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Lady Immolatasia
Player: @Lady-Immolatasia
Lady Immolatasia.jpg
"Redemption is a hard road, but beneath its bough shaded path, one may yet find the light once more."
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee Tank/DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arcane
Biographical Data
Real Name: Millia Sharihen
Known Aliases: The Lady Immolatasia, Empress Immolatasia, Madame Immolatasia
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Delsyrian (European)
Place of Birth: Velquist, Axalia (World - Delsyrus)
Base of Operations: Westside, Millennium City
Relatives: Dariel and Vanda Sharihen - (Parents) Deceased/Elvarie - (Sister) - Deceased
Age: 21 (Physically) - 55 (Actual Age)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Build: Tall, Athletic/Muscular
Physical Features: Axalian (Close to European)
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 7
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Owner of "Madame Immolatasia's Arcane Emporium."
Education: Schooled in Sharihen Magical Cloister in Arcane Arts/Basic Education
Marital Status: Married to Lady Abigail Talonfist
Known Powers and Abilities
Expert Manipulation of Fire and Earth Magic. Superhuman strength, Superhuman Durability, Mastery of Two handed Weapons, Skilled unarmed combatant. Expert in Alchemy/Magical Theory, At peak physical condition.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
The Ancient Warhammer Agnalus
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The Lady Immolatasia is a seven year old toon that found her origins on 'that other superhero MMO.' Starting as a villainess in that game, developments have led the character going through an arc of redemption. She is very much an homage to characters of the likes of Xena, Red Sonja, and touch of other inspirations.

Spoiler warning up ahead, if anyone has any interest in getting to know her personally. Keep in mind this is her entire past! Find me on CORP/Champions RP.

Character Summary

The Lady Immolatasia is a well-known heroine in Millennium City. A hot-blooded warrior wielding the elemental powers of fire and wielding her mighty war hammer, she brings justice with flair, elegance, strength, determinism and a tongue-in-cheek ego. Operating out of Millennium’s Westside, Chinatown for the past three years, Immolatasia works on the books with organizations such as UNTIL. There are some who would question her grandiose displays and haughtiness, but none would doubt her noble heart. Self-taught and wielding the elemental powers of earth and flame, she is a ferocious warrior tempered by over three and a half decades of battle. Her war hammer, bound to her soul, grants her superior strength, durability, flight and enhances her spells. An expert in alchemy and a connoisseur of archaeology and magical artifacts, she owns a shop in Westside from which she peddles everything from dreamcatchers and knick-knacks to ancient weapons and armor wielded by heroes and gods alike (though under strict regulation by PRIMUS and UNTIL’s protocols.)

Unashamed of her looks, strong and quick to laugh brightly, few would know that Millia, The Lady Immolatasia, comes from a blood-filled, tragic past of which she is trying to atone and leave behind. Contained within these pages is the tale of Immolatasia, and her journey from darkness to light…


The Realm of Delsyrus

The lady immolatasia commish by barisyilmaz-d349qa6.jpg - Art by Baris yilmaz

Millia's home realm, Delsyrus, is a parallel dimension of Earth where magic, rather than technology, reigns supreme. Throughout Delsyrus, magic takes on many forms, from the divine and spiritual, to the necromantic and elemental, each of which contains their own limits and strengths. In its past, Delsyrus was once known as the realm, Brahmanticus, a realm of higher technology and magic that fell into ruin long in its past.

Delsyrus is constantly in conflict, as it is a world that is under divine influence. War is a natural state of Delsyrus, and is often dictated by the gods, who manipulate their subjects like mere pawns in a game of chess.

Youth and Rebellion

Millia Sharihen was born in 381 AfterFall, on the continent of Axalia, upon a stormy eve to the Sharihen Mageocracy. A second and unwanted female child, Vanda, her mother was horrified at the danger her newborn was in. Her father Dariel burst into the chamber furious at this unwanted pest. Begging for Millia’s life, the child was begrudgingly let live out of pity. Millia’s childhood was harsh and cruel as she found that magic in the Sharihen house as a ‘man’s art.’ Something she found herself desiring more and more, while her father only desired that she be raised to be married off to a proper suitor. Her only solace came in the form of her older sister, Elvarie, who would nurse her mind and body from the bruises her father’s beatings would bring, and her mother’s silent and fearful restraint. Millia loved Elvarie with all of her heart, and it was this solace that kept her sane in such an environment.

Millia’s lust for magic was great, and she was not content to be a mere shadow of her father’s will. She would impress him with her power and be someone to be respected. Secretly, when her father was occupied in matters of estate and teaching, Millia snuck into the laboratories and libraries to steal tomes. Through very careful study of her father and the convents, she learned to bend the will of fire, first. The first casting took a great deal of her spiritual essence, but the taste of power was like a drug, and she desired much more. As the magic within her grew she thought she would bring her father pride. Instead, she was met with his fists and anger, beating her swiftly for even daring to defy his will. The act twisted her mind, and her sister’s compassion could not dull her anger; she noticed Millia’s bitter resentment expressed on the burned wildlife and small creatures in the yard.

The scars went deep and Millia grew, continuing to defy her father’s will until, for her own good and the good of the convent, her father decided that she would be executed. Warned of the plot by her sister, Millia promised to liberate the both of them by slaying their father first. Elvarie emphatically argued otherwise, but Millia would not and could not hear it. If the only way to gain true freedom for the both of them was through this act, then she would be the one to bear its consequences. Millia could not match her father’s raw power unless she procured the warhammer Agnalus, a weapon supposedly blessed by god of destruction himself, kept in the family vaults. Were the wielder unworthy, their very soul and body would be consumed. Steeling herself, she confronted her father in the artifact chamber, her back to the weapon, held in its ancient casket. His cadre began to descend, her father’s gaze a mix of regret, hatred and jealousy. The battle had begun, and then her hand touched the handle of the great weapon.

Much to Millia and Dariel’s mutual dismay, the warhammer fit firmly in her grasp. Incredible, raw strength overcame her as her magical powers, durability and strength heightened to inhuman means. She slammed her father with an awkward, unskilled blow. Seeing him recover, and about to retaliate she consumed him in a flaming blaze.

The manor went up in smoke, much to Millia's surprise, as the magic continued to pour uncontrollably from her fingertips. The halls were a curtain of orange fire. Millia went over to the smoldering form of her father's prone body, slamming down her warhammer hard upon his begging eyes. His screams echoed the chamber. He writhed and cried for mercy as Millia shouted over his screams, slamming the weapon down like some raging smith, every clash shattering his skull to a pulp.

The manor fell, consumed in the blaze. Ember and ash fell as Elvarie and Millia looked upon one another. With a resounding slap, Elvarie revealed the truth, that in her reckless act, the blaze consumed not only their home, but their mother as well. Masking regret with pride, Millia smiled darkly and declared her sister a free spirit, free from the curse of their horrid family and past. Vowing to never forgive her Elvarie parted, leaving her sister to walk the roads ahead, only the glimmer of flame to light her dark leave from the once regal manor ground.

Rising From The Ashes of War

Millia made her living as a thief, bent on her power trip. With what little tomes and possessions she could salvage, she used her charm and guile to wrest more knowledge from what sages she could find. Proving her power to a local band of brigands, she formed a ragtag group of cutthroats. As highwaymen, they stole and pillaged the rich. Millia felt only anger, and when an unfortunate soul could not pay up, she had them executed brutally. For a year had she continued this way, her infamy growing in the country-side.

One day, the group decided to tackle an ancient tomb for an artifact of great value lay deep in its recesses. After besting its traps and claiming their find they were greeted by a cadre of soldiers bearing the very same banner of the god whose tomb they had stolen from. He was Velor, God of Chaos.

As Velor’s soldiers were cut down, the leader approached as Millia, in her display of power had managed to kill a few of his soldiers. He laid her to the floor and put a sword to her neck. He introduced himself as Lord Kaidren, patron of Velor, lord of twisted shadows. He acknowledged her talent and bade her choose: Join the armies of chaos or die the miserable little scrap that she was. She spat back in his face, and the warrior laughed boisterously. Impressed, he forced the fiery girl back to his encampment.

Millia found herself drawn to the dark warrior’s bravado. His strength and anger towards the world fascinated and resounded with her own views. He took her under his wing, and through his tutelage and the rigors of battle, her body was crafted into a weapon of war. Every day was harsh training, learning of weaponry, the combat arts and strategy but Millia learned that her powers, and even Agnalus’ effects on her strength, became magnified as her own natural talents increased.

As the teenager grew into a toned and powerful woman, Millia loved what she saw in the mirror more and more every day. Her body had ceased to age, a gift her father had possessed. She had arrived on the battlefield in an outfit that reflected her newfound vanity and image, wielding her power with great destruction. Over the years, she laid waste to the legions with him at the helm, gathering fame, fear and renown about her actions. She called herself “The Lady Immolatasia,” and brought fiery death to the armies of light in the east.

Conflict had been borne within their ranks, as Millia refused to bear Kaidren an heir. She did not see herself fit to raise any child, as she could see herself as a kind or loving mother nor did she wish her husband to impart the same treatment Millia had received as a youth. This spurning eventually led to the day her husband betrayed her.

On the eve of a major battle, Millia was assaulted in secret by a flank of her husband’s contingent. Bested once more and left to die on the battlefield, only Millia’s close friend and general, Lady Vaelana, and elven tactician, prevented her from meeting a grim and final end.

Millia recuperated, and using her comrade’s tactical genius and her own charisma she raised an army over the next twenty years. Biding her time, The Lady Immolatasia cut a swath down the ranks of the west, beating back Velor and her husband’s army. Conquering a large portion of the western forests of Vydra from the elves that resided, Millia took up rulership and used the thick woods and shielded valleys as a bastion for her armies. She became known as "The Shade Queen of Vydra," and ruled the land with an iron fist.

The final curtain would come. She would attack the city of Ymiris, a place which even Kaidren could not take. She was of the hope that assaulting its walls would rile him to jealous rage. She was not disappointed. As the three armies clashed and met upon the battlefield, Millia let forth a written spell of untold power, written on an ancient scroll. It had taken her years to track it down, and it was one that would undo Kaidren’s protection from his god. With his body laid broken before her, the swirls of power ripped a rift in time and space, sending her spiraling to a new and different world.

Modernity and Redemption

Pastpresent.jpg - Lineart by Walter Geovani Colors by Ross Campbell

A City of Paragons

Millia arrived in a new, untold environment. A raging barbarian who spoke not the language, she found herself in the center of the Paragonian city. Arrested, she eventually learned the tongues, culture and ideals of the people. Millia found the culture beautiful and peaceful, something she had not known in a long time. Taking up the helm of a life of crime, something had changed within her as she met more and more twisted souls like herself; she began to listen to her buried conscience. Her powers had grown, but so had her compassion, as she accrued deep friends, including her future wife and more, Millia found that over the six years in this world that her way was the wrong one. There was more to life than pride and vengeance. Having sated her husband’s death, she took a deep look into her consciousness and her actions. Her hatred had begun to waver. From there, and back-and-forth over the years, she travelled between her homeworld, The City of Paragons, and eventually Millennium City.

Millennium City and Atonement

The Lady Immolatasia began a new leaf in Millennium City. Leaving behind her guise as a villain she started a new slate as a hero. Following the example of her wife, Abigail Talonfist, another refugee from The City of Paragons, and Mighty Man, a superheroic alien of high morality, Millia began to learn the value of love, life and humanity. One day, returning with Abigail to their discovered, mutual homeworld of Delsyrus, Immolatasia found the courage to speak with her long-lost sister, Elvarie. Now a mother and living on the outskirts of the middle of Axalia, Elvarie and her daughters were in danger from an undead invasion in their city. Abducted, Immolatasia and Abigail pursued the source of the disappearance and the invasion. The pair confronted Sitara Sanguine, an elf who had been spurned by Immolatasia’s war-filled past. Taking her sister’s life, Millia was torn with rage. Abigail, Millia and Sitara battled, Sitara being imbued with the blessings of Velor. Though the battle was pitched, Millia had made a fateful choice:

Millia’s sister had left a mark of empathy in her heart. Between Abigail, Mighty Man’s example and the beauty of peaceful world like Millennium, Millia finally knew where she stood. She spared her greatest enemy… To this day, The Lady Immolatasia operates her magic shop within Millennium City. When danger calls, she brings fiery vengeance, her experienced battle skills and a touch of beauty and humor to the situation. She would fight to correct her wrongs in the hope that by saving the lives of others, she would do her sister proud and find forgiveness in the eyes of the gods. So is the tale of Lady Immolatasia. So it continues…

Powers and Abilities

Immy Vs Giant.jpg Art by Taclobanon

Physical and Mental Abilities

Millia possesses Super Strength and superhuman durability up to 8 tons. She often complements her defense by burning or blocking projectiles and weapons by melting or blocking them with fire and earth magic. Flight, Focused Fire and Earth magic within a fifty yard radius. She has been known to use other artifacts but they tend to cancel out Agnalus’ benefits.

Her elemental capabilities are of close range, capable of raining fire storms upon enemies, or summoning columns of earth for example but only in a limited range. She can create and mold shapes out of this force as well. Millia is capable of stretching her abilities beyond short range, but only for limited periods, as great taxation drains her soul's essence. Too much exertion over her limits will weaken her powers temporarily until her spirit recovers.

High resistance to heat based powers and abilities. Moderate resistance to cold.

Millia controls the power of the elements through direct conduit with the magical planes through her soul. The soul is the foci through which nature and the spiritual can be made manifest. Millia holds control over two of the four elements of magic. Fire, earth each of which she can manipulate to great capacity. From years of meditative and magical practice, her spirit has become her strongest asset. Demons and hellspawn have tried to take and corrupt it, and failed. Her will is truly her own in the spiritual sense. Her warhammer is bound to her soul and bears the capability of taking the shape of a large, two-handed blade or one-handed blade. Both methods of battle are proficient to Millia, as she has equal experience in blade and blunt weaponry.

Combat Prowess and Physicality

In terms of physical condition, Millia is at the level of a woman who exercises at great rates, and eats healthily. She has a fair amount of muscle, is incredibly toned, and she can endure a fair amount of running, fighting, and exercise without tiring easily, which she depends on as Agnalus magnifies her current physical shape.

In combat, Millia is highly skilled in hand-to-hand techniques. While no match for a grandmaster of the arts, she is a skilled practitioner of martial arts; her superior strength and durability tend to make up the gap. Her true strength in hand-to-hand combat is in weaponry, particularly blades and two handed weapons, such as her great hammer, of which she has over thirty years of experience using in the heat of warfare and training. She is also an expert in one handed weapon and shields. The injuries she has endured over the years have made her resilient, tough and have honed her instincts and reflexes.

Millia left the leadership of her legion to those more capable. She does not favor herself a strategist, so much as a combat specialist. Despite this, she is a learned study of magical schools other than her own, even if she does not utilize them, and is a woman of above average intelligence.


Despite her intellect, she can be stubborn in applying new methods over her old ways. Though she is very resourceful in the heat of the battlefield, employing improvised strategies to overcome her adversaries in the din of combat.

Millia is an unaging yet fully mortal woman, thus she is subject to all the limits of death save those of dying of old age. Millia is vain and arrogant, a fact that can be used against her quite often, though she is not quite as hot-headed as she used to be. Still, a few deep insults from a rival can throw her off of her game.

Despite her enhanced strength and durability, she can still be overcome by a superior physical foe, or sufficient physical force.

No specific defenses against Psionics. Bears a strong-will but little else.

Weakness to Darkness and soul draining effects. Her soul is strong and largely cannot be taken against her will, however it can be diminished, and in doing so her power weakens drastically for significant periods on all counts aside from her martial abilities. Any magic enhancements such as strength, invulnerability and the potency of her spells weaken.

Theme Songs

Benevolent Present


"Karma" - [1] "Nothing Ever Dies" - [2] "Temples of Gold" - [3]


"When All Is Lost" - [4]

Wicked Past

Kamelot: "Rule The World" [5] Elizabeth I, II, III - [6]


Artist Credits

Taclobanon - An excellent artist who I would highly recommend. Turnaround, colors, dedication are all excellent and he has a knack for drawing action sequences.

Baris Yilmaz - Excellent when it comes to feminine figure.

Magion02 - Great anime styled work -