog tags his father had given him years prior after he had finished in the military, he found the easiest cushion was a constant drunken stupor. Caleb had made some friends in the bar he frequented often, and would sometimes go to gatherings at their house. It was in that drunken stupor that he went to a party, and had everything change on him.

The people he believed he had befriended were agents of VIPER, intent on taking Caleb away for study in Project Paragon. So, that night they drugged him, and transported him to the facility. Months of grueling testing were done, setting his limits and understanding how he had been capable of his inhuman feat displayed as he fled Detroit's destruction. VIPER became fed up as nothing empirical had surfaced, shipping him out to a science lab in Canada. The lab specialized in a cross-species genetics program, working to make people better, by mixing their DNA with that of an animal.

Over the course of a few more months, Caleb was subjected to multiple surgeries, and tests to permanently alter his DNA. The scientists took a wolf's DNA, and subjected a few meta-human abilities to him. At first, there was little progress, Caleb's body seemed to have no reaction to his new coding. Within a week however, the final product was formed. In a painful transformation, Caleb's physical body underwent a horrific transformation, leaving him more wolf than human.

Fighting between his human mind, and animal instinct, Caleb lost himself to an inner rage. He immediately broke out of the facility, killing multiple personnel as he did. The next thing he remembered, was waking up in an alley of a small town, issuing guttural growls to those who stared.


Shortly after his transformation, Caleb had found himself in the urban landscape of New York City after his escape from Barrows, and the Trinticum facility. He was wandering, unable to fully comprehend his situation, and get used to his current form. As he wandered and avoided the human population, Caleb stuck to the shadows of the alleyways, moving at night to find sustenance for himself. As he continued his pattern and new lifestyle, Caleb ran into a group of heroes. These heroes, Kinesis and Specter were part of their own supergroup. After running into them, the two took interest in Caleb, and following a few days of watching the wolfman, the heroes planted food for the wolfman which came complete with a sedative. Once out, Caleb woke up in a facility. More specifically, a home-like environment.

There, the wolfman met the rest of the group known as "Frontline". Small, and a hardened team of fighters, the group worked in unison with UNTIL to strike on ARGENT and VIPER, and when possible glean information from the villains for UNTIL to use with the bigger heroes. Caleb, incapable of speech with his new lupine skull structure, was slowly being taught to speak again by the others, while providing with his abilities to aid in their cause.

At least five years later, word of Frontline vanished. Very hidden reports indicate that a mission went wrong, resulting in the death of most of Frontline. Those left, including Caleb, retired from the group shortly after. Caleb disappeared shortly after. Although witnesses state they saw the wolfman leaving New York City.


Some time after leaving New York City, Caleb ended up in Detroit once more. Now renamed Millennium City, Caleb was a drunk. He had no one left, nothing to fight for. Sleeping on the street, or somewhere in Caprice, Caleb was eventually picked up by S.E.R.A.P.H, as part of M.A.C.E, the Mercenary Agent Contract Enterprise, he was outfitted for duty once more.

With at least some of a drive, and something to work for, Caleb carried on his binge drinking. Although he stunted his personal relationships with most of the team, Caleb did his best to ensure the work was done. Some time after, he met with Sharilyn Corde, and Swift. Both of them becoming second in command to S.E.R.A.P.H, a power struggle began to create a rift in the group. Caleb having grown close with Corde, followed behind her lead as Swift left to lead the Liberators once more. Caleb, Corde and a few others left the group of mercenaries to create the Tyrian Materials Complex.

Tyrian Materials Complex

After his resignation from M.A.C.E, Caleb followed Corde, along with others such as Skarius Snowtalon, to create the Tyrian Materials Complex, known as TMC for short. Caleb was offered a position of Assistant Director, on the premise that he quit drinking in order to carry the burden. Agreeing to the terms, Caleb quit drinking, and although he went through some emotional turmoil, Caleb came clean a few weeks later, feeling better than ever. TMC gradually declined in activity, however Skarius Snowtalon offered for Caleb to join in the Reclamation of Tralonia. Caleb quickly agreed, and sooner rather than later, the wolfman joined in the assault, along with the rest of the TMC to reclaim Skarius' homeland of Tralonia.

Some time after assisting his close friend, Caleb began experiencing a latent mutation in his DNA. Curious, Caleb went searching and digging, determining that nothing had been done to provide him with this electrical generation and control, Caleb dug for new information. Surfacing up a story of a tomb, and a warrior that wielded lightning by his fingertips. Caleb went searching, and found the tomb that belonged to a man known as the Thunderborn Fury. Claiming the armor, he brought it back to the city to get it modified, along with train with the weapon and armor.

When TMC began to diminish, Caleb left, among some of the others, he took up more work with UNTIL. Biding his time, until he finally gave in.

The Liberators

Some time after going on his own, Varulfr began to grow restless working for UNTIL. To him, although doing good, Caleb was unsure he was doing a proper service to the world. After running into a few old friends, including Swift, Nulion, and Skarius, they were able to convince him to join the Liberators, and put himself to use. Caleb continues to operate under the Liberator's, and command of Tony Griffins.



Shortly after joining the Liberators, Caleb joined in the mission with the rest of the Liberators to apprehend Ryan Canfield, an enemy of Hellion MK.II, and a previous Liberator, Canfield had gone insane with power. Caleb joined just in time for the final assault on Canfield and his gang. The team became enraged, seeing what Canfield had done to not only the civillians, but Swift's "brother", Prowler. They eventually apprehended him after an extensive fight, and allowed for the state of Michigan to take hold of him. A few weeks after, Canfield was executed.


Caleb and the others had the unfortunate luck of encountering an alchemist of sorts. He'd been a man that the Liberators had encountered before, and had altered their physical state previously. This same man decided to do so again, although this time his motives were different. He seemed to believe that the Liberators needed to be tested, and see that they were able of not only understanding each other, but adapting to situations. Caleb and Rasclash were in the city, doing some information seeking. As they continued their search, the two were ambushed, and their bodies and minds switched. Just like many of the others, Caleb and Duuz were in each other's bodies.

The duos that had been switched grew concerned. Learning to live with each other's burdens, and battle like each other, Duuz taught Caleb some minor ninjutsu, to be able to fight in Duuz's body. As time wore on, the Liberators grew exhausted, as they felt as if they burned through every avenue, to reverse the effect. Luckily, Livina and Toby were able to get a hold of a way for the two to reverse the magical effect. Returned to their original bodies, Duuz and Caleb became themselves, with a new respect for each other.

A Stranger Misplaced

With the group getting used to their bodies again, The Liberators deployed a satellite to better ensure their comm network's stability. With the satellite in place, and Caleb piloting the craft, one of the sensors went off. Talking it over, the team determined that there was something entering the nearby area, and that whatever it was, it would crash land on Earth in a few days.


Varulfr stands tall at around 6'5". His eyes, once green, had turned a golden color after his transformation due to his enhanced vision. Recently, because of his newest mutation, his eyes have taken a red overtone as a side effect, with no notable alterations otherwise. He has razor sharp claws on both hands, and a maw carrying sharp, pearly white fangs. Varulfr's fur is brown in color, with gray undertones, and has been noted to be very soft and well kept.


Varulfr has admitted to being a little crazy, often willing to join into a risky action for the fun of it. In combat, he relies on his rage to fight, and has been noted to even lose control against certain opponents at times. Underneath the mass of fur and muscle however, Varulfr still retains the ideals that his father instilled into him, and has willingly taken wounds for any of his friends. He is genuinely caring in his own, somewhat violent way, and is evidently stubborn to boot. Needless to say, he can be a handful during combat, but is considerably worth having around both in and out.



Currently, Varulfr possesses inhuman strength due to his genetic modifications, as well as claws and teeth that he used to fight with for multiple years. He also possesses enhanced senses, and can see just as well in the dark as he can in the day. His most prominent feature is his high-speed regeneration, capable of regenerating nearly any wound he experiences. This has brought him back from the dead on more than one occasion. He recently acquired the mutation to generate and control electrical currents, and is known to all around be more modified than the average human.


Varulfr is capable of piloting smaller craft, such as jets and tanks; he is capable of fighting with a weapon nearly the size of himself, and is able to track multiple people. He has had some training with munitions in the past, preferring to not use them as his abilities are more attuned to melee combat.


Varulfr always carries with him a cellphone, capable of signaling any of his vehicles to rendezvous with him, as well as his still unnamed artifact sword, a baggie of beef jerky as a snack, and a pistol with the words "Emergency Evacuation" engraved into it.

VTOL -- Wolfen Variant, MKII

Varulfr's jet, recently under the variant of the Hawkwing, is named the Wolfen for some unknown reason.It is noted to also carry a beam capable of teleporting items off and onto Varulfr, as well as a cargo bay capable of storing large weapons. In preparation for his latest mission, he has commissioned it under the latest VTOL variant, renaming it the Wolfen MKII.

Hover-Tank -- Hellkite Variant

One of his many other vehicles is a variant of the well-known Hover-Tank, under the name "Hellkite". It functions like most others, and has room for three additional people to fit into the cockpit.

Grav-Bike -- Brimstone Variant

Varulfr's last vehicle is as unique as his first, a grav-bike under the variation of "Brimstone", it comes equipped with a plasma beam, and a unique function to change between a regular motorcycle, and a grav-bike at the flip of a switch.

Hrí∂ Dýr

The artifact sword found by Varulfr in a crypt in Ireland. The name is old Norse, and roughly translates to "Storm Beast". The blade has become Varulfr's weapon of choice, as he uses it to extenuate his might. The blade is a light blue, with a white crossbar, and is an extremely large sword. The blade itself nearly reaches Varulfr's height and width, with the addition of the handle, the sword reaches about chin level.

Armour of the Thunderborn Fury

The second artifact Varulfr found inside of the crypts. The armour once belonged to an ancient Norse man, whom apparently wielded lightning at his fingertips, and a fantastically large blade. The unnamed man became known as the Thunderborn Fury, and was buried in a crypt with his belongings. The armour is now modified to fit Varulfr's canine body structure, and be capable of protecting against modern day threats. Because of this, Varulfr has now taken up the mantle of the ancient hero.


Varulfr's weakness is also his savior; his regeneration. If killed, and put into suspended animation quickly, Varulfr will never wake up, unless taken out of suspended animation. Although he has control of his rage, if left unattended, and uncontrolled, Varulfr can become a force to be reckoned with by friend and foe alike, and must swiftly be taken care of, lest he cause more damage than necessary.



Skarius Snowtalon -- Varulfr initially met him after the creation of the Tyrian Materials Complex, and has considered him a good friend since their initial meeting. He even volunteered after only knowing him for a day or two, to help him return to Tralonia, and free his people. Varulfr has considerable admiration for the dragon, not only for his fighting skills, but his capability to push past the first layer of a person.

Swift -- Now his leader, Varulfr met Tony during their time together in M.A.C.E. Initially, Varulfr found Tony rather annoying and whiny, believing him to be incapable of anything useful. When he and the others left, Varulfr saw Tony on occasion in Caprice, and noticed a change in the man. He had gained his confidence and drive back, something Varulfr began to respect in him. Upon joining the Liberator's, Varulfr completely realized just what kind of person Tony was, and thus allowed his respect for the fox to skyrocket even higher.

Nulion -- Varulfr first met Kenneth in Caprice, and the two immediately hit it off. They spoke about their trials and tribulations of the past, and their transformations. The two continued meeting, until Varulfr began to focus more on his work at UNTIL, and thus had not seen Ken at all, until his induction into the Liberator's. Varulfr found Ken reliable, trustworthy, and an honorable person, devoted to his cause. As such, he was more than happy to work alongside Ken.

Scarlett Gordon -- Varulfr's fiance. The two met by chance in Caprice, when Varulfr's nose led him to a strong scent. The two became friends, working together at times, and were often seen together. Their relationship started some time after their meeting, and continues to grow more.


Locust -- Although being the human clone of himself, Varulfr still considers Locust his enemy, due to the multiple attempts on his life, and disregard for those caught in the crossfire because of it. Locust embodies everything that could have happened to Varulfr, had VIPER kept him, which leaves Varulfr to feel distanced from Locust. This has been useful in giving more leeway to Varulfr, in their skirmishes.
Dr. Allan Barrows -- Lead scientist in Trinticum's genetic experiments, the man is considered just as brilliant as the doctor whom initially created the manimals on Monster Island. Barrows' focus is different however, he wishes to create humans that look human, but carry animal qualities. An elephant's strength, with a cheetah's speed. The man is a visionary, yet insane.

Impressions of Other Characters

If you've met him, feel free to leave a comment below of what your character thinks of Varulfr.

"What better friendship begins than when one allows the other to set them ablaze? Var is my Soft Friend, and I do so adore him." - Aes Moineau

"Caleb is a good friend. While I do admit that the accent took some time to get used to, his rationale and willingness to defend others had earned my respect. So, as a colleague and friend, I would gladly fight alongside him." - Duuz

The Soundtrack

  1. The Heavy - Can't Play Dead
  2. Brian Tyler - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Theme
  3. Thomas Bergerson - Birth of a Hero
  4. Waylander - Re-born to the Fight


  • Berserk Button -- For Varulfr, nothing pisses him off more than genetic tests on people, and comments referring to him as a "mongrel".
  • Not Afraid to Die -- Because of his regeneration, Varulfr has been practically dead more times than he can count, and as such, is not afraid to add another death to the list as long as somebody else is alive because of it.
  • Be Yourself -- Varulfr struggled with this for years, striving to find a way back to becoming human. Over time, he began to realize that being an anthropomorphic wolf was actually who he was, and came to terms with it.
  • Tame His Anger -- Something Varulfr continues to work on to this day. With everything going on in his head, and Varulfr's fighting style relying on his inner rage, Varulfr has to keep it tame, and under control.
  • Unstoppable Rage -- This is the driving force for Varulfr. His fighting relies on it, and a lot of the times it keeps him going through anything.
  • Screaming Warrior -- Once in battle, Varulfr has a tendency to start roaring, howling and yelling as much as physically possible.
  • Blood Knight -- In the past, Varulfr did exactly this. Fought for the feeling of fighting. As time passed, however, he started doing so for the morals he had, instead of the feeling it gave him.
  • The Berserker -- Varulfr is all this. He doesn't brood or lament, but does recklessly jump into the fray.
  • The Noble Savage -- Varulfr slowly became this, to an extent. Not of a savage race, but with his rage, one could consider him a savage in a way. Varulfr has become known as noble, due to his continued work in defending people, and keeping them safe.
  • Heroic Sacrifice -- None of the tropes completely apply, however the idea does. Varulfr continues to throw himself in the way of danger, to keep others safe.
  • Iron Woobie -- He's had to deal with practically everything being turned upside down for him, since birth. At this point, Varulfr has learned to shrug it off, until a later point.
  • Fatal Flaw -- Wrath. Definitely wrath.
  • Deceased Parents are the Best -- Varulfr's parents were practically the kindest people you'd ever meet. Kind of a shame they're both dead.
  • Team Dad -- Varulfr is a Team Dad character, to a degree. For his friends, he'll always be there to listen, and give his personal advice and opinion. When things threaten his friends, however, he turns into Papa Wolf, and will do anything to ensure the safety of his friends.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords -- Right? He used to bite and use claws, and now he's using a sword, and is considered a hero. Funny.
  • Named Weapon -- Speaking of swords, his is named. Not only that, it's a cool ancient name. Because it's a legendary weapon, and an empathicone, as well. As he told Rasclash during their body switch, the weapon reacts to the user's emotion, and fights with you because of it. That, and it's a really big sword. About as tall as him.
  • Forced Transformation -- Type 3, Varulfr was genetically transformed by force, for the sake of science.
  • His Instincts are Showing -- With his animal instincts constantly nagging him to do things differently, it only stands to reason that sometimes, they'd show a bit.
  • The Mind is a Plaything of the Body -- Kind of. Varulfr was fairly traumatized for a time after his transformation, and has had his senses enhanced, which has literally changed his view of the world.

Other Facts and Trivia

  • Varulfr is the third iteration of a different character that appeared in a separate tabletop RPG, elements of these two characters were added and removed from him, resulting in what you see now.
  • He was once an alcoholic, and has been clean for multiple months now.
  • He likes to make the odd reference to Wolf O'Donnel from the Star Fox series, most evident in his use of the "Wolfen" jet.
  • He really dislikes being referred to as a werewolf. Or Scottish.

RP Hooks

  • Works for UNTIL and UNITY currently.
  • He does in fact have real skulls on the belt of one of his costumes.
  • Still highly targeted by VIPER.
  • Varulfr is often at the scene of many super-powered incidents, and can be seen either cleaning up, or helping fight.
  • You may have seen him on the news a number of times, due to events with the Liberators, or even from his own escapades.